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This situation has only eventuated in recent years. I had often told my man I fantasised about having a third man to sexually pleasure and be pleasured, though I lacked the initiative to make it happen. And of course his fantasy was another woman.
I am Sarah, of French descent, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting. I am to please and be pleased sexually. I love being licked and teased and I love having a second man every four weeks or so, not mention another woman as a balance for my man – and me.

Then while my man was away for a short business trip he emailed me:

“You are to pleasure and be pleasured, the thought of a threesome situation with a third man (toy boy) for your sexual gratification and enjoyment has strong appeal.”

He took the trouble to provide a list of three-way scenarios and asked me which ones I preferred, which really piqued my interest and I replied with a short list.

To make sure we were on the same wave length he set out his rules and expectations and asked me to provide my list which read.

MY RULES / EXPECTATIONS, He should be at least fifteen years younger than us. Physically attractive. Very well hung, bigger than you. Outer sex only, no kissing and no intercourse with the other man. Needs to be an enjoyable experience for all three.

I also added, “Well I gather this is just a fantasy? All your rules are fine but one exception, you would just have to just watch and not touch me as he pleasures me. Can you do that?”

‘Let’s negotiate,” he replied. The thought of another man giving you sexual pleasure while I watch has great attraction for me. However I want to be able to tongue kiss you while another man licks you to orgasm. I want to be able to masturbate while another man licks you to orgasm (you do like to watch me masturbate). And needs to enjoy watching us as foreplay.”

Shortly after that when it happened for the first time it was very exciting and I was hooked.

A few years later our rules have been loosened by mutual consent and my man and I have a very exciting and mutually satisfying sex life, which would make many couples envious, with both men and women for a third person.

Today my man Roger has organised, Vince, an athletic man he met in the showers at the gym for our sexual pleasure. Roger told me he is around fifteen-years younger than us, bi-sexual, very attractive and best of all ‘hung like a horse’. Before he made the arrangements he showed me some pics on his iPad of him being pleasured by both a male and a female at the same time. Very exciting and sexually stimulating for me - and he really appears to be ‘hung like a horse’.

“I want to blow him while you watch baby, you know I like a challenge, he will need to pay his dues by pleasuring me by licking my cunt lips first though. And maybe you can have him or vice versa.”

“Sounds good baby and your suggestion of, ‘maybe you can have him or vice versa’ is very appealing," he tells me with a smirk.

We both prepare ourselves before Vince arrives by shaving each other’s pubic area so we have just a small patch remaining and shower together.

I have a high sex drive and thrive on sexual excitement, be it dressing and undressing to please my man and our guests, flaunting my naked body to turn on people I have just met, the visual turn on of other naked bodies, the foreplay (or lack of it), to receiving and giving pleasure, not to mention verbal interaction.

“Is the thought of me blowing a man who is ‘hung like a horse’ while you watch exciting for you baby?, I ask my man.

“You know it is.”

“What shall we wear baby?,” I ask my man despite having already made up my mind.

“Meet me in the foyer dressed to impress in five-minutes.”

When Roger appears he is wearing nothing but a bulging, tiny white g-string which looks magic contrasted with his all over sun-tan and his taut athletic body.

“Like my outfit I tease,” knowing he does as he has seen it a few times previously.

I am standing legs apart with my back to a wall length mirror, wearing heels, a shirt with just one button done up to highlight my modest cleavage and tight black leather slacks with the arse removed.

“That really is a turn on baby, not much skin on show except your glorious arse cheeks, love it, what a turn on.”

Vince arrives at that very moment and Roger makes a cursory introduction for me.

“Do you like the way we dressed for you Vince?,” Roger asks as Vince looks closely at us.

“I told Sarah how well-endowed you are. And I have explained our rules to you, so I hope you understand them,” At first he has eyes for only Roger’s almost naked body.

“Love your arse in that g-string Roger, and Sarah your arse hanging out of those tight leather slacks is really turning me on,” he moans as he kneels and kisses my arse cheeks in turn before he pulls my slacks down to my knees, (I love being undressed by a new man, very exciting), turns me around and teases my cunt tips with a fingertip.

“Show Sarah what you have for us Vince,” Roger teases.

He really has an excellent body I muse as I watch him quickly strip down to a jock strap, his wonderful arse framed by two thin straps and then the magic moment when I sight his huge cock as he holds my gaze and teasingly removes his jock strap, before he teases his already erect cock with a finger on the underside, he really is hung like a horse. And I am very turned on, my libido is in overdrive and I must have him. As I glance at my man he is also obviously turned on as he ogles Vince’s cock.

“Wow that is impressive, very impressive, is that for me or both of us?’ I tease as I rub two hands along his erection.

“I want to give you a blow job you will cherish for a long time,” I smile as I slowly remove my shirt and step out of my slacks for two men and put my heels back on. I love undressing for a new man, and flaunting my naked body; I find it very exciting watching their reaction.

“Before I do I want you to pleasure me, nipples then my cunt lips. Make it good for me and my man while he watches and masturbates. Do you like the thought of my man masturbating while you pleasure me? I do very much.”

“You have my full attention and cooperation Sarah, my cock is throbbing for you. And yes, I do like the thought of your man masturbating while I pleasure you. A bonus turn on for me,” he tells me as he teases his roaring erection with a fingertip.

“I am almost old enough to be your mother, does that turn you on?,” I ask as he licks one erect nipple while my man licks the other. “It turns me on. Did my man tell you I am multi-orgasmic?”

“Love the thought of pleasuring a cougar while her man watches and masturbates, is it for you or me, or both?,” he moans as he licks his way down my torso as I stand with my legs open, and ogle his huge erection.

As I look sideways Roger has his erection out of his g-string, as he teases it with a finger tip; he is also ogling Vince’s huge cock and obviously very turned on by it.

“Like that do you baby? Much bigger than you,” I ask my man as I begin to wonder if he set this up for his pleasure and benefit as much as for me.

I am teasing my nipples with my fingertips the moment Vince kneels and his tongue touches my eager cunt lips, it is magical as I enjoy a much younger man who is hung like horse licking my cunt lips and clit.

A bonus turn on is watching him tease his huge erection with a fingertip while he is expertly licking me.

“Sit on my face facing my toes and you can watch in the mirror,” Vince tells me as he lays on his back on the bed and cups my arse cheeks in his hands so he can slide my cunt lips along his tongue.

“So good, so good, don’t stop I am moaning as I look down on his erection and orgasm. “Don’t stop, don’t stop.”

I am only slightly surprised when my man kneels between his legs and licks and kisses his erection.

“That is awesome, your cock is fucking awesome, I want it now, right now,” Roger moans as he tickles Vince’s balls with two fingertips of one hand, then slides the thumb and fingertip of the other hand along the full length of his cock.

I have an incredibly strong and long orgasm as I watch my very excited man, his cock is throbbing, take two inches of Vince’s cock between his pursed lips.

“Not yet, after me, wait your turn Roger, now masturbate and watch me baby,” I chastise as I lean forward while still sitting on Vince’s face as Roger backs off.

I love a sixty-nine and this one promises to be very special as I take Vince, ‘hung like a horse’ while he is licking my cunt lips with his hands cupping my arse with my man watching.

“Now watch me baby, watch and enjoy while I blow a man who is hung like a horse,” I tell my man as I lean forward and take Vince’s cock between my lips.

“Lay alongside my legs, it will be more comfortable for both us,” he asks after a short while as he slides a pillow under his arse.

I do as he asked and lick and kiss his erection, it is like an iron bar, before I take it back between my pursed my lips.

“I want to give you a blow job you will cherish for a long time,” I repeat determined to do just that to my latest toy boy while my man watches.

I am not surprised to see my man standing close by, his erection is also like an iron bar I note as I manage to feel it with one hand.

“Watch me baby, this is what Vince and I arranged. He wants to blow me while you blow him. Are you fine with that?,” he asks as he slides his closed fist along his erection before he slides it between Vince’s pursed lips before I can answer.

As I look up and watch I realise I am ‘fine with that’ as I enjoy watching my man take sexual pleasure by guiding his erection in and out of Vince’s pursed lips with a hand on his head.

“Your turn on is my turn on baby, and that really turns me on, watch me blow Vince while he blows you,” I whisper as I resume sucking Vince as he slides his closed fist along his erection while I suck just the tip of it.

I am in my element as I have two men moving toward sexual relief and I am determined to maximise sexual enjoyment for three of us.

“Is he good I ask?,” my question directed to both men, as the only contact I have with Vince is a fingertip on his erection.

“What can I do to make it better?. I tease after neither of the men answer.

I take the initiative by sliding a huge amount of Vince’s cock between my lips and tease his balls.

I have just the tip of his cock between my lips and I can feel the veins on his rock hard erection as I slide the tips of my thumb and forefinger along his cock.

“I promised you a blow job you will cherish for a long time Vince,” I tell him confident of my prowess as I blow on his cock, lick it, then slide as much of his cock as I can between my tightly pursed lips while I tease his balls and then squeeze them harder as I increase the tempo.

“Do you like watching me blowing a man who is hung like a horse while he is blowing you baby?” I ask my man.

“Love it baby, you are so good at it. Look how hard you have made my cock,” he tells me as he removes it from Vince’s mouth before he slides it back in. “I am nearly there baby, make it really good for both men.”

I am determined to do exactly that as I tease his erection with two hands with the tip of it in between lips.

I can sense his body tensing as I tease and then pinch his erect nipples while I lick the tip of his cock.

“You really are hung,” I tell him as I suck hard, then very hard on the top of his cock as I slide my thumb and forefinger along the full length of his cock with my other hand cupping his balls.

He has his mouth full with my man’s cock but he is moaning and groaning with sexual enjoyment as I slide my thumb and forefinger along the full length of his cock hard, then very hard as I suck the tip of his throbbing cock.

“Harder, harder, harder,” he manages to mumble as he stands and shoots a huge load as he and and man masturbate in sync.

“Magic Sarah, just fucking magic,” they both tell me as we wind down.

“I do like the challenge of a hung man,” I smile coyly.

“I owe you baby after you watched me blow Vince, even though you organised it and he blew you, he really was hung like a horse. So good,” I am telling my man as he licks me to orgasm before we fuck the next day.

“I have organised a new lady for you next week. She can blow you while I watch. Would you like that?,” I tease as he is slowly fucking me with his thick, eight-inch cock.

“Promise me baby, promise me.”
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