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An evening thesis celebration turns into an all-nighter.
Maisy was a Boston Irish girl, brown curly hair, faint freckles and an open personality that anyone liked immediately. Harriet, Maisy’s best friend, was a gorgeous but more reserved woman. I always thought that Harriet had trouble coming to terms with her effect on men. I taught both girls in several classes, although not at the same time. By senior year, I advised both of their research projects. Harriet looked exactly like a particular movie idol of the day (if I say which, anyone from the school will know who she is and who I am). The resemblance was so striking that Harriet was asked for autographs on occasion.

I lusted after both of them, but for most of their time at school, our interactions were strictly business. Maisy, however, being the more mischievous of the two, often sprinkled our interactions with some suggestive wordplay. She often asked when we were going to “eat tacos” together, with a sly grin on her face. Another time I was discussing a dish I had in Asia, saying that “it tasted better than it smelled,” to which Maisy remarked “That is true about so many things,” spreading her legs almost imperceptively as she spoke. Maisy wore a variety of loose cotton tops to my office, not buttoned all the way up and always braless, even though her breasts were large enough to warrant some support. More than a few times Maisy leaned in in such a way as to let me see her fine young breasts.

Harriet graduated first, and every man on campus was sad to see her leave. Maisy was a year behind, but totally crushed her academic program. After successfully defending her senior project before the department faculty, I invited her out for a drink and maybe dinner to celebrate the completion of her degree requirements, a practice I had with Harriet the year before and all of my senior advisees. Before coming to meet me, Maisy went home and changed into one of those flouncy dresses that gathered below the bust and then were ridiculously short. The relaxed style of the dress fit Maisy perfectly. Maisy was the kind of person who everyone opened up to immediately, and I was no exception, especially after a couple of scotches. We swapped stories about other students and faculty, mostly classroom related. But soon Maisy steered the conversation toward the sexual rumors about particular faculty members.

“So is it true that Professor Douglas has married three former students?” Maisy asked. Ed Douglas was in the math department and nearing retirement. But in the time I knew him, he got older, but successive wives remained in their mid-20s.

“That’s what I hear,” I replied cautiously, not wanting to engage in idle gossip about a colleague. “I’ve met his wives over the years, and they do seem to be on the young side. His current wife has to be 30-40 years younger than he is. Everyone thinks she is his daughter.”

“He must have something going on, to attract such younger woman.”

“I suppose,” I said noncommittally. “The fact he is on number three suggests that these women discover pretty quickly that they made a mistake.”

“Or he wore them out,” Maisy said with a grin. “But I wondered why he would marry them?”

“What do you mean? Maybe they loved each other at the time.” I protested.

“Maybe,” she mused. “But don’t most professors just fuck their students?”

“I suppose,” I said uneasily, lifting my jaw off the table. Maisy and I didn’t really talk like this. I really wanted to change the subject. “You hear a lot of stuff, not necessarily true.”

“Well, girls know that there are professors who you do not want to be alone with in their offices. Or anywhere else,” Maisy enlightened me. “Some of you professors are real horndogs.

“Oh, I hadn’t heard that,” I lied slightly, hoping my name was not on that list. Maisy’s expression in response was “yeah, right.”

“It’s kind of mutually beneficial, I guess. Lots of girls have ‘Fuck a professor’ on their college bucket lists.”

“Well, it is good to have aspirations, I suppose,” I mused. For once I thought I could wrest control of the narrative from Maisy. “So did you complete your college bucket list?” I asked laconically.

Maisy blushed bright red against her pale skin. “No!” she protested. “I wouldn’t have that on my bucket list!” As she often did, Maisy regained her composure and turned the tables on me, “So professor, when was the last time you helped a student complete her bucket list?”

Now it was my turn to blush. I was woefully outmatched.

“Oh now Maisy I am not that kind of guy. I wouldn’t just fuck any student who expressed an interest in doing so.”

“Oh but you would fuck some students, no?” Damn, she backed me into a rhetorical corner, and her smile said she knew she had done it. She was great at getting what she wanted out of a conversation.

“Maisy, it is very personal, but I will tell you because I consider you my friend. When my wife left me suddenly, I was angry and confused. I thought that mindless, NSA sex would help me get over my loss. For a couple of months there I was fucking anything that moved. My dog even got nervous around me,” I tried to lighten my remarks a bit.

“Oh professor, I am not trying to pry…”

“I know, Maisy, but you asked a valid question and I will tell you my adult answer.” I proceeded, choosing my words carefully. “While it would have been easy to do, I never slept with a student in that period. It would have been an abuse of my position. But there are some townie singles bars I can never show my face in.”

We both laughed a bit at my awkward joke. “But I learned from that experience that I wasn’t into the kind of mindless, purely physical sex, the kind I imagine that my colleagues engage in with their students. I am not saying I would never have sex with a student, but if I did, it would have to be someone that I found interesting, someone I cared about and someone who I enjoyed being with as a person, not just a sex partner.”

“And a nice rack wouldn’t hurt…!” Maisy piped up with a laugh, her bright brown eyes shining.

“Maisy! I am being serious! Don’t kid about that.”

To my surprise, Maisy did get serious for a moment, “It does sound like you are describing me, no?”

“Yes I care about you, and I have since I’ve known you. And I greatly enjoy your company. But it is not like you would waste your time on an old man like me. We could play Ed Douglas and wife.” I really wanted to change the subject.

We laughed and dropped the subject. Some other students and faculty stopped by our table and we had another round, but then I was ready to go. I stood and was saying my goodbyes when Maisy asked if I could give her a ride home.

“It got cold tonight, and I have several blocks to walk. If you could drop me by my apartment I would appreciate it.”

“Sure, no problem.” We left fairly quickly, Maisy leading the way. I was checking out her ass as we walked through the door. The wind blew her dress against her ass and I noted that she appeared to have no underwear, or maybe a thong. Anyway.

Outside there was a strong wind. Maisy hugged herself and sidled up against me.

“Sorry, I’m freezing,” she apologized.

“It’s okay,” I said, “Here take my jacket.” I draped my jacket over he shoulders and kept may arm around her as we walked. She drew closer still and slid her arm around me. It felt nice.

“Professor, you know I was just kidding around tonight, right? I was actually touched that you opened up to me about your life experiences.”

“No worries, Maisy. I’m glad you feel comfortable enough with me to joke around like that. I’m sorry to unload my senior angst on you.”

We walked the rest of the way in silence, Maisy noticeably shivering as she hustled along beside me. I unlocked my car and opened the passenger door for her. Once Maisy was in her seat, I closed her door and got in on my side.

“Let’s get your seat warmer fired up, Maisy. Get some of that chill out.” I leaned over to switch on the seat warmer, and leaned in to embrace Maisy and stop her from shivering. As I slid my jacket off her shoulders to give her more body heat, my arm brushed against her braless nipple, rock hard and erect from the night chill. Maisy made a slight sound as I made contact with her breast. Half grunt, half moan, hard to describe.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that Maisy! I was trying to hug you to warm you up. I’m sorry.”

Maisy replied with her typically smart mouth, sexually suggestive banter, “Thanks for warming me up. I thought for a second you were trying to get me hot!”

“Ach, you are impossible, Ms. Maisy! Which way am I going?” I asked as we exited the parking lot.

“I am off-campus, in the Stansted Apartments over on Covington Road. It’s not far, turn right at the next light and then left at the third light. That’s Covington.”

“That’s a bit of a hike to campus,” I noted. “Why do you live so far from campus?”

“There is good bus service, and my roommate has a car that I can use so it’s not too bad. She went home yesterday which is why I didn’t have a car to come meet you. Get out of the student slums and the apartments are nicer and your neighbors aren’t all bros. Worth the trouble.”

Maisy was right, her apartment wasn’t far from the bar, and we arrived in just a few minutes. I was bidding her good night when Maisy interrupted me.

“Can you come in for awhile? I want to have another drink to warm me up and I hate to drink alone. As I said, my roommate is back home already.”

“I have an early day tomorrow,” I said, still not certain what Maisy had in mind and not wanting to get too optimistic too soon. “But I can come in for a quickie.”

Maisy got her mischievous smile again, but spared me. “I am not even going to touch that straight line.”

“Thanks,” I said. “Poor choice of words.” We walked arm in arm across the parking lot and up the stairs to her apartment door.

“I warn you, it is kind of messy. Finals and all that. Plus my roommate is a slob.”

The apartment did not disappoint. Fast food containers, books, papers and the odd piece of clothing or underwear were strewn about the place; on the furniture or on the floor. Maisy started picking up some of the detritus, clearing places to sit or set down drinks.

“Let me pick up while you find the drinks,” I offered.

“Good idea. Bourbon or tequila?”

“Depends,” I said. “Are we sipping or doing shots? And is it good tequila?”

Maisy came back in the room as I was moving stacks of books from the table and the faux marble counter onto the floor. She had a bottle of Cuervo Gold, the student standby, and a couple of shot glasses.

“I finished college today, so it is shots. And after a couple shots we won't care whether this is good tequila or not.”

“You make an excellent point,” I answered. I sat down on the recently cleared couch and Maisy plopped down close next to me. She poured two shots and handed one to me.

“What should we toast first?” she asked?

“To my favorite student!” I offered.

“I’ll drink to that,” Maisy agreed, and we did.

We went through four or five shots each in short order, toasting each other, the college, the mascot and even Ed Douglas and his underaged wives. On the next shot, Maisy was feeling the effects a bit more than me and missed her mouth, pouring half the shot down her chin, onto her chest where it ran quickly between her breasts.

“Oh crap!” Maisy exclaimed. “What a freaking mess!” she mumbled as she pulled her wet dress top away from her skin.

Feeling the tequila myself, I forgot my age and my position, blurting out the juvenile riposte, “Oh, I can clean that up for you!” We both sort of paused and got quiet for a few seconds, letting my words sort themselves out in our minds.

“Uh, er…let me get a paper towel,” I mumbled, trying to recover some decorum. I began to stand to get the towel.

“No…don’t bother with the paper towel,” Maisy said, her trademark mischievous grin returning to her face. Instead of pulling the material away from her skin, she pulled her dress top down, revealing her wet cleavage. “We don’t want to waste the tequila.”

I’d like to say that I weighed the pros and cons of the situation, but I didn’t. I leaned in and put my tongue deep between her breasts and licked up to her neck. I repeated this long lick several times until all traces of the tequila were gone. Maisy’s breathing was noticeably heavier. I finished the last tongue journey by grabbing a handful of her hair and kissing her hard on the mouth, giving her a taste of the tequila that moments before had been running down her chest.

When we’d released from our embrace, Maisy whispered, “Pour me another shot.” I turned to oblige. When I turned back to hand it to her, I saw that the smile was back on her face, but she had slipped her dress off of her shoulders and pulled it down, exposing her young, firm breasts, C-cup, maybe a D. I handed her the shot glass.

“Professor, I have another job for you.” I was speechless, staring at her pretty young breasts. “I need you to clean up some other spills.” Keeping eye contact the entire time, she dipped her finger into the tequila, and rubbed it slowly and sensually around her left nipple. When her nipple was wet, she licked her finger and told me, “You need to clean that up too.”

I leaned over and licked her nipple, flicked it with my tongue and sucked into my mouth. It was rock hard in my mouth, just like it had felt on my arm a short time ago. For the first time, Maisy began to moan softly. Her legs spread a few inches more and I could feel her hips begin to grind against the fabric of the couch.

“Bite it. Hard.” Maisy whispered and I obliged. I bit her nipple harder than I had planned to.

“Ooh, oh, ow!!!” Maisy exclaimed, undoubtedly from the pain of my bite.

“Ow! ow!” Maisy hissed, “Yeah, do it like that. Definitely.”

While I was enjoying her left nipple, she was rubbing the right nipple with tequila, and ordered me to clean that one too. I happily complied, leaving her right nipple hard and fully erect. The smell of her undoubtedly wet pussy began to permeate the air in her living room. I do love the smell of fuck!!

As I was alternately kissing her mouth and licking her nipples, I slid my hand up her loose-fitting dress, along her inner thigh. I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy before I had touched her. My fingers found her shaved pussy, already dripping wet. No underwear. No wonder this girl was cold, she wore nothing more than a thin cotton dress that couldn’t have weighed more than a couple ounces. I slid my finger along the inner folds of her pussy lips, wet and slippery. Maisy caught her breath when my finger slid across her protruding clit. I let my finger return to the spot and trace circles around and across that throbbing knob of warm flesh.

“Ohhhhh, yes, please, that feels so…ohhhh,” was all that Maisy could muster. I slid my hand farther down her slit until I slid two wet fingers up inside her.

“Mmmmm…ahhh…” Maisy thrusted forward with her hips, taking my fingers deeper inside her tight pussy. I licked and bit her nipples while I finger fucked her tight wet cunt a bit harder with each stroke. Maisy’s back arched and her hands grabbed at the couch cushions, anything from this world to hold onto. She was riding my fingers now, taking control of her own, impending orgasm.

“Bite me”…she murmured as the moment drew closer. “Bite my tit…hard.” I obliged. “Ow ow ow mmmmmahhh!” she gasped as the waves of orgasm took over her body. We kissed, and as our lips parted, I saw Maisy had the glassy-eyed look of someone who had just cum hard.

“I need you over in the kitchen,” I said pulling her to her feet. I lifted her dress off over her head and threw it aside. Maisy’s pale Irish skin practically glowed in the dim light of the room. I took her hand and led her towards the kitchen.

“But what about you? I want you…” Maisy protested.

“We have all night, but I’m taking what I want first.” I lifted her up onto the counter top. I almost cried at how light she was.

“What am I doing?” she asked.

“Just lay back on the counter and relax.” She did as she was told. I bent over the counter, spread her legs and wrapped them around my neck. I started slow, gently licking her juices from her glistening pussy lips. Maisy groaned as her hips ground into my face. Next I concentrated on her nicely sized clit, licking across it roughly with the flat of my tongue and lower lip. Maisy gasped with each stroke as her hips bucked at my touch. Having brought her to the brink of orgasm, I slowed down, licked circles around her clit as her moaning became softer but more insistent. Soon she couldn’t stand it any longer, and she grabbed my hair and pushed my face roughly into her crotch. I responded by sucking her clit into my mouth and running my tongue and lips rapidly around the length and over the tip of her clit.

Maisy’s whole body began to twitch as if hit with electric current. “Uhhh…uhhh…ahhh…okay…un-huh…please,” random words and sounds came out of her mouth until she thrust herself into my mouth with a muscular rush as she arched her back and screamed loudly as she came in my mouth for the first time.

“Oh my God,” she whispered as her head fell back to the counter and she released her death grip on my hair. “That was wonderful. I didn’t think I could cum like that, cum that hard. I am drained. Could you do that again?”

I laughed at her non-sequitur, grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her towards my mouth again. “I can…!”

“But I want you to cum!”

“Oh I will cum, don’t worry about me. You have a big load of cum in your future. But I am nowhere near done with you.” With that, I thrust two fingers into her cunt, searching for that spongy feeling G-spot. While my fingers stroked her spot, my mouth closed around her clit again and began to roll it around in my mouth.

“Oh, yeah…” Maisy luxuriated in the sensations emanating from her clit. “But I don’t think I can cum again.”

“I’ll bet you a week of blow jobs that you can,” I answered, as I went to work on her delicious body.

“Ha! I’ve lost that bet already. I was already planning on blowing you every day in your office.”

“Then you have nothing to lose,” I said, lifting my head from her pussy momentarily. I pushed my fingers against her G-spot and Maisy let out a yelp.

“God! Yeah. Do that again.” I obliged, but I also flicked the tip of my tongue back and forth across her clit at the same time, making Maisy’s whole body shudder in anticipation.

“Shit, yeah. I am going to cum again. Oh yeah. Fuck.” Maisy’s smart mouth and snappy retorts were gone. I owned her pussy and I held all of her desires in that hard clit in my mouth. I synchronized my fingering of her pussy with my sucking on her clit. When the orgasm hit, she practically leaped off the counter.

“Holy fuck! How…what…wow?” Maisy fell back on the counter, practically gasping for air.

“Come on, get off the counter and bend over.” I ordered.

“I don’t think I can stand. My legs are weak.”

I helped her off the counter and leaned her against the kitchen counter. Maisy watched as I opened my pants, kicked them off my feet, and dropped my underwear, allowing my stiff cock to bounce out of my shorts. Maisy said nothing, but I could see her bite her lower lip.

“There’s another bet I lose,” she said idly.

“What do you mean?” I said, stroking my shaft to full erection.

“Harriet bet me that you had a large cock,” she said, wrapping her fingers around my cock and pulling.

“Mmm. Yeah,” I said, enjoying the sensation. “Two things.” I said, briefly coming back to my senses. “First, you and Harriet bet on the size of my cock? Second, you bet it was small? I’m crushed. Okay, three, how were you planning on settling the bet?”

“Well, truth be told, Harriet wanted to fuck you badly. She loves sex, but never screwed up the courage to try to fuck you. But, whatever the bet, I have never been happier to lose in my life. And we just settled the bet,” she said, cupping my balls in her other hand as she rubbed my cock harder. I reached out and squeezed her breasts, pulling and twisting her nipples in the process. Maisy groaned quietly at the torture of her nipples. But she didn’t tell me to stop.

The counter was kind of too high, but the bar stools at the counter were just the right height. I turned Maisy around and bent her over the faux suede bar stool. I didn’t waste any time, placing the head of my cock between her pussy lips. Maisy spread her legs a bit farther to give me access and then took me inside her slippery wet pussy

with a single thrust of her hips. It felt amazing.

“Whoa! Oh yeah…” I muttered as I found myself balls deep in her cunt, my hips pressing against her ass. “Come on, fuck me Maisy!” Her hips started gyrating, sliding me slowly in and out of her young tight pussy. I matched the rhythm of her hips with my thrusting and soon our bodies were banging together with a loud slapping sound of skin against skin. We were both panting and moaning and grunting at the rush of sensations. Maisy came hard pretty quickly and reached between her legs to play with her clit while I slammed her pussy. She came a second time in short order.

“Yessss…come on…yes…yes…YES!!” Her body shuddered all over with the force of her orgasm. I had to slow my thrusting to almost nothing to keep from dumping my load in her pussy right then. I had other plans. I saw an open tub of butter on the table within reach. I stuck two fingers in the butter and scooped out a fair dollop.

I slowly slid my cock out of Maisy’s awesome pussy while we caught our breath. Not knowing what I was doing, Maisy looked back over her shoulder in time to see me smearing the butter around the head of my cock and down the shaft. The quizzical look on her face disappeared when I retrieved another fingerful of butter and she felt me smear it around the rim of her asshole and sliding my finger partway inside to lubricate that part too. Maisy said nothing but crossed her arms on the back of the barstool and put her head down like a child about to get a spanking or a shot. I thought I should ask if she had ever done anal and if she wanted to do it now. But I wanted her ass badly, she knows what’s coming and she made no move to stop me, so why spoil the mood? Maisy’s body tensed noticeably when she felt the head of my cock against her asshole. I grabbed her hips and pushed, to no avail. She was pushing back, but her hole was too tight. I took a handful of her long brown hair and pulled hard as I pushed the tip of my cock against her anal sphincter.

“Just relax Maisy. Let it happen,” I tried to calm any anxieties she may have been feeling. After several seconds of hard pressure, her asshole began to give way and I watched the tip of my cock disappear inside her. Maisy didn’t budge, but she emitted some of the guttural, primal grunts that one makes when their asshole is being violated. I worked the entire head of my cock into her asshole, then just worked it back and forth a bit to let her sphincter relax a bit. I put some more butter in the crack of her ass, right above her asshole, so it would drip down and lubricate my cock during the ass fucking to come. I pulled her hair hard as I pushed my cock the rest of the way inside her ass, all the way until my balls bounced against her pussy.

“Mmmm….ohhh…ohhh…mmm! That really hurts…in a good way. Fuck me Professor.” Maisy moaned as my cock filled her rectum.

“I’m in now,” I said, “Just relax.” I slowly began to slide the length of my shaft in and out of her asshole, never pulling out completely. Maisy’s hips began to move in rhythm, pushing her ass onto my cock. The grunts became moans, and I saw her slide a finger between her legs as my cock continued to stretch her asshole. The butter helped immensely, making my cock and the walls of her asshole slick and slippery.

Suddenly Maisy stops gyrating and turns her head to look at me. “You promised me a big load of cum and that you would give me all you’ve got. Now prove it.” She slammed her ass onto my cock and kept fucking me harder and harder, not worrying about anything else. I love ass sex, hot and nasty and wrong, but Maisy was fantastic. She kept pushing her ass onto my cock while playing with her clit. I grabbed her hips and stopped them from gyrating onto my cock. I pulled all the way out of her tight ass, and Maisy looked quizzically back over her shoulder. I took control of her asshole, slamming my cock hard into her ass.

“Ahhhh! Oh, shit…what…?” Maisy mumbled as I continued to pull all the way out and shoving my cock violently back into her ass. It was so beyond words, I was speechless myself.

“Uhhh…uhhh…yeah…uhhhh…fuck…” Talking was not on our minds. Maisy was stroking her clit, moaning and cumming with abandon as my cock violated her ass repeatedly. I was trying as hard as I ever tried to hold off shooting my load, but there was no avoiding it now. I was planning on filling her ass but I had a last second change of plans. I withdrew from her anus and pulled her brown hair hard.

“Knees,” I commanded. Maisy was quick to obey. With her head in one hand and my cock in the other, I pushed my cock toward her mouth. Maisy’s eyes widened a little and she hesitated just a second before opening her mouth and accepting my ass-coated cock. Almost instantly my cock began to pulse and drop thick streams of cum in her mouth and down the back of her throat. She gagged a bit but kept me in her mouth as I continued to fill her mouth with my seed.

“Oh fuck Maisy! That’s it. Take it all baby. Let me see you swallow it all.” She looked up at me as a thin stream of cum escaped from a corner of her mouth. She squeezed my balls, setting off a last gasp of orgasm that pulsed into her warm mouth. She sucked the last drops out of my member and released my rapidly deflating cock from her mouth. She smiled up at me and I could hear a loud swallowing sound as my load of cum disappeared down her throat.

We both caught our breath for a few seconds before I helped Maisy to her feet. We kissed deeply, her tongue giving me a taste of my jizz as it slid into my mouth. She also had a faint taste of her ass in her mouth when we kissed. She knelt one more time and cleaned my cock with her tongue, like a child licking a popsicle.

“Let’s go lie down,” she said, guiding me to her bedroom. Her bed was strewn with clothes but we didn’t care as we collapsed onto the bed and disappeared into each other’s arms.

“Maisy, there are no words. It was beyond amazing. Wow. Thank you.”

“Yeah, I wasn’t too bad, was I?” I could detect Maisy’s sassmouth reappearing now that the deed is done. “That was a couple of firsts for me.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, not catching on at first.

“Well, let’s see…that’s the first time anyone came inside me…my mouth.”

“Whoa, wait a minute,” I stopped her. “Don’t tell me you never had sex before.”

“Oh I have been naked with quite a few men, and they have been in my mouth and pussy, but I never let them cum inside me. I make them finish by jacking off on my tits or on my face if I like them.”

“I don’t believe it. Nobody ever forced the issue and refused to pull out?”

“Only you, professor,” she let that stew for a few seconds. “But I didn’t ask you to stop. I wanted it.”

“Good. I never want to make you do something you don’t want to. I guess I came close. What other firsts did we achieve?”

“Well, it was the first time anyone came in my mouth and I swallowed cum for the first time.

“That’s another surprise to me. You sure didn’t act like it was your first time either taking it in the mouth or swallowing it. You didn’t miss a beat.”

She smiled mischievously, “Beginner’s luck.”

“Hardly. What was your third first? Bucket list?”

“Oh right!” she said, “I forgot. So that is number 4. Number 3 is no one has ever given it to me up the bum. That was a new experience.”

“Now I really don’t believe that. You didn’t wince, protest, pull away or hesitate at all. Even girls who love anal make some noise or tell you to go slow.”

“Well, aren’t you the voice of experience.” Maisy smiled her smile. “How much experience do you have, Professor?”

I ignored her taunt. “Well you were fantastic. If you’d never done this before, I feel sorry for the guy who is second or third to do that. You could kill him.”

“Professor, I was hoping you would be the second in a couple hours.”

“Yeah, I’m afraid I am too old for that. But you must have learned something somewhere.”

“Yeah well I got a lot of advice talking and watching Harriet. She knows what she is doing.”

“Harriet?? I don’t believe that she wanted to fuck me. You are just filled with surprises. I guarantee you that every man on campus believes that she is a virgin.”

“Yeah, she cultivates that image on campus, and for the most part it is true. Harriet is gorgeous, and she gets hit on every day, usually multiple times. She can’t go anywhere without a guy asking her for her number or giving her his number. But she avoids the bros on campus. She thinks that boys view her as a trophy to bang, not a potential girlfriend. She is probably right. So she is reluctant to date college boys because they will just talk about the experience to their friends and disappear. She doesn’t date really at all.”

“That is understandable I suppose. I do hear boys talking about her as everyone walks down the hall. It must be awful for her,” I offered. “But how does she know enough about sex to educate you about anything?”

“I shouldn’t be telling you this,” Maisy leaned in, “But she graduated last year so it can’t do any harm.” My curiosity was killing me.

“The thing with Harriet is that when she decided to go for it, she went nuts for sex. And as you might imagine, she had plenty of volunteers.”

“I’m not sure what your getting at,” I said, bemoaning in my head that I wasn’t thinking clearly, a direct result of shooting a month’s supply of testosterone into Maisy’s stomach.

“Once every month or two, Harriet has had enough and says, ‘God didn’t make me look like this so I could sit at home. Tonight I am getting laid.’ With that she would dress up real slutty, and I mean REAL slutty. Cleavage almost to her navel, dress so short she can’t possibly sit down, and all in spandex or neoprene or something so it fits her like a glove. No bra, hard nips, you know the drill.”

“Actually no, but please don’t stop,” I said imagining where this was going. My fantasy, my rules.

“Harriet’s not gone long. She goes over to that strip of townie bars on 7th to meet men. She is on a mission and she is a doll so this goes quickly. Harriet picks anyone she wants and the sell is easy. Half hour later she is back in the apartment with one guy, sometimes two or three. A couple of quick drinks and everyone is naked, not me, and it gets nasty. If it’s just one guy, he may get a complete tour of Harriet’s holes, three guys take turns with them. It’s pretty hot to watch.”

“You’re just kidding, right? This is not the Harriet we both know.” I was stunned with disbelief. Not the image Harriet has on the college campus.

“I’m not. When Harriet goes she goes full nympho. Graduation weekend her parents drop her off here after dinner. She goes out and comes back with three men in about twenty minutes. Two or three shots and they are tied up in a moaning moving knot on the sofa, and the buzzer on the entry door buzzes. I’m in the kitchen just watching, so I go to answer the buzz, and its her parents! They are in the graduation mood so they went and bought a bottle of champagne to share with us. Harriet hears that, and she jumps up, runs to her room to grab a robe. The boys, not that bright, pick up all their clothes and throw them in the hall closet. Harriet comes out in her robe and shoos three naked, sweaty men into my bedroom and tells them not to leave. She sends me in to keep them quiet. I sit them on my bed and I sit in my desk chair. It is really awkward, because not only to the boys not know me, they don’t know each other! We can’t talk loudly, and I start to laugh because they are looking at each other’s dicks, comparing sizes.”

“Did you take care of them, so to speak?”

“Oh hell no. They were not there for the likes of me. Plus sitting with other naked men in a strange woman’s bed turns out is a super boner kill. You can look it up…”

“Haha…yeah, hard pass.”

“So it is going well and I have them quiet, but they were drinking beer at the bar and have to pee. I tell them they just have to hold it. They have no clothes in the room so they have to do something. They grab my two Nalgene bottles and relieve themselves in there. I can’t drink out of a brand new Nalgene anymore.”

I can’t stop laughing at the image of three naked men stretched across the bed we’re laying in. “Gee I hoped you changed the sheets.” We shared a laugh over that image.

“So what happened when her parents left?”

“It took a couple more tequila shots to get the mood back, but soon they were back on the couch, Harriet with one dick down her throat and another up her butt with bachelor number 3 stroking his cock and waiting his turn. They switched it up a few times, everybody getting a turn fucking Harriet’s holes, then she lines them up and finishes by blowing each of them and swallowing. She shoos them out and comes over and gets a snack of stinky cheese from the fridge and sits on the stool next to me, still naked and sweaty and eats her cheese. It’s a thing with her. She says that stinky cheese is the perfect snack when you still have the taste of cum in your mouth. Me? I poured a bowl of cereal and sat on a stool in the kitchen and watched.”

“So is that where you learned from Harriet? From watching her fucking men on the couch?”

“Yeah, mostly. Or in her bedroom. She liked me to watch. The guys, not so much. Sometimes one of them would break off and come over to me and tell me to suck their dick. I always refused. Although I often rubbed out a couple sitting here watching. Those stains on the stools? Yeah. Anyway, I learned what questions I wanted to ask. Learned what I wanted to do, what I would do and what I wouldn’t do.”

“Okay, I am getting aroused again just thinking of what those questions may have been.”


“If you tell me more of what Harriet did when you watched, you might get your wish about a second load of cum.”

“I can do better than tell you, I can show you. I took a lot of video of Harriet in action.” Maisy grabbed my dick and stroked it. “Feels like that might work, Professor!”

“Let’s do it! I’ll get more tequila…Do you have any popcorn?”

We grabbed a blanket from the bed, and went to the couch. The tequila was still on the coffee table. Maisy hooked up her phone to the TV while I got something to snack on from the kitchen. I even brought some stinky cheese so Maisy could test Harriet’s theory that strong cheese paired well with semen.

Maisy was paging through what seemed to be a large number of videos to choose from, verifying I guess Harriet’s status as sexually active. Maisy stopped on one video.

“This is a good one. Three guys and Harriet.” Her free hand was playing with my spent cock. She felt my cock stirring to life as I visualized hot Harriet in a foursome. Maisy looked at me with a lascivious grin. “Feels like that works for you, Professor.” I blushed and said nothing as Maisy stroked my cock harder.

The TV screen sprang to life, starting as pixelated images as the phone camera adjusted to the subdued lighting. The image came into focus with Harriet on her knees, licking one guy’s cock that was jutting from his open zipper. She was wearing a skin tight, probably neoprene mini dress. Another guy was kneeling behind Harriet, his pants already missing. One hand was up Harriet’s dress, playing with her pussy, his other hand stroking his hard dick. Bachelor #3 started off off-camera, struggling to get his pants off. He comes into view naked, stands next to the still-kneeling Harriet and she starts fondling his balls while he strokes his dick by her face. Harriet’s hips start rising and falling as she is finger-fucked by the guy behind her. She takes her mouth off of the dude’s cock and throws her head back as she cums with a loud moan.

My dick is again rock hard—best porn I’ve ever seen, as I know the star. I slide my finger inside Maisy’s pussy, which is also dripping onto the couch cushions. She ducks under the blanket to lick the head of my cock, getting it wet so she can stroke it better. We don’t say a word, but we are definitely fucking again when this video is over, if not sooner. I don’t know how Maisy could video this without joining in.

On the screen, Harriet is standing up and removing her rubber mini dress with the help of three eager assistants. I had undressed Harriet in my mind many times, but her body was more perfect than even I had imagined. Young, firm and upright D-cup breasts, nice curves with perfectly formed hips to hold onto, ending in long lovely legs. Once the dress was off, the boys started groping and grabbing until Harriet said something inaudible and restored order. She sat one boy on the couch, got on all fours and positioned herself between his legs and swallowed his cock. Another boy kneeled behind her and slid his cock inside Harriet. The third contestant stood by watching the action and stroking his cock, occasionally looking quizzically into the camera.

Maisy, meanwhile, gave up any pretense of watching the video and was kneeling before me on the floor, furiously sucking my cock. Her hand was playing, pulling and tugging on my balls. It was very hot to be watching Harriet go down on this guy on the video while Maisy was putting what she’d learned from her roommate into practice on my cock. I grabbed Maisy’s hair and held her head on my throbbing member.

Harriet sucked and fucked these two guys for awhile—Maisy’s ministrations made me lose track of time—but my attention was drawn to the screen when everyone started moving about at Harriet’s direction. She sent the guy who had been fucking her around to the back of the couch, she climbed on the couch and lowered her pussy on to the dick that she had just been sucking. Then she leaned forward and said to the spectator something that ended in the word “ass.” He positioned himself behind Harriet and began pushing his thick cock into her asshole while her pussy rode the first gentleman. She wrapped her long hair around the standing guy’s cock and stroked it while she pushed and grimaced as her ass was filled with hard cock.

“Is she doing the all-holes fuck yet?” Maisy roused me from my trance as she lifted her mouth from my cock and turned to look at the screen. “Yeah, all of these guys were unusually well-hung. Harriet complained later that she got quite a stretch from these three.”

“Wow.” I said, still mesmerized, “You wouldn’t know that to watch her. She takes it all like it is nothing.”

“Yeah, well, Harriet discovered in college that she loves cock, more cock more better.” Maisy looked up at me as she licked the length of my shaft. “I think I understand that better tonight.”

Our chitchat was interrupted by Harriet giving directions again, basically getting the guys to switch up holes. She took the cock that had just been in her ass down her throat without a second thought. She admonished all of the boys “…don’t cum until I tell you to.” Those boys were better than me. If Maisy hadn’t already swallowed all my cum for the week, I would have cum uncontrollably just watch them fuck Harriet none too gently. All four were sweating, and she was getting fucked pretty hard all three ways. Every once in awhile, she would take the boy’s cock from her mouth, smiling and say something to the team that made them all laugh between grunting and moaning.

This all-holes fucking went on for longer than I could have lasted, but I couldn’t tell you how long. Most of my blood had flowed to my dick in response to Maisy’s exceptional licking, sucking and biting. Harriet had obviously cum numerous times during the proceedings and now signaled that it was time to end it. She gathered them around her, got down on her knees with one of the boys and put his cock between her tits and began fucking him. The other two remained standing and Harriet alternated between them, sucking and stroking their cocks. The tit-fuck boy came first, spewing his load onto her neck and chest and running down onto her breasts. One of the other boys came in Harriet’s mouth whether she wanted it or not. He was muscular and he held Harriet’s head on his member as he came, some of his semen escaping from the corners of her mouth. The third boy, obviously stealing Harriet’s trick, wrapped a handful of her hair around his cock, then proceeded to shoot his load into her long silky hair. When all three were spent, the four of them collapsed onto the couch, breathing heavily.

I was also breathing heavily, as Maisy was playing with my cock and teasing me about having no cum left. I went to shut the TV using the remote. Maisy stopped me.

“Don’t shut it, there’s more,” she said surprising me. “They go another round in a bit. And so will we…



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As always a great story. You are my favorite author on here.


2020-03-20 22:12:17
As always a great story. You are my favorite author on here.

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