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Elisa wants to be famous and her agent is finally ready to put her on the fasttrack to stardom, there is one little hurdle though he wants to hypnotize her to make sure she's got what it takes.
Talent Scout Exploits Wannabe Star

Nervously she fidgeted with her fingers. It was happening, it was finally happening. She studied the guy who sat across from her. He was rocking a perfectly groomed snowboarders goatee and wore a pinstriped suit. Behind his desks he displayed pictures of some famous singers and pop stars. She had been with this agency for a few months now, but this was the first time she was invited in to have a little chat with the big boss.

‘You’re talented.’ He said.

Elisa felt her cheeks flush, she couldn’t help but smile.

‘I know that. You know that and since that viral video the world is beginning to catch up with us.’ His elbows rested on his desk en gently he pressed his fingertips against each other. ‘If we capitalize on that now you could be a star. I think we should get you on a few television shows, make a video clip, start recording a full album, maybe go on tour. You could become big if you wanted to.’

He tilted his head and gave her an inquisitive look. Elisa nodded, this was the conversation she had been waiting for her entire life, the conversation she had been hoping for and dreaming about and now it was finally happening.

‘The question I have for you.’ He said dragging out his words ever so slightly. ‘Is, do you want that?’

‘Off course!’ Elisa said immediately. ‘Why wouldn’t I?’

‘Good.’ He said. ‘Very well then. There’s just one more thing though.’ He picked up the wooden name plate on his desk, breathed on the engraved plaque and cleaned it with his sleeve. Elisa observed his movements, they seemed theatrical and somewhat unnecessary. J. P. Bassinger. The golden letters still read when he put the name plate back. She could call him John, he said, she didn’t now what the P stood for.

‘So?’ She asked.

He took a deep breath but didn’t answer immediately. ‘Well as you know fame can do crazy things to a girls mind, hell it does crazy things to anyone’s mind. At this agency we aim to protect our stars, Our assets if you will. We don’t want the fame to go to their head, we don’t want you to crumble under the stress. Basically we don’t want you to end up in tabloids and rehab.’

Elisa nodded. ‘Well neither do I.’

‘Good. Good.’ John said slowly nodding is head. ‘When I put someone on the fast track to fame and stardom, like I’m about to do with you. It’s my policy to do a few session of hypnotherapy with them, that can be done right here in house. I’m a qualified hypnotist myself. We strive to do this for a couple of different reasons, off course it helps us to see if you truly got what it takes to be a star. If you have the determination and endurance and the passion to make it in this business. And it also helps to keep you humble, to remember your place and remember were you came from. Usually a few sessions are enough, but sometimes a starlet chooses to continue because they feel it’s beneficial to them, whether or not you want to continue after the mandatory sessions are over is up to you.’

‘Okay.’ Elisa said. She scrunched up her nose and shrugged, she only knew hypnosis from those television shows, where people were asked on the podium to imitate a chicken or something humiliating like that.

‘We can start right now, with the first session if you’re up for it.’

‘I don’t know.’ Elisa said.

‘It’s your call.’ John said shrugging. ‘If we deal with this now, I can start immediately on your personal branding and I think it’s important to move quickly to capitalize on the revenue from that viral video. However if you need a few days to think it over we’ll just wait a few days.’

‘No.’ Elisa said. ‘That’s not necessary.’ She shook her head. ‘Let’s do this now.’ No more delays, she had been waiting for this moment long enough. John was willing to invest in her, willing to put her on a fast track and generate more opportunities for her, she shouldn’t flake out now. ‘How does it work?’ She asked.

John got up from behind the desk and told her to lie down on the couch.

‘Do I need to look at a swinging watch or something.’ Elisa said giggling.

John laughed. ‘You could, but that’s a bit outdated. Just take a deep breath in.’ He paused for a moment. ‘And breath out.’

He had her focus on her breathing and he told her she would feel more and more relaxed. So far she didn’t feel any different yet, she still felt excited and overjoyed. Yet she tried to cooperate and do what John told her to do. When he snapped his fingers and told her to close her eyes she was kind of surprised it actually worked and her eyes shut close, or maybe she was just playing along, yeah, it must have been that she was just playing along.

‘Deeper and deeper into that trance. Just listen to my voice, follow my voice. My words will guide you and you just obey.’

Elisa just relaxed, actually being hypnotized felt quite good, she felt amazing, there was a soft tingling in her head as if part of her thoughts were turned off.

‘Remember to forget, and forget to remember. Just listen, listen and obey.’

There was a floaty feeling in her body, as if she was in a spa getting a private massage. It felt as if more and more of her brain was just shutting down until she was on the brink of sleep, she was so relaxed, almost gone, there was only a sliver of consciousness left and that little sliver just clung to his voice.

‘3...2...1. Open your eyes.’ John said. Elisa blinked against the bright lights and pushed herself up into a sitting position. She looked around, for a moment she felt disoriented, then she remembered, she was with her agent, she was about to be a star.

John sat on the coffee table next to the couch. A friendly smile on his face.

‘Is that all?’ Elisa asked. Her bra was cutting into her sides, it was really uncomfortable. She hooked her finger behind the fabric and pulled it away from her skin, to get some relief. She could feel every strap and it was so uncomfortable, that bra just didn’t belong on her body. Before she knew what was happening she’d taken of her tank top and unhooked her bra.

‘There,’ she said, handing the pink lacy nuisance to John. He looked at it then he looked at her boobs.

‘What are you doing Elisa?’ He asked. For a moment she was confused, she looked down at her naked titties and felt all embarrassed. Why on earth would she take off her bra in the middle of a meeting? She covered her boobs with her hands.

‘I don’t know.’ She said.

‘You don’t have to be ashamed of your body.’ John said. ‘You’re beautiful.’

There was still a rustling slosh in her mind, as if she wasn’t fully aware of the situation. Yet she felt awake, she felt proud of herself. Off course she was pretty, she didn’t have to hide her body. She removed her hands from her boobs and pressed her chest proudly forward.

‘Did you want to show me how pretty your titties were?’ John asked.

Again Elisa was confused for a moment, trying to grasp her own motivation for behaving like this, wanting to show of her body that sounded about right. She cupped her boob and squeezed it, pointing it forward, pointing it towards John. Squeezing her own boob felt nice, her nipple seemed to be extra sensitive. She flicked her thumb over the nipple a few times, but it wasn’t enough. She had this overwhelmingly urge that her nipple needed to be flicked with a tongue. She tried to bring her boob into her own mouth, it was quite uncomfortable and she only barely managed to touch the nipple with her tongue.

She let out a frustrated growl.

‘Ssh. Elisa, calm down.’ John said. ‘What’s the matter.’

She looked at him and then she looked at her own nipple. ‘I don’t now.’ She said. ‘You do it then.’

‘Do what?’ He asked innocently.

Now the image of John suckling her nipple had etched itself in her brain and she couldn’t shake it, it became stronger and stronger, overwhelmingly strong. She grabbed both her boobs and protruded them forward. She got up from the couch and rubbed her nipples all over his face, she tried to squeeze her boob into his mouth. The dollops of flesh encompassing his cheeks, his forehead, his nose. His whole face seemed to be lost in her boobs, yet he didn’t suckle on her nipple.

She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in even closer, forcing the nipple into his mouth.

‘Suck it.’ She said. ‘Lick it.’

There was a haze in her head, a desire that was so overwhelming it was hard to talk and hard to focus on anything else. Luckily John understood, his mouth opened and a mushy wet warmth enveloped her nipple. An agile tongue tipping around her areola, toying with her nipple. She was panting and moaning and completely engulfed by the satisfaction she felt.

A soft rocking. It took a while before she realized where the rocking instigated. John was rubbing his hand over the bulge in his pants.

‘Let me do that.’ She said. She slapped his hand away and pressed her palm firmly against his crotch. Feeling the twitching cock behind the zipper. The cock was being restrained too, just like her boobies were a few moments ago.

Her chest filled up with an innocent compassion, as if his cock was a baby kitten being locked in a cage, she wanted to rescue it, to free it from the pants and the zipper. She fidgeted with the button and his fly and let out a frustrated cry when she saw the cock was locked behind some boxer shorts as well. She yanked on the shorts.

‘What do you want?’ John asked.

Elisa looked up at his face. Partly surprised he was still there, partly surprised he had to ask. Wasn’t it obvious what she wanted, she wanted to free his cock, wouldn’t everybody want to free his cock? It seemed useless to talk and she let out a primal animalistic growl. She felt so connected with herself, her instincts, her desire, her nature, talking wasn’t necessary. She pulled on the waistband of the shorts again, pushing it down exposing the tip of his cock.

‘Fine, fine.’ He said. He got up from the coffee table and pulled his pants down, his cock leaping up and bouncing forward. She knelt in front of the cock and gently rubbed her finger along the shaft.

John sat down on the coffee table again. Now his cock was exactly the same height as her boobs. She pressed her titties forward until they wrapped his cock completely. It was soft and tender, she wanted to care for the cock and make it feel safe and soft, but she was also really horny, her boobs really seemed to like his cock. It was as if they were made for him, as if her cleavage was specifically designed as a cuddle for his cock. With her hands she pushed her boobs closer together, making her cleavage even more lush and soft and then she started to move up and down as if the cock was fucking her, although she was fucking the cock more than it fucked her.

John didn’t do much. He just leaned backwards and looked down at her cleavage, softly panting and letting out a moan every once in a while. Elisa threw herself completely into it, it all felt so natural, so absolutely necessary. Her boobs needed this, the cock needed this, the world needed this.

She kept on fucking him with her titties, she enjoyed feeling his shaft as she moved her boobs up and down, a wet spot of pre-cum slippery against her skin.

John’s breathing was getting more and more irregular. ‘O fuck yessssss....’ he mumbled. ‘yesss, fucking hell.’ Then his breath stopped and he let out a loud moan as he came. His cum spraying all over her boobs, warm wet spots all over her skin.

It took a few moments before he caught his breath. ‘Well done.’ He said. ‘Well done, Elisa. Now sleep.’ He snapped his fingers.

Elisa didn’t know why he would say that of what was expected form her right now, she couldn’t just sleep on command could she? Yet she noticed her thinking slowing down, her vision blurry, she started to feel groggy and then she sank onto the floor.

A voice from far away. ‘Deeper and deeper, when I snap my fingers you’ll go ten times deeper, you’ll sink ten times faster.’ A snap. A tingling in her brain.

‘3...2...1. Open your eyes now Elisa.’ Elisa blinked and stared up at the ceiling. She was laying on the couch and it took her a while before she realized what was going on, she had been hypnotized, although it felt more like she’d just taken a nap. She felt great though, really energetic and productive and creative, like she could write ten new songs in a row.

‘How are you feeling?’ John asked.

Elisa pushed herself up to a sitting position and smiled. ‘I feel refreshed actually.’ She said.

John nodded. ‘That’s good to hear.’ He said with a smile on his face. ‘Do you want some coffee or tea or something while you come around?’ When he got up from the coffee table she noticed his fly was open, she wondered if she should say something, but the moment was gone already, if she said something now it would be weird as if she’d been staring at his crotch inappropriately.

‘Glass of water, will be fine.’ Elisa said. She stretched out her body and rubbed her eyes. A strap of her bra was twisted and she adjusted it. ‘I can understand why some people choose to continue after the mandatory session are over.’ Elisa said.

‘Great.’ John mumbled as he handed her a glass of water. ‘So far you show great promise, there’s definitely enough passion and determination within you. You really want it, but there’s also enough loyalty and you listen well enough to create a fruitful work environment. The one thing we have to look out for is keeping you humble, cause you have the aptitude to be somewhat greedy and demanding. Could you throw away those tissues by the way?’ He gestured to a wad of crumpled paper tissues. She picked them up and threw them in the bin, he finger touched something wet, but she didn’t say anything, she just wiped it on her jeans.

‘Really?’ Elisa asked as he handed her the glass of water, she took a sip. ‘You got all that from just one session? But how? It felt like I just took a nap.’

‘That’s the magic of hypnosis.’ John said with a smile. He gave her a pat on the shoulder.


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2020-03-02 11:25:37
yes, well done, hoping for part 2 soon :)


2020-02-12 15:36:52
A great beginning. Hopefully more is cumming and I hope it's soon. Thanks for sharing.

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