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The camping trip continues, as Barbara fights urges.
The Camping Trip - (Part Two) A Natural Awakening

A Mother's Desires Series

I awoke early and watched as black turned to grey and grey to pink, on the walls of our small tent. My son's soft snoring was the only sound on this eerie morning. Almost as if the forest knew the horrible acts that had taken place here last night, and was in mourning over our lost souls. A son had done the unthinkable and a mother had destroyed the sacred bond of mother and child last night. My son's perversion, in his attraction to me and my ungodly lust, has shattered our relationship forever. I thought to myself, remembering how only a mere second had saved me from committing the greatest evil last night. One second longer and I would have grabbed my son's gigantic cock and rode it, moaning like the whore I am! I looked down at my chest and saw flakes of dried cum streaking across my breasts. I closed my eyes tight and tried to fight off tears, as shame welled up inside of me. I couldn't believe what had happened last night. I opened my mouth and worked my tongue, remembering the taste of my son's cum and how I had greedily lapped it off my hand in my lust. Oh, my God! What is wrong with me? I am the worst mother in the world! Never mind me needing protection from my son! My son needs protection from me! I am going to have to look into boarding school. I thought. For my son's protection and for the salvation of what's left of my soul.

I started to cry softly as my guilt and shame became too much to contain. I desperately tried to muffle my sobs into my arm so as not to wake my son. I was afraid to wake him in truth. I didn't know how I could look him in the eyes after last night. I shifted my arm sending a jolt of pain shooting through my side. I had laid on my right side all night, afraid to turn towards my son, and now I was feeling the consequences. The pain became unbearable, so I slowly lifted myself and turned, grabbing my long red hair with my numb arm to keep from catching it as I rolled over. Eyes closed, I lowered myself into position with a sigh of relief as the pain subsided. I began to shake my arm out to allow blood to flow and feeling to return, when my numb hand felt something. I opened my eyes and saw my palm resting on the head of my son's gigantic erect penis, that was straining to burst from his shorts. I recoiled my arm like a whip and brought it to my face to cover my mouth in shock. The potent smell of my son's dirty cock filled my nostrils as it leaked off my hand. But I couldn't pull it away. I was paralyzed. I couldn't take my eyes off of his cock. It was truly the biggest penis I had ever seen in my life and even covered in the fabric of his shorts, its magnificence was clearly visible. Straight as an arrow, enough girth to give any girl a mouthful and long enough to reach the deepest regions of my cunt. I was entranced.

It's just his morning wood Barbara! I thought to myself. Get ahold of yourself and snap out of it! My eyes began to water from the strain, but still my body would not allow me to break the spell. I noticed wetness at the tip of his head. My eyes focused to see closer, and a frothy white liquid came into view. Precum, I thought. That's why his cock smell is so potent on my hand! I inhaled deeply into my palm, the smell of tuna and dirty cock filling my nostrils. But I did not gag or recoil. I savored the smell, I wanted more of it. Images of waking my son up with a blowjob floated in my head. I imagined rubbing his cock head all over my face and under my nose. I wanted that smell to cover me! I began to feel a slight burning in my cunt, signifying arousal. No! No, I will not do this. I thought. I will not give into this evil temptation! I tried desperately to pull my eyes away from my son's cock. I screamed on the inside feeling my sanity breaking. My mind desperately clawed at my eyes in a futile effort to stop this madness. But my body would not budge. My eyes stayed fixated on his cock, my nose greedily inhaled his musk and my pussy began to moisten the way for his will. I was trapped inside, like a person in a coma, unable to move their body, but aware of everything around them. I waited in horror as I felt my tongue begin to move towards my lips. I knew what was coming. I knew what my body was doing, and out of frustration, I was ready to submit.

The taste of my son's salty precum exploded in my mouth as I felt my tongue run across the palm of my hand. Finally, my eyes closed as I tilted my head back and moaned. I rubbed my cum dampened hand down my face and then under my nose as my other raced down to my throbbing clit. I wanted his smell all over me in that moment. I wanted nothing more than for him to wake up and take me right then and there. My hand twirled furiously around my clit in a circular motion as moisture flowed down between my ass cheeks. I rolled more onto my back and then turned my head towards my son. I opened my eyes seductively as I arched my breasts up, hoping he would be awake. No luck, his eyes were closed, snoring away. I began to moan louder, my eyes fixated on my son's face, looking for any sign of movement. I dared myself to moan louder still, wanting desperately for him to wake up and fuck my brains out. Nothing is going to stop me this time! I thought in my insane state of lust. He is either going to wake up and fuck me, or he is going to wake up to me fucking him! My eyes moved down to his cock. It appeared to be twitching. My pussy erupted in fire at the sight of it. I couldn't wait any longer for him to wake up, I needed it now! This is it. I thought. I am going to get up, slide my panties off, squat over my son and then rip his shorts back, jump on his penis and enjoy ecstasy. Hopefully I can get it all the way in before he wakes up. I bit my tongue, took a breath and then pushed myself up still rubbing my clit with my left hand. I tiptoed to the end of my son's sleeping bag and began to pull my soaked panties down.

"Anyone home?" A man's voice called loudly from right outside the tent door. I whirled around in fright as my son sat up straight in shock. I looked back at my son, whose face was a foot from my bare ass, panties around my knees and my asshole puckering in and out from the scare. I quickly pulled my panties up and then jumped into my sleeping bag.

"Go see what he wants!" I whispered frantically to my son, clutching my sleeping bag to my chest, as if I had any modesty left. My son jumped up, his cock standing at attention, appearing to be the biggest thing about him, to my lust filled eyes, and ran to the tent flap. As he unzipped it as I called after him, "Be careful John!" He paid me no mind as he ducked out into the morning light. I heard muffled talking and then John came back in zipping the flap closed behind him.

"It was nothing." He said as he laid back down with a yawn. "Just some guy seeing if the tent was abandoned." I breathed a sigh of relief. Not so much for the stranger, but for the fact he stopped me from committing the most disgusting act on this earth. As sanity returned I knew I had to take my chance to flee the tent before my lust took over again. I jumped up not even caring if John saw me and quickly threw on my jeans and tank top. I then made a b-line for the tent flap and stepped outside into the fresh air. As the mountain breeze filled my nostrils I realized just how much the tent smelled like pussy, cock and ass. I looked down shaking my head and saw my still hard nipples sticking out, well-defined by my thin cotton tank top. In my frantic rush I had forgotten my bra. But that was my last concern. I had to get away from my son and figure out what I was going to do. I started walking toward the forest when John called after me.

"Where are you going mom?" I turned back and saw his head turned sideways, poking out of the tent.

"I have to use the bathroom." I called back never breaking my stride.

"Do you want me to go with you?" He called after me, more frantic this time.

"No!" I immediately screamed back as I disappeared into the trees. Good God no! I thought as I dodged branches and picked my way carefully through the fern covered forest floor. I kept walking at a fast pace, never looking back. I could care less if I had gotten lost at that moment in time. I would have preferred to go home with search and rescue rather than risk the drive with my son. Finally, I came upon a boulder and a large tree that formed the perfect cubby for me to use as a porta potty. I stopped and scanned the area intently in all directions. No one is going to be watching me today! I thought as I lowered my pants, now satisfied I was alone. I quickly squatted and pushed with force in an effort to finish quickly. When I was done I immediately rose to my feet pulling my pants along with me. I could feel pee begin to wet my pants and panties, but taking the time to wipe was not an option right now. I looked around for a place to sit and then settled on a fallen log. I made my way to it and then sat down with a sigh of despair. What am I going to do? We can't stay here any longer and I don't know If I can trust myself on the drive home. I lowered my head into my hands and began to cry. This time the tears were short and a feeling of wellness began to wash over me as they dried. I felt better. What is wrong with me? Why are my emotions all out of whack? What is going on?

A rustling caught my attention, pulling me from my thoughts. I looked towards my left but nothing was moving. Again I heard it. I jumped off the log, my heart picking up pace. What now? I thought as I crept to a large tree trunk and peered around it towards the direction of the noise. Then, I saw John a few yards away walking into the forest. He stopped and started looking around. Satisfied that he too was alone he whipped his still erect penis out and began to urinate. I watched with my mouth open in shock. How can he still be hard? He is a monster! I thought as I watched him, the fact that our roles were reversed since yesterday began to cross my mind. After a minute I began to wonder if he would ever stop. I guess a gigantic cock pees a lot. I thought as I continued to watch in fascination. Thirty seconds later and he was still going. Oh, my God! Is he ever going to stop? I thought breathlessly. My heart began to patter and my pussy's fire was rekindled. I began to laugh at how absurd this was, my eyes still never leaving his engorged fire hose. Even my son's peeing prowess was turning me on. I mused. More wetness filled my panties and began to run down my legs. Oh, God! Not again! I screamed in my head. When will this nightmare end? I watched as my son's waterfall ceased, as if God were answering me. My son's cock had finished its evacuation, however, my son's cock had not finished the other thing it wanted. It stood proudly erect, throbbing and twitching as my son strained to cage the monster. My heart skipped a beat and I sighed in disappointment as my son managed to get his waistband over his cock.

My knees began to ache, so I stood up still crouching behind the tree. I peaked again and my son was attempting to make his way back to the tent with his own tent in tow. He stopped suddenly and then turned around. His hand was applying pressure to his cock as if to make it go down. Oh, poor thing. I thought as I witnessed my son's struggle. I can help you with that. A voice called out in my head. A voice that was my own, but not me speaking it. No! I screamed back. That is not going to happen! My son turned and started back again, but just as I was about to join him he turned and ran back. What now? I screamed in my head as I ducked behind the tree. In a fluid motion my son stopped, whipped his shorts down and started jacking his monster cock furiously. My jaw dropped as I watched in amazement at the aggression in my son as he beat his beautiful meat. I felt my shirt rubbing against my now erect nipples. Mindlessly my hand moved up to apply pressure to my left one. Jolts of pleasure shot through me as I pulled and tugged. My free hand instinctively made it's way to my aching crotch and began to work my other now hard nub. No need for spit. I thought as my middle finger entered my moistened crevis. My rhythmic motion picked up as if it had never stopped from this morning. I continued watching John, my eyes not daring to leave his now angry cock. Thick veins were popping out in long purple and blue lines. His cock head was engorged to its bursting point, looking like the most delicious moist purple apple I had ever seen.

Suddenly without warning, his head reared back and long thick strands of cum shot out from my new favorite thing in the world. I was so excited, I felt like cheering. I wished desperately I could have been on the receiving end of that. Tits held up and mouth open. I would have been glad to drink his cum in my horniness. My hand slowly came to a stop as I watched again, without warning, as my son jammed his still throbbing penis back into his shorts and sprinted back to the tent. I was left kneeling behind the tree in shock as my pussy burned for relief. Just like every other man! I thought. Gets you horny, then leaves you to take care of yourself! God! I need to get off! I screamed in silence. My facial expression was all anyone needed to see to understand what I was feeling. I knew kneeling behind a tree trying to rub my clit through tight jeans wasn't going to get me anywhere, without my son's cock to look at. Lying on the ground was out of the question as well. What am I going to do? I thought frantically, looking in all directions for anything to stand out in my lust filled fog. As I scanned around me desperately, a glitter caught my eye. On the ground, in the precise spot my son shot his load. Could it be?

I got up and ran to the glistening area, falling to my knees as I reached the goal. On the ground, on a leaf, was a pool of fresh cum straight from my son's youthful spring. I didn't even think, as I pulled my pants and panties down past my cheeks, dropped to my left elbow and snuck my right hand between my legs. I moved in closer as my hand worked furiously. I felt my orgasm building faster than anticipated. I wanted to enjoy this. I wanted to enjoy his cum. I wanted to inhale his scent. I didn't want this to end. But my excitement was building and the familiar throbbing of my asshole began, telling me I was already there. I quickly dove my face down into the cum, lapping as much of it into my mouth as I could before rubbing my face in it like a filthy whore. As the taste of his cum raced across my tongue and wet stickiness globed on my face, I exploded. Ass in the air, face to the ground licking up my son's cum and my hand furiously moving between my thighs. I squirted into the air harder than I had ever squirted in my life. I felt both of my ankles and calves drenched in warm liquid as wave after wave of ecstasy hit me. Eventually I fell to my side convulsing in pleasure. I laid there for a long time holding my son's cum in my mouth, reveling in the smell and feel of it as more rolled down my face. As reality began to return I swallowed, savoring it with the last of my fading horniness. If, feeling that intense of an orgasm is wrong. I thought. I don't want to be right.

I returned to the campsite sulking in my guilt and shame once again. Leaving this place, the only thing on my mind. As the tent came into view I was working out what I would say to John as an excuse for cutting the camping trip short. I didn't really care what he thought about it, honestly. I was leaving whether he came or not. Ducking under branches as I pushed into the clearing of our campsite, I heard muffled crying. I stopped and listened intently as my eyes searched for the source. I crept towards the tent as my heart began to beat faster, almost drowning out the increasing sobs. Concern for my son began to well up inside of me, my protective nature taking hold. The flap to the entrance of the tent laid open a few inches towards the top. I took a deep breath and braced for whatever I might find as I ran the last few steps and peered in. John was alone, kneeling on his sleeping bag. Thank God! Ran through my mind with a sigh of relief as I found my son safe and sound. I noticed his shoulders were moving up and down in short fast spasms. The sobbing was coming from him. I reached out for the tent's zipper but then pulled my hand back. After all that has happened Barbara, I think the last thing you need to do is go in there. I searched the tent, looking for any clue as to what was going on. I am still his mother! Even if, I am an evil disgusting whore of one. My son is hurt and I need to find out what's going on! I reached again for the zipper as I peered in the tent one last time. This time a red object protruding from my son's hand caught my eye. Thank God it's not his cock! I thought in relief. On the red object a white design began to glisten in the light. His Swiss Army Knife! I thought triumphantly. His father gave him that! Oh. That's why he is crying.

My heart melted and my chin began to quiver as I thought of the pain my son was feeling right now. Knelt in his dead father's tent, at the campsite he went to every year with his dead father, and holding the knife his dead father gave him! What have you done, Barbara? I asked myself as my own tears began to streak across my pale cheeks. This was supposed to be my weekend to take charge of the situation. To show my son I could take his father's place. I guess Cosmo is wrong. I can't do it all! I felt horrible. It was all my fault. I've destroyed my son emotionally and ruined our relationship forever! I reached for the zipper a third time. I wanted desperately to rush in there and hug my son. To go back to the way things were. A mother and son who weren't going to hell for the worst sins imaginable. As I began to pull the zipper, John coughed and began to wipe his tears off his face as he turned to get up. I ducked and then ran towards the back of the tent. I stood there like an idiot for a minute freaking out, not knowing what to do. Eventually I saw John's head poking up from the tent as he made his way outside. He looked around and then saw me standing behind the tent looking like an awkward buffoon.

"What are you doing back there mom?" He called out to me, holding his hand over his face for shade.

"Nothing!" I answered back quickly. I turned and made my way toward the front. "I wasn't doing anything. I just got a little turned around in the woods and ended up walking in from the back."

"See! I told you!" He pronounced triumphantly. "I told you, you should have let me go with you!"

"You were right baby." I said, giving him an over acted look of humbleness. "Next time, you will have to go with me." He smiled at my humor, which made me smile back. "But right now we have to talk John. I think we should go ho....."

"I love it here!" John interrupted me mid-sentence. "I'm so glad you brought us here. I had forgotten how much I loved this place. Thanks mom." He finished running up and giving me a kiss on the cheek. His lips felt soft and warm on my skin. I closed my eyes as a shiver ran through me, from my nipples to my clit. The words soft, warm, lips and pussy turned circles in my head as I pretended I wasn't subconsciously thinking about my son's mouth on my cunt. "Oh! I'm sorry mom. What were you saying? You think we should go?" He looked at me with his normal puzzled face and I felt normal for the first time in two days.

"Go cut more firewood dear." I couldn't tell him the truth now. He seemed so happy. Maybe this was a turn around. I didn't have the heart to make him leave right when he was starting to enjoy it. His crying must have helped him work through his pent up emotions. You can help his cock work through it's pent up emotions! The unwanted voice yelled in my head again. I almost covered my ears in my insanity.

"Are you alright mom?" John was looking at me with concern.

"Yes baby. Mommy just has a headache. I think I need to go lay down for a nap." I ran my hand back through his hair with motherly love as I forced a smile on my face.

"Okay mom! I'm going to go get that firewood!" He trotted off into the forest as my body crumbled, as if I were holding the weight of the world on my shoulders. I staggered to the tent. My legs wobbly, ready to give out. It was already hot, so I kicked my jeans off and then jumped down on my sleeping bag. When is this nightmare going to end? I screamed inside my head. I knew I would need deep psychological help as soon as we got back, but now I am hearing voices too! I rolled over as I swatted a fly that was buzzing near my ear, cold wetness hitting my face as my head rested on my pillow.

"Ugh!" I groaned aloud as I lifted my head and wiped a cold thick liquid off my cheek. I examined it and immediately knew what it was, from the look of it. That little bastard! He was in here masturbating! Again! And he came on my pillow! I just sat there in shock and anger. Frustrated that there was really nothing I could do about it. I knew I wouldn't confront him. Especially after everything else that had happened. I looked at my pillow and began to turn it over when I noticed cotton on the ground. I started investigating and found a large hole cut into the bottom of my pillow. Is that what the knife was for? Now I was pissed. I lifted the pillow not caring about anything and smelled the hole. My son's cock musk wafted into my nose as I inhaled deeply. He was fucking my pillow! I inhaled again for some reason. I saw the smooth cut marks where he used the knife, turn into tear marks. Another deep breath in. I realized that his cock was too big for the hole he had cut, but his massive penis tore through it anyway. I shuttered as I inhaled deeply yet again. I opened the hole with my fingers curious to see its circumference. I almost fainted when I saw the gaping hole my son's cock left behind. Without thought, I stuck my nose in it and savored the smell one last time.

I put the pillow down and rolled back over. I gave up. I was angry that he had fucked and then came all over my pillow. But there was nothing I could do. I was more furious with myself for thinking he was crying over his father's pocket knife, when in reality he was using it to cut a hole in my pillow to fuck it! His sobbing must have been moaning, and his shoulders were shaking from him cumming on my pillow! My pussy began to stir again. Slowly, my body called out for more of my son's scent. I didn't even fight this time as I rolled over and stuck my face and nose into my pillow inhaling like there was no tomorrow. I drifted off to sleep as I began to suck the cum soaked fabric of my pillow, tasting more fabric than cum. Unfortunately, my lust filled mind thought. I was awoken some time later to John climbing into his sleeping bag next to me. The tent was grey, John's features barley visible. "What time is it?" I yelled, sitting up straight.

"After dark." John responded calmly.

"Why did you let me sleep so late?" I screamed back at him in shock.

"You said you had a headache. I didn't want to wake you." He replied with hurt feelings showing in his tone.

"Oh. I'm sorry baby. Mommy isn't yelling at you. I'm just shocked that I slept all day. It's okay baby. You go ahead and go to bed. I will try to go back to sleep." I knew full well sleep wasn't going to come. I was going to be up all night now with nothing to do except torment myself thinking about how horrible of a person and mother I am. John laid down without responding. I hope I didn't hurt his feelings too bad. I glanced at him as I lowered myself back down to my pillow. He was still in his shorts, a large bulge making a hill out of his zipper. I buried my face in my pillow to hide from his cock. Even flaccid I could clearly see Moby Dick. That is what I will call it. I thought with a giggle. As I laughed into my pillow the familiar smell of cock and cum filled my nostrils. The pillow fucking came back to me and I laughed harder still. As endorphins rushed to my head giving me a felling of happiness and content, I pulled my face from the pillow and laid back with a sigh, I turned to look at John who was laying on his back with his head turned away. The smell of dirty cock and cum filled my nostrils once again as my eyes glided over my son's sharp features. Pheromones flooded into my primitive brain. Awakening primal urges to give myself over to a powerful cock. My pussy began to tingle, the kindling was lit, and I was only a few inhales away from having a bonfire between my legs. As lust filled my eyes, like rage fills a bull's, I unwillingly started to drop my gaze slowly down my son's chest. As I reached his belly button my heart started to beat faster. I knew once I reached his crotch, it was all over.

My logical side gave one last death throw as it attempted to close my eyes, achieving only a slow blink. Light broke in brilliantly as they reopened seductively, my animalistic mating signals on display for any who would notice. As my vision cleared a large mound came into view and I knew my body had won the fight. My son's gorgeous penis filled my vision as it laid locked away in it's prison. I wanted desperately to free it. I stared at his cock with determination. Willing it in my mind to grow and break free. I promised it I would suck and fuck it's brains out if it did. I swore it on my life. But it laid there motionless despite my desperate wishes. An idea struck in my head causing a devilish smile to appear across my face. I inhaled deeply then started to blow towards it. Trying to be quite while I used the full force of my lungs, desperately trying to reach his cock with my breath. I saw his waist string move as air blew around it. Its working! I screamed excitedly in my head. I doubled my efforts from the enthusiasm. My pussy started to flood as I watched my hot air hit my son's cock. My lungs began to burn and I started feeling light-headed. I wasn't sure if it was from the deep breaths or the pheromones leaking from my son's cock. I watched as the force of my wind slowly subsided, screaming in my head for his cock to respond. As I finally gave up with a huff, I saw the most beautiful sight of my life. His cock twitched within his pants. I inhaled again deeply into my burning lungs with disregard for the pain. I released, watching my directed breath create an indentation on my son's shorts and move up his cock as I controlled it's direction with my lips. Again his cock jumped. It looked bigger this time. It's growing! I cried in happiness. I continued my air assault, hitting his bulbous head now. More twitching as the monster was awoken.

As it reached it's girth, it began to curl downward, bunching up in it's cloth prison. I started to reach out, under a spell. I was going to release the monster. I needed to, desperately, my pussy told me with a yearning I have never felt before. Suddenly my son rolled towards me with a groan as he smacked his lips. Startled, I lurched back and onto my side facing away from my new best friend. I wanted to cry. I was enjoying the moment so much. Suddenly I felt my son moving closer to me. My eyes glossed over and my legs started to part unconsciously. Will he repeat last night? I wondered, excited now. I felt my nipples begin to throb against my shirt, begging to be played with. My pussy started to heat up like a burning star and warm wetness began to seep through my already damp panties that had long since gone cold. I slowly started to back my ass up towards his cock. My body was in control now, again, and this time I knew it was going to get what it wanted. I felt my left ass check begin to lift up as it met resistance from the thick hard shaft that I knew would be waiting for me. But in cowardice I froze, too afraid to make any more movement. I laid there holding my breath hoping my son would begin to hump back, but nothing came. I rocked up and down slightly with my ass and felt his cock twitching against my panties, then laid still waiting for a response. Still, none came. I had had enough of this. I rolled over without even thinking, crashing my breasts into my son's face.

"Oh, I'm sorry baby." I said seductively as I lifted my left leg up onto his pelvis, allowing his erect penis to slide between my thighs. Let's see him try to resist this! I thought to myself as I felt his cock twitching and hitting my pussy lips. My crotch was burning like an oven now, and I knew he could feel the heat radiating from between my legs. I laid here again waiting for my son to do something, feeling his warm breath cascade against my breasts. But still, he did nothing. God! What is wrong with this boy? What do I have to do? Spell it out for him? In anger and frustration I whirled back around in a huff and slammed my ass back into his cock, feeling his precum covered head push between my ass cheeks, two thin pieces of fabric keeping me from heaven. Yet still he did not make a move. Slowly I felt his cock slide out of my cheeks, leaving me lying there disappointed and feeling rejected. But my pussy didn't care about any of that. It wanted to be touched. I snaked my hand slowly down between my thighs and gave it the slightest of physical sensation. Pleasure burst across my mound, promising the greatest orgasm of my life, and my pussy screamed for more as I pulled my hand away. I closed my eyes and prayed that he would wake up and assault me like he did the night before. After a few minutes I began to hear a rhythmic fapping noise coming from behind me. I opened my eyes in the blackness and listened closely. Is John masturbating? I thought to myself in anger! I can't believe it! I just handed myself to him on a silver platter and here he is masturbating now! Suddenly, I felt John's breath on the back of my neck as he exhaled deeply, over and over. Is he smelling me? I wondered. I felt his cock brush against my ass cheek and then again. My asshole was a moist plump flower ready to invite his penis inside. It throbbed in and out as his penis pushed into my right ass cheek yet again, this time dampening my panties where it touched.

"I have had enough of this!" I roared aloud in a whisper, turning over and pushing John to his back by his shoulders.

"I'm sorry mom! I didn't mean to do it! It's not wha....." His voice trailed off as I rubbed my face from his balls to the tip of his dick, inhaling deeply. Back down I went, over his fabric covered cock turning my head to the sides as I made my way. I felt his precum smearing across my face and I loved it. I heard a slight moan escape from him on my way back up. This time licking his shaft all the way. Hoping I would get a taste of any liquid that came out of that cock. Cum, sweat or piss, I wanted it in my mouth. As my tongue passed the tip of his dick and his cock head rested on my chin, I grabbed his waist band and ripped his shorts down. His cock, once free, shot up like a spring and smacked me right in the face, with such force, his father would be jealous. The smell of his dirty cock was released, and filled my nostrils, intoxicating me. As I smelled his cock, I though about how I wanted him to slap me in the face with it, and his hand. I wanted to be a complete submissive slut for him. With one last inhale I opened my mouth and engulfed his cock to the hilt, in one swallow. Working my tongue up and dawn his shaft, savoring his taste. As I came back up I let my spit lather his rod and then I started kissing and licking down the length of his penis, working my way to his balls.

I took one in my mouth and sucked lovingly. I felt little hairs against my tongue but didn't care. His balls tasted different than his cock, as well. More dirty, more oily. But I still swallowed his juices. Drinking them down my throat, not letting one drop go to waste. I moved back up his shaft now, making love to his cock with my mouth. I had never sucked a cock so lovingly in my life. Not even his father's. I took him in my mouth to the hilt again, feeling his bulbus cock head push deep into my throat. Wetness from my pussy was running down my legs and had reached my knees. Back up, gently licking and sucking, giving my son a better blowjob than any other woman could. Down again, straining to take it all into my throat, desperately wanting to please him. Suddenly I felt his hand on my head and I moaned in pleasure. He pushed me down further. I choked and my eyes went back into my head but nothing was going to take me off that cock. Then, I felt hot shots of liquid shooting into my throat as I desperately tried to keep up, swallowing it all. I was disappointed my son was cumming and loving it at the same time. Disappointed he wasn't pounding my cunt right now, and yet absolutely loving drinking his cum.

He held my head down for a while even after he had finished cumming. I felt his cock twitching in my throat so I started licking his shaft lovingly with my tongue. I wanted to lick his cock clean, to show him how much of a good whore I could be for him. Slowly he released pressure from my head and his cock popped out of my throat. I sucked it dry on it's way out and then swallowed everything left in my mouth, as I looked at him in anticipation. But I watched in horror, as he rolled over away from me and pretended to go to sleep. Leaving me sitting there, the taste of his dirty cock filling my mouth and my unsatisfied pussy screaming for him to come back. I laid down and curled into a ball, crying. He's as bad as his father! I thought, trying to keep my sobs muffled. Now, I was truly crashing. What ever spell had been over me was breaking and reality was pouring in. I started to wonder if incest was illegal in my state. Will I go to jail for this? Maybe not, but I'm definitely going to Hell! I couldn't take it anymore, the tears flowed freely now. A soft wailing drifted from my throat as I bawled into my arm. The drug was gone. All that was left was cold reality. I want to die! I thought as I drifted into sleep, tears and cock slobber running down my chin.....

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2020-01-18 07:00:15
So refreshing to hear this from a woman's perspective, loved it thank you for writing it

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