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Christmas Eve. It was dark already. Festive lights all along the high street and in the shop windows. Around me the people were rushing to the shops for some last minute gifts or home to their families.

Another coin landed in the Cup I had placed on the pavement and I murmured a “Thanks and Merry Christmas”. That was the funny thing about this time of the year. People either just rushed by or they gave more than the rest of the year. I reached for the cup, counted the coins. Not enough for a hostel, enough for food, enough for tobacco, enough for a coffee. Wait another hour and try to get more? But I was restless, memories tried to force themselves onto me. A group of young girls walked past. They were laughing, chattering. As I watched them walking down the street I made up my mind. Get up, get some food, tobacco and get going.

Just half an hour later I was walking. Leaving the crowded streets behind me calmed me down a bit. But the memories lurked in the shadows. My second Christmas on the streets, my second Christmas alone. “Why did you stupid bastard leave me like that?” I muttered, not caring a bit that I was talking to myself.

It started to rain. “Yeah, Merry Christmas”. I had to find some kind of shelter. For the first time since I started walking I looked around me. Town houses, gardens, all in a pretty bad state. As the rain grow more intense I quickened my step. I remembered this area vaguely. Just around the corner should be a graveyard with some spots where I could hide away from the rain.

And it was.

Soon enough I found a dry spot, brushed some leaves into a pile and put my blanket on top. That would do for tonight. I sat down, pulled my legs up to my chest and closed my eyes.

Without warning the memories came back. His face, so close to mine, his arms around me, his lips on mine. This time I did not fight them. I let them wash over me, cover me like a blanket.

It was our first Christmas together. And it had been a disaster so far. My train had been late, David had been waiting for nearly an hour. Rushing from the station to his parents we had no real chance of catching up on our lives. With just fifteen minutes left until we should leave for church there was no time for a real introduction, just dumping my bags in his old room, change clothes and off again.

His whole family was there, parents, brother, sister with her significant other. And me, just knowing him and his brother. Great start for a three days stay.

After church I found myself walking with his mother, answered all the questions, some of them even twice, as politely as I could. Not for the first time this day I wondered if I made the right decision to come. But it was the only chance to see David at this time of the year.

“Sorry?” My mind had wandered and I had not been paying attention to the last question. “I said so kind of your parents to let you go to spend Christmas somewhere else.” I froze on the spot, just looked at her. Scott, Davids brother bumped into me and I muttered a short “Sorry”, walked on.

With a sigh I walked on, shook my head. Yes, I should just say 'yes' and chance the subject. Yes, I should just smile, make the best of it. But all her questions had just made me uncomfortable, feeling unwanted, as an intruder.

Taking a deep breath I looked at her. “Okay, I am not good at getting hints. If you don't want me here, just say so and I will leave.” Now she stopped and stared at me. I bit my lip, hold her gaze. “Well, I was just wondering – your parents.”

I just shook my head. Nothing I wanted to talk about.

The others stopped as well, they hadn't heard what was going on, at least I hoped so. The last thing I wanted was ruining David's Christmas. But maybe I had already. The rest of the way I walked in silence, tried to make up my mind. She had neither said 'yes' nor 'no'. Was that a good sign?

Back in his room I sat down on the bed.

“You alright?” David sat down next to me, his thigh brushing against mine. I just nodded, even though I felt like screaming. “Stop trying to fool me,” he whispered in my ear, pulled me in a tight embrace. “I'm sorry”, I murmured, rested my head on his shoulder. “I'm not good at these things. And I feel so utterly out of place.” I admitted with a sigh.

Instead of saying anything he just held me tight. Finally I realised how tired I was, not only tired, exhausted. Facing the family dinner later on seemed an impossible task. I laughed a soft sad laugh. “Maybe I should just go before I ruin everything.” “That would ruin everything. And where would you go? There will be no trains tonight and tomorrow.” I just shrugged, got up. “I would find something, I usually do.”

“Yes, you do.” David followed me, embraced me again. His face was so close to mine, his lips. For the first time since I had arrived today we were that close. For the first time since I had left him the last time he kissed me. Really kissed me. Feeling his lips on mine I closed my eyes. His tongue pushed between them, opened the way into my mouth. I responded, played with the tip of his tongue before licking his lips. Our breath mixed, his hands ran over my body.

“How can I convince you to stay?” His words were muffled between our lips. Then I felt his smile. “Maybe, if I show you your present?” I laughed, pretty sure, that I felt it already. “Maybe, if I get it right now?” Playful I let my hands run over his body, pretending to search for a hidden present. On the bulge in his crotch I stopped. He smiled, opened his pants and freed his hard cock from the shorts. “Only if you stay.” Licking my lips I nodded. I wanted him, I wanted his cock. “I would do anything you want me to.” And that was true, I realised.

“Turn around and drop your pants.” His voice was hoarse with arousal and I obeyed. While turning around I opened my pants, pushed them down. With one step he was behind me, pressed his hard cock against the fabric of my black slip. I could feel it, hard and warm and sighed. “I would have preferred both”, he whispered in my ear but just gripped the fabric and pulled it aside. His warm fingers brushed my shaved lips and I shivered. “Even now,” he murmured, as he positioned his dick, already leaking with pre-cum at the entrance to my wet cunt.

I moaned as he started to fuck me. Short but powerful thrusts, burring himself deeper with every push. It felt so good. His fast hot breath in my ear I closed my eyes. Deeper and deeper, faster, harder. I moaned again, pressed against him. His fingers found their way to my clit, he started to rub it. Fast and hard, just like he fucked me.

I wriggled in his grip, it was more than I could take at the moment. Not long afterwards I climaxed, tried to pull away from him. “Just wait for your present.” He gasped, pulled me closer and buried his cock deep inside me and shot his load.

“David, dinner is ready.” His father called from downstairs. “Coming!” He replied and we collapsed in a laughing entangled heap on the bed. Now everything felt alright again, back in place.

I opened my eyes again. Smiling at the memory I reached for my tobacco and made a roll-up. “Merry Christmas, wherever you are.”
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