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Hi everyone, this is taneesha shah, 20-year-old well shaped girl, long blond hair and people tell me I’m real pretty.
I was working the nightshift at the social care farm where I’d been working for the past year. I am a 20-year-old well shaped girl, long blond hair and people tell me I’m real pretty. I was quietly reading a magazine in the living room, when suddenly Pete, one of our clients rushed in shouting that something was wrong with one of the horses. Of course, I immediately got up and followed him to the stables. As soon as we entered the stables, I heard the door slam shut behind me and Pete turned around with that smirk on his face that I’d seen so often before and that said that what he’d really like to do is rip my clothes off and fuck me. I looked behind me and saw that Hank and Billy were standing there in front of the closed door. “Shit, now what”, was what went through my head. The answer came immediately as Pete grabbed me, and Hank and Billy started ripping off my dress. I screamed at them to stop, but they just laughed and threw my ripped dress behind them. Then they tore off my bra and panties and I was completely naked and at the mercy of three males of about 25 years old.

Pete grabbed my hair and pulled me towards the middle of the pathway and Hank put a collar on me. They then continued to chain me to both sides of the pathway where the horse stalls were. They fixed the chain so low that it was impossible for me to get up, so I sat there on my hands and knees.

Even though I didn’t want this and was scared out of my mind my pussy was getting wet. Hank dropped his trousers and held his limp dick in front of my face. I knew I didn’t have much choice, but also, I was getting horny. I had never done any kinky stuff. Now, however, it almost felt like someone else was taking over and I wasn’t me anymore. My pussy was gushing, I wanted these cocks, but I also felt ashamed at being chained naked on my hands and knees, with 3 men looking at me and about to rape me.

I felt a cock entering my now very wet pussy and I couldn’t help myself, I moaned. As Billy shoved his cock in my cunt I gasped and Hank took the opportunity to put his dick in my mouth. By the taste of it he hadn’t washed it for a couple of days. Strangely enough this made me even hornier. I started sucking his dick like I was starving and it quickly became erect. Billy took his dick out of my cunt and started pushing it into my asshole. I tried to say no, but couldn’t get anything intelligible past the 9-inch dick in my mouth.

I tried to relax my anus and as Billy pushed harder his well lubricated dick slid into my ass. He started fucking me hard and I moaned, because God help me, it felt good. Hank started shooting his cum into my mouth, pulled his dick out and came all over my face. Damn, I felt like a slut, I felt ashamed that I enjoyed this so much. “I shouldn’t like this, I’m being raped”, was going through my head, but at the same time I wanted more.

Billy pulled his dick out of my ass and came in front of me and showed me his dick. I felt Pete push his dick in my now empty ass and his dick was even bigger than Hank’s, it must have been 10 inches. He started fucking me really hard and I moaned and then I came. It was the best orgasm I ever had and it lasted forever. Pete just kept on fucking me. I looked at Billy’s cock in front of me and saw that it was coated with my shit. I looked up and looked him in his eyes. He looked down and grinned, “You’re going to clean me right up, aren’t you?” I looked back down at his dirty shit-caked cock and opened my mouth. As dirty and low and ashamed as I felt, I wanted to do this. The confusion in my mind was immense as I licked my own shit from Billy’s dick. How was it possible that I was getting off on this? I had read about slave girls and such on occasion, but even then, I had never imagined that I would enjoy being dominated and even raped. Billy started shooting his cum in my mouth and stuck his dick way down my throat. Every last drop of his sperm went directly into my stomach. That’s when Pete came and filled my ass with his cum. After he finished, he pulled out and I felt his cum running down my legs. I felt dirty and used, but also more satisfied than I ever had before.

That’s when Hank came out of one of the stalls with Thor, the Rottweiler, on a leash behind him. “Here’s some desert for you, bitch”. “Oh fuck, they wouldn’t…” was running through my mind but even then, I knew that they would. What was more important was that I would. By now I felt like I was some other person that I didn’t even know, and apparently that person enjoyed being used and raped and licking her own shit off her rapist’s cock. So, when Hank held out Thor’s veiny dog cock in front of my face, I was mainly curious. I looked up into Hank’s eyes and opened my mouth. He stuck Thor’s dick in and I started sucking it and stroking it with my tongue. The knowledge that I was forced to suck a dog cock while three men watched made me the horniest, I had ever been. “You see, I told you she’s a slut”, Hank said to his two compatriots. “Hell yeah, she likes it!”, Billy added.

Thor’s dick started to spasm and then he filled my mouth with jet after jet of his slimy doggy sperm. It was too much to swallow so most of it ran down my chin and neck. It tasted salty, and I kind of liked it. They then led Thor to my rear end and had him mount me. Thor was quite the man because even though he had just cum in my mouth he was good to go. Hank guided his dog cock into my pussy and he immediately started humping. His pace increased until it felt like I was being jackhammered. I moaned and yelled and I heard myself crying out for more. No man had ever fucked me like this, this was the best fuck of my life. I felt him growing even bigger and then he came and filled my womb with more and more of his seed. I never knew a dog could have so much sperm in his balls. He kept on spurting his hot seed into my belly while he turned around and we stood there, ass to ass. After a couple of minutes his knot diminished and he slipped out of me and dog seed gushed out of my pussy and ran down my legs.

Hank undid the chains that kept me up, and I immediately sagged on to the cold concrete floor. Hank, Billy and Pete looked at me and then all three of them started spitting on me on my face, on my tits, my legs, all the while laughing and remarking to themselves what a tremendous slut I was. Even now I just felt horny, confused, but also very horny. I rubbed their spit over my breast, my face and licked my hands clean. That’s when Billy decided to take a piss, in my face. He was quickly joined by Hank and Pete who obviously thought that was a splendid idea. I opened my mouth and let their piss enter, I swallowed. Even through all my confusion I thoroughly enjoyed being their slut. When they were done pissing, they pulled on their pants. I was lying there in a puddle of cum, spit and piss, with dog sperm leaking from my cunt.

A man, somebody I didn’t know, stepped out of the stall right in front of me. He was holding a camera in his left hand, smiled at Hank and said, “Well done, I got some really good footage, we’re really going to have some fun with this!”, before walking away and leaving through the backdoor. Hank, Billy and Pete left through the door back into the house. As I was alone, I slowly came back to myself and started wondering what had just happened. I couldn’t have stopped it, but how was it possible for me to enjoy it this much? I realized some stranger had filmed the whole thing and with a shock I also realized that with that film he could blackmail me into doing whatever he wanted. And then the thought of that turned me on all over again…

I got up and covered myself as best I could with what was left of my dress, and went back to the living room. I didn’t see Hank, Billy or Pete anywhere. Apparently, they had gone off to bed. I took a shower and cleaned myself up. Luckily, I had some clean clothes in my bag. I dressed and sat out the remainder of my shift. Every time I thought back to what happened, and to what was likely to happen in the near future, my nipples got hard and my pussy got wet. When I got home, I undressed and went to bed, I almost immediately fell asleep, being completely exhausted from being up all night and all the emotions I had experienced.

I didn’t have to work the next four days so I didn’t have to confront Hank, Billy and Pete. I thought about going to the police, but with an unknown person in possession of a videotape of me eagerly sucking dog cock and licking my own shit of a rapist’s dick…. Well, the idea didn’t appeal to me.

Then of course Saturday came around and my next shift. It was a late shift, not a nightshift, so I wouldn’t be all alone with my rapists, as I was working with a colleague. The shift was mostly uneventful, apart from the knowing smirks of Hank, Billy and Pete. Just when I was about to get in my car to go home, Pete came up and gave me a box. He smiled at me, and said, “Present from you know who…”. I didn’t bother to tell him I didn’t know who, I just took the box and got in my car. Back home I put the box on the kitchen table and looked at it. “Well, no use putting this off”, I thought to myself and opened it. First thing I pulled out was a long black leather coat. It must have cost a fortune. I looked in the box and pulled out this black leather body, crotchless and with holes where my tits were going to poke through. Next, I pulled out a pair of black stilettos. There was another item, a black leather collar with chrome letters reading “WHORE” and a note. Just thinking about wearing this outfit made my nipples hard and my pussy wet. I had spent the past couple of days fantasizing about being raped and dog fucked again one minute, and wondering what the hell was wrong with me the next. Now however I was 100% horny just looking at this stuff and holding that collar in my hands. I tried it on, it was a perfect fit. I read the note. It said to come to a certain address wearing my new outfit Sunday evening.

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2020-03-10 15:46:26
My friend forced me to read this.
Its a depraved and disgusting story!
So why am I wet?
My pussy taught me something about myself that I can't unlearn.
(To my friend) I said I'd post a honest review. So are you happy now that you proved you were right about me.


2020-03-01 08:50:08
good start. Now she can truly enjoy her new lifestyle


2020-02-27 06:03:54
I hope someone does this to me...

Norty OldmanReport

2020-02-20 15:45:29
really good, keep going :)


2020-02-16 04:37:47
Love this story.

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