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Bullied teen finds an egg in the woods.

Chapter 6

Jacob cringed while he walked a bit. Sore or not, he walked normally despite the pain. A requirement he put on himself because of Aurora. Fear about what she would say kept him putting up with the pain.

The thought of her made him smile. She had been at him every chance she got. Providing more sex than probably most at any given time, but he was happy to get away for some respite. Problems would arise if he spent every moment he could fucking. His social life would suffer.

Not that there was a social life to begin with. With no friends and little activity outside the home besides school, home was all there was. No one called to check on him. Except for last night. His dad called.

That conversation went well enough. His father even seemed happy on the phone. Talks of travel and plans upon his return home. No mention of the emergency call, but Jacob knew that there wasn’t a bone in the man’s body that cared about his son. That didn’t matter last night though as it normally would to Jacob. Aurora had been there, waiting to embrace him and take his care away. He stopped on the sidewalk at the thought of Aurora.

The sun sat in the sky, still low as it rose. With a yawn and stretch, he continued on his way to school. Running a few minutes early today, he wanted a head start for the day. It was Friday and his father would be home late the next day. A lot had to be done.

Aurora had now been in a feminine body for three days. That caused his dilemma as he realized that Aurora wanted to use that body in all capacities. That in itself she took no blame with a new physical form. Needs caused neglect of the other chores needing to be done.

All the furniture needed to be assembled and even though the patriarch wasn’t loved, Jacob did feel like the shocks coming would be better taken with a better looking furnished home.

Sighing, he started moving towards school once again.

The walk didn’t take long now. When he was bigger, the walk would take him thirty minutes or longer to complete. Now, it took only ten minutes. He wanted a thirty minute window alone to check on Grace.

About a week ago, she had made a move on Jacob and the two had fucked in one of the many hiding places on the high school campus. Since then, he visited every morning to see the pulsating cocoon that contained her.

Jacob asked Aurora before why Grace changed. Aurora skirted the question, but mostly assured him it was for the better. There would also need to be more. The spreading of knowledge about the Goddess of Love and Lusts would bring a better world. Jacob accepted the answer, but still found himself bothered by it.

The doors of the school were almost always opened early. Teachers did arrive before students. Most of those teachers rarely even noticed Jacob walking through the halls. Many, if not all knew Jacob had little to go home to so they turned blind eyes. But that was all before he lost the weight.

Now as he walked in, many teachers did look up. A few even said some greeting to him. One way or another, he didn’t think any of them really cared. Except Grace, who Jacob barely saw as she slipped around a corner. That confounded him being that yesterday she had been still cocooned in one of the buildings next to the baseball field.

Moving rather quickly though the hall, he moved lightly to stay quiet. A feat that never would have been possible before. He felt like a rogue, moving through shadows and what not. It wasn’t lost on him that the halls of the school were well-lit.

“Jacob,” A harsh but silent voiced said.

It stopped him dead in his tracks.

He turned to see Ms. Devons looking up at him with her blue eyes boring into him. Today, the woman was wearing black rimmed glasses and had her hair pulled back into a bun. Her black pants suit only offset by the dark blue blouse underneath a suit jacket.

“What do you think you’re doing running through the hall of this school?”

“I uh,” Jacob was at a lost to what to say to her. It’s not like he had a real reason that would make sense to her. Explaining that he was pursuing a woman he had fucked a week ago and had turned into a cocoon and now emerged didn’t feel like a good story.

“Come with me now,” she said harshly. Pulling him by the arm, she yanked him into a classroom. the heavy metal door being closed behind him made him worry.

He turned to look at her. Saw that the room walls lined with colorful posters with literature saying printed on them. This classroom belonged to her.

“I can’t believe you would do such a thing Jacob,” she yelled at him.

“That’s enough,” he said with an equally powerful voice. “You are one to talk about what’s acceptable or not.”

“What do you mean?” she said moving back against the door in door.

“Grabbing a students cock in his pants,” Jacob said. The switch happened again. A surge of confidence swelled in him. Of course, he referred to the time he had knocked her down to get the building where he would fuck Grace a week ago. When the teacher had reached up to gain purchase to stand, her hand had grabbed onto his dick.

“That was an accident,” she said turning bright red. He knew then, that this whole thing had been a farce.

“Was it now?”

He took a step towards her.

“If you wanted to see it, all you had to do was ask.”

With a zipper quickly down, Jacob pulled his massive cock out for Ms. Devons to see. She gasped at the sight, an audible look of horror on her face.

“Much bigger than you thought huh?”

“What happened to you?” she asked. But he could see by her slight fidgeting that that question didn’t matter in its intent.

“A teacher grabbed it. Want to feel it bare this time?” he asked holding out it towards her. Even though they were a few feet apart, he hoped the offer would still be tantalizing for her. He could use some relief.

“I,” she looked around the room. “I think we have only a few minutes. Would a taste be okay?”

Jacob smiled at that. And she was over to him and on her knees. There were some mutterings of marveling, but her hot breath on his skin left him little to think about.

“Is there a way I can study this later?” she asked.

He looked down at her beaming blue eyes and felt disappointed.

“I thought you said we had a few.”

“We do,” she replied standing up. She moved over to the door and leaned against it. “My pants are loose enough so they’ll slide down past my ass. Get them down and come shove that thing up into me.”

Bounding over, almost skipping, Jacob did as she commanded. Gripping the bands of her pants, he pulled until they popped over her ass and stopped at her thighs.

“That’s far enough,” she said. “Now stick it in.”

“A good student obeys his teachers right?”

Jacob wanted to imagine that when he puled her pants down, slick pussy juices would be thick. He imagined that they would be stuck to cloth and skin alike. There wasn’t time to find out, but thankfully, she was wet enough for sliding right on in.

“Oh god,” she cried out. A hand reached back and pulled on an ass cheek. It didn’t matter to him. He was all to happy to get closer to her heat.

“So much for needing a break,” he said to himself.

“What was that?” she said with a moan.

“You’re pussy is really hot,” he shouted out, half-expecting some sort of panic on her part. There wasn’t to his disappointment, but he shifted his thoughts to her sex.

She wasn’t as tight as he would have liked, no doubt to her own sexual activities. Mattering a little, he began shoving his cock deep as he could into her.

Ms. Devons whimpered in the onslaught. Cock shoved up against her womb, Jacob did his best to keep her womb kissing the tip of his dick. That was until she started meeting his thrust and then he found he didn’t need to try so hard.

“You’re a screamer huh?” Jacob said between exerted breaths.

“Yeah, and it’s really hard to keep quiet,” she said with gasps. Thankfully, Jacob didn’t need to hear her scream. What he needed was to cum. That desire seemed to take over, but then the bell rang.

“No,” she let out a groan of despair. They had both stopped. “I have to get ready for class. Students will be here soon.”

They uncoupled and within seconds, both of them had their respective pants back up.

“You have detention on Monday young man,” she said to him. “While I can say I enjoyed this, you will need to pay for the running in the halls.”

“Yeah, okay,” he said with a laugh. “See you Monday after school.”

Jacob left the class. He knew the first bell was only a fifteen minute warning until students started showing up in droves. Even though they could have continued, each second after the bell would be one to a discovery faster. And no teacher wanted to be caught with a student, even if that student was of age.

With a shrug, he moved back to the hall he last saw Grace move down. Even though people would be arriving by the minute, he still found himself needing to know where she was off too.

Moving slowly, not wanting to be caught up again by another teacher, he listened. The hall Grace had been last seen going down did have a dead end. So he moved slowly until he heard a sound. An unexpected and throaty moan.

Now Jacob moved quicker. Another moan and he knew which classroom it was. Room 606, which was funny being that the room was always vacant. Used for extra storage, it was a no wonder why Grace would have used the room to masturbate in. Laughing a bit to himself at his worry, he knew the woman had a major sex drive and a few days without relief. Might have a rapacious sex drive like Aurora.

Opening up the door, Jacob expected to see Grace spread eagle on the floor going to town on herself. Maybe even shoving some sort of object inside to simulate. What he didn’t expect to see was her riding someone.

“Close the door, if you want to join, just take you pants off,” she said.

“Grace,” Jacob replied horrified at what he saw.

Grace had in fact, emerged for her cocoon changed. Tentacles sprouted from her back. The looked to be sucking on arms and legs. He closed the door softly and walked over.

“Hey Jacob,” she said to him, flipping her hair back. Closer, he saw that it too was a mass of tentacles. He moved around to see her from the front. Everything about Grace screamed that she was now of another world. “Like what you see?”

“No,” he said. “What are you doing?”

“Fucking,” she said. “Well, more like riding. This has been a more one-sided tryst that I wanted.”

Her solid blue eyes looked at him.

“Want to join?”

He did, but he knew it was a bad idea.

“Who is it?”

“Mr. Watts, I think. I don’t know if it matters really. He won’t be around for much longer.”

“You can’t do that,” he said with a harsh whisper.

“You’re beginning to throw off my high of this,” she said, eyes narrowing at him.

“I’m not trying to.”

“Then get your cock out and give me some,” she hissed. A tentacle wrapped around his leg.

“I want to Grace, but the time.”

“Means nothing. Get it out now.”

Too afraid now not to say something he told her to knock it off.

“Look at the poor man you’re killing him and at school. People saw him this morning and will ask questions when he isn’t at class. Get off him now,” he commanded.

There was a look of surprise on Grace’s alien looking face as her body reverted to human form. She still had Mr. Watts’s cock in her as she straddled him. That man looked worse for wear. Submerged in water for too long, he was wrinkled head to toe. Nothing about his breathing looked like it was easy.

“How did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“You shut my need for sex completely off. I fuck this man almost every day and you made me stop. He has such a good cock.”

“You were eating him,” Jacob said.

A look of disgust came across her face.

“It felt so good though,” she said. “To have such complete control of every bit of this.”

“Well, you don’t now. You need to get dressed and get to work.”

“What about him?” she asked standing up. Jacob’s eyes raised seeing the thick trunk of a cock fall out of her. Not long, but thicker than a wrist.

“He isn’t dead so leave him for now. Meet me at my house later.”

“Okay,” she said biting her lip.

“No sex either until we work out what to do.”

“Until you work out to do,” she said with a pout. “I mean, I really need some cock. You know how hard its gonna be to wait?”

“You don’t think I know that. I want to fuck you here and right now, but we have a responsibility here not to get exposed. What would our queen think?”

Grace seemed to pale with the statement.

“You’re right,” she said with a defeated tone. “I will keep control until I can find a more suitable partner.”

“Get dressed,” he commanded. The second bell rang, signaling the true arrival of the student body.

She did and to no surprise, she put on a white sundress with light blue flowers and trims. While dressing, Jacob looked at Mr. Watts. Poor man’s wizened breath made him look terrible. As he studied, Jacob could see that she had sucked the man almost down to the bone. His ribs were looking visible.

“You did a number on him.” Jacob said with disappointed dissidence.

“He agreed to the price, and I was hungry.”

She stretched.

“You better get to class there kiddo.”

With a sigh, he moved to leave the class. She grabbed him on his way by and planted a kiss on him. With soft lips, she moved the dead mood into one of wonderful promises.

“Why would you do this?” he asked angrily.

“If I have to suffer,” she said with gleam in her eyes. “So do you.”

Then she left, leaving him throbbing in the departure. Sighing again, he followed but by the time he entered the hall, she had fallen into the crowd of students that had gathered. Frustrated for the second time that day, Jacob slunked off to his first class.

Classes for Jacob were often slow. Billy had been a constant torment, but he was gone now. Sure, people talked about him, even asked where he could be, but no one directed attention to Jacob for these things. Not that he had anything to do with Billy’s death. That unfortunate incident had everything to do with Aurora’s protectiveness than anything else.

The day went fast. There wasn’t much in classes and most people offered little to him. He did pass Ms. Devons throughout the day, who blushed heavily each time they crossed paths. Once she tried to avoid looking at him. Another, they got close in the class and he grabbed her butt as he passed. She let out a squeak of protest.

That made him laugh to himself as he wondered on his way to auto shop class how she even kept herself sane. Somehow, or rather, he knew, her pussy was gestating all day. It made him jittery imagining that she would be rubbing her slit all day in various ways to stimulate herself.

Finally the last bell rang. Everyone avoided him still. He did eye a few girls looking at him, but under gaze they turned quickly away. Getting up, Jacob went to leave when he was stopped.

“Jacob,” the teacher for the day said in a stern voice. It was Mr. Davids. A rather lanky teacher who often subbed in for teachers when he could. He was one of the track coaches and a counselor by trade.

“Yeah?” he replied standing at the doorway.

The older man looked at Jacob. Everyone knew Mr. Davids was fresh out of college and he looked young. That being said, the man commanded some respect for his authority. That stopped Jacob being that his cock throbbed insistently to be buried in a Ms. Devons snatch and finish what started earlier.

“So its freaky what happened with you.”


“You gonna explain?”

Jacob thought for the second time of telling someone what really transpired. That made him wonder for a second if maybe there existed in a way, something inside wanted him to tell. Everything was for the Goddess now, but he had no name to tell. Lack of details justified not telling.

“Just melted off,” he said.

“Bull kid,” Mr. Davids replied. “I don’t know what you did but miracles don’t happen.”

They did if the thing fucking your brains out constantly was a life form from another plane of existence. But Jacob didn’t say that. He couldn’t.

“I saw a doctor, they were baffled by this to,” he said with a shrug.

Davids nodded at this explanation and then turned away. Jacob wasted no time in the opening and slipped out the door. Ms. Devons awaited him and he needed to get at that pussy.

Walking briskly through the halls, he half-expected to be stopped. As he went, there was nothing stopping him from her classroom. Upon entering he found himself disappointed to see that she was engaged with a parent. It took seconds for him to learn that the parent was unhappy about her child’s grades. He locked eyes with Ms. Devons.

In that moment, he knew she would be more than a few minutes. Those eyes also seemed to plead with him to wait. He nodded at her and he saw the slight bite of a lower lip.

“Sorry Ms. Devons, wanted to some help with homework. I’ll be waiting down in room, 705,” he said before turning and walking briskly away.

Room 705 was the room that Grace had been feeding on the male teacher from earlier. Jacob did hope the guy was okay, but as he opened the door to see clothes still strewn on the floor, his heart sank.

“You should let me finished him off,” a female voice said. Jacob turned to see Grace leaning against the wall next to the door. “He would have died better.”

“I forgot,” Jacob said sheepishly.

“And now instead of dying in sweet embrace, he died wheezing and alone.”

“Why were you feeding on him?”

“I was hungry and he couldn’t keep up.”

“Keep up?”

“Oh he wasn’t like you. I needed more orgasmic bliss with him and more bonding time. His body gave out long before we bonded.”

“Is this how it’s going to be with every convert?” Jacob said with an exasperated sigh.

“We require certain things to have for a mate. Everything is for the Goddess, but to continue to be worthy, all have to meet requirements. He did not, and as such, he worshipped only once.”

The matter of fact explanation satisfied him for the moment. It seemed that there were a lot of things worth discussing with Aurora. If he managed to keep converting women, having them wandering and eating any male they came across until they found a mate caused too many problems. Three had been killed so far in the endeavors of two different alien women.

“There needs to be some ground rules,” he said.

“Well, first, let’s do something about the hard cock in your pants,” she said with a moan. Her hand lifted her dress and another went to town on an audibly wet pussy. “At least you could let me ride that good hard dick for a long while.”

“I can’t,” he replied with a solemn grimace.

“I know, there is another about to join our fold. I don’t think she would mind, but by the off chance.”

Grace was moaning much more audibly now.

“Why are you dong that?”

“Because our new convert needs all the help she can get to accept the changes heading her way. Pheromones will lull her into an easier change. Your cock will do most of the work, as she has already tasted its goodness.”

“Fuck it,” Jacob said with a growing frustration.

Jacob walked up to her and yanked her hand out of her pants. She went to protest, but he shoved the musky fingers into her own mouth. Blue eyes looked at him. She licked the finger seductively slow. In that moment, Jacob unzipped his pants and yanked his cock out. His next action had him lifting her leg.

“That’s right,” she groaned into his ear. “Shove that fat cock into my tight little cunny.”

He grunted in reply. Shoving his cock into her with dominating force, going until she began shuddering.

“That hit the spot,” she said with a sigh.

“You came already?”

“Yeah,” she said, the word drawn out and sounding like a drunk spoke.

Jacob watched as she lost composure of the form she held. Her skin paled and hair tentacled. He watched as her lower jaw split in the middle and rows of pointed teeth shown. Light blue spots began to appear on her like they would be on a cow. Not that she was a cow, far from it.

“She will be here any second,” he said worried about her appearance.

“I will hide shortly, just let me finish orgasming.”

Jacob hadn’t realized it, but her pussy still squeezed his cock in long waves. It almost made him want to finish what he started with her. He could almost feel how heavy his balls had become with their hanging weight. The insistent throbbing in the head of his cock told him his body grew impatient with the delayed end.

“You can pull out now,” she said plainly to him. And he did. A long slide out and he heard a splash to the floor. “Jeez you make me so wet you know?”

Within seconds, Grace looked like herself again. Jacob pulled his pants back up and got his cock back in.

“You need to leave,” Jacob said zipping himself up.

“I know,” Grace replied. “You take a lot out of a girl, and she is coming down the hallway.”

“You need to hide,” Jacob said with a panic.

“I will,” she said with sigh.

Jacob looked panicked to the door when it opened. He didn’t see Grace move or anything as Mrs. Devons walked in.


“I’m here,” Jacob said. One of the things he hadn’t given credit to anything was how gloomy the room was. It did have windows, but with blinds and stacked desks, the room often sat in a permeating dinginess. Near dark is where the room needed to be anyways for the secrecy it provided, especially in the late with all of the extra activities for it.

“Oh thank goodness,” she said closing the door behind her. “Even though you told me I was nervous you wouldn’t be here.”

“Why?” he asked her.

“We don’t have time for that, I need your cock now.”

Jacob opened his arms wide. A microphone for her to declare her lustful enrollment into servitude. Time seemed to stop as she moved over to him. Dropping in front of him, he closed his eyes as her hands pulled his throbbing rod out.

“It smells so musky,” she said.

“Sorry been a long day.”

Eyes still closed and making no movements, he waited until she made another move. That wait didn’t take long a her mouth wrapped around his cock. With a gurgling moan, the sounds of slurping filled the room. The slurping would continue, promising a greedy appetite and sloppy sex. He shuddered when a powerful vacuum engulfed his length.

Jacob looked down to eyes peering up at him. Ms. Devons seemed to smile before she closed her eyes. Head bobbing, Jacob lasted exactly a few seconds more before grunting out a finish.

Coughing brought him out of the orgasmic bliss. He looked down to see Ms. Devons coughing into her hands.

“You okay?”

“Yeah,” she said between some coughs. “Just a lot more than I expected.”

“The cock or cum?” Jacob asked with a laugh.

“Both I suppose,” she said standing up. Lips smacking she looked at him. “That was some thick stuff.”

“Sorry,” he said with a shrug.

“I want some of it in my…”

“Go ahead, say it.”

A look passed across her face. He couldn’t tell if it was disgust or conflict. It wouldn’t matter as she smiled quickly.

“I need you to put some of that thick spunk in my pussy,” she said with a squeal.

He smiled at her and dropped his arms.

“Whatever you need.”

Ms. Devons moved over to one of the desks stored in the room. She pulled a wooden office chair out. Pants dropped to the floor, filling the room with the musk of wanton lust. A leg hiked up on the chair and a spreading of one ass cheek, which showed dripping lips and a peculiar color of sex to Jacob. Heavy brown looking lips draped down with copious amounts of juices dripping from them. Looking carefully, he could see shimmering strings stretching too, to the panties on the floor below. Not needing anymore of an invitation, Jacob waltzed up to the alter of worship.

“Best part of you younger ones is that you recharge fast.”

Jacob caught himself asking how many of the older women at the school would know such a thing.

She groaned throatily as he slid into her heat. The angle made her tighter, but he didn’t get to savor the feeling of vaginal walls molding to him. Hips began moving before he sank in all the way and it felt more to him as if she took control of the impaling.

“I’ve been thinking of this cock all day,” she exclaimed shoving herself back harder.

“Good cause the pussy has been on it’s mind all day.”

“Can you thrust harder?”

The question made him pause for a second.

“What did you say?”

“Can you thrust harder?”

“How dare you slut,” he angrily growled. He grabbed her head, fingers entwining into her hair.

“Yes,” she screamed out when he pulled her hair. With a final push back, she froze.

There was no movement, and Jacob stayed still. Though he wondered what transpired right then, he dare not interrupt it. While her heat and ass pressed against him, he listened to her breathing.

Moments stretched to what seemed like minutes. An eternity could pass at the moment and Jacob wouldn’t know when it would end. Even though he was aware of her heartbeat and his own cock’s insistence, he did not move. Sighing to himself, life seemed to stop completely. Then it changed, the pause button unpressed.

“Fuck yes,” Ms. Devons screamed out. Jacob was taken aback by the sudden animation. Flesh shaking, ass cheeks flexing ad they spread with pushing back. A wall stopped his cock from going in further, but he felt the pulsations in her cumming cunt.

“I accepted, oh I accepted.”

Ms. Devons shoved Jacob away, to which he felt a bit indignant about having his hard cock yet again ripped out of pussy before it came.

“What the hell?” he said angrily.

Ms. Devons had gone too far to acknowledge him. Like a faucet running, black ichor poured out of her pussy in wet sloppy plops. As with Grace and Aurora, that ichor began growing tendrils of pure lack that snaked like veins up Ms. Devons legs. She fell out of the chair and into the puddle of goo.

“Well done,” Grace said, stepping seemingly out of the shadows. In the bit of light there was, Jacob could see a grin on her face as she watched the conversion. “In three days, I will have a sister.”

“Yeah,” Jacob said, watching as the womb encompassed the teacher. In seconds, tentacles snaked out for the anchoring and defense. “We are gonna have to lock the room up.”

“For her?” Grace said with a laugh. “Any one who wonders in here will be kept alive until she emerges.”

“And she will emerge hungry,” he said.

“And horny,” she replied. “And speaking of horny, you want to fire that thing off into my ass?”

“Tempting, but right now, I just want to go home.”


“Let’s get out of her first, the noises of this transformation are almost sickening.”

“Its a song of beauty,” Grace said. Jacob couldn’t tell if rebuke or statement wove into the words. With a shrug, he pulled his pants up and fixed himself.

“Still, let’s get home.”

“You’re denying me a chance to worship?”

Grace started into him about the rebuke of sex from earlier. While he understood her insistence on taking care of sex, the timing would be off. None of this mattered to Grace. She wanted more and he denied her.

They walked the halls of the school together, not coming across another soul as they did. Jacob would have liked to talk about that, not knowing how late it was. Instead, they walked with her repeating the same plea. Eventually, they passed the office and she told him she needed to get something out of her office. He followed and realized before the door to her office even closed, he would be fucking her.

“Now then,” Grace said.

Jacob moved quickly and shoved her up against the door. It interrupted whatever thought she planned on presenting. Hard and desperate again for his own release, he lost caring about holding off.


“You want to be fucked in the ass, well, you got it.”

Pulling her dress up, he moved his cock out at the same time, each hand working while he used his weight to hold her. With the tasks done, his cock sprang angrily into the cleft of her ass.

“You don’t need any-oh, you know.”

Jacob did. The converts would always be ready for any orifice to be used. Somehow he knew this and would never now forget it.

“Yes, slide it in deeper.”

Jacob did, feeling the ring of her ass a tight barrier that constantly squeezed down his shaft. Like a rolled o-ring up and down a pipe. It didn’t take long for her to loose her composure again.

Grace’s alien form sprang into existence before his eyes. Not that it bothered him. By now, pleasure overrode everything else as he rutted to a finish.

“Fuck,” Grace called out with a cracking sound punctuating the outcry. He could tell she was cumming, but didn’t stop shoving his cock hard into her. The thrusts feverish pace were met now as Grace threw herself back into him. “You’re taking too long, give me your cum.”

The begging picked up there. He didn’t know what had gotten into her, besides his dick, but that begging made him feel powerful. At a whim, he could end the sex by emptying into the bowels of her ass. A whim, that he continued to shove his cock into her.

“I will cum when I am good and ready too,” she yelled over her begging. “Now turn your ass over.”

Grace may have groaned, but it was on unhearing ears. To Jacob, all she needed to do was obey. Much to his delight, she swiveled herself and after some awkward repositioning, to which his cock never left her ass, they were back to fucking.

“Oh this is different,” Jacob said looking into the blue galaxy eyes of Grace. With eyes locked with him, she licked her lips. A thick tongue that rolled over slowly.

“I’ll say,” she said her mouth agape now, exposing rows of sharp teeth. He looked down to watch her anus swallow his cock. The orifice stretching out like a volcano being plugged. After each pull out, her pussy squirted a small stream of milky white spray. Almost like a refined mist, and the color evident only by the streams the pooled off his cock. The extra lube made a squishy noise as the muscles clenched onto his cock.

Their eyes locked. He wanted to know what she thought. To even feel what her body felt. Everything for him, lay at the shaft of his cock. That is until he felt the powerful throbs of inevitable for him.

“Do it,” she said with a hiss. “Fill my ass up with you thick cream.”

He groaned.

“Come on master, cum in my ass.”


“Master, yes,” Grace exclaimed. Powerful legs wrapped around his waist and held him tight against at his final thrust.

Jacob doubled over as his balls emptied out with explosive ferocity. Each pump of cum made him heave with a spasm.

“Oh that is so delicious.”

Jacob looked up to see her licking her lips. A gloss seemed to cover over her eyes.

“I can feel its warmth,” she said falling back onto the desk completely. Her tentacles writhed around her on the desk as she relaxed. When her legs fell away, he pulled out of her ass.

“Warn a girl.”


Jacob pulled his pants back up and made himself decent.

“We need to go.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Grace was slow to rise up. When she did, he stared at her alien form.


“You need to look human.”


Only a second would pass for her to change.

“I can’t wait till when I don’t have to revert,” she said looking at him. “It unnerves me that I can’t be in my natural form.”

He shrugged before motioning to the door.

“I need to get home,” he said.

“You don’t need to wait for me.”

“I think I do. If you decide to snack on the way home.”

She laughed.

“If I do, I’ll behave. I do need clothes anyways so I will drop you off. I can’t stay over at your place. It is the weekend.”

She winked at him walking by. Jacob already knew that her promise would be broken. Not that he knew about her nightly dealings before she hooked up with him. What he did know is that her sex drive couldn’t have been satiated.

They walked down the halls in relative silence. Grace was humming and doing a bit of a skip while they did. He thought the look was great, but remembered that only in reality, that there would never be a settling with her. In fact, as the main conduit to the Goddess with recruitment, many women would be in his future.

When they got outside, Grace gave him a kiss and gave him thanks. With an apology, she left him standing in front of the school. Sighing heavily Jacob began the walk home.

Nothing happened on the walk home. There wasn’t a constant bully anymore and the sinking sun provided a nice companion. Thoughts of the rest of the night filled his head. A shower definitely had to be first on the list. Or a better idea would be to order food then get a shower. He bet Aurora had eaten everything in the house.

When he arrived home, the boxes containing the ordered furniture sat still on the front porch. There were a ton of boxes. Sighing, he realized those needed to be moved in before a shower.

Jacob hardly ever felt at home. Not since his mother had passed and his father’s abusive nature began. When he opened the door, the last thing he expected to see home greeting.


His name said on a wind of excitement. An embrace unexpected and coupled with strength. Tentacles hair wrapping around his head before wet lips crushed against his. Hot breath heralded the tongue that intermingled into his mouth. The kiss was long and passionate in its unexpected desperation.

“You’ve been having sex,” Aurora said breaking the kiss with a giggle. “I can taste them on you.”

“I’m sorry,” Jacob said panicked.

“Why?” she asked looking up at him. Her pink eyes seemed to be sparkling.

“It isn’t normal in my world for women to be excited about her man having sex with others.”

“You were worshiping and recruiting. Any woman should be proud of her man’s devotions.”

She let him go.

“Are you coming in?”

“I need to bring the furniture in and start getting it ready.”

“Your dad will be home tomorrow,” she said with a twirl. “I can’t wait to meet him.”

The sharp tooth smile she wore on her face was one of utter horror. Her eyes were pools of red and then the look disappeared.

“I’m hungry.”


“And you.”

“Let me order and I’ll get to work on the furniture.”

He knew she was watching him as he moved. An effort on his part to ignore it for now. There would be time later for her, but he needed to get things done.

Ordering the Chinese food proved to be challenging as he had to guess what quantities of food to order. The man on the phone seemed to be upset with how much was ordered, but Jacob promised a good tip to the delivery driver.

After the call, Jacob started unpacking boxes outside and moving furniture inside. Some had to be built, which he found a perverse sense of pride in himself when he finished book shelves, various benches, new table, and what not.

The only break he took was to eat. Aurora ate with him, but said little, her pink eyes locking with his often. Once done, he went right back to work, breaking down boxes, arranging furniture and hung pictures.

There wasn’t much in the way for family in the house. Jacob couldn’t even think of where to look even for old family photos when he ordered. Instead of relying on that, he decided to order many different art pieces involving the woods. As the woods had been such an escape for Jacob, it felt right.

All on the walls, he had pictures hung. Above the fireplace, he mounted a huge tv. Everything looked great and he fell down with a huge sigh on one of the couches. No sooner had he done that, when Aurora was there.

“I thought you would never be done,” she said sitting in the ottoman in front of him. He had his head back and made no effort to look at her.

“It was a lot,” he said.

“Watching you work was something.”

His head rolled up from the back of the couch. She was wearing some of the clothes he bought in her human form.

“I’m really not sure what that means.”

“It mean’s you deserve some attention.”

Aurora stood up in front of him.

“I learned a lot on your computer today. I thought I’d give you a treat.”

Jacob remained silent. Not that he needed to say anything. She blew a kiss at him.

“Hope your ready.”

A smile broke across his face. She smiled back and than began to dance. There where twirls, leg kicks and hands that moved across the body. Each movement meant to bring out desire. Once clothes began moving and exposing skin, Jacob realized what the dance was for.

His cock strained almost immediately watching Aurora. Her fluid movements in dance a choreographed master piece. Before long, skin became even more bare as clothes were discarded. Eroticism at its finest, Jacob found his mouth agape as her pants fell.

The masturbation began in earnest at that point. Jacob didn’t even see at first as hands moved. What clued him in was the shimmering of liquid across her body coupled with the sweet smell of her salty sex. The moans she emitted eventually were drowned out by the sound of her wet sex being played with.

“Jacob,” she moaned squeezing her breasts with a throaty moan. “Jacob, watching you was so infuriatingly hard to keep myself from you.”

Jacob had leaned forward towards her in not only intrigue, but to touch. Reaching out, her warm body folding into his arms and he hugged her, hands on her butt and face buried into her stomach. Heart beats heard, he found a bit of comfort resting against her.

“I can’t do it anymore,” she said with a frustrated growl.

Jacob found himself on his back, pants ripped off and Aurora straddling him. The heat of her sex radiated out with a dripping insistence. There also was a sound of her still masturbating with the coupling of moans.

“I hope you are ready Jacob,” she said, her voice flat.

Aurora stood up, and lowered herself downwards to his erect penis. They locked eyes, her’s a furiously dark pink.


He looked down at the plump pussy lips, fat and engorged. Then pink tentacles snaked slowly out.

“Watch as they engulf your cock,” she said. He could see the shudder of her body as the warm prehensile appendages wrapped around his cock. “Each one of those is more sensitive than any human woman’s clitoris.”

As if to emphasis, he watched as a milky white fluid dripped copiously from her sex. It may have grossed out anyone else, but jacob knew it was a sign that Aurora was orgasming. He had been coated head to toe before in her juices. By now, it had become a bit of a ceremony to get his cock coated in her before they actually copulated.

“And let me tell you Jacob,” she said sinking down his shaft fully. “This amount of pleasure would be enough to drive any mortal mad.”

Jacob grabbed her ankles, knowing the next bit would be rough. Unlike the other women who allowed Jacob to have his way with them for the most part, Aurora often over the past week had essentially been in control.

“You’re so deep in me,” she exclaimed with a moan.

And he felt like he was. Jacob at one point, wanted to take the chance to study her anatomy. No doubt, that would involve him having to ask or forcing it. Aurora didn’t seem to want to take things slow.

“Don’t hold back Jacob,” she demanded as fingers dug into his chest. Aurora grated even more, leaning back so he had to look up at her heaving chest. She had lost control of her form, and her breasts size had begun increasing. Not that it would matter. Any size would be perky and Aurora liked hers to be melons.

The next thing that changed with Aurora was her hair which combined and twirled into lengthy tentacles. Her nipples, around the areoles, sprouted tendrils too, which he knew to be overly sensitive.

“I’m gonna cum again,” she cried out, going rigid. The spray of milky cum up his body. The explosion of female cum wasn’t gross at all to Jacob. In actuality, he reveled in any woman’s orgasm. For this one, he stuck his tongue out and enjoyed the sweet taste of it. She of course, was shaking with massive spasm as each powerful vaginal contraction happened. The uncontrolled contractions of her cunt forced Jacob over his own edge.

“Ah yes, fill me,” Aurora screamed, her voice going into a high pitch. When she finished, she collapsed backward, popping his cock out of her. It sprang up, bringing it with it, a mix of cum.

“That was wonderful.”

“Yeah,” Jacob agreed listening to her labored breathing. He looked down at her spread legs to see her pussy splayed open. There weren’t any tentacles anymore. Fat lips splayed apart where the nub of a huge clit sat and the dark hole of her pleasures.

“Like what you see?”

“I want to see more.”

She laughed.

“You will, but for now, I have to get this body satisfied.”

“What do you mean by that?” Jacob asked worried the sex for her wasn’t wholesome.

“What I mean is that I constantly crave sex and right now I struggle with control.”

That made him think of Grace from earlier.

“What did you do today?”

“Do you mean who?”


Jacob felt as if she was about to answer, but then a pounding on the door interrupted their conversation.

“Who could that be?” Jacob scrambling up. He quickly moved to find something to wear. Having to run up stairs to change quickly. Two more times the pounding on the door had happened.

“Hold on,” Jacob said almost angrily on the forth pound. He opened the door to see the blonde cop from earlier in the week.

“Can I help you officer,” he said trying to be cordial and sweet to her.

“Yeah, just checking in on you,” she said. A radio crackled on her hip. She didn’t pay any attention with it.

“I returned the cart,” he said to her, not understanding one bit, why he felt like the spot light was on him. This woman had an aura of power about her.

“I bet,” she laughed. “You seem to have been busy.”

“Yeah,” he said, leaning back a bit as she looked into the house. He didn’t think there was anything for him to worry about with a cop. Granted, he did know she was scoping the place out.

“Jacob, who is it?”

“It’s the police Aurora.”

That was a cue for Aurora, who arose from the couch with a long stretch. A white tank top did little to hide her body, which she wore as a stacked nubile woman.

“Everything okay?”

Jacob knew what the effort on Aurora’s part was for. A seduction done to get another convert. Not that he minded. The cop’s looks were great and she did seem to have a personality that would allow for good expansion of the cult.

“Yeah, Officer?”

“It’s Officer Hadley. Meredith Hadley,” she replied. “And yes, everything is okay.”

“Is she thirsty?”

Aurora’s question took him aback. The look on the officer’s face was hard. Maybe she was concerned, but then she responded.

“Yes, can I have a glass of water?”

Jacob stepped aside and Meredith came in.
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