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These stories are all fantasy. Don't try to turn fantasies into reality and ruin people's lives.

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I woke early the next morning in Katie's bed. The first thing I was aware of was Katie, laying down the bed a little, her hand slowly stroking my morning erection. I smiled down at her. "Good morning", I said, causing her to look up at me.

"Good morning", she said, leaning up and kissing me. "I've been waiting for you to wake up." "You have", I asked with a chuckle. "And why is that?" "Because, I'm eager to begin fulfilling our fantasy", she said and she got up and walked to her bedroom door.

I admired her sexy, nude body as she walked. But my attention was quickly pulled away by what waited on the other side of the door. As Katie opened it, I saw Molly's young body. She was in the same outfit from last night and her eyes were glued on my erect cock.

I made a move to cover it, out of habit I suppose. But Katie stopped me. "Let her see that magnificent dick", she said as she brought Molly over to the bed. Mother and daughter crawled on the bed and sat by my dick.

I took a deep breath and pinched my arm, just trying to make sure this wasn't a dream. Then Katie grabbed my shaft and began to stroke it. She looked at Molly and smiled. "Remember what I told you? That when men see something that they think is sexy, their dick gets long and hard."

Molly just nodded, her eyes glued to my shaft. "Well, he's looking at you", Katie said. "That means he thinks you are sexy." Molly smiled at this and I could see her eyes light up. "You are a very pretty, sexy girl, Molly", I said and I could see from the look on her face that that meant everything to her.

She took a deep breath and wrapped her hand around my shaft, mimicking her mother's movements. I almost orgasmed right there, that was how amazing it felt to have her hand on my dick. She stroked my shaft while her mother leaned back and just watched.

After a few moments, I wanted more. "Lick the tip while you stroke it, Molly", I told her and, to my delight, she obeyed. She leaned forward and ran her tongue over my cock head. Within moments, she was licking up and down the shaft, moaning in pleasure.

I looked over and could see Katie fingering her cunt as she watched her daughter give her first blowjob. I couldn't believe how lucky I had gotten with this woman. I looked back down at Molly and knew it wouldn't be long before I couldn't hold back anymore.

"Suck on it, like you would on a popsicle", I told Molly and she once again obeyed. I found out later that her mother had told her to do whatever I said. So she took the tip in her mouth and began sucking. "Take it further in your mouth and run your tongue over it while you slide your head back and forth", I told her and she did exactly as I said.

I moaned loudly, knowing that I couldn't hold it back any longer. "Molly, open your mouth. I'm going to reward you for doing such a good job", I told her. She opened her mouth, her tongue hanging out just a little. I placed my dick on that sweet, sexy tongue and exploded, shooting several spurts of cum into her young mouth.

At the same time, Katie screamed in orgasm as her juices squirting out and soaking the bed. "Good girl", I said to Molly, loving how sexy she looked with a mouthful of cum. "Now, swallow it." She gulped it down and then licked her lips. "That was delicious", she said. "Good. Now, always make sure you lick my dick clean afterwards", I told her. She enthusiastically began licking my dick again, cleaning every inch.

I couldn't believe how amazing her tongue felt on me. As she sat up and smiled at me, I leaned forward and kissed her. Then I leaned over and kissed Katie. "That was amazing", I said as I sat back against the wall. "And it's just getting started", Katie said with a coy smile, then she turned to Molly. "It's breakfast time. Go put on the outfit I picked out for you and meet us in the kitchen."

Molly smiled and hurried off to her room. Katie stood up and turned to me. "Why don't you go take a shower? Molly and I will have breakfast ready when you get done", she said. "Sounds good", I said and stood up, heading toward the bathroom. "Oh, and Michael", Katie said, "don't bother getting dressed. Just bring that sexy body down and be prepared for more fun."


When I entered the kitchen, I couldn't believe my eyes. Katie was wearing a tank top and booty shorts. The table was filled with delicious smelling food. And Molly was currently placing silverware next to plates.

She had on a tank top of her own and, on the bottom, a mini skirt. If she were standing straight up, it would barely cover her growing ass. As it was, with her bent over the table, her ass and cunt were on full display, giving me my first view of that beautiful pussy.

It was perfectly pink and smooth, nothing more than a little slit beneath her pubic mound. My cock immediately grew hard, even though it had only been half an hour since I orgasmed.

Katie turned around at that moment and saw me staring at Molly, my dick sticking straight out. She walked over and told Molly to spread her legs, beckoning me to come closer. I walked over and she grabbed my stiff dick, giving it a squeeze before pulling me closer to Molly.

My shaft began rubbing against her daughter's cunt, eliciting a moan from the girl. I slowly thrust back and forth, my dick becoming slick as her young pussy grew wet. "Doesn't her pussy feel amazing", Katie whispered in my ear, moving behind me. "Don't you just want to stuff that young cunt full of your thick cock?"

I couldn't do anything but nod as Katie spoke and Molly ground her slit against my shaft. "Then do it. She wants to feel that big, thick dick inside her", Katie continued, her seductive voice mesmerizing me. "I really do", Molly said, her voice, combined with her actions, driving me nuts. "Please stuff me full of that enormous cock. I want it so bad."

That was all I could take. I spread her ass cheeks and placed my cock head against her tiny, virgin hole. Then I thrust forward hard, burying half my dick inside her. Molly screamed in pain as I obliterated her hymen and some blood leaked out around my shaft.

Katie moaned as she got down on her knees and got a closer look at my dick penetrating her no longer virgin daughter. I pulled back and then thrust forward again, stretching out her super tight cunt. It took several thrusts before I managed to get my entire dick inside her.

The whole time, Katie just kneeled beside us, her fingers in her cunt as she watched me violate her daughter. I held Molly's hips as I thrust hard into her young cunt over and over again. It was on the fifth or sixth thrust when I felt her cunt begin to convulse and juices began running out all over my cock.

After this, her pussy was lubed up enough that I could fuck her faster, so I did. I hammered her cunt as she bent over the table, her mother on the floor beside us, a pool of juices soaking through the thin fabric if her shorts and making a mess on the floor.

I finally felt my orgasm building and I hammered Molly as hard and deep as I could. She just moaned and drooled, taking my dick and loving every moment of it. I pushed forward as hard as I could, burying several inches of my shaft inside her cervix and exploding, shooting spurt after spurt of cum deep inside her young womb.

When I pulled out, balls drained, cum leaked out of her pussy and ran down her leg. Katie pushed me aside and shoved her tongue into Molly's sore pussy, licking up all of my seed from the cunt she gave birth to. As I watched her cleaning Molly, after encouraging me and then watching me fuck her, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this woman.

To be continued...
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