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I use The Ticket to gain entry into BTVS show right when Cordelia suddenly becomes poor and I offer her a job as my personal assistant with lots of PERKS..... and she is VERY, VERY GRATEFUL.... deliciously.
Cordelia Chase - Personal Assistant

Ironically Charisma Carpenter was 28 in 1998 playing an 18 year old High School Student Cordelia Chase. I studied BVTS very carefully before I put my plan into action. I went in early in season 3 and established my residence and bank accounts.... credit cards etc. Of course I was able to bring verifiable funds into the fictional world.... it's was too easy. Once I had arranged my lifestyle I then used the real world details on Charisma Carpenter to get her measurements.... this way all the clothes I bought for her would fit perfectly and of course jewelry and perfumes and handbags and shoes..... a complete wardrobe for my target of lust. Everything was in place..... I simply had to keep an eye on her and wait for her father to be arrested and for the sweet (bitch) Cordelia Chase to lose all her money and become POOR! Muah ah ahhhh!

Now suddenly poor, I knew that Cordelia would be looking for work..... When she went in to the dress shop 'April Fools' I made it a point to be there and bumped into her.... paying her a compliment. When I discovered that she was interested in working there I made my move.

"Excuse me miss..... Did you say you were interested in working here?" I said. "Why do you ask?" Cordy asked. "Well this is a lovely shop and all but you seem far too sophisticated to be a salesgirl in a dress shop." I replied. "I'm terribly sorry.... Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Richard Jenkins..... entrepreneur and I'm looking for someone.... possibly like you.... sophisticated, elegant and intelligent to be my personal assistant. The pay and perks are quite substantial and I don't require constant attention as some executives do." I stated. She offered me her hand.... "Cordelia Chase." Wait Chase as in Jonathan Chase who was just arrested for Tax Fraud?" I asked.... already knowing the answer. Cordelia's smile instantly turned into shame.... "Now now.... no need to be embarrassed. It's not as if you had ANYTHING to do with it..... but it DOES reinforce my initial reaction to you..... You come from money and you are the IDEAL candidate for this position..... would you be interested?" Of course she was immediately intrigued and I offered her my arm. We left the shop and my car and driver pulled up. "Ms. Chase.... I realize we've just met but if you will accompany me to my office I will detail the position I'm offering." She hesitated for a moment as I opened the door but I smiled and she felt reassured and entered the car without any more convincing. We drove to my building and entered the lobby. I had secured the penthouse so we went to the private elevator. "You have the penthouse?" she asked. "Only the very best." I replied. The door opened to my penthouse apartment and office.

"So Ms. Chase.... How old are you exactly... if you don't mind my bluntness?" I asked. "I'm 18.... and graduating from High School very soon." she replied. Well.... I realize you're not 'of age' but would you care for a glass of champagne?" I offered. "Why thank you.... yes this is nice." she replied sipping the champagne. "Only the best." I replied. "What are your plans after finishing school? Are you planning to attend college?" I asked. "I really want to pursue acting." she replied. "Oh wonderful.... I have some contacts in the entertainment industry.... I might be able to open some doors for you." I offered. "REALLY?!" she said.... too excitedly and then realized she sounded like a teenager. "Yes.... I have a few friends who might be able to help."

Now I had to get too it..... and I knew that this would be a touchy subject but it had to be done.

"Ms Chase..... I have amassed great wealth.... and I have friends in the fashion and entertainment industries as well as many other business associates. I require an assistant with certain abilities and presentation because I need her at my side during certain functions. This requires that she look, act and perform to a very high standard. Is that something you think you could do?" "Absolutely" she said over-confidently..... not even knowing what the job entailed. I showed her to a room filled with beautiful dresses, bags and shoes. "OH MY GOD!!!" She shrieked and ran into the room touching the dresses and picking up bags and shoes.... "Everything is so beautiful!" she gushed. "I believe THIS is the dress you were admiring in the shop..... and it's in your size. Would you like to try it on?" I offered. She greedily took the dress and slipped behind a dressing partition.... and changed. I handed her matching shoes. Then Cordy stepped out to look at herself in the full length mirror and smiled.

"What do you think?" she asked.... knowing that she looked AMAZING. "Well.... it's missing something." I replied and then I clicked a button and a wall opened up to reveal a whole case of jewelry "OH MY GOD!!!" she gushed and ..... She was mesmerized by it..... I made my move. I picked up a beautiful diamond necklace..... and she held up her hair so I could hook the clasp behind her neck. I slid my hands down her shoulders to her arms and placed them on her waist. "I'm not certain which is more beautiful.... the necklace or this vision wearing it." She blushed....

"Ms. Chase..... for this position there is a substantial salary, credit cards, expense account, luxury auto and of course wardrobe and any accessories you might need. In fact, IF there is anything you want, you need merely ask for it and I shall provide it. For this position I require ABSOLUTE confidentiality and discretion. You time is your own, however I will require your presence from time to time so long as it does not interfere with you completing your education..... Is this acceptable?" I asked. "VERY acceptable." she replied.... STILL not knowing what the job entailed.

It was time.... I turned her to me and I kissed her... not forcefully but deliberately. She pulled away... "What are you doing?" she asked. "Ms Chase.... You're not a naive child.... You must understand what I'm offering you..... You can have ALL THIS.... or you can go back and work for the dress shop and save up for this dress." She looked at me a little surprised but not too offended. "I realize you might be somewhat surprised by my offer.... but remember, you would dine with me, attend parties with me, make important connections for your future as an actress with me..... and in private I would lavish affection on you that no teenage boy could possibly match...... with absolute confidentiality and discretion...... Would you REALLY prefer to be poor? And to the outside world your title is Personal Assistant.... anything that happens behind closed doors is just between the two of us." I leaned in to kiss her again and she only hesitated slightly and then let me kiss her..... I flicked my tongue against her lips and she parted them and we kissed deeply. "You are a spectacular woman Cordelia and I'm honored to know you. Take the dress and shoes.... even if you decide not to accept the position... consider it a gift.... and the kiss a thank you. When you return I will have your purse and credit cards in hand and you can *********** the car you'd like to use daily. I kissed her again and she was much more responsive.... I could sense her apprehension melting away. I showed her to the door and she was gone.

The following day after school was out Cordelia made her way to my building. My apartment was rang from the front desk. "There is a Ms. Cordelia Chase to see you Mr. Jenkins." "Send her up." I replied. "Cordelia walked in wearing a beautiful outfit and I approached her.... she smiled at me and I knew.... I knew she was going to accept. I slipped my arms around her waist and kissed her deeply..... she kissed me back and I savored this initial conquest. "I hope you're hungry. I've taken the liberty of reserving us a table for dinner...... I would LOVE to see you in this dress." I said handing her a very slinky gown which she couldn't wear anything underneath. She happily took the dress and went to change. I left her alone to fix herself up and when she returned she was glowing... the slinky dress hugged her curves.... her nipples pressed against the thin fabric of the dress and she adorned herself with the perfect jewelry to accent the ensemble. My dick twitched when I thought of her slipping off the dress. I approached her and kissed her passionately.... I caressed her supple body and I heard her purr into my mouth.

We had a lovely dinner and she drank wine.... I nearly laser eyed the waiter when he looked too long at Cordy wondering about her age as he served her. She didn't get drunk and we chatted about a lot of things including her upcoming Prom which she didn't have a date for.....

Finally it was time to return home and unwrap my present. I took a supplement to ensure maximum performance.... and it was kicking in right about the time we entered the penthouse. I walked her into her wardrobe room and helped her remove her necklace and earrings. Then I kissed her.... just a small but tender kiss. I took her hand and led her to my bedroom which she hadn't yet seen. She slipped off her heels and I removed my coat, shirt and tie.... Then I watched as the glamorous Cordelia Chase stepped back and slipped the fabric of her dress off her shoulders letting it gently slide off her fabulously naked body. OMG.... She looked AMAZING!... and even though she was only eighteen.... she seemed so much more mature. She walked over to me and I kissed her like a goddess.... my cock throbbed against my slacks as it pressed against her..... Cordy reached down and stroked it lightly and I thought I was going to die. She smiled at me knowing how badly I wanted her. She unbuckled my belt and unzipped my slacks and I stepped out of them..... She knelt down and pull down my briefs and my cock sprang out at her.... feeling frisky she grabbed it.... and looked up at me stroking it..... The precum dribbled out and she saw that and licked the tip. It felt so good. She knew how badly I wanted her to suck it and I guess she felt I'd waited long enough so she slid it into her mouth. "AHHHHHH.... Ms Chase.... " I moaned. She loved that.... Her lips and tongue surrounded my shaft and she caressed it and pumped it in and out of her mouth..... She looked up at me dreamily and pushed it deeper.... "OOOHHHH GOD MS. CHASE" I groaned. She continued to suck on it savoring my juice.... she seemed very content..... but I wanted to taste her.

I lifted Cordy to her feet and kissed her in appreciation for her efforts. Then moved her onto the bed..... I laid her down and began kissing her..... She was so soft and beautiful. I kissed her all over.... stopping at her nipples and nibbling on each one.... working my way down her flat tummy until I reached her juicy pussy. Now Cordelia was no virgin.... but her experience was only with boys.... Her scent was intoxicating as I slipped my tongue inside her for the first time. She was very excited.... "MMMMMMM.... Sir...... ooooohhhhh uuughh.... Oh my God." she sighed. I gave her deep licks inside her honeypot, lapping out her juices which made her squirm even harder..... "OH Mr. Jenkins..... that's so goooood." she moaned. I turned it up a notch by teasing her insides with my fingers.... just dipping them in and stroking her inner lips while I teased at her clit.... licking all around it and give it little kisses which made her rock her hips. (She was MINE for the taking.)..... "UGGGHHHHHH" she groaned as I slid my fingers deeply into her juicy channel. Cordelia opened her legs wider and ran her fingers through my hair as I worked my coated fingers in and out of her trembling pussy..... She rocked and moaned in anticipation... I started licking on either side of her clit..... listening to her breathing as she thrust her hips up at me silently BEGGING me to start really licking her pussy. I curled my fingers up and started rubbing her G spot. "OHHHHH..... OOOOHHHH..... OOOOHHHH RICHARD!" Cordy began to buck and moan and that was my cue. I wrapped my lips around her swollen love bud and she gasped and stiffened...... I flicked it with my tongue while rubbing her G spot and she began to thrash around! "UUHHH UHHH.... OOHHHH.... MMMMMAAAHHH..... OHH....GOD..... OH GOD.... OHHHGOD..... OH SIR.... DON'T STOP.... PLEASE.......GOD..GOOOOODDDDDDDDDUGHHHHHHHH!" and she came in a shuddering climax.... I could feel her pussy fluttering. Her hands still gripping my head.... I didn't slow down. I kept rubbing her G spot and just swirling my tongue over her clit and she kept thrusting her hips until her pussy fluttered again..... and then again...... and again..... she was having multiple orgasms.... I was in HEAVEN just thinking about fucking my little princess. I finally let her come back to Earth as I crawled up her body.... her nipples were hard as diamonds.... she wanted me bad.

I reached her lips and kissed her as I rubbed my throbbing cock against her pussy. I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes as I sunk my cock into her..... they fluttered as I stretched her channel. "UHHHH HHHUUHHHH" she groaned in immense pleasure. She held my waist as I pressed in deeper..... "MMMMMMMHHHHHMMMMM" she purred as our bodies touched. "UGHHHHH MMMMMMMMM" she sighed as I ground my pelvis into her clit. I felt her rest her ankles on my ass and I slipped my arms under her knees..... she was ready to be fucked. I withdrew and drove it into Heaven. "OOOHHHHHH SIR!" and off I went pumping my sexy little princess. Cordelia had been laid before but she'd never had anything like this. I thrust into her forcefully making her yelp and moan the most delicious sounds as my cock pistoned in and out of her tight pussy. Soon she began to buck and she clawed at me as her pussy started to flutter. "GOD RICHARD.... OH MY GOD..... OH GOD..... FUCK ME.... FUCK ME SIR..... OH YES..... OH HARDER..... OOOOHHHH GOD!!" I slowed down and opened her up turning her sideways and fucked her to another orgasm...... She clawed at the bed as I pumped her hot cunt. Then I turned her over doggie style and banged away at her sweet snatch. Cordy moaned and yelped into the pillow and she came twice.... HARD!

I rolled her onto her back again and she smiled up at me blissfully...... I licked over her juicy slit making her groan.... "I love your taste Ms. Chase.... Like ambrosia.... the fruit of the gods..... but I can't release inside you... will you finish me when I cum?" I asked. Cordy knew what I meant and she said, "I've never done that..... but okay" she nodded. I reentered her trembling channel and moved her ankles to my shoulders. I started slowly then built up speed until I was hammering away at my conquest. Cordelia yelped and cried and shrieked lustfully again and again until her pussy clamped down on me.... which only drove me to fuck her harder. "YYEEEESS..... OOOOHHHH YYYYYEEEEESSSS" she hissed..... "FUCK ME HARDER SIR...... OHHH..... YEEESSS...." and she bucked and moaned and gushed until I couldn't take it anymore and I had to release. I moved to her head and she obediently took it in her mouth..... I held her head gently but fucked her mouth vigorously until I blasted my cum. "MMMPPHHH.....mmmm..... mmm" she purred swallowing it all. Cordelia was wiped out..... I practically fucked her to sleep.

She slept like a baby and in the morning I cuddled her in bed and she sighed and stretched and kissed me hard and all over my face. "Oh My God.... you were AMAZING.... I've never cu..... you know..... so hard in my life.... I mean again and again and again......" she praised. "Well then.... I guess it wouldn't be too much to ask for a sexy blow job from my Personal Assistant" I posed..... Cordelia just grinned at me with a devilish smile and disappeared under the covers. She wasted no time in sliding my entire length into her mouth and sucking firmly on it..... feeling it swell in her mouth she began to pump..... then I felt her cup my balls and I started to fuck her mouth. Cordy moaned and purred making my skin vibrate with her sexy mouth.... I went faster and she squealed and sucked harder..... She was determined to get me to cum so she didn't break and kept pumping and breathing through her nose. "MMHHMMMM (AHHHH I moaned) MMMMMHHHMMMMM (OH GOD MS CHASE.... YOU'RE AMAZING!) MMMMMHHMMMMM ..... MMMMMM...MMMMMM...MMMMHMMMMMM mmmmmmm...mmmmm.mmmmm" as she swallowed my heavy load. "I'd stay and fuck you again but I'm going to be late for school." she said. "Pick out an outfit and take a set of keys from the box by the door.... the valet will know which cars are mine. You can choose your favorite after school today." I called out to her as she ran off.

I was in NIRVANA!!! I had fucked my dream babe completely delusional.... She was happy, giddy, obedient, willing and able and ENTHUSIASTIC!!! And DEAD SEXY! Cordy rolled into the school like a boss wearing couture and driving my Lexus. When she returned that afternoon I met with her down in the garage and she picked out a Mercedes coupe that I loved which I gave to her.... and her credit cards had arrived so I gave her those too. "How did you know I'd say yes?" she asked..... Because you have taste and you're a smart woman." I replied. Then I took her into the shower and we washed each other. After that I proceeded to ravish her body again with even greater sex which concluded with another swallowing of my hot load. "I always thought that would be gross and now it turns me on....." she offered. "Now you understand how I feel when you gush in my mouth sugar." I replied. "I still want you to get a full check up and get on birth control.... I want to shoot my hot cum in your tight little pussy baby." I whispered in her ear. "MMMmmmmmm that's sounds so good.... I want that now." she replied. "Soon baby..... very soon." I said.

Cordelia couldn't spend all her time with me..... but she managed to spend most of it staying over and fucking me OFTEN.

The best part was that I was able to come and go from the fictional world all I wanted.... so I could come and go as much as I wanted and my little Cordy was ready willing and able to suck and fuck like a pro.

Cordelia got her check up and got on birth control so I was able to cum inside her..... She liked that very much but she also developed a taste for my cum and regularly sucked me off. What was amazing was her multiple orgasms.... I could eat her delicious pussy for extended periods and she would just cum and cum..... One afternoon we began to sixtynine.... and I came in her mouth but she just laid there after she swallowed. I continued to eat her pussy as she was happily twitching so she kept sucking.... in time I got hard and she blew me again.... so I kept licking and sucking and SO DID SHE.... She blew me three times in a row without really stopping except to rest a little between loads.... and of course I don't know how many times she came. Cordy told me that she liked kissing me but she knew she was going to do whatever I wanted after I ate her pussy the first time.

Of course I eventually ended the position so that she would become poor again and ultimately end up heading off to Los Angeles and Angel Investigations. I wouldn't want to ruin the timeline.
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