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I was working on a production and dealing with some disgusting pigs when as fate would happen.... Jennifer Lawrence strolled into my world.
Jennifer Lawrence's Juice

Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lawrence... JENNIFER LAWRENCE! Would you guys STOP TALKING ABOUT HER!! Or if you can't.... at least stop making her out like she's a whore. "You saw the pictures... all covered in cum. What would you call it?.... She's a cum guzzling whore... probably takes it up the ass too. said Bob (the slob) "You SEE.... That's EXACTLY what I'm talking about. First of all those pictures were PRIVATE! She took those for her boyfriend who was on the other side of the world. She is LITERALLY the best girlfriend you could ask for. Sexy and Wild IN PRIVATE and in public she's a lady." I said.

I continued berating Bob, "If you hit on Jennifer Lawrence she would probably end up kicking your balls up to the roof of your mouth." I teased. The other guys laughed loudly. "Fuck You Richard! replied Bob. "Yeah I can see it now.... You with your belly hanging over your jeans, walk up to her and like hey Jennifer.... Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?" Then she would say "Did it hurt when the Dr. dropped you on your head?" The table ROARED with laughter..... "What you think Jennifer Lawrence would fuck you with your tiny dick?" he slaps back. OOOOHHHHHHHHH the table jeers. "I know one thing..... I'd be polite to her. I'd treat her with respect." I replied. Bob seized on that comment and replied, "Then you two can see if your periods have synced up." OHHHHH!!!! shouted the guys thinking that this was the knockout blow. "You think I want to get fucked in the ass?" a voice replied from around the corner.

Jennifer Lawrence dressed in a floral print skirt and cropped tank top walked out into the cafe area. It was deathly quiet and Bob stood there dumbfounded. "What's the matter "Big Guy.... No balls to back up your big talk?" Jennifer walked over to him..... Reached down and started to unzip his fly. He stepped back in surprise. "Oh..... I thought you were going to show me a good time...... So whip that big cock out and I'll fuck you..... maybe I'll even let you fuck me in the ass." She said pointedly. Bob was white as a sheet and the rest of the guys were dead silent. "I... I.... I was... I was just kidding around.... I didn't mean any of that.... it was just some locker room talk." "DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A LOCKER ROOM?" she shouted! "IF YOU'RE GOING TO CALL ME A WHORE THE LEAST YOU COULD DO IS SAY IT TO MY FACE!" she continued. "YOU KNOW WHAT...... TAKE YOUR DISGUSTING FAT ASS OUT OF MY SIGHT BEFORE I HAVE YOU THROWN OFF THE LOT FOR GOOD YOU LITTLE PRICK!..... GO!!!" she shouted. Bob and the rest of the guys ran off as fast as possible. My heart was pounding as I'd never met Jennifer Lawrence and now my first real sighting of her and she is ripping some jackass a new asshole. Definitely not something I'm going to forget.

I sipped my Coke and minded my own business. "Thank you for defending my honor." she said. I looked up and there was Jennifer Lawrence standing at my side. I immediately got to my feet and we were face to face. "Hi um..... wow.... your eyes are so.... blue.... um sorry.... I've just never met you..... sorry. I turned my attention to Bob, "Hey that guy is a prick..... and you sure scared the shit out of him." I said. She smiled at that and then we smiled together. "I'm on my way over to the set.... so thank you again... it was very sweet how you defended me." Jennifer said as she started to leave. "May I escort you?" I said offering her my arm. "OH.... A gentleman...... Yes... I would like that very much." she said. "First please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Richard." I said. "Nice to meet you Richard" she said and shook my hand. Then I offered her my arm again and we started walking.

"That guy is SUCH an asshole." I said. "Do you think I should report him?.... I really could get him fired." she asked. "Hey that's completely up to you. Seems like MAYBE.... just MAYBE Hollywood is trying to clean up it's act." I replied. "I can't believe some of the things I've heard... and that interview you gave where that casting agent talked about your weight and said you were 'fuckable'.... I hope you found that asshole and did the kick where put your foot right on his throat up against the wall..... That was BAD ASS!". I said. "Yeah... I don't know how much Hollywood is going to change but women are less afraid to say something and that's a good thing." she said. "Well Bob was WAY out of line to talk about you like that.... he's disgusting.... and I had just had enough." I stated.

We continued to walk through the lot. "That was sweet what you said about me.... I'm the best girlfriend." she said with a smile towards me. "Oh...Well yeah... " I said sheepishly. "What guy wouldn't want his girlfriend to be all naughty and sexy with him in private..... and then be a lady in public.... a BEAUTIFUL LADY." I said directed at her.... She smiled. "AND PICTURES!.... Super sexy KNOCKOUT PICTURES FOR HIM ONLY?!..... Best girlfriend ever." I continued. "I'm so sorry that your privacy was violated." She nodded to me "At first I was devastated.... but I'm getting over it." Jennifer replied honestly. I stopped her for a moment... "Hey... those are just pictures." I took both her hands in mine. "This.... This right here is real and WAY more special to me than any picture of you.... naked or otherwise." I said looking her right in the eyes. I took the opportunity to hug her a little.... "THIS is a moment... THIS is REAL and there is no picture or video that could ever be more special to me than meeting you and chatting with you.... and hugging you..." I hugged her again and we started holding hands and walking. "So don't let the bastards grind you down." I said. "You watch Handmaiden's Tale?" she asked. "Absolutely! One of the best shows on TV." I replied.

We reached her trailer, "Well Thanks for walking me.... you really are a sweet guy." then she kissed me and we lingered and I licked her lips a little and she parted them and our tongues touched and then we kissed deeper and I put my arms around her..... it felt like reality faded away as I felt how soft her tongue was and we swirled our tongues together and I could smell her perfume and she felt so good in my arms and she was holding me too, caressing me as we kissed. Finally she pulled back. "You're a good kisser." she said. And before I could stop myself, "I'm a good everything." I smacked my hand over my own mouth.... "I can't believe I just said that to you. That sounded so bad." I said embarrassed. She laughed..... "A good everything huh?..... Like what?" she said with a wry smirk. My face turned beet red and I said, "It's really hot weather we've been having." "Don't try and change the subject" she said grinning at my discomfort. "What 'other' things are you good at?" she asked again. "I'm a good kisser." I offered. "Yeah... I know that.... what else?" she pressed. "and... I'm a good hugger" I replied and went in for another hug hoping that she would let this go.... but no dice.... she was enjoying teasing me. "Oh come on.... what did you REALLY mean by that...... (she whispered lightly in my ear.) What ELSE are you good at?" she insisted. Feeling trapped I went for the most benign but still relevant target. I whispered back into her ear, "I'm good at licking pussy." My heart was pounding. I had just said something that could be considered sexual harassment..... or at least as inappropriate as Bob.... just much less disgusting. Jennifer whispered back "That's very interesting..... how do you know... do you have testimonials?" Trying to be coy I said, "Not on me, however I'm more than happy to provide a sample." She pulled back with a huge smile on her face. "Free Samples? Where do I sign up?" I smiled at her wondering just how far she was going to take this. "I believe I can squeeze you in right away Ms. Lawrence.... if you have the time." Her eyes twinkled and then she looked at her watch and back and me and then snatched my hand. She opened up her trailer and dragged me inside shutting the door behind me.

Now Jennifer walked through her trailer to the end where she sat down and looked at me. "Well" she said anticipating something. "Are you just going to stand there?" I saw that she was serious so I thanked my lucky stars and walked over to her. No point in wasting time. I knelt between her legs and opened them a little more. I couldn't quite see her panties but I knew she was wearing something. I reached for her skirt and found the zipper on the side. I unzipped it and she lifted up so I could remove it. I hooked my fingers around her skirt and panties together and with one deliberate pull I slipped them all the way down past her knees. There was Jennifer Lawrence's bare pussy staring me in the face. I slipped her skirt and panties off her legs and she eased down to the edge of the bed.... and bringing her juicy box right up to my face..... Then like a very naughty girl she spread her legs really wide..... because she could. I looked up at her with her smirk of satisfaction. "Show off." I said.... grinning at her. Then I went for it.

I gave her pussy little kisses and nibbles as she laid back to enjoy my efforts. Little licks around her pussy lips and flicks at it..... as I watched her squirm and wiggle... wanting more. I slid my tongue right over her open inner lips making her moan.... "MMMMMMMMMmmmm" she purred. I continued to give her long slit, licks from bottom to top..... avoiding contact with her clit. I licked all around it but did not lick it. Jennifer was starting to get anxious and I knew I couldn't hold off any longer so I slid my tongue deeply into her juicy channel. "MMMM.... yeah" she sighed. I kept going now working my tongue upwards until found her clit. "AHHHH.... YEEESSSS" she hissed and looked down at me. I continued to lick her clit around and around and I teased her luscious pussy lips with my fingertips..... continuing to taunt her senses. Jennifer was really enjoying all this attention. "WOW.... you really are good at this." she praised. I said nothing but continued on my quest to make her squeak. I probed her slippery channel.... delving a finger around the tight muscles of her love oven.... it was hot..... she was hot. Her juices coated my fingers .... so I slipped two in. "AHHHH.... deeper" she begged. But I kept working around the edges... not giving into to either of our lust and postponing her impending squeals of delight. I had teased her clit until it was swollen... Now as I flicked it she purred and writhed under my pressure. I slide my fingers in deeper and I felt her hands on my head. It was almost time.... Jennifer was very excited and juicy and I was going to make her squirt.

I curled my fingers up and began to rub her G spot. "UGGGHHHHHH.... OHHHHH.... That's gooooood" she moaned. I worked harder making her hips thrust up vigorously. Then I sucked on her burning clit firmly. Jennifer grabbed my head with both hands and her legs came together as she tensed. Her hips and groin gyrated wildly as she approached her orgasm. "UHHHH.... OHHH... OHHH... MMMMM....MMMMM RICHARD..... GOD..... OH YES...... YES...... YES.... DON'T STOP" she begged! I was relentless as my prize neared her explosion. I held her firmly and sent her crashing over the edge. "OH GOD..... OH YES..... OH GOD.... RICH ARD..... OH .... UH.... UH HUH..... UH HUH...... UHHHH.... HUUUUUUUHHHHHHH! Jennifer laid there trembling and I climbed up over her and kissed her. "Satisfaction guaranteed." I said proudly admiring how I'd just blown Jennifer Lawrence. "That was GREAT!" she said.

Jennifer eased me back and sat up. She pulled her crop top off with a easy pull.... her gorgeous tits came into full view then she pulled me onto the bed and went right for my cock. She opened my jeans and pulled out my throbbing cock.... she stuck it right into her mouth. "OH JENNIFER!" I cried.... Most of my cock disappeared into her mouth and she moaned happily as she sucked on it. (Jennifer Lawrence is sucking my cock) I thought. "Nice cock" she mumbled with half of it in her mouth. She then stuffed it all the way down.... maybe thought it wasn't as big.... but she gagged herself..... then sighed more as her tongue massaged the base. Up she slid to the tip...... "Very nice cock" she said and returned to sucking on it. She unbuttoned my shirt while she sucked and I took the hint and removed it. This was REALLY HAPPENING..... I was going to fuck her. Finally she stopped sucking..... "Wanna fuck me?" she said. I was so ready.... I sat up and tore off my pants. I moved on top of her and kissed her deeply.... caressing her breasts and stroking her face. I was so hard and ready..... I couldn't wait to be inside this gorgeous beauty.

I kissed down her body stopping to give kisses and nibbles to each nipple..... she liked that..... and I kissed down her tummy and licked her again. OMG.... she tasted so good. I just buried my face in her sweet pussy juice. I rubbed her G spot again making her moan in approval and brought her right to the point of O and then mounted her. Panting she stared at me as I pressed into her tight cunt.... "UUUUOOOOHHHHHH" she groaned. I pushed the last of me into her.... So hot and so wet..... I kissed her and ground my pelvis against hers making her moan into my mouth. Now I held her legs and withdrew to the tip and drove the full length into her velvet tunnel. "UUUGHHHHHHH...." she moaned.... and I began to slow fuck her. Jennifer wrapped her legs around me and I kept a steady pace. She was very turned on and I was surprised, (even though I had just taken her close to the edge with my fingers) that she was ready to cum so fast. She began to thrust and moan fast, so I went faster, and then she pushed her face into my shoulder crying loudly "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" and I could feel her cunt flutter in orgasm.

I didn't want to blast too soon.... she had me so turned on.... I had to be extra careful. I pulled out and licked her more.... (it worked before.) Then I turned her over and drove it in again from behind. Now we were standing at the edge of her bed..... Her leaning over it. Me fucking her from behind and I reached down and fingered her clit. She buried her face in a pillow on the mattress and wailed. "MAAAH.... MAHHHH.... MAHHHH..... MYYYAAAHAHH... GOOOOOOOOOODDDD.... FFFFFUUUUUUCCCKKKKK!" I felt her cunt fluttering again. Now I could see..... she was desperately trying to be quiet.

I eased her back onto the bed..... grabbed her panties and stuffed them in her mouth. (You should have seen the look on her face) Then I put her ankles on my shoulders and I went for it. (Homestretch I thought to myself) I started slowly but built up speed and soon I was hammering away at Jennifer Lawrence and she bucked and moaned into her own panties. I felt her cunt flutter but I was happy.... I had time..... I banged harder. She was so flexible I could be face to face with her and still have her ankles on my shoulders..... this made my cock feel like it was hitting even deeper. I thrust fiercely into her trembling pussy and started to talk dirty in her ear. "Oh baby you pussy is so hot..... so tight..... I wanna fuck you all night." All the while she's yelping encouragement through the panties. "UHP UHP .... UH HMMP... UHP... UHP UHP.... YEMP.... YEMP...... " I sucked on her bottom lip during a brief moment of stoppage and said..... "You're so amazing.... So sexy and beautiful..... " Then I started fucking her hard again and she moaned and groaned her approval. It was amazing..... like a dream..... Jennifer Lawrence was going to cum for the fourth time while I fucked her..... I watched as she bucked harder and her eyes rolled back in her head..... then her cunt squeezed me and I thrust in harder just to make sure she got every bit I had and I felt her flutter again. But that was it..... I was at the mountain top. "I'm gonna cum baby..... " I moaned to her. She immediately took the panties out of her mouth and said, "Don't cum inside me." I asked her, "Will you finish me off?" and she smiled..... "YES" I pulled off and stood up off the bed.... she flipped onto her knees and attacked my cock. "OH GOD" I cried out and she swallowed 90% percent of my cock. She sucked hard and fast and I thrust my hips into her face. She moaned her encouragement.... urging me to shoot my load in her luscious mouth. I tried to be quiet.... "ah.... ahhhh....ahhhh oh GOD! My cock erupted shooting gobs of salty cream into her mouth.... Jennifer sucked it like a pro. Then like the sexy dirty girl she is..... she looked up at me and showed me a mouthful of goo.... she even let a little drip from the corners of her mouth and then swallowed it.... laughing at the look on my face. Now only semi hard she was able to fit my entire length into her mouth. She milked what juice I had left to give and then rolled onto her back giddy and happy. "THANK YOU SO MUCH RICHARD..... I NEEDED THAT REALLY BADLY." She looked up at me..... "People think I can just get laid whenever I want but it's not true. You just can't fuck anybody.... and some of the guys you wanna fuck are married or have girlfriends." She thought for a moment. "Oh God.... you don't have a girlfriend do you?" "No no...... I wouldn't cheat on my girlfriend.... (I paused).... even for you..... It would be hard to say no to you though." I replied. "Yes but then people would be calling me a home wrecking whore." she asserted. "Well they would be wrong. You're just an ordinary average knockout bombshell sexpot..... who had needs." I said with a smirk. She started laughing and rolled on the bed all happy and satisfied.

I saw a chance for a little more fun when she rolled back over onto her back all spread out. I slid right between her legs and started sucking her pussy again.... I fingered her willing pussy and rubbed her G spot. She wrapped her legs around my head and sat up towards me gripping me with her whole body. She was at my mercy. Under her breath she moaned. "god damn you're good at that... fuck....uh..... uh..... fuck.... baby.... yeah.... oh fuckin suck my pussy..... Richard..... uh....uh huh.... yeah.... yeah .... yeeessssshhhhhhh....... " and she flopped back onto her back happy and twitching. I thought (why the fuck not.) I had a semi so I rubbed it against her and I was able to get in.... which made it throb back to full strength. She looked at me and held me as I started to fuck her. "Again?..... WOW..." she praised. When I was sure I wasn't going to lose steam I moved us back onto the bed. "I want to love you this time.... not just fuck you." I moved inside her..... "Wrap your legs around me." She did..... We went slow and kissed it took a long time but it was super cool because she had these longer flutters and we kept kissing and nibbling on each other and finally when I was going to blow again... "I don't have much left.... can I cum inside you?" I asked. This time she nodded yes. I quickened my pace as I'd been ready for a few minutes and she squeezed me with her sexy thighs and kissed me deeply as I moaned and shot my load inside her clenching pussy. It continued to squeeze at me but I was spent. I finally rolled over completely finished and Jennifer slipped my cock in her mouth and cleaned me off. I moaned as she did that..... it felt so good.

Then she got up and grabbed my phone. She started taking pictures of herself with it. Naked pictures. They were AWESOME pictures. "I know I can trust you.... so enjoy." she said. "I probably sound insane but can I call you?" I asked. "I'll give you my number.... but I have a crazy schedule..... they'll be knocking on the door for me any minute now. I absolutely would again with you. You're DEFINITELY good at everything." she complimented.

We got dressed and she took the panties she was wearing and rubbed all over her pussy wiping up all her juice and she stuffed them in my mouth.... I could taste her. I removed them and put them in my pocket and we enjoyed a long slow kiss. Then there was a knock at the door. "Jenn, they need you on set!" said a PA. "Give me 5 minutes!" she said. "You were great!" she said. "You're amazing." I replied. We kissed another minute and she showed me out.


I tried calling a few times.... always got voicemail. I figured that she wasn't interested beyond that one day. Then about 6 months later I got a call at 11:30 at night. "Hey.... what are you doing?" she asked. "Jennifer?" I asked. "Yeah.... it's me.... I'm in town..... Wanna FUCK ME HARD?"
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