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I found a new kind of love for my dog that I need to explore
I woke up to an attack of kisses form Chewy, who had spent the night on my bed with me. Was that a dream?...Did I just fuck my dog… I asked myself laying in bed. I felt the headache set in almost immediately. Too many shots with the girls last night for sure. Once I started moving around I could really start to feel the after effects of Chewy’s huge cock. It didn’t last very long but the few times he had me, he really tore me up.

It took all my strength to sit up, only to be able to support myself by burying my face in my hands. Water…I always forget to keep water near my bed... I said to myself regretfully. A trip in to the kitchen now became a necessity. As I got up, I could also feel how sticky I was from last night. Chewy had spent some time licking our cum off my legs and ass, but the skin on my inner legs was very sticky. I also apparently slept naked last night but since I needed a shower, there was no use in putting on cloths. I made my way into the kitchen and heard Chewy jump off the bed to follow me. I stood at the sink, filled a glass of water and chugged it. I filled another glass and took sips as I looked out the window. It was a fun night last night. I don’t go out very often, but it is nice to blow off steam with friends. As I daydreamed of the night before, I felt Chewys nose press into my buttcrack and a quick tongue lick. I jumped and screamed because it startled me back to reality. I looked down at Chewy who was looking back up at me with is usually panting smile.

Chewy whined at me and then started to do is trot, usually meaning he needed to be taken out. Ugh, the last thing I want to do.

I pull on a loose-fitting shirt and some workout shorts. I get Chewy to the door and put his leash on him.

The neighborhood was quiet at this time of the morning. It was only 8am and I imagine most people would sleep in on weekends. It was a good thing because I had just looked down and this shirt is VERY see-through. I nervously looked up and down the street as Chewy was taking his time with his business.

We finished up outside and went back in. I left food for Chewy and headed to the bathroom with another glass of water. I heard Chewy scarfing down his food as I left the room.

I opened the French doors that go out the balcony of the bathroom because it was just a beautiful temperature outside. I turned on the water and left it slightly cold this time. Cooler showers have a refreshing feeling to them when trying to shake a hangover. I dropped my outfit and got in. I brushed my teeth and did my hair. Then, I finished up by washing my ass and pussy, as well as my legs. My thoughts returned to last night…Chewy’s tongue going in and out of my ass and pussy…his cum running down my legs…I could remember how it felt to be so filled up by his cum, only to have it explode out and run all over my legs. I was in a little bit of pain from it. He was quite aggressive with me, and when his cock was fully swollen, he really stretched me out. Even still, it turned me on to recall the events of last night.

He was waiting for me when I got out of the shower. I gave him a devilish look as if he could understand the meaning behind it. He paused and looked at me seriously, and then went back to panting. I couldn’t resist his charm and went over to shower him with love. He laid back in anticipation of me rubbing his side and belly. He rolled back a bit, exposing his cock, hidden in it sheath. Even seeing it like that brought back those special feelings. As I was squatting down and rubbing him, my hand grazed over his crotch just to see if he would react. Holding it in my hand is something I hadn’t done yet. I was full of excitement and curiosity, so I kept massaging him. Soon enough, I could see him starting to grow.

He shot to his feet without warning, which scared me and started to nudge me as I was squatting in my towel. He pushed me once and I went on to one knee, but I wasn’t ready for him, not like that. He tried to circle around me but I wouldn’t let him. He even nudged and tugged at the the towel! He knew what he wanted. He was also making several attempts to put his head up my towel. He backed me up to where the toilet was and I figured I would sit down to calm him down. Chewy grabbed a mouthful of the towel and tried to pull it away. He wanted me. And to my surprise, I felt myself getting wet.

Fuck it… I said to myself. I pulled my towel apart and dropped it around the toilet as I was sitting. Chewy went straight in. My legs were still closed, but he was fairly forceful until he was able to spread them. I slid down a bit to give him a better angle and he started licking me. My pussy, and I could even feel him extend his tongue all the way back to my asshole. It felt amazing. I started rubbing my clit as he was doing this. Sometimes he would push his tongue so hard it would insert a bit into my pussy. He was really getting in there.

Then he jumped up like he would to mount me and started umping. He wasn’t anywhere near able to fuck me like this but I could see his red cock getting harder and harder. It was the first good look I have had at it but it didn’t look as big as I remembered. Instinctively, I reached down and put my hands on him. It was so warm. And at that time, he started humping more. Fucking my hand as if it were my pussy. I could feel him growing and growing. I spit in one of my hands and put it back on his cock, which he seemed to like a lot. As he was almost fully erect, he started shooting his cum on me. On my hands, my lap and parts of my stomach. Spirts of it were going everywhere. I wasn’t able to see how much actually came out, but once again, I was covered in his come. And after a minute or so, he jumped down. He sat and licked his cock and then came back over to me. I watched as he licked my lap and pussy to clean me off. It was all so exciting to me. But then I realized, I needed another shower, a quick one this time…..

After showering, Chewy and I made our way to the couch for a lazy day at home. I had some work to do and didn’t have any plans today. Just me, and Chewy. I ran out to do some errands, and grab lunch, but for most of the day, we watched TV and did some work from home.

As the evening set it, I had reached my limit with work I would do for the day and decided to feed Chewy and take him outside one more time.

As we came in, I plopped down on the couch. He laid right in front of me as he did this morning, exposing his sheathed cock. I had since been drinking wine and the pain in my pussy has magically vanished. I wanted him again.

I got on my hands and knees again and started petting and rubbing him. Before long , I made my way back to his cock. After a few rubs, he tried to get up again, but I made sure that he stayed laying down. I started rubbing him and jacking him off has his red cock made its appearance. Once there was enough showing, I went for it. I filled my mouth with spit, and started sucking his cock. He tried to move again, but I held him in place. It was warm and veiny, but not nearly the size it needed to be. I let him up and turned my ass toward him. I still had my yoga pants on, but I wanted him to get more excited. He licked me a few times through the fabric and then mounted me. I could feel him poking my ass with his cock that still wasn’t hard enough.

After a while, I could feel him getting bigger. I dropped my butt to the floor and took him by his collar. I slid him closer to me until his cock was now in my face. Now this is something I could suck…I put my mouth on it and grabbed a big handful to jack him off. After a few seconds of this, he really started to swell. So much that he started shooting cum in my mouth. I was letting it pool in my mouth while I was trying to decide on swallowing or spitting. That option was taken from me when he did a few thrusts that caused me to spit everything out. It got everywhere, my face, my shirt, my half pulled down pants, the floor…

He circled away from me and I stood up. I was looking for something to clean with when I felt his nose go into my ass again. He wasn’t done with me.

I pulled off my cum covered shirt and finished pulling down my pants. I was pulling them down, he started licking me again. I stayed bent over because it felt amazing. He then put his mouth on my ass. Enough to nip me but not hurt me. It was trying to tell me he wanted me. I felt like his bitch.

I got on all fours, now completely naked. He walked around me circling, like I was his pray. He licked my side, and my tit as he went around. Then, as I felt him behind me, he sprang up and mounted me. I forgot how heavy he was. He started jabbing with his cock. I could feel the head hit my asshole, my push and my legs as he searched for his mark. I reached back and was able to guide him to the top of my pussy. And just like that, he was in. He started fucking me and hard. I could feel him leaning on my back to the point where I started caving in with my ass still in the air. He fucked me and fucked me until I could feel him start to form his knot again. Once it was formed, It began to hit my spot and he began to really thrust his hips. All the while, he has been dumping his cum inside me like the bitch I am. Breading me as he wants. The thought of being his bitch sent me over the edge. I started convulsing, cuming and gushing with each thrust forward. I was moaning uncontrollably.

He eventually slowed to a stop. He was temporarily stuck inside me. We were knotted together. I could feel him test if it was ready to come out, but he stayed longer. Finally, he pulled back out. I could feel his dog cock slide out of my pussy and down the side of my leg. The amount of cum that shot out made a splatter noise as it him my floor. I looked back and could she his huge cock swinging as he walked around me. All I could do was lay down my side and back and recovery. It was true ecstasy. After a few moments, he back by to lick my face and nudge me. He then continued around and started licking me off. I opened my legs for him to have a better view. He loved how I tasted. I felt like such a whore, laying in a puddle Chewy’s and my own cum, being cleaned like a bitch dog.

As I got back on all fours, starting to get up, I got one foot planted on the floor before I felt chewy try to stop me. He nudged me again and I looked back at him thinking he wanted to play. It turns out he wasn’t done with me. He hopped up on two legs putting his paws on my shoulders.

“No chewy I cant…”. I was in a dazed state really, trying to process everything and feeling amazing at the same time.

I was able to push him off, only for him to jump right back up and on to me again. I confess, that I didn’t stop him again. He wasn’t through with using me. After a few seconds, I could feel him poking me again with his cock. This time, he was already partially hard and was able to find his mark on his own.

He shoved back in to me after only a few tries. He went back at fucking the hell out of my pussy. I tried to correct my position but he nipped at my ear and growled when I tried to move from under him. I froze in a panic but then tried again after yelling at him.

Chewy! I yelled. I tried to move again.

He growled and took closed his mouth around the back of my neck. He also tightened his grip around my waist. It didn’t hurt, but I knew I should stay still.

I did not dare move again.

His cock has since fallen back out of me, cum now running down my legs again.

He started humping again, harder and harder until he found his way back in to me. He started fucking hard again. I am truly his bitch now. He won’t let me go until he dumps enough of his cum in me that satisfies him. I could feel myself filling up again with his cock stretching my insides. The pulling of the knot against my pussy felt so good. I came again but not as powerful as the first time. Chewy kept pumping, causing cum to spray out with each thrust.

After a few seconds, he stopped and slid out of me. I laid back down in an even larger puddle of cum. He licked me clean again, but I was still scared to move from my semi-fetal position. When I could, I slid on to my butt and back up on to the couch. I looked at him with confused feelings.

Would he have hurt me?

Can I risk doing this again?

I approached him and he appeared to be back to his sweet little self, as if he didn’t just technically rape me. I put his in his cage while I cleaned up the floor around me. I also took this time to shower again. My whole bottom half has been laying in cum for the last 10 minutes.

I feel so confused… Maybe I need that night out after all…just to get my head clear.

I called a friend and got ready to go to her place for some drinks. Hopefully some time away from him will even me out…

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Dirty SamoneReport

2020-02-02 21:21:53
We need more to get her asshole stuffed.


2020-02-01 17:54:47
Another good read. You can keep the story going. Introducing your friend to Chewy might open new story lines, perhaps you both discover lesbian desires while Chewy gets to hump you both.
Why not invite the Uber driver in for a threesome with Chewy. Any which way would get you covered in cum from heat to tail lol


2020-02-01 15:22:04
Hot story, you and I had a great outcum.


2020-01-17 15:15:59
So Hot..... Incredible story, I look forward for the continuation, maybe adding your friend, or....


2020-01-16 18:57:31
Too bad he didn’t get you pregnant

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