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The story continues in the days after....
“Amy! Amy! Get the fuck back here now you SLUT!” Tony screamed through the window, still butt naked, his hard dick throbbing was visible even through the light of the bedroom window.

Amy stopped sucking my dad’s dick immediately, looking up with fear in her eyes as she half/screamed and half/anxiously whispered:

“Baby! Please! You’ll wake the girls!”

“And what? Let them see that their own mother sucking some random stranger’s dick?! Get the FUCK up here NOW. I will not ask again. You have one minute!” Tony shouted as he slammed the window dramatically.

Amy shot my father a nervous look of disappointment before quickly kissing the head of his penis and saying “I have to go”, as she got out of the hot tub and quickly walked towards the house and made her way towards the main bedroom, shivering and dripping from the water as she walked. It looked like a girl that didn’t want to get in trouble with her parents.

After taking turns sucking my dick as well as my dad’s dick for approximately 15 minutes, me, my father and my mother decided to retire to their bedroom for the night. I was excited by the possibilities.

When we walked through the main door, we could all hear a loud “THA-RUMP! THA-RUMP! THA-RUMP!”

“Baby?” my mom Kelly said as she looked at me seductively. “Can you go check and….make sure Amy is alright?” she asked.

“of course” I said.

“Great, we’ll meet you in our bedroom” Kelly said as she took my dad’s hand.

I walked up to the second floor while my parents entered their bedroom for the night.

I walked by and peered in naturally, just as my father had wrapped my mother’s hair into one of his hands and guided her mouth onto his dick, which she sucked slowly but passionately. She looked up at me, unbothered, as she locked eyes with me and watched me walk by.

“Take it! Take it! Don’t gag baby, please don’t gag itfeelssogoodbaby” I could hear mixed with coughing and sniffling sounds that I presumed were from my mother. Good for my dad, I thought as I smiled. He was finally being rough in the bedroom like Kelly wanted.

I stopped for a moment to watch some more, as my father suddenly crammed my mom’s mouth onto his dick, making her deepthroat.

She loudly coughed as my father said “pleasebabypleasesuckitjustliekthatyeahyeahyeah yeah, ohmygodyoufuckingslutsuckmydick” and with this, he grabbed my mom’s skull and began to uncontrollably face fuck her, clearly in an-ecstasly like trance. My mom, as usual, locked eyes with him romantically, and submissively, gamely keeping up with his rhythm.

“I want yout to swallow OK baby?!” my dad said as he continued to hump as hear as he could:


“mmmmmhhhmmmm” my mom mumbled out, just barely, now changed out of her yellow swim suit and back into the all pearls g-string, the string of pearls now pushed back to the left side of my mom’s ass as my father began to play with her asshole and give it a quick lick.

As this point I realized I had to check and make sure Amy was OK. I walked up slowly to the 3rd floor, where I began to hear screams of pleasure mixed perhaps with pain.




fuck!!! Ahhhhh

it hurts! Ahhhhh!”

were the screams, clearly coming from Amy, as I briskly walked up to the door and peered in.

The lights were on completely and the door was basically wide open, which was shocking because the site was quite explicit……

Amy was on the bed, her tiny g-string pushed down to her ankles, as she clutched a pillow with her ass hole fully open, thrust into the air towards the sky. Tony was squatted over her, naked himself and admittedly looking fit, slowly but strongly fucking Amy’s asshole, and you could tell she couldn’t decide whether she enjoyed it…..or hated it.

But I wasn’t in the mood to play white knight and turned to join my parents.

____________48 hours later_________

It is 8:45 AM on the beach, just feet from the shoreline of the island, myself and my mom Kelly.

Let me quickly back-up: While tony remains on the island, both Kelly and Tony’s wife Amy have been sleeping in the guest bedroom as my father and myself take turns fucking them. Kelly, in particular, loves sucking my dick.

Which brings me back to the beach scene at 8:45 AM.

The daughters have now gone home for the final few days of the trip and the island feels more secluded.

STILL, its very risky that I’m lying on the sand butt naked as Kelly, ass arched high in the air, wearing nothing but the expensive pearl g-string that Tony had gifted her a few days back (she took a truly excellent parting gift) gave me a ridiculous blowjob, tears streaming down her face from the gagging.

“Fuck my face” she said over and over until I finally humped as hard as I cold, often sending her gagging and her makeup running.

“GAH! GAH! GAH! GAH!” was the sound she made as saliva dripped off her lips and made a strand that sloppily yet seductively was slobbered all over the head of my dick.

At this point I’d been hooking up with my mom for a few days now and knew one thing for sure: the rougher and more submissive she was made to feel, the better.

So with that, I grabbed the back of her ponytail and suddenly pulled it off of my dick and pulled her hair back, so her eyes were uncomfortably pointed to the sky.

“Listen to me” I started.

“Yes baby anything” my mom said.

“I want you to suck it until I cum, and I want you to fucking GAG!”

“mmm yeah I want to gag on your cock”

“yeah slut?!”

“mmmmhmmm baby” she said in a high pitched, feminine voice

“YEAH?!” I said louder

“mmmmmhmmm yeaaaahhh” she said half moaning half crying she was so horny

“Swallow my fucking seed, say it, say you want to swallow my seed”

“oh fuck, I want to swallow your seed baby”

“Good, THEN SUCK IT BITCH!” I screamed loudly as I humped at her face as hard as I could, feeling filled with energy and maybe even a little bit…mischevious. She liked it rough, well, how far COULD I push it?

I Continued to hump as hard as I could as I tried to think of something....

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