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Teacher fantasy meets curiosity
Finding yourself in strange situations is just part of life I think. I have found myself in no stranger of situations as the next guy except this one time...

It was the end of the school year, 12th grade. I was a fresh 18 years old. Just a couple of weeks to go until graduation. All I was looking forward to was getting school over with just like everybody else in my class. I only had a couple classes that I really needed a pass and order to graduate one of them being last period's US history which was taught by Ms. P.

  Ms. P was a young teacher probably in her early 20's. She was just out of college and was filling in for our very old and very boring teacher, Mr. Yore. She had shoulder length sandy blonde hair, a very nice figure, and was always dressed to impress. She didn't only catch the attention of her colleagues but of every boy in the entire school that year.

  I sat next to a guy I knew named Jake. He was one of those football playing jock types. He didn't seem to be much of a genius at times but due to his needed presence on the field it seemed that he managed to just slide on through most classes.

  On this particular day Ms. P was wearing her usual sexy teacher outfit. A skirt and blouse but this day she seemed to be showing a little more cleavage than any other days before. We would always comment, Jake and I , upon her sex appeal but with her lack of worry about school appropriate attire that day, we felt it less necessary to keep our comments quiet.

So Jake and I exchanged thoughts on how Ms. P was dressed and some things that we would like to do to her. One of our comments must have startled her because she dropped her eraser on the way to the whiteboard. When she bent over to pick it up, seemly bursting at the seams, Jake blurted out, "Yes!" At which point I couldn't help but laugh. While still bent over in front of us, Ms. P and all the others in class quickly whipped their heads around to look directly at the jock and I. The class was startled to say the least.

  The bell rang and with a beyond frustrated look upon her face Ms. P said "have a great weekend everybody". Just as we we're getting up to leave class. Ms. P pointed at Jake and I and says "NOT so fast, I need you two to stay after class. So sit back down."

The last of the students left the class and the door loudly shuts closed loudly behind them. Ms. P then says "get up and sit back there." Pointing at the back row of desks. I noticed that by moving to the back of the class we were out of sight from any possible onlookers who could peek in from the hallway into the class.     

  Nervously there sat Jake and myself with Ms. P directly in front of us, glaring at us through the lenses of her glasses which sat at the tip of her nose.

     For the moment which felt like an eternity an awkward silence fell over the room. Jake begin to speak "Um.." Ms. P interrupts him loudly "its not your turn anymore! I've heard you two all year long making comments". She then places her hands on each of our desk and then leans forward to say "you guys think your so funny ,but today I've has enough!" " so You like  what you see?" While talking she unbuttons a couple more buttons on her blouse to reveal even more of her cleavage. Jake amd I couldnt help but notice that she didnt seem so angry anymore.

   She arched her back and pushes her chest out to where the blue lace of her bra poked thru to the point where we saw there were two small circle in the center of each breast. Her nipple must have been  hard as a rock.

   Almost simultaneously our hands moved over our laps as to cover how excited both of us were feeling." Ah ah uh no no boys, its now my turn to see something." She then came closer and peeked over and under the desks to get a glimpse of what she has done to our hormone driven bodies.

Neither one of us we able to hide our erections that were pitching the tents in the fly of our pants.

"Oh boys, you really do like what you see don't you?" She said as she stood up turned her back to us yet again, then proceeded to hike her skirt up and up. First exposing the curves where her legs stop and her beautiful round are cheeks begin then all the way up to showing the small upside down triangle of her thong which matched her lace bra. The triangle ran down and disappeared into the crack of her ass.

   My dick was throbbing by this point. I could remember feeling sensations of almost reaching an orgasm just from the friction of my rock hard shaft against my pants. "So show me!" Ms. P demanded sliding her panties down her hips then letting them fall to the floor. " Yea, your cocks boys! I want to see those hard dicks". We bashfully undid out buttons and zippers. Slowly pulled our pants down about halfway to our knees. I couldn't help but notice the impressive size of Jake's meat stick as it came flying up from his jeans once they were down far enough to the monster free. I swear i felt my own dick smack my stomach as it bounced up out of my boxer shorts.

   Ms. P gazed at what we were presenting with delight and she just moaned a little as she yanked each side of her bra apart letting her tits pop out at us, hard nipples and all.

She jumped up onto the desk in front of me sitting backwards opening her legs to me. I could see a glistening on the pink slit that ran down between her legs to her asshole. "Jerk em for me boys" running her finger up and down the wet she was displaying for us.

"You boys ever taste a woman before?" Jerking his dick so hard but unable to speak Jake's head went up and down and his free hand slowly rose signaling the number 1. I shook my head also with out words to say "no". "Well looks like you're first then" she said to me while signaling me to come closer with her very wet finger.

I sat in the seat of the desk she was on and burried my face between her thighs. Taking deep, long, full tongue licks at her juicy slit. I remember thinking it was every bit as delicious as I imagined it would be. I also remembered thinking of how absolutely crazy this whole situation was. How did Ms. P think that Jake or I could keep our mouths shut about this. I already couldn't wait to tell all of my friends even though they probably wouldn't believe me. How did she think she was going to get away with her statutory actions? Then it happened...

With my fingers and face busy toying and tasting away at her love hole. She moaned and gave further instruction to my classmate. "Uh uuuh. Come here Jacob. Keep stroking that big dick for me. Have you ever tasted a dick before?"

"What?" He said

She said "a blow job! You ever given a blow job before Jacob"

"No ma'am?"

"Well now you will have. Suck this dick while he eats my pussy."


"NOW! C'mon it would be so hot for me"

I mumbled "huh?" From her lap.

"You just keep going" she demanded while looking down at me with her glasses on the tip of her nose and forcing my head back to her dripping hot pocket.

There's no way that this was Jake's first time doing something like this because all of a sudden all I felt was throat on the tip of my cock. Followed by a full tongue sliding up the under length of my shaft up to my head. It felt SO good. Over and over I couldn't even hold back, this being my first time feeling anything like this from anything other than my hand. I tapped him swiftly on his head to give some sort of warning as I moaned and shook uncontrollably. "Uuuuuuugh!" Boom! My dick erupted with burst after burst of cum.

"Yes!" Ms. P said jumping down off the desk before me to her knees in front of my cock. She grabbed ahold of it. Stroking it and rubbing the under part of my tip with her thumb. With each stroke and each rub I shot more and more cum.

"Good boys" she said.

She began sucking my dick. Still ejaculating into her mouth then shoved her head as far down his monster cock as she could with my sauce still in her mouth. Then back to me for more and back back to him again. It was so erotic and so hot that I never went down. I was ready to go again already.

"Your turn" as she grabbed his fat rod and pointed it at my face. She pulled his face to her chest. "Will it fit?" She asked me as his cock was not only long but also thicker than I would have ever imagined a high school boy's cock would ever be.

I couldn't get past his mushroom tip at first but as I slobbered on it for lubrication my jaw started to loosen. Not after long I was able to fit his head in my mouth. He must have been pre-cumming the entire time because I no longer was using my saliva to lubricate his thick monster but was almost repeatedly swallowing a foreign taste. I didn't mind though as it was all so new and so exciting.

Ms.P joined me on her knees and threw his cock to the back of her throat as if it was nothing until he stiffened up and started shooting massive loads of cream mess from his stiff throbbing dick.

She was catching his fluid in her mouth and in her hands.

She then put one of her cum filled hands on my balls and shaft. Spreading it all over my genitals as if it was astroglide.

"Fuck me! Now" she said to me as she rose to her feet bent over in front of me.

Still forcing his dick down her throat.

She gripped my tip with her index finger and thumb on one hand spreading her ass cheeks with her other and leading me inside.

It was unlike anything I've ever felt. Even better than the wet hot mouth I was receiving moments before. It was even wetter and even warmer. As I was looking down at my own erection gliding in and out of her dripping pussy between her ass cheeks I realized that neither Jake nor I could ever tell a soul about this now. I could never tell anyone that I just lost my virginity to the hottest teacher in the school because I had also just sucked a classmate's dick. I had just ejaculated hard from a blow job I recieved from another guy. No matter how hot and wet the teacher's pussy the story would still end with Jake and I as homosexual lovers in everyone else's eyes. We would have to take this one to the grave...well almost anyway. Excellent planning on Ms. P's end she knew that what happened in that classroom that day would stay there. At least long enough for her to stay out of trouble and for us to move on.

Well to get back to the story, Jake and I took turns pounding away at our dirty teacher's wet hole and hungry mouth until we were all exhausted. We each had to have came 3 or 4 times each. It was hard to tell where sweat ended and other fluids started. We were all soaking wet by the end of the whole fiasco. We all got dressed not looking at each other at all. Ms. P sighed and said " see you boys on Monday". Jake and I smirked at each other and never spoke if it again.
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