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Kimmys 2nd (Please read part 1), shes starting to the realize that it ain't gonna get any easier.
The morning came and i woke up in that same shirt still missing my panties and still with the mess daddy left inside me. I noticed the bed was slanting slightly towards the bottom, i sat up to find daddy sat quietly at the end.

"Sorry to wake you baby, I just felt awful about the other night"

"Don't worry Daddy, all guys have needs I guess"

"I know, and I didn't mean all those bad things I said. I was just worked up is all" I could see Daddy felt real bad about the other night, I couldn't have him upset.

"Daddy, don't be upset." I sat up more and crawled behind him to give him a hug. I wrapped my arms around the top of his shoulders.

"I'd do anything for you Daddy, honest"

"Thank you honey" He gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked out a little funny, I think my lack of panties may have got him excited again. I gotta remember to wear more clothes in the house...

I began to undress and turned to see what to wear for work today, the door flung open and Daddy stepped in.

"Oh and one more thing, your Mother and I...are......." He stopped in his tracks seeing me naked. Uh-oh.

I could see through his bed time boxer shorts he was getting hard again. He used his hand to slowly close the door, not looking away from my perky boobs once.

"I didn't realize what a great rack my little girl has." He grabbed my left boob softly and gently rubbed it. My C cups looked tiny in his big hands.

"Just this one last time..." he said whilst slowly pushing me to my knees with his finger on my lips hinting to be quiet.

He took out his cock right in front of my eyes, it was so thick how could i resist.....and he did say it was the last time.

I took the head into my mouth, flicking my tongue around. I pushed my head as far as i could, pulling out showing how wet his cock was and grabbed it with hands and rubbed it all the way along his shaft keeping eye contact.

He ran his hands throught my hair do bundle hair up at the back and started to push his way in. Here we go again.

"Agagagagagh...Agh, Agh, Agh, Agagagagagagaghhhhhh!!!" I gagged a little hard that time.

"Shhhhh, you're Mom's only in the shower...."

I pulled my mouth off his cock, all the spit falling down my chin onto my boobs. "Sorry Daddy!" I whispered, quickly putting my mouth back over him looking up to him.

He went back to thrusting into my mouth hole, "God I don't know which feels better. Your mouth or your pussy..."

I managed to pull a smile mid thrust, he smiled back at me with sweat dripping down his face. Not gonna lie, I'm really enjoying myself.

"I don't know how long I'm gonna last baby girl"

At that moment their was a voice coming from the bathroom, "Honey, I'm jumping out now, you want in after me?". It was Mom.

"Ah, Yeah....Give me a minute, I'm coming!"

He then pulled out, I stuck out my tongue and He fired point blank at my face, The first blast hit me so hard, it hit my face a splashed off my face in different streams across my hair, cheeks and even onto my tits. The next few shots he nicely placed on my tongue which dripped down to my boobs.

I couldn't decide who tasted better, Steve, Carl or Daddy. I licked up the glob of goo still dangling from the tip of Daddy's cock and swallowed.

He picked me and held me by my bottom and I giggled. "That was amazing" He whispered "A couple more times wouldn't hurt I guess" He winked, put me down and left the room. I best get ready for work, first a shower.

I dressed in my little skirt, black tights and big heels, I hope Mr. Steve likes...I've been thinking about him alot.

Arriving at work just in time, I sit at my desk. As soon as my bum hit the chair the phone rang. It was Steve.

"Can you come on In?"

"Yes that's no problem Mr. Steve"

I opened the door up, and closed it. I looked up and at his desk sat what i can only describe as a body builder. He was a huge black man, with a shaved head, in a black shirt which looked like it could tear apart any minute. This guy was seriously huge.

"This is Mr. Anthony Pierce, he's hopefully a potential client. Could you please make sure he's looked after whilst I attend the board. Could you run through those files we prepared last night get him whatever he needs"

Jeez, talk about being put on the spot on my 2nd day!

"Yeah of course" I said with a smile. I couldn't stop looking at him, his arms....they are as big as my entire body!

Steve left and he stood up to greet me. Woah....he was at least 6ft3.....built like a buffalo.

"Pleased to meet you Miss...."

"Call me Kimmy. aalll. mine...." I think I blushed.

"Could I get you a coffee or anything?"


"White or Black?"

"I like them...White"


"I'm sweet enough" He smiled as he stared at me with such intensity.

"Right away Mr. Anthony"

"Please. Call me Tony"

I smiled back and bowed my head a little....then i noticed his.....thing. His....ABSOLUTE MONSTER!

He drooped down his left leg....It had to be at least 7-8 inches....SOFT!

I gulped. Span around. And went to make his coffee.

Before I got anywhere, his huge hands held my sides. His hands could pretty much fit around my waist!

"I've heard you're incredible at making a man feel good"

I didn't say anything. I couldn't take my eyes off his bulge.

"Come. Sit down next to me. Forget the coffee."

He placed me in the chair and stood in front of me. It was definitely bigger that 8 inches.....he was bigger than Steve. HES NOT EVEN FULLY HARD!

"Wanna see?" My jaw was hanging on its hinges. I couldn't help but nod.

He reeled his huge hose out of his pants....this was definitely a 12 incher...that thing was bigger than my arm. Gulp.

Speechless, I fell off the chairs to my knees, I couldn't help but be drawn to was like it had it's own gravity.

"I'm guessing you like. Go ahead. Touch it"

I grabbed it in my hand, my fingers and my palm didn't even go all the way around it was that thick.

I looked up at him and he brushed my hair away from my face. I placed my tongue on the base and licked it slowly to the tip.

I did this over and over again, licking it like a lollipop. It was delicious.

He placed his fingers on my lips "I want to see it in your mouth" As he said that he pushed 2 of his fingers all the way into my mouth. "I want to see what your made of"

I nodded as I sucked on his fingers. I don't even know if it's gonna fit!

I opened my mouth and eased his head into my mouth, using my tongue to lube it up as much as i can. I took it out and back in trying to get a little more of the shaft in sucking and licking every time. It was getting really wet and started dripping down my chin.

"Oh you are good, If you can fit in half I'll give you a treat"


"Mr. Tony...I...I don't think I Ca....." He silenced me by pushing into my mouth, my eyes widened as he took control.

He had held of the back of my head and he gently thrusted into my mouth, he was gonna try and fit that half in whether i could or not.

Eyes waters and streaming down my face after 10 minutes of his thing in my mouth, fucking me slowly, pushing it deeper and deeper.

"Well done! See that wasn't so bad" He pulled and with all the liquid pouring out of my mouth and me gasping for breath.

He picked me up and put me on my knees on my chair, pulling my panties down, revealing my soaked pussy.

He stuck his tongue in and ate my pussy leaving me shaking. He grabbed his cock and placed it at my entrance. I took a deep breath.

He thrusted all the way in, filling me up. I felt like I was going to burst, his fat cock was stretching ever part of my pussy. I pretty sure you could see it poking the inside of my belly.

"Fuck me you are a tiny girl! My cock looks huge inside you, I'm not all the way in yet baby" He grabbed under my thigh with his monster sized hands and picked me up, and suspended me in the air whilst impaled on his cock.

"Fuuccckkk, definitely the tightest pussy I've had!" He started fucking my tight pussy, slamming hard and fast. Every thrust forced my juice to drip onto the floor creating a puddle.

I couldn't handle the mix of pain of him tearing open my pussy and the pleasure of being fucked like this.


"Haha, good girl. Take it all you tiny fuckdoll!"

"Yes daddy, Yes DADDY! It's yours!"

Still impaled he carried me over to the office sofa, and threw me on my front, ass still up in the air. He plunged deep back into my pussy, pressing the side of my head to the cushion whilst he annihalted my pussy.

He placed his massive thumb into my ass, lubed with his spit.

"UUggghhhhh, yeeeeesssss"

"I can tell your an anal virgin, Ha! Oh that's gonna change"

"AAhhh, Fuuccckkkkk. No I don't think I can handle any of your cock in there Mr. Tony"

"You'll have to get some practice in for my next trip here, because I'm going in whether you like it or not!" He thrusted even harder, at this point I think I had taken all his dick.

"UUghh, yes anything. any-thing!" I couldn't help to obey.

He pulled his massive cock out, I turned around and placed back into my mouth. He bent over and grabbed my ankles and rotated me upside down, feet in the air, my mouth still over his cock.

He started fucking my mouth, I gagged so much more fluid started streaming down my face on to the floor.

"Agh, Agh, Agh, Agagagagagagaghhhhh...uuggghhhhhh" I think I gagged a little too much, with some sick coming out along with it.

He placed me back on the ground, and on mhy knees I stuck out my tongue.

He shot out his thick, white creamy load all onto my face, and hair. He stuck his cock back into my mouth firing a few more loads down my throat. Fuck it was so good, I think we have a winner.

He zipped his pants and threw his jacket back on, whilst I slumped there on my knees in a puddle of my pussy, sick, spit and his cum.

"Until next time....Kimmy" and he left the room.

Steve entered straight away.

"Wow. look at you. You've definitely gone above and beyond today. Good job, you've made a very client" he laughed.

"Fuck, you look good" He slowly walked over rubbing his cock. I was still dazed, my clothes, my body.... a sticky wet mess.

He loosened his tie, and pulled off his neck and onto mine.

He used it as a leash to walk me out of the puddle on my hands and knees. He sat down in his chair, and pulled out his cock.

He didn't need to ask. I put his cock into my mouth and started to suck. I couldn't get enough, what has happened to me.

"You're probably gonna need to invest in some mouthwash little Kimmy, you good little slut" He said as he quickened the pace by using my hair to push me up and down.

He placed both his hands either side of my head and angled my head so my eyes stared back at his, and began to face fuck me.

He used me like this for a good hour and a half, cumming 3 times down my throat.

"Well I'd say you've earned an early finish. Go on, I got work today and I can't get any done with you looking like, I can't stop cumming in your pretty tiny little mouth."

He shoo-ed me out and i tried to clean up what I could, and dry my clothes in his washroom.

I couldn't ring up Carl for a ride home. I couldn't hide it this time.

I took the bus, I hadn't taken this route before so I hope I got the right one.

Getting off the stop, I checked my phone maps to see which direction to go. Looks like a 15 minute walk.

I was taking my phones fastest route home, it was taking me though some pretty dodgy areas.

I looked back and following a few paces behind me were 2 men, both bout 6ft in hoodies. I got spooked and cut down an alley, quickening my pace.

Half way down the alley, a hand grabbed my arm.

"Hey, where you running off to little girl" One man said.

"Yeah, we just wanna talk....looks like someones already been talking to you" The second man laughed, after he examined me realising what i've been doing recently.

"Oh shit, what you been up to come over here and tell us aaalllll about it" They led me towards an opening with some dumpsters, out of sight.

My heart was pounding, they stood both at my sides.

"So you gonna tell us where you've been?" One said

"Just at work, honest" I said quietly.

"Work, you look a little young to be working" The other replied, as he inspected my face closer.

"I'm 19."

"Oh that's a good age, still a teen"

"Jackpot" they both laughed.

"So what have you been work"


"Don't get smart" He grabbed my chin, making me face him "You stink of sex and cum"

"Tell us" They got closer. One had his hand on my arm still, another hand had placed itself on my ass.

"I...I...had sex with a client." I said, trying to think straight.

"You're a hooker?"

"No. No....I had sex with a potential client. I think i was used to sweeten a deal?"

"Oh so you're a slut. Good think we don't discriminate" They both laughed. The hand on my ass moved up my skirt, getting a good handful. Another hand started playing with my boobs.

"What they make you? come on tell us."

"I sucked...his cock. Then he fucked me."

"judging by that smell, I'm guessing he came all over you"


"Bet you enjoyed every second"


"Good thing for you we've got some more for you"

One pushed me to the hard ground on my knees, they pulled out their cocks, both about 8 inches, and rock hard.

They both took turns fucking my face, whilst they made me jack off the other.

"Fuck this mouth is great. Shit, I thought she was a 15 year old schoolgirl"

"Bet if the slut was, she'd still love getting fucked by us. Aint that right slut?"

I pulled my mouth off "Yes, I wou...." He put his cock straight back in.

"Who was your first, bet you fucked at an early age!"

"15" I said, at least they got it right first time, I have always been a bit of a slut deep down "My gym teacher...."

"Dirty bitch, looks like we've hit the jackpot"

With my mouth deep down on one cock, the other pulled my ass up and stuck his wet dick into my pussy.

I was being spit roasted like a pig. and it felt good. I've already had 3 cocks today, whats 2 more?

"Harder!" I managed to muffle out of my mouth.

"Hear that? She wants it harder"

And boy they didn't disappoint, one man was in and out of my throat. and the other was slamming my pussy so hard the alley echoed with a slapping sound.

"Switch. I want her asshole"

"wait. I've never done ana..." He slapped me and spat on my face, before putting his cock back in my mouth.

"Shut the fuck up, slut. You're ours in this alley"

They switched and the other put his pussy coated cock down my throat. The other started pressing his cock into my ass. Tony did say I needed to practice.

It was completely different to being fucked in the pussy. I felt full and stretched before he began. The searing pain of it stretching was horrible! But I couldn't do a thing, I couldn't move.

One last thrust he all the way in, and i screamed. My scream was muffled by the guy in my mouth pouring his cum out of his dick into my throat. My god it was sooooo much!

After 5 minutes of intense burning pain in my ass, he pulled out and came on my ass cheeks. They both laughed, zipped up and began to walk off. I don't think I could walk.

"Next time you want some more, come down this way and we'll bring some more friends!" He shouted just before exiting the alleyway.

Ugh. I need to get home, shower and nap.

I checked my map. Still 10 minutes away from my home. Wait. Isn't Carls closer. I punched in Carls address....6 minutes. I'll go to his, I really need a shower. he's between jobs at the moment and out looking for one so he won't likely be home.

I get to his and walk round the back. The backdoor is always open he says, he thinks he's hilarious. His parents are well off so he's pretty comfy without a job.

I get to the back door, but before I open I could hear...laughing? Moaning?!

I creeped to a window to see what was going on.

Carl? MOM?!

Carl was their....fucking my mom on the dining table.

She was bent over, looking over her shoulder smiling at him whilst he plowed into her.

"Fuck, I'm coming" She happily got off the table onto her knees and excepted his load onto her tongue and mouth with a smile.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing I ducked down.

What should I do?


2020-03-22 09:02:36
Fucking hot. I hope there's more to come. This kept me hard throughout both chapters.

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