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My wife used to be a total prude this is the true story of how she became a slut for my mates
The true story of my wife's first step into a wider world

At the time of this tale, Sarah and I had been married for some eighteen years. So far, we had had a happy and conventional marriage, nothing out of the ordinary. Our sex life had developed with time and was now most enjoyable.

It had not always been that way. Sarah’s mother had been a total prude, quite Victorian in her outlook, also bitter and twisted. Sarah was told, from an early age, that 'Sex was sordid, messy and disgusting but was one of those things that a wife had to put up with as part of her duty”. Yes, she actually used the word duty. Needless to say, Sarah was an only child.

She had been much under her mother’s thumb, only really getting any real freedom when she went to university. She was, of course, a virgin when we met and actually sill one when we married. Which was as soon as she had finished university. I was 28, she was 21, 5’ 3”, very pretty, nicely rounded with beautiful tits and was great fun to be with (over the years she has put on weight, her tits have got a lot, lot bigger but she is still very sexy and great fun).

It took several years of marriage to get her to lose the instilled inhibitions and to get to the point where she would not only enjoy sex but would initiate things that she had been taught were ‘disgusting and perverted’. She adored wearing sexy clothing, wigs and heavy makeup and generally acting the slut in the privacy of the bedroom. We often discussed our fantasies. I would often tell her I wanted to see her being fucked another man or even men, how I wanted to see her on her knees sucking another guy off and then laying back spreading her legs, guiding his cock into her cunt and letting him fuck her while I watched. At first, she seemed shocked by this but quickly accepted it and would join in and describe what she wanted to do with another man. When we had these discussions she would often ask if I really wanted her to become a such a slut and I would say I did This always turned us both on and usually heralded a heated session between the sheets.

Though I often fantasised about watching her fuck other men, I always considered that it was just one of those things you talked about to bring extra spice to those intimate moments. After all, outside those times in the bedroom, Sarah usually appeared, to the world, to be rather prim and a quite prudish. If you asked most of our neighbors, they would probably describe her as being very strait laced, uptight or standoffish. She is, after all, on several village committees and does work for several local charities. All that changed one June Saturday evening.

Bob was a neighbor. He was single, a farmer in his early thirties who lived on the family farm with his older brother, his sister in law and his aged mother. We first met when he did some excavation work in the garden, and we had all become good friends. We’d get together from time to time for a chat and a drink and he was always round at some point over Christmas, to get a break from his family. On the last occasion, Sarah, drunk and full of Christmas cheer, grabbed him as he was leaving, ground her body against his, pulled his head down and gave him a long snog, tongues and all, under the mistletoe. His hand found its way inside her top, copping a good feel if her tits. As he did so she had undone his zip, slid her hand into his jeans and was rubbing his cock. I started to get excited but they both seemed to realise what they were doing. He withdrew his hand and she broke away, looking flushed. He pulled up his zip and he left, smiling.

Sarah’s birthday had been in the Wednesday and and we had invited him over on the Saturday evening help celebrate. He arrived about seven bringing her a present of a litre bottle of Polish vodka, which she loves. By eight, he and I had each sunk three or four tins of beer each while Sarah had sunk over a third of the vodka. All was very relaxed and mellow, with much laughter and joking. The conversation, as it always did, had started mildly, got rather smutty and ended up becoming loaded with double meanings. Sarah was always very relaxed with Bob and was, as usual, flirting outrageously with him - more so that night because of the drink. He was responding in kind and the banter had got smuttier and very sexual. I could see her getting more and more flushed. It had started in her cheeks and had spread down over her ample cleavage, as it always does when she has had a few drinks - and she had had more than a few.

Bob went to relieve himself of the beer he’d been swilling. Sarah dropped onto my lap and put her arms round my neck, kissed me and whispered “I’m feeling randy, all this dirty talk makes me so horny, it makes me want to fuck”. She was snuggling against me; her nipples were hard and very noticeable. I started to play with one of them and she kissed me harder, her tongue going deep into my mouth. I gave the nipple another hard tweak. I love teasing her when she gets like that, especially when we can't follow through on it. She gets so frustrated and hornier than ever.

“Well, you’ll have to wait until later”

“How much later? I’m all wet and horny now. I want to be fucked!”

“You’ll have to wait ‘til Bob’s gone”.

She smiled wickedly “What if I can’t wait that long?”

I laughed, “You’ll just have to. We can’t disappear upstairs leaving him to wait ‘til we’ve finished fucking. It’d be rude and not at all fair, unless,” I joked “you are aiming to be a good hostess and fuck him as well?” She was about to reply when Bob came back into the room which put an end to the discussion. He apologised for interrupting, she just laughed, got off my lap and started to leave the room. I said “While you’re up, can bring us a couple more beers please”.

“I’m not going to the kitchen, I’m off to the loo, anyway what do you think I am, a barmaid?”

“No” I said “you aren’t dressed right for a barmaid.”

Bob smirked and said, “With a figure like yours, I can easily imagine you as an old-fashioned tavern wench, all laced up top with your boobs almost falling out of your dress - always ready to ‘serve’ her customers!”.

She flushed and put her head on one side. “So, you want to see me walking round with my tits hanging out, do you?”

He laughed. “Well….as you’re asking, I’d like to see more of them”.

She stuck her tongue out at him. “In your dreams. But, if you can wait ‘til I came down again, I’ll see about your beers, or you can get off your fat arses and get them yourselves!”.

A good while later we heard her come down the stairs and she called to ask if we still wanted the beers. We said yes and heard her head for the kitchen. When she came back into the lounge all we could do was stare in amazement. She wore heavy mascara, scarlet lipstick, her hair was down and she was wearing a skimpy, black, maid’s dress, black stockings, suspenders and scarlet shoes with five-inch heels. That she wore nothing else was fairly obvious as there is very little to it and it’s practically see-through. Her full ripe figure was shown off to great advantage. Her tits were straining against the lacings and her nipples seemed to be trying to burst through the material. She had seen our stunned looks, gave a dirty chuckle and started grinning broadly.

“Sorry I don’t have a tavern wenches’ outfit, this is the nearest I can find,” She held her arms high and wide, a tin in each hand, and turned slowly round. The raised arms caused the dress to hike up, clearly confirming the fact that she wore nothing underneath it. “will it do?”

Neither of us said a word. Bob sat there doing an impression of a goldfish and I probably looked much the same. I was so amazed at the sight of her. It wasn’t just the outfit; she knows I like her to dress in tarty make up and sexy clothing, and this was an outfit she frequently wore to tease/please me. It was the fact that she was wearing it now, in front of Bob and the way she was behaving. Ok, she was somewhat drunk, but it was so totally out of character. I have to say, she looked fantastic, standing there like that, flaunting herself. Only in my wildest fantasies had I ever imagined that she would do anything like that. I felt hard, eager and excited, but I was unsure what this was leading. I knew what I wanted to happen, but I had visions of her suddenly panicking and scooting out of the room having wound both of us wound up. How wrong I was.

She came over to me and, bending from the hips, placed my can on the coffee table. To see what she would do I reached forwards and gave the bow of the lacing on her dresses a tug. With the pressure of her tits behind it, the front burst open and her ample tits spilled half out. I pulled them totally free of any material and gave one of her nipples a tweak. She smiled ran her tongue along her top lip.

“I want to be a really, really, really good hostess”.

I nodded and said “Go on then”. Grinning broadly, she stepped round me and turned to face Bob. Leaning across the table tits swinging, she put his beer down. I now got the view that Bob had just been treated to as she waggled her arse, almost in my face. There was her naked cunt, ripe and glistening wet. So, I stroked a finger down its lips. She sighed and placed her hands onto Bob’s knees for support.

As she stood there, I stroked her then slipped a couple of fingers in to her wetness. At first, she gasped and stiffened, and then she started to sway back and forth so that she was thrusting against my hand, forcing my fingers deeper, her tits swinging back and forth. Bob sat staring; his eyes glued to them.

She looked him straight in the eyes. “Well, do you like my tits? You’re always staring at them, youv'e copped a feel of them more than once and you did say you wanted to see more of them. Well, now they’re all the way out. Are they big enough for you? Do you like my big saggy fun bags?” She jiggled them in his face. He tried to say that that wasn’t what he had meant but she just laughed and said “Liar”. She swung herself away from my questing fingers and looked round at me.

She had a hungry look on her face, she smirked and turned back towards Bob. Straightening up, she pushed the table out of the way. “I think you do like them, at least the bulge in your trousers says you do”. She ran her hand over his crotch “Hmmm, as I thought, they’ve made you good and hard. I like a hard cock”. Kneeling down between his legs she undid his trousers. His cock sprang out. She looked a little stunned. It was big, longer and thicker than mine. “Oh my God! That’s beautiful, it’s so big, it makes my mouth water” So saying she ran the tip of her tongue along the entire length of it’s under side. He shuddered as if hit by an electric shock. She lowered her head, opened her mouth wide and started to devour it, her lips leaving and scarlet rings along it’s length. He lay back on the sofa with a look of bliss on his face.

She has a fantastic way with her mouth and tongue, the best I have ever known. She loves sucking my cock and always swallows. She sucked and licked at his cock. “Is that good?” He gave a pleased grunt. Then she wrapped her beautiful saggy ‘G’ cup tits round his cock and started to massage it with them. “See, they’re not just for decoration. Do you like my big saggy tits wrapped round your cock?” She licked the tip and he moaned. I could see he was on the verge of shooting his load when she stopped. He gave a whimper.

Sitting back on her heels she looked him in the eye and said, archly “Let's see, you’ve seen my tits and I’ve sucked your cock; what's next? Ah yes,....... do you want to stick that cock inside me? Do you want fuck me now?” He looked startled “It’s Ok, John won’t mind. He’s always saying he wants to watch me getting fucked. He’ll really get off watching me spread my legs for a cock this big. So, do you want to fuck me?”.

He gave a strangled noise and looked at me. I nodded and said “Go on, be my guest – give her a good fucking”.

He said” Yes! Oh God yes. I wanna fuck you!”.

She grinned and practically ripped his trousers and boxers off. She kicked off her shoes, sprang on to his lap, grasped his cock and inserted it as she straddled him. As he entered her, she gave a loud gasp and her eyes were wide. “Oh God he’s so big, it’s filling me up!” As I said, he was bigger than me but she was so juiced up that she slid easily down his entire length, gasping all the while. Then when he was all the way in, she started rising up and down

I had long dreamed of seeing another man’s cock violating my wife but now her dress was in the way. I got up and grabbed the hem of her dress and, roughly, pulled it up. She smiled and raised her arms to help me. I pulled, and there was a bit of a tussle getting it over her tits, but I finally had it off. I could now see her in all her naked glory. I sat back, stroking my own cock while I watched his cock stretching her cunt, sliding in and out it, glistening with her juices.

She held on to the back of the sofa and rose up and down his shaft. The cheeks of her arse slapped together as she rose and slapped into his thighs as she dropped back down, they never quite seemed to stop jiggling. Sometimes she leant back and I could not see much, but when she leant forwards, I got the glorious view of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt, causing it to bulge. She started to twist her hips and squirm round as she rode him. It looked so hot. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. At first it had seemed as if I was watching some live sex show. Then it really hit home. No, That was my wife! My own dear, sweet, wife, riding another man’s cock! She was making all those excited noises and gasps that I knew so well, but this time they were being caused by someone else. I was finally getting to watch my wife getting fucked. It was fantastic.

As I said, Sarah’s tits are big and saggy with big juicy nipples that are very sensitive. At first Bob watched, mesmerised her tits bounce and jiggle in front of him. Then she cupped them and offered them up to him. “Stop just staring at them. You wanted them, for fucks sake grab them, suck them bite them, do something with them.”. He did as he was told, and was soon mauling one, twisting the nipple of one, while sucking and chewing in the other. Sarah likes her tits to be handled roughly. After a particularly good session they are often bruised, covered in marks and bites and very swollen. I wondered what they would look like by the end of this evening.

Then she had her arms clasping hard round his neck, her mouth fastened to his. Her movements became jerkier, more insistent. He had hold of her arse and was pulling her hard against him, thrusting his hips forward in time with her. Then she started to gasp and moan as an orgasm ran through her. As she shuddered, he gripped her arse so hard the skin blanched. He pulled her hard against him then groaned and spasmed as he shot his load. She kissed him very long and very passionately. Finally, she slid off his deflating cock and, grinning broadly, lay back on the sofa. Her legs were wide apart, dribbling her juices and his cum over the leather.

I’d stripped off while she had been riding him. Now got between her legs sliding my length into her sopping wet, very accommodating cunt. I rode her hard; crushing her tits in my hands. I sucked and bit them hard. I was leaving marks all over them. Her nipples were swollen and rock hard. She started to moan. There was no subtlety. I had just watched her willingly flaunt herself and fuck with another man right in front of me and I’d got a real kick out of watching her do it. I was hot and hard. Harder I think than I had ever been and, right now, I felt that if she wanted to act the whore, I would treat her like one. So, I rode her hard and she responded. She came again and I came with her.

I pulled out, leaving her laying back, flushed and panting hard. Her legs remained wide apart, yet more juices leaking from her cunt. She stayed that way for a few moments and then, slowly, put a hand down to her sopping cunt and brought it back covered in cum. She raised her hand to her face and, tipping it, dribbled cum into her open mouth. With a look of joy, and an appreciative, slurping sound, she sucked her fingers clean. “Hmmm, I love the taste of cum.” Her hand went back to her cunt and this time her fingers slipped into its inner depths, moved around and came out cupped. and loaded with cum, which she again consumed. She repeated the process, her fingers delving deeper. Then, instead of eating it, she started smearing it all over her tits then proceeded to massage it in to her flesh with both hands. “That feels sooo good!”

Bob had stripped the rest of his clothes off and was watching her every move. He knelt between her legs, buried his face in her cunt and started to lick. She brought her feet up on to the sofa and grasped her ankles. He licked between her cunt lips and around her clit. She started to respond. As she did so he slipped two fingers into her and worked them in and out. Two fingers became three. Then he started to concentrate on her clit. He licked and sucked on it. He began gently chewing at it, all the while his fingers moved in and out in a steady rhythm. Then he had four fingers in her cunt while his thumb and tongue worked on her clit. She writhed more and more. She came with a cry, her shudders making ripples run through her fulsome flesh

Bob was hard again. He pulled her off the sofa and got her onto the floor on her hands and knees. He got behind her and grabbed her hips. “Oh yes. Fuck your bitch doggy style,” He slid easily in to her and she pushed back against him. At first her arms were straight but, even so, her nipples touched the ground. I watched them rub on the carpet as her tits swung in time to his thrusting. He started get into his rhythm and, as his thrusts got harder her arms gradually bent until she was face down on the carpet, tits squashed flat and her fat, round, ripe arse high in the air. As Bob humped her his thighs made loud slapping sounds against her and ripples ran through all her flesh.

She rolled out from under him and, pushing him back onto the floor, straddled him. She started to rock slowly to and fro. I was standing close, to get a good view, and she grabbed for my cock, pulled me closer and started to suck on it, all the time writhing on his cock. She was sucking hard, alternating the use of her mouth and tongue with her hand. I grabbed handfuls of her hair and started to fuck her mouth. My cock was slipping in to her throat and she just took it, without gagging. I only stopped so I could withdraw and spray cum all over her face and hair. She paused, still straddling Bob and, grinning, ran her hands over her face, spreading my cum up into her hair, plastering it down.

Without withdrawing, Bob suddenly flipped her on to her back and threw her legs over his shoulders so she was bent double. He grabbed her wrists and pinned her to the floor, He fucked her, slowly at first, gradually getting faster and faster. In this position her tits were now squeezed up, on to her shoulders between her upraised arms and her face and, as his force increased, her tits started to slap against her face. She turned her head from side to side, trying to suck at each in turn as they bounced round. I grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs wide, determined that Bob would get as deep as he could in to her sopping cunt. She gasped as I did this. Looked at me, eyes wide. “You’ll split me. He's in so deeep. Oh yes! Split me, SPLIT ME!”

Staring straight into my eyes, she started to sigh and moan, to bite her bottom lip. His speed picked up, he thrust harder. The harder he thrust the louder her moans got. He started to slow again and thrust more gently. He paused, almost pulling out. She yelled at him “Don’t stop you bastard!. FUCK ME HARD – I WANT IT HARD! She was still staring at me. She had a hungry lascivious look on her face. He did as she asked. He suddenly sank his entire length in to her and began to ram his cock hard into her. He went slowly at first. She started chanting “FUCK ME, FUCK ME FUCK ME, FUCK ME” in time with his thrusts. He responded gradually getting faster. As he did so, her noises became more primitive. The “FUCK ME” became a more guttural “FUCK”. Finally this turned into a “Ugh! Ugh!” grunting sound. Through it all her eyes had never left mine.

I had got hard again, kneeling there. I wanted to shoot a load over her as he fucked her , but my hands were occupied holding her legs wide. So I contented myself with staring into the eyes of my gorgeous wife as she was pinned to the ground, our friend hammering her cunt while she swore and grunted like a rutting sow. Her grunting got louder and louder, her eyes rolled up and her lids slowly closed. I saw Bob stiffen, pause for a second, pull almost out and then ram his entire length hard into her. Her eyes flew wide open as he did, then she gasped and let out a yell that turned to a shriek, almost a scream. Her body spasmed uncontrollably. Her flesh seemed to shake and shudder for ages, her cries changing to whimpers, quietening until she came to a sudden stop, her eyes closed again.

Everything was silent except for the panting of her breath. Bob withdrew. She lay there for several minutes, flushed and glistening with sweat. Cum and juices were trickling out of her cunt, on to the carpet. Now my hands were free I quickly got to work on my cock and she soon had another load of cum splattering her hair and face.

She lay there for a while then struggled to get up. We had to help her onto the sofa. She made no effort to dress, just lay back, legs apart, cum splattered, a bemused smile on her face. We pulled our clothes on and I fetched more drinks and we sat for a while, He and I chatting quietly while she just lay there, still with that far away look on her face, her legs still spread wide, occasionally putting her fingers into her cunt and then sucking the cum off them.

Bob looked at his watch and said it was time to leave and said good night. He got as far as the front door when Sarah, cum still drying on her body, dressed only in her stockings, suspenders and shoes, ran up and kissed him passionately, standing on the front step in the open doorway. He was squeezing her arse with both hands. When she allowed him to breath again he said “You, are one hell of a fuck.”.

“Really…you really enjoyed fucking me?”

“Oh yes. I’ve wanted to get my cock in to you since we first met. I always wondered what you would be like, now I know. You are fantastic, thank you”

She beamed. “I enjoyed it too. You can have me again, if you want me. I want your cock in me again some time, some time soon.”

“Any time you want it, just call me.” Then, with a final lingering kiss and a squeeze of a tit, he walked off down the drive, turning occasionally to look back and wave. She stood there on the path, naked, waving and blowing kisses, heedless of any cars passing in the road, until he turned out of our driveway and was out if sight. She stood there for a moment and then took my arm and we walked into the house. She kissed me hard, then gathered her clothes and headed up the stairs. I stood and watched her arse wiggle as she headed up to the bedroom. Then I shut off the lights and followed her up, undressed and slid it to bed beside her. She hugged me tightly.

“God that was fantastic! I’ve never cum so many times, so quickly, in such a short time, or even that hard before. You have no idea how amazing it felt to have his cock fucking my cunt while you fucked my mouth. It’s something I have only ever dreamed about. I could see the lust on your face. It was sort of frightening and yet it got me so hot and wet that you were watching me and enjoying it. Was it what you wanted, did you get all the kicks you wanted watching me getting fucked?”

“I loved every second of it. I’ve dreamed of seeing you with your lips round another guys cock and of watching you spreading your legs and letting another guy slide his cock into your juicy cunt. It was better than I ever thought it could be. I could have spent hours watching and listening to you. Just knowing that it was you, knowing that my own, dear sexy wife was willingly doing all that, made me harder than I have ever been. The sounds you made were unbelievably animal, the way you kept looking at me with that hungry look on your face, all the time I was holding your legs wide as he fucked you, was out of this world”.

“You’d said, often enough, how wanted to watch me getting fucked, but I was scared that you might not really mean it, that you might get angry when I came in dressed like that. I thought you might stop me. But you just pulled my tits out. You still didn’t stop me when I started to suck him off and when I asked him if he wanted to fuck me you told him he could.

When you practically ripped my dress off me so I was naked, that was when I knew it would really be Ok. I wanted to put on a show for you. At least it started like that, but I just lost control, I just wanted to be fucked hard and the fucking was all that mattered. I didn’t think, I didn’t care. All I knew was that I just couldn’t stop, didn’t want to stop. When you took turns fucking me and it felt so good, so right. When you held my legs apart to help him fuck me deeper, that was fantastic.

Then, at the door, when he said I was ‘a hell of a fuck’, I couldn’t help myself. I was so happy. I’d enjoyed it all so much, it made me feel really, really hot. I hadn’t really meant to say he could do it again, it just came out. Then I realised what I’d said I felt so cheap especially as it is true, I really do want him to fuck me again. I’m sorry, so, so, sorry. Do you still love me, can you ever forgive me?”

“There’s nothing to forgive, I want to see him fucking you again. Does that make you feel better?“

“Now that I know you’re really Ok with it, I feel on top of the world.”. She went silent and blushed crimson then, after a long pause she blurted out “

She bit her lip. “I have a confession about tonight……well tonight wasn’t an accident. I’ve been planning it for months. Years ago, when you first said you wanted to watch someone fuck me, I was hurt, shocked and disgusted, that you could ever imagine me doing something like that - well you know what a prude I used to be. But the more you talked about it, the more I realised that no, it wasn’t disgusting. It was exciting, thrilling, and I actually wanted it. It became my fantasy too and I’d got to the point where I desperately wanted to live out, I wanted to feel another man’s cock inside me while you watched. But I wasn’t sure if I could actually do it.

I was almost certain, from all the times we talked about it, and how turned on you got, that you did, really, want to watch me being used. Deciding who it would be was easy. Bob’s always ogling my tits Every time he’s here we flirt so much and things get really smutty, there’s always such a buzz to it and it makes me horny, so horny, at times, that I just want to rip off my clothes, lay down with my legs wide and have him fuck me. I wanted it to happen, I needed it so badly.

Last Christmas when I was snogging him and he was getting a good feel of my tits, I felt his cock go hard to my touch. After that night, I was fairly sure that he wanted to go a whole lot further. The way he fondled my tits and the hardness of his cock told me he wanted me. That was such a turn on. I know you want me but that’s different, I’m married to you. I’m short and fat. Ok I’ve got big tits but they’re saggy and nowhere near as pert as they were. But he really wanted me. I made him hard and the thought that I could do that to another man was such a turn on. I’ve wanted to get his cock inside me ever since.

So, I decided that tonight, when he came around, I’d get drunk, to help me to get up the courage, and to give me an excuse if things went wrong. I had the clothes and make up ready in the spare room. I had everything planned, a sort of birthday present to myself. I aimed to be fucked by both of you, come what may.

But I also feel bad because I started off just wanting to put on a show for you, but I quickly realised that I really wanted to be used and I enjoyed being used by you both. For fucks sake I’m 39, married and fat. I shouldn’t feel like that. But I did, I still do. It made me feel cheap, sexy, dirty and horny all at once. I love that feeling. I never thought I’d ever feel like that. I want it again, so much.

My only worry now is that you won’t trust me anymore. That, after what I did and what I’ve just told you, you’ll think I’ll start fucking him while you’re on business trips, ‘cos I won’t, I love you, I always will. I’m yours and only yours. I just hope you’ll believe me and will trust me after this.

“Of course, I trust you. I mean, you’ve always trusted me when I’ve been working away for weeks at a time so why shouldn’t I trust you too? Tonight, was amazing and I want it to happen again as well. As for other men wanting you, I know several guys who’ve commented on your tits and about how sexy you are. Some of them would probably jump at the chance to fuck you”.


“Yes really"

She hugged me tight, smiling There was a hunger in her voice as she very quietly asked. “So I can do it again, you’ll let me?

“Of course I will, I’ve just said I want to see you getting fucked again. I don’t think I could ever tire of watching it”.

She smiled “You know it’s kind of kinky and wrong that you can say you will enjoy watching other men fucking me. A loving husband should want his wife all for himself, he shouldn’t want her being used by someone else. I should feel hurt by it, but I don’t, it really excites me. I loved the look on your face, the way you fucked me after he’d had me. I want it again. I’ll fuck your mates if you want me to I’ll fuck anyone you chose - just so long as you’re there, I’ll only ever do it if you’re there”.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Looking me hard in the eyes and smiling, she said “Yes, I’m sure. Oh God I want it so much! Tonight was such a buzz. I want to be used. I want to be fucked by other men while you watch. I want your you to take turns using me, any way you want. I want cocks, lots of hard cocks fucking me ‘til my cunt aches”. She realised what she had just said and reddened. “God, what am I saying? That makes me sound such a slut but, considering what I’ve done and said already tonight, I couldn’t be anything else" She started to laugh. "You’ve got your wish, I’ve finally become the slut and whore always wanted me to be and, you know, I’m glad.”. She hugged me and, whispered “Thank you. I love you so much, I’m yours, all yours and always will be.”


After that night, it became a regular thing with Bob, every few weeks. I also started to suss out some of my mates.

Then, one evening as we were laying in bed, she asked “Have you found out if any of your mates want to fuck me?”

“Yes, there’s about five of them I’d trust. What about it?”

She got really excited at this “Really? Five other guys who want to fuck me? God, that’s so hot. Well, your cock hungry slut is ready. I’m open for business. Start inviting them over. But not all at once. I’m not quite ready for a gang bang……at least not yet. We’ll maybe save that for my next birthday. It’d be a hell of a way to celebrate turning 40.”

Now, most Sunday afternoons see her in a state of excitement and preparation because, in the evening she will be entertaining at least one of my mates. She always dresses in something sexy and revealing at the outset but, if it’s something that will get in the way, she’ll make sure she’s naked before the fucking starts, as she knows I like to get a good view of the action. Besides Bob, there are now six others who regularly fuck her. There are others, but not regulars. I bring home the occasional work colleague, in town for the night. She has even joined me for the odd night on a couple of business trips and ‘entertained’ a chosen few of my clients.

Oh, and that next birthday? Yes, she had her first (though by no means her last) gang bang and was royally fucked by eight of us. As a present, and to commemorate the event, they bought her a studded collar that says ‘WHORE’ on it, which she wears with pride whenever she is ‘entertaining’.

Everyone is happy. She, because she is regularly getting all the cock she wants – at her last count it was 44 different guys (she keeps a record – I never bothered) and she wants to make it 50 by her 45th birthday. My mates, because she’s always eager and will readily do things, or allow them to do things to her, that their wives or girlfriends would never allow. Me, because she is happy and because I get to regularly watch and acting like a whore. Over the last five years I’ve had the pleasure of watching my once prudish, prim and proper wife getting fucked several hundred times.

She has become a happy and willing whore. What makes it even better, is the fact that all the rest of our friends and neighbors still think she still so very respectable and proper.


2020-03-06 05:11:03
A good story with great detail and all. You had some spelling mistakes that interrupted the flow of the story. You might want to have someone proof read before you post. keep up the good work.

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