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This is the first story I've ever posted so feedback and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
How did this happen I keep thinking to myself as I look at the naked form of the most loved and beautiful girl in school. The sound of the vibrator buzzing away is drowned out as her moans increase in volume, she starts to shake and the chains holding her in place rattle with her movements. I raise the whip in my hand and lash out striking her across the back causing her to scream in a perfect mix of pain and pleasure.

I should probably back up a bit and start at the beginning. Sophie is the most beautiful girl in school with long flowing red hair, medium sized breasts that fit her slightly athletic figure and a perfect ass the seems to defy gravity, she has deep emerald eyes, pale white unblemished skin and plump pink lips. She is loved by everyone in school, all the girls wanted to be her and all the boys wanted to be with her. She was sweet and kind to everyone the perfect picture of innocence but for some reason she was cold towards me, we had been friends when we were young but since we started high school she had distanced herself from me and now acted like she hated me and because of this others stayed away from me now as well so school was rough.

I usually keep my head down and focus on my school work and music. School was over and I was walking across the grounds towards the gates, I had one earphone in my ear listening to some technical death metal when I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder, I paused my music took my earphone out and turned around. Sophie was standing there looking down at the floor, “Erm Alex.” She murmured, she looked up at me her eyes sparkling and blushing, she handed me a small slip of paper, “could you meet me at this address tonight at 8?” her voice wasn’t much more than a whisper.

“Um yeah, ok, sure.” I stammered, what the hell is going on? Why did she talk to me again now? Why does she want me to meet her later? So many questions run through my head, I considered not meeting her but if this would reignite a friendship with her then I would take the chance, I miss our friendship.

I went about the rest of the day trying to do everything I usually would but it was hard, I was extremely anxious because I didn’t know what to expect from my later meeting with Sophie, I looked at the piece of paper with the address on it then checked it on Google maps. The address was for a nonde*********** house on the outskirts of town.

I stopped in front of the house for a moment and took a deep breath to try and calm my nerves, it didn’t work so I reached out and quickly knocked on the door. A moment after I knocked the door it slowly opened to reveal Sophie standing there in a black dressing gown that stopped just above her knees and was pulled lazily open at the top revealing a little bit of cleavage, the black contrasted with her skin and enhanced the colours of her hair and eyes. I just stood there for a moment unable to speak or take my eyes off her all I could do was think about how beautiful she was.

She blushed and smiled, “please come in.” Her voice was soft and quiet almost embarrassed. I took off my shoes and she led me into the living room, she sat at one end of the sofa and I sat the other, there was a moment of awkward silence then I felt her shuffle across the sofa so she was sat right next to me. I looked round at her and could see that due to her shuffling her dressing gown had been pulled down revealing a considerable amount of cleavage. I quickly looked away embarrassed, she giggled, turned her whole body towards me and spoke, “what’s wrong?” she paused and when she spoke again her voice was husky, “don’t you want to look at me?”

I tried to answer her but got all flustered and ended up unable to actually speak. I was getting so embarrassed, suddenly she swung round and straddled my lap. Her dressing gown had bunched up around her stomach revealing the fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, her long legs looked smooth and pale like they were made from porcelain. Her breasts were almost spilling out of the top of her dressing gown showing just a sliver of soft pink nipple, I licked my lips without thinking and Sophie looked up at me, her whole face was blushed red but she had a small grin on her face.

She bit her lip seductively and all I could think was what had caused this sudden change, one minute she wanted nothing to do with me the next she was straddling my lap half naked. I could feel myself getting hard and Sophie must have felt it as well because she looked down at my crotch and grinned, “I might be able to help with that.” She laughed at my expression, my mouth was gaping open and my eyes felt like they were about to pop out of my head, “I want you to do something for me first.” She slid off me lightly brushing a hand over my obvious erection as she did, when she got to her feet her dressing gown seemed to just give up and fell off her leaving her standing there completely naked.

I was about to ask her about her parents coming home when she spoke again, “don’t worry this is my house, my parents don’t live here so we wont be interrupted.” Holy shit I thought, this was really happening. When I took a moment to react she reached down and took my hand like she was leading me to my feet, I stood and with her other hand she made the come her gesture, turned round and walked away still holding my hand, like an obedient puppy I followed. She led me through into the kitchen and then towards another door, we walked through it and she gently pushed me ahead of her and closed the door behind her, she gave me another gentle push and I descended the stairs down into the basement, there was another door at the bottom I opened it and stepped into the room.

The room didn’t looked like any basement I’d ever seen before it looked more like a dungeon or torture chamber, there were chains dangling from the ceiling, a wooden table, something that looked like a pointed version of those things you were supposed to vault over in gym, hanging from the walls was an assortment of whips, canes, handcuffs and other things that looked like torture instruments. I turned to her shock written all over my face, “what is this?” I asked her. She ran a hand down her body pausing over her breasts with it coming to rest over her pelvis, my eyes followed her hand and I could see moisture forming below her hand and running in light trickles down her thighs. I pulled my eyes back up to her face when she spoke, “this Alex is what I want you to do for me.” She paused biting her lip I glanced down and saw her hand slip between her legs and start rubbing her pussy, “I want you to hurt me.”

She saw the look of shock and confusion on my face because she continued, “I want you to dominate me Alex, I want to feel vulnerable, helpless, totally at your mercy, I want you to do whatever you want to me under one condition.” She walked over to me slowly, one hand still between her legs slowly stroking her pussy, “I want it to hurt.” I must have still looked shocked because she continued explaining to me that this room was designed with only two things in mind pain and pleasure and every toy or instrument in here was meant to provide one or the other or in some cases both.

I was hesitant but she told me this is what she wanted, she gave me what she called a safe word and told me that no matter how much she cried or begged me to stop that I shouldn’t stop unless she said the safe word and then I should stop as soon as it was safe. She told me to have a look around and tell her when I was ready, I looked around and was shocked at the collection of items, there was dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, nipple clamps, whips, canes, needles, hooks, handcuffs, candles, cattle prods, handcuffs, rope, blindfolds, gags and more. There was a table that stood at crotch height, chains dangling from the ceiling, metal rings in the floor and walls, a wooden stall, a chair and a bucket. I asked about the wooden thing that I still thought looked like the thing you vault over in gym and she explained it to me, telling me it was a wooden horse and that I had to get her to straddle it and because of its height she would have to stay on her tiptoes or it would dig into her pussy causing pain and discomfort.

I wasn’t sure about this but she had said I could do anything I wanted to her, she had licked her lips when she said this and repeated the word anything, she would let me know if anything was out of bounds by using the safe word.

I told her to stand facing the wall with her hands flat against it, I went over and picked up a single tailed whip I walked back over to her and lightly trailed it down her back, she shivered in anticipation. I flicked the whip out and it struck her making a soft slapping sound, Sophie put her hands on her hips and turned around, “what was that?” she asked I stumbled over my words and she interrupted me, “I told you, make it hurt.” She turned around and placed her hands back against the wall, before she could prepare herself I lashed out with the whip, it connected with her back and a sharp slap echoed through the room followed by a moan of pleasure, “yes more.” She moaned.

I lashed out again and the whip connected with another sharp crack, she squealed in pain and her hand shot off the wall and reached for her back, for some reason this action caused something in me to snap. “hands back against the wall now" I snapped at her.

“Ok.” She replied.

“When you talk to me you will address me as sir or master.” I warned her.

“Yes master.” She spoke clearly.

“Good.” I smiled, “I want you to thank me after every stroke.” I was starting to get into this.

“Yes master.” She replied her voice husky and dripping with anticipation.

I whipped her again and her hands shot away from the wall she started to thank me but I interrupted her, “don’t take your hands off the wall.” She apologised then thanked me. She placed her hands against the wall. I whipped her 7 more time and each time she would groan in pleasure and thank me.

Red welts were starting to appear on her back and I gently caressed her back with the tail of the whip, I was starting to really enjoy myself. I placed the whip back with the others and picked up a cane. “get down on your hands and knees.” I told her and she obeyed.

“Push out your ass.” I told her lightly tapping her ass with the cane, instantly she complied arching her back and pushing her ass towards me, I pulled my arm back and hit her pale white ass with the cane, she screamed loudly and when her scream subsided she thanked me shakily, I hit her another 4 times each time she thanked me and I could hear the lust in her voice.

“Open your legs.” I ordered her when she only opened her legs a little bit I reached down and forced her legs open further making her almost collapse to the floor.

I admired her soft pink pussy as it glistened in the light from her wetness, I pulled her ass cheeks open so I could see her tight hole. I released her ass and struck her with the cane again, she cried out in shock and pain.

I trailed the cane down her back and over her ass taking great pleasure in seeing the red welts stand out on her back and ass in great contrast to her pale almost alabaster skin.

I ran the cane over her soaked pussy making her shiver, I lightly tapped the cane against her pussy and she moaned slightly. I brought the cane up in a sharp slap against her pussy and she screamed and collapsed onto the floor, her hands clamped over her pussy.

“Back in position.” I snapped at her and slower than I liked she moved back onto her hands and knees, her legs spread wide and ass pushed towards me. I ran the cane lightly over her pussy and she gasped breathlessly.

“If you keep moving I’ll have to punish you more harshly.” I told her and at that point I realised I was loving this, her screams of pain turning me on more than anything else ever had.

“Sorry master.” She whispered.

I reached down and grabbed her pussy hard making her squeal, I let go and slapped her pussy a couple of time making a wet slapping noise.

I moved away from her and at the sound of my footsteps she groaned a needful noise, “please master give me more.”

I smiled, “you didn’t think you would have it that easy did you?” I asked.

“No master. Sorry master.” She said quickly.

“On your knees and face me.” I ordered her and she quickly complied, I looked at her and I could see her need and arousal painted all over her face.

I walked back over to her and placed my hand against her cheek and made slow stroking movements, she pushed her face into my hand and quickly I pulled my hand back and slapped her cheek making her head rock to the side her hair falling across her face, I slapped her other cheek with the same force, I slapped each cheek again one after the other with equal or more force.

I brushed the hair back from her face and I could see her eyes shining with unshed tears and a shaky smile on her lips.

I unzipped my trousers and pulled them down leaving just a pair of boxer shorts between my throbbing erection and its freedom.

“Do you want this?” I asked her gesturing towards my cock.

“Yes please master.” Her voice was husky and breathless.

“What are you?” I asked her.

“I’m a dirty little pain slut.” She said almost proudly.

“What do you want?” I asked her a cruel smile on my face.

“I want you to hurt me master.” She paused her breath panting, “I want you to punish me with your cock master.”

I smiled, “you’ll have to get it out first.” I told her, she moved towards me and reached out with her hands to pull down my boxers.

“No.” I snapped, “no hands.” I told her.

“Yes master.” She replied lowering her hands and reaching forward with her mouth, she used her mouth to pull down my boxers as I pulled off my t shirt, when the boxers were around my knees I pushed her backwards away from me and pulled them over my feet and completely off.

Before I could tell her Sophie was back on her knees staring at my cock with hungry eyes.

“What are you waiting for?” I asked her and she quickly shuffled over and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, she swallowed the head and a small portion of the shaft, her tongue flicking around it inside her mouth.

“Oh fuck.” I groaned in pleasure, she continued this way for a couple of minutes taking only a small amount of my cock into her while working the head with her tongue and the rest of my shaft with her hands. I was enjoying this but I kept thinking what it would be like to hear her choking with my cock buried in her throat.

“Put you hands behind your back.” I told her and she instantly complied. Slowly I pushed more of my cock into her mouth until my whole 7 inches were buried inside her. She started to gag and I could see tears start falling down her cheeks, I pulled back and she gasped for air, drool leaking out of her mouth and running down her chin, I thrust my cock back into her throat and she gags.

“Can’t use a safe word now.” I told her menace in my voice and I watched her eyes widen in fear. I fucked her face making her gag every time I thrust into her throat never pulling my cock fully out or allowing her to properly catch her breath. After a few minutes I finally pulled my cock out of her mouth and like it had been plugging a floodgates she vomited all over my cock, the floor and her breasts and stomach.

“Look at you, you dirty fucking whore.” I punctuated the word whore by slapping her face, “look at the mess you’ve made. I want you to clean my cock.”

“Yes master, sorry master.” She licked my cock cleaning her own vomit off of it making her gag and almost throw up again.

I looked down at her and even though she was covered in sick I admired her, her makeup had ran from her tears leaving black streaks down her face and there was a mixture of vomit and drool on her chin, breasts, stomach and legs.

I pulled my cock away from her and looked around the room again and I saw a drainage hole in the floor and a tap in the corner.

“Stay there.” I ordered her as I retrieved the bucket I had seen earlier, I then walked over to the tap and filled the bucket with cold water.

I walked back over to her and slowly poured the bucket of water over her washing the vomit off her. The cold water made her gasp and I saw her nipples were now rock solid, I reached down and pinched them sharply making her gasp loudly.

I walked back over to the tap with the bucket and picked up a towel that that was hung up above the tap, I left the bucket by the tap as I walked back over to Sophie and started to dry her off.

“How am I doing?” I asked her truly wanting to know if I was doing ok.

“Amazing.” She gasped, “please give me more master.”

I smiled and roughly pulled her to her feet and walked her over to the low table.

“Lie on your back.” I ordered her and she quickly complied. Her quick compliance turned me on even more.

I walked over to one of the racks that held bondage gear and retrieved 4 pairs of handcuff. I walked back over to Sophie still lying on her back on the table. I moved quickly and handcuffed her hands and legs to the table legs so she was spread eagle with her back arched pushing her breasts up and leaving her pussy on full display.

I leaned down next to her and whispered in her ear, “pain or pleasure?”

“Pain please master.” She said breathless.

I smiled and walked over to the wall and retrieved a pair of clamps with a chain running between them. I attached one clamp to Sophie’s nipple making her moan, I quickly attached the other clamp to her other nipple making her moan again, I gave a sharp pull on the chain that connected them pulling her breasts up and stretching her nipples making her groan loudly. I pulled the chain up to her mouth, the chain was long enough to make the clamps pull her nipples slightly but not too much.

“Hold it.” I ordered her placing the chain in her mouth and she quickly clamped her mouth down onto the chain.

I walked over to the wall and picked up a large wooden paddle, I walked back over to Sophie and ran the paddle along her inner thigh over her pussy then along her over thigh before I lifted it and brought it swiftly down on her inner thigh, she groaned with her mouth closed still holding onto the chain connecting the clamps.

I repeated the process 5 times on both of her thighs leaving them red, I ran the paddle over her thighs making her try and jerk away from it as her thighs were stinging.

I stroked her pussy with the paddle and while still trying to hold the chain with her mouth she tried to speak, “please no master.”

“Did you mean it when you said I could do what I want to you?” I asked her sharply not for confirmation but to show her that if I wanted to do it I would even if she asked me not to, the only way she was going to get me to stop now was with the safe word.

Sophie nodded her head.

“Then I will do what I want.” I told her firmly while lightly slapping her pussy with the paddle after a few of these I brought the paddle up and brought it quickly down on her pussy making her scream loudly.

I looked up her body and saw that she had dropped the chain out of her mouth when she screamed.

“Didn’t I tell you to keep this in your mouth?” I asked her my voice filled with venom.

“I’m sorry master.” She cried.

“You will have to be punished for that.” I told her and her eyes widened in fear.

“What’s your least favourite toy?” I asked her.

“N-needles.” She stammered and I could hear the fear in her voice.

I kissed her lips and removed the clamps at the same time making her moan into my mouth.

I put the clamps and paddle back in their proper places and retrieved some hypodermic needles and the sanitising wipes that went with them.

When Sophie saw me return with them she started begging me, “please master anything but that.” She pleaded, “beat me black and blue but please not those.”

“You enjoy the whips and beating though.” I told her knowing I was speaking the truth, “this though.” I smiled, “is punishment.”

I wiped her right nipple with one of the sanitising wipes the whole time she begged me not to do this. I ripped open the packaging to the needle and ran the point around the outside of her nipple. She tried to jerk her body away from it but couldn’t.

“You should stay still for this.” I told her pushing down on her stomach.

Sophie started up a chant of just 1 word “No.”

I pushed the needle through one side of her areola and out the other, as soon as the needle pierced her skin Sophie screamed in agony. Once the needle broke through her skin and I made sure it was secure she stopped screaming instead she just panted.

I moved round to her face and kissed her hard on the lips.

“Please not the other one, please master.” She begged with me as I moved around to her left nipple, she continued begging as I used another wipe on her other nipple.

“Please don’t master.” She pleaded as I removed the needle from its packaging. I repeated what I did to her right nipple and ran the point of the needle around her nipple before forcing it through her areola, she howled in pain as the needle passed through her.

She lay there panting ragged breaths when she stopped screaming. I gave her a moment and then unlocked the handcuffs so she could move again as her arms and legs must be starting to ache.

“I hate those things.” Her voice was gravelly as she spoke, I could see she wanted to touch her nipples for comfort but she knew if she touched them or would hurt her even more.

“You did really well.” I told her before gently kissing her, “let me know when you want them removed.” I told her.

“Thank you master.” She said her face lighting up even though her smile was shaky, “I think soon they really hurt.” She told me.

“I’ll be back in a moment.” I told her and quickly ascended the stairs to the kitchen I filled 2 glasses with cool water and took the back down into the dungeon. I handed 1 to Sophie and she thanked me before taking a big swig of the water. I was giving her a couple of minutes rest because I knew that the needles had been extremely painful and I wanted her to recover a little before I continued.

“You’re not done with me are you?” Sophie asked me softly sounding a little hurt.

“Not a chance.” I grinned at her, “ We still have a lot of toys to play with.”

Sophie smiled and licked her lips slowly, “I’m ready when you are.” She bit her lower lip, “Could you remove these first please master.” She said indicating the needles still in her areolas.

In one quick motion I pulled the needle out of her right breast making her gasp before I moved to her left breasts and did the same making her cry out, I put the needles in the bin in the corner of the room before using more sanitising wipes to wipe her nipples to clear away the beads of blood and to help stop the chance of infection.

“Thank you master.” She said.

I smiled at her as I directed her to the chains that dangle from the ceiling before attaching leather manacles to her wrists and ankles, I pull her arms above her to attach the manacles to the chains before doing the same to the manacles attached to her ankles making her spread her legs wide.

I pick up a magic wand vibrator that is attached to a kind of stand and move it over to in front of Sophie, I adjust the height so it will press hard against her pussy but before I move it into position I reach out spread the outer lips of her pussy and start rubbing her clit, she let’s out a loud moan of pleasure and tries to push her hips towards my hand but can’t because the chains restrict her movement. I spend a minute furiously running her clit before I quickly pinch it making her moans change into a squeal, I slap her pussy hard making her groan.

I push the magic wand vibrator underneath her and adjust it a little more so it pushes hard against her before I turn it on at a low speed making her gasp lightly. I leave her there with the vibrator buzzing quietly as I pick up a couple of different whips and test them out to see which one I feel most comfortable with, I settle on a single tail whip.

I walk back over to her and trail the whip across her back noting the slightly fading welts on her back and ass, I lash out with the whip hitting her 3 times in quick succession with a good amount of force making her cry out.

“Thank you master.” She gasps.

I move round in front of her and turn the vibrator up to the second of the 4 speeds and she moans.

“More please master.” Sophie says between gasping breaths.

“Not yet.” I whisper tucking the handle of the whip into my armpit to trail my hands up over her pelvis and hips then her flat toned stomach and up to her breasts, I lightly cup each breast and she moans softly before I aggressively grab her breasts one in each hand making her flinch and groan.

I slide my hand back down her body and then across her ribs as I move back around behind her. I strike her another 10 times and each time she thanks me after the 10 strikes I turn the vibrator up onto the third setting making her moan very loudly.

“You have to ask my permission if you want to cum.” I tell her.

“Yes master.” She replies.

I strike her again and again each time she cries out and thanks me. I lean forward and press myself against her back making her gasp at the contact with her stinging back and my rock hard erection pressing against her ass.

“Seeing your beautiful skin get beat up makes me so hard.” I whisper in her ear.

“Then please fuck me master.” She whispers breathlessly.

I almost force my cock inside her right then but I control myself as there is a few other things I want to do first.

“Not just yet.” I tell her squeezing her ass cheeks 1 in each hand.

I reach around her and turn the vibrator up to the highest setting.

“Oh fuck.” Sophie cries out in pleasure.

Her moans grow louder and louder, she starts to shake and I step back striking her with the whip again.

“Remember you have to ask permission to cum.” I tell her as I sense her rapidly approaching orgasm.

“Please can I cum master?” she shouts.

“No.” I tell her and she cries out.

“Please master, please let me cum.” She shouts.

“Hold it in.” I tell her, “don’t make me have to punish you again, I wont make it as gentle as last time.” I warn her.

She squirms and I can see her physically straining to hold off her orgasm.

“You can cum now.” I tell her after a moment of watching her squirm.

“Thank you!” She shouts as the orgasm shoots through her body making her shake uncontrollably.

She finishes shaking as her orgasm subsides, she slumps in the chains panting, I move around in front of her and grope her breasts and leave the vibrator against her pussy on its highest setting. After about a minute she starts shaking again.

“Please can I cum again master.” She asks looking into my eyes.

“Yes.” I tell her and watch as her face contorts in ecstasy as her second orgasm takes her.

She pants violently when her orgasm starts to calm down.

“Please no more master.” She says panting between each word, I consider leaving the vibrator on her but from the look on her face l don’t think she would be able to handle another orgasm so soon.

I turn the vibrator off and move it away from her pussy watching as her juices string away from her, clinging to the vibrator. I reach down and run 2 of my fingers through her pussy from back to front applying extra pressure on her clit, I raise my hand to her mouth.

“Taste yourself.” I tell her as she opens her mouth and sucks my fingers inside her, her suction on my fingers cause a popping noise when I pull them from her mouth.

“Thank you for the orgasms master.” Sophie says still panting slightly.

“They wont be the last.” I tell her and I watch as her lips curl up into a smile, “I still need to cum as well.” I tell her and her eyes light up.

I move the vibrator back towards the side of the room and move back to Sophie, I undo the manacles on her feet first and then her arms and when I do she slumps into me.

“Sorry master, my legs feel like jelly.” She tells me sounding ashamed.

“It’s ok.” I tell her as I softly stroke her hair back from her face. I half carry her over to the low table and place her on it. I get a good look at her pussy and it looks red and inflamed.

“Please fuck me master.” Sophie pleads breathlessly, “I need you inside me.”

I tease her at first my slowly stroking my cock over her pussy.

“Please master I need you to fuck me.” She cried, her lust obvious in her voice, her eyes and her wetness.

In 1 swift movement I buried my whole length inside her.

She screamed a loud and long sound as her scream tapers off I move to pull out of her but she spoke, “fuck me hard master.” Her voice hoarse.

I slam into her hard over and over, she started to slide back on the table so with my cock still buried inside her I grab her legs and pull her back towards me, I held her legs to hold her in place as I continue to slam myself into her.

“I’m your whore.” She gasped out each syllable punctuated by the loud slapping of our bodies connecting as I fuck her with brutal ferocity.

“I’m your little pain slut.” She screamed as her body started to shake and her pussy started to pulsate like she was trying to milk my cock, “please can I cum master?” she cried.

“Yes.” I told her speeding up my pounding, “cum for me my pain slut.”

“Oh fuck.” She cried as the orgasm tore through her making her vibrate around my cock.

Just before her orgasm subsided I leaned forward and slapped her right breasts and then her left, I repeated this action a few more times as I tried to increase the strength but after a minute I felt my own orgasm rapidly approach.

I pulled out of her, “on your knees.” I told her and she slid off the table her face coming to rest near my cock, I furiously stroked myself and quickly cum on her face.

“Thank you master.” She said looking up at me lovingly.

“Clean me up.” I snapped and instantly her tongue flew out and she started to lick the cum from my deflating cock before taking it all in her mouth and sucking on it with enough force for it to pop when I pulled it out of her mouth.

“What are you?” I asked her.

“I’m a dirty pain slut.” She replied instantly.

“Who do you belong to?” I asked.

“You, master.” She again replied instantly, “I’m your dirty little pain slut master.”

“Yes you are.” I spat on her face, “just a dirty pain slut only good for my amusement.” I growled at her.

“Yes master.” She said with tears welling up in her eyes.

“I want to hear you say it.” I told her.

“I’m a dirty pain slut only good for you to use and abuse.” She said her voice cracking.

I spat on her again, “that’s right you’re just a fuckhole for me to punish.”

Sophie started crying and I felt bad thinking I had taken it a little too far. I quickly moved over near the tap picked up a towel and wet it a little. I moved back over to Sophie, “I’m sorry I took it too far.” I said softly as I started to wipe my spit and cum from her face.

“I don’t know why I’m crying.” She said through her tears, “I enjoyed it all.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” I told her as I wrapped my arms around her in a soft, tender hug, she returned the hug and buried her face between my neck and shoulder, I could still feel her crying, I stroked her hair and whispered kind, comforting words to her and letting her know that it was over for now.

Sophie stopped crying and pulled back from me with a shaky smile on her face, she picked up the towel and wiped her face and dried her tears.

“Can we do this again?” she asked me.

I smiled, “I would like that.” I told her, “maybe next time we can try out some of the other toys.”

She bit her lip, “that sounds like fun.” She told me, she seemed to relax and her smile became more confident.

“Stay there.” I told her as I stood up and scanned over the racks and table filled with toys looking for something specific, I saw it and walked back over to Sophie who was resting on her knees, I watched as she tried to sit down and moved back onto her knees with sharp movements as her ass still obviously hurt from the caning she took earlier.

I moved behind her and sat down with my legs either side of her, she started to turn around but I stopped her, “I cant do this with you facing me.” I told her softly.

“Do what?” She asked apprehensively.

I opened the bottle and squeezed some of the soothing aftercare lotion onto my hands, “This.” I told her as I slowly and softly started to apply the lotion to her back.

“That feels really good.” She said relaxing as I spread the lotion over her back and moved down to her ass, she moved so I had better access and I gently massaged the lotion into her supple ass cheeks.

When I was finished rubbing the lotion into her skin Sophie shuffled to turn around and when she did she leaned forward and kissed me passionately.

We sat there on the floor holding each other, “why did you want me for this?” I asked quickly followed by, “I thought you didn’t like me.”

She laughed slightly, “more the opposite.” She sighed, “I was scared because I would have daydreams of you beating me and then fucking me senseless.” She told me, “I knew if I stayed around you I would have tried to get you to do it but I didn’t want you to until I had some experience.” She gestured at the room, “I’ve used most of these on myself but you’re the first person I’ve had do any of this to me.”

“I’m your first?” I asked her.

“First to beat me and the first to fuck me.” She told me, “am I your first?” she asked me.

I nodded my head, “I’ve wanted you for years but you were cold to me since we started high school so I thought you didn’t like me.” I told her, “I feel silly now knowing we were both feeling mostly the same things.”

“So boyfriend and girlfriend in public?” She asked then followed it with, “and master and pain slut in private.”

“That sounds good, I would really like that.” I tell her wrapping her in a hug.

“I think this relationship will be fun.” She whispers in my ear, I smile and hold her close feeling like the luckiest person alive


2020-02-16 14:51:53
Second chapter please, this first part was so dam good.


2020-02-15 22:11:20
so you could continue you could prequel i dont really care, as long as there is more to the story


2020-02-13 01:17:20
Probably the only S & M story I have really liked. Don't limit yourself only to S & M. Don't limit your imagination. I would give an up vote but my vote is broken.


2020-02-12 04:10:07
more more


2020-02-12 02:00:53
Very nice story.
Please continue, I would like to hear about more of their adventures.
and to have a girlfriend with her own play house, what fun.

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