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Day 2 - part 2

Cadence Melody pushed her plate away from her and scooted her chair back from the table. She looked down at her mother, Samantha, on her knees in front of her. Samantha had just finished sucking Cadence's dick while Cadence was eating breakfast.

"Damn, that was a good breakfast", Cadence said as she stood up. "And that mouth of yours is amazing, mom." She grabbed her mother by her hair and pulled the older woman to her feet. Then she mashed her lips against her mother's.

The two women kissed for several minutes, their tongues dancing together. Then Cadence pulled away and turned her mother around, bending her over the table. Ever since she woke up with this dick, provided by the Birthday Wish Association, Cadence had been more aggressive and sexually aroused.

As she looked at her mother's dripping cunt, the same one she had come from eighteen years ago, she felt that aggression again. She grabbed her mother's full, plump ass cheeks and spread them. Samantha moaned as Cadence handled her roughly. Cadence held her dick against her mother's soaked hole and thrust forward, burying her large dick inside her in one push.

Samantha screamed out in pleasure as she felt her daughter's dick plow into her cunt. Cadence moaned as she felt her mother's pussy gripping her shaft. She still couldn't believe how amazing it felt to be fucking her own mother. A few days ago, the idea would have repulsed her. But now, thanks to her cock, she found herself open to all kinds of sexual experiences.

Cadence held her mother's hips as she rammed her large dick deep inside her over and over again, her balls slapping against her mother's clit. Samantha, on the other hand, had gone into a haze where nothing existed but the pleasure she was getting from the massive shaft that was destroying her cunt.

It didn't take long before Cadence felt an orgasm building. She reached under her mother and roughly grabbed the older woman's breasts, causing Samantha to cry out in pain. That sound, the sound of her mother's pain, sent Cadence over the edge.

She thrust deep, burying over half her shaft inside her mother's cervix. Then she exploded, flooding the womb she came from with her own seed. Samantha cried out and squirted all over her daughter's dick, loving the feeling of hot cum filling her pussy.

Once she could catch her breath, Cadence slid out of her mother's gaping hole. Cum, both hers and her daughter's, ran down Samantha's legs. She ignored this and eagerly turned around and dropped to her knees, using her mouth to clean the dick that had just fucked her so well.


The city pool was crowded, as it usually is on Saturday. Cadence had been hesitant to go, as she didn't have a swimsuit that could hide her dick. But Kelly had convinced her that it would be okay. So here she found herself, in a stall in the locker room, trying to build up the courage to go out to the pool.

Suddenly she heard the door open and a voice she recognized entered the room. Jasmine Reynolds, the hottest girl in school. Also one of the biggest bullies. If she got even a glance at the bulge in Cadence's bikini bottom, she would make her life a living hell.

"What the fuck am I going to do", Cadence asked herself. She waited for several minutes until all was quiet outside the stall. Hoping it was safe, she cracked the door to the stall open.

She had just walked out of the stall when Jasmine reappeared from the shower area, wrapped in nothing but a towel. Cadence couldn't help but watch the girl, who completely ignored her. And then Jasmine dropped the towel and started putting on her swimsuit, but those moments worked their magic on Cadence's dick.

Jasmine's slender body, covered by caramel colored skin, was flawless. Her breasts were firm and perky and as big as cantaloupes, with dark brown nipples sticking out. Her flat tummy led down to long, smooth legs that looked perfect. And her round, firm ass made Cadence want to shove her dick between those cheeks.

Cadence was so lost in her lusty thoughts that she didn't notice Jasmine looking at her. "What are you staring at, freak", Jasmine said in a snarky voice. But then she stopped and sniffed the air. "That smell is amazing", she said and began to walk sensually toward Cadence.

"Um, what are you doing", Cadence asked, surprised by how Jasmine was suddenly acting. "I think you like looking at me", Jasmine said, grabbing Cadence's cock through the thin, red bikini bottom. Then Jasmine dropped down and undid the strings to Cadence's bikini, freeing her dick.

"What about all the times you've been mean to me", Cadence asked, although she cared less and less with each second. "I'm sorry", Jasmine said as she grabbed Cadence's dick, stroking it slowly. "Let me make it up to you."

A jolt of pleasure shot through Cadence as Jasmine ran her tongue over Cadence's large dickhead. She never would have imagined that the most popular girl in school would be on her knees in front of her, but it was happening. And, with each stroke of Jasmine's hands and each lick of her tongue, Cadence was beginning to understand why Jasmine was so popular.

She suddenly wanted to experience all of Jasmine. She grabbed her by her long brown hair and pulled her to her feet. "What the fuck", Jasmine exclaimed, but she quickly shut her mouth when Cadence shoved her against the wall.

Cadence ripped the girl's bikini bottom down and tossed it on the floor. She moaned when she saw Jasmine's bare ass and she couldn't stop herself from grabbing and squeezing her ass cheeks. Jasmine groaned as Cadence squeezed her ass and the smell of her pussy filled the room, causing Cadence to become even more aggressive.

She slapped Jasmine's ass before spreading her cheeks, exposing her tight asshole. "I can't wait to fuck this perfect ass", Cadence said. "But first, I'm going to destroy that popular pussy of yours."

Jasmine bit her lip in anticipation as she looked back at Cadence, wondering why she had never noticed how sexy she was. Especially those big titties and that massive cock between her legs. Then again, Jasmine rarely noticed other girls, except to torment them. And she had certainly never felt any kind of attraction to another woman. But now all she wanted was for Cadence to fuck her hard and fast.

It only took a moment for her desire to be fulfilled. Cadence held her large dick and aimed it directly at Jasmine's dripping hole, then she thrust forward, burying several inches inside her bully. Jasmine screamed in pain and pleasure as no less than six thick inches of cock invaded her pussy.

"Holy fuck, you're tight", Cadence said. "I definitely expected you to be looser", she said as she started fucking the girl. She pulled back until she was nearly out, then rammed forward, another inch of her dick forced into Jasmine's cunt. Jasmine smiled and moaned as Cadence hammered her pussy, going deeper with each thrust.

It hadn't taken Jasmine long to figure out that guys liked a tight pussy more than anything in the world. So she did her exercises regularly and every guy she had been with swore she was as tight as, if not tighter, than a virgin.

It took several hard thrusts and several minutes, but Cadence finally rested her balls against Jasmine's clit, her entire shaft deep in the girl's womb. "Holy shit, I've never been this full before", Jasmine moaned. Then she moved, less than an inch, but it was enough.

The movement caused Cadence's dick to drag across Jasmine's clit and her already heightened pleasure center exploded. Jasmine cried out as the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced ripped through her, culminating in vaginal fluid exploding all over Cadence's dick and puddling on the floor.

The feeling and sight of Jasmine squirting sent Cadence into a primal place she didn't know existed. She ripped her dick from the girl's pussy, leaving Jasmine feeling empty. The Cadence grabbed Jasmine by the neck and shoved her face to the floor.

"Look at the mess you made, you little bitch", Cadence growled, rubbing the girl's nose in her squirt, like a dog. "Lick it up", she commanded and Jasmine, to both their surprises, immediately and happily obeyed.

As Jasmine cleaned up the squirt with her tongue, Cadence got on her knees behind the girl and rammed her cock back into Jasmine's now gaping cunt. Jasmine groaned and orgasmed again as Cadence once again filled her past capacity.

Cadence hammered Jasmine's pussy, her big dick stretching the girl's pussy beyond repair. "Holy fuck", Jasmine moaned loudly as she orgasmed again. She couldn't believe how much she loved this. Usually, she didn't like being treated rough and called dirty names, but, coming from Cadence, it felt like the most wonderful thing in the world.

"Fuck, I'm about to fill up this tight little hole of yours, slut", Cadence growled, wanting nothing more in that moment than to breed this caramel colored beauty. "Do it. Shoot that big load deep inside me", Jasmine groaned as she felt Cadence bottom out in her cunt again.

It didn't take long after that. Cadence felt her orgasm hit and she groaned and growled as she unleashed a torrent of sperm deep inside her former bully. Jasmine screamed in pleasure as she had one final orgasm.

Cadence held the girl's hips for several moments, until she felt the waves of pleasure subside. As she pulled out, cum gushed out and ran down Jasmine's legs. "Fuck, that was amazing. Please tell me you're not done", Jasmine whined. "Not by a long shot, slut. Get cleaned up and then go wait for me at my house. This weekend, I'm going to destroy you", Cadence growled.

To be continued...
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