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On the run from a drug dealer, in hiding in a remote cottage, Kelly and Joe explore their bondage fantasies. I recommend reading part one (The Nutty Nurse) first.
Joe and Kelly (the nutty nurse) had become attached to each other after their accidental getting together where he had to hold her captive for the duration of a drugs deal that went more than pear shaped.

She had a month off work and he was self employed so nobody would be missing them for the next few days at least.

It was now late on Sunday afternoon; they were heading north to lay low for a couple of weeks in hiding after ripping off Mr Jones, one of the drug dealers for twelve thousand pounds.

They were in Kelly’s car with all her belongings as this was part of her planned trip but not Joes.

He suggested that they stop at the next town to eat and buy a change of clothes for him.

They parked in a public car park and walked into the town centre looking for a restaurant. Kelly held Joes hand as they reached a road junction and didn’t let go after they crossed.

They passed many shops, glancing in the windows as they did. A second hand shop window display caught Kelly’s attention as she stopped and pulled on Joe’s hand stopping him too. A pair of handcuffs were sitting on a box on a display shelf between a guitar, some air weapons, a catapult and various fishing rods.

“We could have hours of fun with those couldn’t we, if only this place was open?” she said.

Joe smiled at her and kissed the side of her head.

They moved on, stopping to look at the menu outside a restaurant with a high price on every dish.

“Looks good to me.” Joe said.

Kelly felt under dressed in her denim shorts and t-shirt but agreed to eat there. She ordered only the best from the menu with the knowledge that Jonesy (Mr Jones) was paying and that she had earned it.

After a glass of wine or two Joe opened up to Kelly, apologising for restraining her in such a brutal way. Kelly held his knee under the table and winked at him. “I quite liked being under your control.” She told him.

After eating they headed back to the car, now too late for clothes shopping because of it being a Sunday evening.

As they drove, Kelly asked to borrow Joe’s phone so that she could check her facebook messages as this had the code for the safe box holding the keys to the cottage. Joe’s facebook profile came up as Kelly opened the web page. Kelly scrutinised it, asking Joe a thousand questions about himself as she went through everything. She sent herself a friends request then logged into her own account and accepted it before reading her messages.

It was 9:30 pm and dark when they finally arrived at the cottage; it stood on its own, with white exterior walls and a stone slab roof, matching the surrounding buildings in this tiny village.

Kelly retrieved the key from the lock box on the wall and they both walked inside.

Inside was very open plan with low traditional wooden beams, the sort recycled from old ships two hundred years or so ago. There was a kitchen with a door leading outside to the garage. The bedroom and the bathroom were off the main lounge. The lounge was on two levels and they stepped down half way along as they walked towards the large glass doors overlooking the sea view.

“Wow Kelly, you chose well here. So you were planning to be here on your own for some time were you?” He asked.

“Yes, so you’d better behave or I’ll chain your balls up again.” She laughed referring to their previous incident.

Joe turned on the central heating then emptied Kelly’s belongings out of the car and placed the bags in the bedroom. Kelly unpacked and put her phone on charge at the side of the bed.

The last two days had taken their toll and Kelly began nodding off to sleep whilst catching up with her messages. Joe lay on the bed next to her and with his phone he began reading all about Kelly’s social media.

It wasn’t long before Kelly had fallen asleep using Joe’s chest as a pillow with him using his fingers to brush her hair.

It was 9:30 on Monday morning when they both woke. Kelly examined her wrists, finding them to be fine and surprisingly not bruised after being chained up over Saturday night.

On her holiday she had planned on plenty of fitness and go running each day but not today. Not now she has an unexpected man staying in the cottage with her. She stayed in bed and snuggled up to him. “We could stay like this all day if you want.” She suggested.

“Tempting but we will need food eventually.” Joe replied.

They had a long kiss and then Joe climbed out of bed. He put on his jeans and went for a better look around the cottage.

Kelly followed him out of the bedroom in her underwear. She found Joe admiring the structure of the old building, paying particular attention to one of the two upright wooden beams in the lounge.

“You’re not planning on tying me to that later are you?” She asked.

Joe laughed and smiled at her “That all depends on your behaviour today.” He said.

Joe unlocked the kitchen door, leading out to the garage and walked in. It had the same low roof beam structure as the main cottage and was not quite wide enough for two cars.

He noticed what must be the cover for a car inspection pit made up of loose boards butted up to each other, set into the concrete floor. He casually wandered over and pressed his foot on one of the boards, looking down through the gap between two of them but it was too dark. The boards spanned the 3 foot wide pit and he counted twelve of them. Normally these would be removed with a car parked over the top to gain access to the underneath. A useful feature but not one you see in houses anymore as tinkering with your own car is a bit of a thing of the past he thought.

There was what looked like a sofa covered with cloth dust sheets lying against the wall adjacent to the kitchen door and a Welsh dresser unit standing next to it obviously being stored there out of the main cottage.

The garage was cold and so he headed back inside.

Kelly, still in her underwear held her phone in her hand and called Joe over to her standing by the glass sliding doors. She pointed the camera at both their faces, Kelly’s bra straps and Joe’s naked shoulders with the sea view in the background and took a selfie of them both.

She checked in and posted the picture of the view and both of them, adding Joe’s name to the post for all her friends to gossip about back home.

They both showered together in the bath tub, taking it in turns to hog the hot water from the shower whilst lathering the other person with soap. There could only be one outcome for the two of them all slippery in the shower and it wasn’t long before they were making love.

Joe had to borrow her razor to shave his face, adding it to the mental list of things he needed to buy as well as food later that day.

Kelly loved having a hold over this handsome man, knowing that she could play on his guilt for ever because of him abducting her the day before. She loved being in his company as she skipped around the cottage with her towel wrapped around her.

After drying her hair, Kelly wore a pale green polo shirt and her light grey Yoga pants. Joe admired her, complementing her on how lovely she looked.

They took a short walk hand in hand down to the beach, passing below and looking up at the line of tall rocks, almost like cliff faces with alcoves like caves at the bottom calved out over years by the water.

Joe realised how isolated and uninhabited this area was, as he reached the shore line on the pebble beach.

Because of the lay of the land even a dog walker would choose one of the other beaches on ether side of these rocks and not the tiny bay they were in otherwise they would have to get their shoes wet.

On their walk back to the cottage Joe explored one of the alcoves that seemed to go back into the rock and deviate off to the right out of sight for about five meters. It was obvious from the vegetation outside that this was now above the mark where the high tide would be.

Inside felt eerily silent, almost completely muffling the sound of the waves. He wondered if this would have the reverse effect if someone was to make a noise in the cave, would it be heard over the noise of the sea.

Kelly ran in front of him.

"How cool is this." She said, looking all around her. "Take a picture of me."

Joe held his phone up and put it on to manual flash.

Kelly stood against the back wall of the cave with her shoulders touching the rock.

"Beautiful." He said.

She raised her hands high above her head and pressed the tops of her wrists against the rock, pushing out her chest and arching her back with her bum cheeks against the wall.

"Help me." She shouted, as Joe took the photo.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Don't worry, it's just a childhood fantasy of mine being held captive in a cave all alone." She said.

"You like being the damsel in distress don’t you?" He asked.

She put her arms around his waist and kissed him.

"Come on. You'll get used to me, I promise." She said as she took his hand, leading him out towards the car.

They drove to the nearest town which took 50 minutes, where they ate like royalty and talked for ever, followed by shopping for the weeks food and drink.

Kelly wore a short jacket which only came down to her waist height, teasing passers by with the curves of her arse cheeks enhanced by the elasticity of her yoga pants. Joe also loved the fact that he could show this beauty off to everyone else as being with him.

Joe bought more boxer shorts, socks and a few t-shirts as well as the usual cosmetics for himself.

They didn’t hold back when choosing the food or drinks ether as amongst their provisions were six bottles of Champaign courtesy of Jonesy’s money they had ‘confiscated’.

Joe looked at his watch, it was 2pm. Before heading back he asked if they needed to visit a pharmacy for some sort of protection, to which Kelly smiled and showed him her contraceptive pills in her handbag.

Not one for shopping Joe had to admit to Kelly that he’d loved spending the day with her. Being on the run from Jonesy wasn’t such a bad thing after all he thought.

On way back to cottage they notice a whisky distillery in the village attached to the local public house. It had a sign outside saying Visitors Entrance.

An hour later they were unpacking their groceries, making sure to put one of the Champaign bottles in the deep freeze along with two glasses to chill it down quickly.

Joe checked the time and suggested that they should have a look at the whisky distillery before it closed, as it was about fifty yards away from their cottage, whilst the Champaign chilled down.

Admission to the distillery was free; all they had to do was keep to the designated path behind the glass partition windows, follow and read the display boards all the way around the building.

There was a particular part of the distillery that boasted about how it had manufactured its own barrels for the past fifty years and even shipped them out to other distilleries around Scotland.

They watched as a worker took a long piece of flat metal and kept feeding it through three rollers, causing it to bend a little bit more each time it passed through them until it became a full circle, to be welded closed and hammered tightly over the sides of a wooden barrel.

”Now that is how you make a metal belt.” She said with a raised eyebrow. “That is much more sturdy than that flimsy clamp thing you had on me yesterday.” “I wonder if he can make them any smaller, they’d make really sexy bracelets don’t you think?”

“Then we could definitely have some fun?” She said, putting her arms around his waist, locking eyes and smiling at him.

Joe felt aroused at the thought of her suggestion. He kissed her gently on the lips and said “You are so kinky. How the hell did I ever find you.”

They continued the tour, learning a little about the mixing, brewing, distilling and bottling process, before moving on to the bar in the attached public house for the tasting which unfortunately was no longer a free part of the tour.

The bar served food and so after a couple of whisky samples on an empty stomach, they headed back to the cottage and popped open the Champaign from the freezer.

They had a celebratory drink to the two of them and were now really feeling the effects of the alcohol.

Realising the two of them hadn’t eaten for six hours they hurried back to the bar for some food.

They continued drinking in the public house and after eating, Joe left Kelly sitting at their table to order yet more drinks from the bar. There was a man wearing a polo top with the distillery logo on it, sitting at the bar alone, enjoying a fine whisky sample from his place of work.

The man recognised Joe and Kelly from watching him through the window on the distillery tour earlier on and so he introduced himself.

“I’m Mack the cooper; I make the whiskey barrels next door. I saw you both having a look around today.”

“Hi I’m Joe, yes we saw you working earlier today. Pleased to meat you.” They shook hands.

Joe’s tongue had definitely being loosened by the alcohol making it easy for him to ask Mack.

“My girlfriend and I did have one question. We were wondering if you had the facility to make any of those hoops any other size?”

In his Scottish accent he replied “Aye laddie, we have a fully equipped blacksmiths outfit next door, what size were you thinking of?”

Joe took a couple of seconds to build up courage, then moved closer to Mack and quietly said “We like to play games in the bedroom if you know what I mean so if I said about the size of that lady over there’s wrists, would you know what I was talking about?”

Mack looked away, had a sip of his whisky, paused then turned back to Joe saying “Are you serious?”

“Is it possible?” Joe asked.

“Aye it would be easy but…” Mack was cut off by Joe.

“Excuse me, I’ll be back in a moment.” Joe said as he wandered back over to Kelly and sat next to her.

“Baby, I’m chatting to that man over there who is the guy who makes the metal rings they put around the barrels we saw today, remember?” Joe said.

“Yes I remember, I didn’t recognise him without his hat and goggles.” Kelly moved closer to Joe and quietly mumbled “I don’t suppose you’ve asked him about smaller size rings yet have you?”

“I did and he said that can do it.” He replied smiling, watching Kelly’s look change from one of hope to temptation. “He want’s to know how serious we are about it?”

“Tell him yes but.”

“Aww, Just tell him yes.” “I’m on holiday with a hunky guy. Let’s have some fun.” Kelly looked over and waved to Mack who was looking back at the two of them having an exited conversation.

“Ok. I’m in.” He said.

“What ever the cost, we can afford it. Let’s do it.” She replied.

“What should I ask him to make?” Joe asked.

Kelly made a drunken list for Joe “Err, I want something really secure like the ones you put on me before, that felt amazing and I want to do it again. I don’t want to be able to touch myself in between my legs, that will be your job. I want to be able to walk and don’t want anything on my neck.”

Joe interrupted “What about around your waist?”

“Yes that’s fine. I’ll leave it up to you two. Make it a surprise for me?” She smiled.

Kelly continued “This will be a gift from you to me so don’t get it wrong, bear in mind how you thought you had me last time but I still conquered your balls and chained your neck.” She shifted her smile from Joe, over to Mack sitting at the bar.

Joe thought for a few seconds, “Leave it with me honey. I’ll see what we can do.” He kissed her on the top of her head as he stood up and walked back over to Mack at the bar.

Kelly had a flutter in her stomach as her mind began running away with wild thoughts of being helplessly trusting, under Joes control again.

“Definitely serious if you’re ok with it.” Joe said to Mack.

“Aye well what did you have in mind?” Mack asked as he turned to a member of staff, speaking too fast for Joe to understand his accent but Mack receiving a pen and paper at the end of his conversation and passing them to Joe.

Kelly could see the two of them making sketches, talking and drinking for a while and wished she could be a fly on the wall but she was too nervous to join in the conversation. They eventually both came over to Kelly’s table with fresh drinks. Mack introduced himself and shook hands with Kelly.

“I’ll spare any embarrassment and cut to the chase.” Mack said “I’m on holiday from tomorrow until Friday so if you still want to go ahead with this then call into the workshop on Friday afternoon and I’ll take some measurements.”

Kelly’s hopes were shattered “Friday!” She said “What about tomorrow?”

“No can doo. I’m going away early in the morning and I won’t be back until Thursday evening.” He said.

Kelly looked at Joe, “Joe?” She said.

Joe looked at Mack and said “What about tonight then?”

Mack replied “No. I’m finished for the night.”

Kelly hit back at him with “Whatever he said he will pay you, I’ll give you five hundred pounds on top if you open the workshop tonight.”

Mack made a kind of squeaking noise as he smiled, looking at both of them. “Are you saying five hundred and ninety pounds?”

“Yes.” Joe replied “Do you have the keys?”

Mack was elated, he couldn’t refuse the offer. “I need a couple of measurements.” He said, turning to Joe, “I’ll need a note from your wallet.”

Joe handed him a ten pound note.

“Keep that; let’s call it six hundred if you keep this quiet.” Kelly said.

“Same goes to you two; I would never live it down if this got out that I had done such a thing.” Mack said as he covertly wrapped the note around Kelly’s wrist and made a fold where the two ends crossed over. He then asked Joe if he could borrow his belt from his jeans.

Joe passed it to Mack. Mack then checked that nobody was looking, asked Kelly to stand up and used it to measure her waist, removing it quickly before anyone looked. He then made a pen mark on the inside of the belt and fastened it around his own waist. He put the folded note and Joes final design sketch into his wallet, finished his drink and went over to give the member of staff his glass and the pen back.

He came back over to the table and said “Give me an hour and then knock on the side door of the workshop, the light will be on. Oh and be sure to bring a large part of that six hundred pounds with you.”

Joe was in disbelief. “Fucking hell. Are we really going to do this?” he asked her.

Kelly smiled back at him saying “Looks like you’re going to be my ‘lioness tamer’ for the next few days dear.”

They finished their drinks and went back to the cottage. From the moment the door closed they were all over each other kissing and bouncing off walls and cupboards as they headed for the bedroom. They rolled around on the bed for a few minutes but both agreed that they would keep their clothes on until later.

“Am I getting a belt?” She asked.

“It’s a surprise.” He replied.

“Will I be able to change my top?” She asked.

“No, not until Mack cuts you free.” He told her.

“No keys again?” She asked.

“No time for him to go out and buy locks or anything like that.” Joe explained.

Kelly’s heart fluttered. “Ok then, I think I’ll wear my Lycra sports top, I can shower in that and it will dry on me quite quickly.” She said.

She removed her bra and pulled on the tight fitting white top. “What do you think?” she asked.

Joe took one look then turned away saying “If I look at you again in that top, we’ll be back in the bedroom and we won’t be leaving her until morning. Please put a jacket on.”

Kelly smiled “You like it then?”

Another glass of Champaign and the hour was up. Joe picked up the rest of the money and they walked to the workshop. He knocked on the door and Mack invited them in.

Mack gave Joe his belt back and said “First things first, I need you to make a declaration that this is your idea and your wishes by means of a video on my phone so that there is no comeback on me if the police find you with this on”.

Mack then held up his phone and videoed Joe and Kelly’s declaration.

Mack had the restraint set on his bench. He brushed off some welding marks around the half links of the chains attaching them to the main bands and held it up in the air.

“I rounded all the edges with a grinder before I started bending them so it shouldn’t be uncomfortable against your skin.” Mack told them.

Kelly looked and immediately had a rush in her loins, feeling her nipples tingling against the tight Lycra top as she saw the contraption.

It comprised of a large ‘C’ shaped metal band which was obviously to go around her waist, with two smaller ‘C’ shaped bracelets welded to it using two short chains each being close to and on opposite sides of the opening.

Joe held the restraints and ran his fingers along the rounded edges of the metal, making sure there wasn’t anything sharp that could cut into her wrists. He then explained to Kelly, “Mack doesn’t have any hinges or locks so we agreed that he could close them up in the vice and stop them springing back open with a small weld. What do you think?”

Kelly not realising how impaired through alcohol she was, agreed. “Yes, I trust you darling. If you’re happy with it then so am I.”

“Shall we give them a try and see how they look on you first?” Mack asked.

Kelly removed her jacket and took hold of the device, lifting her top slightly she put it on from her side and then rotated it around so that the opening was at her front with the wrist manacles each side of the opening.

Joe saw the look on Mack’s face, referring to how kinky she looked he smiled and with his barely understandable accent, joked “We have to get this over with quick before I have a heart attack.”

Mack removed the belt from Kelly’s waist and placed one of the bracelets in his bench vice, clamping it in place. He asked Kelly to put the narrow part of her wrist in through the narrow gap in the cuff then rotate it around inside. When she did, Mack tightened the vice jaws, bending the bracelet closed into a slightly oval shaped band. He then threaded a cold wet rag through the cuff, mostly at the top followed by a thin piece of wood just under the join.

“The wood will prevent me from burning you and the wet rag as well as the vice jaws will absorb most of the heat.” He explained. “Now if I can ask you both to look away please.”

Joe and Kelly both looked away as a bright blue light appeared accompanied by a crackling sound and the smell of burning meatal.

Less than ten seconds later the light stopped, Mack poured more water over the wet rags around Kelly’s wrist to keep them cool and then began welding again. When the blue light went out the second time there was the sound of sizzling water as Mack poured lots of cold water over the cuff and her wrist immediately.

“You can both look now.” He said as he removed the cuff from the vice and carefully took Kelly over to the sink, dowsing the cuff in cold running water. “Did you feel any of that?” he asked.

“It’s warm at the moment but it didn’t burn me no.” she told him.

Mack placed the second manacle in the bench vice and invited Kelly to put her other wrist in and twist it, the same as before. He then tightened the vice, closing the second cuff to the pre-measured oval shaped fit and threaded the cold wet rag through with the wooden slither to prevent it burning her skin.

Joe and Kelly looked away again as Mack ran a one and a half inch weld in two short stages, along the whole width of the four millimetre thick steel cuff, poring water over the rag on her wrist half way through, then pouring more water over the cuff and the bench, not caring about the floor, before he carefully rushed Kelly over to the sink again to run it under the cold water.

“What do you think?” Mack asked.

“Oh my God.” Kelly said.

Joe felt the cuffs “Oh my god babes, they are beautiful.” He said.

Kelly admired the cuffs. They each had a welded five inch long chain attached to the main belt at points Three inches ether side of the belt opening. She smiled at Joe. “Are you sure I won’t be able to touch myself? These chains are awfully close to my front, shouldn’t they be by my sides?” She asked.

Mack looked at Joe and said “Would you like to do the honours sir?”

Joe nodded and took hold of the waist belt. He put it on at Kelly’s side then rotated it around so that the opening and the cuffs were behind her back.

“Oh I see.” She said. “Hurry before I change my mind.”

Mack instructed Joe to put his arms around Kelly’s waist belt and squeeze the two open ends closed so that he could clamp them together with a pair of locking plyers.

This again made a slightly oval shape around her waist. Mack then clamped the earth lead for the electric tig type welder from the bench vice onto the belt then put the rag and a larger piece of wood between the joint and Kelly’s skin.

“Look away.” Mack said to Joe as he welded the first half then removed the plyers and welded the rest of the one and a half inch joint. Holding a bundle of rags underneath it, he carefully poured water over it to cool it down, taking care not to splash Kelly’s clothes.

“All done.” Mack said. “What do you think?”

The belt sat high above her hips. She tried to rotate it around her waist but because of her arm on the opposite side, she couldn’t move her hands ether way any further than to her side just above her hip bone.

She looked down to her side at the restraints and tested the size of the cuffs by trying to pull her hands through them.

There would be no chance of her hands getting through those holes, they had been specifically made to measure for her wrists. She looked at how the oval shape followed the contours of her skin perfectly.

The whole device was heavy but not too heavy to be a burden.

“I’ll leave you two alone for a minute.” Mack said.

“Holly shit babes.” Joe said looking at what he considered now to be his girlfriend absolutely helpless and available with her hands permanently welded behind her back. “Let’s get you home.”

Joe then placed Kelly’s jacket over her shoulders and zipped it up. He kissed her on her lips, telling her “You are one beautiful lioness.”

Kelly was a little bit stunned and sobering up rapidly.

Joe went to thank Mack and pay him “Shall we see you here on Thursday evening when you get back then?” he asked.

Taking the money Mack said “Aye. I’ll be here Thursday night to remove them for you. Take care won’t you.”

Kelly didn’t speak until they arrived back at the cottage. “Did you specify my hands behind my back and not at my sides?” she asked as soon as the door closed.

Joe smiled back at her and said “Got you good this time haven’t I?”

Kelly didn’t smile.

Joe went on, “I asked for the chains to be long enough so that you can wipe your own behind and positioned so that you can lie on your back with your arms at your side but so that you can’t reach your front.”

He took Kelly’s jacket off and told her to lie down and try it.

She lay down on the bed with her elbows bent and her hands at her sides. It wasn’t too uncomfortable but it was the thought of her hands behind her that was bothering her.

Joe knelt over her, straddling her legs and leaning over the top of her, he stroked a lock of golden hair out of her face, onto the pillow.

“I’m not sure about this Joe.” She said.

Joe tried to reassure her. “I think it’s just a daunting thought looking ahead for three days. I’m sure you’ll be ok in the morning.” He said. “You do look sexy though” he told her, as he put his hand on the belt and gave it a gentle rattle.

Joe crawled backwards down her body taking a long intake of breath through his nostrils as he sniffed his way down over one of her nipples, down to her waist, over the belt and all the way down to the crotch of her grey yoga pants.

Looking up towards her face he smiled and whispered “You won’t regret this I promise.”

Joe took off her shoes and socks. He began gathering her yoga pants at her hips by clawing at them with his finger tips, scrunching the cloth together until the elastic reached his fingers, then he dragged them quickly down to her knees. He moved his hands back up to retrieve her underpants, bringing them down to her feet, taking the yoga pants off at the same time and throwing them on the floor. He reached up and lifted her white Lycra top up at the front, over and off her head then back to behind her neck, exposing her breasts.

He then undressed himself, lay back down next to her on the bed. He held her, kissed her and lay on top of her locking eyes with her “Are you ok?” he asked.

Joe was so turned on that he would have found it difficult to not make love to her if she didn’t want to.

Kelly could only lay there with Joe in control of the situation, she wrapped her legs around him and tilted her hips for positioning but the restriction due to her manacles was playing on her mind.

Should they go and see Mack first thing in the morning and ask him to release her she thought.

Joe woke the next morning to Kelly calling him from the bathroom.

“I can’t reach my front. You’ll have to help me.” She said.

Joe cleaned his ‘pet’ then cooked for her and fed her at the table. She questioned him about weather he is her master or her servant and her being pet or slave because other than sex, she is no use to him without her hands.

They talked after eating about the shackles before showering together. Kelly loved the feeling of Joe washing her hair and how he washed her sports top from both inside and out with her still wearing it, paying extra attention to her soapy nipples as he did.

He towel dried her and sat with her on the bed, drying her hair and her top with the hair dryer. She also loved the attention he was giving her, so she decided to continue playing along and stay cuffed like this for the next two and a half days.

The time would soon be afternoon and Joe needed a plan to keep them occupied without going out and Kelly being reported to the police as a kidnap victim. He searched the internet for ideas on his phone and saw a potential result if Kelly wanted to go with it. It was a kind of sex or fetish even cross dressing anything goes fancy dress themed night in a club about an hour and a half drive away. Open from nine in the evening, pay at the door, guests welcome the webpage said.

Kelly needed help getting dressed. After her underwear, she directed Joe to the chest of drawers and asked him to pick out her beige riding pants. As she stepped in to each leg and Joe pulled the stretchy material all the way up her smooth legs and over the soft skin of her cheeks, he questioned himself as to weather he preferred putting clothes on Kelly or taking them off.

Kelly was admiring the sea view over the rocks, sitting on a single step which divided the two sides of the main room in the house between their split levels. Joe sat behind her, wrapped his legs around her waist and his arms around her shoulders. He kissed her neck as she lifted her head up to face the ceiling as far back as she could, trying to look at him behind her.

“We need to buy you some kind of cape to cover you up.” He said, standing up.

“Come on I’m taking you out shopping.” He went on as he picked up her jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders leaving the sleeves empty. “Do you think we’ll get away with this in public?” He asked.

Kelly looked at herself in the mirror. “I suppose there are many disabilities or reasons for a person to be wearing a jacket without their arms in the sleeves. The last thing people will be thinking is that I chose to be chained up for three days.” “Where are you taking me?” Kelly asked, turning to Joe and smiling.

When they reached the town Kelly found that she was correct; in the clothing stores people didn’t stare if they noticed Kelly’s empty sleeves tucked into her pockets. Joe simply asked if they could use the disabled changing rooms to try any items on and nobody seemed to have an issue.

Joe spotted a full length, white, hooded cloak with fur trim all around the edges. It was perfect. Joe put it over Kelly’s shoulders in the changing room. It fastened with a hook at the neck on a small chain, hidden with a silver broach.

Joe tempted Kelly with a pair of white imitation snakeskin jeans which were skinny, tight fitting and fun for him to put on her, without the help of Kelly’s hands. They highlighted her figure and matched her tight fitting Lycra top. He also asked if she would wear a pair of red high heeled shoes this evening as he thought they would compliment her long white cloak.

“I’ll do as I’m told.” She joked.

Joe purchased black shoes, black jeans, a black suit jacket, a new white T-shirt and asked a member of staff where they might find masquerade fancy dress eye masks.

“Over to the left of the cashiers.” The member of staff pointed out.

Kelly looked at Joe with a questioning smile “Why?”

On their way home Joe fed Kelly at a drive through and explained that he was taking her out to a club later so they would need to get changed and freshen up at home first.

Back at the cottage, Kelly felt apprehensive about going out to a club but at the same time excited about her first date with Joe and wanted to impress him.

They drove for over an hour and a half before parking and walking through the high street. Joe showed Kelly that there was nothing to worry about by taking her into a cocktail bar and ordering her a drink with straws so that she didn’t have to remove her cloak. It worked, as she had another drink to follow, giving her all the confidence she needed.

Soon after they were at the entrance to the club and Joe placed the elastic of the mask over Kelly’s head and pulled the mask down over her eyes.

Sitting down at the bar they could see some people in cages on the dance floor, all kinds of fetish wear on people and so she didn’t feel inappropriately dressed at all. Joe took her cloak, folded it up and placed it on his knee.

Kelly’s cloak had attracted peoples stare, wondering what was beneath it and as the cuffs were revealed, they started drawing peoples attention.

A well dressed man approached Joe saying “Lovely pet Sir.”

“Thank you. I’m taming her, she’s a real lioness.” Joe replied.

“Bruno.” He said holding his hand to Kelly’s side and shaking hers.

“I own the club.” He went on shaking Joe’s hand. “I haven’t seen you here before.”

They talked for a while as Kelly enjoyed more cocktails through straws. Bruno asked to examine Kelly’s manacles and showed astonishment and delight as he realised how permanent they were. He wanted to know where they came from but Joe and Kelly refused to say and so Mack’s identity remained secret.

Joe asked Kelly and Bruno if he could be excused for a moment as he needed the toilet. He asked Bruno if he wouldn’t mind holding Kelly’s cloak.

When the coast was clear, Bruno turned to Kelly, smiled and said “I have an idea if you want to play a trick on him.”

“I’m all ears.” She replied.

“Those people in the cages on the dance floor were playing private games upstairs, they have fallen from the room above and can’t get out. This place is full of quirky little traps.” He told her as he placed her cape over her shoulders.

“Here, take this over to the cloakroom, check in your cloak, and have a good look at the ‘Stocks Shelf’ on the wall as you walk past.”

She walked in the direction he was pointing and could see a group of five people standing staring at something near a corner against a wall. As she approached the cloakroom, she could see through the crowd’s heads. There was a man standing upright with his head and wrists trapped in a set of stocks pointing horizontally out of a wall. Kelly observed a cheer as a woman pressed a green coloured brick in the wall by his side which released the front half of the stocks, hinged at the side, allowing the front half to swing open, releasing him.

Kelly questioned the coat attendant as she took Kelly’s cloak “Don’t you exchange it for a ticket?”

“I think we’ll all remember the lady who owns this my dear.” She told Kelly.

Walking back into the club, Kelly noticed the stocks were now unattended and had two small plants through the holes where the mans wrists had been, with a round bottomed goldfish bowl sitting over the neck restraint hole, looking like any normal designer unsuspecting household shelf. Glancing down at the green brick, she noticed a red brick slightly closer to the shelf on the wall.

Joe returned back to the bar and panicked momentarily as Bruno was standing alone without Kelly’s cloak but relaxed again as he saw Kelly walking towards him in the direction of the bar. Joe walked over to her, kissed her and put his arms around her.

“How the hell did you find this place?” she asked him.

Joe smiled, knowing that he’d done well.

Kelly walked to the bar and finished all of her drink with one long suck of her straw. “I’ve just found the most perfect piece of furniture and I have to have it, come and see.”

As she guided Joe over to the unsuspecting shelf, a man wearing white gloves observed her and Joe approaching. He made sure that he caught Kelly’s eye, then he removed the plants and goldfish bowl from a higher shelf on the opposite side of the corner.

The man then turned away, saying nothing.

Kelly stood next to the empty stocks and asked Joe to open them.

Joe swung open the front half, paying no real attention to a kind of locating pin at the non hinged side, necessary to take the weight of the wood when it was closed because the hinge wasn’t strong enough to hold it perfectly in the horizontal position on its own. Normal stocks are mounted vertically and the hinge doesn’t have this problem.

Joe opened them and closed them freely without hindrance. He smiled and motioned for Kelly to come and try them.

Kelly stood with her back to the wall and placed her head in the middle opening. Even with her high heals on it was slightly too high for her so she had to lift her chin up to allow Joe close the stocks properly.

With a smile, Joe said “It’s a shame there’s no lock on here don’t you think?”

“You wouldn’t be that cruel would you?” she said as she pushed herself forward, opening the stocks and lowering her chin back down.

“You have a go, let me see.” She said.

Joe also had to rise up slightly on to his toes as he put his back against the wall with his neck in the middle hole. Resting his wrists against the semicircles cut out of the free swinging side. He reached his fingers down, grabbed hold and swung the wood closed, fully encircling his wrists with the opposing semicircles of the fixed wall side.

Kelly pushed on it with her forehead, ensuring that the locating pin was fully inserted before turning around and pressing the red brick with her hand immediately to the side of the stocks.

Joe saw Kelly turn away and heard a slight click, followed by six people turning around applauding Kelly for her actions.

“Three points to me.” She said, smiling at Joe.

Realising he’d been caught out, a look of panic appeared across his face.

Kelly looked him in the eye and told him “We’ve already attracted a lot of attention in here tonight and people are looking at us. So try to stay calm and don’t even dream about kicking out. Ok?”

Kelly turned around to see that the six people were now looking away and going about there own business again.

She reached out behind her and unfastened Joe’s jeans. Holding on, she pulled them down with her as she crouched towards the floor.

“Kelly don’t you dare.” “Kelly don’t do this.” Joe pleaded as she stood back up again smiling at him.

“You kidnapped me remember?” she said as she turned back around and dragged his boxer shorts down to join his jeans at his ankles.

“Oh shit no sweetie, NO.” he said.

It was Joe’s worst nightmare. Kelly knelt in front of him and took hold of his cock with her lips. The only thing hiding him from total humiliation was a flimsy masquerade mask covering his eyes and part of his nose.

“Kelly!” he shouted out.

The man with the white gloves walked over to them. Speaking to Joe but so that Kelly could hear, he told them “We don’t have a licence for this behaviour in here sir so if somebody complains then I’m going to have to ask you to stop.”

“I’m complaining!” Joe shouted.

Joe caught the eye of a woman who turned to him and smiled.

“You don’t count sir.” The man replied.

Kelly continued performing her act on Joe as the rest of the patrons walked around paying no real attention to them.

Joe had no control over his actions. Kelly could feel him throb as he reached climax. She stopped, looked over towards the white gloved man and winked at him as she caught his attention. She then put her mouth back over Joes cock and gave him a couple more strokes, making sure he didn’t come yet.

“I’m sorry sir, we’ve had a complaint. Madam I’m going to have to ask you to stop.”

“You are kidding!” Joe said as Kelly immediately backed away from him.

She then stood up in front of Joe, shielding him slightly from the rest of the club and said “If you want me to release you, you have to tell me that you love me.”

“You’re fucking mad!” he replied.

Being careful not to get too close to his cock, as it might still go off if she touched him, she rose up and kissed him. “Don’t make a scene.” She whispered.

“Say that you love me and I’ll release you.”

“OK I love you.”

“Louder so that we can all hear you.” She said.

“I love you.” He said louder this time.

Kelly pressed the green release button.


Joe pushed the stocks open and reached down for his jeans as a gentle cheer came from a few local onlookers.

“rawww” Kelly said to him, imitating a lioness.

“You are so fucking dead!” he quietly replied.

As Joe fastened his jeans Bruno approached and said “You’re new to this role aren’t you sir?”

“How do you mean?” Joe replied.

“Might I make a suggestion over at the bar sir?” Bruno asked.

Joe watched as Bruno walked towards the other end of the bar they had been drinking at before.

“Let’s see what he wants.” Joe said as he walked over to Bruno.

Bruno gestured for Kelly to sit on a bar stool; he then signalled to a member of bar staff who passed Joe what looked like a black leather dog collar attached to a chain.

As Joe took hold of the collar, Bruno said “May I suggest that you make this look like an act and continue it by restraining your pet here with this?” Bruno then turned to the member of staff and handed her the other end of the chain, this time he gestured for it to be clipped to a purposely fixed ring just behind the bar.

Joe, still pissed off with Kelly, gladly obliged and buckled the collar around her neck without acknowledging her.

“If you’d care to follow me sir.” Bruno said as Joe turned and followed him through a private door, leaving Kelly alone at the bar.

“Are you in trouble?” asked the female member of staff who was wearing a similar collar to Kelly only without the chain. “Can I get you the same again to drink?”

Kelly nodded in acceptance, now feeling a little uncomfortable.

Joe reappeared as Kelly neared the bottom of her drink. He nodded at the waiting bar lady who released the chain from the clip behind the bar, allowing Joe to take control of Kelly’s leash.

“Come with me.” Joe said to Kelly, tugging the chain and leading the way towards the private door.

The door took them into a store room at the back of a closed shop. They were both alone and Kelly wondered what was going on.

Joe spoke first. “Bruno tells me that you and I stole the show tonight.” He looked at Kelly as she began smiling back at him. “He’s suggested that to finish with, I might punish you publicly as we leave, for humiliating me like you did.”

Kelly was taken aback “Wowah. Just a moment.” she replied imagining a public flogging or some sort of torture.

“Relax. Bruno suggested that I lead you out of the club wearing a hood over your head like you’re being taken away to be further punished.”

Joe removed Kelly’s masquerade mask from around her eyes.

“I don’t know.” She said.

From a table Joe picked up a hood which, amongst other things Bruno had sold him a few moments ago and placing it over Kelly’s head he said “Try it on, if you don’t like it, I’ll take it off again.”

“Ok then. But if it’s uncomfortable or if I can’t breath, you’ll take it off won’t you?”

Her hair was pushed flat against her and hung out below the hood around her neck. There were two eye holes with a press stud at each temple to house a removable blindfold, two breathing holes at the nostrils and a hole at the mouth again with press studs ether side to hold a removable gag in place.

He fastened the zip from a ‘D’ ring at the top of the hood down to the back of her neck.

“How do I look?” she asked.

Kelly was surprised to see Bruno appear from the front of the shop with what turned out to be an inflatable gag in his hand. “They’re much better when they are silenced don’t you think?” he said, walking behind Kelly.

“What the hell are you doing?” she asked.

Bruno held the ‘D’ ring on the top of the hood and pulled Kelly’s head back. As she complained Bruno pushed the deflated gag through the hole of the hood and into her mouth, clicking it in place with the press studs.

Kelly bit down on the intruder then opened her jaw and tried to push it away with her tongue but she couldn’t overcome the press stud fastenings without her hands.

As Kelly tried to complain, Bruno held the pump in his hand and squeezed it three times, each pump making Kelly’s mumbling quieter and quieter.

Kelly pulled her head away, ripping the pump out of Bruno’s hand, shouting into the gag but only producing a loud humming sound from her nose as she screamed for it to be removed.

“Is that as good as my cock?” Joe asked, delighted at this revenge attack for what she had done to him.

He grabbed hold of her arm and put his mouth to her ear “Now you listen to me.” He said in a stern voice. “I’m going to lead you through this club and out of the front door, passed all those who cheered you on earlier.” “Then when we get back to the cottage I’m going to punish you with a collection of toys I have just bought from Bruno’s sex shop that we’re standing in the back of right now.” “Then when you are begging me to stop, I’m going to fuck you and then fuck you again but then I’ll be fucking you in holes that you didn’t know you had.” “When I’m satisfied that you’ve learned your lesson, I’ll decide weather or not you deserve to come with me to be freed by Mack on Thursday or if I go alone and pay him off.” “That will mean me keeping you like this, with or without your new hood, until you are due to return to work in three weeks time, before people start asking questions about your absence.” “Do you understand?” he asked.

Kelly thought she may wet herself as she became overwhelmed by the feeling of helpless and went weak at the knees. She nodded her head up and down, realising how much she must have overstepped the mark this time. Oh my god she thought, why did I have to tell him the truth about how long I had off work. Three weeks. He could seriously do this and nobody would be looking for her.

“I’ll meet you by the front door sir.” Bruno said.

The only remaining items on the table were a butt plug, a remote control vibrator and a tube of lube. Joe picked them up and stuffed them into his jacket pockets. He took hold of Kelly’s lead and guided her through the door, back out into the club.

As they crossed the middle of the club, there were Boo’s and hisses coming from the general crowd as they saw what had happened to Kelly. Joe stopped and said to Kelly “If you want me to remove this gag then Your first words must be I love you I’m sorry. Understand?”

Kelly nodded her head up and down.

“I love you, I’m sorry. Do you understand? Or the gag goes straight back in.”

She nodded her head again, desperate for the gag to be removed.

Joe reached for the release valve screw next to the pump and twisted it, letting the air out of the gag. The relief on Kelly’s jaw was thankful as Joe unfastened one of the press studs and pulled the gag out, leaving it to hang to one side, still attached to the other press stud.

He then prompted her, “What do you say?”

“I love you. I’m sorry.” She said.

“Louder.” He said.

“I love you. I’m sorry.” She repeated in a louder voice so that everybody could hear her.

“That’s a point back to me I think.” He said as he pulled her slowly out of the club.

“It was him baby honest. He set us up.” Kelly told Joe.

“Who set who up?” He asked.

“Bruno. He suggested that I put you in those wall shelf stocks and then he suggested that you repay me by purchasing all of this stuff from his store on the pretence that I’m being punished.”

“That may be so but you’re not winning any points back.”

Bruno was waiting by the exit holding Kelly’s cloak. He rested it over her shoulders and fastened the concealed chain around the front of her neck. He unzipped the hood from Her head, pulled it off her and placed it in a cloth bag then handed it to Joe.

“I trust you’ve had a good evening.” Bruno said. “Call me when you have a moment, I have a proposition for you.” He said as he handed Joe a business card. “Look forward to hearing from you soon.” Then he lifted Kelly’s fur lined hood up over her head.

“One of my better evenings. Thank you.” Joe replied putting the business card in his pocket and leading Kelly out of the club.

It was late as they reached the car, with still an hour and a half’s drive, Joe removed the collar and lead from her neck, placing them in the bag as Kelly rested her head back and began sleeping off the cocktails.

When they stepped back into the cottage, Kelly asked Joe to show her what Bruno had sold him in the back of his shop.

Joe emptied the contents on to a table. She looked at the leather hood with its ‘D’ ring at the top, the deflated gag was still attached to one side of the mouth hole and the blindfold piece fell loose on to the table. She reached her hands to one side so that she could see them and picked up the remote controlled vibrator.

“Are you going to punish me with this tonight?” she asked.

Joe was like a changed man outside the club. He smiled and kissed her on the lips. “No my sweetness I don’t feel like doing anything else to you tonight, you look too cute.”

Kelly took the compliment and returned to the rest of the toys. “A butt plug?” she asked. “And is this a tube of lube?”

“So this is for my rear hole, the vibrator is for my front hole, the gag is for my mouth, my ears will be covered by the hood, where are you going to put your cock?”

Joe was tired and getting undressed. “I’ll make a hole for that by pressing your tits around it and fucking them until I cum around your neck but not tonight I’m shattered.” He said.

Kelly wouldn’t take no for an answer as they now both were ready for bed, Joe naked and Kelly with her white top and wrists cuffed behind her at the waist.

“You’re supposed to be punishing me.” She said.

“Not tonight baby. Maybe tomorrow.” He replied as he faced away from her.

Fifteen minutes later, Joe didn’t stir as Kelly sat up on the edge of the bed. She then stood up and retrieved the butt plug from the table. She cracked open the lube behind her back and rubbed it all over the butt plug. She then took it back over to the bed and sat down close to Joe’s naked arse with the plug in her hands behind her back.

He flinched slightly as Kelly opened his butt cheeks but squealed like a pig when she forcefully drove it home, all the way up inside Joe’s rectum.

“What the fucking hell?” he screamed, leaping out of bed and spinning around.

His hand was frantically trying to pull the intruder out but at the same time he wasn’t sure if he was going to hurt himself by pulling. He bent forward and eased it out, paranoid as it felt like he was having a shit on the floor.

“You stupid fucking bitch!” he shouted at Kelly who was smiling and sitting confidently on the bed watching him dance around.

Joe went to the toilet and wiped the lube from his ring. He came back with a vengeance, put on his boxer shorts and his jeans. “I don’t fucking believe you!” he said to her face as she stared back at him with no look of concern at all, knowing that he won’t hurt her.

“Now are you going to punish me?” She asked.

Joe spun his head away from her. His eyes then locked on the leather hood, sitting on the table with the gag still attached, hanging to one side as he’d left it. He immediately grabbed the hood and brought it back to the bed where Kelly was still sitting.

She didn’t stop him pulling it down over her head. She felt him fastening the zip from the top to the bottom. He stood her up and walked her over to one of the low beams in the ceiling.

“If you talk, the gag goes in.” He said.

He removed his belt from his jeans and threw it over the low beam. He then fastened the belt through the ‘D’ ring on the top of the hood, securing it to the beam overhead.

He then walked over to the chest of drawers containing Kelly’s clothes and picked out the tight cut off jean shorts she had been wearing two days earlier, sniffing the sex soaked crotch as he held them.

“What are you looking for?” she asked.

“Be quiet or I’ll put that thing in your mouth and inflate it to the size of a melon this time.” He shouted back to her.

He picked up the vibrator and tested it by turning it on with the remote control and setting the vibrations to fast and random. Using a small amount of lube he gently worked it further in and out of Kelly’s vagina, until it went all the way in. He then told her to lift her feet one at a time as he pulled on her denim shorts.

He left the shorts at her ankles as he retrieved the butt plug and prepared it with some more lube. He then told Kelly to spread her cheeks as he inserted the butt plug slowly and steadily.

To make sure she didn’t remove it with her hands, he pulled up her shorts and fastened the buttons at the front.

Kelly knew there would be no removal or manipulation of these sex toys unless the shorts came off first.

He removed the belt from the hood and beam, threaded it through the belt loops of her shorts and fastened the buckle at her front so that it was out of reach of her hands.

“How’s the vibrations?” he asked her, holding on to the hood at the top of her head and taking hold of the gag at the front.

“Ok” was all she could say before he pushed the gag into her open mouth and snapped the press stud on the opposite side in place.

He watched her eyes as he started pumping up the gag. She was looking away from him as he squeezed the first pump.

The second pump saw her eyes locked into a stare with his.

The third pump caused her to ‘mumph’ and frown at him so he gave it one more for good measure and let go of the pump as she pulled away.

He then picked up the chain lead with the leather collar still attached and buckled it around her neck. He led her barefoot through the kitchen and into the garage where he switched on the light.

His intension was to put her into the car inspection pit but he changed his mind when he noticed that the roof beams weren’t running in line with the length of the pit but they ran across the top of it, giving him an idea.

He walked Kelly onto one of the boards covering the inspection pit, under a beam near to the middle of the pit and told her to stand still. He removed the lead from the collar and threw it up and over the beam.

The chain lead didn’t actually have a handle at Joe’s end, it had quick release clips on both ends that could be clipped in to any of the chain links along its length.

He threw one end of the chain around the overhead beam, catching it as it swung back down again. He clipped one of the quick release fasteners to the ‘D’ ring on the top of Kelly’s hood and tugged on the other fastener at the free end of the chain, lifting Kelly’s head posture up slightly.

“Spread your legs so that you are straddling the width of the pit.” He told her.

Kelly could feel him slowly releasing the chain as she shuffled her bare feet apart along the board, stopping on the wood when they reached both sides of the pit.

“Now step off the wood and onto the concrete floor.” He said.

Joe released some more chain as her head height needed to be even lower to allow her to slide her feet out further.

Three feet apart wasn’t impossible for somebody of Kelly’s height but she did wonder what he was going to ask her to do next as he clipped the other end of the chain onto a link, holding her head at that height.

“Ok you can stand back on the wooden board now.” He said.

Pulling up on the ‘D’ ring would cause the hood to lift Kelly’s chin and the back of her head. It didn’t have any interference with her neck or breathing.

As she now stood up again and the chain was slack, she wondered what the point of it was.

She watched in silence as Joe crouched down at the end of the pit in front of her and lifted away one of the wooden boards covering it. Placing it to one side, he then lifted off a second and then a third board then stopped.

Joe looked down into the pit and noticed a wooden ladder at the end. He stepped down into it which judging by the height of Joe, must have been five feet deep. It smelt damp and musty. He continued removing the wooden boards and throwing them to the end in a pile but he stopped when he got to the floor board Kelly was standing on. He told her to step back as he pulled the board forward a little, then he told her to step onto it again so that he could reach the board behind her.

He ducked down under the board she was standing on and continued to remove the rest of the boards covering the pit, leaving only the one Kelly was on.

Wobbling her board to make her feel unsteady, he said “Step off the board and out onto the concrete sides again.”

Kelly quickly shuffled her bare feet to the sturdy concrete as Joe removed the last floor board, forcing her to keep her legs spread apart.

Kelly was scared now. She had to rely on the chain above her to keep her balance from falling forward or backwards. She could tell that by lifting one foot up, and being forced so much to the side that there was no way she would be able to stand with both feet on the same side of the pit with her head tethered above the middle of the pit and not loose her balance.

She could see down into the bottom of the dirty unkempt inspection pit and hoped that Joe wasn’t going to leave her like this as she watched him climb back out using the wooden steps.

He walked around to one side and sat down by her side in front of her, dangling his legs into the pit. He gently wrapped one hand around her ankle and slowly moved it up the back of her leg feeling the tension in her calf and thigh muscles as he continued up to her butt cheek, giving it a squeeze and pushing at the butt plug with his finger.

Kelly felt helpless and venerable as Joe began caressing her leg. He rubbed both his hands all the way up to the top and continued with two fingers through the slight gap between her shorts at her inner thigh into her crotch, feeling the vibrations and tickling one of her lips as he did.

Kelly was tense, scared and stressed. She tried to call out Joe’s name but it was no use, all that came out was a kind of moaning sound from her nostrils as his finger touched inside her crotch.

Moving his hands back down her leg again he stopped and grasped hold of her tense thigh. He pressed his nose against her skin below his hands and sniffed her before kissing her knee.

He then stood up and smiled at her. “I don’t think it quite counts as scoring a point back from you unless I leave you here until morning.” He said, watching the look of horror in her eyes and hearing her attempt some kind of protest into her gag.

Joe could see that her legs were already starting to tremble and her breathing was heavier than normal as he walked out of the garage and turned the light off.

Now wide awake, Champaign was the only drink they had so he opened a bottle and poured himself a glass. He then reached into his jacket pocket for his phone and found Bruno’s business card.

He read the card. It had Bruno’s name but it said ‘Productions’. Strange he thought, why no mention of him owning the sex shop or the adjacent bar.

Joe had only left Kelly for a few minutes but he was beginning to be concerned about her wellbeing so he picked up a chair to go and accompany Kelly whilst the vibrator did its work.

He stopped at the garage door. ‘Productions’? He thought. Leaving the chair, he went to Kelly’s purse and took out her driving licence, back at the table he picked up the blindfold and the lube then taking hold of the chair again he entered the garage.

Kelly’s head followed him as he switched the light on and carried the chair and Champaign over to the end of the pit in front of her.

She watched as he walked over to her side with the blindfold and painfully pushed and snapped the press stud in place at her temple on one side of her head.

He then walked around the pit behind her to the other side where she had turned her head to greet him. Joe could clearly see that her legs were now trembling as he snapped the other side of the blindfold in place on her other temple.

Kelly could only see black now, not even light coming through the sides.

Joe reached down over the middle of the pit and stroked the soft skin between her thighs, letting her know that he was still there.

He set his phone to silent mode and began filming her.

Starting with a shot of her whole body, he walked around the pit once, with her in the centre frame all the time. He stood still for a moment when he reached the rear of the pit behind Kelly to record her predicament.

He filmed the overhead beam with the chain attached to the hood and the ends of her blond hair on her shoulders sticking out below it.

He continued down, capturing her body hugging white Lycra sports top tucked underneath her welded closed waistline belt fully on show along with her welded wrist manacles confirming no release mechanisms at any point along the short welded chains positioning her wrists permanently behind her back.

Further down in the frame showed Joe’s light tan belt outlining her hips, holding up her high waist, light blue cut off jean shorts that in turn perfectly enhanced each of her peachy ass cheeks as they reached the top of her legs.

The bottom openings of her shorts were being stretched so much that it created an indentation on the outsides of Kelly’s thighs and an air gap on the inside at her crotch due to the width her feet had been spread.

The smooth skin of her tensed up legs displayed her thighs and calves off like she was in an exercise class, where as the angle between her legs and her bare feet at her ankles provided evidence of the stress on her lower body.

The height from the concrete garage floor to the bottom of the pit was in perspective despite the camera lens and could be judged correctly, showing how scary it was to look down into whilst trying to balance without the use of her arms.

Joe walked back to the front of the pit, sat down and filmed a little longer as he sipped his drink.

He then practised leaning the camera through the back of the chair to allow the same shot from Kelly’s head to the floor of the pit. He found that the best position was to move the chair behind her and point it through the slats in the back of the chair, towards the front of the pit.

He picked up the camera, walked to the side of her and asked “Do you remember what you say when I remove this gag?”

Kelly was relieved at the thought of having her voice back again. “Mmmm.” She said, nodding her head up and down.

“Are you sure?”

She nodded again.

Joe started the camera recording then much to Kelly’s relief, he deflated the gag and removed it from both fasteners ensuring he kept her head and shoulders in the frame at all times.

“I love you, I’m sorry.” “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” “Please, I can’t stand up any longer.” “Please Joe, please. Help me up.” “Please.”

Joe was shocked, he didn’t rearise she would be in so much distress. He quickly rested the camera back on the chair as he’d practiced and kept it recording then he refitted five floor boards underneath Kelly.

Remembering to continue acting for the camera he told her “Stand on the boards and don’t make a sound.”

Seeing how she was struggling to move he helped her by lifting her at each thigh and assisting her stiff legs on to the wood one at a time in the middle of the pit.

He removed the chain from the beam and the top of her hood then clipped it on to her collar.

He guided her off the pit boards and walked her around to the front of the pit, then to the other side, still within camera shot then back again to get her muscles moving.

“Thank you.” She said.

“I told you not to make a sound.” “Do you want the gag back in again?” he replied, still acting in front of the camera.

Kelly shook her head.

They walked over to the end of the pit and Joe explained to her that she was going to take a step down onto the wooden steps at the end of the inspection pit.

Kelly could picture them.

“I’ll go first, you walk down forward, leaning back and I’ll guide your feet.” He explained.

Step by step with Joe’s guidance she descended into the cold, damp, musty pit, feeling the dirty floor touching her bear feet as she reached the ground.

Kelly turned to follow Joe as he brushed past her and exited the pit via the wooden steps, leaving Kelly blindfold, standing alone with the camera frame centred behind her on her ass and restraints.

Joe laid on the garage floor, reached down into the pit and lifted out the wooden steps. He then removed the five floor boards so that Kelly didn’t hit her neck on them accidently if she walked around in the pit.

It would be obvious for anyone who watched this movie that there’s no way Kelly could climb out of the pit without lifting herself out using her arms, the walls were just too high.

Joe left her to walk around down there for a few minutes and then stopped the camera filming.

He lowered the steps back down and entered the pit. He walked over to her, put his hands on her arse and pulled her close to him.

“Are you ok my sweet?” he whispered in her ear. “You can talk for a moment.”

She rested her head on his shoulder and sighed. “That was hard work. I don’t know how much longer I could have stood up there with my legs spread open like that.” “I’m ok though.” She told him.

Joe kissed her the best that he could through the hole in the hood at her mouth. “I’m not finished with you yet.” He said.

“Sweetie, keep playing with me but please don’t gag me again, it’s really uncomfortable.”

“Ok. But you’re going to do as you’re told, understood? Or it’s gag time again. Agreed?” he said.

Kelly nodded. Joe climbed back out of the pit and removed the dust sheet from the sofa in the corner of the garage. He picked up three of the sofa cushions and carried them over to the pit. He climbed back into the pit and wrapped the cushions in the dust sheet, placing them on the floor, creating a makeshift mattress.

He then climbed out of the pit, picked up the tube of lubricant and put it in his pocket. He carried his drink over to the chair, put it on the floor and placed Kelly’s driving licence on the cushion of the chair then he started the camera recording again.

He walked back down the steps into the pit, over the mattress to Kelly.

He removed the blindfold from the hood and stepped backwards over the mattress towards the steps. Kelly watched as he pulled his jeans down and stood at the far end of the pit.

“I think you know what to do.” He said.

Kelly approached and knelt in front of him “My pleasure.” she said as she took hold of his cock in her mouth, knowing nothing of the camera recording the whole event.

She positioned her knees between Joe’s feet then leaned back and rested on her heals. She did to him what she had already proven to be good at without the use of her arms, by running her lips along the length of his shaft many times, giving him some of her experienced tongue work inside her mouth.

Joe’s intentions were for Kelly to make him hard, then lube up her arse and give her anal sex in front of the camera but he could feel himself about to cum and couldn’t resist letting it go in her mouth.

Without warning and to show off for the camera, he grabbed the back of Kelly’s head with his left hand and drove his cock all the way to the back of her throat, pulling her in so hard against him then pinching her nose with his right hand, momentarily restricting her breathing.

Kelly’s gaging could clearly be heard by the camera as his balls pumped their load directly down her throat, forcing her to swallow all of it so that she could clear her airway and breathe again.

She spluttered and pulled away coughing as he released the back of her head, breathing hard, catching her breath.

Joe pulled up his jeans and walked up the steps, out of the pit over to the camera.

She wiped her lips on her shoulder as she walked towards Joe who gestured to her holding up his glass of Champaign. “Would you like a drink to wash it down with?” he asked.

“Yes please. Don’t we have anything stronger?” She replied.

He knelt down, placed the glass on the floor then reached over to Kelly, unzipped the hood and removed it completely from her head, fully exposing her face to the camera.

He held the glass to her lips and waited until she had finished the rest of the drink. He then stood up, picked up his phone and continued to record, focusing in on the picture and the rest of the details of her driving licence lying on the chair before pressing the stop button.

“Who you calling?” she enquired.

“Just sorting out some insurance.” He told her as he walked back to the steps. “Come on, I’ll help you out.” He said, changing the subject.

Kelly steadily walked out of the inspection pit. Joe reached down to guide her by the shoulder as she immerged. Her hair looked messy and sweat soaked. Her feet were now freezing as he guided her back to the bedroom across the cold concrete floor. He lay her on the bed, stripped her lower half naked and removed the butt plug.

He removed the vibrator and lay on the bed next to her with his head on her stomach. He placed the vibrator on Kelly’s clit and began working it, pleasuring her.

“Do you like that?” He asked.

“Yes.” She moaned. Joe continued asking her the same question and judged by the tone of her voice as to how close to orgasm she was each time she spoke. Her answers were becoming louder and more high pitched so he decided that it was time for her denial. He removed the vibrator and sat on the side of the bed, not touching her.

“Joe?” she said.

“Not a chance sweetie. Punishment not pleasure. That’s why you’re here.” He told her.

Joe then left her alone on the bed, turned to his phone and emailed the videos to himself for safe keeping. They were to use in case Kelly was ever to threaten him with the police so he could blackmail her with them.

A few minutes later he was back laying next to her, pleasuring her again.

“Do you want to orgasm this time?” he asked.

“Every time.” She panted.

Joe continued for a while as Kelly didn’t speak again. Knowing that her silence was to hide her approaching climax, he judged this denial on her breathing.

“Aww NO. Please?” she cried as he removed the vibrator and sat on the side of the bed smiling.

He reminded her with “Sorry honey you deserve to be punished remember.”

“Fuck.” She said. “Keep going. This is heaven for me being at your mercy.” “Can we do this for the rest of the week?”

He lay down next to her and resumed pleasuring her. It didn’t take long before she was breathing heavily again.

“The restraints are due to be removed the day after tomorrow. Are you saying that you want the cuffs on for the rest of the week?” He asked.

“Yes. I want this.” She moaned.

“Yes you want what?” he asked. “I’ll make a deal with you. If you want to be free from these restraints on Thursday, then I’ll let you orgasm this time.” “Do you want to climax now and we go boring and vanilla tomorrow?”

“NO.” she shouted.

Joe turned the vibrator off and sat up again.

“Fucking hell Joe!” she said.

He sat next to her head and brushed her hair with his fingers. He lowered his head and kissed her “How much longer do you want this?” he asked.

He continued stroking her hair for a few moments wondering how long he should leave it before her next teasing.

“I’m yours darling and that’s how I want it to be.” Kelly said. “I can’t tell you how turned on you made me in the club, when you threatened to keep me like this until the end of the month.” She said. “To me, these cuffs I’m wearing around my wrists make sure that I belong to you, that’s more than any wedding rings will ever be able to do for anyone.”

“I’ll stay like this as long as you want me to.” She told him.

Joe almost melted at the gesture of Kelly giving herself to him. His heart now bouncing in his chest, he moved back down the bed and put the vibrator in position.

Kelly inhaled a long breath through her nose, feeling the vibrations start up again.

As the vibrations went on, she started moaning. She was getting close again and he knew it. She jostled her hips as Joe kept the pressure against her. She was loving the moment but knew it would end very soon, so she tried to climax as quickly as she could before he stopped.

Joe knew by her sounds that she was close. He wasn’t going to deny her any more. He continued pleasuring her with the vibrator in one hand and began playing with each of her nipples with his other hand.

“Would you be mine forever?” he asked.

That was too much for Kelly. “YES DARLING YES.” She shouted as her legs went numb and her orgasm came.

“Forever.” She whispered loudly with one of her quick outgoing orgasm breaths.

“How about until the end of the month?” he asked.

“Yes.” she whimpered, unable to think straight.

Joe kept the vibrator in place until he was sure she had finished. He then lay on top of her and kissed her for what seemed like the rest of the night.

Joe awoke later. Lying next to Kelly he whispered “Are you asleep?”

“Yes.” She replied.

“If I told you that I loved you would you think that you were dreaming?” He said.

That is what she wanted to hear. Kelly started screaming in her head. Don’t react she screamed. Do not react. She lay still, facing away from him.

“Babes?” He said.

Turning to him with a beaming great smile on her face, “Did you say something?” She replied.

On Wednesday morning Kelly woke to an empty bed. She found Joe in the bathroom.

“Hurry up I’m desperate.” She said as Joe was using the toilet.

Joe laughed. He liked the fact that they were beginning to act like couples do. “I’ll give you a wipe when you’re finished” He said.

After he had wiped her, Kelly stood in front of the mirror with her arms behind her back, admiring her messy hair.

Standing behind her, Joe put his arms around her chest and hugged her, kissing her neck with his head at the side of hers. “You look beautiful.” He said, pulling her into his naked body.

“Thank you.” She said, taking hold of his cock with one hand.

“Baby.” He said. “You know we talked about you staying shackled like this until the end of the month?”

“Go on?” She replied.

“Well that’s three and a half weeks.” He said.

“Is that all.” She said, sarcastically pretending to be disappointed.

Kelly noticed that his cock had started pulsing and getting harder.

“Is the thought of that turning you on?” She asked. “You like me being cuffed up too, don’t you?”

“I love it Kell.” He said, shortening her name like they had known each other for years. “I’ve been thinking, how about we go and see Mack tomorrow and ask him to just cut the middle link out of each of your wrist chains. I’ll replace the links with padlocks so that if the occasion arises where you must have your arms back over the next three weeks, then I can release them.”

“Ermm, yes ok.” Kelly said, thinking out loud.

“Or I could spin the belt and cuff your hands in front of you if we need to.” He said.

She let go of his cock and turned around. “That sounds like a plan to me.” She said, kissing him on the lips. “You do realise that if you make one mistake this lioness will pounce don’t you.” She smiled.

They both walked into the kitchen. Kelly suggested that Joe took his leather belt and threaded it through the front of her metal belt and then fasten it around his own naked waist, facing away from her, pinning her behind him whilst he cooked breakfast.

This wasn’t sexual but they both found it fun being stuck together.

After eating and showering, Joe spent a long time drying and brushing Kelly’s hair. He dried her Lycra top with the hair dryer and had a fun lesson in putting on some of Kelly’s cosmetics for her.

“What should we do today?” Kelly asked.

“As we left the club last night, Bruno asked me to call him, so I might just see what’s happening on the ‘adult’ scene.” Joe said.

“I’m interested.” She replied.

Bruno answered the phone and amongst other topics, discussed with Joe if they would ever consider making a movie of them acting a scenario involving sex.

Joe told him no, they weren’t interested.

Bruno reassured Joe that it would be financially worth it and that they would be able to cover their faces if they wanted to remain anonymous. Bruno asked Joe if they would meet him at the club anyway, specifying that it would be good if Kelly could bring her high heals as well as a pair of flat shoes just in case it becomes a long day.

Joe put it to Kelly and they decided to go into town. They agreed to call in to the club and discuss details like money with Bruno but were still not one hundred percent game for it.

Kelly wore training shoes and pair of tight fitting light blue jeans with her new cloak hiding the shackles. Joe carried her heals and other belongings with him in a bag.

Joe telephoned Bruno and arranged to meet him in a public bar. As they arrived, Bruno introduced them to Simon.

“This is Si, he does the camera work.” Bruno said. The three men all shook hands.

Kelly and Joe ordered two burgers, Kelly being nervous, also ordered a large glass of Gin and Tonic with a straw.

“How much does this pay?” Kelly asked.

Si explained that a female bondage shoot without pain was a thousand pounds, a female sex shoot was fifteen hundred pounds, a male sex shoot was one thousand pounds and a male bondage shoot was five hundred to a thousand pounds depending on the severity.

“So potentially you’re looking at upwards of three thousand for possibly an hours work.” Si said.

“This is without having to show our faces right?” She asked.

“Yes, absolutely. We have various scenarios to choose from, I was thinking of you being a captured princess who is being kept by Joe, the torturer and later rescued by a musketeer, who is Joe again but in a different disguise.” Si suggested.

The burgers arrived and so Joe asked if Bruno and Si would give them a few minutes to ponder their proposition over the food.

They obliged and moved to the bar.

“What the hell is there to discuss? I’m in.” Kelly said. “Three and a half thousand pounds an hour for having sex with you. I’ll have sex with you right now for free! Where do I sign?”

Joe agreed, feeding Kelly her burger as they shared their excitement.

Joe called the two guys back over and they all shared a drink.

Back at the closed club, Bruno helped Kelly into her High heals as Si took Joe upstairs to show him the scene. As they disappeared from earshot Bruno asked Kelly if she wanted to get one over on Joe again, only this time she would earn an extra five hundred pounds for it.

“That would be the best thing ever. On camera too. Yes please.” She told him.

Bruno pointed out one of the cages at the side of the dance floor. He explained how she had to play it.

On the final scene Joe will have fucked you and then released you from some medieval stocks. You have to get him to slide down the roof and tell him you’ll follow behind. He will slide down, behind a curtain, through a hole in the floor and into that cage where you will walk down here, tell him that you no longer trust him and you’ll only let him out if he wears a chastity belt.

Bruno disappeared and came back from the private door leading to the sex shop holding a metal banana shaped tube with a ring at one end and a four barrel combination lock between them. He separated the ring and the tube and handed the locking part to Kelly.

“Can you set the combination please?” He asked.

Kelly put her hands to her side and turned to her head to see the numbers on the tumblers.

She set the combination to eight six six two and handed it back to Bruno who turned the combination setting lever back and jumbled up the numbers without looking, making it Kelly’s personal secret.

“Now only you know this combination so don’t forget it.” He told her, placing the chastity device on the floor at the far side of the cage.

Bruno and Kelly joined Si and Joe upstairs in a well lit room with walls decorated as imitation large grey bricks mocking part of a castle roof with parapets and a picture of green fields to make it look like a distant view. To the right was supposed to be the view from the castle turret and to the left was a sloping roof which fell away down to the floor as if to give the impression of them standing at rooftop height. The most striking feature was a set of wooden stocks standing in the middle of the room.

The stocks had horizontal ankle restraints so that a person could remain standing and vertical head and wrist restraints so that the person would be forced to bend over if closed in them.

“I’m not falling for that one again.” Joe said, lifting the head and wrist restraint up with his hand.

“OK.” Si said. “We’ll film the torture scene first. Bruno, will you bring the costumes please?”

Bruno returned with red three quarter length pants and a red torturers hood for Joe to wear, asking him to keep his shirt off.

He gave Kelly a princess half mask with tiara on top for her to hide the top half of her face.

He also had a cat of nine tails whip, made of wool which he gave to Kelly to have a feel. He showed her a red makeup pen that they would use to draw on the red marks during different takes.

Si began filming as Kelly acted out protesting.

She began with her lines as she was roughly bent over and man handled by Joe the torturer into the stocks, having only her head locked in the vertical restraints as her arms were already behind her back.

Kelly, screaming: “No. No”

Joe lifted her cloak and removed her jeans then restrained her ankles, slightly apart in the stocks below. Joe the torturer then removed Kelly’s cloak and hung it on the side of the stocks hiding the catch that had no real lock on it.

He said his lines.

Joe: “When is the Musketeer coming?”

Kelly, shouting: “I will never tell you.”

Joe the torturer then swung the imitation woollen cat of nine tails whip at the princess’s behind, with Si stopping the camera, drawing some red streaks on Kelly and then filming a shot of Kelly screaming from the front of the stocks.

This went on for a few more takes until Kelly’s buttocks and legs were painted pretty red.

They then took a break and Si released Kelly from the stocks and set up the camera for the sex scene.

Bruno gave Joe a musketeer mask to wear and a short red shoulder cape as he would be Joe the Musketeer for the sex scene. Bruno left them alone for a few moments to have a little alone time to get warmed up and lubricated ready.

“They’re not paying us for anal!” She said.

Joe smiled, “Trust me.”

Joe rubbed some lube into Kelly and played with her for a short time before calling Si back in.

Si guided Kelly back into the stocks.

Joe entered the room.

Joe: “Fear not my princess.”

The camera then focused on her behind.

Joe: “I’m here to save you.”

He then started feeling her cheeks.

Joe: “But first I must prove to you that I am an able man.”

He stood behind her, giving Si a close up shot of him about to enter her from behind.

Kelly, crying: “No please”

Joe entered her.

Kelly was glad of the lubricant because this was by no means turning her on, she thought.

The sex scene continued with Si taking shots from the front and rear of the stocks, explaining to Joe and Kelly not to worry about sound because sound could be easily added or dubbed out.

“Ok Kelly I’m close.” Joe quietly told her.

Kelly faked an exaggerated orgasm and Joe pulled out of her, finishing himself off with a cum shot all over her red streaky arse.

“Perfect.” Si said. He released Kelly from the stocks and gave them a break.

“That was the worst sex ever.” Kelly admitted.

They all laughed.

Joe cleaned Kelly up and Si asked him to put her back in the stocks for the final scene.

With Kelly back in the stocks and before the camera started rolling, Joe released Kelly’s ankles and put her jeans back on.

With the camera now recording, he released her head and fastened the cloak around her shoulders.

Joe: “I am here to serve you princess.”

Kelly looked at Bruno and they both smiled, knowing that Joe was about to fall into the trap.

Kelly: “We must go, quickly.”

She pointed to the imitation sloping roof.

Kelly: “Now slide down the roof and catch me at the bottom as I follow you.”

Joe, slightly confused, looked at the imitation sloping roof and on closer inspection, confirmed that there was indeed a smooth plastic slide leading down to the floor at the bottom of a curtain.

He took the initiative and jumped onto the slide.

Joe: “Follow me.”

He disappeared through a hole in the floor behind where the end of the slide met the bottom of the curtain.

He was shocked as his feet landed on a leather cushion in the bottom of a cage, snapping a thin piece of cord which sent the cage roof slamming shut, locking him inside.

“What the fuck?” He said.

Looking around, he saw that he was back downstairs at the side of the dance floor of the club.

Kelly walked down the steps with Si and Bruno.

“Kelly what the fuck is going on?” He asked.

“Play along darling, this is an extra scene.” She told him.

“Get me the fuck out of here NOW.” He said.

Si began filming.

Kelly: “Well well. If it isn’t my sex starved saviour who is here to rescue me.”

She approached Joe in the cage and quietly whispered “If you can play along with me for five more minutes, this whole shoot is worth four thousand pounds for us.” Come on darling “Play along. Five minutes I promise.”

“OK. Five minutes.”

Kelly stepped back.

Joe: “My princess, how am I to save you when I’m locked in this cage?”

Kelly: “Your penis can no longer be trusted around the princess’s body and must be restrained before we continue our journey.”

What the fuck? Joe thought.

Kelly: “Behind you is a chastity device that you must wear until we return to my kingdom.”

Joe looked on the floor behind him and picked up the banana shaped tube with a combination locking ring on it.

“Fuck off.” He said.

Kelly approached him. “Joe, this is the end of scene. Four thousand pounds. Put the fucking thing on and we all go home richer. It will take less than a minute.” She explained.

“What’s the combination?” He asked.

“It’s open, you don’t need one.”

The device wasn’t fully closed so Joe easily pulled the tube and the ring apart. The ring swung open. He pulled his pants down a little and wrapped the ring around his ball sack, holding it at the top of his cock. He then pushed his cock into the bent tube and locked it in place by pushing a pin on the ring into the combination lock.

He noticed the ‘Click’ but continued to adlib his lines for the camera.

Joe: “At your service my princess.”

Bruno applauded and ran over to the cage, simply twisting a handle and letting Joe out.

“You mean this thing wasn’t locked?” Joe asked.

“You two are stars.” Bruno said as Joe stepped out of the cage.

“I’ll feel more of a star without this on.” Joe said holding on to the chastity tube. “How do I get it off?” He asked.

“I’m afraid only your sweet lady knows the answer to that question.” Bruno told him.

“What?” Joe asked

“He’s right.” Kelly said walking towards Joe as Bruno and Si walked away. “I set the combination earlier without anybody else seeing it.” She smiled. “Is that four points to me?”

“What’s the fucking combination Kelly?” He asked.

Kelly looked lovingly into his eyes and smiled.

“I can’t go home like this.” He said.

“You love me don’t you?” She said, still smiling at him.

“After what we’ve just done, you’re playing games?” “Next time I’ll use a real whip.” He said. “I’m getting my clothes and we’re getting out of here AND NEVER COMING BACK.” He shouted, over in the direction of Bruno and Simon.

Kelly carried two thousand pounds in each of her back pockets. She teased Joe all the way home with sexual comments like offering him a blow job whilst driving she also reminded him of what would happen to his balls if he became aroused wearing that thing.

Joe took the banter all the way home with the knowledge that revenge would be easy for him.

Back in the cottage he suggested “I’ll just have to starve you of sex for a while until you crack and gave me the combination.”

“On the contrary my sweetheart. I’ll give you the combination after ten orgasms from this moment on.” she told him.

“What are you talking about?”

Kelly explained “You’re going to be extra nice to me and pleasure me in any way you can think of, until I count ten orgasms and then I’ll give you the combination. Deal?”

“I’ll do you a deal.” Joe said “Ten orgasms or not, as soon as I get the use of my cock back, you have to beg me to put it in that sexy arse of yours. Deal?”

“Oh dear. I can’t believe I’m going to go along with this but yes ok.” Kelly agreed. “If you think you can get the use of your manhood back before my tenth orgasm then good luck.”

Joe continued “When I say beg for it, I mean proper begging for it with you lubricating yourself, bending over and pleading with me to slide it all the way in.”

Kelly laughed. “Ok, I’ll see if I can make it look convincing for you. But you have to earn the privilege by asking me to be your wife before you enter me.”

“No fucking way! You’re nuts. I’m not asking you to marry me!” Joe replied.

“You don’t have to mean it, I just want to hear you say it, then my ass will be lubed-up and all yours. Do we have a deal?” She asked.

“Ok it’s a deal but only if you say NO to being my bride.” He insisted.

“I’ll judge my answer to your question on the next ten orgasms. Deal?” She joked.

“Being as you’re not in a position to shake hands, lets kiss on it.” He suggested.

He took Kelly into the bedroom and laid her on her back. He removed her shoes and stripped her lower half naked. His own jeans had to stay on because if not, as he became aroused, the chastity device would pull on his balls as his cock grew.

Joe could taste slight remnants of lubricant from the earlier sex movie as he licked Kelly’s clitoris. He needed to get these ten orgasms under way.

Her first orgasm didn’t take long at all Joe thought. She must have been turned on from their conversation about making the deal.

Joe opened a bottle of Champaign and poured them both a glass.

“Look at the two of us.” He said. “This time last week I didn’t know women like you existed. Now look at me, locked in this thing, not being able to get enough of you.”

“That is so sweet. You’re warming me up nicely for orgasm number two.” She said kissing his lips.

“Well let’s see what we can do about that then shall we?” Joe said, picking Kelly’s denim shorts up from the floor and holding them up in front of her.

“Oh dear. Which vibrator am I being abused with this time?” She asked, smiling at the thought of the tight denim holding one of them in place.

“I think I’ll save these for tomorrow.” He said. “They need washing first. Where are the special knickers you adapted with the hole for your panty vibrator?”

He washed the shorts and knickers in the kitchen sink and left them to dry on one of the heating radiators.

He poured them another drink and cooked their evening meal.

After eating Kelly was still naked from the waist down. She lay on top of Joe as they cuddled on the sofa.

Fondling her bear arse he said “I can’t wait to make love to this baby.”

Kelly smiled. “Remember how you have to earn the privilege first.”

“Yes, come on. Let’s get some of these orgasms ticked off the list.” He said.

That night Joe did his magic with the larger of the two vibrators, after satisfying her twice in the night they slept until late on Thursday morning.

During their daily showering routine Joe had to hold Kelly’s butt cheeks against his cock, keeping the chastity tube down, to stop it pulling on his balls, due to his arousal as they once again lathered each other in soap and Joe pleasured her nipples and clitoris.

The shower took longer that ever but worth it to Joe as he could tick off another orgasm, bringing him ever closer to his prize of Kelly’s rear hole.

Joe found it impossible to dry his cock inside the tube as there wasn’t any air flow around it.

Over breakfast, he told Kelly that he planned to go out to the hardware shop to buy padlocks for later when Mack cuts through the chain links on her cuffs. He explained she couldn’t stay in the cottage having orgasms without him witnessing them and that she could come along for the ride if she wanted.

Kelly declined, telling him she would stay in the cottage alone but first she needed help getting dressed.

Joe picked through various padlocks from the display, stopping when he noticed a large amount of steel padlocks, painted red, green or blue, called ‘Keyed Alike’.

This meant that all the red padlocks shared the same red key, the green locks had different keys to the red but all shared the same green keys as each other and the blue locks all used the same type of blue key.

He only went to buy two locks but his chastity belt caused him to change his mind and he took six ‘keyed alike’ red locks and loaded them into his basket. He then Picked up four wall mounted fixed rings which would be attached to a wall by screws through each of their four hole mounting plates. He bought a box of two inch long screws and a packet of wall plugs.

He picked up a battery drill with screwdriver attachments and a pack of five masonry brick drills to suit the size of the wall plugs. He then asked an assistant to cut him four lengths of welded link chain each of them one meter long, telling him they were to secure building equipment outside overnight.

He considered looking for something to cut his chastity device off but decided against it as it would be too risky to have something go wrong.

He took out his phone and worked out that if he changed one digit of the combination lock on his chastity device, every second, it would take him just less than three hours to crack the lock. Worth a try he thought.

When he arrived back at the cottage, so that Kelly didn’t see what else he had bought, he left all his shopping in the car except two red padlocks, of which he placed on the kitchen table.

He made them lunch and took care of Kelly’s needs, asking her for the combination to his ‘Cock Lock’ again as he did.

“Six more orgasms first.” She told him.

“How about you give me the combination, we make love and then I promise I’ll put it back on again?” He asked.

She laughed “Nice try Honey. You’d still have to earn the use of this baby first.” She said patting her arse cheeks with her hands.

Joe retrieved the items from the car, took them into the garage and put the new battery drill on charge at the same time.

Six more orgasms till freedom he thought.

“Come on then sexy, it’s time for another pleasuring.” Joe said.

“I’m a little bit tired.” She replied.

“Tired?” He asked, “I don’t give a shit if you’re about to give birth. Get in there on the bed and wait for me to strip your fanny.” He said pointing to the bedroom.

“You’re such a romantic.” She joked.

It was the turn of the vibrator again. He lay on his side next to her with his head at her hips, watching what he was doing, until she was satisfied, marking the half way point to Joe’s release.

Later in the afternoon Joe placed the panty vibe on charge and explained to Kelly that he had to go out for a short time to prepare a surprise for later.

When she asked him where he was going he responded by telling her it’s a surprise.

Leaving the chains and locks behind, he picked up everything else and headed outside down to the cave under the rocks near the beach where he had photographed her on their first morning at the cottage.

Not caring about the fact that he was about to vandalise a natural cave, probably hundreds of years old, he got to work.

Using his own height as a guide to Kelly’s, he estimated the heights and distances apart to fix the rings to the back wall. He drilled sixteen holes in total, anchoring four screws tightly into the wall for each ring.

When he had finished, he pulled at each of the rings, confirming that they were not coming away from the wall without being unscrewed.

Back at the cottage Kelly asked him where he had been, to which he responded “I’ll exchange you that information for the combination to this.”

The time was now almost five PM and Mack would be meeting them in the workshop at six thirty.

“Do you want to eat now or can you wait until later when you’ll have the use of your hands?” He asked.

“I think I’ll wait thanks then maybe I’ll drive us somewhere tonight if you wanted.” She suggested.

Kelly looked through her clothes and picked out a cream long sleeved blouse with button up cuffs to hide her wrist manacles, a bra and her beige riding pants to wear later.

Joe wandered over to the distillery to find it in darkness. All he had to do now was to wait for Mack to arrive and turn on the workshop light.

They both sat looking at the workshop window from the cottage until a light came on.

Joe knocked on the door and Mack answered.

“Hello guys, how are you doing. I’ve been worrying about you my dear, how are you feeling?” Mack asked.

“I’m feeling great thanks.” She told him.

“Come on in, let’s get those things off you, you must be going out of your mind by now.” Mack said.

“No.” Kelly replied, much to Mack’s amazement. “I’ve had the most amazing few days and I would like to keep them on please if that’s ok with you.”

“Oh. Are you sure?” Mack asked.

“There is just one thing we need.” Joe said, “Could you cut off the second chain link from the belt? Not the half link welded onto the belt but the next one so that you leave as much chain on the cuffs as you can, still allowing us to lock them back on the belt with padlocks.”

“No problem. But are you sure about this?” Mack asked.

“Yes.” Kelly insisted.

Mack did as requested and freed Kelly’s arms from behind her back for the first time in three days. It was such a relief.

Joe held her hands up in front of her stomach to assist her until she regained her own movement back in her shoulders.

They thanked Mack and headed back to the cottage.

Kelly put her arms around his waist and hugged him. “When do I get my surprise?” She asked.

“Let’s go out tonight; I’ll give you that tomorrow.” He said smiling at her.

Kelly managed to keep her manacles and the remaining four inch chains covered inside the buttoned sleeves of her top as they ate in the restaurant, giving her the confidence that this will work.

Back at the cottage she removed her top and admired how solid Mack’s handy work was on her bracelets.

“Do you think I look like Wonder Woman in these?” She asked.

“You are Wonder Woman.” He replied, kissing her.

Kelly warned him. “You’re going to have to sleep with one eye open tonight.” She said, putting her arms around his neck.

Joe pulled her in closer to him and twisted the belt around so that the two welded loops set six inches apart, were now at her front.

He walked into the kitchen, picked up the two red padlocks, pocketed the keys and then walked back to Kelly. He hooked the padlocks through the loops, leaving them hanging open and put his arms around her waist.

“Really?” He said, smiling back at her.

Joe picked up the panty vibrator and the remote control. “Come on you need to get ready.” He said.

He collected her special underwear with her shorts and passed them to her.

“You know what to do.” He said.

She did as instructed, positioning the vibrator inside the gusset of her underwear and pulled up the shorts, ensuring the panty vibrator was pressed onto her clitoris.

She realised as she fastened the buttons that because the denim had been washed and dried on the hot radiator, the shorts had shrunk slightly making them tighter than before.

Joe fitted his leather belt through the loops of her shorts with the belt buckle behind her back.

“No prizes for guessing what happens to your wrists if you try anything like removing the vibrator.” He told her.

“Or anything like this do you mean?” She answered, grabbing hold of his balls, hanging through the ring of his chastity device, with her left hand.

He looked at her in utter disbelief. “Exactly like that.” He said. “I sometimes question your sanity.” “Do you have to always be the bad girl?”

He took the padlock from the right side loop of her belt and treaded it through the half chain link that was welded to the cuff of her left wrist. Effectively missing the chain out completely, giving her no slack at all. He then locked her left wrist, across her stomach to the opposite right hand side loop of her steel waist belt.

He then repeated this, taking her right wrist and locking it to the left side loop on her belt with no slack, leaving the two redundant four inch chains hanging down below her belt on each side.

“Hey, not fair.” She said, looking down at her arms now folded across her waist. “I can’t touch myself like this or even lay on my front to add any pressure to my vibrator.”

“I’ll let you rest your crotch on my face if you let me remove this thing for the night.” He said.

“No chance. A deal is a deal darling.” She said.

He knew that he could still play his trump card and blackmail her by threatening to post online the video he had of her in the garage but he decided to go along with her game for now or at least until he had three hours alone time to break the combination.

He set the vibrator going and kept moving her and him into different positions so that he could put pressure on her crotch using various parts of his body like his hands, his knees and his face.

It took les than an hour before she was moaning during her first orgasm.

She wanted to stop there because she was shattered but Joe refused, saying “Four more to go before I get my prize honey.”

He lay there with Kelly, playing with her nipples as the panty vibrator continued doing its work, until another orgasm came along.

“Three more.” He said, brushing the sweat soaked hair out of her face.

“When are you going to give me my surprise?” She asked.

“Not until tomorrow. It’s outside.” He told her.

“But it’s two AM in the morning.” She told him “Technically it is tomorrow.”

“It’s too dark. Let’s sleep first.” He said.

Kelly woke Joe three hours later “Its light now, where’s my surprise?”

She kept rolling on top of him and kissing his ear, not letting him go back to sleep.

He gave in. “You’re like a child at Christmas!” “Is it not a little bit cold out there at the moment.”

“It’s just morning freshness, I don’t mind.” She insisted. “Come on let’s go!”

Joe released her wrists and she used the toilet.

He passed her the larger remote controlled vibrator with a blob of lube on it and helped her insert it before she pulled up her shorts again ensuring the panty vibrator was also in the correct place.

She buckled Joe’s brown leather belt at the front this time and tucked a white T-shirt underneath her metal waist belt.

Joe was already dressed and without Kelly seeing, he placed the four chains each one a meter long in a bag with all the padlocks.

Kelly’s arms were still free. He handed her the white cloak to keep her restraints hidden as they walked towards the rocky shore.

“Please tell me we’re going to the cave?” She asked with a look of delight on her face.

“You’ll have to wait darling, it’s a surprise.”

She ran ahead of him all the way into the back of the cave and immediately noticed the four fixed rings, drilled and secured firmly into the rock against the back wall.

She felt a flutter from down below inside her. “OH MY GOD.” She said.

She reached up and started pulling down hard on the two high rings, loving the feel of how firmly and securely fixed in place they were.

“Did you really do this for me?” She asked.

Joe joined her at the back of the cave and pulled out two padlocks from the bag. “Yes sweetie, you’re going to be that damsel in distress from your childhood fantasy.”

Her eyes were fixed on the padlocks in his hand, now nervous about what he was about to do to her.

“Take off the cloak.” He said.

She placed the cloak on the floor as he took her left wrist and threaded the padlock through the end link of the four inch chain.

He raised her arm up above her head and joined the chain to the fixed ring in the wall with an audible click as the lock snapped shut.

She allowed him to raise her other arm above her head, positioning her other wrist in place then, with a click, rendering her helpless as the second lock snapped shut.

“What do you think?” He asked, placing his hands on her ribcage and kissing her softly on the lips.

She was speechless. She looked above her head and tugged on the chains attaching her cuffs to the wall.

Her wrists were spread a comfortable two feet apart and high enough up to pull her arms almost straight.

He pulled out two chains from the bag, locked one end of the first chain around her left ankle and pulled her left leg out to the side towards one of the lower fixed rings.

He then took the second chain and locked it around her right ankle.

She didn’t fight him as he pulled her legs apart using the chains, causing her body to lower down slightly and then padlocked the chains to the remaining fixed wall rings.

Her arms were now completely straight with no slack in the chains. She held on through the wall rings with her stretched fingers to relieve the pressure on her wrists.

She stared at Joe in anticipation as he smiled back at her.

He turned on both vibrators and grabbed her arse with his hands, pulling his groin tight against her crotch.

He kissed her again and said “Do you want me to take an up to date photo of you in this cave?”

“Maybe not.” she said.

He held up his phone and said “Say Help.”


“Ok.” He said picking up the cape and the bag. “I’m going back to bed. See you later.”

“Joe, you can’t leave me here like this.” She ordered.

He turned back to her saying “Have fun.”

“Baby please don’t go.” She shouted after him as he exited the cave. “What if somebody finds me in here?”

He could hear her but didn’t acknowledge her. He exited the cave and climbed up to a vantage point where he could hide on top of the rocks and just see Kelly through the long grass. He had a view of the whole area and would be able to run back to her if he suspected anybody getting close.

It was time to decode the combination lock.

He looked at his watch and started with all the zeros, counting up one increment at a time, pulling slightly at each new combination.

He noticed after about ten minutes how slack the lock became at Zero Six Six Eight and he knew he was close with three out of the four numbers.

After half an hour the lock went slack again as he reached One Six Six Eight and so he took a chance at changing the One to a Two and maybe three and so on but there was no need, the lock fell open, releasing the ring from around his balls.

He made a mental note Two Six Six Eight. Even if Kelly had given him the combination, it wouldn’t have worked as it would be the wrong way around from his perspective.

His elation was short lived as he carefully removed the banana shaped tube from his cock and looked in horror at his skin where the tube had been pressing against it.

The tube had not allowed any air flow and so his skin had remained wet for the whole duration and looked Prune like, as though it had been under water for days.

He was slightly worried but hoped it would return to normal over the next few hours.

He watched Kelly as she couldn’t keep still, all chained up in the cave. It was a beautiful sight he thought as he became aroused, cautiously observing the wet skin as his cock grew in size.

She kept repeating the same movement of arching her back away from the wall and pulling down on her wrist cuffs then she would lean back against the wall with her head down and bend her knees in to try and pull her legs together. The vibrators were obviously doing their job.

With the chastity device in hand and a beaming smile on his face, he walked back down to see Kelly in the cave.

“Hi baby.” She said to him as she twisted her hips and knees once more, trying to close her legs.

“Look what I have.” He replied holding the chastity device in front of her.

“Oh shit. How did you do that?” She asked.

“That’s my little secret.” He told her.

She must be close to climaxing now he thought so he kissed her on the lips and looked her in the eyes.

“Two days I wore this thing. So I just came to tell you that I’m going to return the favour and keep you chained up in here for the next two days.”

“You wouldn’t do that to me.” She replied.

“Try me!” “I’m going to punish you properly this time. You need to learn who’s in charge.” He told her.

There was a frightened look on her face as she felt her knees go weak and had to pull herself up with the chains on her wrists.

“WHAT?” She cried.

This tipped her over the edge. The thought of what he had just said sent her body into submission, allowing the vibrators to take over, causing an immediate orgasm.

“Oh god no.” She moaned in ecstasy, thinking about being there overnight and not able to escape her own fantasy for the next two days.

“Please darling don’t do this to me.” She pleaded through quick short breaths as she straightened her knees again, coming back from her planet Ecstasy.

Continuing to play with her mind, he said “Maybe longer if you refuse to accept your punishment.”

He took a bunch of three keys out of his pocket and removed the chains from her legs allowing her to stand up straight and relieving the pressure on her wrists.

He took one of the chains and locked one end on to one of the loops of her steel belt.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Punishing you.” He replied.

He then rotated her steel belt around so that the chain was behind her and passed the rest of the chain through her legs to the front, over her waist belt in the middle, back down through her legs again and up to the steel belt loop on the other side.

He pulled the chain tight into her crotch and locked it in place.

Joe was now fully back in charge again.

Time for a little revenge fun he thought.

“Now say thank you.” He commanded.

“It’s a bit tight.” She replied.

“That counts as a refusal to accept your punishment?” “THREE DAYS!” He shouted just to see the look on her face.

“WHAT?” She shouted. “Don’t be an arsehole!”


“JOE STOP THIS!” She told him.

“You’ve asked for it now lady. You just don’t know when to stop do you?” He told her.

Joe continued to tease her by taking out a few bunches of keys from his pocket and pretending to find the right set of keys for the padlock attaching her left wrist to the wall.

He had to pretend that some of the keys didn’t work but in reality he had bought six padlocks, all keyed alike which came with three keys each. Therefore he had thirty six keys which were all the same so he could afford to play this game with her.

He clicked the padlock open momentarily and snapped it shut again.

“These are the keys for that lock.” He said putting them on the ground in front of her, out of reach of her feet. He then did the same, pretending to look for the correct key for the lock on her other wrist and repeated “And these are the keys for that one.” Again, placing them on the ground with the other set.

He put the rest of the keys in his pocket and walked out of the cave. He returned a few seconds later with a large smooth rounded pebble from the beech.

“You made me do this.” He said as he smashed the rock into one set of keys three times, absolutely destroying them.

“WHAT THE FUCK?” She shouted.

He did exactly the same with the other set of keys and then looked at the expression on her face.

“Darling, what the fuck are you doing?” She asked with a quiver in her voice.

He picked up her cloak and hung the hood on the back of her head with the cloak between her and the cave wall. He then turned to walk away.

“I’ll be back in six hours with some lunch and I don’t want to hear any more complaining from you. Do you understand?” He said, delighted with her reaction to his little game.

Kelly was shocked.

The vibrations were still going on inside her.

She was now so scared, thinking that the only keys to her freedom had been destroyed and she could only blame herself.

She could see Joe in the distance walking back to the cottage.

As he went out of sight of the cave, he immediately turned around and took a different route back towards it, giggling to himself. So proud of his antics of messing with her mind.

“Hi sweetie.” He said.

“Joe?” She said, “Darling, I’ll beg you if you want, please.” “I’ll give you anything.” “I’ll do anything you want. Please Joe. Please.”

He put his hands on her arse and pulled her towards him. He kissed her properly and then said “You’ll give me anything I want?”

“Anything.” She replied.

He squeezed her arse cheeks again and told her “I want this.”

She looked him in the eye and said “I love you Joe. Please don’t leave me like this.” “Take me back to the cottage and do anything you want to me but please get me down from here, my arms are killing me.”

He took one bunch of keys out of his pocket and said “Anything I want?”

“Anything.” She replied.

He reached up released her right wrist.

She had a look of confusion on her face as he then used the same key to release her other wrist.

She let out a huge sigh of relief as she lowered her arms.

He hugged her and then squeezing her arse cheeks again “I think I’ve earned this don’t you?” He reminded her.

“Yes darling, I believe you have.”

He kept her arms free and fastened the cloak around her neck as they walked back to the cottage.

Joe confessed to never intending on leaving her for any longer than he did and that it was all a joke to play with her mind.

Her relief outweighed any anger but allowed her to confirm the reality of Joe having a soft touch towards her.

Back in the bedroom he couldn’t wait any longer. He felt so aroused. He checked the skin on his cock and thankfully all seemed back to normal.

“Two days I’ve been waiting for this.” He told her.

“How do you want me?” She asked after she had stripped naked.

“Bent over the end of the bed and begging me.” He replied.

She knelt down and did as he asked.

With the tube of lubricant in his hand he approached her from behind, knelt down and stroked his prize. He kissed the back of her neck and sniffed his way down to her arse then kissed each cheek.

It had only been two days but he thought he was going to explode as his heart pounded more and more blood into his pulsing cock.

“I want you to beg and make it sound convincing like you really want this remember.” He said, reminding her of the earlier deal.

“You know that you could still earn this legitimately by being on just one knee.” She reminded him.

Fuck it he thought, they are only words and it’s only like role playing. I’ll give her what she wants.

He lifted one knee off the floor.

“Kelly.” He began. “You are the most amazing woman I could ever dream of being with. I love you more than you will ever be able to imagine and I want to be with you for the rest of my life.”

He squeezed some lubricant onto his fingers and spread it on and around her arse hole.

“Will you marry me?” He said.

“YES DARLING YES.” She shouted. “Now do it to me.” “Give me all you’ve got baby.” “Don’t hold back, It’s all yours.” “Forever.”

Joe entered her slowly. It was a tight enough fit but exactly what he had expected. He slowly pumped in and out of her, holding on to her waist belt as he did.

“How does it feel?” He asked.

Kelly had now given up on the ‘begging for it’ act. “It feels like one of my patients at the hospital once described to me the symptoms of having a Tape worm inside them.” She joked.

“Fuck you Kell.” “I’m enjoying this.” “I don’t think it’s going to take me long though babes, I’m almost there.”

He groaned and tried to slow down his pushing in and out but couldn’t hold back.

Seconds later he pushed himself all the way inside her and held it there until his balls finished pumping into her.

He then rested on her back for a few seconds, breathing heavily before he pulled out and dragged her on to the bed next to him where they kissed each other like it was their last day on Earth.

They lay together on the bed. Kelly spoke first. “So Fiancé, let’s talk about where we’re going to live.”

He smiled back at her “The deal was that you say no to my proposal.”

“No chance. You’re a keeper.” She told him.

Later he asked “Ok then, where should we live?”

She whispered into his ear “In a big castle with a dungeon.”

He smiled. “I meant geographically which city.” “Although now that you mention it, a castle sounds good.” He said. “We may have to start with just the dungeon first?”

She kissed him and played with his hair for a few moments then said “Darling, can I ask you something else?”

“Of course.” He replied.

“How would you feel about owning me?” She asked.

“How do you mean owning you?” He replied.

“Make me yours.” She said. “Keep me. I can do anything you want.” “I already work hard to please others but to be kept by you and have pleasing you as my only goal in life would be the best thing ever.” “Better than working. I know we wouldn’t have loads of money but I could make it worth your while.”

He looked at her. “I’m liking what you’re saying. Keep talking.” He said.

“You would obviously have to keep me in line and punish me whenever I overstep the mark. Just try not to hurt me too much.” “You know how I like to be chained up, I could be your stay at home slave girl if that’s how you want to put it.” “What do you think?” She asked.

“Wow.” He said. “Yes, yes and yes.”

“If we both lived around here.” He suggested. “We could make movies for a living with Bruno if you wanted to.” “Then we’d have money.”

“Darling I’ll do anything you want me to. Just teach me how you want me to do it.” I’ll be your bitch and you can be my master.” She said.

“I’m not too keen on bitch and master. How about slave girl or maybe just girl?” He thought out loud. “I know, how about you being my lady? Yes, Lady Kell.”

Kelly cut him off by saying “And you can be my Lord. Lord Joe?”

“Lord Joe and lady Kell?” “Yes. I like the sound of that.”

“So if ever I say to you ‘Lady Kell’ you have to stop what you are doing and kneel down, facing me with your hands on your head. Ok?”

“Yes my Lord.” She smiled.

He tried it out, “Erm. Lady Kell.”

Kelly rolled off the bed and knelt on the floor facing him with her hands on her head.

“Ok, let’s try it with your hands on your knees.”

She lowered her hands and rested them on her knees.

“How about behind your back?”

She moved her hands behind her back.

“Yes that’s it.” He said. “That’s your sitting to attention position. This is how I want you to be whenever I address you as Lady Kell. Ok?”

“Yes Lord Joe.” She replied, loving the moment. “And what happens to me if I don’t?”

“Well you can start by cleaning Lord Joe’s cock with your lips then clean your teeth.” “In the meantime I’ll prepare a punishment demonstration for you.” He told her.

She obliged.

He stood up and picked up one of the meter long chains and two padlocks.

He then locked one end of the chain to her wrist cuff chain and threw the loose end over the wooden beam in the middle of the lounge.

She didn’t resist as he lifted her arms above her head and locked her other wrist cuff to the free end of the chain.

Kelly became aroused as she once again stood naked with her arms chained over her head, awaiting his next move.

He picked up his leather belt from around her shorts on the floor and held it in front of her face. He then rubbed it across her arse cheeks then held it back up to her face. Holding her jaw with his empty hand and looking her in the eyes he said “Understand?”

Kelly had never tried spanking or had a real whipping before and felt ready to try it with her new owner.

He placed the belt back on the floor and stood up in front of her.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“This is just a demonstration, I’m not really going to hit you.”

“But I want you to.” She told him.

“I can’t. You haven’t done anything wrong.”

“Please darling, I just want to feel what it’s like.”

He smiled, kissed her and reaching up with the keys, he released the padlock from one wrist, catching the chain as it drew back over the beam.

“Let’s have a practice shall we?” He said.

“Lady Kell.” He pointed at the floor, meaning for her to assume the position.

“Fuck you lord Joe penis breath!” She said with a smile on her face.

He shook his head and let out a sigh, “You are so childish.” He said, taking hold of the chain and throwing it back over the beam.

Kelly held her wrists up again for him to re-lock them in position over her head.

He snapped the padlock shut and picked up the leather belt. “Just the one then, to see what it feels like ok?”

“Ok.” She agreed.

She kept her eyes on him as he held onto the belt buckle and took a swing. It landed firmly across the full width of her arse shocking the hell out of her, with a loud slap/crack noise.

“FUCK.” She shouted stepping forward.

He felt guilty. “Was that too hard?” He asked.

“No babes that was ok.” She told him. “In fact, did I say Lord Joe penis breath? I meant lord Joe arsehole breath.”

He smiled at her, drew his arm back and swung again.

Another slapping sound filled the room.

“FUCKING HELL.” She screamed.

“Lord Joe the small penis!” She said.

Another slap.

“Lord Joe seems to be limp wristed if he thinks this is a punishment.” She said.


“Aaahhh FUCK!” She shouted, dancing on the spot on her tip toes, trying to get her legs away, clenching her arse cheeks tightly together.

She could feel all of the muscles in her groin area twitching rapidly as she tensed up. It felt like her whole vagina and sphincter were being sent electric shocks from her brain to say get out of the way of that belt.

“Have you had enough yet?” He asked.

She ignored the electricity inside her, pulled down on her wrist cuffs and said “No Tapeworm dick.”

He swung again, hitting her in the same place.

“AAWWW FUCK. FUCK.” She screamed, letting out some sort of liquid from below.

Through heavy breaths she said “Baby. In this initial period of us learning and drawing up our boundaries for the future, I need to tell you that lady Kell needs Lord Joe inside her right now!”

He dropped the belt immediately.

“I agree. The lady has received enough punishment and needs some love juice medicine inside her.” He joked.

“You really turn me on.” He said, taking hold of her buttocks.

They made love standing there and were both soon together in heaven again.

He released one of her wrists leaving the chain attached to her right hand cuff.

They both rubbed and inspected her back side for injuries.

“Can we do that again?” She asked.

Joe smiled. “We need to eat.” He said, then held his hand out to take hold of her right wrist, “Here, let me remove that chain for you.”

“No, that’s ok, you can leave it attached thanks.” She replied.

After eating they discussed engagement rings and the practicality’s of living together logistically.

Joe could live and work anywhere, as could Kelly. They also had no commitments at home or at work.

They were also still on the run from Jonesy the drug dealer and so taking that into account they agreed to speak to Bruno about making more movies to earn enough money to stay up in Scotland until they are ready to move on.

“I’ll find somewhere special for us to live. Somewhere like this, no neighbours with white washed stone walls and a basement cellar.” He said.

She winked at him but her thoughts were somewhere else. “How much do you think Mack would charge for a matching collar and ankle cuffs?” She asked.

“Bloody hell sweetie. That will look great in our movies; you’ll be an internet sensation overnight.” He said as he cuddled her.
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