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My name is Susan, I am a 34 years old married woman with a secret. I am closet wannabe fuck-pig. This is the story of the night my husband discovered my secret in a most unexpected way.
My name is Susan, I am a 34 years old married woman with a secret. I am closet wannabe fuck-pig.

My husband thinks I look like Rey in the new Star Wars movies, but I don’t see it. I do have Daisy Ridley’s small tits and try to keep myself fit.

I get off on humiliation, submission, ass to mouth, face fucking, and BDSM, which was only shared anonymously with the 350ish followers and random viewers of my BDSMLR Blog.

My husband has no idea. While we have always had a very active sex life it is vanilla. He has never asked for more than a blow job, and I never offered. I really don’t know why, it’s just how it was with us. Meanwhile I secretly trained my throat and ass with dildo’s, while gooning to porn.

This changed two days ago. We were watching TV, him on his side of the couch, and me on mine. Or I should say I was watching TV. Sam was distracted by his phone. When I asked what was so interesting, he said, “nothing”, and turned the phone off.

I noticed the bulge in his shorts and asked, “Are you looking at porn?”

“No…”, came his guilty reply. Then, “OK, Yes”. He turned the phone back on and turned the screen so I could see.

It was a very staged, but hard-core BDSM scene. My cunt began to tingle. Sam didn’t look at porn often, and I had never seen him looking at anything more hardcore than Playboy-type glamour shots.

“Do you want to tie me up?”, I asked with a sly smile.

“Maybe”, he replied without breaking eye contact.

I paused a moment, then replied, “OK”.

“Really?”, he sounded surprised and a bit excited.

This could be good. “Sure”. Then after another pause, I continued, “What else do you want to do to me?” and scooted over to sit closer taking his phone from him. “What other pictures do you have?”,

He was on BDSMLR, a popular blog site ever since TUMBLR decided to censor adult content. The blog he was on was a mild one, nothing like what I had on my blog. It was mainly staged scenes with porn models. Nothing like the consensual non-consent rape scenes I was currently into.

“You want to tie me up and fuck my ass?”, I said with indignation I didn’t feel. Quite the opposite, my cunt was way beyond tingling, and I was beginning to worry that he might notice the wet spot that was growing on the crotch of my yoga pants.

“Um, not if you don’t want to.”, he said, with a disappointed look on his face.

“I guess we could try it once, if you really want too”, I said as I pulled his face towards mine and kissed him gently. “Anything for the man I love.”

He looked at his watch, then said, “I have an early meeting tomorrow, and I want to make this special. I will stop at home depot for some rope, and CVS for some lube. I want to wine and dine you first.”

I smiled hiding my disappointment, “sounds perfect”. But it wasn’t. I didn’t want to be treated like a princess. I wanted to be taken, all my holes brutally fucked, and then unceremoniously abandoned, cum dripping from every hole. I wanted to be a cum-dump, not a princess.

The next morning, he was gone before I woke up. A note reminded me he’d be home early. He had made dinner reservations for 6:00. I spent the day gooning to the obscenest porn I could find. We hadn’t had sex since for 3 days, and I really needed release. But showing restraint I didn’t let myself cum. I had looked forward to this for 20 years, and I wanted to be one horny dripping cum-slut tonight.

That afternoon I gave myself an enema, shaved and powdered my pussy, and put my favorite jeweled butt-plug in. I kept a stash of toys hidden under the bottom drawer of my tallboy dresser. By the time Sam got home, I was all glammed up and dressed in my favorite little black dress, fuck-me heels, and nothing else. I gave him a little twirl and his eyes grew wide.

“I think you forgot your panties. Wait, is that a butt plug?”, he asked as his eyes grew wide.

My cunt contracted and a drop of my pussy juice traced a line down my inner thigh. If he noticed, he didn’t let on.

“Um yes, I bought it today. I heard they help it and not hurt as much”. I answered demurely.

“Turn around and bend over so I can see it”.

This was unexpected. He for sure would see that my pussy was soaked now, but I did as he told. I turned around and keeping my knees straight I bent over at the waist and hiking up my dress. I pulled my ass cheeks apart to give him a good view.

He walked over and squatted down, his face just inches from my plugged ass.

“Purple, your favorite color”, he said. Then grapping it he pulled on it not once, but 4 times nearly pulling me off my heels.

“Damn, that things really in there”

His fingers raked my cunt. The pressure from the plug as he pumped it, combined with his fingers rubbing my cunt lips nearly caused me to cum, and more of my juices began leaking down my legs. This time he did notice and rubbed the juices into my thigh. “You’re a bit excited for this, aren’t you?”

“A bit”, I confessed with a demure smile, and looked longingly past him at our bedroom.

“Damn, look at the time, we are going to miss our reservations”. He then spanked me hard on the ass. “Let’s go”. Whoa, where did that come from?

He had no idea what he was doing to me. I composed myself and followed him to the car. I barely touched my dinner. He had made reservations at my favorite Italian restaurant, and was polite, witty, and so sweet to me. You could tell he was trying to make this a perfect night. All I could think about was how much I wanted to be humiliated and fucked up. The pressure from the plug in my ass, and the cold leather chair against my bare ass and pussy kept my mind in the gutter through the entire meal.

As we walked to the car, he asked me if I had noticed the 2 men at the table near us.

“Not really, what about them?”

“I sure it was nothing, they just kept checking you out”.

I wonder if they had noticed me rocking in my seat to make the plug rub against my G spot. Did I flash them when I stood up? I had spread my legs wide hoping to give Sam a look at my dripping pussy, but he looked away just as I spread my legs and he missed it. I was so focused on him I don’t know who else I had flashed. The thought of flashing strangers in the restaurant got my pussy juices flowing anew. My inner thighs were slick with slime. I spent the drive home fantasizing of going out commando and flashing strangers as I ground my cunt into the car seat.

Then we were home. He was the perfect gentleman and walked around to open my door. I practically sprinted into the house and headed for my bathroom to freshen up. I found a new bottle of KY jelly on the bathroom counter and took a minute to re-lube my asshole. I replaced the butt-plug, put my heels and dress back on and sat down on the bed.

“Where is he?”, I got up and walked around to my nightstand, took out my magic wand, and unplugged it from the charger. Since Sam had failed to join me in the bedroom, I went looking for him. I found him in the family room, holding a rope in one hand and his phone in his other, standing by one of our folding chairs in the center of room.

He took the wand from me. “Great idea, I can definitely use this”, setting it down on the couch. Then he showed me his phone and said, “How about doing this?”

On his phone was a picture of a blindfolded girl tied to a standard metal folding chair. Not sitting in it but bent over the back, her hands resting on the seat. Wrists, ankles, elbows, and knees all tied to the chair, two men spit roasting her. This just became real, and my knees buckled a bit because I knew this picture. In this position I wouldn’t be able to move. All 3 holes would be completely open and available. I had re-blogged it multiple times saying how I dreamed to be that girl. I had to get control of myself. I had wanted this for so long, and now it was really going to happen.

I didn’t hesitate. I slipped my dress off, stepped out of silky material, and walked over to the chair. Spreading my legs, I bent over the back and placed my hands on the seat. I still had my heels on, which was a good thing because otherwise the chair would have been too high to bend over the back. “Sure, this could work”, I calmly replied.

“Hold on, let me get you a pillow”. He grabbed one off the couch and I stood up as he placed it between my stomach and the back of the chair. Bending over again, I placed my hands back on the seat.

He asked, “Is that better?”.

“Uh, sure… Thanks”. And it was. I distinctly remember thinking it wasn’t uncomfortable.

He didn’t say anything more as he went about tying me up.

He started by securing tying my ankles to the outside of the chair’s rear legs. He then bound my knees tightly to the chair’s back legs, before firmly tying my elbows and wrists to the back supports.

“Are the knots too tight?”

“No, they feel fine.”, I replied.

As he put the blindfold on me, the doorbell rang.

“What the hell, don’t answer that. It’s probably just a Amazon package”.

Then it rang again.

I heard him walk across the room,” It’s two guys, I think it’s the Mormons, let me get rid of them.”

He had grown up Mormon, and every so often a couple guys would drop by un-announced. It was so annoying.

I heard the door open, men's voices, then a scuffle. The door slammed and I heard multiple footsteps coming towards me.

“fuck, fuck, fuck”, I was trying to get free, but Sam had tied me tight. The damn boy scout really knew his knots.

Sam called out, fear in his voice. “It’s the guys from the restaurant”.

A strange voice said, “I told you to shut the fuck up”. Then I heard a thud.

“Don’t hurt him”, I yelled.

“Too late, dump him over there”. I heard what sounded like a body being dragged across the floor.

Then I heard the unmistakable sound of a round being chambered into a handgun. “Keep quiet and do what you’re told, and you won’t be hurt”

“Tony, zip-tie him to that chair”.

“No name’s, idiot” came the reply. Then I heard a zip-tie pulled tight.

“Sorry, but damn, look what we have here”, said the first voice.

“What a slut, looks like our lucky day”, came a second voice from across the room.

Then pain as the one next to me pinched my left nipple and pulled on it. “Look at these little titties”.

Then from behind me I heard a zipper unzip.

“You look at the fuckpig’s tits all you want”, I heard from the direction of the zipper. “There is a waterfall of cunt scum dripping down her leg. Pinch her other tit, I think she likes it”.

And they were right. My fantasy was coming true, and even though I should have been worrying about Sam and fearing for my life, I was just thinking about one or both of those cocks filling my needy holes. I have never felt so turned on in my life.

The intruder must have read my mind, because my thighs were yanked apart, and a massive cock slammed into my cunt.

“Tony, go check the bedroom for jewelry, you can have your turn when I’m done”

“Names…”, came the reply footsteps sounded on the hardwood as he disappeared down the hall.

I wasn’t thinking about Tony because his nameless partner had begun to fuck me with that huge cock. I had never had a cock that big before. It must have been at least 10” and as big around as my wrist. I was so wet and ready that it slid in and out easily. He was fucking me with such urgency.

I began to grunt with pleasure with each thrust. It felt so good.

There was nothing gentle about how he fucked me. He pulled my hair, he reached around me and mauled my small tits, he spanked my ass. Then he hooked his fingers in my mouth and pulled my head back to give him more leverage to push that monster cock even deeper into my needy cunt.

He slammed against my cervix so hard I thought he was going to push through into my womb, and though it hurt like hell I loved every second of it. The pain turned into ecstasy as I was rocked by orgasm after orgasm. But he didn’t stop. He was so hard, and he just kept pounding me until he finally tensed and finished deep inside me.

“You are such a slut”, he said as he pulled out.

I could hear him walking around the room and opening drawers. “Ah, these will do nicely, and this”, he said as he walked back over to me. it only took a second to figure out what he had found as he pulled hard on my cunt lips and snapped a binder clip on them. My nipples were next as first my right then my left nipple was pinched tight by two more binder clips. Then I felt him begin to write on my back, with what I assumed was the sharpie I kept in the same desk drawer where I kept the binder clips.

“Sloppy loose pussy”, he said, answering my question before I could ask what he had written. Then he drew a line from the words to an arrow pointing at my cunt. You are one loose fuckpig. If you hadn’t had that butt plug filling your ass I don’t know if I would have ever come. The Humiliation I felt as he verbally degraded me made tremble.

“Fuck, did you just come again?”

“Yes”, I replied.

“You are one sick fuck”, then he grabbed my hair and pulled my head up. I felt the sharpie on my forehead as the unmistakable letters S L U T were written across my forehead.

From across the room I heard, “Mind if I take a turn?”

“Sure, Find anything?”.

“No, just some cheap costume jewelry not fit for a streetwalker”, came the reply.

“You should fuck her ass, her cunt was barely worth the effort, so I sealed it shut. I am going to go take a nap, wake me when you’re done”

Without warning I felt the plug pulled from my ass then something slimy and smelling of shit rubbed against my nose. “Do you like the smell of your ass slut?”

When I didn’t reply he slapped my face. That got my attention. “I asked you a question bitch, do like the smell of your ass fuckpig?”

“Yes”, I whispered.

“What? I can’t hear you?”

“Yes”, I said louder.

“Yes what, pig”

“Yes, I am a fuck pig. I want to taste my shit on my butt plug”, I said, practically begging.

“Wow, I asked if you liked the smell, but since you insist. Open your mouth”

I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue.

That’s a good fuck pig. “Now suck the plug clean and snort like a pig”, and he pressed the slimy plug deep into my mouth. I began snorting like a pig as I sucked my ass slime off the plug.

Pulling the plug from my mouth, he moved behind me and rammed his cock into my ass. Tony was smaller than “Big Cock”, but not small. Not that it mattered, it felt amazing. My ass was being raped by a stranger that had pistol whipped my husband, forced me to suck shit off my butt plug, and robbed my house, and all I could think about was how good it felt to have him fucking my ass.

From behind me I heard, “Fuck”, and then the binder clip on my cunt lips was roughly removed, “Fucking thing hurt my balls”. My pain was much more intense. Removing the clip hurt much worse than when “Big Cock” had put it on. But my mind was all fucked up now, and pain registered as ecstasy and I was overcome by another immense orgasm.

This seemed to turn Tony on. Grabbing the sides of the chair to pull me onto him, he began to fuck my ass harder and deeper. This wasn’t enough for him and he let go of the chair, he reached down and grabbed the binder clips on my nipples and pulled me back, arching my back. My nipples were in agony as he used them to pull me onto him. I thought he was going to pull my tits off as he pounded my ass. This new position angled his cock downward so that each trust drove his cock directly into my G Spot. I was soon experiencing deep orgasms and my juices began to squirt out of my piss hole with each thrust. I was moaning uncontrollably when I finally felt his hot cum fill my ass.

He backed away, as I struggled to catch my breath, but he wasn’t done.

I heard the distinctive sound of duct tape being pulled from a roll, then felt something press against my gash, mashing into my clit and a cold bar pressed against my inner thigh. He was duct taping the magic wand to my leg.

“You like to cum cunt?”, he asked. And again, I made the mistake of not answering.

“When I ask you a question pig, I expect an answer”, then he snapped the binder clip off my left nipple.

Pain exploded in my left breast. “Yes”, I yelped.

“Yes what?”, and he pulled the other clip off.

“SHIT!, Yes I like to cum”, I screamed through clenched teeth. The pain in my tortured nipples making me see stars.

“Good”, he said. Then you’ll love this, and he turned the powerful vibrator on high.

The vibrations hit me like a sledge hammer as my whole body convulsed in ecstasy.

My head was jerked back by my hair, and Tony’s soft cock was stuffed into my mouth.

“Suck it clean cunt face”

I greedily sucked it into my mouth. It was nasty, which made it perfection. I loved it, I had found my happy place. I worked it around in my mouth with my tongue and tried to swallow the head down my throat. Too soon he pulled it out, and I could smell his ass as he turned and pulled my face against his ass.

“Lick my ass pig”, he insisted.

But I didn’t need encouragement. I eagerly pushed my tongue deep into his shithole. I had now lost track of the number of times I had come, and now with the relentless stimulation of the vibrator the pleasure came in punishing waves with no relief in sight. I tried to ignore the growing discomfort in my cunt by focusing on sucking and tongue fucking that wonderful asshole pressed against my face cunt.

Suddenly the pleasure turned to pain and I let out a primal scream, muffled by his ass. I was close to passing out, which Tony must have realized as he stepped away and turned off the wand.

My head drooped, and he gave me a minute to catch my breath. Then he was back, standing in front of me, lifting my face up to the level of his crotch. I assumed he was going to stick his cock in my mouth, so I opened wide.

“That’s a good piggy, Open wide”

He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his surprisingly hard cock into my mouth. I was surprised and my tongue stopped the progress of his cockhead. But he was insistent and pressing harder his cockhead slid down my throat. I had trained my throat to accept a silicon dildo, so I didn’t gag as he began to fuck my face.

He started slowly, letting me get used to the feeling, but he was soon violently pulling my head into his groin, matching his thrusts as he rammed his cock deep down my throat.

“Glug, Glug, Glug”, was the only sound in the room as the natural slime in my face cunt lubricated his thrusts.

I could barely breathe and soon everything turned red and became light headed as my brain began to suffer from the lack of oxygen. I felt myself begin to black out when he stopped thrusting and held my face tight against his pelvis, his cock deep in my throat. I became hyper aware of everything in the room and felt his cock pulse against my tongue as the hot ropes of cum flowed through it before being deposited directly into gut. I thought I was going to die.

Then he pulled out and cool air flooded my lungs. I could breathe again. I gasped for breath. I was no longer capable of thought. I was a thing. No longer human. I had been transformed into a living flesh-light. My only purpose was to drain men’s balls. I had found my true purpose. And I smiled.

Now it was his turn to write on me. My breathing calmed and returned to normal as I again felt the cool point of the sharpie on my back. He mumbled as he wrote.


Each new phrase increased the mindfuck as I internalized and accepted them as truth. He must have written 30 or more phrases, covering my back, sides, legs, arms and tits. I assumed he was admiring his work, then heard the distinct sound of an iPhone camera documenting my disgrace. My secret would soon be out for all to see.

I sensed him standing in front of me, and I opened my eyes as hooked his fingers in my nostrils and pulled my face up to get my attention. “Open your hole, cunt-face”

I obediently opened my mouth, which he filled with his limp. “Suck me dry pig”

I closed my mouth on it, and he began to piss, and I began to swallow. Piss, swallow, Piss, Swallow, Piss, Swallow, repeat. So much piss. The taste was acrid, and nasty, but I loved it. I sucked and swallowed every drop of that wonderful yellow nectar and didn’t waste a single drop. I was sad when he stopped and pulled his cock from my mouth.

I thought he was done. I was wrong.

I next felt a hot stream of piss spray into my still gaping asshole, then bathe and aching cunt with wet warm. He then moved the stream up my back, onto my neck and the last of the stream soaked my head. I could feel my hair mat to my scalp as the piss ran in rivulets down my face and dripped off my nose. My tongue tried in vain to catch a few more drops of his nectar.

“Time to go”, I heard “Big Cock” call from down the hall.

“So soon?”, Tony sounded disappointed.

“The boss wants us back, we have to catch a flight to Germany tonight, then on to … damn I said to much. “

“What about them?”. Tony asked.

“They’ll be fine, you didn’t find anything worth taking, and I get the feeling they will be willing to jjust forget the whole thing happened. Right?”

I thought he was talking to me, but from across the room I heard Sam answer. “We won’t tell anyone, just go.”

“That’s what I thought, let’s go”.

Tony leaned into me and said, “That was fun, your husbands been watching. From the look of the bulge in his pants he may want to take a turn before he unties you. Anyway, all good things must come to an end. I’d give you a kiss goodbye, but you’re covered in piss and your breath smells like shit”.

She heard footsteps, then the door, and they were gone.

“Sam, are you there? Are you OK?”

From across the room he answered, “Yes, they left me zip tied to the chair. But there are scissors. If I can just reach them… <Click> There got them. OK, I am free”

Then he was at my side and un-tying me. Finally freed from the ropes, and the wand un-taped from my leg, I fell into a ball on the floor.

“Wait here just one minute”, and he ran from the room. I was in no condition to walk anywhere. I heard water running, then he was back. He picked me up and carried me into our bathroom. He tested the water, then stepped into the tub with me, holding me close as he sat down into the warm water and began rocking me.

He kept saying that everything would be ok, and how much he loved me. I was deep into sub-space. Time seemed to stop. It was an amazing and new feeling. I don’t know how long we lay together in the tub because I kept dozing. I was aware Sam was letting water out and replacing it with new hot water. He was wonderful.

Eventually I started to gain clarity.

“Did you see what they did to me?”, I asked.

“Yes, Everything”

“I am so sorry”, I said to him, and I began to cry.

“What, no”,

He was quiet for a while, and I stopped crying.

“It wasn’t that bad, you looked like you liked it”, he said softly

“I couldn’t answer. I didn’t want to lie, but how could I tell him the truth”.

Finally, the need to be honest, to let the secret go won out.

“I did, Sam you saw the real me tonight. It’s horrible, and I hate myself, but I loved every minute of it. What is wrong with me. You must hate me”.

“No, I don’t hate you”, then his voice changed, and he said, “You were amazing”

The shock of hearing Tony’s voice made me sit up straight in the tub. I was wide awake now, happy feeling gone. “Where is he, is he here, Sam, he’s back. Tony is here”, My mind felt fear, but my body betrayed me as I felt my pussy tingle and my nipples harden.

I turned around and looked at Sam. He was naked. When did he take off his clothes? I was so confused.

Then in “Big Cock’s” voice, he said. “Of course, Tony is here, I am here too”. Then he smiled, staring at my erect nipples he continued, “Looks like you are excited to see them again”.

My brain was broken. What was happening? I was so confused. What was Sam talking about, and why did he sound like Tony and Big Cock? I just sat there staring at him, not comprehending. Then it finally clicked… “You?! How?! Why?!”

For a moment he didn’t say anything and just stared lovingly at me.

What he said next clarified everything, “Hello, mypiglife”. He knew the name of my blog. “I’m FuckedUpDom”.

“Wait you know? How? When? You’re… No way”. The look on my face must have been priceless, because Sam got the biggest smile. Then he pulled me into him and gave me the biggest hug.

I stiffened at first, but he wouldn’t let go. I halfheartedly struggled for a moment, but quickly relaxed then just melted into him. We lay like that, in the warm womb-like bath water. And he started to talk.

Like me, he had a secret blog on Tumblr, then switched to BDSMLR last year. My blog was one of his favorites because it matched his interests; fuck pigs, rape play, cum-sluts, and piss drinking. And my re-blogs left no doubt that I wished that someone would treat me like the little fuck pig I always wanted to be. Our interests were symbiotic, I wanted to be a fuckpig, and he wanted a fuckpig.

But he had no idea the blog was mine. We had even exchanged messages about our spouses, and how we were afraid to share our true desires with them. He along with many other followers had been recently been pressuring me to post nudes. I finally gave in and posted some nasty shots I took while Sam was at work. I was very careful to crop my face, but I wasn’t as careful as I thought.

He recognized my wedding ring and confirmed his suspicion after seeing our bedroom and bathroom in the background of pics I posted. His initial thought was to open up and tell me, but then thinking about my rape fantasy decided on something a bit more interesting. It took him nearly a month to get everything planned and prepared.

The voices and noises from across the room were pre-recorded on his phone and a played on a Bluetooth speaker he was strategically moving around the room. The large cock was a latex slip on cock extender he bought on Amazon. “Big Cock” will definitely be used again. He said he could fuck me for hours with it as it blocked pretty much all sensation, and the affect it had on me really turned him on. He made up the story about the men watching us in the restaurant. He just said that to establish the scenario.

“That was the most amazing night of my life”, I said after he finished. “All that work to set it up and surprise me makes me love you so much.”

He hugged me tight, then stood and stepped out of the tub.

“Where are you going?”

He didn’t say a word as he dried off. Then he turned towards me and said, “Kneel”.

This time I didn’t have to be asked twice and quickly got onto my knees.

He took hold of his cock and aimed it at my face. I opened my mouth just in time to catch the stream of urine he released. Round two had begun, but that is another story.

We have been talking and making plans all day today. I think a collar and some piercings may be in my future.

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