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This is a quickie that I wrote up the other day. Based on real life, with name changes as to not reveal personal things, of course. Enjoy.
Part 1

It was finally the weekend, but Phoenix had made no plans to do anything, so he was sitting on his couch in his apartment, phone in hand. He scrolled through Facebook for a while, but then got bored of that and decided to just take a walk.

It was a nice sunny, warm day. February in Arizona was always nice. Ironically, he lived in Phoenix, so he was definitely living up to his name. He laughed at the thought as he put on his shoes and slipped out the front door. It was early afternoon, people bustling around the little shops in town. Phoenix headed for the outskirts of town, walking toward the smaller parks.

At the park he sat on a bench, pulling his phone out again. Just as he looked at the screen a message popped up that made him smile.

R: Hey, long time no talk! How are you?

He glanced at the name of the person who sent him the message and his smile got even bigger. Rose Black. Sure, this was the same Rose that was his ex-girlfriend, but they had stayed friends for a long time. She lived way across the states in New York, and they had actually never met. Online dating worked for a few years but after a while it just became too much for her and they had to break it off. Phoenix had had a few girlfriends since their breakup, but none of them quite compared to her. He felt his smile brighten as he typed a reply.

P: I’m ok. Better now, anyway. Been a while. What’ve you been up to?

Phoenix waited silently, tapping his foot on the ground. Memories flooded his mind of the times they would video chat, of all the days he would think about her while working and how excited he would get to talk to her in the evenings. She had even admitted to feeling the exact same way while she was working, too. His phone buzzed.

R: Haha, that’s good. Not much, really. Just found out my job is sending some of us to Arizona for a month to teach some new members of the team. So happens I’m one of those people coming there. You still live out there, right?

The smile on his face was sure big enough for anyone to notice now. He typed his reply quickly, but tried to make it seem like he wasn’t as excited as he felt.

P: Oh, that’s cool. Yeah, I still live here. A whole month, huh? That’s a long while.

He waited, watching the chat bubble appear and disappear as Rose typed back.

R: Yeah. I was hoping that we could maybe meet up while I’m there. Seeing as we’ve never actually properly met. Just a thought.[/b]

Phoenix’s heart was beating hard in his chest and he paused, thumbs lingering above the screen before he began typing again.

[b]P: I’d like that. When do you fly in? I can pick you up.

The reply came very quickly after his.

R: Awesome! I’m actually just about to get on my flight right now. Haha. I have two layovers, but I should be in around 7 this evening. I can always get an uber if you don’t want to drive into the city. I’d actually like it if we could meet somewhere for dinner…[/b]

Fuck, she’s going to be here today… I’ve got no time to even process this. His mind was in a frenzy now as he typed back.

[b]P: Actually, yeah. If you’re getting in tonight, probably get an uber. It’s the weekend so the city will be pretty busy. The outskirts of Phoenix is where I am, so it’s not too crazy, and there’s a great pizza place just down the road from my apartment. I’ll send you the address and we can meet there if you want.

R: Sounds great. See you then…..

It felt like it was happening so fast. He hadn’t spoken to her for a few months since she had gotten her new job and since he had started working overtime, so seeing her that evening felt like everything suddenly was piling on top of him. He stood up from the bench and made his way home. In just a few hours he’d be seeing one of his best friends for the first time in real life. His heart pounding harder and harder, thoughts going through his mind. What were they going to talk about? Work? That was boring.

Once he reached his apartment he spent the next hour off and on staring at himself in the mirror, practicing what he was going to say when he finally met her. He had changed his clothes about three times, trying to find something that looked really good on him. Thoughts of their past relationship flooded his mind again. He was single and really missed her, but he didn’t even know if she was still single or not. Clothes changed again, and again… mirror conversations… phone buzz…

R: Hey, my layover is going to be a little longer than I thought… and being me, I forgot to make reservations at a hotel. My boss made reservations at this fancy-ass expensive hotel, but I really don’t want to be with the work crew if I don’t have to, and it’s all the way on the northern side of Phoenix so… I can still get the uber to that pizza place, but would you mind looking for a hotel for me to stay tonight? Preferably in the area.

Phoenix looked at his phone, then sighed, thinking. No great hotels near him and honestly he just wanted to tell her she could stay at his place, but he didn’t want to go that far just yet. He knew he wouldn’t be able to keep to himself if he offered it. Maybe he’d hint at it...

P: I’ll look online. If I can’t find anything, do you want me to drive you back to the city with your work crew? Or?

Anxiety to the max. He felt it pulsing throughout his body. No way to take back that “or”, which basically meant “Or stay at mine”.

R: Ok. I mean, I guess so. If there’s nothing else.

P: I’ll let you know what I find. Did you get the address I sent you?

R: Yep! Can’t wait! It’ll most likely be more around 8pm, now.

P: That works for me. See you later.

Phoenix closed his phone and shoved it in his pocket. He wanted her to stay with him, but another part of him was telling him not to even mention it. He decided to spend the rest of the afternoon just trying to calm himself down before he had to head out to meet her.

He laid on his bed, staring at the ceiling, which eventually lead to him falling asleep. It felt like a short nap… he was wrong. He woke to his phone buzzing. A phone call. He quickly answered it without looking at the number.

“Yeah?” he said groggily, rubbing his eyes.

“Hey, I texted you like five times,” it was Rose’s voice. God, it was good to hear her voice. “I landed a bit ago, heading out your way now. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’m almost there.” Her voice went distant as she asked the driver where they were, then she got back to the phone. “Yeah. Like five miles or so.”

“Ah shit,” Phoenix stood up quickly, looking around the room. He looked in the mirror and fixed his hair quickly, then made his way out of the room and then out of the apartment. “Yeah, sorry. I fell asleep. I’ll be there.”

“Okay, see you soon,” she hung up, leaving him to put the phone back into his pocket.

Phoenix got his keys out of his pocket and walked to where his car was parked. He had a 2008 red Honda Civic that he kept in good condition. It was a great ride around car, especially for city travel. He hopped in and started it up, backing out and drove down to the local pizza place. Once there, he parked and got out, looking around. The pizza place had an outdoor seating area, but no sign of Rose there. He wondered if she had even gotten there yet. Traffic was picking up, a lot of people going out for the night and heading for the city. He sat outside at one of the tables, waiting, and sure enough a car pulled up with an uber sticker on the side. It sat there for a moment until the back door opened and he saw her. Rose was just as he remembered from all of the times they video chatted and from all of the pictures. Her blond hair was done up in a low ponytail and it blew slightly in the warm air. She pulled a suitcase from the seat beside her and sat it down on the sidewalk.

“Thank you,” he heard her say to her driver, then she closed the door and the car drove off. She turned around and looked at the pizza place, not looking over to where he was sitting. He smiled at her thoughtful look, then waved at her to get her attention. The smile on her face when she saw him made his heart race again, another huge smile on his face.

“I beat you here,” Phoenix stood up, grinning and folding his arms.

Rose laughed as she walked over, then stopped in front of him and put the handle down on her suitcase. “Well, if it weren’t for that crazy-ass traffic I would have been here a lot sooner.”

It was silent for a moment, which felt kind of tense and awkward. I’ve never even properly met her before… what do I do…. Phoenix thought, trying to avoid eye contact, but failed and looked directly into her bright blue eyes. “Good flight?” You idiot. That’s probably the last thing she wants to talk about.

“Actually, it was decent,” Rose shrugged, sitting down at the table next to them. “The only sucky part was the layovers. My co-workers are morons, all talking about work and stupid shit. Like, yeah I’m here for work, too, but I would like to enjoy my time by not talking about it.”

Don’t talk about work, got it. “Ah,” He nodded, sitting across from her now. “So besides all that, how awesome is it that we finally are meeting in person?”

The smile on her face told him she was really excited about it. He glanced down at her hand. No ring, so she wasn’t married or engaged. No way of knowing if she was single without asking, though. Later, he thought, taking notes in his mind. “Absolutely exciting!” She sounded so enthusiastic. “I never thought I’d get out of New York, and I know you probably would’ve never made it to New York either. Honestly, I didn’t even think about it until my boss said we’d be coming to Phoenix… odd that you live in a place that’s the same as your name.”

“It just makes me all that much cooler,” Phoenix shrugged and smiled. “I’m glad you messaged me. Are you hungry?”

“Starving,” Rose stood up from her seat and so did he. “We go in to order?”

“Yeah,” Phoenix took a few steps over to her, grinning. “Do I get a hug, by the way? You came all this way.”

Rose grinned and threw her arms around him, catching him slightly off guard, but then returned the hug tightly. I don’t want to let her go, he thought, but did anyway. If only she could hear how hard his heart was beating in his chest. They walked in together and ordered a large pizza to share.

“Dine in or carry out?” the cashier asked.

Rose looked at Phoenix and shrugged. “I’d kind of like to get carry out and go somewhere else, if that’s okay with you.”

“Carry out, then,” Phoenix said, then they went to sit and wait for the pizza to be done.

“So, did you end up finding a hotel nearby, or?” Rose asked.

“Ah, shit,” Phoenix had somewhat intended to at least look for one, but because he had fallen asleep he didn’t even get a chance. “No, sorry. The only place I know of is down the street, so we can stop by after food and see if they have rooms available. They usually do.”

“Oh, okay,” was that disappointment he heard in her voice?

“So, what have you been up to over the last few months?” Phoenix changed the subject.

“Mostly work, honestly,” she shrugged. “I rarely get time to do anything fun. My friends try to get me to come out on weekends, but by that time I’m just tired and want to stay home and watch tv or sleep. What about you?”

She didn’t mention a boyfriend, this is good… “Sounds boring. About as boring as what I’ve been up to. Just work, and when not working usually home. Sometimes I’ll go out, but not very often.”

“Remember when we’d spend all of our free time talking about the most random shit?” Rose laughed, smiling at the memories. “And the old group of friends we had. Jeez, I’m glad we aren’t friends with them anymore, though. Way too much drama. I mean, not that there wasn’t with us-”

“There wasn’t really any drama between us, though,” Phoenix cut in, shrugging. “The best friendship I had with anyone was the one I had with you. Still have. And finally meeting you, actually meeting, has made that friendship stronger, I think.”

“Yeah, I agree,” Rose was a little quiet now, but she still carried on. “I mean, sure there were some awkward times between us. After we broke up and all…”

“A few, I guess,” Phoenix shrugged, not wanting to think about all of that. “Mostly because I missed you like crazy and was jealous of anyone who breathed near you.”

“Honestly, I was the same when I heard you were with that Amalie chick like right after we broke up,” the tension was getting weird now.

“Well, I messed up there,” Phoenix needed that pizza to be done now. Right now. “She was a bitch and I was just stupid for not seeing it. Honestly just stopped looking for a relationship after that.”

Rose nodded, biting her lip and looking down at her hands. “So you’re not with anyone now?”

Perfect opportunity. “No. Like I said. Stopped looking.” He watched her facial expression, then asked the question he’d wanted to ask. “What about you?”

“Ha, yeah, right. I don’t have time for that,” his heart beat faster at her answer. “No guy would want to be with my lazy ass.”

I like your lazy ass, though. “I’m sure there are loads of guys who’d want to be with you,” fuck, don’t ruin this, idiot. “I mean, New York. Sure there are loads of guys that notice you. You’re pretty and smart and all.”

Rose smiled slightly but he was sure she didn’t want him to notice this because she quickly hid it. “Nah,” she sighed and shrugged. “I’d just mess up any relationship I got into.”

“Beg to differ,” he whispered.


“Nothing,” he glanced up quickly to see someone bringing a pizza box out to them. “Ah, pizza!”

With the tension broken, Phoenix grabbed the box and unlocked his car, opening the back seat door for Rose to put her suitcase in. “We can stop by the hotel, you can run in and I’ll wait for you,” he said, going around to the driver’s side.

“Okay,” Rose shoved her suitcase into the back and closed the door, getting into the passenger side. “Nice car.”

“Thanks,” Phoenix started it up, handing her the pizza box and pulling out of the parking spot. He drove to the hotel, which was only about a mile away, then stopped outside the front lobby. Rose got out and went inside.

Fuck, I really hope there’s no rooms left. His mind went places he had only ever been able to imagine before. Now that he knew she was single… Fuck. No, stop thinking about that. She said no relationships.

The car door opened and Rose got back in, heaving a sigh. “The guy said they just sold their last room. Are you sure there’s nowhere else?”

“Well,” Phoenix bit the inside of his cheek, hoping she would agree. “I’ve got room if you just want to stay the night and look again tomorrow. It is getting pretty late to find a place anyway.”

“I suppose,” Rose smiled, closing her door and holding the pizza on her lap. “If it’s not too much for you. I don’t want to impose or anything.”

“Nah, it’s fine with me,” Phoenix pulled out of the parking lot and headed for his apartment. The drive was quiet until they arrived.

“Thanks,” Rose looked over at him, a small smile on her lips. “We should probably get in and devour this pizza. I’m starving.”

“Same,” He smiled and got out of the car, then grabbed her suitcase from the back seat and carried it for her.

They walked to his door and he unlocked it with his key, kicking it the rest of the way open. He switched the lights on and realized that he hadn’t really cleaned up before. Yeah, because you fucking fell asleep.

“Forgive the mess,” Phoenix kicked aside a few things and pulled the suitcase in, Rose following right behind. He closed the door once she was inside and sat the suitcase next to it. He picked up a couple of things and tossed them into a small box, making the room somewhat cleaner.

“Don’t worry, I won’t call the clean police,” Rose laughed and sat the pizza box on the kitchen table. She moved aside a few dirty dishes to the sink, then sat on a chair and opened the pizza box. “Let’s eat.”

Phoenix walked over to the table after the room was a bit more clean, then grabbed some napkins and handed her one. The pizza smelled so good. They both took some slices and ate in silence. It was a very filling meal, quite satisfying. Once they finished, Rose got up from the table and went over to her suitcase, opening it and grabbing a few items of clothing from it.

“Mind if I get a shower? Airplanes make me feel so gross,” She looked so cute standing there.

“Ah, uh,” Stop thinking about her all wet in your shower and answer the damn question. “Yeah. Sorry. It’s just inside the bedroom on the left.”

“Thanks,” she walked into the bedroom and out of sight.

Phoenix heard the bathroom door shut and the water in the tub turn on. He thought about the sleeping arrangements and decided to give her his bed. He walked into his room and flicked the light switch on. Of course this room was a mess, too. He quickly tidied it and then grabbed an extra pillow and a blanket and took it out to the couch for himself. He kept hearing the water running, his imagination running wild with the thought of her in his shower. Now look what you’ve done to yourself.

“Shit,” Phoenix whispered to himself, glancing down at his bulging jeans. “Not now.”

Just then, the water turned off in the bathroom and he heard the curtain open. He quickly sat on the couch and covered his lap with the blanket he had brought out. Even though it was quite warm inside, he had no other way to hide his raging boner. He tried to think of other things, but nothing was making it go away. He heard the bathroom door open, then saw her walk out of his room. She was drying her hair with a towel and didn’t notice him looking at her, so he took the opportunity to look her up and down. Her red pajama shorts barely covered the bottom of her ass cheeks, and her black v-neck top hung loosely on her. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so things were moving very freely.

“Hey, thanks,” she turned and saw him sitting on the couch. “I feel really refreshed after that.”

“Airplanes make me feel gross, too, so I understand,” Phoenix needed to calm himself down or he’d be sitting there all night. “I’ve made up the bed for you. Figured you’d want to sleep in an actual bed.”

“Oh, you didn’t have to do that,” Rose walked into the bedroom for a second, putting the towel on the drying rack and coming back out. “I’d be fine with the couch.”

“Nah, you’ll take the bed,” He insisted, smiling.

“Well… thanks,” Rose smiled, then went over to her suitcase, picking it up and taking it into the bedroom. She came back out and walked over to the couch. By now he wasn’t as hard, so he didn’t have to sit so awkwardly. He scooted over and she sat down next to him.

“Want to watch a movie?” He asked, turning on the tv. As soon as the screen was on there was an animal documentary on, talking about how lions choose their mate and then talking about the mating process. Fumbling, Phoenix switched the channel and glanced over at Rose who was laughing silently. “What?”

“Weird thing for that to just be on right now,” She said, giggling. Has she been thinking the same things as I have?... no, no she’s not. Stop.

“I’ll find something better,” he flicked through a lot of channels before settling on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. “Ah, nice. One of the best of the films.”

“It’s my favorite one,” Rose leaned over against the arm of the couch, making herself comfortable. She looked over at him and grinned. “Aren’t you hot under the blanket?”

Hot for you. “Not really,” he shrugged. “I was a little cool. You have to remember, I’ve lived here for a long time so this weather doesn’t feel quite as warm to me as it does to you. I couldn’t wear shorts right now like you so easily can.”

“Ah, right,” Rose’s tone of voice made it sound like she didn’t believe him. “Fair enough.”

Halfway through the movie, Phoenix noticed Rose was starting to drift off, so he reached over and touched her shoulder. “Hey,” he said, feeling her soft skin on his fingers. “If you’re tired you should sleep.”

She groggily sat up and sighed. “I feel rude just going to bed and not spending time with you.”

“We’ve got tomorrow,” Phoenix stood up, so glad that he didn’t have his friend making an appearance. “Go to sleep.”

Rose stood up and brushed her hair back out of her face and walked across the room. Phoenix followed, going into his room with her. “If you get too warm, you can open the window a bit. Need anything before you sleep?”

“I’m good,” Rose nodded, sitting down on the bed. Phoenix nodded and headed back to the door, turning the light out. Before he could leave the room Rose spoke again. “Hey, Phi…”

He hadn’t heard her call him by his nickname in forever, so it stopped him dead in his tracks. “Yeah?”

“Thanks for letting me stay here,” her voice was quiet. He grinned into the darkness of the room.

“You’re welcome,” he closed the door on his way out, then leaned his head back against it, letting out a sigh.

She called you by the nickname she gave you when you were together. “No, shut up,” he said out loud, walking to the kitchen. He tossed the pizza box away and then went to the couch, laying on his back and staring at the ceiling. He couldn’t fall asleep… and something was coming back up again.

Part 2

Rose laid on her side in the bed. She felt more awake now that she had felt on the couch. The shower had definitely woken her up more. She rolled onto her back and thought about how warm the shower was, how good the water had felt running down her back… about how she had to relieve herself from the stress of the day by touching herself. She slapped her hands to her face in embarrassment. Really?! This is your ex’s apartment, that’s his shower. You couldn’t wait until tomorrow for your hotel room. Though, not your fault he’s still sexy as fuck and had a boner on the couch that was surely caused by you.

The thought of him got her excited again. Argh, fuck. I’m supposed to be sleeping. I can’t do this. Not again.

Her hand thought otherwise. She slid it down under her shorts, into her panties and lightly touched herself. She moaned very softly, as to not let him hear her. She let a finger slide between her pussy lips and then pushed it inside of her. Her breathing picked up slightly, her heart beating faster as she fingered herself. All she could think about was Phoenix. Finally meeting him, being around him, she couldn’t help but get horny. Lying about not being able to find a hotel room was almost too much to lie about, but she wanted to be near him.

Another finger made its way into her pussy while her other hand rubbed her clit slowly. Imagine how good it would feel with him inside of you. The thought almost sent her over the edge, but she was instantly interrupted by a knock on the door. She quickly pulled her hands up out of her shorts and rolled back onto her side. “Yeah?” she said in a fake-tired tone.

“Just need to grab something,” Phoenix’s voice sounded tired as he opened the door. He turned the light on and Rose pulled the covers over her face. This was mostly to keep her eyes from hurting, but also to hide the fact that she was breathing heavily and her cheeks were probably flushed pink.

“That light is bright,” she said from under the covers. She heard him laugh and rummage through something beside the bed. She peeked out at him and smiled. He was grabbing his phone charger from the bedside table.

“Were you asleep? Sorry if I woke you,” He didn’t sound very sorry.

“No. Unfamiliar place, can’t sleep instantly,” she admitted, but didn’t mention the other bit. Phoenix grabbed a pair of sweatpants and headed for the bathroom to change. He was in there for a minute before he came back out, wearing only the sweatpants. He must not sleep with his shirt on. Rose’s pussy was aching for him, but she didn’t dare say anything.

“Right, goodnight,” Phoenix turned out the light and walked out, closing the door behind him.

Rose rolled back onto her back and heaved a sigh. Even though she was horny, she fought the urge to do anything about it now. She needed to get over it. She looked at the clock. It was already almost 12AM. She put her hands to her face again and rubbed her eyes.

She just could not fall asleep. It was nearing 1AM now and she was getting thirsty. She got up from her bed and picked up a water bottle she had had in her suitcase, but it was empty. She decided to quietly go to the kitchen and fill the bottle. She walked to the door and opened it slowly, stepping out into the pitch dark livingroom. As she made her way across the livingroom she heard a sound coming from the couch. Is he…?

“Phoenix?” she whispered, and the sound stopped. “Are you… awake?”

“Just about asleep,” he sounded out of breath, and she knew exactly why. “Why?”

“Sorry, just filling up my bottle with water,” she walked to the kitchen and turned on the light over the sink so that she could see. She filled it slowly, then turned the tap off and then the light. She walked back to the bedroom, closing the door behind her. She bit her lip, closing her eyes and thinking about what Phoenix was doing in the livingroom. It really sounded like he was trying to get off, but she couldn’t be sure. Absolutely. 100%. No doubt about it. He wants you.

She flopped down on the bed, her horniness not going away. She was so very awake now. Even after the long day she had. She wanted him and she wanted him badly.

Part 3

Phoenix groaned into his pillow after Rose went back into her room. The fuck you doin’? She obviously caught you and knew what you were doing. She didn’t seem upset. His mind was racing now. He was rock hard and needed release. He reached his hand down and pushed the band of his sweat pants down, gripping his cock in his hand again and rubbing. He kept thinking about Rose’s body, her sexy body, laying in his bed mere feet away. He wanted to just go in and give it to her, right then and there. Don’t be dumb. She has to come to you first.

“But she’s stubborn,” he muttered to himself, stroking his cock. You could fuck the stubborn right out of her. “Stop.”

Doing it himself just wasn’t enough. He couldn’t get to that release, not now that she was actually here. He groaned and covered himself. He looked at his phone. It was so late, he needed sleep. The couch really wasn’t comfortable. He spent the next thirty minutes on his phone, distracting himself so that he may actually fall asleep… until…

The bedroom door opened again and he glanced over, shining his phone light that way. Rose stood there, looking very tired but he knew she hadn’t fallen asleep yet.

“You all right?” he asked, frowning into the darkness.

“I just can’t fall asleep,” her voice was quiet.

Phoenix sat up on the couch and smiled slightly. “Not gonna lie, this couch is so damn uncomfortable.”

“Do you just want to go in your bed? We can both sleep in there. We can just use pillows as a divider.” Her suggestion made his heart beat fast.

“Um,” he didn’t know what to say. “Well…”

“I mean, if you’re not comfortable with that, never mind,” she said quickly, shaking her head. “It was just a thought.”

“You know,” Phoenix stood up. “If you’re okay with it, it’s fine. I do sleep better in my own bed. Will you be able to sleep okay?”

“I think so,” he saw her shrug. “I just feel weird not letting you be in your own bed.”

Phoenix smiled and walked over to her, putting his hand on the door behind her. “I’m sure we will both sleep better.”

Rose smiled and turned around, walking back into the bedroom. He glanced down at her ass, which he could just make out in the darkness, and felt his cock getting hard again. He would have to deal with that later. He walked in and laid on one side of the bed as she put pillows between them. She laid on the other side and they were both very quiet.

Phoenix still couldn’t fall asleep. Definitely not with her being mere inches away from him. His cock was still hard and he started thinking of all the things he could be doing to her at this very moment. Just as he was about to get up and go to the bathroom to finish himself, he felt a hand on his arm. Rose’s hand was very warm on his arm as she moved it up to his shoulder. Her touch was very light.

“Rose,” Phoenix whispered, turning over and facing the pillow divider. He honestly just wanted to get all of this out in the open. “What are you doing?”

“Phi,” she whispered, glancing up over the pillows at his face. Her fingers were tracing patterns on his shoulder now. “I need to be honest with you right now. Um.. earlier, at the hotel.. They had a room available. I lied. I’m sorry and if you’d want me to leave I can understand.”

He was quiet for a moment. She wants youuuu. “No, don’t leave. Thank you for being honest. And I’ll be honest, too. I didn’t want you to stay at that hotel, anyway.”

He reached up and touched her hand, taking it in his and entwining his fingers in hers. “I’m really glad you’re here.”

“Me, too,” Rose slowly moved the pillows out of the way and scooted closer to him. Her body was so warm. “And… I want to be 100% honest… I lied about not wanting a relationship. I do want one. With you. Can we just… try again?”

Phoenix grinned in the darkness, then pulled her close into a warm hug, never wanting to let her go. “Of course. I was hoping you’d say something. Having you physically here is so much different than just online. Being able to touch you, to see you, to hold you… that’s what I’ve wanted for so long.”

They looked at each other in the darkness, then Phoenix put his hand under her chin and pulled her face to his, kissing her for the first time, softly. He had good self control when it came right down to it, he was surprised. He felt her kiss him back, then she pushed him onto his back and climbed over him, straddling his hips. He was absolutely sure that she could feel his cock pressing against her pussy through the fabric.

“I’ve been thinking about this since before I even flew out here,” she whispered in his ear. “I just didn’t know what to say. Oh, and I know that you were jerking off earlier in the livingroom. You’re not very quiet.”

Phoenix laughed. “If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t even get to finish.”

“I could help with that…” her voice became very lustful as she said that, then leaned down and kissed him, grinding her pelvis against his cock. “These sweat pants need to come off.”

He pushed down his pants and she got them the rest of the way off. He was now completely naked with her on top of him. “Not fair,” he said, tugging at her loose shirt. “I can’t be the only naked one.” He pulled her shirt quickly off of her, then reached over to turn on his bedside lamp so he could see her better. Her breasts were big, but not too big. A good handful. He reached up and cupped them in his hands, squeezing them slightly as he pressed his cock harder against her.

Rose let out a soft moan and ground down harder onto him.

“Mmm, fuck,” Phoenix couldn’t take much more of this. Holding back so long, he was about to cum. He quickly flipped her over onto her back and climbed over her, pulling her shorts off and tossing them on the floor, then spread her legs and pressed himself against her again. He kissed her again and then kissed down her neck, along her collarbone, then finally down to her breasts where he took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked, then licked and nibbled at them just enough to make her shudder. He switched to the other one and did the same, then kissed down her stomach to her pelvis. Her panties were definitely in the way, so he pulled them off of her and admired her sweet, wet pussy.

Rose glanced down at him, a slight look of embarrassment on her face. “You’re perfect,” Phoenix whispered up to her, a smirk on his face. He then looked back to her pussy, which glistened in her juices. He slowly licked her sensitive clit, making circles around it, then sucked it, causing her to arch her back and moan loudly. That’s a good sign. She loves this. He continued more, sucking her clit every so often after flicking it with his tongue. He moved a little lower and tasted her sweet juices, then slid his tongue into her pussy, trying to get every last drop of her goodness.

“Ohhh fuck,” Rose was moaning loudly now, grasping at the sheets of the bed with her eyes closed tightly. She was in ecstasy. “I’m going to cum…”

Phoenix stopped and sat up somewhat, looking down at her. She looked at him questioningly, desperately…

“Why did you stop?” she went to touch herself, but he stopped her.

“Hey, now, don’t touch,” he smirked. “Do you know how long I have wanted to make you cum like this? You’re not just going to get it that easy.” As he said this, he realised that he was close to his climax. Getting her off really excited him. He needed to cum so that he could continue pleasing her.

“Not fair at all,” she teasingly hit him, smiling.

“Do you want to do something for me, first? That way I’ll be ready to do more and will last longer…” He motioned toward his cock, which was at attention, facing her.

Rose knew exactly what she needed to do. It turned her on even more just thinking about it. She sat up and Phoenix got off of the bed, standing next to it. Rose positioned herself on the bed in front of him, kneeling. She grasped his cock in her hand and slowly began to lick around the head, just inside the foreskin, swirling her tongue expertly. She could hear him moaning as she did this. She knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. She took the head into her mouth and began sucking, taking him more and more until he was almost fully covered by her mouth. She sucked softly, rubbing the base of his cock as she did.

Phoenix grabbed her hair and pulled her closer so that she slightly gagged on him, but he didn’t want to hurt her so he kept from doing that again. He pushed himself slowly into her mouth and pulled back, then did this a few more times before he was about to cum.

“Where do you want me to cum?” he pulled out of her mouth and stroked his cock a few times.

“Here,” she pointed to her breasts. “Cum on my tits.”

He didn’t have to do much. Within seconds he was shooting his cum all over her gorgeous breasts, leaving it to run down her chest. She looked so sexy with his cum all over her.

“Mmm, fuck,” He grinned at her and raised his eyebrows. “You really do look as sexy as I imagined you would all of these years.”

“That’s good to hear,” she grinned back at him and then wiped the cum from her tits with a few tissues. “Since I’m still so fucking horny, because someone hasn’t let me cum yet, are you going to do anything about that?”

“Absolutely,” he pushed her back on her back and pulled her legs to the edge of the bed, kneeling down on the floor. He put her legs over his shoulders and began to lick her clit again. She was immediately moaning and gripping the sheets again. He brought his hand up and slid a finger into her soaking wet pussy, then added another. Slowly he moved back and forth until he was finger fucking her pussy hard and fast, all the while licking her clit.

“Oh fuck!” she arched her back and moaned. “Fuck, fuck, fuck! Phi, I’m going to cum…”

Phoenix felt himself getting hard again. He wanted her to cum hard for him and then he wanted to fuck her and make her cum even more. He continued to finger fuck her until he felt her pussy tighten around his fingers and her entire body shuddered.

“I’m cumming! Fuckkk, Phi…” She reached down and grabbed his hair, pushing his face harder against her pussy. As she came he sucked her clit one final time, making her almost scream in pleasure. He grinned as she came down from her orgasm, watching her wiggle around on the bed in ecstasy.

After a moment he climbed back up onto the bed, laying down next to her. “Did you like that?”

“Fucking loved it, oh my god,” Rose was so out of breath she could barely speak. She laughed slightly and looked over at him. “You’re so good at that.”

“It’s one of my favorite things to do,” he admitted, smirking. “You remember me telling you that ages ago.”

“I definitely do,” she nodded, rolling onto her side and facing him. She reached her hand over and stroked his cock slowly. “Looks like someone’s ready to have more fun.”

Phoenix smirked and reached for something in his bedside drawer, then realized he didn’t have any condoms. “Ah, fuck,” he whispered.


“No condoms,” he sighed, flopping back onto the bed. “We could wait and just do this tomorrow.”

“Fuck that,” Rose sat up and straddled his hips again. This time she slid her pussy lips across the length of his cock, teasing him. “I don’t care. I want you. Right now.”

“You’re sure? Or are you just saying that because you’re super horny right now?”

“I’m sure.”

Rose continued to tease his cock, sliding along the length, getting him soaked in her juices. She almost let the head slip in a few times, but just barely let it in before sliding off again. He groaned. “Stop teasinggg,” he grabbed her hips, but she pushed his hands away, continuing to tease.

“You just be patient,” she was smirking now, feeling his cock pulsing underneath of her. She slid back and forth for a good bit until he just couldn’t take it anymore.

Phoenix quickly grabbed her and flipped her over, pinning her down on the bed. He held her wrists above her head and spread her legs apart, getting himself between them. He positioned himself so that he could glide his cock along her clit, teasing her now. He slid back and forth, then pushed slightly at her entrance, getting just the very tip of the head in, but then pulling out. He was almost driving himself insane.

“Fuck meee,” Rose growled, the need in her voice very intense. Phoenix got the signal now.

He slowly pushed the head of his cock into her pussy, then pushed the rest of the way just as slowly until he was fully inside of her. He leaned down and kissed her, letting her arms go. He slowly began to move in and out. She felt amazing on his cock. So warm, so tight, just for him. She was all his now.

“Oh fuck, you feel so good,” he whispered in her ear. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

“Me, too,” Rose said, her arms now on the bed, hands gripping the sheets again. She moaned softly as he stretched her, continuing to push in and out.

His speed grew faster and faster until he felt her pussy tightening more around him. She can’t cum again, not yet… He quickly pulled out of her and she looked at him desperately.

“You get on top, face me,” he laid down and she rolled over, climbing on top of him. He positioned himself again and she slid slowly down onto his cock. This position was even deeper. He grabbed her hips and began to pump in and out of her again. He was able to do this faster now. He grabbed her ass and pulled her forward slightly so that she put her hands on either side of his head. He then smacked her ass and squeezed it, slamming in and out of her pussy so fast that he felt her coming close to orgasm again.

“Fuck, fuck, fuckkk,” she was moaning loudly again, her breasts bouncing with every thrust of his cock. “Yesss, oh my god. That feels so fucking goooood.”

Rose came all over his cock, which sent him over the edge and he pulled her down hard, getting as deep as he could, then came inside of her, holding her there as each pulse of his cock made her shudder with pleasure. She almost collapsed on top of him, out of breath and tired. She rolled off of him and laid beside, looking over at him. He looked over at her and grinned.

“That was fucking amazing,” Rose closed her eyes, breathing deeply. “I’ve never been fucked like that before.”

“It really was amazing,” Phoenix agreed, switching off the light and scooting close to her. They were both quiet for a long time, but Phoenix was sure she was still awake. “Hey… Rose…”

“Hmm?” she sounded so sleepy.

“I missed you so much,” he brushed the hair out of her face, which he could only slightly see in the darkness. “You have no idea.”

“I missed you, too,” He felt her move closer to him as she spoke. “I can somewhat understand. You have always been in my mind. Always. I love you…”

When he heard the words he felt his heart beating in his chest. “I love you, too…”

They spent the night curled up together, both falling asleep and having one of the best, relaxed sleep that they both had had in years.

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What a cute story.....

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