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The family tradition continues as Jack has sex with his second sister.
How Traditions start – part 10

An original story by Starrynight.

I apologize for the long wait. It's been a hectic couple of months.

Hope you enjoy the story and will try to publish the next installment soon.

The room was dark, and the heavy scent of sex that filled the room only an hour ago, was slowly fading away. It was replaced by the smell of dew-covered grass on a warm summer night, drifting in from the open window. Jack laid on his bed motionless, yet still awake, his mind processing the events of that night.

In the course of the past two days, everything changed for young Jack Fletcher. Ever since he turned eighteen his life took a crazy turn. It started out with his mother on the night of his birthday, offering her mature yet still beautiful body to him and making him into a man. It was followed by his oldest sister the night after, that same night. She walked into his room, exposing her hot tight body to him and guiding him in the art of love making, while she too broke the ultimate sibling taboo.

A flush crept to Jack's face in the dark as he thought back to the naughty things he and his sister did on his large bed. He didn't regret a shred of it, he cherished every second of exploring her naked body and the wonderful sensations their act brought. Jack learned another piece of information after his forbidden rendezvous with his older sister. He learned that unlike him, this was not Molly's first incestuous encounter with a sibling, and that she and their brother Zach, Molly's twin, and Jack's older brother, had been intimate before, more than once.

Jack was shocked by this after Molly let it slip. He was not sure if she meant for him to know, but it caught him by surprise. The thought of Zach and Molly having sex disturbed him, though he was not sure exactly why. After the initial shock wore off, and Molly told him the entire story of how she and Zach started having sex, Jack realized it was not that surprising. He thought how badly he wanted to have sex again after doing so with his mother, and he could see how Zach and Molly would naturally turn to each other to satisfy their newfound sexual cravings.

A jolt of arousal ran through Jack as he thought about his older brother and sister having sex. Suddenly, things he remembered from growing up started making sense: Times Zach and Molly would sneak off, strange moans he thought he heard in the middle of the night, and one time when he saw Molly leaving the bathroom only to find it locked when he came to take a shower. Jack took a deep breath, inhaling the clean smell of the fresh sheets and turned to lay on his side, closing his eyes. He was exhausted after what he and his sister did, and although his mind was filled with questions, he quickly fell asleep.

The first rays of sun shined through the bedroom window as Jack's alarm clock went off. Jack grumbled sleepily and reached to turn it off while slowly opening his eyes. His birthday, and the time off from doing work around the farm that came with it, passed, and Jack had to return to the regular family work schedule.

It was another warm sunny day, and Jack pulled a pair of jeans and a plain brown shirt on before dragging himself over to the bedroom door. The house was already buzzing as the rest of his family were up and getting ready for another day of work.

"Good morning" Molly said with a casual smile after exiting the bathroom just as Jack was heading towards it. She was wearing the same clothes from the previous night, a white crop top and blue shorts, and had her blond hair tied into a loose ponytail.

"Morning" Jack answered back and found himself blushing as images of her naked body flashed in his mind. He gave his big sister an awkward smile and continued to wash up. Twenty minutes later, after the entire family was up and ready, they all sat around the table for breakfast.

"I missed this." Presley said with a smile after they started eating.

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Zach answered and looked into his younger sister's eyes as he smiled at her. There was a knowing twinkle in their eyes only they noticed.

Jack kept mostly quiet as he ate his breakfast, his mind still thinking of the events of the previous nights. He ran his eyes along the table, looking at each of his family, and blushed, looking away when Molly returned his gaze sweetly. He watched his brother, realizing that he also had sex with both their mom and with Molly. Jack found the thought both disturbing and arousing at the same time.

When Jack's eyes fell on Presley, another thought hit him. He knew from his mother that Presley lost her virginity to their father on her eighteenth birthday, but he suddenly wondered if she and Zach ever fooled around. Jack stared at his older sister questioningly. He studied her large breasts, tightly pressed to the old grey shirt she was wearing and looked at her pretty face as she laughed at something their father said. After a few seconds, she turned her face to Jack, grinned at him, and he quickly turned his gaze away.

The rest of the day was quite uneventful as the entire family worked. Liz and Tom were happy to have Zach, Molly and Presley home and helping, the work going much faster with their skillful experienced hands to help around. They finished in less than five hours what would usually take Liz, Tom, Jack and Lisa at least two or three days of work and were happy to call it a day only a few hours after lunch and long before dinner.

The entire family sat out on the porch, looking out at the ranch while they drank iced teas. It was still hot out and the ice filled glasses gleamed with droplets of water as they cooled down from the day's work. They talked between themselves as one by one the kids slipped away to their own business.

Molly was the first one in the shower and was quickly out. Zach was about to go in right after her but was beat to it by Lisa who snuck in before he had a chance to. Molly, who just stepped out of the bathroom, looked at her brother's expression and started laughing. She had a small towel wrapped around her wet hair, and another one covering her from torso to mid-thigh.

"Hey," Zach said to Molly and followed her as she headed towards her room. "I wanted to ask you something." He added and followed her in, closing her bedroom door behind them. "So, how did last night go?" Zach asked looking around his sister's room.

"Wouldn't you like to know…" Molly said grinning and took a seat at the edge of her bed. She dried her hair off with the small towel before tossing it on the bed. "It went quite well actually" Molly said while standing up and removing the towel that was wrapped around her, exposing her gorgeous naked body to her twin brother. It had been a while since they had sex with each other, but after countless sessions of love making over the years, they were far from being shy in front of one another.

"Come on, I'm gonna need more than that." Zach said curiously while looking at his sister's perky tits and hot tight vagina. He watched her as she put the towel aside then grabbed a pair of pink panties from a pile of clothes on the bed and quickly slipped into them while still facing him.

"Well," Molly started saying as she grabbed a light blue bra and started putting it on. "I told him a few things I thought he should know about sex and girls, I gave him a blowjob, made him go down on me, and we had sex. He was pretty good for his second time ever with a girl." She said, her cute tits now fully covered in the bra, and grabbed the pair of jeans from the bed.

"Good for Jack!" Zach said and looked at Molly as she shimmied herself into the tight pair of jeans. He felt himself getting hard from seeing Molly naked after all this time.

"Oh, and another thing…" Molly started saying as she walked over and looked at herself in the mirror, adjusting her bra and pulling on the cups. "I kind of told Jack about us fucking around when we were younger." Molly said, still looking at herself in the mirror.

"Really? And what did he think of that?" Zach asked.

"He was obviously shocked by it but I'm pretty sure he understood." Molly said turning to look at Zach and grabbed the white shirt from the bed. "So, it's Presley's turn huh? You think she's nervous?" Molly asked.

"I know she is." Zach said with a small smile. "She came to me last night asking what she should do."

"Did you just tell her, or did she want you to show her too?" Molly asked teasingly. She knew her younger sister well, and from Zach's blushing face, she could tell they did more than talk last night.


A few hours later the entire family gathered around the table for dinner. They were all hungry after the hard day's work and piled on food as they talked cheerfully amongst themselves. They talked about the farm, school, jobs and family as they ate contently until they were all full. They continued to dessert, then moved to the living room where soon the children started disappearing to their rooms, leaving their mother and father alone.

Liz and Tom both knew that Jack spent the previous night with Molly, and that he would spend the coming night with Presley. "Molly told me it went really well with Jack last night." Liz told her husband in a hushed tone.

"Good." Tom said nodding and looked over at his wife. "I hope Presley will be okay with him too." He said.

"I'm sure she will." Liz said and studied her husband's gaze. It was strange to her how the thought of their children having sex didn't bother her at the very least, and the same went for Tom. Liz thought about her son and daughter having sex and to her surprise, it was still turning her on. She watched Tom's face and knew it was turning him on as well. She locked eyes with her husband, then gestured to their bedroom. Tom didn't need anymore encouragement than that, and when Liz rose, he quickly followed her, locking the door behind them.


Jack lay on his bed reading a book, but barely managed to get past the first page. He was wearing green shorts and a black t-shirt, and as he tried to read the words in front of him, all he could think about was sex. He tried to concentrate, but all that came to mind were visions of his mother and sister. He desperately wanted to have sex again.

Jack thought about asking Molly if she was willing to go again but was shy. He tried thinking of different ways he could approach his sister and ask her, but nothing seemed good enough. His penis was rock-hard by now, only adding to his need for sex. After a few minutes, he finally gave up, coming to terms that at least tonight, he would not gather enough courage to talk to Molly.

Jack started stroking his cock through his shorts, getting himself nice and hot as he thought about his sister. When he felt he was getting close, he stopped touching himself. He was about to go lock the door, to make sure that no one would disturb his alone time, when he heard a gentle knock. Jack looked at the prominent bulge in his pants in alarm and started shifting it. It was a little less noticeable as another knock came, but just to be sure, he grabbed the covers and placed them over his crotch in a jumbled mess. "Yeah, come in." Jack said in a hoarse voice and cleared it.

The door opened slowly, and Presley's head appeared. "Hey, can I come in?" she asked with a nervous smile and Jack nodded, not noticing his sister's voice was a little shaky. A second later, the door opened wider and Presley stepped inside his room, closing the door behind her.

Jack couldn't help but stare at his older sister as she stood in front of his door. She was wearing a grey cotton nightgown, very different from the pajamas Jack was used to seeing her in. It was sleeveless and with a wide neckline, reaching halfway down her thigh. It was clear she had no bra under it, the fabric tightly clinging to her impressive rack and the outline of her nipples clearly visible underneath. Her brown hair was tied into a loose low ponytail, and Jack just looked at her with awe.

"Hey." Presley said shyly, trying to break the awkward silence.

"Hey, what's…what's up?" Jack managed to say after breaking from his trance, shaking his head and looking at her much more casually.

"Nothing much," Presley said innocently and advanced toward Jack. She took a seat on the edge of the bed and looked into his eyes. "I just thought you might want my help after last night." Presley said. She was trying to keep cool, but her voice still shook slightly.

"Last...last night?" Jack mumbled nervously.

"Yeah!" Presley said and took a deep breath to gather her words and confidence. "I mean, after having sex with mom on your birthday, then Molly last night, I figured you might be horny and want to have sex again." Presley said and gave her brother the best confident smile she could muster. Presley was never one to beat around the bush.

"Seriously?" Jack croaked, turning redder than Presley ever saw him. If this happened a few days ago, Jack would think for sure Presley was messing with him. They would always play pranks on each other when they were younger. But now, after learning of the family tradition, and experiencing sex with both his mother and oldest sister, he knew her offer was real. On pure instinct he moved a hand to his engorged member and rubbed it through the covers before looking back up at Presley.

"So, what do we have here?" Presley said with a wicked grin as her brother grabbed at his crotch. He immediately moved his hands away and Presley moved the sheet aside. "I'll take this as a yes." Presley said with a cute little giggle and pressed her palm onto the erection clearly outlined in her brother's shorts. Jack let out a gasp and watched Presley's hand as she started rubbing it sensually.

"Oh fuck, we're really going to do this?" Jack said and moaned at the pleasure of his sister touching him.

"Do you want to?" Presley asked even though she knew the answer. She pulled her hand away and looked up at Jack as he nodded. "Say it." She told him.

"I want to." Jack said shyly.

"You want to what?" Presley asked teasingly.

"I want to do it." Jack said softly.

"It?" Presley asked still teasing "Say exactly what you want. Say I want to have sex with my sexy big sister."

"I want to have sex with my…sexy big sister." Jack whispered blushing.

"Good." Presley said sounding somewhat pleased. "Now tell me in detail what you want to do to me." She told her little brother with a smirk.

"I want to do whatever you tell me to." Jack said nervously and a big grin spread across her face. Presley leaned into her brother moving closer, until her lips met his and they started kissing passionately.

"Good answer little brother." Presley said after breaking the kiss and leaving Jack dazed and breathless. She got to her feet, walked over to the door, then locked it before turning around. "Let's see what you learned so far." She said with a naughty little smile. She took a step towards Jack and grabbed the hem of her nightgown while looking straight at him.

Presley smiled nervously at her brother as she slowly lifted the hem up. She exposed more and more of her thighs until revealing her sexy black panties to him. She pulled the gown over her curvy hips, up her flat stomach, over her breasts, and finally off, throwing it onto his bed. Presley then gave her brother another naughty smile before slipping her fingers into her panties and enticingly pulling them down her legs.

Jack looked at his naked sister amazed, running his eyes over every inch of her perfect naked body. The first thing his eyes were drawn to, were her breasts. They were large, much larger than Molly's and maybe even larger than their mother's, and perfectly round. She had small reddish-brown nipples and medium sized areolas that stood proudly atop her perky tits. He studied them for a few seconds, feeling a strong urge to squeeze and suck on them, before moving his gaze down to look at her beautiful pink pussy, a thin strip of brown hair leading down from her pubic mound to it. His sister's nude body was so hot, Jack felt his rock-hard shaft beginning to throb in his pants.

"Come on little brother, let's see what you got." Presley said with a laughing smile and looked straight into her brother's eyes, shamelessly displaying her naked body to him. She watched him shift uncomfortably on the bed before finally getting to his feet and facing her.

"Okay fine." Jack said nervously as he faced his sister. His mother and older sister had seen him naked, but it was still embarrassing. With Presley already naked, Jack decided to get it over with quickly. He pulled his shirt off, throwing it on the bed, then in a single motion pulled his shorts and boxers down, his hard average-sized dick springing free.

"I guess I can work with that." Presley said teasing and looked at her younger brother's bare body. He was not as muscular as his older brother and his cock, standing tall at over five inches, wasn't as big, but he looked good. With his dark shaggy hair, strong looking body and handsome face, Presley found herself extremely aroused. She closed the gap between them in a few steps, reached out to grab her brother's hard penis, making him gasp, then pressed her lips onto his.

Jack closed his eyes and succumbed to his sister's will. She had her right hand tightly wrapped around his erect shaft and kissed him with a fierce passion. She slid her tongue into his mouth, making him moan into her, and started slowly stroking his shaft while doing so. Jack returned his sister's kiss with equal passion, swirling his tongue around hers and kissing her back until she broke the kiss and looked at him breathless.

"Fuck, that was hot!" Presley said grinning and stopped stroking Jack's cock. "You're a really good kisser." She said and watched Jack blush. She took a step back, looking her brother up and down, then pushed him back gently onto the bed and got on her knees, grabbing his hard dick. Presley gave her younger brother a wicked smile, then brought her mouth over his shaft and closed her lips around the head.

"Oh god!" Jack moaned as his sister began blowing him. She sucked on the head of his cock gently, then pulled her mouth off and stuck her tongue out. Jack groaned as Presley ran her tongue along his hard shaft, licking and caressing all around. She briefly sucked on his balls, then looked up at him grinning.

"You like having your sister suck your cock?" she asked perversely and moved her free hand between her legs.

"Uh huh" Jack managed to say and watched his sister smile as she engulfed his shaft with her mouth again, slowly moving her head up and down while sucking on it. Presley was so turned on from blowing her brother, she couldn't keep herself from rubbing her wet cunt as she did. "Oh fuck!" Jack moaned as Presley took him deeper into her mouth, sucking on it expertly. She started bobbing her head up and down and Jack couldn't hold on any longer. "I'm gonna cum!" he moaned, remembering what his mother told him. He waited for Presley to stop and jerk him with her hand, or give him instructions, but she just took more of his cock into her mouth. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!" he called out again, making sure his sister heard as he tried to hold it in a moment longer. Presley raised her eyes to his, a hint of a smile on them, then pushed her mouth all the way down her brother's cock, her lips around the base as Jack's eyes widened with shock and pleasure.

A loud grunt escaped Jack's mouth as he started cumming inside his sister's mouth. He could feel the tip of his cock inside her throat and moaned as his orgasm hit him. He closed his eyes and groaned as the first load shot deep down his sister's throat. "Oh my god Pres!" he called out in sexual ecstasy and opened his eyes, watching his sister as she returned to bob her head up and down the length of his shaft while he ejaculated. Rippling pleasure tore through Jack, making him shudder and moan each time his cock spurt, filling his sister's warm mouth with his sperm.

Presley stroked her brother's cock, milking the last of his sperm after he finally finished ejaculating in her mouth. He came a lot, and Presley was careful not to spill as she pulled her full mouth off her brother's receding cock. She looked up at Jack, his face flushed from the orgasm, then swallowed the content of her mouth and started laughing at the expression on Jack's face.

"Did you just…?" Jack started shocked.

"Yep." Presley answered with a smile, still laughing.

"Fuuccckkk!" Jack let out amazed and Presley laughed, trying to put on an innocent smile. She rose to her feet, the initial tension she was feeling mostly gone, and sat down next to her brother, their naked thighs touching.

"So," Presley started saying as she put on a serious expression, "how was having sex with mom?" she asked.

"Weird, confusing, a little disturbing, but felt so good." Jack said, his gaze drawn to Presley's amazing boobs, but he quickly noticed and looked up.

"How so?" Presley asked intrigued.

"Well, I always thought mom was pretty, but seeing her naked and having her see me naked felt awkward. Also, for a mother to have sex with her son is considered wrong, but mom was cool about it all, guiding me through it like it was the most natural thing in the world." Jack explained, his eyes still darting to Presley's bare breasts from time to time.

"And how was it with Molly?" Presley asked her brother. She noticed him stealing glances at her tits but decided to ignore it for now.

"I think it felt more natural with her." Jack explained. "Not that I wasn't nervous, or it didn't feel strange at the beginning, but I felt more at ease with her. I don't know if it was because I already knew what to expect, or because she's my sister, but I felt more comfortable with her than with mom."

"I guess that makes sense." Presley said after weighing her brother's words. "Jesus!" Presley said with amused frustration after her brother's eyes drifted down to her rack once more. "Go ahead." She said as she grabbed his hands and pressed them to her large round tits.

"Oh wow." Jack let out as he started kneading his older sister's marvelous tits. He squeezed and caressed them, admiring how firm they were despite their size and ran his fingers along her areolas and over her erect nipples, pinching them gently to her soft moans. "Can I lick them?" Jack asked shyly.

"Yeah, go ahead." Presley cooed, obviously getting extremely aroused by this. She watched her brother as he leaned in, stuck his tongue out, and pressed the tip to her left nipple. Presley shuddered and let out a soft moan as her brother started licking her breasts. He ran the tip of his tongue around her areola and squeezed her boobs with his hands as he switched to the left one. He licked her erect nipple, flicked it with his tongue, then closed his lips around it, latching on and started sucking on it hungrily, Presley letting out a low quivering moan as he did.

"Oh god, you're just like Zach." Presley said musingly as Jack moved back to her left breast and started sucking it too.

"What?" Jack blurted out, pulling away from his sister's tits and looking up at her. "You and Zach too?" he asked.

"Oops, you didn't know?" Presley said innocently.

"I knew about Zach and Molly, but I didn't know you and Zach did it also." Jack said, looking at his sister for explanation.

"So yeah, the night after I lost my virginity to dad, Zach caught me and started asking me about it. He also told me about his first time with mom and asked me if I wanted to have sex with him. It turned out mom asked him to offer to have sex with me and I was glad she did." Presley explained to her brother.

"So did mom or dad ask you and Molly to have sex with me too?" Jack asked amazed. He was starting to think the perverse family secret was deeper than he thought.

"They didn't actually have to ask us, but they know and approve of it. It's kind of a tradition, when each of us turn eighteen, he or she loses their virginity to mom or dad, then have sex with the older brothers or sisters. I guess it sounds really kinky and perverse when you say it out loud, but it really helped prepare me for college and boys." Presley noticed Jack looking at her intently as he took in every word she said.

"Does that mean mom and dad expect me to have sex with Lisa when she's eighteen?" Jack asked ambivalently.

"I'm not sure you have to, but yes, that's the general idea." She said to Jack who nodded understandingly. He wasn't sure how he felt about having sex with his baby sister in a few years, but he decided not to dwell on it.

"So, what's next?" Jack asked his older sister, eager to keep going.

"Now you're going to return the favor." Presley answered with a devilish grin. "Let's see how good you are at eating pussy, little brother." She added and climbed onto the bed. Presley got comfortable, laying down on her back with her head on a stack of pillows and looked at Jack. She spread her legs apart and folded her knees, her feet flat on the bed.

Jack watched his sister take her place and eagerly followed. He climbed onto the bed, his eyes on hers, then took his place between her spread legs. Jack took a minute to enjoy the view, his sister's naked body looking so hot from there, then gently placed his palms on her upper thighs, rubbing and caressing them.

A nervous shiver ran down Presley's spine as her brother placed his hands on her and rubbed her soft skin sensually. She held her brother's gaze for a few short moments, then gave a small approving nod. She watched as Jack leaned down, paused to take in her feminine aroma, then planted a sensual kiss on top of her vagina.

Jack's lips simmered as they met his sister's warm vulva. He kissed it tenderly, moving along her smooth pubic mound and down to her enticing lips. He placed another kiss atop her clitoral hood, then kissed down her labia. He moved gently, his lips fluttering down her slit then back up. He took a moment to breathe, then slipped his tongue out, sliding it into his sister's slit and tasting her for the first time.

Presley cooed as Jack started licking her intimate folds softly. He slowly traced his tongue along her slit, caressing and teasing her with it, before sticking it into her moistening pussy. "Yes!" Presley moaned softly as her brother started exploring her cunt with his tongue, slyly snaking it into her intimate hole for a quick taste.

Jack was getting hotter by the second as he started devouring his sister's pussy. Her tangy womanly flavors turned him on so much, that he immediately dipped his tongue in for another taste. He slid his hands up her thighs, spreading them some more, then shoved his tongue deeper into his sister, listening to her moans as he swirled it around before pulling it out. He went back to kissing her, moving his lips along her slit and kissing her now visible clit, before starting to lick it.

"Oh fuck!" Presley moaned and grabbed her brother's messy hair as he sucked on her clit briefly, sending a jolt of pleasure through her. He gave it another lick then slipped his tongue back into her hole for another taste while he used his right thumb to rub her clit.

"Is that okay?" Jack asked panting. He raised his head up from between Presley's legs and looked up at her face.

"Yeah, that's great Jacky." Presley said breathless, "keep going." She added almost pleading and looked at her brother as he dove back in, sticking his tongue out and running it along her slit, before slithering it into her muff again. He kept rubbing her clit with his thumb, and after studying her velvety interior for a short while, he pulled out and moved his tongue back to her clit. "Oh god yes! Now stick a finger inside me." Presley ordered and Jack quickly obliged, sliding his middle finger in. Her pussy was so wet it easily slipped in. "Fuck, just like that. Now add another finger." Presley said and let out a loud moan as her little brother slid his index and middle fingers into her scorching twat and started fingering her rhythmically, still licking her clit while doing so. "Oh yeah!" Presley squeaked as her pleasure grew. "Don't stop! I'm almost there" she begged, moaning. "Oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck…oh my god I'm cumming!" she shrieked and almost started sobbing as she climaxed.

Jack watched fascinated as his older sister started cumming in his hands. Her moans turned to high pitched squeaks and whimpers as her body was engulfed by an orgasm. Her body tensed as waves of intense pleasure took hold of it, and she shuddered and shook on the bed, her pussy convulsing and her cries of pleasure continuing. She tried to breathe between moans, basking in the feeling of divine sexual pleasure and blissfully rode it until it faded away completely.

Jack slowly extracted himself from his sister's vagina. Seeing her cum was so hot, he was hard once more. He looked down at her naked body, her gorgeous boobs rising and falling as she breathed deeply, and ran his gaze up her body until their eyes met.

"Not bad little brother." Presley said teasingly then started laughing. "You ready to fuck your big sister?" she asked seductively, her eyes drawing to his erection, then giggled after he nodded eagerly. Presley rolled over to her stomach, got on her knees, then moved aside. "Lay down." She said and Jack quickly obeyed, taking her place. He gasped as Presley grabbed his cock and moaned when she gave it a few tugs, then climbed on top of him and sat down on his legs. She leaned back, spreading her legs, and gently pressed the tip of his dick to her vagina.

"Do we need any condoms or anything?" Jack asked nervously. He was assuming and hoping they didn't, but after his talk with Molly, he wanted to make sure.

"No, we're good." Presley said dismissingly and started rubbing the tip of his cock along her slit to their mutual moans. She did this a few times then raised herself, squatting above her brother's erect dick while still holding it. "You sure about this?" Presley asked quietly, looking at her brother's eyes before crossing the final line with him. She herself wanted this, and sensed Jack did too, but she wanted to hear him say it before engaging in the act itself and actually committing incest.

"Yes, I'm sure." Jack said reassuringly as Presley hovered above him, her pussy just an inch above the tip of his cock. Jack gasped as she lowered herself some more, the tip of his cock touching her. Presley tightened her grip on his shaft, slid the tip along her slit a few times, then slowly impaled herself down her little brother's hard cock.

"Oh god!" Presley moaned sensually as her pussy slid down her brother's manhood, engulfing it. She looked at her brother, his eyes glued to their merging bodies, and listened to him moan with clenched teeth at the pleasure of their act. Presley lowered herself slowly, moaning at the pleasure of her brother stretching her vagina, until she was sitting on top of him, his cock buried deep inside her.

Brother and sister looked at each other nervously, their breathing strained as they broke the ultimate taboo. It was not the first time for either one of them to break this kind of taboo, but it was the first time for them with each other, and their hearts raced as they did, the feeling exhilarating.

Presley paused with her brother deep inside and took a deep breath. She sat up straight on top of her brother, placed her hands on his stomach, and started to move slowly. She looked straight into his eyes, then raised herself up, sliding her pussy off his dick then slowly back down.

"Oh, fuck Pres, that feels so good!" Jack moaned as his big sister began riding him.

"Yeah? You like your big sister fucking you like this?" she asked devilishly, her amazing breasts swaying as she moved.

"Oh my god yes!" Jack called out in pleasure, her hot velvety snatch engulfing his dick once more.

"Good, just let me know when you're getting close." Presley said with a smile and slammed herself down onto her brother's meat as he moaned his agreement.

Jack and Presley moaned as they made passionate love to one another. Presley closed her eyes, omitting sounds of pleasure as she rode her brother's dick. She started out slow, studying her brother's reactions, and after a minute or so, picked up the pace, her boobs bouncing provocatively as she began hammering her cunt down and along her little brother's throbbing member.

"Oh god, I can't believe we're really having sex." Jack moaned as his sister rode his dick. He watched her sexy body move with her moans, her big breasts bouncing wildly, and the way the lips of her pussy parted as his hard cock penetrated it. Jack was in heaven.

As the pleasure of riding her brother grew, Presley started slamming her cunt down onto Jack's dick faster and harder. "Oh my god!" she whimpered in delight, her snatch sliding up and down Jack's cock at full speed.

"Oh my god, I'm almost there!" Jack called out after a few minutes. The pleasure of his sister riding him this hard bringing him only seconds away from cumming. He closed his eyes, let out another moan, then opened them and looked at his sister surprised.

"Don't you dare cum yet!" Presley chided her brother. She stopped moving and was just sitting on him with his cock buried deep inside her. After another moment she climbed off her brother, his hard shaft glistening with her juices as it twitched and throbbed.

"What the fuck? I was almost there." Jack said frustrated. He watched his sister as she got on her knees next to him, looking down at his twitching prick.

"Don't worry, we're not done yet. I want you to cool down for a minute, then we can try another position." Presley explained patiently and moved a hand down to her pussy. She started rubbing herself softly, looking at Jack's rock-hard cock. "Take deep breaths." Presley told her brother and watched him do so. After a few seconds she grasped his cock and gave it a stroke. "How is that, do you still feel like you're about to cum?" she asked.

"No, I think I'm good for now." Jack said slightly embarrassed.

"Don't forget that sex is about both sides enjoying it, not just for you to cum." Presley started saying patiently. "Usually girls need more time to reach an orgasm, so trying lasting as long as you can. You can try thinking of things that turn you off, or if you feel you're not going to last and you want to keep going, you can take a short break to cool off. You can make out, go down on her, or finger the girl until you feel you cooled off enough, then keep going." Presley suggested while Jack looked at her intently and nodded. "Get up and we can continue." She said and watched Jack as he sat up on the bed.

Presley stopped touching herself and got on her hands and knees. She moved to the center of the bed and rotated until she was facing away from her brother, her juicy bottom to him. "Let's try doggy." Presley said eagerly. "You can control how fast and hard we fuck so you don't cum too soon, and also, the penetration is deeper so I usually cum faster." Presley said and wiggled her bottom invitingly.

Jack grabbed his big sister's ass and squeezed it lustfully. He moved around on the bed, taking his place behind his sister, then grabbed his dick and guided it to her sacred hole. Jack groaned as he slipped the tip of his cock into her, then moved his hand to her waist and grabbed it as he began pushing himself into her.

A whimpering little moan escaped Presley's lips as her brother took her from behind. He slid his manhood into her, slithering his one-eyed snake into her box and it felt amazing. She could feel him deep inside her, his rod reaching deeper than before, and she succumbed to the sickengly pleasurable sensation of her little brother inside her.

Jack clenched his teeth, his arms tightly hugging Presley's waist, and he was intent to last as long as possible as he began plunging his cock into his sister's warm wet haven. He was going slow, gently moving his hips, sliding his penis in and out of his sister until he was confident he could last, and started moving faster.

"Oh yeah little brother, just like that!" Presley said perversely, cooing as he thrust himself into her. "Yes, fuck your big sister's tight little pussy with that big hard cock of yours." She said in a childlike voice, driving her brother mad with arousal.

"Oh, fuck sis, your pussy feels amazing!" Jack moaned, her dirty talk urging him to go faster and he quickened his thrust into her soaked muff.

"Ooooohhh my god!" Presley squealed in delight as Jack switched to long powerful thrusts. He plunged his cock into her longing pussy continuously, each thrust ending with a loud slap as their naked bodies met, eliciting moans and groans from their mouths.

Jack fucked his sister with a series of powerful thrusts, then slowed back down. He kept a steady pace for half a minute, then moved to quick shallow thrusts. He managed to keep it up for a few seconds but slowed back down to keep himself in check. "Oh fuck!" Jack moaned as he slowly slid his dick in and out of his sister's twat. He gave her a few powerful strokes, then pulled out before he would cum.

"Mmmm, yes, that's it." Presley moaned as Jack quickly started eating her pussy from behind after pulling his cock out. He spread her labia with his hands, licking and sucking her womanhood to her sounds of encouragement, then shoved two fingers into her drenched hole and began thrusting them powerfully. "Oh fuck, yeah just like that!" Presley almost screamed as her brother finger fucked her, plunging his fingers in and out of her. Her moans grew higher and louder, her climax slowly approaching, then Jack pulled his fingers out and shoved his hard cock back into her.

"Fuck sis, your pussy feels so good!" Jack moaned as he was back inside her. He put his hands on her hips, and after two or three slow thrusts, started fucking her hard, breaching her snatch with full force and slamming into her ass with each thrust.

"Oh my god Jack, yes!" Presley let out, "Just like that little brother, keep going, I'm almost there." She cried out as Jack continued to pound her pussy. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum." Presley whimpered, her pleasure reaching unbearable levels. "Oh, fuck Jack, oh fuck, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" she cried out almost sobbing as her body erupted in a powerful climax.

Jack himself was only moments away from his own orgasm, when his big sister finally exploded. She started shrieking like a banshee, her body trembling with pleasure as her pussy began convulsing. He held on for another second, relentlessly hammering her scorching snatch, until Jack too was hit by his orgasm, his body ablaze with pleasure.

Brother and sister shuddered as they climaxed together, searing waves of pleasure shooting through their naked bodies. They moaned and groaned, calling out in sexual ecstasy as they ascended to the highest levels of pleasure. They kept moving together, Jack thrusting his ejaculating cock into Presley's convulsing pussy, a mutual wave of delight shooting through them with each load Jack squirted. They continued fucking throughout their intense orgasms, Jack filling his big sister's hot snatch with his incestuous cum, and she enjoyed every second of it, grunting her perverse approval. They kept going, milking every last bit of sexual pleasure from their act, until their orgasms faded away and they collapsed onto the bed in a tangled heap of naked limbs.

Presley and Jack breathed heavily as they recovered from the intense sexual ordeal. Presley was laying on her side with her younger brother laying next to her, his arm and leg around her as he faced her breathless. Presley looked into her brother's eyes and put her arm around him. She pulled her naked body into his, pressing her breasts into his chest and let out a content sigh.

Jack watched his sister's flustered face, her body so warm and soft, and slid his hand down her back, placing it upon her butt and pulling her in tighter. His penis was soft by now and pressed into Presley's pubic mound as they embraced each other in comfortable silence. Presley looked at her younger brother, realizing he was already a man and pressed her lips to his. She gave him a brief kiss, then pulled away and smiled.

"That was awesome." Jack whispered to his sister, giving her a warm smile. She slowly swung her left leg over him, placing her pussy over his thigh and cuddling into him. Seconds later Jack was fast asleep.

A few hours later Jack woke up. His room was dark, and his naked body was covered with a thin sheet. Presley was gone, but Jack could still smell her scent on the bed. He inhaled deeply, smiling to himself as her sweet sexual aroma filled him, then returned to a deep satisfied slumber, glad to have such a hot loving sister.

to be continued...


2020-03-21 16:57:00
good story!


2020-02-21 00:35:55
Loved it so far. I agree with others. Need a big family orgy

Dudley DowrongReport 

2020-02-06 18:06:20
Herre I'm again enjoying Ch 10 a 2nd time. Are Presley & Molly going to double team" Jack the way they did Zack (Do you want to join us, We're going to have sex) I want to read Ch 6 again soon. Every chapter is hot; that 's why I'm looking forward to Lisa's training by Tom & any other male available at the time. Then Mom & Dad (Liz & Tom) asking all the siblings if they want 2nds with Either of them? Maybe gross of me but,I'd like them all to meet more liberal partners to "Join in the familly fun" I as
lso think it important that Liz & Tom to see the fruits of their labor that all their offspring are pleased with their sexual introduction by parents & siblings for a more joyful & complete life without "hangups" I'm not saying this is the appproach all parents should take, but kids need to learn from someone they trust to "know what's right" Instead of "off the street" by misinformed, uncaring partners. AWESOME, as usual !!


2020-01-28 17:35:41
I keep imagining the series ending with a big family orgy, but also seeing the parents with multiple kids would be fun. Like, seeing the mom getting double teamed by her boys or the dad taking all three of his girls to bed.

Dudley DowrongReport 

2020-01-28 04:04:51
P. S. Really expected Presley to try anal with Jack also telling him to be slow & gentle, She should expect him to be as Zack. Also wonder if Jack & Presley being closer to the same age and enjoying "Their night together" will continue to experiment some, similar to Zack & Molly? Carry on the tradition.

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