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This is my first story on this site. I’m hoping to post more, that will probably include the same characters, Dante and Scarlet, as well as new characters. This story is a fantasy that my actual fiancé and I have talked about.
The girls laid on the bed waiting for him. Scarlet wanted to surprise her fiancé, Dante for his birthday, so she picked out a pretty girl to share with him.

Dante was a large, muscular man. He was dark complected, and dressed like he had walked out of an American Eagle ad. He liked his women small, but thick.

Scarlet was 5’2, with long, curly red hair. She had medium sized breasts, and a very voluptuous ass. She was wearing nothing but a pair of black thigh highs and a pair of black pumps. She was shaved clean for the occasion. The girl, Vanessa, had blonde hair that hung to her waist. She wore it in loose curls that framed her pretty face. Her breasts were large and soft, while her ass was average, but bouncy. She too was shaved clean, as requested. You see, Scarlet was thinking of making her their permanent sex slave. She seemed willing enough. She would be taken care of as long as she obeyed Scarlets rules. One of which, meant she couldn’t grow attached to Dante. Scarlet had a temper and was quite territorial of him. She had dressed Vanessa in red thigh highs and red pumps. She also wore a red collar around her neck, that Scarlet held the leash to.

When Dante walked into the room his soon to be wife greeted him with a smile.

“Hello, darling”, she purred, “You’re finally home. What do you think of our new toy?”

“She’s gorgeous, but what’s the meaning of this?”, he asked.

She smiled up at him, pulling Vanessa by her leash, “I wanted to surprise you. I know things have been stale lately, so I brought home the solution”.

Dante looked at the girl, watching as she knelt beside Scarlet.

“Her names Vanessa, my love, and she wants to do everything we tell her to,” Scarlet said.

Vanessa nodded, looking up at Dante with sexy green eyes.

“Suck his cock, Vanessa. Show him what a good girl you are,” she demanded.

The girl crawled forward, unbuttoning his jeans and pulling his semi hard dick from his boxers. She looked up at him, fear in her eyes, as she realised how large he was. She stuck her tongue out, already tasting pre-cum on the head of his cock. He shuddered, grabbing onto Scarlets hand.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”, he asked.

“Of course, my love. Now, Vanessa, stop being scared and do as I told you”

Vanessa wrapped her lips around his cock, sucking her cheeks in. She pressed her tongue against the bottom and started bobbing her head. She took him deeper in her mouth with every movement. Once she got him completely in her mouth, Dante grabbed her by the hair and held her there. He thrusted into her throat, making her gag.

Scarlet giggled, “Careful, Dante. She needs to be alive if we want to keep her”.

He let go of Vanessa, allowing her to breathe. When she pulled back, tears were running down her cheeks.

Scarlet tugged on her leash, “Get up on the bed, with your ass in the air,”.

Vanessa obeyed, while Scarlet placed herself under her. Scarlet was on her back, looking the slave in her eyes. She pulled Vanessas face closer, kissing her. Scarlets tongue found its way into Vanessas mouth, and one hand reached between her legs. She gently ran one finger between Vanessas pussy lips, rubbing her clit.

Dante moved toward them, putting his hands on Vanessas hips. Scarlet grabbed his thick cock, guiding it to their slaves tight, wet cunt, “Start gently, dear. She’s a virgin”.

Dante growled as the head of his cock entered Vanessa. She gasped, pulling away from Scarlet. Dante inched his way in, pulling out slowly, before pushing another inch into her. He felt the tip of his penis touch her hymen, and Vanessa prepared herself. Scarlet kissed her again, wrapping her hands in her hair. Dante forced his cock deeper, popping her cherry.

“Oh fuck!”, Vanessa gripped the blanket tightly.

Dante picked up the pace a bit, digging his fingers into her hips. With every stroke, he picked up speed.

Scarlet had moved herself farther below Vanessa, her lips wrapped around the girls nipple. She sucked roughly, making Vanessa moan.

Dante had gotten more confident, thrusting into Vanessas tight pussy. He pulled out slowly, before shoving all 9 inches of his cock into her. She almost screamed, her upper body collapsing onto the bed. By this point, Scarlet had positioned herself beneath the girls lower region. She propped herself up slightly, gently lapping at Vanessas throbbing, wet pussy. Scarlet stayed there, savouring the taste of her sex slaves juices. She moved her tongue towards her partner, licking what little part of his cock wasn’t buried in their little sluts pussy. Vanessa came for what had to be the millionth time, and collapsed completely on the bed.

“So I guess I’m not finishing inside her then?”, Dante didn’t really look disappointed, just curious.

“ Oh, of course not. She’s going to clean your cum out of me,” replied Scarlet, with an impish grin. “Vanessa, clean your cum off my lovers cock. I want him clean before he fucks me,”.

Vanessa quickly obeyed, licking from base to tip. She sucked on his head, making him grab onto the bed for support.

“She’s not as good as you, but she’s pretty damn close,” Dante gripped his fiancés thigh.

“Alright, Vanessa. I don’t want you finishing him off,” Scarlet tugged on her leash. “Come here, my pet. Come taste me, before you get your final treat,”. The slave kneeled between her mistresses legs, and slowly ran her tongue from Scarlets asshole to her clit.

Scarlet gasped, “I wasn’t expecting you to eat ass, too!”

Vanessa blushed, and dove into her pussy. She began licking between Scarlets lips, like a hungry kitten. She stopped to lap at her clit, sending Scarlet into an orgasm. Vanessa shoved her tongue deep inside, licking every drop of her mistresses cum. Scarlet grabbed her by the hair and bucked her hips, “Ok, ok. You can stop now!” Scarlet collapsed on the bed, shaking from her orgasm.

“Save some for me, kitten. I want her to be able to cum on my cock, still,” Dante laughed at his new pets hunger for his fiancés pussy.

“Come fuck me then, my love,” Scarlet motioned for him to get on the bed

with her.

“I think because our pet has been so good, we should give her a show!” Dante pulled Scarlet to the middle of the room, where they had particularly interesting sex swing.

“You see this swing, pet? It’s specifically designed where someone can sit just inches from her pussy, while I’m ravaging her,” He hooked his future bride into the contraption, grabbing her by the throat. “You didn’t forget that I was in charge, did you?”

“Of course not! But part of our little agreement was that if we get a pet, I get to use her as I please,” Scarlet grinned at him, anticipating the rough fucking she was about to receive.

Dante motioned for Vanessa to sit in the “guest” chair.

“I want you to see how I fuck her. I want you to watch while I destroy her tight, wet pussy,” Dante gripped Scarlets thighs, pulling her violently onto his cock. She almost screamed as he entered her, her eyes going wide. “You see how well she takes my cock? This is why she’s going to be my wife, and you’ll only ever be our dirty little slut!”

Vanessa drooled as she watched the two of them fuck. She loved the way her new masters talked down to her. She knew she could never have Dante to herself. But, anyways, that’s not what she wanted. She loved being their fuck toy.

Vanessa’s pussy was sopping wet, leaving the chair a mess. When Dante slowed his pace, Vanessa leaned forward and passionately kissed Scarlet on the mouth.

“You’re so beautiful when he’s impaling you with his cock,” Vanessa grabbed both of Scarlets breasts, teasing her nipples while Dante pounded her from behind.

“Fuck, baby. I don’t know how long I can last! It’s so fucking sexy, the way she just submits to you!” Dante could feel his cock throbbing. Scarlets pussy clamped down on him and he could tell she was going to squirt. He lifted her in the air, covering Vanessa in Scarlets cum.

Vanessa got down on her knees under them, planning to help Dante finish inside his fiancés pussy. She took one of his balls into his mouth, sucking gently.

“Fucking shit!” Dante started bouncing Scarlet on his cock, as fast as he could. Vanessa pulled his other ball into her mouth, sucking on both of them gently.

Dante was bouncing Scarlet on his cock, while she screamed and moaned.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming again!” Scarlet let out another shower across the room, some of it landing on Vanessa.

Finally, Dante slammed Scarlet down onto his cock. He came deep inside her, letting out a moan and almost collapsing on her.

“That was amazing!”, Vanessa was sitting on the floor, staring at them in awe.

“I’m glad you think so, pet. Now it’s time for you to clean me up. Hurry, before it all leaks out of me!” Scarlet let Dante lift her legs in the air, as Vanessa got onto her knees.

She knelt before Scarlets gleaming pussy, leaning forward to suck the cum out. The taste of Scarlet and Dante’s cum was delicious. Sweet and salty.

Scarlet groaned in ecstasy as her slave licked and sucked at her pussy. She was on the verge of another orgasm, when Dante stuck his finger into her ass.

“Ah, fuck!”, Scarlet sprayed her cum all over Vanessa for the third time. With Scarlets pussy spawning, what was left of Dante’s cum spilled out of her into Vanessas mouth.

“Why don’t you share my seed with your mistress, Vanessa? I’d love to see it dripping out of both of your mouths,” Dante unstrapped Scarlet from the swing, letting Vanessa grab hold of her.

Scarlet embraced her pet, letting Vanessa kiss her with a mouthful of cum. They kissed sloppily, the cum dribbling out of both their mouths and onto their bare breasts. It was smeared between them, Dante watching with amusement.

After they had all cleaned up, Vanessa crawled into the space Scarlet had previously made for her. She really enjoyed the idea of being a pet, and Scarlet had agreed to make her a special “kitten bed”, inside of a small closet in their room.

Dante and Scarlet crawled into their bed, exhausted from the nights activities.

“I think we should keep her!” Dante said, “She seems to make you very happy, and I’m definitely not disappointed with how things went,”

“I was hoping you’d agree with me, my love,” Scarlet snuggled close to him, drifting off into the deepest of sleeps.
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