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Story about how I got into having such raunchy naughty sex. I dated a much older man who introduced me to it all.
I love having sex with dogs. The way their warm hard flesh penetrates me while the tip drips an excessive amount of pre-cum, it feels incredible as it pumps in and out into my spot. The thick flesh of their cock spreading apart my cunt walls and stretching me feels so good. The best part is letting a dog tie himself to me. I love the feel of the knot swelling inside as doggy cum spurts within.

It’s even better when a man or men watch me. I love an audience. I love pleasuring the audience when they want me to suck on their cocks while the dog knots me.

I had a torrid sexual relationship with an older man who moved in next door to me. His name is Barry and he lives alone with a Doberman he called Sam. We flirted a lot when we first met. He reminded me a lot of my grandfather.

Barry would see me getting out of the car in the parking lot with groceries. He would offer to help carry them in for me. The first time I agreed, he carried them inside my apartment.

“Thank you,” I said as we set the bags down in the kitchen on the table.

“Could I have a hug and I kiss?” Barry asked flirting with me.

“Of course,” I said opening my arms to embrace him.

He pulled me close to his body and pressed up against me. I could feel his erection in his pants pushing against my mound over my clothes.

We kissed softly and slowly like lovers. He moaned grabbing my hand and used it to cover his bulging erection in his pants. I rubbed the length of his stiff penis. Then I knelt down in front of the old man pulling down his shorts and boxers. He had a big erect cock. My pussy pulsed wanting to feel him inside.

I licked the pre-cum oozing out. Then I sucked down on him swirling my tongue up and down his length. I gazed up at him with horny lust and he looked back at me with hooded eyes. He was ready to cum.

I sucked and stroked the old man’s cock as he stood there in my kitchen. His body shuddered and he put both of his hands on the back of my head. Spurts of his cum shot into my mouth. I catch all of it and show him my mouth full of his cum. I pushed my tongue through it and swallowed it in one gulp.

The next time the old man was in my kitchen, I pulled my shorts and panties down and sat on the edge of the kitchen table. Spreading my legs for him, I watched as he rubbed the head of his cock at my wet folds.

“Oh God, it’s been so long since I had such a young cunt, not since I was young,” the old man said. That made me so horny to know. I wanted to be his first young pussy as an old man.

He sunk into me and started pounding away. His hips swung desperately. He pushed my shirt up to look at my tits and fondle them. My big breasts shook as he pinched my nipples.

I let the old man fuck me bareback. He came emptying his testicles inside me. That was when all the fun started with him.

First, we would watch porn together while he played with my pussy. I’d lie in his bed naked and he would lie between my open legs naked. The old man had a way with his mouth and fingers. He would put on videos of old men having sex with teens. He loved eating my pussy while we both watched porn together.

We’d watch beautiful teens having sex with dogs and old men in videos. He also liked watching women having sex with midgets. He would eat and suck on my sex until I came. He did it every single day for months. It became what I wanted to see and do every time I was with Barry.

The next time I was over at his place, we were making out on the couch. I opened my blouse and pushed up my bra so he could suckle on my tits. He yanked down my panties and tossed them to the floor. I opened my legs for him as he moved to shove his cock into my wet pussy fucking me hard and fast. It was so hard that it stung.

“Oh, Barry,” I said.

“Oh God, Natasha,” he moaned. “I can’t believe you want to fuck an old man like me. I’m a lucky bastard.”

“Oh, Barry, you turn me on so much. You remind me of my grandfather,” I confessed as he fucked me to orgasm.

“I can be your grandpa. You can call me that. I’d like that.”

“Oh Grandpa,” I said clenching my cunt around his stroking cock. “Fuck me, grandpa. Fuck my pussy. Cum in me, grandpa.”

His body trembled on top of mine as he came releasing his seed into me. When he pulled away, I lay there spread on his couch feeling his cum leak out.

“Keep your legs open for my dog. He wants to fuck you too,” Barry said.

It was my first time doing anything with an animal. My cunt warmed at the thought as I saw his erection fully emerged from its sheath. The Doberman mounted me and started humping against me missionary style. I grasped his cock and pushed the leaking tip into my cunt.

“Oh God, oh Barry!” I cried out as his dog pounded his cock away into me. It felt so amazing I came almost immediately.

“He won’t be able to knot you in this position but he can still fuck you until he cums.”

“Oh yes,” I moaned.

The dog humped furiously stroking his cock in and out of my cunt. Soon his cock spurted doggy cum into me. It puddled on the couch at my ass.

He wasn’t done fucking me yet. He was still erect and horny eager to stroke into me.

I wanted the dog to knot me. I wanted to know what it felt like having it shoved up inside me. It looked so big and inviting.

I turned around and knelt beside the couch bending over. I held onto the cushions as the Doberman mounted me from behind. He humped until he sunk into me. Then he fucked me wildly bringing me to orgasm again. He pushed his knot past my entrance and tied himself to me. More spurts of doggy semen shot out. This time it was plugged up by his knot. The orgasm was so intense.

It felt like a long time we stayed like that. I couldn’t stop moaning and panting. I’d never had an orgasm like that before. I wanted it to happen again and I wanted Barry to watch. I liked that he was so horny for me after watching me have sex with his dog.

He sat on the couch thrusting his cock near my mouth. I opened up and sucked on his pumping member as his dog owned my cunt. I swirled my tongue up and down the length of the old man’s cock. I could taste myself on him. He groaned as he came shooting his sperm down my throat. I swallowed his delicious cum.

After that, I became addicted to having sex with Barry’s Doberman. I wanted to feel his dog’s cock up my cunt knotting me all the time.


Barry loved eating my pussy and pretending to be my grandfather. He would swirl his tongue over my clit and lick deep into my folds.

“Oh Grandpa,” I moaned thrusting my cunt onto his mouth.

“That’s my good granddaughter,” he would moan back.

The old man would eat me out and finger fuck me until I came on his face.

Barry loved watching porn so he always had something playing on the television when we fucked. His favorite thing to do was to watch his dog knot my cunt while we watched porn. Then I would suck his cock until he came in my mouth.

When the Doberman pulled his shrunken knot out of my cunt, his cum bathed my legs making me feel like such a whore.

“Get under him and suck his cock now,” Barry would say.

I’d bring my mouth to the Doberman’s big red veiny cock dripping semen. Catching the fluid in on my tongue, I’d swallow it and let it leak on my face and tits while I held it at the base. Then I’d suck on the dog’s cock slurping on it. I could taste myself mixed with his doggy cum and it made me so horny. I would suck and stroke the dog for a long time until he came again this time shooting his load into my mouth.

I swirled my tongue around on his shaft and stroked him. Drinking his doggy ejaculate, I feel Barry play with my pussy. More doggy semen leaks out.

Barry took an erectile dysfunction drug often so he could stay hard and fuck me for hours. His dog would fuck me for hours too. My pussy was always sore and full of cock every time we were together.


Barry wanted to share me with a close friend of his named John. John wanted to watch me with Barry’s dog.

I sat between them on the couch first with Barry’s dog sitting on the floor. We were all naked. Barry was to my left and John to my right. I kissed each of them openmouthed while they each fondled a tit. John slipped his fingers to my cunt and rubbed into my wet folds.

“Oh yea, baby, you have a soaking wet pussy,” John said. He was older than Barry by a few years. The man was tall and wiry thin. He was balding. The old man’s cock was big and thick as I grasped it with my right hand stroking it. I wrapped my left hand around Barry’s cock and stroked.

“Oh God, that feels so good. As much as I don’t want you to stop, I really want to watch you with the dog,” John said.

“Ok,” I said getting down on the floor. The Doberman was between my open legs sniffing at my pussy. With my legs spread wide, I watched the dog begin to lick my cunt while I played with my tits. They were big and round. My puffy pink nipples were erect.

Barry and John each had their cocks out and they were touching themselves. I was so horny for the two old men and the Doberman I turned over onto my hands and knees to give myself to the dog.

The animal mounted me and humped against me finding my entrance. He sunk into me and started fucking me wildly like a feral animal.

“Holy fuck this is so hot!” John cried tugging on his erection.

“Oh, ooohhhhh God,” I moaned cumming hard on the dog’s thrusting prick. I’d become so addicted to having sex with the dog that I wanted to do it at least twice a day every day. “Oh yea!” I screamed when the dog thrust his knot into me and it began to swell. The stretch on my cunt was great and I came so hard repeatedly.

Now the old men wanted me to suck each one of them off. First was John since he was the guest. The old man sat on a stool in front of me and shoved his cock at my face. I opened my mouth and sucked down on his penis licking the pre-ejaculate pearling at the opening.

He rocked back and forth fucking my mouth until he shivered and came, emptying his testicles into my mouth. I swallowed the old man’s semen down delighting in the rich salty creamy flavor of it.

Next was Barry, whose cock I’d suck many times already, the old man sat on the stool in front of me and rocked back and forth while I sucked him. Swirling my tongue up and down his length, I sucked down hard bringing him to orgasm quickly.

My cunt pulsed and clenched around the dog’s big cock and knot. Squirts of his semen shot into me filling me up. The doggy ejaculate pumped into me making me feel stuffed full back there. The dog knotted me for a while until his knot shrank and he pulled out. A huge amount of doggy semen rushed out of my cunt and washed down my thighs.

I lay on the couch and spread my legs so each man could have a turn with me. First was John. He was horny to fuck me after watching what I did with Barry’s dog. His erection was big and thick pounding into me. When he came his seed mixed with the dog’s seed inside me.

Barry was next to fuck me. The old man sunk his cock into me and pumped away for dear life desperate to cum inside me. I came quickly and easily with him stroking his huge erection into me over and over again.

“Oh God,” Barry cried slamming against me. He sunk deeply inside spraying jets of his hot cum inside me.

I clenched tightly around his cock as he emptied his testicles into me. I was so satisfied that both men and the dog had creampied my cunt.


2020-03-04 02:46:47
very good story i can see myself as barry


2020-03-04 00:29:48
Great read I loved Barry sharing you with his mate John. Reassures us that in sex as in life we all need our bit of the action. I am going to read more of your stories soon. Keep up the writing please.

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