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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection.


The Lost Tribe, Part 4 (mf, 1st, cons, impreg?, reluc, m-solo, voy)

by Krosis of the Collective


"Look what I caught!" announced Rodney as he herded Tina and Dylan into the boys' camp at spear point. A couple of the other young men looked up from preparing clams for tonight's dinner, staring at the voluptuous girl in her ratty school uniform.

Rodney marched them to the center of the camp, to George's hut. The boys' huts were ramshackle affairs, made with driftwood, vines, and bamboo, with a thatched roof of palm fronds and other leafy findings, but they held up, even with the heavy rains that sometimes came down on the island.

"George!" Rodney yelled.

After a moment the imposing figure of the brown-haired male tribe leader exited his hut, looking groggy. "Whut?" he growled, and then saw the newcomer with Dylan. "Well Hell, you bagged a girl, Rodney? Where'd you fahnd her?" he drawled in his Texan accent, still strong after 2 years away from his family.

"In a hidden cave, with HIM," Rodney explained, pointing one of his spears at Dylan, "and they were doin' naked stuff, George. He had his face between her legs!"

George stepped up to Dylan. "That true, Dylan? Ya givin' aid and comfort to the enemy?" He got close to the other boy's face and took a sniff, wrinkling his nose. "Hmp." Then he stepped back. "Well, 'round here we don't have a fancy cage to stick y'all in, so you, missy, will join me in mah hut here while we have a talk. Rodney, grab Abe and give lovahboy here a bit of a thrashin', willya?"

As Tina went into George's hut she saw Rodney and another brown-haired boy take Dylan to the far side of camp. After a moment she heard the distant sounds of her new lover crying out in pain.

George waved for her to sit down on a makeshift bed of old, tattered school uniforms. She did so, looking at him apprehensively. What was he going to do to her?

He sat down across from her. "All raht, missy. Now, whut do you know about my missin' man Jason?"


Tina stepped out of George's hut, quickly followed by its owner. "All raht, y'all!" he called out to the camp. Everyone dropped what they were doing and came to hear their leader speak. "We are still missin' Jason, so fo' now this little lady is a membah of our tribe, and while she's here she's got our pertection, okay?"

There were some confused glances, and a murmur from Rodney to another boy.


"Yes, George," came the mumbled reply from all the boys. Tina could see that George ruled with an iron hand, but not everyone was happy about it.

Dylan came forward as the other boys dispersed. He had a black eye and was holding an arm across his ribs.

"Oh Dylan! Oh no..." Tina came forward to look at his eye.

He shied away. "It's okay...I'm used to it. I'm kind of a fuck-up. Come on." He headed to one side of the camp.

Tina followed him to another hut, this one definitely not as nice as George's. It was more of a lean-to, really, with a dirt floor. It did seem to be dry, though. They sat down under its protection, mostly shadowed from the setting sun.

"Did he hurt you?" Dylan asked.

"No, he was actually quite nice," Tina replied. "Maybe that's because I answered his questions. I didn't want them to hurt you more."

"What did he ask about?"

Tina looked uncomfortable. "He wanted to know about Jason..."

Dylan quickly turned to her. "You've seen Jason?!"

"Yeah, Mary caught him in our hunting grounds and brought him back to camp. Once he got there, Sister Nancy, well..." Then she explained the rest, and Dylan's eyes got bigger and bigger.


That night Makayla came to Jason in the cage.

As they snuggled together on the bench Makayla asked him, "So Joan actually let you have sex with her?"

Jason thought for a moment, but realized he couldn't hide anything from Makayla. He told her the truth, how he had helped the big girl fake the sex so she wouldn't have to stay in the cage.

"Oh, Jason..." Makayla sighed, "You're so nice." Then she kissed him.

He returned the kiss passionately. Makayla had had zero sex drive the last few days, so this was a welcome change. "Is your period over?" he asked hopefully.

"I think so," she replied, pulling her shirt off. "Anyway, I want you now."

They made love in his favorite missionary position. After he blew his second wad of the day deep inside her he found that his penis was streaked with blood when he pulled out. "Gross..." he groaned.

"Oops!" she giggled, "Guess it wasn't completely done."


As night fell, Tina reached down and started to stroke Dylan's cock through his tattered school uniform trousers.

"Tina!" Dylan whispered, "The whole tribe's all around us. We can', I can't..."

She continued to stroke, feeling him harden. "Feels like you can," she replied, pulling up her skirt. "Just keep quiet."

"But won't we make a baby like this?" he asked quietly as she unfastened his trousers. She had explained everything Jason was being forced to do back at the other camp, though to her it didn't seem like the captured boy needed much forcing.

She stroked his cock as she shifted on top of him. "Maybe," she agreed. 'Better you than Jason,' she added silently.

As she rode Dylan to a shattering (but not as quiet as they were hoping) mutual orgasm, they were unaware of Rodney's eyes watching from the next hut over as he blew his own wad into his pants.


In the morning Makayla went out to hunt and Jason asked to wash in the ocean. His guards stayed on the beach as he got the blood off of his dick and then cleaned the rest of himself in the salt water.

A couple hours later, Joan was pushed back into the cell, followed by Allie, who was again on guard duty. The door closed and locked behind them.

"But I'm still sore!" Joan complained to Allie. "The others got a day off after their first time!"

"Sister Nancy already said that you don't get a day off because you hid when your period was, Joan," Allie replied, "so just do it again, okay?" Then she stood in the corner, waiting.

Joan looked to Jason and then back to Allie. "So, get out...?"

Allie leaned back against the fuselage. "Nope! Sister Nancy says we gotta watch." She seemed to have a gleam in her eye as she looked over at Jason sitting naked on the bench.

Joan was obviously getting quite nervous. "But you didn't yesterday..."

Allie sighed. "We didn't know how long it would take. Honestly, Joan, we didn't think it would happen at all," she replied matter-of-factly. "Now that you've done it, it'll be easier this time. Trust me." She licked her lips unconsciously.

Joan turned back to Jason, her eyes pleading. They hadn't actually had sex the previous day and now that charade was crumbling.

Jason did some mental calculations. Then he got up and moved around Joan to approach Allie. The blonde arched an eyebrow at him.

"Hey, Allie," Jason softly spoke to her, "you can stay back and give us some room, though, right? Joan's really shy."

Allie glanced down at Jason's 6" cock, which had risen as he approached the blonde beauty. She gulped. "Sure, Jason."

He turned back to the Amazonian tribe leader. "Okay, sit yourself down, legs spread, Joan."

She hesitated a moment and then did so, pushing the tails of her uniform shirt down to cover her naked genitals.

Jason moved between her legs and her eyes went wide looking at his angry-looking phallus approaching her most vulnerable spot. "Jason..." she growled.

He moved forward to whisper in her ear, still keeping his cock a half-foot from her. "You'll have to trust me, but I think we can still fake it at this angle." Then he looked back at Allie, who was directly behind him but far enough distant that the low light in the cage pretty much hid what was going on between him and Joan.

Joan looked over his shoulder. "Oh, I get it," she whispered back, "you do the same thing as last time, just...closer..." she shuddered.

"Yep. Here we go..." Jason started to thrust his hips forward, rubbing his legs against Joan's inner thighs but keeping his cock pointing at her stomach instead of her vagina, which was still protected by her shirt. As he did so he stroked his cock, making sure that he didn't make it obvious to Allie what he was really doing.

"Are you doing it?" Allie asked, craning her neck.

"Yep!" Jason called back, and then he whispered to Joan, "Make some noise, willya?"

"Oh! Oh! That feels so good inside me, Jason! You're so big!"

While the words helped, Joan's delivery was flat and fake.

"Er, maybe don't talk? Jesus. Also, can you lift up your shirt? If she comes over she'll expect to see your privates." Jason didn't mention that he also wanted to see them.

Joan sighed and pulled her shirt up a bit as she issued forth some fake moans and groans in time with his thrusting. With her legs splayed he had a great view of her pussy lips playing peek-a-boo within her forest of brown fuzz. His cock got a little harder as he stroked it.

Then in the corner of his eye he caught sight of Allie moving to the side for a better view. She was going to see that he wasn't inside Joan! He pushed forward quickly, closing the gap.

Joan gasped as the head of Jason's cock speared itself between her vaginal lips. She was about to punch him when she saw Allie, chewing her lower lip distractedly, angling for a better look. Joan closed her eyes. "Please, don't...please..."

"Oh, sorry..." Allie murmured, shuffling back to her original spot. She had assumed the pleading was for her.

Jason pulled back and Joan let out the breath she had been holding. With Allie's angle of view back to almost nothing, he went back to faking his thrusts while stroking. However, the forbidden aspect of having his cock inside the lesbian beauty, even just the head, had done its work and he was approaching his orgasm. Then he realized something.

"Shit!" he whispered to Joan. "If I just cum in your hand there'll be too much of it. Normally I'm right up there so there's not much mess."

Joan looked down at Jason's cock, which seemed red and angry as he continued to stroke it. She shuddered. "I guess...just the tip...?" She felt sick as she used her fingers to spread her pussy lips open.

Jason wasted no time as he felt the orgasm rise up his shaft. He carefully pushed his hips forward, once again dipping the head between Joan's vaginal lips, and let his cum go.

"Unggh! Yeah! Ahh!" He continued stroking his cock, increasing the power of each spurt of his semen as it shot into the lesbian girl's virginal pussy.

Joan felt a strange warmth pulsing into her vagina. One, two, three, four... She gasped, this time for real.

Then Jason pulled back, white liquid dripping from the head of his penis, and Joan looked down at her crotch. There was some of that stuff dripping out between her vaginal lips, but she knew there was far more still inside. She felt cold at the thought that Jason might have just impregnated her.

End of Part 4.

Dudley DowrongReport

2020-01-20 03:22:33
"Sorry, too many votes today." Krosis, I'm really enjoying Ur approach to the inexperience of the virgins on the island with "Sister Nancy", the Slut leader hycoprite. Enjoying so many angles of Ur appproach. Tina & Dylan doing it under the blanket was just prescious. At least Tina knew the jest of what was necessary to complete her impregnation. A eunique rendation of bassics of life & perpetuation of the species .

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