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These stories are all fantasy. Don't try to turn fantasies into reality and ruin people's lives.

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I had been going out with Katie for about two weeks and I loved it. We had only fucked twice in that time, but I had fucked her daughter, Molly, at least twice a day, every day. I still couldn't believe that I, Michael Hunter, had lucked out. I had found a woman who wanted to see her daughter, as well her daughter's friends, fucked like little sluts.

After the first week, Katie installed cameras in every room in her house. That way I could fuck Molly, even if Katie wasn't there, and then Katie could watch it later. It was a dream for me. And it only got better with each passing day.

As I said, we had been going out about two weeks at this point. I was at Katie's house waiting for Molly to get home from school. When she walked in the door, I got a pleasant surprise. Her friend, Emma, was with her.

Emma was a pretty little thing, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and soft little lips. Her developing body was topped by perky tits, just a little bigger than Molly's, and a perfect little ass.

Molly saw me sitting on the couch and immediately came and jumped on my lap, discarding her backpack onto the floor. I smiled as she ground her young groin against mine. "Emma and I are gonna go up to my room to do homework", she said. Then she leaned closer and whispered in my ear. "Will you come up in a little while and check on us?"

I nodded and she gave me a peck on the cheek. I watched as the two girls ascended the stairs, two perfectly shaped asses in booty shorts. I looked at my watch and waited exactly ten minutes before following.

As I got to Molly's door, I saw that it was cracked. I peeked inside and saw the girls laying on their stomachs on the bed, clad now in just panties and bras. "You were right, he is hot", Emma was saying. "I know, right", Molly responded. "And his thing is so big, it feels amazing inside my kitty."

I could hear Emma gasp as Molly spoke. "You mean, he's put it in you", she asked and I could picture her pretty eyes growing wide. Molly simply nodded in response. "Does your mom know", Emma asked. "Yes, but she said I can't tell anyone else. But I trust you", Molly said.

Emma chewed on the end of her pencil for a moment before speaking again. "Do you think, maybe, he would let me see his thing", she asked timidly. Molly nodded excitedly. "I'm sure he would. You just need to ask."

Even from where I was standing, I could smell the aroma of young pussy juices filling the air and I could clearly see a damp spot growing on Emma's white, cotton panties. My cock strained in my pants as the outline of her young cunt became clearly visible.

I decided that I'd tortured myself long enough and I entered the room. Emma sat up in surprise while Molly just smiled. "What are you doing in here", Emma asked.

"Oh, I was just checking to make sure you two didn't need anything", I said, turning toward Emma. Her eyes locked onto the tent in my pants, bringing a smile to my face. "Well, there is one thing we need", Molly said. "What's that", I asked. "Well, I know I'm not supposed to tell anyone, but I trust Emma, and I told her about what we do together", Molly said, knowing full well that I had heard their conversation.

"What do you mean", I asked, feigning innocence. "You know, with your thing", Molly said. "Oh", I responded. "Well, Emma, what do you think about what Molly said?" Emma just looked down at the floor, her cheeks crimson red as she mumbled something. "What was that, little one", I asked, lifting her chin so I could look into her beautiful blue eyes.

"Um, can I, um, can I see it", Emma asked, her voice quiet and shy. "See what", I prompted, wanting to hear the words from her mouth. "Your thing", she said, pointing to my erection. "Oh, you mean my cock", I said, chuckling. Both of the girls giggled at this. "If you want to see it, call it by it's correct name", I said.

"Please, Michael, may we see your cock", Molly asked. "Very well. Why don't you take it out and show Emma", I said and Molly excitedly grabbed the hem of my pants. With record speed, she undid the button and unzipped the zipper.

As she pulled my pants down, all seven inches of thick, hard shaft sprung out, nearly hitting her in the eye. I could hear Emma gasp as she stepped closer. "It's so big", she said in awe. "This goes inside your kitty", she asked Molly. "Uh huh", Molly said, obviously proud of that fact. "It hurt a little at first, but it feels so amazing."

I looked down at Emma, less than an inch from the head of my cock. "Remember, this is our little secret, okay", I said and she nodded in agreement.

I moaned as Molly began rubbing my shaft and then gave the head a lick. "Try it", she said to Emma. "He loves it and when he cums, it tastes amazing." Emma reached out slowly and grasped my shaft at the base. I moaned, causing her to jerk her hand back.

"No, that sound means I like it", I said, trying to give the girl some encouragement. "Oh, okay", she said and she wrapped her hand around the shaft again. She started stroking me, just like she'd seen Molly do. And while Emma ran her hand up and down my thick cock, Molly kept licking the head.

A little precum dribbled out and Molly caught it on her finger. "Open your mouth", she said and Emma did as she was told. Molly put her finger in Emma's mouth and told her to suck. As Emma did, I saw her eyes light up. "That's delicious. Does his thing make more?" "You mean, his cock", Molly said. "Yes, does his cock make more", Emma said, although she still looked embarrased at the word.

"That's just the start. When he really cums, it's creamy and there's a lot of it", Molly said excitedly. "But to do that, you'll have to suck on his cock. Or let him put it in your kitty." Emma's eyes grew wide, but she nodded.

She opened her sweet, luscious lips, creating a perfect o, almost as if by instinct. I slid my cock between those plump beauties, stretching them to their limits. "Now, suck on it, like you would a lollipop", I told her and she began sucking. It felt like I was in heaven, having her sexy little mouth sucking on my shaft.

Without being told, she began licking my dick inside of her mouth, making me feel even more aroused. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled my dick from her mouth, causing her to pout a little. "Don't worry, it's going back in. But I just want you to be ready. I'm going to fuck that pretty little throat of yours. I need you to stay relaxed and just enjoy me using your mouth. Molly, you help her feel good while I do this, like your mother does to you."

As I placed my dick against her young lips again, Molly slid her fingers into her friend's sopping wet panties. She began rubbing Emma's clit as I pushed my dick into Emma's mouth as far as I could. I got about halfway when I hit the back of her throat.

I looked down at Molly and nodded. Without warning, she plunged her fingers into Emma's cunt. This made Emma gasp and her throat opened up. I shoved forward, burying my shaft in the young girl's throat.

As Molly fingered her, I grabbed a handful of Emma's hair, so she wouldn't move. Then I began fucking her face, like it was Molly's pussy. I pounded her throat hard and fast, my balls slapping against her chin.

I could feel my orgasm fast approaching as I rammed into Emma's throat again and again. "Molly, get up beside Emma. I want to give you some of my cum", I said. I pulled back until just the head of my dick was in Emma's mouth. "Now, enjoy the reward for being a good girl", I told Emma as I exploded, shooting spurts of cum into her mouth.

She had to swallow, but it was obvious she enjoyed it. Before I finished, I pulled out and shoved my dick in Molly's mouth. I shot one last spurt into her eager mouth. She moaned as she swallowed, in love with the taste of my cum.

I smiled down at the two young girls before me, my cock still rock hard. "Now, you two are going to show me those sexy bodies", I said as I sat on the bed. Molly wasted no time in stripping out of her bra and panties, her tiny nipples rock hard and her hairless cunt glistening with juices.

Emma, despite what had just happened, was still acting shy. I grabbed her arm and pulled her to me, my erection pressing against the wet spot on her panties. "Emma, you are a beautiful girl. I want to see all of you", I said and her face lit up. It was if my praise meant everything to her.

She reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra. It slipped down her arms, but she covered her breasts. "They're too big. I have almost the biggest boobs of anyone in our class", she said. I grabbed her arms and firmly, but gently, pushed them down to her sides, revealing her adolescent globes.

I rubbed and squeezed her tits, tweaking her nipples and causing her to moan. "They aren't too big, they're just right. And let me tell you a secret, a lot of men like big boobs." Emma liked what she was hearing, as well as what I was doing to her breasts, judging from the moans she was making.

"Now, Emma, show me that pretty kitty you're hiding in those cute little panties", I said as I released her growing breasts. She whimpered when I let go, but she obviously wanted to please me. She took a breath, grabbed her panties, and in one move pushed them down to her ankles.

"Come here", I said and she stepped out of the soaked cotton undergarment. I grabbed her by her waist and picked her up, laying her on the bed. Then I spread her legs and got a good look at her cunt. It had a few wisps of blonde curls, not completely bald like Molly's.

"Do you like it", she asked, craving my approval. "I love it", I said as I reached out and spread her labia. I quickly found her clit, engorged and excited from me stimulating her nipples.

Emma moaned loudly and her young body convulsed as an orgasm, possibly her first ever, overtook her. I took advantage of this to slide two fingers inside her cunt. I quickly found her hymen intact which made me happy. There was something special about breaking virgins.

As she calmed down from the orgasm, I placed my thick dick against her pussy. But she winced and whimpered. "Please, it's so big. There's no way it will fit inside me", she said. That gave me an idea. "Molly, get on your hands and knees next to Emma. Let's show her how kitties stretch for my cock."

Molly eagerly obeyed, her pussy dripping in anticipation of the fucking she was about to receive. I motioned for Emma to watch and she did, kneeling beside Molly, her eyes glued to the girl's wet pussy.

I pressed my cock against Molly's tight, tiny hole, her juices running down onto my shaft. She didn't even wait for me to begin. Molly thrust her ass back, taking my dick halfway inside her. Molly groaned loudly in pleasure as I thrust forward, burying the rest of my cock inside her.

I saw Emma's eyes get wide as she watched me fuck her best friend. I definitely wasn't gentle as I pounded Molly's cunt and that was just the way the little slut liked it. Within moments, Molly was having an orgasm, her cunt squeezing my dick. I pounded her for awhile longer, watching Emma the whole time.

Almost absentmindedly, her fingers went to her cunt and she began playing with her own clit. After Molly had another orgasm, I pulled out of her pussy, causing her to whine. "I'll cum in you next time. This time is for Emma", I said, looking at the blonde girl.

Her eyes were glued to my cock and I was struck by inspiration. "Would you like to taste Molly's juices on my dick?" "Isn't that weird", Emma asked. "Not at all", I said. "It's perfectly normal, and sexy, for girls to taste each other's pussies."

Emma looked relieved to hear that and she leaned closer to my dick, sticking her tongue out. The second she got a taste of Molly's pussy juice, her eyes lit up with desire. She eagerly began licking up and down my shaft, getting every drop of juice into her mouth.

"Now, I'm going to fuck that pretty little pussy of yours, Emma. Molly, why don't you lay in front of her? That way, if she wants to, Emma can get more of your juice, directly from your pussy." Emma took a deep breath and got on her hands and knees, mimicking the position Molly had been in.

Her little cunt glistened with juices, eager for my cock. I rubbed my dick head from her tiny asshole all the way up to her clit, causing her to whine and moan in anticipation. Meanwhile, Molly did as she was told and had her legs spread, her pussy inches from her best friend's face.

Emma gave it a hesitant lick, still unsure if it was okay. Then Molly moaned and Emma, realizing how good it made Molly feel, began eating Molly's pussy eagerly. At that moment, the moment she drove her tongue into her friend's cunt, I shoved my dick into Emma's pussy.

She was amazingly tight, which wasn't surprising, considering she had never been fucked before. But she was slick with juices after the orgasm she had already had and my cock slid in with ease, stretching her virgin cunt around my shaft.

When I got to her hymen, I stopped for a moment, allowing her to get used to the girth. Then, when she started breathing normally and went back to eating Molly's pussy, I thrust forward. I destroyed her virginity and buried the rest of my shaft inside her, my balls resting against her clit.

Emma screamed when I went in all the way, pain shooting through her body. But it didn't take long before the pleasure of having a dick inside her began to overpower the pain and her noises of pain became replaced with moans of pleasure.

That was when I started actually fucking her. I pulled back, almost all the way out, then thrust forward again. I did this several times, stretching her a little. Then, when there was no more resistance, I started hammering her little cunt.

Emma's young body convulsed as she had another orgasm while I pounded her cunt. Her virgin tight pussy constricted and squeezed my shaft, feeling amazing. I almost lost it, but I didn't want to end this just yet.

I slowed down and started using deep, hard thrusts, hitting her cervix over and over again, causing Emma to scream in pleasure. Molly was moaning as Emma ate her cunt, her juices coating Emma's face.

I knew it wouldn't be much longer, no matter much I wanted this to last. I held Emma's hips and thrust deep, exploding as I buried myself to the hilt inside her. I filled her womb with my seed, pumping her full of cum.

As I pulled out, cum leaked from her gaping hole and ran down her leg. "Molly, come lick her clean", I said and Molly moved underneath Emma. Emma gasped as Molly's tongue touched her sensitive labia and then went inside her pussy, scooping my cum out with her tongue.

Then I offered my dick to Molly and she licked and sucked it clean, getting every drop of Emma's juices and my cum. I looked down at the sexy sight before me; two sexy, young women, one of them my girlfriend's daughter, and I had just fucked them. My life is fucking amazing.

To be continued...
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