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My father left years ago and my mother got a new job on the other side of the country. She wasn’t making much money and couldn’t support the two of us. Also, I was in a good school and it was best if I stayed. After some discussion it was agreed that I would live with my aunt and uncle.
I had just been dropped off at aunt Kate’s and uncle Jim’s house. I watched as my mothers car drove away and wondered when I’d see her again. My mom who has had a difficult time since my father left us years ago started a new job across the country. It was an entry level position that didn’t pay much but had promising advancement potential. She wouldn’t be able to support both of us for at least a year, so until then was to stay in my home town with my moms sister Kate and her uncle Jim.

Uncle Jim worked in the city making good money. He was some kind of executive and spent a lot of time at work. Or at least that’s the story. He was most likely fucking his secretaries and interns all day and night. He would come home late or sometimes not at all and every weekend was ether at the country club or at some convention. Aunt Kate never seemed to care. She had a big beautiful house and when she wasn’t laying out at the pool she was ether at the spa or the gym. She was 41, two years younger then my mom and took great care of herself.

After watching my moms car disappear into the distance aunt Kate showed me to my room. I followed her up the stairs, I couldn’t help staring at her ass just in front of me at eye level. She was wearing her exercise clothes and the yoga pants were skin tight. She brought me to a guest bedroom just across the hall from her master bedroom and asked if I liked it.

Yes aunt Kate, I answered. It will be great having my own room for a change.

I know honey, please make yourself at home here. Everything’s going to be ok, she responded sympathetically. I’ll leave you to unpack. You know where everything is so just help yourself.

She gave me a huge, pressing her big tits into my chest. I know she’s my mother’s sister but aunt Kate is hot. She doesn’t look like my mother at all. Shes got shoulder length blonde hair and flawless tan skin. Her body is amazing, She’s about 5’4” and couldn’t weigh more that 115 pounds. Tight little ass and big d cup tits. I couldn’t help but be a little turned on.

She left my room and said was was going to take a shower then make lunch

While I unpacked my bags I thought about aunt Kate in the shower. The water running over her soapy wet skin. Her big round tits and firm ass. I wonder if she masturbates in the shower. I thought about what her pussy looks like. I’d love to just get a peek at her. I felt my cock stiffen in my shorts and decided to jerk myself off. I hopped onto the bed and pulled my dick out from under the elastic waistband of my shorts. I jacked my cock thinking about aunt Kate across the hall naked. I quickly shot a load onto my stomach that I wiped up with some tissues. My head now clear of the inappropriate thoughts about my aunt I headed downstairs.

I sat on a stool at the kitchen counter and waited for aunt Kate. A couple minutes later I heard her coming down the stairs. As she walked into the kitchen my jaw dropped. She was wearing a short silk robe! It was just long enough to cover her ass and I could clearly see her hard nipples poking against the blue silk. The front was open just enough so I could see her deep cleavage.

How about sandwiches for lunch she asked.

Sure, great, I stammered.

She turned and went to a cabinet to get some plates and as she reached up the robe slid up and exposed the bottom of her ass cheeks.

Oh my god, I thought as I admired the perfect shape.

She then went to the refrigerator and bent over and I watched in amazement as the rode slip up showing most of her bare ass and I could just barley see her pussy peeking out between her thighs. She stayed like that as she searched for the items for several moments. I started to wonder if she was doing it intentionally. Finally, she stood up and set the cold cuts on the counter. She moved around the kitchen gathering the different things she needed and I watched eagerly as I noticed the knot of the sash loosening. Her robe opened slightly and I could now see down to her belly button. She stood across the counter from me making the sandwiches as she chatted. I wasn’t listening as my attention was focused on her nearly exposed tits. The robe only being held in place by her hard nipples. I stared at her partially exposed boobs.

I was brought back to reality by her saying, Hello... a simple yes or no.

Wh what?. I mumbled

Mayo? Yes or no she asked again laughing.

Oh. Umm yes, I mean no I replied.

She pushed my plate in front of me smiling. What would you like to drink?

Waters fine I said.

She went back to the refrigerator and grabbed two bottles of water and when she returned I could see the robe had opened more and I could see her pussy. It was incredible. It was completely bare and her soft puffy lips looked delicious. She set a bottle down for me and opened the other and took a sip. My mind raced. She must of been doing this deliberately. What do I do I wondered. She’s my aunt. But why would she be doing this. Did she want me to make a move? Maybe she was unaware. Or maybe she was aware and just liked the attention and not interested an anything else. The last thing I wanted to do was be a perverted creep. I decided the best thing to do was nothing. Worst case I enjoy her show and beat off later.

While I ate aunt Kate said she was going to lay out by the pool and come join her when I finished. She left to change and I wondered what would happen. I practically inhaled my food and cleaned up quickly. I ran upstairs to put on my swim trunks. While changing I looked out the window and saw aunt Kate already laying out. I ran downstairs and out the back door to the pool.

Hey aunt Kate I said as I approached her.

Oh hey sweetie, she responded.

I sat down next to her. She was laying on her stomach in a string bikini and thong. I gazed at her perfect ass.

Sweetheart, be a dear and rub some oil on my back, she asked pointing to a bottle of tanning oil.

Without hesitation I went to get the bottle. I squeezed some oil into my hand then slid my hand across her back. Her skin was warm and smooth. I smeared the oil around with both hands.

Careful not to get it on my bikini ok honey. Hold on she said as she reached behind and untied her bikini top and tossed it aside. Ok, there you go.

I slide my hands over her shoulders and down her back. I rubbed her sides and my finger tips grazed the sides of her tits that were pressed into to lawn chair. I moved down to her lower back towards her ass. Just as I was about to touch her butt she stopped me.

Hold on. What do you think your doing she snapped.

Oh shit. I went to far I thought. What was I thinking? Of course she didn’t want me like that.

I told you not to get any oil on my bikini, she said as she tugged to string on each hip loose and tossing it aside with her top. Ok, go ahead sweetie.

I poured more oil into my hand and slid them over her ass cheeks. They were firm and smooth. I kneeded her ass with my hands. I pressed my hands into her cheeks causing them to spread open. I could see her tight little asshole and her beautiful pussy. I continued circling my hands over her ass spreading her open to admire the view but eventually moved onto her thighs. I moved my hands over one thigh then the other. I slid my hands to her inner thigh and moved closer and closer to her pussy. I move up closer till my fingers grazed her soft puffy lips. I reluctantly moved on down to he calf’s and finally her feet.

Umm that felt good she moaned. Thank you sweetheart. I got up and went back to my seat, trying to hide my rock hard boner.

Were you going? She asked. You didn’t do my front, she said as she turned over.

I thought I was going to pass out. I watched aunt Kate slowly turn onto her back. He naked body right there in front of me and she wanted me to touch every inch of it. My hands trembled as I poured the oil directly onto her chest. I reached down and took each of her big tits in my hands. I squeezed them gently. They were so soft. I ran my hands over her nipple that hardened under my palms. I massaged her tits and she just lay there smiling. I moved down to her flat hard belly and looked at her hairless slit. My cock was straining agains my trunks. I applied more oil and moved my hand from her belly closer to her mound. I slid my hands around just above her pussy waiting for her to stop me but she never did. Finally I went for it and moved over her soft lips.

So moaned softly as I touched her most intimate of areas. My hand slid between her thighs and back up over her lips. She was incredibly smooth and soft. I kept moving my hand over the same trail, down her thighs and back up over her pussy. I pressed my middle finger a little harder so it would slide between her lips until I felt it touch her clit. She moaned with each pass. I adjusted my movement each time till I was just touching her pussy. My finger sliding up and down her slit. Her moans became louder. I pressed my hand deeper between her lips till I found her wet hole. I slid the tip of my finger into her and she arched her back pressing against my hand. My other hand slide up to her tits. I took turns squeezing one then the other. Tweeking her hard nipples. I gently pinched her clit between my oily fingers and rubbed it.

She began to squirm around and her moans of pleasure increased. I responded by moving my hand faster and faster. I let go of her tits and used both hands on her pussy. I slide one finger then then two inside her as I rubber he clit with the other hand. She clenched at the towel she was laying on and her body tensed.

Oohhh yeahhh yes yes she whined.

I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers as her orgasm tore though her. Her body finally relaxed as her climax subsided. I pulled my hands from her pussy and sat in my chair. My cock ridged in my shorts.

After a few moments she looked at me and said thanks sweetie. Now it’s your turn.....


2020-02-17 19:33:03
If only I had an aunt like that


2020-02-11 13:56:24
There are few things hotter for a guy than his aunt who takes great care of herself. I'd certainly go for it if I was in his shoes! Very decent beginning, and you have me looking forward to more.


2020-01-29 03:49:02
Hot story

Dudley DowrongReport

2020-01-21 14:35:11
Soounds like she liked male attention. Good plot, well written!

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