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Hi this is Taneesha Shah once again, this story of mine when, I was 18 year old, I was 5 feet 6 inches and my stats were 36C 28 36. This is the continuation part of my earlier story. Those who haven’t read my earlier story please read My Brutal Brothers Part-1 & 2.
My results were out, everyone was happy and we went to have dinner with my whole family we came late. So, I woke up late in the morning. I got fresh and went down and started chatting with dad.

“What are your future plans” dad asked.

“I want to do BBA” I said

“From where do you plan to do it?”

“I am not sure dad”

Suddenly Sameer came there “why don’t you join our college” Sameer winked at me with an evil smile on his face.

I didn’t want to go in that college because of them, I was clearly able to assume that what would happen to me if, I join the same college.

“That’s a great idea” dad said.

“Dad I am not sure” I said hesitatingly.

Sameer gave me any angry looks as if he wants to kill me and was reckoning me to say yes with his eyes, so out of fear I said “I’ll think about it and let you know”

“Okay” dad I said.

“Me and your mom going out and will be back in evening till then you can discuss the matter with your brothers they’ll give u a good advice” Dad said and left with mom. As soon as mom and dad left Sameer made sure that they were gone and within minute they made me naked in the room. Sameer and Raj dicks were out. We need to talk to you, but first let’s have some fun and pleasure with you sultry sis” Sameer said.

Sameer and Raj sat on the couch and asked me to give them a combined blowjob, I grabbed both the dicks in my hand, they were rock hard like an iron rod I started with Sameer, he held my head and forced it upon his cock half of his dick was inside my mouth and I started gagging on it. They never allowed me to use my hands anywhere so that they can have full control over me, I chocked on, tears were running down my cheeks, my throat and saliva from my mouth was pouring down on his dick making it shiny with my saliva Sameer applied more force and his whole thing was inside my mouth and I gagged like hell……

He chocked me for several minutes while I gagged on Sameer’s cock Raj took my hand and placed it on his dick and started moving it up and down after few minutes the position changed now my head was above Raj’s cock and he gagged me the same way both took turns in fucking my mouth and gagging me while I gagged on Raj’s cock. I felt a cock near my asshole trying to make his way inside my ass I was not able to look back as I had Raj’s dick in my mouth I tried to scream as the monster cock made his way in my asshole but wasn’t able to do it was very pain full and I realized that it was none other than Rohan who was fucking my ass his dick was the thickest one and use to pain the most whenever he fucked me.

It was very pain full situation as with one hand I was giving hand job to Sameer and Raj was ravishing my throat and Rohan at the same time was ramming my ass after few minutes they changed their position and now Raj was on my pussy and Sameer on my ass and Rohan was face fucking me, they fucked me the same way for an hour and finally they cummed in mouth. They asked me to clean there dicks and everyone was done for now.

“Now the important thing slut, you are getting admission to our college only!! Did u get that?” Sameer said.

“N…N…Noooo” I said hesitatingly.

Sameer gave me a slap on my face and pinched my nipples” you are our slut and we want to make you college slut too so you do whatever we say or you know the consequences sis” said Sameer. He was pinching my nipples very hard and I cried. “Did you get it” he asked. I screamed, Raj inserted his four fingers in my asshole and stretched my asshole to the limits………. I cried like hell “Sameer asked. The pain was unbearable “okay whatever you say but please stop noww ahhh” I said. “That’s like a good slut” Sameer said. He left my nipples and Raj took out his fingers from my asshole it was a big relief.

I took admission in the same college because of undue influence of my brothers. My first day of college arrived; I got up in the morning and headed for shower and other things. I got out of the shower and dried myself. I headed to my wardrobe. I found a red g-string, a matching bra and over it simple red top and blue jeans. I put on red high heels and tied my hair and applied bit of makeup along with few sprays of perfume. I was ready to leave.

Sameer was eldest amongst us he was in his 1st year of MBA, Rohan was in 3rd and Raj and Dinesh was in 2nd year. As we were about to leave mom and dad wished me luck, every one sat in the car and moved towards college. Raj fixed his phone in the car by enabling camera in video recording mode and he started driving the car. I was unaware of their intention what they are going to do now.

“This is your first day at college sis and we have a gift for you” Sameer said.

“What gift” I asked.

“Not too soon slut” Rohan said squeezing my boobs above my red top, who were sitting next to me. I was sitting on the back seat of the car between Rohan and Sameer.

“Take off your clothes” Sameer said.

“What here……we can do this at home but not here pleaseeee” I begged them.

“C’mon slut, what you are ashamed off take off your clothes or you want us to slap you and pinch your nipples and put your face and boobs outside the window for every one too see, we can do that if you want” Rohan said laughing.

“No No plzzzz don’t do that” I said fearfully.

I started to take off my red top, once my red top was out, Rohan take my red top and threw it back of the car. Now I am sitting with my red bra on and jeans along with red high heels, Rohan unhooked my bra and it fell down on my lap.

“Very good now take off jeans too” Sameer told me.

I stood up and tried to pull down my jeans. “let me help you with that” Raj asked, he told me to turn around and face my ass towards him, he pulled it down along with my red g-string I was out of my jeans within seconds and Raj gave a tight slap on my ass saying” this slut have a sexy ass” aiieeeess I cried as Raj spanked my ass. Now I was sitting naked with my red high heels on between Sameer and Rohan in the car.

By the time I settled down Sameer’s cock was out of his pant and he gestured me to suck him off. I bent over him and started to suck him with tip of his cock and within few minutes his full cock was inside my mouth and he chocked me. Rohan held my hairs and bend me towards him and he throated fucked me brutally, his cock was the thickest of all so I used to gag the most on his cock I always tried to stop but he never listened to me.

Then Rohan asked me to sit on his cock, I stood up and I sat on his cock, his cock was in my pussy and he was forcing me down on this thick cock. He forced his whole dick in my pussy and my other brothers were laughing at me and Rohan asked me to jump on his dick. I was jumping on his cock and few minutes later my moaning stopped now I was given a cock in my mouth by Dinesh and he shoved his cock in my mouth and stated face fucking me. Suddenly I felt something near my asshole it was Sameer who was trying to make way into my ass hole.

Dinesh was fucking my face, Rohan was in my pussy, Sameer was in my ass. They fucked me the same way for around half an hour and during that time my pussy juices was continuously flowing from my pussy, finally they cummed in mouth. They asked me to clean their dicks and everyone was done for now. It was too much for me.

“Now it’s time for slut’s gift” Sameer said.

Sameer gave me a package. When I opened the package I was shocked to see. It was a hot red tube top, a black shining mini skirt and a pair of golden colour stilettos.

“Wear this sis” Rohan told me.

“This but, noooo I can’t…. its” I said.

“Wear this or we’ll throw you out of the car naked!! You want that” Sameer said in an angry voice.

“nooooo plzzzz I will wear it” I said.

I forcefully dressed in red tube top that hardly contending my boobs which were spilling out of it. My nipples were hard and almost poking out through the sheer fabric of the red tube top. My one could easily see my well shaped boobs and slender waist with red tube top. Then I wore the black shining mini skirt, it was very short that one could clearly see my nicely-shaped rounded ass. Then I wear a pair of golden colour stilettos and my long-tanned legs naked.

“Your boobs look so prefect slut!!” Rohan said.

I begged them again not to make me wear this dress for the college but they didn’t listened to me and told me that I’ll only wear what they’ll give me to wear because a college slut needs to wear sultry clothes. Till the time we reached to the college premises.

When I entered the college premises most of the eyes turned towards me ogling at my body. As I was wearing skimpiest clothes possible one can wear in college and walking embarrassed. As I entered my class everyone stared at me I heard guys giggling and talking about me and my clothes. All the students introduced themselves in the class, after 1st lecture were over many guys came to me and talked to me, I was getting lot of attention and liked it a lot. I made many friends most of them trying to hit on me even seniors.

During the break hour, I was walking in a corridor and I saw Rohan coming he looked at me and there was no one else in the corridor. He didn’t say anything and came near me and started kissing me. I tried to stop him but he didn’t listened. He kissed me for 3-4 minutes and his one hand went inside my red tube top and started exploring my left boobs. I told him to stop that someone might come but he didn’t care, suddenly he rose up my red tube top freeing my boobs in open and started sucking my nipples he held me against the wall and I was in constant fear that someone might come and see us in that position and this is what happened two guys from the other side saw us doing that, slowing came towards us, I pushed Rohan away and pulled down my red tube top.

“Wtf Rohan you are doing……. isn’t this girl is new slut of the college” one guy said. They were his friends, I was so embarrassed and I tried to walk away but Rohan held me back and started pressing my boobs in front of his friends. I tried to stop him but he didn’t care he again rose up my red tube top up exposing me to be fucked by his friends, I closed my eyes in embarrassment.

“Ohh yes she is a slut!! You can join us, if you want “Rohan said.

“Why not” guys said at once.

I looked at Rohan and begged him not to do this.

“Ooohhhhhhh c’mon this is not the first time you are getting fucked by more than one guy” he said and laughed.

“What do you mean” One guy asked.

“She is a big slut guys” Rohan replied.

I was going to be used by three seniors guys like a slut in college.

“Let’s take her somewhere else!! It’s too open here” one of the guys said.

They took me to one of the cabins of the washroom. I came to know their names they were Ajay and Ankur and they were also in third year with Rohan. They made me sit on the lead of pot and pulled out there cocks and shacked it in front of me none of them was less than 9 inches I knew today I’ll be fucked hard by these monster cocks.

Ajay came closer to me and shoved his dick in my mouth and started ramming my throat and Rohan started fingering my pussy vigorously Ankur on the other hand was video recording this on his phone drools were coming down from my mouth and falling on my red tube top making it wet with my saliva few minutes later I had my first orgasm I really liked it, it was one of the longest orgasm I ever had. My legs started to shiver and juices were running out of pussy like a tap, Ajay at the same time sprayed his cum in my mouth and on my face and hairs making my face messy with cum and Ankur took a close up of that.

Now Rohan rise up my black shinning mini skirt. He positioned himself and sat on the lead of the washroom pot. Ankur took Ajay’s place, Rohan asked me to keep my feet’s on his thighs and he placed his cock on the opening of my asshole and lowered my body I was about to scream but before I couldn’t do so Ankur filled my mouth with his cock. They fucked me in the same position for several minutes and both cummed together in my ass and mouth it’s always been very painful to be fucked by Rohan in my ass.

By the time Rohan and Ankur were done Ajay was again hard and he sat on the lead of the washroom pot and made me face him and asked me climb his cock up and down, Ajay was fucking me very hard sound was coming every time I go down on his cock few minutes later I felt something near my asshole it was Ankur who was hard again and he wanted to fuck my ass.

He shoved his dick in my ass and stared moving it in and out and gradually his speed increased and now both of them were fucking my ass and pussy in rhythm, I couldn’t even moan loudly as someone might hear my screams and join them. Finally both cummed in my ass and pussy together I could feel there hot cum going in me flowing down my thighs. I was fucked there for around an hour before going they gave me their handkerchief to clean myself and I wiped their cum off my legs and face, they went away leaving me there saying they’ll see me soon.

After that day I was taken to the washroom on a regular basis by my seniors accompanied by my brother Sameer or Rohan every time, I was becoming popular as a slut, I was taken there brutally fucked for hours by my brother or sometime by complete strangers. Ajay and Ankur played a big role in that they used to take me with them on long rides where some other guys can also joined with them and I was fucked like animals. They used to fuck me every way possible. I was fucked in car or sometimes in woods too.


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