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You and the girls heading to your ship without the AemBrace's guide.

I may continue this story depends on request.
When you awoke the next morning, Nyajih was asleep on your right as Nakiti slept on your left on the floor of the cave. Nakiti couldn't travel on foot after your butt loving action, so you decided to rest until the next morning. It was almost dawn and you want to head out as soon as possible for more daylight when traveling. It's probably more than a four days walk with rest and you need every second of daylight.

You put some medical ointment on your left thigh the night before you slept. It looks like it helped a lot. You took off the splint on your left thigh and doesn't hurt as much anymore.

You explored the rest of the cave and you found Khorm's stash and supplies. You scavenged through Khorm's stuff in the cave. You saw Khorm's bed, a queen sized bed with dirty rags. Damn, you would've slept better if you knew about the bed. As you got closer to the bed, you probably wouldn't sleep at all with the horrible stench coming from it. There's a specialized self sustaining refrigerator and a dozen of variety wooden and metal clubs. There's also a big chest by the bed. You opened the chest. There was some oversized clothes, some were winter clothes and some were light clothing to metal vest plates. You searched through the chest and found some female clothing including panties and bras. The female garments must've belong to Khorm's victims. There was also a brown leather bag in the chest. It sounds like metals clinking to each other as you grabbed and lifted it up. You opened the bag and pour out its content.

It was a bunch of ISBH badges. There has to be more than a dozen of them. Them poor souls looking for riches and glory. They lost to Khorm and paid a heavy toll. 'Hell, you almost joined them if it weren't for Nakiti.' You looked through the badges and one of the badge numbers caught your eyes. Confused, you quickly picked it up and inspect it very thoroughly. Without a doubt you knew who it belonged to. Tears was running down your face. "You son of a.... aghhhh! Why didn't you call me for back up!?", you cried out. You haven't contact each other for over six months since you received the tip for Khorm's whereabout but you're 100% positive the badge belong to your former partner.

Devastated and sobbing, you heard footsteps behind you. Taking out your phaser and you pointed at the direction of the footsteps. Nyajih froze as you pointed at her. She looks at you as tears ran down your cheeks. You lowered your phaser as she walks to you. She drops to her knees in front of you and reach to your chest and rubs it with her right hand. "Makniha...Erac, Makniha", she said softly. Wiping your tears away and you said to her, "Thank you Nyajih, I needed that". You clipped your former partner's badge next yours on your neck chain and put the rest of the badges back in the bag and put it in your pouch.

Smiling at her, it didn't struck you until now that she's still naked. You search through the chest to find some clothes for Nyajih. Trying to put some clothes on her. She refused every clothing from shirts to pants you tried to put on her. She refused to wear anything except the white panties with a pink heart in middle of the crotch area. The panties fits perfectly on her even avoiding her tail. You assumed her race don't wear much clothing except in the crotch area. You found a medium sized black thong. "For Nakiti", you said as you hand it to Nyajih. She smiled at you and went to Nakiti with it in her hand. You also packed two pairs of female underwear in your pouch just in case they needed spares.

Starving, you walk to the refrigerator looking for food. Before opening the refrigerator, you checked out the model fridge. "Wow, this refrigerator is the state of the art", you said as you recognized the brand. This refrigerator can self sustain for at least 60 years without any maintenance. Equipped with an advance ion battery and self cleaning mechanism, the refrigerator would have cost and arm and a leg to purchase. Khorm probably killed the owner and stole it. It looks like it weighs a ton but It would be a nice addition to your ship, if you can find a way to transport it to your ship.

Hoping it's not filled limbs and severed heads, you smiled has you opened the refrigerator. It was stock with tons of meats from wild game to weird color looking eggs and animal fat. You made fire going as you look for an iron pan. Khorm has to cook his food on something. You've found it on top of the fridge and started cooking breakfast. As you took out the food to cook, you spotted some beer in the back of the fridge. Beer was the last thing you expect to see in a planet like this. It was a bit early for alcohol but your throat is crying for a taste. You immediately open one and chugged it. It was super thirst quenching. Boosting your morale, you started cooking breakfast. Using a small 5 inch blade knife from your pouch, you sliced the game into steaks. With some animal fat, you fried up six sunny side up eggs and three slab of steaks for breakfast. You had second thoughts if you should eat the eggs. The yolk of the alien eggs are purple. If Khorm ate it, then it should be safe for you to eat as well.

The girls snuck behind as you finished cooking. You turned around and dropped your jaw. For some reason you have a weakness for girls only in their underwear. Nakiti smiled at you as she knew you would like it. Nyajih went straight for the food. You opened another beer as you ate. Nyajih reach out her hand as you drank it. You shook your head no. She didn't take no for answer so you gave her a try. Nyajih spit it out after she took a sip. "I told ya so", you said as you laughed.

After breakfast and all fueled up, you double checked your equipments before heading out. You checked your phaser and it is running low on charges. The phaser you're using was designed for stunning. Firing a lethal shot required a lot of energy and it took a chunk out on its charges. You probably have four to six shots left on stun or maybe one shot for lethal.

You'll need another weapon if your phaser runs out of charges. You inspected each of Khorm's clubs. The metal clubs would be perfect for self defense but it's too heavy to travel on foot. You need to travel as light as possible and chose the smallest wooden club. It was 8/10th length and same width as your arm. It reeks and covered in dry blood. It could have been used by Khorm recently so it proved it is a durable weapon. It is a murder weapon used by Khorm but it was better than nothing. You hanged the club to your belt, opposite of your phaser.

You and the girls head out at day break. Without your AemBrace as a guide, you may have trouble finding your way back to your ship. You will have to travel back to your ship by memory. At least you know which direction to start.

As you head out of the cave, you noticed the medical ointment is working on Nakiti. You stared at the black thong on her round butt as she walks. She's not limping anymore. You look up to her face as she caught you staring at her butt. Nakiti smiles at you with her pretty pink lips.

You noticed the girls avoids mysterious plants and some of the walking path as they move forward. You just remember the AemBrace did warned you to avoid the very same plants as you were tracking Khorm to the cave. The girls probably know the jungle better than you and you rather let them lead to the directions to your ship. We stopped by a stream for water and you refilled your canister. The girls did an excellent job as a guide even though you and the girls can barely understand each other. Hand gesture works better then talking right now.

The first day went without a hitch. You decided to stop traveling before dark and set up camp. It wasn't much of a camp but a flat area with a campfire in the middle to warm you and the girls up. You can hear animal cries at the distant, but they shouldn't bother you. You made a good call to not pack any food because you didn't want to attract unwanted attention from hungry wild animals and it apparently worked. Obviously you all were hungry. It's already late, so you will have to find some edible from the jungle or hunt in the morning.

You three were sitting in front of the fire as night falls. You can hear Nyajih stomach growl. You felt bad not being able to feed her. Nyajih is sitting across from you and looks at you then to your crotch. You observed her and knew what she wants. You stared at the three stripe scars on your right hand as Nyajih crawls around the fire to you and reach for your crotch. Hoping she wouldn't do anything rash, you grabbed her hand and shook your head no nervously. Surprisingly she retreated her hand back. She looks at you with her sadden black yellow eyes. You shook your head no one last time. Her stomach is growling louder as she return back to the fire across from you. A tear drops from her blue cheek as she stares into the fire.

You felt like a mother denying her child breastfeeding. You can't bare to see her like that anymore and you called to Nyajih. She looks at you with her teary yellow eyes. You told her to come to you with your hand. Nyajih wipes her tears away with her forearms and smiles at you. She crawls back to you. Before she reached for your crotch, you grabbed her face and wiped away any remaining tears from her blue face with your thumbs. You turn your face and looked at Nakiti for her consent before anything happens. Nakiti shyly nods at you and return her attention back to the fire for warmth. You undid your pants and pull out your flaccid penis out for Nyajih. Nyajih smiles at you for a bit with her pink little lips and went down on you. Nyajih wasted no time and sucked on your flaccid penis at most haste. You were startled by her quickness as she hungrily stuffed your penis in her little mouth. Feeling her mouth on you, your cock fully erected in her mouth within seconds as she craves for your milk. "Easy Nyajih, I'm not going anywhere." You tried to calm her. Nyajih ignores your comment as she gets more aggressive. Giving up, you leaned back with your elbows supporting you up as Nyajih slurps on your cock. Your cock is bulging inside her blue cheeks as you stared at Nyajih working on you. Nyajih starts to roughly bite your cock repeatedly with her teeth while annoyed there's no milk coming out instantly. You think she still does not understand your semen doesn't come out like their milk. You felt repeating sharp stabbing pain on your cock. Squeezing your hands into balls, you can't bare the bitings anymore. "Nyajih stop. You're hurting me.", you said in agony with your eyes squeezed shut. Just like before, thinking you're going to stop her, Nyajih snarled at you with her claws already out of her fingers. You stopped talking as you opened your eyes at her. You're starting to regret this already and had a dejavu flashback.

"Nyajih!", Nakiti snapped at Nyajih. Without looking at Nakiti, Nyajih spat out your penis, retracted her claws back in and apologize at you with her eyes. You glanced at your fully erect cock with a bunch of soft teeth marks around the upper half. You heard Nakiti's stomach growling too. Nakiti watches as Nyajih goes back to sucking your cock. Nakiti must be hungry too. You called to her and motion her to come to you with your hand. Hesitating for a bit, she crawls to you. Nyajih is on your left while Nakiti is on your right. Nakiti grabs hold of your cock with her right hand as Nyajih sucked on the tip rapidly. Nakiti started slowly stroking your cock. Nyajih tasted some precum and pop her mouth off you and tells Nakiti to try it. With eye contact, Nakiti pulls her peach blonde hair behind her neck with her left hand as she slowly leans down to suck your cock while her right hand still holding on to your cock. Gently, Nakiti sink your cock slowly into her mouth. Unlike Nyajih, Nakiti was more gentle to your cock with her mouth. Nakiti made sure her teeth didn't touch your cock and used more of her tongue to swirled around the tip of your cock. You noticed there's a big gap between both of the girls breastfeeding skills. Nakiti slowly swallows your cock into her throat, all the way to your balls as she looked you in the eyes. Nyajih is looking a bit jealous as Nakiti is making you feel better with her mouth. You heard a popped sound from Nakiti's mouth as Nyajih angrily pulls Nakiti off your cock. You can see several ropes of saliva dripping out of Nakiti's mouth as she was pulled from you. Nyajih then tries to swallow your cock into her throat just like Nakiti. Only half of your 8 inch cock went into her mouth as Nyajih instantly shoved your cock into her throat. Nyajih's pointy canine teeth poked your cock. Nyajih gagged a bit, pulled out and coughed. Nakiti giggles at Nyajih and taught her how to do it. Nyajih slowly swallows your cock into her throat, almost to the bottom. Nyajih held there for a couple seconds before retreating back for air. Her eyes were teary but she smiled proudly at you and Nakiti.

Side by side, they both double teamed your cock. Nyajih licks the left side while Nakiti licks the right. They kissed each other while your cock is between their lips. Together they kissed between the tip to the bottom. When they got to the bottom, they each took one of your balls into their mouth and sucked on it. Nyajih was sucking aggressively as Nakiti was sucking gently. Ready to cum, you grabbed Nyajih first and shoved your cock in her mouth and starts pumping your cock with your right hand. You unleashed a mouthful of semen into Nyajih's mouth. Nyajih swallows happily as you pulled out of her mouth and then into Nakiti's. Pumping furiously, you shot out the rest of what's left into Nakiti's mouth. Exhausted you collapsed on your back. Not wasting any drop of your semen, Nyajih was cleaning up your softening cock with her tongue. "Wow", was the only word you can utter as you passed out with both the girls by your side.

Sometime during the night, the fired had already died down. It was very quiet and dark. Not even the cries of animals in the distance can be heard anymore. With your eyes still closed, you heard rattling nearby, maybe footsteps. You opened your eyes and saw two faintly glowing orange eyes above you. "Nakiti?", you question. The eyes turned hostile and you realized it's not the same colors as Nakiti. Suddenly two bulky furry hands grabs your neck preventing you from screaming. The mysterious figure than pulled you up by the neck, raising you a foot above the ground. It was too dark, you couldn't see the hulking figure properly except his faintly glowing orange eyes. Unlike yours and the girls, the shape of his pupil is like a cat. He's probably at least 2 feet taller than you and you can feel the muscles on his furry arms as you failed to break free from his grasp. The next thing you can quickly think of is to kick him in the groin and hope he has balls there. You heard a womanly grunt as you kicked him in the groin very hard. His eyes were boiling after you kicked him, he didn't like that one bit. You made a wilhelm scream as he toss you like a ragdoll 10 feet away. The back of your head hit a tree bark as you landed. You heard the girls screaming waking up as your vision slowly blurred into darkness.

There is day light when you awoke. You were tied to a tree with vines. Your arms and legs were immobilized. You can hear Nakiti and Nyajih moaning and whimpering 15 feet away from you. Your blurry visions became clear as you concentrate. With his back facing you, the brute is molesting between the girl's legs on the ground with both his hands. Each of his hands was rubbing on the girl's crotch area. It looks like Nakiti and Nyajih were also bounded with vines. Their arms were tied in the back just like Khorm did to them. The girl's feet were tied together but their thighs can still be spread apart for access to their private areas.

Angered, you yelled at him, "Hey asshole! Why don't you pick on someone your own size?!". He stopped and stood up. From behind he was only wearing a loin cloth. Most of his back is covered in brown/orange fur, like a cat. His mid length yellowish hair almost looks like a lion's mane. He is quite slim but his muscle tone is bulging every where on the back of his body. Jesus, he has a bit curvy body. His butt is quite thick and round. His side boobs is not that bad looking either. 'What the fuck? That's not a dude.'

You got a good look at her as she turns around to face you. She's definitely not a Alkanian. The short fur ran all over her body except her rock hard abdomen to her busty 28FF size breasts to her face. The visible skin on her was quite pale. She really has a feminine human like face despite the muscles on her. She stood over at least 7 feet tall. She should weigh at least 180 pounds or more. She doesn't have a tail like the Alkanians. You looked at her in disbelief. She couldn't be the one who attacked you last night. You kept observing her body until you were convinced it was her when you look at her eyes. It was the same orange cat eyes.

She walks over to you. You put on a good poker face as she over towers you with her height. Her big titties were face to face with you. Her nipples were just as pale as her skin, almost blending with her skin. Her scent smells sweet and almost intoxicating. She spoke in a language that almost sounds like Alkanian but with an accent. The only words you could make out was Nakiti's name. After she spoke, she laughs at you. She grabbed your chin and turns you face left to right as she is observing you. She licks the sweat off your cheeks and smirked at you. Her tongue felt almost like sand paper. She felt you up from your chest and knelt down feel your calves. Her hands came back up to your crotch and squeezed. She smiles up at you because she knows you're a male. Suddenly she smells something on you. She sniffs on your crotch, it wasn't what she was looking for. She sniffs on your pouch to your hands. She stopped sniffing as she got to the wooden club on your belt. She unhooks the club from your belt and brought the dried up blood stain on the club to her mouth and tasted it. She looks at you with her cat eyes, filled with rage.

This looks bad for you. "Wait a minute lady, that is not mine." You tried to explained to her. She drops the club and snarled at you with her fangs showing. You looked at her four fingers and her claws twice as long as Nakiti retracted from her fingers. "Fucking Christ! Does everybody on this planet has fucking claws!?" You screamed out. She swiped your right arm in doing so she also cut off a couple of vines. "Fuck!", you screamed in pain. She drew back her claws and prepares to sliced you to pieces.

"Rudkah!", Nakiti yells at her. 'It must be her name you assumed and they must know each other'. She turns toward Nakiti. Nakiti talked to her and it seems Rudkah can understand her. After Nakiti is done talking, she spread her thigh apart in a 45 degree angle apart, offering herself to Rudkah. Rudkah sniffs Nakiti all the way from you. Entranced, her claws retracted and she walked to Nakiti. You can feel the impact on the ground as Rudkah drops to her knees in front of Nakiti. She tore off Nakiti's underwear off with ease. Rudkah rested her hands each on of Nakiti's knees. Nakiti screams in anguish as Rudkah forcefully spread Nakiti's knees apart all the way to the ground in a eagle spread position. Rudkah drops her head down and started ravishing Nakiti's pussy with her rugged tongue.

Your right arm is bleeding but it's more flexible now with the vines cut. You tried to reach for your phaser but it's not in your holster anymore. It must have separated from you when Rudkah hurled you to the ground from last night. You reach in your pouch for your knife. You quickly cut the vines around your body starting from your torso to your legs.

Nakiti is crying louder as Rudkah's head is assaulting between Nakiti's legs. Freed from the vines, you picked up Khorm's club and slowly approach Rudkah from behind.

"Hey roids", you said to her. As Rudkah turns to you, you smack her right on her left forehead and she fell to the ground groaning. You thought about jamming your knife into her throat while she's dazed but her large razored claws would shred you to pieces within seconds. Instead you quickly cut the girls loose. Knowing you can't outrun the big scary she-hulk. Your only option is to stalled Rudkah while Nakiti and Nyajih runs away. You grabbed both the girl's arms and ran about 40 to feet away from Rudkah. You stopped as the girls kept running. They also stopped when they noticed you weren't with them. They looked back to you with worried eyes. "Go! Run!", you ordered the girls as you motioned forward your hands at them. They were hesitant to flee without you as they looked at you. You grabbed a broken tree bark on the ground and hurled it at the girls, hitting Nakiti's right arm. You pointed at the direction behind them and yelled the only word you can think of, "Eskanie!" Nakiti grabbed Nyajih's arm and dragged her away. You heard Nyajih's resisting cries as you turned towards Rudkah.

Rudkah is still groaning on the ground.

She was holding to her left forehead with her left hand supporting her up on the ground. Your odds of winning hand to hand combat against Rudkah is 1 to a 1000. You put your useless knife back in your pouch. Your only chance to win is to out smart her. You quickly observed the surrounding area scheming a plan if you can.

Rudkah recovered from her concussion. Enraged, she shout out a loud horrendous roar to intimidate you and it's working as intended. Rudkah's war cry absorbs into your body, striking fear into your heart. Unfocused, you kept observing the surrounding until Rudkah's 4 inch claws slowly comes out of her fingers just to intimidate you even more. You took a deep breath and slowly exhaled to slow your heartbeat. You have a better chance of survival with a calm mind and body.

Instantly she leaps forward running on all four of her limbs towards you. You can feel the ground tremble as she charges at you. She's too fast. Rudkah's claws aimed for your neck but grazed your left shoulder as you barely dodged her lounged at you. You rolled to your right as quickly as you can. Rudkah landed in a crouching stance 10 feet away from your last position. She raised her claws to her face and tastes your fresh blood on her claws. She suddenly went into a frenzy state from your blood. It looks like she loves the taste of your blood. You looked behind you at the two big trees that were a bit close to each other. You've been eyeing at the two trees since before the fight has started. You crawled backward towards the two trees until you're 8 feet apart with your back facing the trees.

Rudkah charges at you again, picking up faster speed to make sure you won't be able to dodge at either side this time. You stood up to you feet with your head held up high. You wanted your neck to be visually visible as possible to her. Thinking that you have given up, Rudkah lounged at you at an earlier start than before. As you predicted, she launched herself higher than before. Like a limbo game, you quickly leaned backward until your back touches the ground. You watched from the ground as Rudkah over shot above you. One second too late and you would've been decapitated.

Rudkah plunged between the trees behind you. Her bulking slim body was stuck between trees a foot off the ground. Her waist her are hinged sideways between the trees with her body bending almost like an arch. Angrily she tries to push herself off the tree put she couldn't reach the ground with her hands. She then tries to pull herself out between the to trees and failed. The only way she could get out of it was to be lifted upwards but she doesn't have leverage to do it herself. She is definitely immobilized.

You stood up victoriously. You calmly brushed off any dirt on you. You stared at Rudkah's round firm butt as she still trying to get free. You imagined what Khorm would do to her in a position like that if he was still alive. It would've been a terrible fate for her.

You walked to her and slapped her right butt cheek. She roars into a whimper as you hand stings her ass cheek. "That was for Nakiti", you gloat at her. She made another roar as you smacked her left ass cheek. "And that was for Nyajih", you said in triumph.

You walked around to her front side. She was talking you and you don't have a clue what's she talking about. You're positive it's nothing nice about you. You were ogling at her beautiful flawless face as she's probably threatening to ripped out your liver and eat it in front of you while you're slowly dying. "Damn, if you weren't so hostile. I might've fall for you.", you said to her.

She reached out with her arms and tries to clawed you. You were smart enough to stay away at her arms reach as you knew she would do that. Her claws missed your face by an inch.

You stared at the ground while you're contemplating what to do with her. You can't let her go. She will just tracked and kill you with her sense of smell and speed. Leaving her like that between the tree would be a slow painful death. Killing her would go against your code in the Bounty Hunter guild but you are left with no choice. Killing her quick and humanely was the only option you can think of.

You pulled out your knife from your pouch. A quick thrust from behind her spinal cord would do it. She stops moving after you pulled out your knife. She stares at you while you raise the knife up above your head. You looked at her orange eyes. Her pupils widen into a circular shape. This is the first time she looks like she's afraid of you. Deep in your heart, you couldn't do it. Maybe you just have a soft spot for defenseless woman, you don't know. You dropped your knife to floor.

You know you're gonna regret this but you have to try. You placed your right hand onto the middle of your chests and rubbed it in circular motion. "Makniha", you told her. She just looked at you dumbfounded as you spoke Alkanian. You raised your opened hands apart above your chests and slowly walk to her. You are now in range of her dangerously claws. She kept calm while you slowly moved closer to her. You are now at kill range, if she wanted to she could easily jab her claws into your eye socket into your brain effortlessly. Her face is at leveled to your chests. You kept chanting 'makinha' softly as you reach under her and push up with both your hands. She groans as you have trouble lifting her because she was a bit heavy. She definitely weighs more than 200 pounds and you bet it's all muscle.

Going all in, you squat under her and pressed the right side of your body between the trees. Your face pressed against her neck, your left hand on her right shoulder and your right hand on her right breast. With all your strength, you pushed up and lifted her off the between the trees. You lost your balanced and fell to the ground and she disappeared behind the two trees. You crawled backwards a few feet away facing the trees. You didn't moved a muscle as you stared at the two trees. 'It was quiet, maybe she flee after being set free.'

With lightning speed on all four limbs, Rudkah jump out from the left side of the trees and rushed to you. You did not have time to react in such short range. She jumped on you and straddled on your waist. She pinned your left hand with her right and her left hand pinning your neck against the ground. She was way too heavy for you to fight her off you. She was lightly choking you as she snarled face to face at you. Your knife was next to your right as you looked at it with your eyes. With your free right hand, you grabbed the knife and thrusts it into her rib cage. She let's go of your neck and caught your right wrist with her left hand before your knife made contact to her. She pins your right hand next to your face. You were amazed at her reflex skills. 'Yeah you deserved to die.'

She looks at the knife in your hand and growls at you with her fangs showing from her teeth. She was just leering at you while she has you pinned down. Running out of patience you yelled at her "Well, what are you waiting for? If you're gonna kill me then do it already!"

She surprised you by shoving her wet sand paper tongue in your mouth. It tastes a bit sweet in your mouth as she assaults your mouth with her tongue. You tried resist her unpleasant tongue by shaking your head away from her mouth. Her rough tongue was swirling inside your mouth. Your eyes widened as her tongue extended inside your mouth into your throat. You started to panic as her big long tongue clogged up your wind pipe. You thought about biting her tongue but the repercussion would only unfold badly onto you.

Cutting off from oxygen, you let go of the knife in your right hand as you started to lose consciousness until she finally release her tongue from you mouth. You gasps for air and cough at the same time. You have no control over them and let it ride out until you could breathe normally again. You jumped in pain as you felt her rough tongue on your wounded right arm. She is slurping on your blood, cleaning the wound with her tongue. She then switch to your left shoulder and did the same to it. She lifts up her butt from your waist with her head tilting up. She let's go of your hands and started rubbing her face with her hands. Her body started shaking uncontrollably. She looks like she getting drugged up from your blood or something. She sat her ass back down on you. She felt your hardening cock pressed between her crotch and smiles at you. She undid her loin cloth, unwrapping it off her waists. She pulled off her loin cloth and toss it aside revealing her bald pink pussy. You didn't want her to ripped off your only pants, so you unzip your pants and pulled your cock out for her.

Wasting no time she grabbed your cock and positions it on her pussy entrance. She lowers herself down to you. It won't go in, her lips won't give way. If she keeps this up, she'll break your dick in half. 'She's too tense, she need to relax if you were to penetrate her.' You told her to stop and relax but it's not getting to her at all. She ignored everything you said to her like she's not even listening to you. You had enough and punched her abs with your right hand. It didn't even phase her but you got her attention. Your right hand started to pulse in pain.

You wanted to switch position with her. Her on her back and you on top. You reach to her left shoulder and try to roll her to her side. She would not budge. She just stares down at you while you futilely try to move her. You had another idea. You leaned up and and reach behind her neck and pulled her down to your face. You kissed her lips passionately and she likes it. You leaned back to the ground with her lips still locked onto yours. Gently you rolled her to her side until you're finally on top of her. You pulled from the kiss and leaned up. You got a better look at her now. 'Wow, she's even more beautiful when she's not trying to kill you'. With her back on the ground it looks like she's blushing at you. 'She must've never been in a position like his before in her entire life. You got to warm her up first before penetrating her. You wanted to start with her massive tits.'

You slowly reach to her left breast with your right hand. It doesn't look like she's opposing, so you went for it. You groped her left breast and start massaging it and then you went for the right. It's kind of cute hearing Rudkah moaning. It's almost like she purring and it's turning you on even more. You sucked on the her tits gently and she purrs louder. You popped off of her tits kisses repeatedly down to her abs. Eventually you reach to her pussy. You felt it with your right hand and she's still tensed up. Gently, you massaged her clit with your fingers and she purrs. You lowered your mouth on her mound and kiss her clit. She tastes a bit sweet down there. You swirled your tongue around her genitals. She has her hands in your hair as your tongue assaults her cave. You thought about the position 69 but you wouldn't want her rugged tongue scraping on your cock. You probe between her lips with your tongue and it got through. 'That was a good sign she is ready.'

You leaned back up and positioned your cock to her entrance. You pushed and the head of your cock spread her lips apart until it popped in. Slowly you push in deeper until your thighs hits her ass. You began fucking her tight pussy. You stopped thrusting as you looked at her face. She looks like she bored. You've picked up speed and see if she has any excitement on her face. Losing confidence, you tried your best to please her.

She had enough and grabs you by the shoulders and rolled you on your back with her straddling you. She pins your hands down by your face as you looked up at her orange eyes. She lifts up her butt with your tip still inside her. She smiles at you and slams her ass down on you hard. You groan in agony as you felt the impact transferred through your body to the ground. Again, she repeatedly reigned down her ass onto you. You can hear the thump from the ground as she pounds on your front thighs with her ass. You hope she would cum soon or she will really break you. You can't take her pounding anymore. With your hands still pinned down by hers, you lean up with your head and bit her left nipple very hard. She stops and growls down at you. You frowned at her and said "Mak-Ni-Ha". She pouts at you and rode you in a less painful way. You two were getting close to cum. She went back to slamming her ass on you again. With a last powerful dunk, she smashed her ass on you and came. She arched her head back and howls as she cums on your cock. You spurt several times inside her as she came. She crash down on you after her climax.

You were staring at her as she wraps her loin cloth back on. You search in your pouch and pulled out the bigger size panties. You handed the blue stripes panties to her. She just looks at it in your hand. You pulled off her loin cloth and drop it to the ground. You open the panty and told her to step into it. You pulled it to her waist. It's a size smaller for her but it does fits. She turns around and look down at it. Rudkah smirked at you and she tore it off and put her loin cloth back on. You laughed at her and noticed her forehead is bleeding. You pulled out the medical ointment from your pouch. You put some on your finger and reach up to the left side of her forehead. She grabs your hand, stopping you from applying it to her. You pulled your hand back and apply it to your wounds on your arm and shoulder where she clawed you. She understood you and knelt down for easy access to you. After you're done, she stood up and held on to your cheek with her right hand. She kissed you one last time. She bit your bottom lip and made it bleed. You pulled from her kiss. 'She bit you on purpose just to taste your blood again.' She had a last laugh at you. She picked up Khorm's club and took off like the wind.

Your crotch is sored from Rudkah's pounding. You grabbed a broken branch on the ground to help you walk with. You took a couple steps before your stick made contact with your phaser. You wonder if all the rough sex would've been avoided if you stunned her on the tree with your phaser and unhinged her from the trees. 'Nah, with at least 3 days of walking to your ship with no guide, she would've caught up with you within a day and kill you.'

For the next four days, unfortunately you found no trace of Nakiti and Nyajih on your back to the ship. You hoped they are okay. First thing you wanted to do was to fix your AemBrace. With the tools on the ship, you did a quick analysis and fortunately only the display screen and the microphone was damaged. It was an easy fix and took you an hour to replace the damaged parts.

You flew your ship back to the cave where Khorm's body laid. You hoped the girls would return back to the cave after they flee but there was no sign of anybody entering since you left the cave. Everything was exactly the same even Khorm's body wasn't even touch by wild animals. 'I don't blame them, he has a horrible stench, dead or alive.' It wasn't easy but you managed to roll his fat ass into the ship. You gagged a bit as his body is already decomposing. His original stench isn't helping either.

You want to search for the girls but you have months of space travel ahead of you to bring Khorm's body to the guild. You didn't prepare to bring a dead body on board. So you don't have the proper equipment for transporting corpse for long space travel on your ship. You waited for another day but the girls never showed.

You did a little tweaking on your AemBrace's program and left your AemBrace in the cave. In case the girl's comes back. You left a recorded video message for them on the AemBrace. All they have to do is to turn it on by touching the display screen and the video will automatically play for them. The AemBrace will translate via live in Alkanian as it plays the video.

You took off into space as the video plays.


"Um...hey Nakiti and Nyajih, it's me Eric, if you found this message then I am not of your world anymore. Don't worry, Rudkah didn't hurt me, so do not go looking for revenge. We worked things out and parted ways peacefully after you two ran away. I tried to look for you on my way back to my *bleep* but obviously we didn't cross path. I came back to the cave to retrieve Khorm's body. He's a very bad man that I have to take back with me. I'm so sorry for what he has done to you and your families. On behalf of me and my people, *sobs* I asked for you and your family's forgiveness. *sobs* I've really enjoyed my time with you two since we met. I wish I had more time to spend with you two and teach what you two need to know to survive on your own. But You two are very brave and strong. I know you two can make it by yourselves even without my help. Look after each other and love each other no matter what. You two are more than family to me. I love you two very much. *sobs* I don't know if we will ever see each other again. um..uh..right, *wipes my tears away from my face*, Could you two do me a favor and make sure no one find Khorm's belonging in this cave and this object you're watching on? I would be very grateful to you two. So..uh...yeah, I guess that's it. Goodbye, I love you."

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