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Darren inherits something special from his grandfather, setting the world into the palm of his hands. This was just the beginning.
You know how kids who have brothers or sisters, or both, always wish they could be an only child? It could be for any reason, literally. Privacy, attention, or any other little thing in between. I was one of them. I hated my siblings, who, might I add, were always running into my room without even a single knock and then continued to make fun of me when they found me jerking off into a sock while I watched porn. This resulted in numerous and admittedly very embarrassing situations with my parents, along with very sharp and blunt objects being thrown at me by those very siblings.

The worst part about my siblings? They were all girls, with me - the only male - being the youngest. Cassidy and Madison were the next youngest, they were twins with Madison being born only a few minutes after Cassidy. Next up in the batting or. . .er, excuse me, next up was Alexis. Then came the Kraken herself, Sarah. Those four made up the quartet of air-leeching, attention-whoring sluts otherwise known as my sisters. All four of them were awful people, minus Alexis sometimes. Unfortunately, they all took after our mom. Meaning they were all undeniably attractive in one way or another.

All of that changed the day our mom forced us to stay in our grandfather's house together over winter break.

I wasn't ever all that close with Alexis or Sarah, and the distance only grew after they decided to rent an apartment together. And you know what? Good riddance. They were always accusing me of being a fuckin' perv whenever I accidentally ran into them while they were walking down the hall in a towel or in their underwear. I mean, how was I supposed to not look? They literally had their tits hanging out half the time, and the same went for their asses. Yeah, they were my sisters, but my cock never gave a shit about titles. Hell, it barely gave fuck about looks as long as it had a hole and I had a beer or two in me.

I'm not gonna sit here and lie to all of you. I busted more nuts than I'd like to admit to them, usually in the filling-them-up-with-cum variety of imagery. . .and maybe with a pair of their panties. Okay, fine, I found them sexually attractive. Don't judge me. But their panties would be as close to their pussies as I would get. They all disliked me just as much as I disliked them. It was as if they found me to be a stain on their sisterhood or something. I was always left out when it came to them and their inside jokes. They could have their traveling pants or whatever, I just wanted to nut in each of them once or twice.

That wasn't to say I was a nerd or anything. I was your typical horny teenager with a few friends and had a few short-term girlfriends. I'd been laid a few times at parties with girls that were likely too drunk to care who was pounding their tight twat, but then again, who was I to say no? I wasn't Jesus, and I sure as hell wasn't celibate. I fucked 'em, busted a nut, and moved on to the next one. My leeching sisters were the least of my worries and were the furthest thing from a priority. It was all about bros, parties, and pussy. . .Oh, and homework, I suppose.

Everything changed when we were all called by our Mom, where we were told that a grandfather on our dad's side that we'd never met had passed away and we were the only living relatives. This came as bit of a shock for us, as only about a year or so earlier, our father had passed away in an accident on his way to a business meeting with his firm. Dad had never said anything about him. As far as the five of us knew, this man had never existed.

A day's drive found us square in the middle of Bumfuck, Texas with only a mansion in near sight. Behind that mansion was an empty farm with a pair of massive red barns in the distance. An older woman, likely in her forties, declared herself as his lawyer. She went on to explain that the will stated this mansion belong to us. But the biggest shock came when his lawyer turned to me with a growing smile and a hidden wink, a shock that all but changed my life.

"Darren, your grandfather, Walter Graves, has left his entire fortune to you." she handed me the will along with an old golden key. "You are now the holder of nearly two billion dollars and the proprietor of all his businesses."

Why he, a man I'd never met, left me with massive wealth and several companies was revealed nearly a week later just before winter break when my mom asked us all to meet in the mansion left to us. Well, to be specific, the afternoon that followed it. Nothing was ever the same after that afternoon, I existed in a world surrounded by billions of other humans, but lived my life in another that only a *********** few could access. It was that world that made all that money make sense, it was a world that made all of his power make sense. This was the day it began.


I sat waiting at the head of the table in the massive, way-too-fancy dining room as I waited for the rest of my family to show up. The first of my sisters to show up was a bitter-looking Sarah. The reason for that bitter look? Well, if you have a brain in that noggin, her reason should've been obvious. She was angry that I was given every cent of his money, that it was only because I was male that I received his fortune. She had demanded that we all split the money equally, regardless of what his will said, but when our mom took my side, for once, Sarah stormed out and none of us had seen her since.

One by one, they all finally entered the room a good hour late, until it had only been the very person who requested we meet missing from the group. As I tore my eyes away from my phone, they found Alexis looking right back at me with a pair of narrowed eyes while she continued to gnaw on her thumbnail. I wasn't exactly sure if she was angry or even curious about something, but the one thing she wasn't trying to do was hide the fact that she was looking right at me.

Our staring contest came to an awkward end when the doors crashed open, revealing our mom. In silence, she approached the table and set her phone before pulling out chair for herself. Her silence quickly vanished with a big, toothy smile as she eyed all of us down one by one. What she wanted us to meet for? I hadn't been all that sure at that moment, but it had pretty clearly been something fairly big, and it seemed like I wasn't the only one picked up on it.

"What is it, Mom? We have lives we need to get back to, not that Shitstick over here would know what that is." Sarah snickered to herself, sending a middle finger my way.

"What you just did, that's exactly it." she brushed her hair behind her ear. "Ever since your father died, this family's been falling apart. We're supposed to have each other's back and be there for one another, not ignoring each other or distancing ourselves. Darren's agreed to split the money equally with all of you as long as we all stay here together for your entire winter break."

"Really?" Sarah shot a glare right at me. "Why would you want to split all of your money with us? What do you get out of it?"

I said no such thing to my mom, and I never agreed to anything like that, but one look at the grin on my mom's face told me the smart decision was to go with it. Why? I had literally zero idea, but something told me it was in my best interest to do so. I nodded, returning the looks of my clearly curious sisters, who awaited an answer for my generosity. Honestly? I was a selfish little fuck, I didn't want to give away the money and I had no reason to, and thus nothing to tell them. Hopefully I was as decent at ad-libbing as I was at being selfish.

"I read that will myself, and he was as sexist as they came. If I had a brother, I'd probably be sharing this with him. The only thing that makes you four different from a brother is what you have in your pants." I muttered, looking them in the eye. "The rest was mom's idea, probably wants you spoiled brats to earn something for once. God knows Dad never did."

"Fuck you." Sarah, Cassidy, and Madison all stated in near unison before laughing with one another.

Our mom stood up, looking at my four sisters. "Do we have a deal? As long as we spend quality time with each other until the first of the year, you'll all get your money."

The four of them looked at one another for a moment and then turned back with a nod. That was where the best years of my life began, right in that dining room. . .more accurately, that night in my room after stabbing my index finger with a paper clip.


An hour or so had gone by since everyone dispersed and went to do their own thing for a while. As for me? Our grandfather's lawyer left a stack of papers for me to look through so I could get acquainted with his businesses. It was as I was reading through the history of Graves Shipping that I was picking at the tip of a paper clip, but somewhere along the way I managed to dig the tip of that paper clip too deep into my nail and ultimately found it pricking my fingertip.

"Fuck." I muttered to myself, trying to shake the pain out of my hand.

Without giving much thought to the silencing of the chirping birds outside, I got up from the wooden chair in "my" room and began to head towards the door just as the blood began to pool around the wound I had put on myself. As I made my way down the stairs, the silence of the mansion suddenly became apparent to me. Wondering if they all said screw the money, I peeked ahead passed the wall to see if anyone was home, and that was where I found Sarah and Alexis standing just in front of the massive fish tank. But something was, I don't know, off? They were both dead silent and stiff as boards. Were they just that in awe over what was an admittedly beautiful representation of sea life, or what?

Nearly forgetting about my finger, I stepped into the living and called out to them. "Alexis? What's up?"

Neither responded to me, or even turned my way. Sarah was usually cold towards me, but she would at least turn to me if I spoke. A repeated attempt resulted in the same silence, leaving only my voice echoing through the almost creepily silent mansion. That was when I noticed it, the something that was off when I entered the room. Both the water and the large fish inside of the tank were completely still, frozen in time, and the same appeared to be true for the two girls in front of me.

My immediate thought was that they were fucking with me, that they were playing some dumb prank on me under the guise of 'spending time together'. I played along as I grew closer with each step and began to stretch my right arm outwards towards the small of her back, but even as my hand approached the voluptuous derrière belonging to Alexis, there was still no movement from either girl. I knew for a fact that if this was a prank and Sarah saw my trying to grope Alexis, she would've decked me into the next millennium before I had the chance, but she hadn't. There had been something else at play, that much was made obvious when my hand met my older sister's well-cushioned ass.

My left hand followed suit, meeting the other free cheek of her butt. "Alexis? Sarah?"

Uncertain at best, I took a stroll around Alexis until I was standing right in front of her. If this was really a prank and Sarah was actually letting me feel up Alexis, had this been her way of black sheeping my ass out of the family? If I was just going to be kicked out of the family as a billionaire, then what was the harm in taking this up a notch? I took one final glance at a still-frozen Sarah before turning back and unbuttoning Alexis's tight shorts. As I slowly slid her shorts down her hips, her white and pink striped cotton panties came into view, ever so faintly being pulled along with the blue denim of her frayed shorts.

Lowering my nose to her waist just as her shorts dropped to her ankles, I brought my nose to her panty-concealed mound. Mixed with that soft, fruity scent of her body wash was a hidden, but beautifully pleasant musk emanating from her pussy. My fingertips quickly, ruthlessly, blindly ascended her soft, bare thighs in search of the band that held the girlish panties to her waist. They were swiftly rewarded as they curled inside that very band and tore them down to reveal a glorious, hairless twenty year-old pussy.

My nose fell lower, just underneath her hairless slit. As my nose inched closer and closer to her pussy, the heat radiating from her was unlike anything else I'd ever felt, and the throbbing erection in my jeans wanted every piece of it. My nose finally landed on the hood of her clit, taking in the even stronger musk that tried to fight through her panties, but it wasn't alone this time. My tongue achieved what my boner couldn't, it fought through teeth and quivering lips in pursuit of the glorious pussy above it.

As soon as her insides met my tongue, it became all too clear that her pussy tasted just as amazing as she smelled. It was ever so slightly salty, mixed with just the faintest touches of copper, but it was the best pussy I had ever tasted by a mile. Her scent, her taste, and the soft bared skin my fingers tips ran themselves across, it was like savoring a country's finest delicacies. It didn't matter if the woman above me was one of my sisters, the cunt in my mouth was in a league of its own. That was right when I heard a question I never could've imagined myself hearing.

"How does your sister taste, Darren?"

I flew backwards right into Sarah's legs, left with the visual of my bottomless older sister and my mom leaning against the archway right behind her. What became immediately obvious about my leaning mom wasn't the shortest dress I had ever seen her lithe frame don, it was the long grin sitting on her face that revealed just the slightest trace of glistening white teeth behind her glossy pink lips. A smirk that spoke something of a thousand words without ever uttering a single word.

"Does she taste as good as she looks?"

My fried brain hadn't quite registered the downright evil question that had come from my own mother's mouth. "I. . .uh."

Not a single word left my lips as I watched our mom approach Alexis from behind and gently set her palms on her bared hips before dragging them upwards, guiding her shirt further up her torso with each inch moved. The idea that this was some sort of prank had long been blown away as my mom ripped up Alexis's tight top, revealing a pair of smaller, pale breasts formed in the shape teardrops. Still completely frozen, Alexis had yet to respond with even the most minimal movements, and it hadn't changed as our mom pressed her lips on the left side of her neck.

"You aren't in trouble, at all. Keep eating your sister's pussy and I'll explain everything while you do it, okay?" Her left hand looped around Alexis's rib cage and climbed upward until her fingertips were clamping down on her left nipple. "Oh, and by the way, Alexis wanted this more than you probably now, Darren. I took a little peak in her diary before she moved out and found a little bit about you, about how she's wanted to have sex with you since she learned how to cum."

Uncertain, I nodded with a raised brow as I tried by best to tear my eyes away from my mom. Right as my nose met the lips of her pussy, I felt an odd sensation. She was somehow wet, and not the kind of wet that came from a tongue, but the kind of soaking wet that had come from a girl who had already experienced a few orgasms. Alexis had been dripping like a waterfall, droplets of her womanly juices falling down her legs like a torrential downpour from the sky.

"Your grandfather contacted me a month or so after your father died and he told me he felt the awakening of the Chronos Gene. He was right in suspecting that it was you, a descendant of the original holder." my mom spoke the equivalent of Greek as she lightly swatted my sister's ass with her free right hand. "In all honesty, Darren, your grandfather used it on me and before I knew it, I was pregnant with you. I raised you five with the expectation that you'd be the next holder of the Chronos Gene one day, and now you have the world in your palm."

My mom's eyes met my own, where not a single word needed to be said as I kept my mouth buried in my sister's pussy.

"The Chronos Gene allows you to stop time with a trigger word you've seemed to use. But more importantly, Darren, it's your cum that's become special. Once your cum touches a girl anywhere, you will become irresistible to any girl unless they are ordered otherwise like myself. Your seed is and will not prevented by any contraceptives, condoms or birth control. Any girl you cum inside of will likely end up pregnant." my mom reached downwards to Alexis's pussy and spread her lips while I continued to take in the taste of her soaked insides. "All of your sister's bodies are yours, my body is yours, and any other slut you want is yours. I'll help you with anything you need, Darren, no matter what it is. All you have to do is ask."

I pulled my mouth away from her pussy for just a moment, with only one question in mind. "What am I supposed to do with it?"

"That's the beauty of the Chronos Gene, whatever you want. Just have fun and live your best life. Sex, fortune, and absolute power. It's all yours now."

/// A/N:

I know, not much sex here, mostly just introduction of the power. There will be much more in the coming chapters/parts.


2020-01-19 18:56:03
P.S. Please forgive if I seem overly negative in my critiques. I try to always vote Positive if I enjoyed your story enough to bother critiquing at all.


2020-01-19 18:50:57
Definitely missing out on the conflict of the story. I LOVE OP protagonists, but providing them with meaningful conflict, that drives the story, can be difficult. Great set up with dislike of siblings. Nice transition starter with the ok sibling Alexis. However, time stop is OP and completely removes the incest reluctance. You could unfreeze time during foreplay and sex to give some flavor, but the cum turning them into mindless lust filled sluts means each character is pretty much one and done for character building. As Darren's harem grows, the sisters could feel like they're being back into a corner and attempt to escape the same fate. So there's potential, but it sounds like a challenging story to continue without becoming bland


2020-01-18 05:37:42
Awesome start! Really looking forward to the next installment


2020-01-17 06:43:45
Glad I found this


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when are you going to finish this story? mr_topcat140

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