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Mike is driving back from picking up mom, Ruth and sister, Sam Mike and Ruth will get to know each other better and Ruth will become more comfortable in the new way of life she chose
"Ok honest, you've already made it uncomfortable! I'm about ready to shove a hand up my dress jerk off my panties and go to work on my pussy! I'm so damn turned on it ain't funny. I feel a little weird talking like this, but I want to keep this new open honest non judgemental state! I've missed out on so many things. When Dale caught me, I tried to talk to him, and explain why I wanted to experiment and expand our sex life. He slapped me several times calling me a no good whore. He got real mean verbally and physically. He wouldn't allow me to speak, and after that I wasn't allowed to sleep in the bed or use the furniture. He belittled me and slapped me in front of Sam! He called me a whore and cunt. Told me I was less than worthless. He said I was a shit pile and he would stick his dick in shit. He had Sam scared to do or say anything. I realize how repressed Dale was sexually, and I don't want to ever be that way. I worry how much damage Dale did to Sam and Tonya." Ruth told Mike how things went. Mike looked back at Sam. She was asleep he thought. Ruth noticed and looked back. "I think she's asleep. You really wouldn't be bothered with anything I do! Would you?"

"No I wouldn't! You can do whatever you want to, we won't judge you, ever!" Mike promised. Ruth seemed to be trying to make a big discussion Mike thought. Then Ruth opened the glove box, the light illuminated her just enough for Mike to see her. She pulled up her denim dress to her waist. Mike seen her plain cotton panties, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband and pulled them down. The crotch stuck, he knew from her being wet. They finally came loose, she lifted her feet as her panties went past her knees, down to her ankles and off. She reached for the lever, and let her seat lean back. She spread her legs, Mike could see from the dim light, her bush was wild and not trimmed. Ruth began running her finger through her slit.

"Don't wreck watching! You'll have something to tell Carol when you get home! I'm already close! You like what you see?" Ruth was rubbing her middle finger through her slit making a circle around her entrance then up to clit a few circles then back down.

"You think Sam will wake up if I pull into the rest stop?"

"I don't know, and really don't care. I want to enjoy this." Ruth was breathing a bit heavy and Mike noticed she was trying not to finger herself to fast. He realized she was trying to hold off until they got parked. Mike parked, left the truck running, looked back at Sam. She appeared to be asleep. Mike unfastened his jeans and pulled out his rock hard cock. Mike had parked towards the back, no cars were around and the streetlamp 12 parking spaces away, gave just enough light.

Ruth stared at his dick sticking out from his jeans. Mike was about 7 ½ inches long and fair size diameter. Ruth had only had Dale in her life, and he was maybe 5 inches. She had started rubbing a little faster.

"Would it be too much or too weird if I helped you?" Mike asked Ruth. She nodded her approval. Mike sat up the armrest and slid closer to her. He took his right hand placed it between her legs, Ruth moved her hand away from her pussy. Mike pushed his middle finger inside her opening his thumb sat on her clit. She was very wet and her clit was swollen. He turned up the end of his middle finger pressing against her g spot. When Ruth moved her left hand from her slit she reached over to Mike's hard cock. Her hand was lubed from her juices as she slid the head through her grip. Mike was stroking the base as he fingered and rubbed Ruth's pussy.

"Don't stop! Do you like my pussy? Is there anything I can do to make it better? I want to knowwwww………" Ruth was almost whispering as she shook and came. Her pussy clamped and milked his finger. She humped into Mike's hand, her right hand held onto his right arm tightly as she rode out a strong orgasm. Mike eased off her clit and let off pressure on her g spot. He pushed his index finger in with his middle finger and he worked his fingers in and out of her. "Oh wow! That is so good. I'm already close again!" Ruth continued working on Mike's cock head. He was getting close this was unreal. She stopped long enough to coat her hand again with her juices, then right back to Mike's cock. She rubbed and stroked him getting some grunts and a few gasps. Mike curled his fingers tips into her g spot and his thumb went to her clit. Almost instantly she gasped, shook and gripped his right arm. Mike released pressure on her clit and g spot, and slowed his fingers in and out motion as her muscles milked his fingers. Her orgasm finally subsided and she regained her coordination. She worked on Mike's cock now completely determined to get him off.

"Ohh I'm close! How adventurous do you feel?" Ruth smiled deviously. As she looked into his eyes. "You want put it in your mouth. You can try and take my load in your mouth."

"That what you want? My first blow job, and you shooting in my mouth. Oh you dirty boy! You're mommy's first blow job! Your going to reward her by cumming in her mouth so she can swallow it!" Ruth plunged his cock into her mouth, Mike felt it hit the back of her throat. Ruth gagged backed off and bobbed on not quite half his cock. Mike was past the point of no return. Ruth's words her hand job her two orgasms now the blow job. It wasn't the best, but considering it was her first she was doing great. Mike felt his cock begin to swell the tingle in his balls was growing fast. Ruth cupped his balls with her pinky rubbing his taint, it was all he needed but Ruth plunged down again taking all of him. He was already going to blow, then the tightness of her throat engulfing his cock head he erupted. His first 3 jets went straight down her throat into her belly. She pulled back to slightly half stroking his base bobbing, sucking, and swallowing another 4 shots. Ruth finally stopped moving and just held Mike in her mouth. Mike had the shakes from his orgasm and was completely out of breath as Ruth just held his cock in her mouth, finally she released him. Mike put his deflated member back in his pants, and slid back over under the steering wheel. Ruth put the armrest back down, looked to see if Sam was still asleep, she thought she might be awake, oh well she'd deal with it if it became a problem Several minutes later Mike backed out of the parking spot, then put the truck in drive and pulled away. Moments later they were back on the highway, traveling.

"Well your Mom is sick and twisted ain't she?" Ruth broke the silence

"I ain't complaining! That was awesome!" Mike stated almost giddy

"Your ok with that?"

"Ok!? Holy hell! I'm still shaking a bit! I'm also amazed you took my whole cock! That was your first time right?" Mike replied.

"Yes! You were the first! I'm not sure how I did that, but it was the right move from your reaction!" Ruth replied

"You asked for suggestions, was that just in the moment or did you really want some?"

"If there is something I can do that would be better, then yes, I'd like to know."

"You need to work on your bush. Trim it up clean and neat, or shave it bald." Mike said to her giving her a comforting touch on her shoulder. Ruth hadn't covered up or nothing, and now let her hand play with her wild bush.

"How would you prefer? I've never had any request for that! Honestly he'd have beat the hell out of me for it most likely"

"We'll have Carol help you if you want. How are you with all this?" Mike asked concerned Ruth might regret her decision

"I'm a deviant Mike! I sucked you off, tasted my own cum on your dick, then somehow managed to get your cock down my throat and took your cum! I loved every blissful second! I've only been getting orgasms for less than a year, you're the first other than myself to make me cum. It wasn't earth shaking, but I came without touching myself as you unloaded in my mouth. I'm hooked and want more, so what do you think of that?" Ruth confessed turning the tables on Mike

"I think you and Carol will be ate and fucked, with all kinds of perverse pleasure given." Mike said smiling

"What about Tonya and Sam?" Ruth questioned

"What about them? If they find out, or how to tell them! Would I fuck them? Would Carol mess with them? Would Carol mess with you?" Mike put everything on the table. If she was going here there should be no unanswered questions, or unexplored thought. Ruth shook her head yes. Mike thought for just a moment, it might get a little fucked up, but how much more than what has already went on. "We'll have to cross those bridges as they come, but most likely, if they want to and are willing, I'd probably say yes and it's almost a guarantee for Carol. She and I wouldn't start anything, but if the girls showed interest things could happen. I know Carol will want to do things with you. Could you handle that?"

"I want to do things with her, so yes! I'd like to explore that possibility in depth and detail. I want to know about everything I've missed! I've already found one thing I love doing. How much more can I experience? I want to know." Ruth admitted with no shame.

"You will wish to be careful. Some shit could hurt you, not just an oh my asshole is sore from a hard fucking, hurt. Some people get off on whips, bondage, choking and all kinds of other things shit."

"That's why you and Carol would be perfect! I'm not talking forever, but until I'm very familiar with sex, you two could teach me guide me and help me. There maybe some bigger than you one day, but I get to where I can take you easy enough, it won't be such a stretch if I do find a huge cock!" Ruth was playing with herself pushing her middle and index finger inside her pussy and sliding almost out then pushing back in as deep as she could! Her left hand rubbed and pinched her clit. "I'm sorry, I know I'm torturing you, but I just can't help it! You mentioned Sam and Tonya. I wouldn't want anything to be initiated by us, but if they want it and ask for it, don't turn them down. Ahhh… hoo… "

"You going to wear it out trying to make up for lost time! You'd like it if Sam woke up, caught you, and then wanted me to pull over so I could fuck her? How do you think she'd like it. On her back with her legs push up to her chest or doggy style? " Mike was trying to watch the road and Ruth as she came. His comments on Sam just added to her orgasm as she struggled to be quiet. She jerked violently in the passenger seat through a major orgasm. After several minutes she slumped back in the seat her right hand still in between her thighs with three fingers in her pussy.

"Oh fucking hell! You're most evil! Giving me a mental image of your cock stretching Sam's pussy open as she lay on her with her legs up to her chest! I don't know if she's a virgin or not, but I'm pretty sure she ain't had many dicks. I've became a nympho slut pretty quick I know. I can't help it! I don't want to change it anyway! You said Dale had me as a cum dumpster, I'd rather be a nympho slut, than that! You've allowed me to open up and be a nympho slut without judgement. I'm having a hard time controlling my urges right now. I feel liberated. Thank you Mike!" Ruth smiled still shaking a little from her last orgasm. As she removed her fingers from her soaked pussy Mike happened to be looking. She shivered from the feeling to her over sensitive pussy. Mike smiled and thought about his dick entering her. He came from there and in the near future part of him would go back in! His dick was hard again and leaking pre cum, but he didn't have more than 15 minutes to the house.
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