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A young dental hygenist and a successful older sugar daddy have what seems to be a very mutually beneficial arrangement...Here she remembers how it began
Jennifer was waiting for him again and her mind drifted off to how she had gotten into the sugar bowl…. Her friend Joan had told about the website and how cool it was to have a sugar daddy…besides she laughed, “if you make ‘em fuck you doggy, you don’t even have to look at them”…She liked Bob…He was the one prospective sugar daddy who treated her like a person…Most of the others had been mildly insulting ...wanting to negotiate the price and frequency of various sex acts before they had even met. Bob invited her to coffee and then to lunch. Bob had been up front about wanting to be a “Friend with Benefits”…but as he said…”Friends first”…

He seemed genuinely interested in her and her life. While he always treated her like a lady….she found herself listing all the things he had done to make her life better…He was paying her tuition for the graduate school courses she was taking evenings in business…Jennifer had a four year degree and a job as a dental hygienist …but regretted her career choice that required her to put her hands in people’s mouths everyday…She could talk to Bob about that and he had promised to help her find another job when she graduated…Of course, the allowance he paid her (which was now $1500 a month up from $1000) took a lot of the pressure off and allowed her to put a little money away for her daughter’s education. Bob had also provided her with a car…it’s in his name but she has the use of it…and he pays the insurance and has provided a credit card that covers her gas…

Jennifer and Bob went out 2-3 times a month…dinners at nice restaurants only at first…but they now mixed in some more casual evenings …Last month she just had him come over for a cookout. Jennifer found she actually enjoyed his company. He was 62 and almost 35 years her senior…but he was she had found a genuinely nice person…Of course, as he had pointed out more than once…she never would have given him a second look if they had met any other way. The sugar bowl made their relationship possible.

Jennifer checked her watch and noted he was ten minutes late. She smiled as she noted, that she had done much to make his life better too…mostly in the bedroom. Their first two meeting had been chaste evenings …dinner at two of the finer restaurants in town…Jen could see the lust in his eyes but soon realized he didn’t really know how to even broach the subject of sex…with a woman. He was a widower who lost his wife over a year ago…not really a player. After their second dinner and his awkwardness when he walked her to her car…she decided to take control. She called and invited him for coffee. While they shared coffee…she outlined the simple framework of an “arrangement”…She acknowledged his Friends first speech …and suggested it was time to get to the point…She outlined the things she needed a sugar daddy to take care of…a really modest list initially…and noted that there really was nothing she wouldn’t do in the bedroom for a man who provided those things…It was obvious he really didn’t know what to say…so she took him by the hand and walked him out to his car….and put him in his own back seat…pulled his pants down and blew him right there…She swallowed his load and smiled saying,..”You know what you need to do Bob if you want this to happen again.”

Bob had gotten the message…but he still didn’t really know how to handle her…He set up their next meeting at a local hotel…and conducted what felt like a closing presenting the cash and things she’s asked for…plus the car and credit card…on the desk in the room…then he looked at her longingly…Jen was still in her dental hygienist uniform…the timing had not allowed her to go home and change…She smiled at him and excused herself and went to the bathroom…She emerged wearing only the same heels she had worn all day and a necklace…

Bob had been seated in the one chair in the room…and Jen came over and sat in his lap….He had a look of childlike wonder on his face …as she leaned in and whispered in his ear…”Do with me as you will good sir”…and then he did. He lifted her up with a strength that surprised her and had kissed her deeply. She could smell his cologne and feel the urgency of his need. He stepped out of his clothes and exposed a serious erection…While his lust for her was obvious…she was impressed with his attentiveness to her needs …First fondling her breasts and nipples then slowly moving down to her pussy…He took his time and exhibited skills with his fingers and tongue that pleasantly surprised her… twice…She started a steady stream of slutty dialogue that she continued only after seeing the effect it had on him…She maneuvered around and took him in her mouth. While he writhed in pleasure…He pulled himself out of her mouth and stopped her saying only “please, I need to be inside you” She rolled over and spread her legs for him…and caught a glimpse of that little boy look again…In a flash it was gone and he was plunged deep inside her…They started in mish and then rolled over to doggy. Finally, he asked if she would take the top…and she did…all thye while telling him he wanted his cum…She found a rhythm and rocked her hips in such a way that she felt her orgasm building and when she came …she came hard and lost her breath…He came almost immediately thereafter…and she smiled when she realized he had waited for her…

She checked her watch again and he was now twenty minutes late and this wasn’t like him…particularly since this was the night she had agreed he could bring his handcuffs…
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