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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection.


The Lost Tribe, Part 5 (mm, 1st, anal, rape)

by Krosis of the Collective


Tina and Dylan woke up with her still on top of him, but even though she was still horny, the rest of the male tribe was up and about so they had no privacy for morning sex. They headed down the long trail to the beach in order to wash up.

Tina didn't like the boys' camp as much as the girls' camp for location, as they had to work with the terrain instead of the area that had been cleared by the plane crash. With the smaller clearing of the boys' camp came crowding, and it was also farther from the beach. Still, she resolved to learn to love it; she wasn't going back!

Halfway down the beach trail, a rushing form tackled Dylan from the side and the boy's face was smashed into a tree. He dropped to the ground, dazed. Dylan's attacker rose to his feet and Tina could see it was Rodney, who had captured them the day before. The half-asian youth moved toward Tina with purpose, unfastening his trousers.

"No!" she yelled, and tried to run back to camp, but her legs weren't as long as Rodney's and he tackled her as well. He pushed the back of her skirt up and finished unfastening his pants as she lay under him, struggling uselessly.

Then she felt the head of his penis touch her vaginal lips. "Nooo..." she groaned in despair. She had come to the boys' camp to avoid having to have sex with rough boys like Jason...this wasn't fair!

A shadow fell over the two of them and then the head of Rodney’s cock bounced up and off of one of her butt cheeks. Then he collapsed to the side, crying out in pain and holding his crotch, moaning.

"Rodney, you shore are some kinda stupid!" It was George, the leader of the boys tribe, standing over the groaning would-be-rapist. "I tol' you yesterday that she has our pertection. I think you need a lesson, boy!"

Then George was on top of Rodney much as Rodney had been on top of Tina, and he was unfastening his own trousers. "You gon' learn what it's like, asshole." He spit on his hand and transferred the slime to his now hard cock, dangerously close to Rodney's butthole.

He turned his head to Tina. "Go see how Dylan is." As she went to do just that she heard Rodney start to scream.

"No, George! Nooooaaaahhgh!"

"Hoo doggie!" yelled George. "Ride 'em, cowboy!" Rodney's screams continued. Tina kept her back to them; Dylan had all her attention.

Her boyfriend's eyes were unfocused as she approached. "Tina?" he groaned as he looked up at her.

She knelt and caressed his face, scratched from the impact with the palm tree and mottled blue from the bruises of his punishment the previous day. "My poor little man..."

Rodney kept screaming for several minutes until George finished. Then the tribal leader helped Tina get Dylan back to camp. As they did so they passed by the whimpering Rodney, who remained in the fetal position, reddish-white liquid dripping down one buttcheek.


A little later, George rounded the corner of his hut and headed toward Tina and Dylan.

"Git up," he directed.

Dylan's head still hurt but he could stand without help.

"We're headin' to the other camp...gonna make a trade. C'mon..." George turned away.

"NO!" Both Tina and Dylan said together, and then she continued, "I'm not going back, George!"

He turned back and flashed her a smile. "Trust me," he said.


Sister Nancy stood on the beach and waited for the canoe-like boat as it slowly approached under the carpet of night. A dark hooded figure was using a pole to move the vessel forward, and she thought that was odd because that was more of a river thing instead of the ocean, wasn't it?

As the boat drew near, the figure extended a hand. She could almost make out the face under the hood...

"Sister Nancy! Sister Nancy!"

The nun woke and swung her feet off of her makeshift bed of parachute silk, fumbling for the hidden flare gun. Her dream...there was a boat? Was it time? Were they rescued? She pocketed the device and exited the main body of the crashed plane. She had to squint her eyes against the afternoon sun, but found Mary standing there, looking worried.

"What is it, child? What vexes you so?"

The raven-haired young woman pointed back to the clearing leading from the female camp to the main body of the island. "Some boys are here...they have Tina...they say they want to make a trade."

Sister Nancy narrowed her eyes as she beheld the figures through the trees just outside camp. "Do they now?" She strode forward, waving at Joan to leave her guard post at the cage and follow.

She found George standing there, as haughty as ever, holding the handle of his knife, though it was still sheathed in his belt. He had Rodney, Dylan, and Tina behind him, all unarmed. Rodney, she noticed, was looking down at the ground and pointedly away from George.

Mary had her knife out, ready for action. She scanned the trees to the side. Joan was focused on George.

George regarded Joan and her spear. She was the main reason he had brought his knife, though he had no doubts about his chances if Sister Nancy sicced the larger woman on him. Maybe he'd get a lucky shot in, but he wasn’t here to fight.

Sister Nancy spoke first, "George, you wicked boy. Our Lord has spoken against your unnatural tendencies."

Rodney glanced up at Sister Nancy, gulped, and then looked back down at his feet.

She continued, "Do you think that we can negotiate as equals? Give Tina back to us and go."

"We ain't leavin' wid'out Jason," George replied smoothly.

"Maybe I'll just have Joan deal with you..." Sister Nancy retorted. Joan tensed.

Just then the women heard some foliage moving off to the right of them...a moment later a similar sound came from their left.

Sister Nancy looked toward that last sound, seeing movement. "So we're surrounded. I see you, Abraham!" She turned back to George. "So we give you Jason and you give us Tina back?"

Tina looked nervously to George and took hold of Dylan's hand.

George smiled. "Nope! We keep Tina and give you Rodney for Jason." He stepped back, took a hold of the half-Asian boy's arm and pulled him forward.

Rodney was shocked. "What? George, no, please..."

Sister Nancy considered Rodney. She had been thinking that using a single source of sperm to impregnate the entire female tribe was a short-sighted decision, and now here a second source was being offered...

"Done," she decided. "Mary, bring Jason." The girl only hesitated a moment before running back to camp.

A couple of minutes later, Mary, Allie, Jason, and Makayla came up the path, the black girl visibly upset and holding Jason's arm.

George shoved Rodney forward. Sister Nancy took him by the shoulder and examined him as she would livestock, even opening his mouth to view his teeth. Then she handed him off to Allie.

"Jason, you are free to go."

Jason and Makayla looked at each other but he didn't move.


Jason stepped forward but turned back around when Makayla wouldn't let go of his hand. "Come with me," he urged her. Makayla stepped forward as well.

Sister Nancy was outraged. "Makayla! What are you doing?"

Makayla turned round to face Sister Nancy, but continued shuffling backwards toward the boys. "I love him..." was her only reply.

Sister Nancy turned red. ""

Then Joan started forward. 'Oh shee-it, here we go,' George thought as he pulled his knife free.

Joan stopped and dropped her spear, raising her hands. "I want to come too." She glanced back at Rodney. She had been due for a third fake insemination with Jason that night but she knew Rodney wouldn't accommodate her like Jason had; she remembered the kind of guy Rodney was in class, cheating off others and only thinking of himself. No, she couldn't stay.

"JOAN! You get back here right now!" Sister Nancy's voice had turned to a screech.

George sheathed his knife again and Joan stepped up next to him, turning to face Sister Nancy, Allie, Mary, and Rodney. "No. I'm tired of pretending to be something I'm not," Joan explained.

"Well, ain't this interestin'," George commented with a smirk.

"Now you HAVE to give us back Tina, and we'll take Dylan as well," the blustering nun demanded.

George glanced back at Tina, who shook her head. He knew she wasn't going to live in the same camp as Rodney.

George smiled at Sister Nancy. "Sorry, Sister, but looks like you lose. We a'gonna go now." He whistled and Abe and another boy, Brad, both with spears, exited the trees to each side to rejoin the main party. Then they all turned away, starting their long journey back to the boys' camp.

"" Sister Nancy clutched at her habit and felt the weight of the object she had secreted there earlier.

"Sister, no!" That was Mary.

Suddenly, everything seemed to slow.

Sister Nancy cocked and leveled the flare gun at George's back. Then she pulled the trigger.

End of Part 5.
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