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A month ago while I was pleasuring another woman my man Roger was slowly thrusting his thick eight-inch erection into me, I was fantasizing about blowing another man while he was fucking me in this same position in accordance with our loose understanding.
A month later I am excited that Roger has organised a new man for us this Sunday as we ready ourselves for his visit.

“His name is Karl, ” Roger tells me as he is carefully shaving my pubic hair to his satisfaction so that I have a long thin tuft above my cunt lips.

“I do enjoy you doing that to me,” I tell him as I shave him in similar style.

“Karl is fifteen-years younger than us, and he will have some surprises for you. I explained our rules to him, oral sex only, though as we know that leaves many options. I also told him you want me to fuck you while you blow him.” Roger explains.

“Are you expecting our new man to blow you today after I have him? You have an erection already just thinking about it.”

“Yes baby I do, just wait and see.”

"What shall we wear for Karl baby?”

“How about your tight leather slacks, heels and topless, your ass looks magic in those and I will wear my just my tight jeans.”

“Remember I want you to fuck me today. Ever since you fucked me a month ago while I was pleasuring another woman while you slowly thrust your thick eight-inch erection into me, I have been fantasizing about blowing another man while you fucked me in that same position.”

“I have been fantasizing about it for a month as well baby, and I am really looking forward to it.”

“This is Karl and Carla, Sarah, they come highly recommended and are here for our mutual pleasure,” Roger smiles as he makes introductions a short time later.

“Wow, we are definitely in the right place,” Karl smiles.

I am taken aback at two tallish, slim blond, androgynous and rather attractive people with similar male hairdos who could be twins, the more masculine one dressed in tight jeans and a t-shirt, the other with an earring in chic female attire with a knee length skirt.

“Roger has told us lots about you Sarah and your sexual prowess. We want you both to enjoy us. We might look like twins but we aren’t, though we have some major similarities,” Karl smiles.

As he smiles I notice that they both have studs on their tongues and I tingle at the thought of a tongue with a stud on my cunt lips as I try to recall the last time I had that very pleasurable experience.

“Would you like to undress us or would you like to watch us undress each other?

“Watch,” Roger and I answer as one in order to heighten our sexual pleasure.

Carla has Karl naked in a flash though she took time to peel his tiny jock strap off before she fondled his huge and very erect cock for our pleasure and theirs.

“He is your size baby, I am impressed, very impressed,” I moan in anticipation of having him soon while I ogle his already erect cock.

Karl is far from subtle as he stands behind Carla and lifts her skirt. “I told you we shared some things in common, his cock is the same size as me,” he smiles as he has Carla naked very quickly to Roger’s obvious delight.

“Carla is just a nickname, and part of our act. It really does turn people on.”

“I am to pleasure and be pleasured,” I tell them as I watch and enjoy Karl slip off my leather slacks.

“I love an older woman with a gorgeous ass, and you have it in spades,” he tells me as I put my heels back on and strut around the room to flaunt my ass for three men before I seat myself on a chair in front of a huge wall mirror and open my legs.

“Nipples first, then lick my cunt Karl, really good, then I will blow you, while the other two men watch,” I tell him while I ogle Carla’s erection as he helps Roger drop his jeans.

The sexual tension is palpable as Roger prepares to sit on another chair close by with a throbbing erection and watches Karl commence licking me.

“Kiss me baby while Karl is licking my cunt. Does that turn you on even more before Carla blows you?,” I tease with one hand on his throbbing erection.

“You know it does baby, I am very turned on, very.”

“He is a very pretty boy, fifteen years younger than you, just what you prefer, and he is hung.

“You really want this while I watch as another man is licking my cunt don’t you? Make him work for it and make it good, your pleasure is my pleasure.”

“Now watch while Carla sucks my rock hard cock, I am really hanging out for it,” Roger tells me as he flaunts and teases his erection as Carla ogles it while he fits his cock ring and straps it under his balls.

From past experience I know that when he uses his cock ring he is very intent on maximum sexual pleasure and enjoyment - as well as keeping it up longer, much longer on many occasions.

“The stud on your tongue is sexual magic,” I mutter as I watch Roger sit close by and tease his erection with his fingertips as Carla kneels in front of him.

“Tell me what Carla is doing to your man Sarah, I can’t watch while I lick you, I would like to though. Tell me in great detail.”

“He is licking his nipples, something Rogers loves."

“Nibble them, harder, harder, love it, now blow me while Sarah watches and your friend licks her cunt.” Roger moans.

“Carla is licking his way down Roger’s torso, he is taking his cock in one hand, and pushing it against his torso, while he licks his balls, now he is licking the underside of his cock, then both sides of his cock, he is teasing and scratching his balls, now he is taking his cock into his mouth. It is very exciting describing this while you are licking my cunt,” I tell Karl.

For the first time in our sexual relationship we are both being pleasured at the same by two separate men and we can enjoy watching each other being orally pleasured.

“So good baby, so good,” we both mutter in unison as we both enjoy watching a man provide sexual pleasure to each other.

“I love watching baby, your turn on is my turn on. Is he good? What about the stud on his tongue. Karl’s stud inside my cunt lips is magic, fucking magic, absolutely fucking magic,” I groan as I cum again with my legs over his shoulders.

“This is very exciting baby, I love watching another man having your thick, eight-inches while his friend is licking me.”

“So do I baby, he is very good, he told me they want to swap later on. We have never had two men in one session.”

“And I love watching you being pleasured baby, love it, your cock is very wet,” I tell Roger as I watch Carla blow on it.

“Do you like what I am doing with my stud on your erection?”, Carla asks Roger.

“Yes fucking magic.”

“I think Roger is very close to orgasm, he is standing with his back to the wall and teasing his nipples,” I tell Karl.

“He is motioning for Carla to kneel in front of him. I know from experience Roger’s ultimate orgasm is one standing up.

“Carla is alternating sucking, licking and blowing on Rogers throbbing erection, he is digging his fingernails into Roger’s ass cheeks, harder now, and he is applying lots of pressure to the underside of Roger’s erection with his stud.”

“Cum with me baby, look at what Karl is doing to my wet cunt and clit with the stud on his tongue.

“Cum with me baby, now, right now, now,” I moan as I shudder and cum again as I watch Roger blow a huge load.

Roger has obviously gone for a shower as Carla is standing in front of me flaunting his erection and can’t resist reaching out for it, teasing his balls and taking it into my mouth.

Before Roger returns Carla has taken Karl’s place, his tongue on my very wet cunt is much stronger than Karl’s, he is actually chewing me which is wonderful as Karl is feeding his cock into my mouth.

Then he lays on his back and positions me so he can hold my ass and lick my cunt while I sit on his face as Karl feeds his cock into my mouth again.

When Roger returns I note his cock is flaccid when he walks in and I wonder if he will be able to get it up again so he can fuck me as promised.

“Wow that is a turn on for me baby, a huge turn on, you are pleasuring two hung men while I watch, don’t stop,” he moans as comes closer to watch while he teases his cock and it becomes erect almost immediately.

“I want Roger to fuck me while I blow both of you,” I tell Karl and Carla as I lean across a narrow table on my elbows .

“I am to pleasure and be pleasured, who wants me first while Roger fucks me, we have been planning this for a month.

“Me please,” Carla says as he positions himself with his very erect cock before me as Roger grasps my ass cheeks and eases his erection into me.

“I love the challenge of blowing a bisexual man, is there anything special you would like me to do?,” I ask as I lick his erection with Karl standing alongside him and watching intently. Both of them have roaring erections and they have their hand on each other’s ass as they kiss each other.

“Make Karl jealous, very jealous,” he moans as I take his cock in my mouth.

“I told you we had lots in common,” Karl says as he positions himself so Carla can take his erection up his ass while I am sucking him.

“Love watching your man fucking you while I watch and you are sucking my cock with Karl’s cock in me.

“Wow, so good, so good, your man is like a machine.

“Count to ten Roger and cum with me, and you Karl, you too Sarah, you are magic, fucking magic, fucking magic,” Carla tells us he breathes very heavily, withdraws his cock from my mouth and shoots a huge load as Roger cums in me.

“I need to squirt, watch me squirt," I tell three men as I sit on the nearest chair, open my legs, tease my cunt lips with a finger too and groan and shudder as three men watch to my great satisfaction.
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