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Our eyes met for the first time that evening and I can see in the baby blue of hers that she is as apprehensive as I am, but she is also glad to be there. I didn’t care about her nervousness, or mine. I knew exactly what I was going to do as soon as I had her inside the house. Taking her virginity was just the start. It was our deal. That petite, young and beautiful blonde girl was mine to do whatever I wanted, and I wanted everything she had to offer.

Follows the beginning of what I intend on making a series.

I’m posting part one again with some minor corrections. I see now that it made no sense posting it without completing the second act. If you read it already feel free to scroll straight down to part two, as there are no changes to the story.

It will get more and more extreme as it goes.

Let me hear your thoughts about it.




This story contains abuse on several levels. If you don't like abuse, torture, humiliation, extreme content, violence or any of this, read it on your own discretion.

I don't condone any of the actions and happenings contained in this. It's fiction, so don't freak out. For the rest of you who like this stuff as I do, be my guest and enjoy it.


Alice in Chains - Part I “The Taking”

My driver parked outside the house and I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so excited. Suddenly life had meaning again, after so many years of self-imposed loneliness, and this feeling alone made all the risk worth it. All I could think about at that moment was how it would feel to be inside of her for the first time.

Alice was finally here.

I went outside to receive her. One of the perks of having a private road was that nobody would see us together. Getting to the SUV, a brand new and white Cadillac ESV Platinum with tinted black windows I bought for the company, I opened the door for her.

Delicate as always, she hops out of the tall car after taking the hand I offered. Our eyes met for the first time that evening and I can see in the baby blue of hers that she is as apprehensive as I am, but she is also glad to be there. I didn’t care about her nervousness, or mine. I knew exactly what I was going to do as soon as I had her inside the house. The best part was, she knew that too. It was our deal. That petite, young and beautiful blonde girl was mine to do whatever I wanted. That included her losing her virginity with me today.

Soon as she left the car Marcos, my driver, does as I ordered and maneuvers the car down the road, going back to my office building downtown to wait for my following command, prepared to spend the night there if needed. I remember at first I thought it would be a terrible idea to have somebody else involved in this, but now I even felt like I could trust the rough looking and always silent guy. If I wanted to do this I needed somebody other than me to drive her safely on the pretense that we are doing a favor to an intern. A special intern whose dad had died one year ago while working for us. Perfect excuse.

She just had her fifteenth birthday. If this lasted for at least one more year - before I’m sent to jail because of her - I could buy her a car and everything would be easier. Yes, I planned for the long term. If I did it right, tonight would be just the beginning. If I did it wrong, I’d still have her, one way or the other.

Night was silent up the hills, where me and only a few more fortunate people had our big houses. We stayed in silence as well, just looking at each other, her little hand still on mine. A light breeze sent her sweet scent on my way and it was inebriating. I didn’t rush to anything and I think she not only noticed, but appreciated it. Once we crossed the door we both knew what was bound to happen.

“Hi.” I said touching her face, her girly full cheeks that contrasted so much with the heavy, dark makeup she always had on. Alice looked like a doll in so many ways. White-golden locks, porcelain white skin and all the details on her beautiful, delicate face, marked by black paint and red lipstick. A rebel, somewhat gothic, beautiful doll.

“Hi.” She said back, looking down, her eyelashes long, provocative.

“You look beautiful.” I complimented her and she smiled, looking at me with playful eyes.

“I’m wearing as casual as I can. I thought you would prefer it this way.”

She was, in fact, wearing nothing more than a pair of worn out jeans, white Nike sneakers and a T-shirt. She could be going to the mall with her friends, were she a normal girl who’d like to do such a thing. Alice wasn’t. Still, I found her stunning the way she was. Small framed, slender, skinny but having a certain volume everywhere it mattered. Thin waist, somewhat wide hips, a heart shaped little butt and, for what I could see, perky and young little breasts I would be appreciating and sucking on in no time. Everything about her was enticing to me, I just couldn’t tell her this openly. I didn’t think it would be good for our “relationship”. Our deal. I had to be in command, always, and I was starting to enjoy this very much.

“I do prefer it this way. It wouldn’t be smart for you to leave your house too dressed up. Either way, you look beautiful.” I said.

She looked down again, a little embarrassed by the compliment, a playful smile on her lips. Tonight was one of the few times I’ve seen her smile, ever. In the most improbable of days. I felt like kissing her.

I could do whatever the fuck I wanted but should I? Would it complicate things?

Bending, as our difference in height was massive, me being 6’1”(1,85m) and she somewhere around 5’1”(1,55m), I grab her cheeks with one hand and lift her face to face mine, stopping for a second to seize her reaction as I disrupted our brief and nice moment outdoors.

Startled, she looked me in the eyes for one second and then looked at my lips.

For a moment I remembered the fact that I was a very handsome man myself.

In my world, that was a go. I didn’t need her permission, as I said before, but as soon as she looked expectant, I fell for it, kissing her hard. Her lips were small, soft and I loved her taste. Hesitant at the beginning, after five seconds I felt her giving up her everything, finding rhythm, learning how to follow my pace. I believed she kissed boys before as, from what I know about her, it's almost a certainty, but it felt good to notice how off guard I got her and, in a second moment, how willing she was to keep up with me.

I passed my arms around her waist and lifted her, still kissing her ferociously, while I passed her legs around my back and walked to the door.

“Hi, Anna! How are you doing?” I complimented the woman politely, warmly. She deserved it, even though all the self pity looked more and more like an act by now. But it didn’t matter, because while she mumbled her response and I smiled emphatically, my attention was already focused on her daughter, Alice. “And you, Alice, how are you doing?”

She looked at me like she always did every time in almost three years that I’ve known her, in the eyes, secure, mature. “I’m fine. How are you, Mr. Andrew?”

“I am fine as well.” I answered, glad that Chace, my business associate, had popped up at my side and was now talking to her mother. “How did you like the gift card that I sent you for Christmas?”

“It became a new Kindle and a lot of books… Thank you very much.” She answered without even a shadow of a smile, in that gloomy, antisocial behavior of hers that never stopped us from communicating nicely every time I met her.

When her father was alive, he always talked about how impressed he was of how much she liked me. She not only answered my questions, but talked back as well and that was more than she did with anybody else. Maybe because, even before she started looking like a woman, I always treated her like she was, as she was always very smart.

“Good to know you put it to good use. Any book worth mentioning?” I asked.

“I’m reading one about war, enslavement and torture in the medieval ages… I don’t think you would find that interesting…” She said with a sly grin partially showing on her lips. By the time I didn’t know how much information she was sharing right there, or how much of a test that was.

I just laughed, considering it no more than a failed attempt on shocking me, what didn’t make her mother happy. Luckily, before she could scold her, Chace jumped in with a quirky comment about how she mentioned the book anyway, and that he would like that book. Said something about being good to know how far the human race could go… Which horrified Anna, making her take Alice and follow their way as soon as she could.

The only thing I could do was wait and hope that I would have another opportunity to talk to her, maybe offer the internship I was planning on giving her. In my mind I still battled with the fact that I now found her extremely attractive, even being so young. I really liked the girl and I knew their financial situation wasn’t good, even with all our help. Anna was coming and going to the hospital all the time, leaving Alice with her grandmother.

“You want her, don’t you?” I heard Chace say with that malicious voice only he was able to produce. Like the world was a movie and he was the kingpin, the bad guy, the one pulling the strings that made everything happen. He noticed everything, always.

“What?” I tried making a fool out of myself, but I couldn’t disguise the fact that my eyes were still following her every move.

It was our end of the year fraternization party and Alice was beside her mother, receiving from our employees, once again, condolences for the passing of her Anna’s husband, their colleague. It was incredible how fake people were sometimes. Nobody liked Jim. He was that smart, good looking and sad Canadian guy that nobody wanted to spend time with. Too nice and at the same time, too depressing. Sometimes I tried speaking to him, I sympathized with the guy, but even for me it was too much. His daughter wasn’t alright, suffered from severe behavioral issues just like he did. His wife had breast cancer and that consumed most of his savings. He accepted my help when I offered my psychiatrist to take care of Alice, to which he thanked me many times. Problem is, he didn’t accept to be treated as well. Three months later, he took his own life by jumping off a bridge.

“You can have her, Andrew.” Chace said while sitting next to me, always with his scotch at hand.

“Are you crazy?” I asked indignantly. “That's an absurd Chace. She is Jim’s daughter and she is just a kid.”

He laughed out loud. “Yes, maybe she wouldn’t be my type. But she is definitely yours. You always liked delicate and skinny petite girls. Anyway, for me she would be too easy of a target.”

“What!?” I asked honestly surprised. I always knew Chace had some weird stuff going on. I also knew he had some sort of dominance over our secretary Gabrielle, but he was never that open about something like this. Maybe he was too drunk already. Or maybe after all these years he saw a reason to talk about this with me. I was terrified. And intrigued. “What do you mean by that?”

“Andrew…” He inhaled deeply and then took a sip of his whiskey, while my prosecco was getting warm at my hand. It was like he seized my reaction for a brief moment, then decided to go on. “...I always keep an eye on everybody that surrounds us, especially the women. This is how I usually take the decisions that, in good part, made us as rich as we both are today. I know you disagree with most things I do, but I also know that you enjoy having me by your side to take these directions that you, as brilliant as you are, would never take.”

I drink from my prosecco tulip, getting anxious about where this conversation was going. Depending on what Chace said, our relationship would change forever.

“So, as I always do in our professional life, let me give you a hand and help you in your personal life too, can I?” He said sipping one more time and then bending forward, propping his elbows on his knees, his voice turning into a hush. “If you want her, just take her. You have the right. Fuck conventions. Fuck society. The only thing that matters, my friend, is power. There are no limits to what you can do as long as you can get away with it.”

I spent a moment looking at him. I haven’t seen him that serious since we decided to abandon our old jobs and open our own international logistics company, almost ten years ago. I met Chace through a common lady friend of ours that we both dated. We were already colleagues at the company we worked but we never talked. Until Charlotte told him about me, about how aggressive I was to her, how she enjoyed having sex with me, which didn’t make any sense to me by the time the fact she shared this information with Chace, until he approached me saying that I was faking being a nice man. That I had potential, that I was not only a useful nice looking marketing guy. There was a sea of opportunity, power and money just waiting for us to go and take possession of it. He convinced me. Many millions of dollars and a failed marriage later, there was me.

I looked at that sad little thing beside her mother. The little girl that I knew battled every day to not take her own life, just like her dad. I asked myself what the hell was wrong with me for wanting her that bad, for wanting to take control of her. To make her agony my enjoyment. To, maybe, make her see the world differently under my domain.

I looked back to Chace and he was ready to go on, malice all over his face. He knew he had my attention.

Me? I felt like I was making a pact with the devil.

“I have a guy keeping an eye on every single personal record, every curious detail about the lives of everyone that surrounds us.” He said, making a brief pause when I raised my eyebrows at him. “Yes, my friend. Even you.”

“Son of a bitch.” I growled in a low voice.

“Hey, don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” He laughed and I almost got up to punch him, but he raised one hand. “Hey, hey! Get back at me in the ring, ok? We go to the gym tomorrow, put the gloves on and you can complain with your fists as much as you want. Now you’re better off listening to me, because I have some interesting stuff to say.”

I stopped him, my turn raising a hand. I chugged my prosecco dry and gestured for the waiter to come. At the same time some of our employees decided to join us, part of the administrative directors.

“Johnny Walker, blue, neat, double.” I told the waiter at the same time I gestured for the kiss-asses not to get close to us, shaking the palm of my hand in a way of saying ‘sorry, but we are discussing something important’.

The waiter got there in record time with my scotch, the one I remembered having with my dad every time we would have a ‘heart to heart’. I slipped him a hundred for his promptness and he left, satisfied.

Then I had a big sip, felt the scotch getting down my throat, its soft punch bringing me back to reality and knowing it would ease my nerves in two minutes.

I looked at Chace after bending forward, propping myself on my elbows just like he did.

“You know your girl tried suicide last year, right?” He asked.

“It was a medicine overdose. She was alone in the house, got confused and took the medication for anxiety twice.” I said feeling an urge to defend her, even though I knew that probably wasn’t true.

“That, my friend, only works for rock-stars. In our world medicine overdose is attempted suicide. Oh, and she ingested some painkillers with her other meds, just so you know.” And when I tried to say something else, he jumped in with more words before I did. “Did you also know that her file has the words self-harm, sexual deviation and an anxiety disorder associated with serious low self-esteem issues?”

“H-How? How do you know all of this?” I asked, unable to contain my surprise, or my disbelief.

“Doctor Jeffords is a personal friend. We sometimes go out of line to help each other.” He said with a grin and one more sip of whiskey. I followed him on that last one.

“And you were paying attention to her file... Why?” I asked getting nervous, especially because I was afraid of the answer.

“Well, she is becoming a very beautiful woman. I mean, she already is. I think you would agree with me. I love to keep a close distance to potential maneuverable women. To me they are just like business. They suit a purpose, have a value and most of them have a deadline. So I obviously kept an eye on her, too. But since you clearly have interest in her…” He stated. His point of view was mesmerizing. Terrifying even.

I tried to be honest to myself for a moment and looked at her. Her beautiful, delicate face, with a tiny nose and full lips… Her pale skin, so, so white that made all the other details have that beautiful tone of pink… The pink that would probably be present on her most intimate of places... The whitish blonde hair falling over her eyes in a fringe and then spreading to her shoulders and her back in waves… Not to talk about her tight, desirable little body. I couldn’t wait to have a chance to see her whole, to have her whole, to feel her, to enter her, to possess her…

Self-harm, self-mutilation, sexual deviation, masochism…

All the words rushed in my mind with the turmoil of a locomotive in a quiet afternoon.

If the doctor had this information, that meant they had to talk about it.

That also meant that she had to be experiencing these things.

She couldn’t be experiencing that with somebody other than me.

Alice had to be mine.

“What would you do to have her?” I asked Chace.

My associate grinned like the devil I knew he was.

Being tall, slender, muscular, I had strength enough to hold her, kiss her, feel her little body at the same time as I walked us in, opened the door and, as soon as it was closed, I pressed her against the wall.

Alice gasped while, with my tongue still exploring deeply into her mouth, she felt for the first time my hard on humping against her, right there, forcing her sex to acknowledge me and everything that was about to happen to her this night.

I felt I was about to explode. I waited so long for that. We were right beside the black metal door of my white mansion. I couldn’t barely step into the lobby before I felt the urge to press her against the wall and was, in between kisses, already swiftly undressing her t-shirt, which I tossed on the floor. Next was her bra. I had my eyes open, so did she. All our attention turned to my hands undoing her simple and black bra. Her breathing became more apparent, nervous and her baby blue eyes were in my light brown ones while the piece of underwear touched the floor. Soon, I had to look down.

Her breasts were even more beautiful than I had imagined. Small, yes, but perfect. Round, perky, topped with delicate nipples of a bright pink tone. She didn’t take her eyes from mine and clearly, nervously, waiting for any words or actions I could provide. Not thinking twice, I put her left nipple in my mouth and sucked hard on it.

“Oohhh-ahhhhh!” She groaned beautifully and I felt a wave of ecstasy ran over my whole body at the same time I felt her shudder. I had just heard my little girl moan for the first time, but I knew deep down that she would always expect more.

So, not giving her any time, I bit it.

“AHHHHHHH!!!” Alice contorted all over soon as my teeth closed around her nipple and part of the soft skin of her breast, stopping as soon as I released it, her breast heaving, gasping, saliva and a thin red line showing up on her perfectly white skin, goosebumps all over.

Then I looked at her. Panting, she kept her eyes on mine, puzzled, as if she searched her mind for how to react, something to say. Her first reaction was almost a spasm, her body contorting, not exactly fighting me but instinctively reacting. Now, nothing. Just panting and beautiful and coy watery eyes.

In the end, Chace was right. I was right. She would be my doll, my slave, mine.

“I am going to bite the other one. Then I’m going to put you down so I can strip you, and I’m going to fuck you against this wall. If I discover you lied to me and you are not a virgin…” The entrance hall of my mansion is so big and the silence was so overwhelming that my voice echoed. I let it ring menacingly. I felt like I was threatening her. It felt just right.

To what, still panting, she answered “I wouldn’t lie to you but, if I am…”

I pushed her up, pinning her arms behind her and, without further notice, I bit her other nipple, hard.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!” She cried loudly, not holding anything back. Her sweet girly voice distorted in agony. “Aaaaaughhh…...Uuuuhhhh….” She still moaned, sobbing, while I let her flesh go and licked her hurt skin, sucking on it.

She was still crying a bit when I let her down, her little body shaking all over and a single tear ran down her face, making a descending streak of black makeup across her cheek.

“Take off your pants.” I demanded while at the same time, I tossed aside my gray shirt and took off my shoes and jeans.

I watched intently as she freed herself from her jeans and then just stood there, looking at me, that beautiful young girl, one red bite mark around each areola of her breasts, her perfectly white skin completely visible with the exception of what was hidden by her blue cotton panties.

Alice stood there, looking at me, hands at her back and shifting her weight from one feet to the other. She still had her long black and pink socks on, and I intended on letting her keep them. Her eyes left mine and ran down my trimmed body to the big bulge in my briefs. Her eyes widened and she leaned against the wall.

I step forward and knelt in front of her. "Are you scared?" I ask while fitting my thumbs under the waistband of her panties and slowly starting to pull them down. I can already see the thin line of pubic hair as bright as the platinum blonde hair that cascaded from her head almost down to her waist.

"A little… Yes." She said running her fingers on my light brown hair, always combed back, always a little disheveled. Her eyes fading for a moment while she thinks deeply. "I was saving it, so I'd still have something special to offer…"

For what I knew, Alice already had sex, at least twice, but she offered her back, never the front. She started secretly abusing her little back entrance some years ago. In a surge of frustration and anger, an even younger Alice locked herself up in the bathroom, stripped herself of her clothes and started looking for something, she didn't know what, that she could hurt herself with and nobody would notice. Her eyes always went back to the blades her mom shaved herself with but she couldn't do it. She didn't care about herself, but she couldn't do it to her dad, making him drag her to the hospital like he had to do with her grandma when she did the same, nor would she leave her mom blaming herself for leaving the razor there. Then she remembered the boys from school terrorizing the girls talking about sex, more specifically a version of sex which sounded very unnatural. And painful. Anal. She would be able to hide it perfectly.

She then looked for her brush, more specifically the thick, rounded handle. It was hurtful, messy, even bloody… She liked it. That was her vision of herself. Broken, messed up, dirty. It became a ritual. She looked it up on the internet, how to prepare herself, clean herself up, how to hurt herself that way and keep herself out of trouble, out of the hospital. Alice instinctively started playing with herself while enjoying the best that stretching her loving back hole could provide. Soon she was masturbating, pinching and hurting her nipples, slapping her young pussy, sometimes brushing it with a rough comb she had until it was red, then crying while inserting her own whole hand inside of herself with nothing but a little spit to help it go in. She didn’t care about the pain, she actually looked for it, but without at least a little lubrication big things wouldn’t go in and sometimes she wanted them in. Desperately.

This was just a part of the information I had from Doctor Jeffords’ archive that Chace gave me. She was straying so far from what a girl her age should be, should feel, and she was getting so absurdly dangerous to herself at the same time, that Jeffords had done a recommendation to send her to a psychiatric hospital. The only thing stopping him was the fascination Jeffords himself had for her too. And, obviously, because he knew he could probably use her information to get something from Chace. Which he did.

Chace was right. You can get anything through power. I had Alice where I wanted her now and the good doctor was on his way to the Bahamas with his family.

“You are special, Alice.” I said while lifting her little feet to strip her off her panties. “I think you saved it to share with the right person, because I know you.” My eyes met that pinkish skin folding between where her legs met, crowned by that scarce bright pubic hair. She had that beautiful gap that let so visible the mounds of her young pussy, a thin and captivating pink line of flesh visible. I couldn’t stop myself from touching her, sliding my index finger back and forth her sex. Alice gasped beautifully, swallowing the words she was about to say, and I continued “I know what you are, what you want and I accept it. More than that, I’ll take control of it.” I put my left index finger in my mouth briefly, getting it moist, and reaching for her little butt, going straight for her lovely asshole.

Alice gasps in surprise, taking both her hands to her little breasts and clawing them nervously, while I unceremoniously push my finger inside her. She let out an alarmed, high pitched gasp, her mouth open in a big O and her eyes absolutely focused on mine. I feel some resistance, as expected, holding her thigh tightly I push my finger mercilessly in.

“Guuuuuuhhhh!” She groaned through gritted teeth, grimacing, still, her eyes never left mine, even though they are watery all the time.

“You don’t need to spend your life wondering about anything anymore…” I resume my words and my movement rubbing her young slit, at the same time I move my finger in and out of her tight back entrance. “We have this deal, I won’t let anybody send you anywhere... “ I can see her sinking her nails even deeply in the skin of her small, delicate breasts, shaking. “We will take care of your mom… But we can do more. You can be more…” Her eyes widen when she feels me pushing a second finger up her ass. “You can be completely mine. I’ll take care of you and everything you need.” I start moving the fingers that her sphincter tried so hard to hold still and her face let me acknowledge the pain she is feeling but, as it is not enough, I inadvertently push a finger up her virgin pussy.

“Aaaaaaaaaaughhhhhhh!” She cries out loud, looking at me, a mix of desperation, surprise and, hidden there, pleasure. Alice stands at the tip of her toes, leaning against the wall, arching her back and just suffering my actions, nothing more. Not a single movement to avoid anything, she just scratches and claws her already reddened breasts more to each of my actions.

“You can just let everything go and be mine. You’ll be special to me forever. You already are.” I take my finger out of her tight little pussy and show her how it glistens from a mix of her juices and her blood. Then I reach for my briefs and free my hard, pulsating dick, eager to get inside of her. “Would you like to perfect the deal and be mine for real? We can start by ramming this inside of you in a way you will never forget. I promise everything from now on will keep hurting you the right way, until the day anything hurts you anymore.”

Alice looked to the big thing in my hand while I felt her tightening up nervously all over, pulsating, lost, and after a really deep breath, she finally spoke to me.

“P-Please. I-I’m yours. Fuck… Hurt me. P-lease hurt me.”


Alice in Chains - Part II "Close the Deal, Open the Girl"

“P-Please. I-I’m yours. Fuck… Hurt me. P-lease hurt me.”

She is so light, so maneuverable, using her was so easy. I hit her back against the wall, on purpose. Alice exhaled, then inhaled sharply when she felt the coldness of the concrete on her back. I didn't care. Standing up, I passed my arms between her legs, behind her knees and yanked her up. Her legs up, body folded in half, feet at my shoulder high. She shrieked when she felt the loss of balance, but was completely pinned up between me and the wall, her beautifully delicate pussy exposed, already hanging above my throbbing cock. It was just a matter of pointing it in the right direction and then forcing her down, using her own light weight to help me force myself in.

First it just stretched inwards all the skin of her labia, so roughly that even the tip of my cock hurt. I grunted, she groaned in an alarmed way.

I held her tightly, I wanted to go in, now, and that was the beauty of this: I didn't have to care about her. In fact, at least in theory, the less I cared, the more satisfied she would be. In order for this to work she had to be my bitch, my whore, my sex slave, and at the same time she had to know that I was the only person in the world that would take care of her, that would accept her no matter what.

I keep trying to force it in in a single movement, forcing her down. Any other way would make this too easy. If I moved in and out just a couple of times her juices would lubricate me and, even knowing that I had a considerable size and apparently her pussy being very tight, it would work, I would be inside and she would feel her hymen breaking up, no more than that. This was not what I wanted. I wanted her to remember this as the first time she had to endure having her young pussy being ravished, punished. It seemed to be working, as she looked at me with gritted teeth, her eyes wide in desperation.

"I-It won't go i-in like this." She cries, her baby blue eyes deep in mine and her voice sounding so innocent that I almost felt bad for what I was about to do.

"I'll break you if necessary." I say it like I mean it, not receding ever, and she gasps. I just push against her tight little cunt with even more strength.

Alice howls in pain as little by little her virginity starts to break… I'm making so much pressure that when I get in touch with just a little bit of her juices, my cock slid and I can feel through my skin when hers rips apart, her flesh forcefully stretching.

"UNNNNNNNGHHHH! AAAAOAAAAAH!!" The little girl screams from the top of her lungs, at least more than an inch of me finally plunged inside of her.

I could feel her insides stretching around me, her virginity destroyed in ten seconds of torture I would prolong as much as I could. It was hard to believe I was really doing this. Hard to believe how much I was enjoying this. It was like a crazy dream. I never stopped pushing through and eventually my dick was getting deeper and deeper inside of her. It hurt in me, the stretching of the skin, but to her it was visibly excruciating. Yet, I was in heaven.

“GAAA-AAAAA-AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!” Alice screamed from the top of her lungs, as I kept grunting, pushing, and more of me was getting inside of her. I could never understand how somebody would rejoice on others suffering, especially something as delicate, gentle as a girl could be… But now I did. It was all about power. I had the power to make her react like this. Moreover, I didn’t have to care about limits.

We looked at each other. I had no idea how my face looked right now. Probably nothing like the gentle, comprehensive, handsome company owner that I was known as. I should look like a monster right now. For the first time in my life, I liked it. Her eyes were wide, deep into mine, startled, afraid, surprised… Yet, I haven’t heard a single ‘no’. A single ‘don’t’. And even if I did, I would know it wasn’t honest. Even if I heard a no right now, I don’t think I would be able to stop.

Who am I kidding. I wouldn’t want to stop.

Then it happened. Just like that, my dick slipped inside of her, at least two more inches at once. I don’t know if it was the wetness inside of her, if I just broke her labia, I couldn’t say. I felt myself shoving deep inside of her, the tip of my cock banging painfully at her cervix, pushing against it, making room for the entirety of my considerably big member. It was like she had felt, womb first, on top of a thick rod.

I thought I had seen Alice screaming before, but the high pitched howl that she let out at that moment was unbelievable.


Alice seemed to have got to her limit, a point I could never imagine we would get by chance like this. She started to trash, wuthering incomprehensible words and trying to push me with her arms. I pressed her against the wall, my dick unbelievably sunk into her virgin pussy like I couldn’t believe it was possible for a girl that small. Like this I could use my hands to take her arms and pin them behind her back. Her face against my neck, I pulled her up a little, then down. She screamed again, beautifully. I did it again, and again, not reaching as far deep inside of her and feeling her juices getting the entirety of my dick moist and, in little time, we were fucking.

I looked down, she looked up, her face red, full of tears, signs of desperation still there, but I could also see pleasure. Lots of it. I knew how to hurt her already and I would do it again, for sure, but for now, it was time to cum.

In a non-stop motion, I rocked her up and down, feeling the unbelievably tight pussy my little girl had. Now she moaned painfully, but no more screams. I groaned as well, hardly containing myself from exploding inside of her.

“There you go, baby girl. Enjoy being a woman.” I push a little bit harder to make her groan, “My woman.”

“AAAHHH-Ahh-AAndrew-Aauuugh-Uhhhhh!!” Her beautiful voice distorted between groans, cries tears all over her blushing cheeks and I started feeling her twitching inside, her petite body trembling even more than it already was.

“That’s it!” I gasped “That’s it baby girl! Come with me!” I increased the rhythm, trying not to get so deep inside of her - no matter how tempting - not to break her trance.

Alice looked at me with lost eyes, sweat all over her fringe, still crying hurtful groans but completely lost in the moment. I felt her start to come even before I did. She went mute and started convulsing all over. For a moment I got worried. She shook, trembled, twitched inside and I couldn’t feel or hear her breathing.

Then I remembered who I had there. And I just kept going. In and out, voraciously. If this is how she would die, having an intense orgasm, so be it, I thought. This was the first time I realized what a monster I had become… Or discovered myself to be, cumming inside that young little girl.

I loved it.

She was resting in my bed. I put her beautiful little body still shaking there, my cum oozing and running down her slender, slim but curvaceous legs. I left her there for a moment, got two glasses and a bottle of champagne, then went back upstairs. My room was big, had a high ceiling and a glass wall that opened to a balcony and, outside, my backyard with a great garden and a stylish U shaped pool. It was intentionally dark, so the lights from the outside, especially the one that got there after passing through the pool, gave the room a relaxing but at the same time eerie tone, water reflecting on its walls. One could only see outlines, contours, of the furniture, the white velvety sofa, the center table, the bed and the gorgeous little body resting on top of it. I just sat there in silence, drinking by myself for twenty minutes until she came back to me.

“What are you going to do to me now?” I heard the soft voice coming from bed, she hadn’t moved, neither could I see her face. Her tone was coy. A mix between sad and provoking.

I got up, glasses and bottle in hand, and walked to her, sitting by her side at bed. I filled one glass and held it up for her to take.

“I can’t drink.”

“Would you like to make a list of things that you shouldn’t be doing today, and yet…” I said playfully. “Being fucked by a man more than twice your age, for instance.”

Alice giggled. “My grandma is gonna notice.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not getting you drunk, sweetheart. But I do intend on getting you fed and showered before sending you home. If even like this your grandmother notices alcohol on your breath, we take care of her. Because you are celebrating with me, right now, want you or not.” I stated.

She just sat at bed, not saying a word, and took the glass from my hand. The thin and white silk sheets slid from her body and I could admire once again the perfect shape of her beautiful young breasts, so delightful. We cheered and drank. The little girl made an appreciative nod to the wine and she got some points with me for that. I was a white wine guy myself and she would be having lots of it from me any time she wanted, that was for sure.

“Don’t do anything to my grandma. Please.” She asked, and then had a little more of the wine. Alice instinctively knew how to drink. She wasn’t like those young kids that chugged a glass of alcohol like juice at their first time. Supposing it was her first time. Thinking of it, it probably wasn’t.

“You just have to be smart, no how to disguise the effects everything we do have on you, on your delicious body, and I won’t need to take any action. As you may have understood already, I’m not talking about alcohol only. Bruises, marks, sore places… Not being a virgin anymore…”

“Don’t worry. I’m good at it.” She said taking a deep breath after moving a little bit, taking her hand to her belly.

I reached for her cheek and caressed her tenderly, she looked at me.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

She grinned. “Do you really care?”

“If I tell you I want you to suffer only when I want and no more than that, would you believe me?” I run my thumb over her swollen lower lip.

“So you plan on hurting me and then taking care of me?”

“Why not?” I said smiling. Then I added “Are you done asking instead of answering?”

“That depends. Do you like me?” She asked looking down and having yet another taste of the wine.

“I may be in love with you already, but you’ll never know for sure. Ever.” I answered and refilled both of our glasses while she looked at me, gaping like only a teenager is able to.

“H-How? I mean… Why?”

“The moment I admit I’m in love with you, this is over.” I sigh.

“Again, why?” I feel her trying to hide a tone of disappointment. Which tells me that she can have feelings for me. Or just lost her chance to score a millionaire.

“I wouldn’t be able to be the monster you need, nor the monster I have to be to make the best of my time with you. I can’t be in love with somebody and degrade, abuse, molest…”

“I understand.” She stated, still trying to dissuade that sad tone.

I tried my best not to believe what my senses were telling me.

That this girl here, subjugated and chained to a preposterous deal I made with her, could be in love with me.

“Can I go home now?” She asked out of the blue, completely disrupting my train of thought. I stood in silence for some seconds, just looking at her, and she took the liberty to conclude. “I mean, just for today. I can come back tomorrow… If you are not in love with me yet.”

"After you shower and have something to eat, absolutely." I took a pause and then concluded. "Does it hurt that bad?" I pointed to her stomach.

Alice took a deep breath and gave me an embarrassed smile, "It's the worst cramps I have ever felt."

So this is what was happening. For a moment I thought I had lost her already. My mind didn't lose any time already strategizing what would I do if that was the case. I wouldn't just let her go. I was glad that wasn't the case.

"Is it unbearable?" I asked putting the wine down and the glasses down.

"I can't stop crying" she giggled and, in the half light, I finally noticed her eyes full of tears.

I decided to test her.

I raise a hand for her to take "I don't care. Come one, time for round two."

Alice swallowed dry. Her eyes got big again. For a second I thought she would just jump out of bed and run away.

But the girl, fighting all of her best judgement, gave me her shaky little hand.

Without a word's notice I just took her in my arms and she let out a little help.

"I wasn’t serious, but I liked your attitude. Let's take a shower." I said playfully and felt her body relax in my arms.

I put her on her feet but held her close to me, my arm across her chest and cupping her reddened little breasts, while I waited for the water to reach a good temperature. After it did I just pulled her in with me.

It was already a very nice experience, giving my baby girl shower, running my hands all over her cute little body, getting to know every inch of her. She was compliant to an unbelievable level. Just groaning when I touched a sore area and no more than that. Every time our eyes met, she looked coy and there was also complicity. I was feeling the inexplicable pleasure of knowing that she had, really, given herself to me. Alice gave me control and she felt relieved by it. If everything follows as planned I’d have her chained to my bed in no time.

Then I felt her stutter. She is tired, hurt and just had an orgasm, I thought. It would be natural for her legs to feel wobbly. But then she talked to me.

"I feel funny…" She slurred the words and I laughed, hugging her.

“I think you feel tipsy, young lady. First time?” I ask playfully already knowing the answer. She should be around 110 pounds (50kg), she told me she hadn’t eaten before coming as she felt nervous, so the two glasses of wine were too much for her.

“I’m giving you all my firsts, ain’t I…?” She said hiding her face on my chest.

“Yes, you are. Thank you.” I said while caressing her back, then her beautiful butt… And that gave me an idea. I slid my finger through her ass-crack until I got to rub her tight little asshole.

She gasped softly, then moaned.

“What about your seconds or thirds, can I try them too?” I asked, making a gentle but firm circle with my finger.

Alice turned away from me, almost like she had lost balance and I was ready to hold her - at the same time I thought she just wanted to escape from me, as her insides hurt and I was now trying to fuck her in the ass in a shower, were water is known for making everything more difficult. But the young girl just spun and put both her hands on the wall, spreading her legs a little and lifting her heart-shaped ass for me.

I was mesmerized by the view. Especially when she looked back to meet my eyes, her hair splayed all over her face.

“You can f-fuck me wherever you want. If you want me there, take it… It… It's all yours… Everything…” The words slurred out and paused, then slurred again. She was visibly shaking and I couldn't decide for which of the many possible reasons. “I am your whore, ain’t I? It… It is clean, ready for you... Fuck me... My ass. Make it hurt too... I deserve it.” And she shook her little ass for me.

Oh boy.


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