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This is a story with plot. The family has obstacles they must overcome and new horizons to see
Mike came home from work like normal, to a house he and his girlfriend shared. It was an old house he bought and had been fixing up. Turn of the 1900 it was a palace! It was basically a three story home with basement, the ground floor was a large living room with connected dining room. The kitchen was large and off the dining room. What was once a sitting room now was a game room. The bedroom he and his girlfriend shared was to the back of the game room but the entrance was behind the stairs in the foyer. There was a half bath straight back from the front door. Second floor had a full bath at the top of the stairs. Four bedrooms on the second floor then a small staircase next to the bath went to the third floor which was actually the attic and three more bedrooms. The big house didn't cost him that much to buy, but the repairs and upgrades cost a good deal. Mike bought the house before he was discharged from the Army. He still had 18 months before he was discharged, but he had a job offer from the railroad in the repair shop. It was a great job with good pay and benefits. He'd came down to talk to the foreman of the shop, and have the job ready for him when he was discharged. He saw the house and asked about it. The price was right, and he had it saved. He had just started dating Carol and she liked the idea of the house. Mike was 6 foot tall 200 pounds good looking brown hair and one green eye one hazel. Carol was 5 foot 11 180 pounds black hair that had natural wave to it. Her brown eyes seemed to look through to your soul. She was light skinned with B cups, and an ass that was a rock solid. Carol's family had issues with Mike because he was white, so Carol pulled away from them. Mike and Carol fit together perfectly, they were able to work together and they both were freaks! They had in the past 3 years had been involved in threesomes, group sex, and some of the craziest sex in the craziest places.

"Babe your Mom called today. She said she needed to talk to you. Said it was very important! She left a number, I have it written down by the phone." Carol said kissing him.

"Alright. Let me call and see what's up." Mike said walking to the phone. He dialed the number and a person answered, he didn't know. "I was given this number to reach Ruth Stevens."

"My I ask who is calling?"

"I'm her son Mike!" Mike was concerned. This was strange at best.

"Yes sir. Mrs Stevens will contact you in just a moment. This is just a safety precaution. I hope you will understand."

"Alright. So she'll call me back is what you're saying? Is she alright?" Mike was getting very worried.

"Yes sir, she's fine. She will call in just a few minutes. Have a nice day sir." The lady on the other end hung up. Mike replaced the receiver and sat down to wait for his Mom to call. This was so damn strange. He wondered what was going on.

"What's wrong babe?" Carol asked concerned that Mike looked so confused and worried.

"Don't know. Got a receptionist or something, that said for safety Mom would call me back in a moment." Mike relayed the information he had. The phone rang and Mike grabbed the receiver. "Hello! Mom is it you?"

"Yes Mike, now listen! I left your Dad finally! Sam and I are here. Can't tell you our location. Your sister Tonya will be at your place around 6. I'm sorry to throw that on you without warning but it's necessary. She can fill you in, but your Dad is dangerous be carefull." Mike's Mom said

"I don't need to talk to Carol because I know what she'll say. We have room and if you need money to get here we can get it to you. I can drive and get you if need me to, whatever it takes!" Mike told his Mom.

"Are you sure honey? Tonya, Sam, and me living with you. Your Dad my start something and cause trouble."

"I don't care! Now what do you need to get here?" Mike asked

"If you're sure let me see what it'll take." Mike told Carol what was happening and she hugged Mike and said whatever it takes "Ok Mike I have an address for you. You'll go there and wait. I'll meet you there."

"Alright! Give me the address. I'll be on my old truck." Mike got the address, he hung up and kissed Carol. "It'll be a little over an hour to get there, then however long it takes her, then an hour back or so. Tonya will be here in a bit, I'm guessing Dad got violent so get the shotgun, and keep it handy."

"I'll be ok you watch yourself!" Carol said

"I will baby!" Mike kissed her again as he was heading to the door. "Don't be trying to molest my sister while I'm gone!"

"I'd wait to get real serious till you were home! It'd be hotter that way."Carol smiled.

Mike drove out and got his Mom and sister. On the drive back she told him how he'd been getting meaner over the last few years. Mike remembered how his Dad was an overbearing asshole. He was a control freak that ruled his home with an iron fist. To think he got worse was scary to Mike.

"So what set him off? What'd he do to make you leave? Why all the cloak and dagger shit?" Mike questioned

"Mike I owe you the truth, but please don't think the worst of me." Mike's mind jumped straight to his Mom having an affair! Mike knew his Mom was hot! She had three kids and was able to get back to just a size or two bigger than when she was in high school. At 45 she still had a great figure. A slight pooch at waistline, but that was all! Her breasts were a D cup and seemed firm. Her blonde hair hung to her shoulders, and her face was smooth. Hell Mike given half a chance would love to get her naked and kiss her entire body. "Dale and I never had a great sex life. I married him because I got pregnant. I stayed with him, because he was my husband, and divorce wasn't an option. I didn't have anything either, and he wouldn't allow me to work. No money, no job, and he isolated me from everyone! I had three kids, and even though Dale was a narcissistic asshole with abusive tendencies, he kept the bills paid. No, I didn't have an affair! I can see your wheels turning! I did however, begin reading magazines that turned me on! Dale found out! He called me horrible names, then began slapping me! He degraded me then slapping me again. He hit Sam, and I was afraid he was going to really hurt me. So I had Tonya take the van, and we packed what we could in it as quick as we could. The church affiliated with the women's shelter put gas in the van, so Tonya could make it to your place. Tonya talked to her employer, and they transferred her to the store in your town. Her apartment manager was very understanding, so she will get her deposit back. Tonya left a little before you called, so she should already be at your place. I called 911 on Dale when he began slapping Sam and degrading her. I couldn't allow him to do that to Sam. I know he most likely abused you and Tonya, but neither of you said anything. I wasn't going to have you take me and Sam. Sam will need school supplies,possibly uniforms, and lunch money. I haven't much in employment records, and I don't know if I can get a job or not. Dale won't spend long in jail. He gets released from jail, I don't know what he might do. Dale sacred me this time, he has gotten mean and violent before, but this time was different!"

"I can handle Dale that's no worry! I hope in a way he does come around, I'll get our pound of flesh! When I was home Dale had me scared, he always made me feel powerless! I'm no longer powerless, I'll pound him into a greasy spot on the driveway! I'm not saying Carol and me aren't rich, but both of us have real good paychecks. Sam's school expenses won't be a problem. If it doesn't bother you right now, you can keep the house work up. It'd actually help more than you getting a job. We definitely have the room at my house, so that won't be a problem.

I gotta ask! What were you reading that pissed him off so bad?" Mike was a pervert, he knew it. He was thinking of his Mom masturbating to some super twisted shit

"MIKE REALLY! Dale has slapped me, and degraded me for a week over this shit, now you want me to admit I'm a sexual deviant too?" Mike's Mom was clearly angry and hurt.

"Ok from this point on let's talk honestly and open I won't judge you I promise! Sex with Dale! Him on top always, always standard missionary position. He shoved it in dry, no foreplay, pumped till he came! Probably no more than 5 minutes. You never got to get an orgasm, you hadn't had one until you started reading and masturbating! He was too quick too rough and too impatient! Dale's attitude towards you, kept you beat down and feeling powerless. That's not love! That's not sex either Mom! That's you being a fucking cum dumpster for him!" Mike didn't want to actually go into this with his Mom, she'd had hell enough with Dale, but she needed to know that Dale's actions was bullshit.

"I can not deal with this conversation with you calling me Mom! Let's just drop it please." She said hoping the conversation would shift from Dale and her confused feelings

"No Ruth! We won't drop it! You need to know that there's a whole lot more than you've seen from Dale! It doesn't make you a deviant or monster for liking something!" Mike paused to collect himself. He was mad at Dale, but didn't want it to come out right now. Ruth might think it was her he was mad at. "Now what did Dale catch you reading or doing that set him off?"

"Damn it Mike please!" She shook her head. Sam was in the back with her headphones on. Mike stared at her for several second. "I was playing with myself!"

"Ok Ruth what were you using? Just your fingers or something else? Did you have a magazine or something? Let me know the whole story."

"Just my damn fingers! I have been reading these stories and they turn me on. I finger myself to orgasm! Happy now?" Ruth was mad and ashamed.

"Well I wouldn't be mad to see you fingering yourself neither would a normal man. Dale is a bigoted overbearing, egotistical, fucking asshole! He ain't worth the sweat that runs down your ass crack! Tonya and I both left just as soon as we turned 18 because of the fucking prick! So what kinda stories group sex, threesomes, incest?" Mike stated a truth he never thought he'd say to his Mom

"Do you realize what you just said?"

"That I'd like seeing you finger yourself? Yes I said that! Ain't anything wrong with that, Carol and I have had some crazy sex! If you only knew half the shit we did, you'd think fingering yourself over a story was mild!" Mike said to Ruth honestly.

"Oh yeah! Well what if I said I had incestuous tendency and wanted to have sex with my kids or I wanted to have sex with Carol?" Ruth was either laying it on real thick to prove a point or she was being honest, Mike liked the last thought best.

"Ain't surprising, Dale the walking rectum never gave a flying fuck about you, so you looked to your kids for gratification. You weren't allowed to have any friends or family so you look to the closest source to have desires and lust. As far as Carol goes I'd love to watch that!" Mike wasn't pulling any punches.

"Is there anything about sex that would get to you?" Ruth asked with a smile

"Not that I can think of right now, but I'm sure there are several fetishes I'd cringe at!" Mike answered. "Ruth here is the easy rules! All parties involved in a sexual act must be willing participants. Cause no harm to yourself or others in a sexual act. Don't judge others in their sexual preferences. Don't be afraid to experiment. Your sexual entertainment should do no harm and be enjoyable to all involved. don't repress your sexuality embraced it."

"Yeah but it would hurt someone! How would you kids think if one of you caught me doing that kinda stuff?" Ruth asked

"Myself it would be cool! I might creep you out wanting to watch. Tonya and Sam I believe would be totally with it."Mike told her. He dealt with the garbage shoveled on him. "Look Ruth I dealt with the bullshit Dale and society shoved on me. Dale is a narrow minded prejudice bigot narcissistic who can't understand a goddamn thing. He has no room in his little fucking brain to see and accept there are many paths in life. Dale only thinks of himself, and thinks everyone should follow him. He refuses to allow any alternate thought. Through the years you've been subjected to his tyrannical regime you've lost yourself. The magazines you were reading gave back identity as a free thinking individual. You made a choice for yourself to get your sexual release. You need to persue your sexuality and enjoyment."

"I can't believe you're so open about this! I know you're teasing about watching, but it makes it easier to talk about this!" Ruth said

"I wasn't teasing! I meant what I said, honest open and nonjudgmental! I think you're hot! You have a great body, a wonderful personality and thoughts of you sexually do come easy! I get home, I'll have to get a quick release,the thought of you involved in these acts has me hard as a rock!" Mike spoke. It was a little weird, but not bad. Dale had repressed individuality, sexual awareness, sexual fulfillment, sexual understanding, and sexual freedom.

"You mean you'll masturbate to the thought of me?" Ruth was shocked, but Mike could tell in the little light from the traffic, she was far from repulsed. He thought he'd push a little further and see what reaction she'd have.

"Yeah or I'll pull Carol to the side somewhere and have her help! Why, you want to watch?" Mike seen her processing that. "I'd like her to give me a blow job. While she's doing it I'd tell her about all this! She'd get so hot! I probably only have to touch her clit and she'd cum!"

"Mike really now! You're really telling a story just to get a rise out of me!" Ruth was chuckling

"No I'm not! We've done that kinda thing before! One of us have a situation that is a major turn on, we'll share it. We help the other get satisfied."

"How do you help each other?"

"Like I said she gives a good blow job! She has given me hand jobs! We have sex, I'll stimulate her or she will during sex!" Mike was relaxing a good bit talking.

"Do you give her oral? You actually talk about other people while you pleasure each other?" Ruth was completely intrigued! She thought nothing of her son being the one talking! For most of her life she repressed sexual urges, thoughts, and desires. She was taught by her parents sex wasn't nice. Dale reinforced that belief. She had bought a magazine, thinking it was like reader's digest. It was short stories of sexual exploits. She had never heard of most of the things in the magazine, but she enjoyed the stories. Dale was very controlling and Ruth had no real friends to talk with. Now the talk was on things from her magazines. She wanted to talk about sex, and to know all about it.

"Yes! I love eating a woman out! It's a turn on to me being able to bring an orgasm on. Carol and I talk all the time. Things we'd like to do, things we have done, or something happened that was a turn on?" Mike didn't know the whole story, but he knew enough to keep answering and talking freely.

"She wouldn't be upset about you saying the things you said to me? For that matter what I've said to you?" Ruth had the worry she'd mess up Mike's relationship.

"Not at all! Mo… Ruth, Carol and I enjoy a very interesting sex life! She has no desire for another dick. She does on occasion hook up with other women, and so do I. We share women from time to time. We talk about those experiences, and most anything else. I have a thought or wish we talk about that. For example, her sister would be a great fuck I think! We have talked about how it would be for me to get her in bed." Mike had once again shocked Ruth by his open and honest conversation.

"Will you and Carol talk like that about me?"

"Most likely so! I'm turned on and as I said she would be turned on too. Does that bug you?" Mike replied

"It don't bother you? I'm your… you know! Thinking about me that way, and imagining doing things with me!" Ruth questioned. Mike didn't have enough light to see her or her facial expression.

"Ruth I wouldn't have a problem with anything regarding you! I could think it, or do it! That my be a shock, but there it is. Carol would be the same way. Neither one of us would ever make a move or do anything to make you uncomfortable! However If you choose to either one of us or both would gladly have sex with you!" Mike was relaxed and comfortable in what he was saying to Ruth. It was something he thought would never happen, because of Dale's bullshit. Here he was though, speaking openly and honest to a member of his family.
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