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This is a Fantasy, built upon a Fairy Tale conjured from a Legend and sparked by a single line written in a medieval town's chronicle. Do not imagine that any of it is real nor that I condone any of the activities in this fantasy. Jakob is the storyteller and I, the mere recorder of his narrative.
The Harlequin

I pulled on my white cotton gloves as I stepped up to the lectern. Before me was the ancient volume of Fables and Fairy tales that I had badgered the Chief Librarian for permission to view for almost a year. The old library was closed, empty but for myself and the caretaker. Very gently I began turning the the old, dry, pages before me. There were no 'Contents' pages just a single page illustration of fantastical, magical beasts then straight into the first story. I recognised the title as one of the stories from long ago, when I was a child, and my parents took turns to read me bedtime stories. I glanced through it quickly noting that is differed a little to the one I remembered. The next was a story I'd not heard before and took longer to read it completely.

And so it continued, time seemed to stand still as I immersed myself in one fantastic fairy tale after another. I turned a page and there it was, my most favourite fairy tale of all. So many unanswered questions left at the end. I clearly remember demanding 'what happened next? How? Why?' of my parents only to be told 'it's a fairy tale, nothing happens next'. I gazed contentedly at the page and smiled at the memory of my childhood demands then I clearly heard a voice.

“Would Sir care to know the truth?” came the polite voice of an educated, well spoken young man.

I looked around quickly suspecting that one of my colleagues was playing a prank on me. The room was empty save for myself. I looked back at the page before me. Something seemed to be moving in the title illustration. I looked closer. There was a young boy in the artwork, waving at me!

“Good evening,” I replied equally politely seeking to hide my astonishment.

“My name is Jakob,” replied the young man, “I was present at the time...”

Jakob began his narrative and so began the most amazing evening of my life...

### ### ###

In a land far, far away and at a time long, long ago a little town in Saxony lost all of its children to the Pied Piper because the Burghers of the town had refused to pay him after he cleared the town of the plague of rats.

The townsfolk were demanding action from the Burghers. The Burghers were at a loss as to what they could do. In desperation they placed a bounty on the head of each rat captured and delivered to the newly appointed Ratmeister, he, in turn threw the rat into the furnace and handed out the bounty. Unfortunately the rats that were the problem were far too quick and nimble to be caught and only those that were sick or old ended up in the furnace.

The plan was scrapped and a proclamation was sent throughout the land offering fifty pieces of silver to the person or persons that would rid the town of the vermin. Nobody stepped forward to offer their services. The reward was increased. Nobody answered the cry for help. By degrees the reward was increased until the massive sum of 1000 Golden Duckets was reached.

One fine day a strange young man presented himself at the Town Hall. Dressed as a harlequin. His clothes were a patchwork of red and yellow cloths. He wore a long coat, from heel to head which was half of yellow and half of red. Upon his head was a soft hat, half of yellow and half of red. On his feet a red boot and a yellow boot. Across his shoulder hung a bag, half of yellow and half of red. The only part of his attire that wasn't similarly coloured were the two long Peacock feathers, one on each side of his hat.

“For 1000 Golden Duckets I shall rid your town of the vermin” he announced as he strode confidently into the Town Hall.

“You?” scoffed the little clerk at the desk, “how would you propose to do that?” he asked haughtily.

“Fetch the Burghermiester, little man,” retorted the Pied Piper, “I'll not deal with mere minions this morn.”

The Burghers were in the Great Chamber, discussing the problem when the Pied Piper was ushered into their presence.

“You can rid this town of rats?” they laughed, “and how do you propose to do that? You're nothing but a clown, an entertainer, a vagabond. Be off with you and don't waste our time with your nonsense.”

“I repeat,” said the Harlequin quietly, “for 1000 Golden Duckets I shall rid your town of the vermin.”

The Burghers consulted while giving the Pied Piper furtive looks. At length the Burghermiester rose from the table.

“Harlequin,” announced he, “if you can rid this town of every rat we shall pay you the promised 1000 Golden Duckets however if just one rat is left you shall receive not a single penny, agreed?”

“A single rat left or a single rat reintroduced after I have disposed of all the rats?” asked the Harlequin wisely.

“You do not trust us, Harlequin? We are the Burghers of this town! Our word is our bond! Do you accept or not?”

“I accept but I give you my word. Should you default on your debt or try to cheat me of my just reward then you shall come to rue the day. You shall realise that 1000 Golden Duckets is but a mere trifle. You have my word upon it.”

So saying the Piper turned on his heel and strode from the chamber. The Burghers, much surprised and led by the Burghermiester, followed.

The Pied Piper stood at the top of the Town Hall steps and withdrew a small pipe from his yellow and red bag. Raising it to his lips he played for a few minutes. The tune, so high in pitch it was barely audible to the human ear, soared above the town, spread out and pervaded every little nook and cranny. The high pitched tune could still be heard even after the Piper had ceased playing and returned the pipe to his bag of yellow and red leather.

He waited patiently ignoring the chuckling and rising laughter from the assembled Burghers and Town Hall minions. Rats began to appear, scurrying and scuttling from the doorways and alleyways. The fit and the young arrived first forsaking the wealth of food in the warehouses, granaries, kitchens and shops. They rushed into the big square that was the market place each Tuesday and Saturday and waited quietly at the foot of the Town Hall steps. And still the Piper waited. Mothers arrived with their babies clinging to their backs. The elderly and infirm hobbled into the square

The rapid flow of rats diminished over time until they came in ones and twos. The Piper continued to wait. Eventually four fit, black, young rats appeared with a large, fat brown rat sprawled across their shoulders. Their little legs bowed by the great weight. The crowd of rats parted and the four rats and their heavy burden made their way to the foot of the Town Hall steps.

“Are you the last?” the Piper squeaked.

“Yes, Piper,” came the high pitched reply.

Six rats scurried off. The Piper ignored them and waited patiently. The rats returned after a while dragging pieces of hessian sacking. They pulled them to the front of the Town Hall. The black rats deposited the brown rat on a piece of sacking. Mothers placed their babies on others. Eventually all the pieces of sacking bore those that would not be able to keep up. Strong, young, healthy, rats lined the sides of each piece of sacking. The Piper drew his pipe once more and lifted it to his lips. Playing a merry tune he walked down the steps, along the cleared pathway the rats had made for him and towards the town gate. The rats followed with those dragging the laden pieces of hessian to the fore.

The town gate, usually creaky and requiring six strong men to open and close swung open easily and soundlessly. After the last rat had passed through it swung closed effortlessly. The Piper kept his pace steady, not wishing to create stragglers. The music was in their head and they would follow him until they would hear it no more but he didn't want to loose any due to tiredness. He stopped regularly allowing the rats dragging the hessian to swap with fresher rats and for those not so sprightly to catch up and take a breather. By degree he led them over hill and dale along magical paths, known only to himself and others of his kind, until they reached the Enchanted Forest. At the other side they came to the sea. A wide vista of blue to left and right and the horizon so far into the distance it could only be imagined. The tide was out. The Piper strode lightly over the damp sands towards the waters edge where a small unmanned sailing craft awaited with its little white sail flapping uselessly in the slight breeze. The water was so shallow that when the Piper stepped into the tiny craft the keel scraped on the sand beneath. He sat and he waited. The rats danced and played encouraged by the music in their heads.

When the Piper knew that all the rats were on the damp sands he raised his pipe and gathered them tight along the water's edge. The tide turned. He set his small white sail and conjured a favourable breeze. The incoming tide lifted his tiny boat from the sand and he sailed quietly and without fuss out to sea. The rats followed.

Rats are good swimmers but slowly and surely the numbers diminished as first the young and weak succumbed to the rigours of their long march and the constant battle against the incoming tide. With the tune in their head until the very moment they died even as they sank to the sea bed they struggled to follow the music. After many hours the strongest had also succumbed and no rats could be seen in any direction. The Piper sailed, for another hour, until he was certain that each and every rat that had been in the town had perished.

The Piper had been sailing in a massive arc and quickly came ashore in a little cove less than two hours from the town. He rested overnight and presented himself at the Town Hall the following morning to collect his reward.

The Burghers laughed in his face. He reminded them of their promise. They scoffed at his words. He reminded them of his promise and they chortled with mirth.

The Piper took a single pipe from his bag of yellow and red and stood at the top of the Town Hall steps. The first few notes summoned the Burghers. They stood in an orderly arc behind him with a clear view of the town square. The following notes soared high and explored the town, delving deep into every space. No cavity was missed. The Piper waited patiently. Slowly but steadily the square began to fill with all the people of the town. They stood in an orderly fashion around three sides of the square and faced the Town Hall steps where the Piper and the Burghers stood. The Piper waited patiently until he knew that all the townsfolk were present. He removed a different pipe from his bag and blew briefly. A merry tune soared out and over the townsfolk. They laughed happily. The Piper created two further notes from his pipe that mingled seamlessly with the tune and all the children of the town started to move through the throng until they were standing in the Town Square, where they danced joyously. Three new notes wriggled their way into the tune and all the adults stood absolutely still, fixed to the spot. The children continued to dance and the adults continued to watch unable to do anything as they saw their young children happily remove all their clothing.

The Piper counted the children – 130. He knew three were missing. The little blind girl who could not find her way. The deaf lad who could not hear his notes and the lame child who was unable to make his way unassisted. All the able children were accounted for. Once more his pipe sang out a happy tune and all 130 children contentedly danced a happy dance and followed the piper out of the town, over the hills and far away.

As the last child turned onto the magical path leading to the Enchanted Forest the piper sent five lonely, disjointed notes upwards where they caught the evening breeze and drifted delicately back towards the town. They didn't rush but wandered, pausing to admire a pretty vista or listen to the tune of a blackbird.

Two notes eventually reached the town and hovered over the town square. Slowly the townsfolk came back to life. They knew what had happened and rushed for the town gates to try and catch the children. The gates were locked shut and all other exits were barred by the three remaining notes. There was no escape from the town, not even through the windows in the town walls.

As the Piper led the children deeper into the Enchanted Forest they came upon a fork in the trail. A couple of quick notes sent those children that had not yet reached puberty, to the right, the others continued to follow the Piper. The younger children, accompanied only by the Piper's tune in their heads, came to a clearing where they danced and played happily. The Enchanted Forest would keep the youngsters safe and well. When they were hungry the Forest fed them with such food that they could never have imagined. When they were tired they had shelter and beds of such comfort that even the most high born had never experienced such luxury.

The Piper led the remaining youths to the left and onwards until they also reached a clearing in the Enchanted Forest. Here the Piper stopped. Standing at the end of the large clearing he waited while the young adults formed a large horseshoe arc in front of him. They stopped dancing and started to notice each other and the fact that they were all naked. The Piper watched and smiled as the obvious beneficial effects of puberty manifested themselves in the young males and females. Being naked it was impossible to properly tell the high born from the guttersnipes but it mattered not. The Piper would treat them all the same. He raised a pipe and even before it reached his lips it emitted a brief silky tune then went silent.

A girl stepped forward. The Piper studied her, pretty, long dark hair, brown eyes, nicely developing breasts and a confident walk. She walked straight towards the Piper and knelt at his feet. His clothing melted away and he was very quickly as naked as the adolescent youths around him. The girl, the Piper knew, was the Burghermiester's youngest daughter. She stared directly at the Piper's stiff cock. It was exactly as she imagined the cock, that would take her virginity, would be. It was long, slim and white. A small dewdrop of glistening liquid dribbled out of the little hole at the top and looked as if it would fall to the ground. She leaned forward and caught it quickly with her tongue.

She trembled with delight as the droplet touched her tongue sending shivers of wonderment throughout her body. A second droplet appeared and her tongue was instantly there, waiting to catch it. It didn't look as if it would drop. Impatiently she placed her mouth over it and probed the little hole for more. The droplet dribbled onto her taste buds causing delicious sensations of lightening leaping from side to side as the effect coursed down her throat, into her belly and sent such wonderful feeling down further into her groin. She suddenly felt warm and wet between her legs. As the wonderful feelings began to abate the young girl pushed the Piper's long slim cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. It began to fill her throat. She fought off the desire to gag and kept pushing the cock further down until she had it all in her mouth and down her throat.

The magic of those first two droplets of the Piper's essence directed her actions and slowly, steadily she started to bob her head back and forth bringing the Piper's cock head back to her lips before swallowing it all again eagerly. As she lifted her head for the third time she wrapped her small hand around his throbbing shaft and stroked the cock into her mouth. This action squeezed a few more drops of the magic elixir from his cock and into her mouth. Soon she was sucking and stroking his cock like a seasoned whore and loving every moment. The Piper didn't tease her. He didn't make her work for his seed. He just waited until his tiny drops of essence had done their work and she was working his cock hard to bring him to climax. He pumped three large squirts of magic into her greedy mouth. The first started to work long before the third had fully left his cock and pumped down her throat. The young girl climaxed. She shook, groaned contentedly around his still pulsing cock. Her virgin pussy contracted and she felt a glorious wetness covering her inner thighs.

Instinctively she caressed the Piper's balls trying to extract even more of his wonderful fluids. She stroked his cock upwards attempting to squeeze the very last drops from his tubes then she licked and sucked around the head and down to his balls, just to make sure.

Eventually she looked up, straight into the Piper's sparkling eyes.

“More?” she said wantonly, “please.”

“There will be more, lots more. Later. Return to your place for now.”

The young girl rose to her feet and, without complaint, turned and walked to take her place back in the line of adolescents. She didn't walk confidently as she had before but rolled her hips, emphasising her delicious young, naked bottom, swaying teasingly knowing that the Piper was watching her every move. Joining the arc of adolescents she turned provocatively, placed her feet comfortably apart and her hands behind her back. She stood straight, shoulders back, breasts thrust forward. Her breasts had firmed with desire. Her nipples were as hard as little hazelnuts. The juices that her virgin pussy had spurted over her young thighs sparkled in the afternoon sun and her pussy throbbed achingly, wanting more. Of what she didn't yet know but she did know she wanted it and that the Piper would give it to her before the sun set that night. She stared straight into the Piper's eyes and blew him a kiss.

Next in the line was an adolescent male. He'd watched the Burghermiester's daughter suck the Piper's cock and was shocked to discover his legs were taking him straight to the Piper where he knelt. Unlike the Burghermiester's daughter the cock before him wasn't one that he'd dreamed of having inside him but it was very similar to one he rather fancied his own developing into as he became a man. He didn't move but sat mesmerised by the Piper's large, fat cock and hairy balls until a little globule of essence appeared on the very tip. Without hesitation he pushed his head forward and licked the little droplet into his mouth. Moments later the Piper filled his mouth with three strong injections of his magical elixir. The boy caressed his balls, stroked his length and squeezed every possible drop from the Piper's cock and into his own mouth. He too asked for more and was sent back to his place in the line with a promise of more, later.

As the boy approached the line his eyes fell on the Burghermiester's daughter. His cock instantly started to grow, his breathing increased, coming in short sharp gasps. Noting her obvious arousal, the full breasts, hard nipples and swollen pussy his cock grew rapidly from dangling lazily over his small ball sac to the horizontal then into the hard, throbbing vertical.

The girl watched in delight and amazement as the cock grew and pulsed before her eyes. She licked her lips, wanting it in her mouth, feel his elixir pouring down her throat. She did nothing but stood and enjoyed her dirty thoughts of the fun she might have sometime in the future. The boy rejoined the line, next to the girl. He wanted to touch her breasts, slide his cock into her mouth and feel her sucking him deep and hard. He didn't. He turned to face the Piper and with his cock rampant, standing tall and proud he smiled contentedly at the Piper. The next two adolescents were also male. One was reluctant until the shiny globule appeared, the other didn't hesitate but had the Piper's cock in his mouth as soon as he knelt. Both boys returned to their place in the line content and smiling happily. And so it continued until all the Town's adolescent youth had tasted the Piper's cock and received three ejaculations of his magical elixir.

The Piper looked at the arc of young adults. Each female stood straight with her shoulders back and her breasts thrust forward. Some had breasts so small they were barely more than the slightest of swellings others were so fulsome that grown men would beg to fondle and caress. Each and every male had a throbbing cock standing vertical, thrusting upwards from their ball sacs. In size they ranged from quite delightful to barely visible but each and every one was hard and eager, for something.

The Burghermiester's daughter stepped forward once more. There was a sparkle of excitement in her eyes. She was eager for whatever the Piper had to offer. She glided provocatively towards the Piper and knelt at his feet. To her dismay his cock was flaccid, not the rampant tool she was hoping for but a little glisten of elixir twinkled from the droopy end. Lifting the flaccid cock carefully she placed the end on her tongue and very gently drew the entire, soft, length it into her mouth. The droplet filled her mouth with pleasure and she was soon sucking and stroking hungrily. The cock grew and grew until it filled her mouth and stretched her throat and still she sucked and stroked. As the cock continued to grow she became aware of a trestle, just to the side of her. It was long, low, narrow and sumptuously upholstered. She'd seen them in the Town Hall where people could sit and wait. They were not as comfortable as the trestle beside her looked.

The Burghermiester's daughter paused, looked plainly at the trestle then up into the Piper's face. He smiled.

“Stand at the end of the trestle, lean forward to put your hands on the top and place your feet as far apart as feels comfortable.” he instructed.

The Burghermiester's daughter didn't hesitate and was soon positioned as demanded. The Piper stood between her parted legs and pushed down on his throbbing cock so that the cock head wiped down between the perfectly rounded cheeks of her arse leaving a thin, shining trace of his elixir everywhere the tip of his cock touched. He paused at her puckered dark rose to ensure it received sufficient and waited until her heard a soft gasp of delight from the young girl bent before him. He moved on and she sobbed quietly as his cock head passed on by. His knob head now shone with his magical essence and as he reached the swollen lips of the young female's cunt it eased between them covering both swollen lips at once.

The Burghermiester's daughter sighed contentedly as the elixir went about its business, spreading warmth and excitement around the entire area of her virgin sex. He let it rest. The natural pressure caused by the stiff cock's need to be standing up tall, straight and proud pressed hard against her clitoris. Rocking back and forth carefully so as not the let his rampant cock escape the delicious crevice at the apex of the virgin's legs, the Piper teased her and spread his juices into every secret place. The young virgin began to wriggle and squirm excitedly.

He rested his hands on her hips, holding her firmly. She stopped squirming. Stayed absolutely shock still, waiting. His cock slipped backwards. She emitted a small cry of dismay believing his cock head was going to abandon her secret place. He stopped, checked his grip on the slim hips before him then thrust forward, hard, fast and deep. The virgin yelped in surprise, grunted as he drove into her most private part then sighed as he paused before withdrawing, just enough to drive back into her once more. The Piper wasn't gentle. He wasn't making love to the Burghermiester's daughter he was fucking her. Taking her as a young virgin and making her into a woman, his woman. He fucked her hard and without mercy as she screamed, first with pain then with pleasure. After her first cock induced orgasm he pumped his essence deep inside her causing her to climax once more. She wouldn't become pregnant, nor would she become pregnant if anybody fucked her in future. His elixir would give her the need to fuck but not the ability to conceive until he fucked her with the full intention of breeding her himself.

He fucked every single female virgin. None would get pregnant until they bore his child, sometime in their future. He fucked every single male virgin, in the arse, much to their own delight. They would never make a female pregnant, until they fucked the Piper's arse, sometime in their future.

As night fell the young, new, adults feasted then retired to their own, large, luxurious bed. The stars were their blanket. The Piper's giant bed was in the middle of the group. He lay silently watching the shadows moving from bed to bed, each seeking their own kind of satisfaction. He smiled mirthlessly as he heard the cries of anguish from each and every no longer virgin adolescent as they failed to find any satisfaction. Slowly he stroked his cock and waited patiently.

“May I suck your cock, Mr. Harlequin, Sir?” asked a shadow at the side of his bed politely.

It was the boy who didn't wait for the glistening globule to appear on his cock before trying to swallow his cock completely.

“Certainly, My Boy, climb onto my bed. My cock is awaiting your soft, sensitive mouth.”

The boy didn't hesitate but climbed onto the giant bed, reached eagerly for the Piper's nice, fat, long cock with his hand and lowered his mouth onto the head that shone enticingly in the moonlight. He showed such skill and loving tenderness that the Piper was soon mewing contentedly having utterly forgotten that he was punishing these youngsters for the transgressions of their elders. The boy edged the Piper exquisitely taking great delight in bringing the Piper so very close before backing off. He chortled uncontrollably as the Piper sighed and panted, thrusting his rampant cock up into the boys face. The boy wasn't 'getting his own back' but giving pleasure, the best that he could.

The Piper was becoming frantic with the need for the boy to give him release. He pulled the boys body towards him, lifting him effortlessly while the boy continued to pleasure his throbbing cock.

“Give me your cock,” demanded the Piper.

With no hesitation the boy swung his leg over the Piper's head and spread his knees as wide as he could. The boys hard cock was only a few inches from the Piper's face. Reaching up the Piper pulled against the natural resistance of the rigid cock until he could lick the purple head of the straining weapon. The boy grunted delightedly as he felt the Piper's mouth encircle his cock head. Instinctively he pushed his cock down into the Piper's mouth. He felt it strike the back of his throat then started pushing further. At the same time the boy went back down on the Piper's cock forcing it deep into his own mouth and deeper, into his throat. The boy and the man each fellating the other, both intent of giving maximum pleasure. The boy brought the Piper to completion happily swallowing the man's emission only a few seconds before he felt his own balls contracting and sending his own ejaculate deep down the Piper's throat. The Piper accepted it all without complaint.

They lay, one on top of the other, each playing and pleasuring the other's cock until the sound of a delicate little cough broke the spell.

“Mr. Piper,” came the soft female voice out of the darkness, “may I suck your cock? Then will you fuck me please?”

The Piper beckoned her onto the bed. The Burghermiester's daughter looked down on the Piper and the boy most forlornly.

“All these cocks, hard, fucking cocks,” she started, “I stroke them. I suck them but when I beg them to fuck me they refuse. They only want to fuck other boys. I need a cock Mr. Piper man, please fuck me.” she sobbed.

The Piper moved the boy slightly so that he could look up at the unhappy girl. Continuing to tenderly stroke the boy's cock he studied the beautiful young female. He smiled wickedly. Any male, absolutely any male, in his right mind, would fuck that beauty at the drop of a hat but then the males in the Enchanted Forest were not in their right minds. They were in the warped minds that the Piper had given them through his magical elixir. These young males only wanted a stiff cock and another boy's arse.

“Your Father and his friends,” he said sternly, “didn't give me that which I had rightly earned. Why should I give his daughter what she needs?”

“But... But... it wasn't me or any of us that refused to pay you for your service” she stuttered indignantly, “And... you fucked me earlier. Filled my welcummin' pussy with your seed. Why won't you fuck me again?”

“Because I fucked you and all the other virgins for my own pleasure, not yours. The seed, as you call it, won't make you pregnant. It will make you crave cock. Cock you will not get until...”

The Piper stopped and wrapped his lips around the boy's cock once more.

“Until....?” begged the girl.

The Piper ignored her and continued to pleasure the cock in his mouth.

“Mr. Piper, please... Until when?” she begged.

The Piper eased the boy's cock from his mouth and moved his head to look up at her once more. She really was a beauty he admitted.

“Until your Father pays me my fee, in full... or...”

He returned to enjoying the boy's young cock.

The girl was silent. As the Burghermiester's daughter she was used to getting answers to her questions instantly. She bit her tongue. Loosing her temper was not going to get her anywhere, she certainly realised that.

“Mr. Piper, please... or what?” she beseeched.

The Piper made her wait. It really was the most delightful cock that leaked juices into his mouth and such an exquisitely loving mouth that worked his own cock. The girl continued to wait.

“Until you have sucked the seed out of every male cock in the town,” he advised at length.

Well, sucking lots of cocks probably wasn't going to be too much of a displeasure the girl decided and turned to leave. Then she stopped dead in her tracks.

“Every cock? My Father's, My Grandfather's, all My Uncle's?”

“Every male. No exceptions.”

The young girl swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat. Uncle Johann would be rather nice she conceded but her Father and Grandfather? Then the impracticality of the task hammered into her brain.

“But some men will be too old to have any seed,” she complained.

“Then you shall have to wait until they die,” came the instant response.

“Some boys won't be old enough to have any seed!”

“Then you shall have to wait until they are.”

“But that's totally unfair! It's an impossible requirement. There must be something else I can do, pleeeese?” she sobbed.

“Get your Father to pay me my fee. Bear me two children and make a start on sucking the seed out of every male in the town.”

The girl stood sadly, her shoulders drooped her face totally distraught. She withdrew into herself the very image of desolation and despair. The Piper went back to sucking and pleasuring the boy's cock. Her face brightened, she smiled.

“Have your children!” she exclaimed excitedly, “that means you'll fuck me! I'll have your children willingly, when can I start?” she bounced on the bed with delight. “Now?”

Releasing the boy's cock once more the Piper considered the situation before replying.

“Oh, you'll have my children alright, willingly or unwillingly. From now onwards the only children you will have will be mine. As shall be all the children born to all the town's womenfolk.” he stated unequivocally. “The only cock you or the town's women folk will ever have from this time onwards shall be mine.”

“All the children?” she asked in amazement, “you'll fuck all the women and give them your children?”

“All the children, all the women and when the female children have grown big enough to fuck, I'll fuck them and when they are old enough to bear children I'll fuck them and sow my seed in their bellies.”

“That's evil!” the Burghermiester's daughter declared hotly.

“It is but I promised your Father and the other Burghers that if they didn't keep their bargain with me then they would live to regret it. Within only a very few years the town will be supporting hundreds of my children and the number will continue to grow all the while I'm able to fuck the women and sow my seed.”

“And you'll fuck me tonight?” said the girl selfishly.

“No, I won't fuck you tonight or any time soon but I shall eat your pussy. Maybe you can teach the other girls how to eat pussy. You'll be able to entertain each other until I get around to fucking you all?”

“Eat my pussy? What's that?” asked the astounded young woman.

“Lie on the bed, bring your knees up and swing them wide. You'll find out soon enough.”

She did as instructed and waited expectantly while the Piper spent a few more minutes enjoying the young male's cock and the pleasure that the boy was giving him. With a satisfied moan of release the Piper filled the boy's mouth with his juices and gratefully received the young boy's own juices into his mouth. He swallowed contentedly and wormed his way out from under the tired lad.

Kneeling over the young girl's head he looked down into her beautiful face. The Piper realised, with great pleasure, that the young woman was so innocent that she had no idea what her pussy was or how it might be eaten. A wondering look of excitement mixed with trepidation flickered back and forth over her face. He knelt at her head and leaned forward pushing his head down between her parted thighs and enjoyed the delightful view of her smooth, swollen, innocent freshness. Placing his forearms inside of her thighs he eased her legs upwards until the locked under his armpits. Moving backwards just a little he rolled her pussy up towards him and opening her up fully for his attention. His stiff cock hovered only inches from her face.

Just as he made no concessions regarding her obvious virginity when he had driven his big cock deep into her virgin pussy only a few hours earlier the Piper made no attempt to seduce her in any way prior to using his mouth, teeth and lips to take his pleasure.

Even in the moonlight the Piper could see that her pussy lips were swollen and shining with the juices of her excitement. She might not have much idea about having her pussy eaten but laying naked on a bed with a grown man kneeling over her face, his head between her wide parted thighs and his rampant cock only inches from her mouth certainly gave her a very sexy feeling.

The Piper leaned forward and pushed his mouth straight into the apex of her wide parted legs. His tongue spread the swollen lips and the girl gasped in delight, frantically reaching to hold the Piper's head tight into her sex.

“Ahhhrrrr!” she gasped happily.

The Piper laughed with delight. The Burghermiester's daughter was a whore! He'd have a great deal of fun with her, at both her and her Father's expense. He didn't hold back in the giving of pleasure. He wanted the new whore to experience every pleasure so that she'd know what she was missing when he removed them, if necessary. He made her squirm with pleasure and groan in ecstasy for a good ten minutes without a pause.

“Master?” the young boy's voice filled his head as the young girl's pussy filled his mouth, “Master, your arse looks divine up in the air as it is, may I fuck you while you eat the slut's pussy?”

The Piper paused only momentarily.

“Of course, Dear Boy and would you like to eat the bitch's pussy while I fuck you afterwards?”

“Thank you Master but please don't rush. I want to enjoy fucking your arse much more that I want to eat a slut's pussy and you can have my arse whenever you desire, Master.”

It had been a very long time since the Piper had had a totally willing cock fuck his arse and he slowed his assault on the girl's pussy with his mouth so that he could concentrate on the boy's attention to his eager arse. The boy was good, fucking good. His long slim cock eased it's way past the sphincter without any pain and only the slightest resistance before it pushed deeper and deeper. He felt the young boy's balls knock against his own and sighed with as much pleasure as the girl beneath him did as he returned to eating her pussy.

The Harlequin's intentions altered as the boy buggered him. He started to play with the young woman, pleasing her and trying to give her pleasure rather than just take his own. He started to use his fingers, first one then two as he finger-fucked her to another massive orgasm. So many new and exciting pleasures for her to enjoy. Everything the Harlequin did rapidly brought her to orgasm. After finger-fucking her to a climax he moved his cum covered fingers out of her pussy and started to tease her anus, working the wetness around and inside, opening her up to new pleasures and himself to the delights of a new arse. She responded to his explorations with ever increasing enthusiasm. His thumb replaced his fingers and with two fingers fucking her arse, his thumb fucked her pussy.

“Suck my cock whore!” he commanded and was delighted to feel her hand wrap around his rampant cock and pull it down to her waiting mouth.

He waited, enjoying the feeling of his new whore licking the head of his throbbing cock while the young male continued to lovingly fuck his arse. Once he felt her straining upwards to take more of his cock in her mouth the Harlequin began to feed his cock deeper into her mouth and into her throat, being careful not to dislodge the exquisite cock fucking his hungry arse. The boy adjusted slightly to the required new position.

“Fuck us both, Master.” suggested the lad, “fuck down into her throat then up, driving my cock deep into your arse while eating her pussy. We can all cum together, Master.”

The Harlequin was delighted. The boy was utterly beautiful, had a marvellous ability with his cock and a wonderfully creative mind. He fucked them both and ate the whore's pussy as suggested. It wasn't very long before the girl thrust her hips up pushing her dripping pussy hard against the Harlequin's mouth and covered his face with the juices of her release. Her moan of utter contentment pushed the Harlequin close the edge. The beautiful boy cried out.

“Ohhh Master I have to cum. I need to fill your delicious arse with the juices of my love!”

He didn't attempt to wait for permission and with a deep, urgent thrust he filled the Harlequin's arse with his love. The thrust of the boy's cock deep into his Master's arse pushed the Harlequin's cock deeper into the girls throat where he proceed to pump his own juices down her open throat and straight into her belly.

The girl swallowed greedily and pushed her pussy hard up against the Harlequin's mouth as her orgasm continued. The Harlequin ate her delightedly as his cock continued to pump his juices down her throat and the boy pumped his own spunk into the Harlequin's hot, contracting arse. All three came together exhaustingly.

“Fuck!” exclaimed the girl after a few minutes of laying on her back, beside the Harlequin, and dragging air into her tortured lungs, “that was fucking incredible!”

“Yeah! Out of this world,” agreed the young male from the other side of the Harlequin.

“Yes, something else,” confirmed the Harlequin reaching out to pull the two youngsters closer.

They cuddled up to him as he tenderly stroked their heads.

“What's your name, girl?” he asked kindly.

“Giselle, Master,” she replied instantly.

“And yours boy?”

“Rudolph, Master,” came the instant response.

“Rudolph you will now fuck Giselle.”

“Yes, Master,” they both responded without hesitation, “her arse or her cunt, Master?” continued Rudolph.

“Her cunt. Giselle you will kneel up and suck my cock while Rudolph fucks you. When we have both filled you I'll fuck your arse while you suck Rudolph. Then we shall both fuck you, arse and cunt, together.”

“Yes. Master,” exclaimed Giselle excitedly. Her smile of complete happiness so big that her teeth shone in the moonlight, “Rudolph let me suck your cock and make it fucking hard first”.

By the time the dawn chorus started over the Enchanted Forest Giselle, yesterday's virgin, had been face fucked, cunt fucked and arse fucked by both the Harlequin and Rudolph, twice. She'd sucked Rudolph off while he ate her pussy and the Harlequin had buggered him. She'd shared the Harlequin's cock with Rudolph and Rudolph's cock with the Harlequin. She'd finger-fucked both their arses while sucking their cocks and had taken both cocks in her cunt, together. She'd fallen asleep with her lips around the Harlequin's cock and Rudolph's head between her legs. She'd never felt happier.

Rudolph was as happy. After a lifetime of pleasing his father following the death of his mother he'd discovered that fucking a cunt was as good as fucking an arse. It was equally good having his cock sucked by a man or woman. Eating pussy was as enjoyable as sucking a cock. Rudolph was very content.

The Harlequin woke before his two new, young, lovers. He had some urgent rethinking to do. After they had bathed in the nearby stream and had breakfast the Harlequin told his young lovers to mingle with the other adolescents and teach them to eat pussy and that he would be away for the day.

Taking out one of his pipes he played a short tune and with a jaunty swagger swung his pipe bag over his shoulder and headed, naked, into the forest.

End of Part -1

### ### ###

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