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These stories are all fantasy. Don't try to turn fantasies into reality and ruin people's lives.

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Alicia Morgan awoke early, her eyes immediately going to the sexy man laying next to her. Her son, Alex, who had recently become her lover and master, looked so sexy laying there. She couldn't believe how she had missed him becoming this incredibly strong, powerful, gorgeous man. "Well, at least we're making up for it now", she thought, thinking about the last several days.

He had fucked every hole she had, several times, with that huge dick of his. And then, yesterday, her friend Monica had discovered their relationship. She had been shocked at first, but it quickly turned into arousal. And then Monica had joined the Alicia and Alex in the living room, where Alex had given her the best orgasm she had ever had.

Alicia could feel her pussy getting wet as she thought about yesterday and then she remembered her new rules. Well, one rule in particular. Alex had told her that she was supposed to wake him up with one of her holes on his dick.

She bit her lip as she pulled the blanket down, revealing the best dick she had ever experienced. Even soft, as it was now, it was about seven inches long. Alicia crawled down the bed and began licking her son's shaft. Her hands move up and down his phallus as she ran her tongue over the head.

It didn't take long before Alex's body started responding to her attention. His dick grew longer and rock hard, giving her a feeling of power. She loved that she had this effect on him, even in his sleep.

Once he was fully hard, Alicia straddled her son, her dripping wet cunt directly above his dick. She grabbed his shaft and lowered herself onto it, moaning as she felt it filling and stretching her pussy. As Alicia started riding her son, he began to stir in his sleep.

Alicia moaned as Alex subconsciously began to thrust upward. She loved how perfect his dick felt inside her, as if she had made him so she could serve his dick. Then she got an idea. Alicia knew how much Alex loved her ass and she wanted him to wake up in the best mood possible.

She lifted off of his shaft, his dick slick with her juices. She adjusted so that her ass was above his dick. Alicia took a deep breath and did her best to relax as she spread her ass cheeks and lowered herself, feeling his large dickhead pressing against her anus.

Alicia pushed downward, feeling her asshole open to accept her son's cock. A shock of pain went through her as she forced herself to go deeper. She could feel her ass stretching wider than she thought possible, taking her son's huge dick deep into her bowels.

A wave of pleasure washed over Alicia as she felt her son's groin pressing against her ass cheeks, his entire shaft deep inside her. She was very happy that she could take his dick like this. It was very large and had caused him problems with young bitches at his college. But she could take it, she made him happy. And that knowledge made Alicia feel very proud of herself.

After a moment, Alicia started sliding up Alex's large pole, then back down again. She did this, slowly, several times, until she felt her ass loosen a little. Then she began to ride her son vigorously, bouncing on his shaft. Her large, perky tits bounced each time she slid back down, her ass making contact with his pubic bone.

"Mmm, what a sexy sight", Alex moaned and Alicia looked down at him. "I'm glad I please you, sir", Alicia said, moaning from the pleasure of her son's dick buried in her ass. Alex sat up, his mother shifting as he changed position. "Mmm, good choice", he said as he squeezed her ass cheeks.

"Thank you sir", Alicia said. "I know how much you like my ass and I thought that it would feel good on your dick." "It does feel good", Alex said. "But now, I'm going to really fuck you." Alex lifted his mother up and off his dick and tossed her onto the bed.

Alicia quickly got on her hands and knees, eager to feel Alex ramming his dick inside her. He didn't take long to oblige. Alex spread his mother's ass cheeks, lined his dick up with her gaping hole, and shoved his shaft inside. Alicia screamed out in pleasure, forcing down the orgasm that tried to erupt from her cunt.

Alex moaned as he shoved his cock into his mother's ass over and over again. He loved how her tight hole squeezed his shaft, as if it were trying to milk the cum from him. His balls slapped against her wet slit as he pounded her from behind. He could already feel his orgasm building from all the pleasure his mother had been giving him while he slept.

"I'm getting ready to cum, slut. When I do, then you may cum", Alex said as he thrust deep inside his sexy mother. Alicia breathed a sigh of relief, glad that she wouldn't have to hold back much longer. There was a certain sexiness, a masochistic pleasure in denying yourself an orgasm. But the longer she held it in, the harder it became. And she definitely didn't want to lose control and displease her master.

Alex sped up his thrusts, going fast and hard, his dick ramming deep inside his mother's asshole. As he felt his orgasm erupt, he thrust as deep as he could. His dick spammed as cum erupted deep inside his mother's anus, filling her to overflowing.

As Alicia felt her son's warm jizz pulsing within her, she let go. It felt like an explosion of pleasure, colors exploding behind her eyes as an intense orgasm tore through her. Her back arched and she screamed out her pleasure for all to hear.

Alex held his mother's hips for several moments, until both of them came down from the height of their pleasure. As he released her, his dick slid from her asshole, cum leaking out and running down her leg. Alicia quickly turned around and, almost as if by instinct, took his dick in her mouth.

The tart flavor of her asshole, mixed with the salty flavor of his cum, was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted. If asked to describe it, she would have said it tasted like the nectar of the gods. Alicia sucked her son's dick clean, running her tongue over every inch of it.

Once she was done, Alicia leaned back and looked up at Alex. She could see the pleasure in his eyes, pleasure she had caused, and she felt very proud of herself. "Good girl", Alex said, stroking her hair and then kissing her forehead.

"Now, go and make breakfast for me. I have a surprise for you", Alex told her as he got up. He disappeared into the bathroom to shower, getting cleaned up for the day. Alicia headed downstairs, her asshole full of her son's cum, her heart full happiness.


Half an hour later, Alex sat at the table, eating the eggs and bacon his mother had made for him. Alicia was on her knees under the table, happily licking her son's balls while she stroked his cock. After he finished eating, Alex stood and put his dishes in the sink.

"Get on the table, slut", he commanded and Alicia quickly obeyed, loving the feeling of being so exposed. Alex walked over to his mother, completely aroused by her sexy body. He rubbed his dick up and down her dripping wet slit, his shaft slick with her saliva. Then he slid his cock inside his mother's cunt.

Alicia cried out in pleasure as she felt her son's dick filling her cunt once more. She still couldn't believe that she could take it all, but she was happy that she could. As Alex started slowly sliding his dick in and out of his mother's pussy, he looked down at her.

"I mentioned that I have a surprise for you", he said and Alicia looked up at him. It was difficult to concentrate with the intense feelings of pleasure coming from the gash between her legs, but she managed to form a few words. "Yes, master", she moaned as she felt his shaft rubbing against her g-spot.

"Well, after I fill you up, we're going shopping", Alex said, groaning as he thrust deep inside her. "We are", Alicia asked, not sure that she had heard right. "Yes. I'm going to buy you a few sexy outfits, that you can wear when we leave the house. And then we are going to a bdsm store. I'm going to need some things, now that I have a slave", Alex said.

Alicia's eyes grew wide as she heard this. "What kind of things", she asked. She had heard stories of whips, chains, and hooks and she wasn't sure she was ready for all of that. "It's a surprise", Alex said. "But trust me, I won't make you do anything you're not ready for."

Alicia nodded and relaxed, going back to enjoying her pussy being pounded. It didn't take long before the conversation had left her mind, replaced by the all consuming pleasure of Alex's dick ramming into her. His testicles slapped against her taint as his shaft buried deep inside her again and again.

Alex loved how amazing his mother's cunt felt on his cock. It fit like a glove, squeezing with the perfect amount of pressure to give Alex the ultimate pleasure. Add that to the taboo thrill of fucking the very pussy that had given birth to him and it was like a mental orgasm to him.

He reached up and grabbed his mother's large tits, squeezing and pulling them as he fucked her hard and fast. The pain of Alex pulling on her breasts sent Alicia into the atmosphere, pleasure exploding through her. She moaned constantly, her pussy throbbing, her imminent orgasm threatening to explode from within her.

Alex could tell that his mother couldn't hold back much longer. "Cum, slut", he said and the words pushed Alicia over the edge. She screamed out her pleasure as pussy juice flowed from her gash, soaking Alex and the table she was laying on.

His mother's convulsing pussy pushed Alex into his own orgasm. He flooded his mother's forbidden womb with his young, virile seed. He pumped his sperm deep inside her, filling her womb.

Their mutual orgasms lasted several moments before they began to fade. Alex pulled his dick from his mother's pussy and helped her to her feet, holding her until she felt steady. "I'll clean up the table", Alex said, indicating the large puddle of pussy juice. Alicia blushed and giggled a little. "You go take a shower and put on the dress you kept", Alex said as he kissed his mother. "Yes sir", Alicia answered and hurried upstairs.

Alex quickly wiped the table off and then headed toward the stairs, going to grab his wallet and keys. Suddenly he heard a knock at the door. He went and opened it, finding himself face to face with an older man in a suit. His face quickly dropped as he spoke. "Hi dad", Alex said.

To be continued...
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