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I originally posted this on another erotica site but I wanted to share them here too. Hope you enjoy!
Time for the disclaimers and back story that will become relevant further in the story. Of course, everyone in this story that engages in sexual activity is 18 yrs of age or older. This is a work of fiction but I've tried to keep it within the realm of possibility and believability, with the exception of the volume of cum produced. In my story here, both male and female have the possibility to emit large amounts with less than normal risk of dehydration or effort needed to replenish energy. This is the first chapter of a (potentially very long) series that will expand past the main character's household.

Onward to the backstory/information dump! My name is Brian Valentine. I recently turned 18 and became a senior at my high school that the author was too lazy to name. Short brown hair, 5'11", 8" dick. I'm not exactly athletic but I keep myself in shape. I've been told I'm attractive but I've never actually had a girlfriend. Yes, I'm still a virgin. My mom had died during childbirth. My father was hit by a drunk driver when I was 13. I currently live with my step-mom Lilith Wilde and her twin daughters Mary and Abigail, who are 9 months older than me. My step-mom had been with my dad for a good two years before his passing. Lucky for us we were living in a fairly large house we fully owned and were left a life insurance payment large enough to keep us afloat without my step-mom overworking herself to death. So she had plenty of time to spend with my step-sisters and I.

Lilith Wilde is a gorgeous woman. She had given birth young and took very good care of herself. She's 35 but could easily pass for mid to late 20's. Long black hair, emerald green eyes with the face of an angel. She measured at 5'5", 34DD-24-34. Perfectly round, perky tits and a bubble butt to die for. Amazingly smooth, flawless, and, I'd imagine, soft skin. But somehow she seemed completely unaware of how hot she was. As a constantly horny young male growing up, it was hard for me to tell if it was a gift or torture to have such a hot piece of ass parading around the house. Her daughters certainly didn't help my situation either.

My step-sisters were also pretty in their own right. Even though both were 18 yrs old, Mary was 'the oldest', which is just dumb twin speak for "I came out a few seconds before you". But that was her main advantage over Abigail. They were identical twins but had some physical differences. They were both 5'3", had long blonde hair, and green eyes. Mary was 34B-22-30 and Abigail was 34C-22-32. So physically Abby beats Mary with bigger boobs and booty. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to inherit their mother's kind and caring attitude. Personally, I think they'd seen Cinderella too many times. They seemed to think I was their personal servant. It didn't matter if we were home or at school. But lucky for me, they won't show up for at least another chapter or two.

End of backstory! Yay! (At least for now)

Our story begins on a Friday evening, a few months into the first semester. I had gotten home about 10 minutes ago from a fairly average day at school. I dropped my stuff off in my room then walked back to the living room to watch my shows on the big TV. I could hear the shower running but I resisted the urge to take a peek. Don't get me wrong, I was definitely tempted and it wouldn't have been the first time I secretly watched. However, since I didn't know when her shower began I couldn't estimate how much longer she'd be in there. So I had deemed it too risky. Now I sat on the couch watching TV, trying not to count the minutes I could've spent watching the shower instead.

A few more minutes pass before I hear the bathroom door open. She shouts out, "Hello?! Anyone home?!" Our front door is unnecessarily loud so I'm sure she already knew someone was here. I suspect she was trying to determine which of her children had come home and if we had brought company with us. She didn't usually prance about when we had friends over. I yelled back to let her know I was alone and it was safe for her to exit the bathroom. She walked swiftly into the living room wearing her bathrobe and her hair up in a towel. "Thanks, sweetie!" She said without stopping. She went straight to the front door and made sure it was locked before she relaxed. Then turned to go back down the hallway, walking casually this time. She stopped at the couch and looked at the TV. "Oh, this looks interesting. Mind if I sit down?"

I scoot over and gesture to the space beside me. "Sure." I put my arm on the armrest and my other hand in my lap, just in case I had to hide a boner. Judging from her apparel it seemed almost certain. Her bathrobe went down to her knees and was a bit tight. Maybe even a size or two too small for her.

She sat down next to me and crossed her legs, causing part of her robe to drop on the side. Her left leg was exposed all the way up to her perfect ass. I'd never been this close before or seen this much skin without the filter of a foggy shower door. Best of all, she hadn't even noticed. "Where are the twins?" she asked.

"They're staying at a friends house, remember?" I kept sneaking a peek.

"Oh! Right." She looked at the clock then uncrossed her legs. Her robe moved again. This time I could see part of her pussy and her neatly trimmed bush. Just a little, narrow triangle of short hair pointing at her prize box. Simple yet so erotic. I instantly got hard.

She leaned forward and took her hair out of the towel. It dropped down and she messed with it a bit as it swayed in front of her. It's a good thing her hair was blocking her view because at this point I had given up stealth and was staring straight at her crotch. I leaned over a little to try and see more of her pussy. It was an innie. I could just imagine spreading those smooth lips to see what shade of pink her wonderland was.

She whipped her hair around to put it behind her, hitting her robe in the process. Parting it enough to clearly see her right boob. Her nipple was erect and just as perfect as her tits. Some water droplets ran down her skin. I tried to hide my boner as I stared at her sexy body. She adjusted her robe, making sure she was covered enough, then leaned back. I managed to pry my eyes off her body just in time to avoid getting caught. I moved my gaze to her beautiful face. Some hair was covering half it. I thought of those moments in the movies where the guy gently brushes it back behind her ear to see the girl's pretty face. You know, just before they have heated, passionate sex. I wanted so badly to brush it aside but I couldn't bring myself to move. It was like she read my mind. She took a finger and gently moved her hair away from her face. It looked so damn sexy I was losing my mind. My dick was fighting a war against my pants and I wasn't sure how much longer it could stay contained. "So," we made eye contact, "what are we watching?"

I jumped up off the couch and practically ran to my room gripping my cock. I threw the remote behind me and said: "Watch whatever you want!" I got to my room, closed my door, and whipped out my dick. I fell back into my chair and spun around to my computer. It took me about a second to pull up my MILF porn folder and take a pair of my step mom's panties out of my desk drawer. They weren't anything too skimpy or exotic. Super soft cotton panties with a black and red horizontal stripe pattern. Black lace around the leg and waistlines with a small red bow in front, above where the pussy would be. The back of them would cover most of her ass, so I had plenty of fabric coverage to feel on my big cock and fill with my young, thick sperm.

I hit play on a video and start jerking my meat shaft with her panties. A quarter of the way through the video I noticed a reflection on the screen. My step-mom had cracked my bedroom door open and was watching me masturbate! I acted like I hadn't noticed and kept stroking. A minute or two go by, I notice a change in the reflection. The door had opened wider. She had let go of the door and was fingering her cunt while covering her mouth with the towel she used for her hair. Seeing her like that was so hot I couldn't help but start jerking harder. I wasn't even paying attention to my porn anymore!

Then I had an idea. I decided to drop her name. "Oh fuck. Lilith that feels so good!" I made sure I said it loud enough for her to hear. Before I could look to see her reaction I felt a wave of cum getting ready to burst free. I quickly adjusted her panties on top of my dick, closed my eyes, and threw my head back as I blasted a huge load into her panties. My dick just kept cumming and cumming. By the time it finally stopped the panties were thoroughly soaked. Excess cum was flowing down over my hand, dripping down onto my legs and chair. I leaned back and looked at my handy work. I was impressed, I couldn't remember a time when I had cum that much before. Then it hit me. I had forgotten she was watching! I looked back at the screen for her reflection but she was gone.

I stood up and quietly walked to my door. I slowly pushed it open and peeked out into the hall. There was a small puddle of her pussy juice on the tile. She really was here! I didn't imagine it! I knelt down to get a closer look. Upon further examination, I could see a thin trail going down the hall. I followed it to the master bedroom, her room. The door was cracked open. It looked like she had tried to close the door on the towel she had been holding. I could hear some faint, muffled moans so I slowly peeked my head in. She was on her back on the edge of the bed with her robe wide open and her eyes closed. The robe's belt was clamped in her mouth to try to muffle her moans. She fondled her boob and pinched her nipple with one hand while using the other to viciously rub her clit.

Instantly my cock was at full attention. My dick hit the door, pushing it open a little further. The hinges gave off a little squeak. Fuck! I turned and hurried to my room as quietly as I could for another round of jerking before I was noticed. I got to my door and froze. I thought to myself, is this really what I want? I already knew the answer. Knew what I really wanted, what I couldn't resist. I rushed back to her door, she was still going. She must not have heard me. I started stroking my dick again. Holy fuck! I've never felt so lucky in my life! I could see her fully naked for the first time AND I get to see her masturbate!

A few seconds pass before I decide I absolutely needed a better view. I had to see more! This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I didn't intend to waste it! I slowly pushed the door open enough for me to slip in. She didn't seem to hear it. I sneak in and crawl over to her. I reach where her legs were hanging off the bed and rise to my knees.

I was now a foot away from her soaking wet twat! I looked up over her sexy body to see if she had noticed my presence. She hadn't. I started to jerk off as I watched her work herself over from my front row seat. Her boobs were jiggling and some of her juices splashed onto my face as she rubbed her clit back and forth. I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy. Its lewd aroma filled my nose, beckoning me closer. I wanted, no, I needed more. I moved my face closer till I was hovering only a couple of inches away from her glorious pussy. I could see a little bit of pink between its lips as it rocked side to side.

The belt fell out of her mouth, I could hear her moaning clearly now. I gave a quick glance to make sure her eyes were still closed. They were so I went back to watching. Her moans changed and got louder. They were the sexiest sounds I had ever heard. Her hands moved faster. Her back arched and she rocked back and forth. I wasn't sure what had happened, but it seemed like something had suddenly added to her pleasure. It was so hot I couldn't help jerking it faster, matching her excitement.

As I watched how she was moving her sexy body I noticed how heavy her breathing had gotten. It made me notice my breathing. I was breathing through my mouth, blowing hot bursts of air onto her pussy! And it was pushing her over the edge! I moved closer and opened my mouth wider blowing lots of hot air on her. She grabbed her tit hard and the fingers on her juicy cunt moved faster than I thought possible. Suddenly she stopped rubbing her clit and spread her pussy. I finally had the chance to see it all! But that chance didn't even last half a second. As soon as the last of my breath landed on her beautiful spread twat her body started convulsing. She let out a pleasure filled cry, "FUUUUUUUCK!!" Suddenly clear-ish liquid gushed out of her cunt, spraying my face and filling my mouth. I closed my eyes and quickly swallowed the mouthful. Good Lord, it was delicious! I opened my mouth for my second helping.

I managed to get another mouthful before the geyser finished it's showing. This time I didn't swallow. I just knelt there savoring it. I started breathing through my nose, not wanting to spill her sweet nectar from my mouth. The smell from her lewd juices covering my face washed over me and I blew my load on the back of her robe that was hanging off the bed. It was another huge load, rope after rope splattered onto the robe. I opened my eyes and watched her sexy, sweat covered body move as she lay there. Chest heaving up and down from her heavy breathing, her body quivering on my exhale. I swished the juices in my mouth back and forth, thoroughly enjoying them.

I could feel myself getting hard again. I started slowly stroking my fuck stick. At this point, it was just instinct. All five of my senses were going wild. The breathtaking view over her perfect glistening body, the sexy sounds I never knew she could make, her insanely erotic smell, the feel of her juices on my face and the waves of heat coming off her furnace, and the sweet tasting liquid heaven washing over my tongue. The sensations were too much for me to handle. A flood of semen surged through my big cock. Without thinking I turned and aimed at her leg. She cried out as the first volley splashed across her hot skin. Her twat twitching with each shot as they made contact. I gave her leg a nice coat of cum before shifting to the other. As the last drop hit she tensed up and let out a little groan before squirting again. This time only a light stream came out, arcing down onto my throbbing cock. A light orgasm from getting hit by my sperm.

It was about a minute before I realized the significance of where I was currently kneeling. It hit me like a semi-truck. She could sit up at any moment and catch me! Of course, that was the exact moment she realized she had just yelled 'FUCK!' in a quiet house with only one other occupant. She quickly covered her mouth and started whispering "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! I hope he didn't hear me!" Before I could move a muscle she sat straight up and froze, her hands still covering her mouth. She slowly looked down and met my gaze. She whispered quietly, and kinda squeaked "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!"

A drop of her love nectar rolled out from the corner of my mouth, ran down my chin, and landed on the tip of my slowly softening shaft. She watched the drop the whole way down. Then her eyes followed where my dick was pointing. She noticed the puddle of white liquid on her robe and her glazed legs. Instantly she knew why I looked like a squirrel gathering acorns, knew I had just cum from watching her masturbate, and knew where that extra help that sent her over the edge came from. Her eyes came back up and stared into mine again. She let out a quiet high pitched squeak "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!"

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