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Introduction: We start this chapter with Aiesha wondering what she got herself into.


I look into Tom’s cold brown eyes and wonder what kind of people I’ve gotten myself mixed up with. On one hand they are both gorgeous and I don’t know if my pussy or my ass will ever be the same. On the other it seems like my decision to leave is not entirely my own despite what Tom says. I guess my only choice at this time is to go with it for a little longer but be on the lookout for a way out of this room.


If I’m being completely honest the look of fear in Aiesha’s eyes was both exciting and sad. I didn’t want to put her through any undue anxiety but I also couldn’t appear to be weak in front of Kelsey. Since my demand has been put out there I have to follow through.

I say, “Come on Kelsey, help me get this sweet girl into the shower and make her presentable before she leaves us. I can’t have her walking through Bellagio looking like a cum drenched slut.”

Kelsey obediently got off the bed, took Aiesha’s hand and said, “Come my girlfriend. Tom is not going to harm you he just wants to make you look nice.”

She got up from the bed as well and said, “Alright, I’ll shower with you but you’re both still freakin’ me out.”

I enjoyed the view of their hot asses as they made their way to the shower and called out, “Let me know when you have the water nice and hot and I’ll be right there.”

“Yes daddy, anything you say,” replied Kelsey. I heard the shower start and after a couple minutes she called that they were ready for me.

I got up and entered the bathroom to see Kelsey washing Aiesha’s hair so I got in the shower, got an ample amount of body wash and started to clean her body. My hands expertly moved from her neck, down her back and across her pretty little ass to her feet. Then I made my way back up and massaged her back.

“That feels really good Tom,” said Aiesha, “I haven’t had a good back rub in ages.” I added more body wash and continued to run my hands up and down her back and ass. Of course my cock was hard again so I grabbed her by her hips, slid it between her ass cheeks and enjoyed the delights of her hot ass.

“I thought we were just showering but your cock feels nice when you slide it between my ass like that.” I reached around and felt her hard nipples then made my way down to her pussy and rubbed her clit. “God that feels so good,” she said.

Kelsey took her hand and placed it on her own clit and moaned with pleasure as Aiesha felt her pussy. I started pumping my cock hard between her cheeks as her breathing got heavier. I looked at Kelsey who continued to moan with Aiesha’s touch. She pinched her nipple with one hand and pinched Aiesha’s with the other as she gyrated her hips against Aiesha’s fingers. Aiesha was grinding her ass harder on my cock and I felt the beginnings of my orgasm start to build. I slid my cock from between her ass cheeks, bent her over farther then shoved the length of my cock deep into her pussy.

“Oh fuck that’s gonna make me cum. Please pound my pussy hard Tom, I’m fucking cumming now! MMMMMMM!” Her body shuddered through her orgasm and it was Kelsey’s turn to get off.

“Fuck that tight pussy husband while she makes me cum. MMMMMMM!” As Kelsey shuddered through her own orgasm my cock started to spew my load deep into Aiesha’s pussy.

“Take my load in your hot little cunt Aiesha! Oh fuck yes, MMMMMM!” I shot wave after wave of cum into her pussy as I shuddered through my orgasm. When I was finally spent I turned her around and both girls embraced and kissed me passionately under the hot shower.

I said, “OK, now lets get you cleaned up and on your way.” The three of us washed each others bodies and when I was satisfied with the result I turned off the shower, grabbed two towels and wrapped one around each girl.

“There you go sweet thing, good as new,” I said as I went back in the room and grabbed the complimentary Bellagio robe. I made my way to the couch and relaxed while the girls did each others hair and makeup. Kelsey finished first, walked to the coach dropping the towel so she could lay on top of me naked. I held her and we were kissing passionately as Aiesha appeared fully dressed and looking sexier than ever.



Jesus I can’t believe this guy. That cock makes me cum so hard but I need to get out of here before he changes his mind. I checked myself once more in the mirror and there was no sign of our sexual encounter so I turned toward the bathroom door. I paused just outside and glanced at the two of them kissing on the couch. I never thought of having sex with a woman before tonight but Kelsey is stunning and really turns me on. Well, I still need to leave based on what she told me earlier. Better safe than sorry.


“I guess I’ll be leaving now. Thank you both for showing me such a good time.” She first kissed Kelsey then me before walking through the suite to the door. She opened the door I believe as a test to see if I would let her leave and looked back at the two of us lounging on the couch. She closed the door and said, “Fuck it, I’m staying. I don’t think I want to be your slave like Kelsey but I really love your cock.”

Kelsey smiled, got up and clapped her hands with glee. She said, “I’m so happy you decided to stay with us! Would you like me to undress you? I bet you’re probably hungry after working all day and getting your brains fucked out.”

“As a matter of fact, I’m famished,” she said. “I didn’t realize until you said it but yes I’m starved.”

“Never fear my darlings, I know just what to do. Since we’re all clean and ready we’ll just put on some clothes and head over to the steakhouse across the street.”

“If you mean the one with all the old movie star pictures on the wall I’ve always wanted to eat there but could never afford it,” Aiesha said.

“Well that’s not a problem tonight sweet thing,” I said as I got up and put on a fresh shirt and shorts. “We’re going and you can eat until your heart is content.”

Kelsey said, “I’ll just be a second,” and quickly slipped into the white dress.

As the two girls stood in front of me I admired the view of them in their matching hot dresses. “I have to get a picture of this,” I said as I reached for my phone. “Stand over by the window so I can get the view in the pic.” They did as I asked then I said, “OK, pull your dresses up and bend over so I can get a pic of your asses. After taking several photos I told them to lose the dresses and turn around. They slid out of the dresses and I snapped several additional pics of their tits and pussies. “OK, that will do, now get dressed and let’s be on our way.”

They quickly dressed and we made our way back through the casino, past the bar where Aaron smiled and waved to us. I waved back and caught the wink he sent me and I smiled as we crossed the lobby into the cooling evening air.

We made our way across the street and walked through Paris to O’Shea’s which is located on the second floor. The hostess greeted us and asked if we wanted a table and I noticed several empty seats at the bar and told her the bar would be fine.

I recognized the bartender from our last visit and said, “Hi there Mark. How about those Islanders?”

Mark looked up at me, smiled and said, “Tom! Great to see you again. It’s been a while since you’ve visited us.”

“It has but I had a bit of a rough patch at home but things have improved significantly in the last few days. This is my wife Kelsey and our friend Aiesha.”

“Well hello ladies,” he said. “Haven’t I seen you in H&M?”

“That would be me,” Aiesha said.

“And look at this lovely creature. Not sure what your secret is Tom but you’ll have to share later.”

I laughed and said, “Maybe I’ll stop and see you if these two decide to go shopping this week. One shopping trip per week is enough for me. Now how about some cocktails?”

“Right away Tom, still drinking Daley’s?”

“We’ll have three Mark, thanks. Is Kevin around tonight?”

“He sure is, I’ll send him right over. He’ll be happy to see you.”

As Mark made our drinks both girls just stared at me. Aiesha said, “So are you on a first name basis with every bartender in the country?”

Kelsey laughed and said, “I doubt that but my husband has a way with people that make them feel like they’ve been lifelong friends. “I’ve seen it happen time and again over the last three days.”

She asked, “Where did you say you guys are from?”

“I didn’t say but we’re from Pittsburgh sweet thing,” I told her.

“Ew, too cold for me,” she said.

We chuckled and I said, “Well, it’s really not as bad as a place like Buffalo or Cleveland. We’re farther south so we only get a couple inches of snow per year and winters are pretty mild.”

“Are you trying to sell me on something?” she said with a gleam in her eye.

“Not at all babe, just want to set the record straight that’s all.”

Mark was back with our drinks and Kevin was right behind him. “Mr. Aspillini, so good to see you at O’Brian’s again. After last time I thought you gave up on us. How’s the Mrs?”

“Actually I just wanted to thank you again for picking up our tab last time. I really didn’t expect that and we weren’t in that big a hurry anyway. As for Ann, sadly she passed away but this is my new wife Kelsey and her friend Aiesha.”

“I’m very pleased to know the two of you. Enjoy yourselves and if you need anything tell Mark to come see me.”

“So husband, I’m officially intrigued and have to hear what happened the last time you were here,” Kelsey said.

Aiesha chimed in, “Yeah Tom, tell us the story.”

“Well girls to be honest it’s a hard story to tell because Ann meant everything to me.” My memory went back to that night where everyone was so nice to us after they misplaced Ann’s order. We had so many wonderful times together but what she had to go though at the end was horrible. Tears ran down my face and I quickly grabbed my napkin to hide my sorrow.

“Oh honey no, please don’t be sad,” Kelsey said. “Someday you and I can sit down in private and you can share all your memories of Ann when you’re ready. I want to know all about her because I want you feel the same way about me.”

“Thanks Kelsey,” I said, “I’m sorry about that.”

I looked at the two of them and they both had tears in their eyes and I said, “Alright enough of this, let’s pick this party up. Mark, three shots of fireball on the rocks!”

“Right away Tom.” He brought our shots and we sipped them as we looked over the menu.

I said to Aiesha, “Now please, don’t be shy and order whatever you want. You’re my guest tonight and there are no limits when it comes to a guest of Tom Aspillini.”

I ordered shrimp cocktail and the mozzarella wheel for appetizers and after Mark brought them we all put in our orders.

“This is so good,” Aiesha said. “I could get used to this.”

“Believe me when I say this,” Kelsey replied, “I’ve wanted for nothing since the day we realized we were in love.”

“So I have to ask, if you don’t mind, what’s up with your punishments?”

“I’ll take this one Kelsey. All of that is largely behind us now. When I met Kelsey she was so naive and I’m just trying to help her mature into the beautiful woman I know she can be.”

“But you’ve only been together a few days and you’re telling me that part is over?”

Kelsey said, “At first it was very intense and frightening but I made a little slip up yesterday and all Tom did when we got home was shackle me to the bed and fuck my ass after I sucked his cock.”

“And what was this slip up that warranted that?”

“I made a comment about how I was worried about the money Tom was spending on me. It helped me realize that I don’t need to worry about things like that. He’s really intelligent and has full command over his affairs. My job is simply to please him.”

“I see,” Aiesha said. “I am not about to judge anyone’s lifestyle. I sure saw my share of fucked up shit in Egypt.”

“I’ll drink to no judgement,” I said and we clinked our glasses and finished the fireball. We finished the appetizers just in time as Mark brought our meals. I couldn’t wait to dig in to the filet as the girls dug into their steaks.

Everything was fabulous and we slumped back in our chairs having filled our bellies with a fabulous meal. Mark was back and asked, “Did we leave room for desert my lovelies?”

I said, “I don’t think we could eat another bite but if you’d wrap up a couple pieces of that peanut butter pie for later that would be great.”

“Right away Tom.”

Mark was back in a second with our to go boxes, I paid another hefty tab and we were ready to go.

“It was great seeing you Mark and give my regards to Kevin on the wonderful service. Very well done.”

“I sure will Tom, you enjoy the rest of the evening.”

“We will,” Aiesha said and gave him a smile and a wink.

As we made our way out of the restaurant I saw Mark checking them out and I laughed and waved at him. He just shook his head and served the next customer.

Aiesha said, “That was the most amazing meal I’ve ever had, thank you again Tom for everything.”

“It’s my pleasure sweet thing. Would you care to join us for a nightcap? We still have these desserts for after our food settles a bit.”

“I think I can be talked into that if it’s OK with Kelsey. I don’t want to impose on your wedding night.”

“It’s perfectly fine,” she said. “I think my husband has a few more things to show you.”

We made our way back to the suite and we sunk down into the sofa to let our food settle. Each girl kissed me and I enjoyed the feeling of their tongues in my mouth.

“Let’s slip into something a little more comfortable like our bed,” I said.

Surprisingly Aiesha was the first to head for the bedroom and she exclaimed, “Holy shit, the maid was already here, changed the sheets and left us chocolates.”

“That was no accident sweet thing,” I said. “I called ahead and asked housekeeping to tidy up while the two of you were getting ready.”

Kelsey said, “One thing I’ve already learned about this guy is he misses nothing.”

“Damn, it would appear so,” Aiesha said.

I came up behind her and slipped her dress off and removed Kelsey’s as well. “Get in bed girls,” I said as I quickly stepped out of my clothes. We propped up on the pillows and I enjoyed the touch and feel as they both kissed me and we ran our hands over our bodies. My cock was hard as both of them jacked me off lightly.

“I think it’s time for some masturbation,” I said. “I want to stroke my cock while the two of you show off those wonderful bodies.”

I got out of bed and sat in a chair as they kissed and felt each other. I stroked my cock and said, “Now on your knees and she me your asses.” They both got on their hands and knees and presented their asses to me and I said, “Now play with your pussies for me.”

Both girls obediently reached between their legs and started to masturbate as I continued to stoke my raging cock. “Fuck that is so fucking hot,” I said. I got up and felt their asses as they continued masturbating. “Now move over to the edge of the bed for me girls.” They did and their asses were both positioned at the perfect angle to accommodate my cock.

“I am really going to enjoy this,” I said as I first slid my dick between Kelsey’s glorious ass cheeks. “Oh fuck this feels so good on my cock. You’re ass is so fucking hot Kelsey, Mmmmm!”

I moved over and slid my raging cock between Aiesha’s cheeks and pumped my cock hard. “Oh hell yes, this feels so fucking good on my cock,” I cried. “Are the two of you feeling horny right now? Are you ready for more cock in your pussies?”

Kelsey said, “Please Tom, fuck me first. I’m dying for that rock hard cock.”

“Of course my dear, now this is what we’re going to do in order for me to please both of you at the same time. Kelsey lay down flat on the bed and I want Aiesha to lay on top of you.” As they got into position I said, “Good girls, now leave the rest to me.” I stared at their two beautiful asses and their glistening pussies as I got between Kelsey’s legs and impaled her with my cock.

“Oh fuck yes, that’s just what I needed. Fuck my pussy hard Tom, mmmmm.”

I started out slowly but quickly increased my pace and Kelsey moaned with pleasure.

“This is so fucking hot,” Aiesha said, “I want to stay all night and fuck.”

“Let me know when your close Kels,” I said. “I want to make this last.”

“I’m right there now Tom, oh it feels so fucking good.”

That was my queue to remove my cock and slide it deep into Aiesha’s waiting pussy. “Oh hell yes you fucking stud, give me that big dick hard now.” I pumped my cock hard into her tight young pussy and as I did with Kelsey stopped just when she was getting ready to cum and slid back into Kelsey.

“Fuck you’re driving me crazy again,” Aiesha said.

When I slid my cock back into Kelsey she squealed with delight, “There’s my big daddy cock! Oh yes fuck me hard daddy! MMMMM!”

I got her close again then inserted my cock back into Aiesha who bucked against me like an insane person. “Oh God I love this so much, fuck me daddy hard!”

I continued to fuck the two of them like this for another hour. As the sweat dripped from my body and I plunged the length of my cock back into Kelsey she immediately shuddered with a powerful orgasm. “Fuck daddy, I’m sorry but I’m fucking cumming! MMMMMM yes your cock is so fucking good.

Her juices flooded the bed and when she finished I plunged back into Aiesha who came immediately as well. “Fuck that’s right, now it’s my turn to get off, MMMMMM! Fuck me hard!” I pounded her hot young pussy once more as she shuddered through her orgasm then slowly moved my cock in and out of each of their pussies.

When they recovered Aiesha said, “What do you want us to do for you Tom. I’ll do anything to please you.”

“I’m glad you asked. That was quite a bit of work so I’d like to relax on the bed while the two of you get me off. Do whatever it takes and get as creative as needed.”

As I laid on the bed they both descended on my cock and started wildly sucking me off and jacking my raging cock. “Fuck yes, that feels so fucking good, mmmmm!” Kelsey reached between her legs and coated her fingers in her cum then slid two of them in my ass. “Oh hell yes Kelsey, I love it when you fuck my ass like that.”

Not to be outdone Aiesha said, “I have to try that,” and she wet her fingers and slid two of them in my ass alongside Kelseys.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” I cried. “Fuck my ass hard! Oh God it feels so fucking good. Each girl made constant contact with my cock as their mouths and hands worked my shaft and asshole. Because I came so many times it took them quite a while but my orgasm finally started to build. “Fuck this is it girls, I’m going to fucking cum! Sit back and watch me spray my load now!”

They moved their mouths but continued jacking me off and fucking my ass until my cock spewed cum like a fountain. The first shot went three feet straight into the air and several flew over my head and landed on the bed. As I was nearing completion I said, “OK now, you can take the rest,” and they eagerly sucked the remaining cum from my cock.

They collapsed on top of me and we basked in the afterglow of amazing sex. After we recovered I said, “Shit we have dessert! Who wants champaign and cheesecake?” They both raised their hand so I called room service and ordered two bottles of champaign.

I said, “It’ll just be a minute so you may want to get a robe on. This is a closed party after all.”

They got out of bed and put on the robes and I did as well and waited in the living room for our champaign to arrive.

Within 30 minutes there was a knock at the door and I let the waiter in to serve us. He set the champaign to chill and set the table up adding the light snack of meat, cheese and fruit I also ordered. I noticed his name tag and said, “Raymond, would you be a dear and grab the box of dessert from the living room?”

“Of course Mr. Aspillini,” he said. He grabbed the cheesecake, set it out with a nice presentation and said, “O’Brian’s peanut butter pie, great choice sir.”

“Thank you Raymond, that will be all.” I signed off the bill and we relaxed and enjoyed the dessert and sipped champaign.

Kelsey said, “My God that was delicious. I never knew food could taste so good.”

“You sure got that right, “Aiesha agreed. “I’ve never felt so completely satisfied in my entire life.”

Just then I got another idea, “I think it would be fun to take this party to the patio. After all, I’m paying for this view so we should enjoy it.”

Each girl was out of their chair in a second and Kelsey said, “We’ll take care of everything, you just go get comfortable. You’ve done way more than enough for us tonight.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” I said and went out to the patio, took off my robe and lay naked in the soft lounge chair. Since it was dark and we were on the last floor we had plenty of privacy so I felt my cock as I waited for the girls.

After a few minutes both of them joined me with our snacks and champaign. They had left their robes inside and thus were completely, wonderfully naked.

“Now that’s a sight for sore eyes,” I said.

Each girl set up the outside table and moved an additional chair so the three of us could relax together. The night air was still very warm so we were very comfortable as we relaxed and enjoyed the view.

“This is incredible,” Aiesha said as she held a bunch of grapes out for me.

“I’m glad you like it sweet thing,” I said as I munched a few grapes and drank more bubbly.

“It’s so nice here,” Kelsey said. “I’ve never been so relaxed in my life.”

I looked over at her glorious body and brought her close so we could kiss. Aiesha snuggled in as well and we leisurely fondled and kissed each other. Since we had all cum so many times we were in no hurry and just enjoyed the touch and feel of each others bodies.

We stayed like that until the second bottle of champaign was finished and Aiesha said, “Damn I’m feeling pretty tipsy right now. I think I need to go lay down if that’s OK.”

“Of course my dear,” I said. Get in bed and watch TV for a while if you want and come back out whenever you’re ready.”

“You’re such a kind man Tom,” she said as she leaned in and kissed me. “I think I will go in and get a little nap and give you two love birds a little space.”

Kelsey said, “That’s not necessary but you go enjoy. I’m guessing these beds are a dream to sleep in.” With that Aiesha went back to the suite and I was alone with my beautiful young wife.

“Well my dear, whatever should we do now?” I said to Kelsey with a twinkle in my eye.

“We’re going to do what I wanted when I first saw this view you big stud. I hope your cock is ready to fuck me daddy.” She reached down and started to stroke my flaccid cock until it slowly started to spring back to life.

“I’m always ready to fuck you Kelsey,” I said as she slid my cock into her mouth and sucked me to complete hardness.

“Mmmmm, your cock tastes so good but my pussy needs it now,” she said as she got on top of me and slid my dick slowly into her tight pussy. “Oh yes, this is so fucking hot. I can’t believe I’m having sex outside with this beautiful view.”

Just then the fountains started the regular display and Kelsey said, “What’s going on?”

I said, “The fountains at Bellagio are one of the main attractions here Kelsey. You need to check them out.” Since she was riding my dick facing me I had her get up and move to the short wall at the end of the patio so she had a birds eye view of the fountains. She leaned over with her elbows on the wall which gave me a perfect angle to slide my cock into her pussy.

I always loved being naked outside but it was a massive sensory overload to have the lights of the strip and the fountains in front of me and a hot 21 year old to shove my dick into. Her pussy was so hot and wet as I slowly slid the length of my cock in and out of her. “Fuck this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done,” I said.

“I have no words to describe what I’m feeling right now,” she said. “Having your big cock sliding in and out of me while being outside with the spectacle in front of me is almost too much.”

As I continued fucking her and seeing the bigger than life neons of Brittany Spears and other hotties I remember how frustrating it was to see those kinds of things in the past. The days of sexual frustration are over but it was an additional turn on to see.

I started fucking Kelsey faster and she matched my strokes and pushed her heavenly ass hard onto my dick every time I plunged deep into her tight pussy.

“Fuck Tom, I love how you fuck me with your big dick. God it feels so fucking good. MMMMM!” She started pinching her nipples as I fucked her fast and our breathing increased. “This is too much, you’re going to make me cum.”

I slowed down to keep her on the edge but she was having none of that and mashed her pussy into my cock causing her juices to spray over the patio. “I can’t take any teasing right now stud. I just need to fucking cum.”

“Be my guest,” I said as she grabbed my ass, pulling me into her as she ground her sweet pussy on my cock. It felt so amazing that my own orgasm was starting to build. “Better hurry up now beautiful, I’m getting ready to shoot my hot load into your pussy.”

“I love it when you call me beautiful Tom. Oh fuck yes, there’s Brittany Spears! MMMMMMMM.”

Apparently she was a big fan and just noticed the huge neon outside of MGM and that must have put her over the edge as she shuddered through her orgasm and her juices flowed down her legs. “Oh God that felt so fucking good.”

As soon as her orgasm ended I started to shoot my own load deep into her hot young pussy. “Oh God Kelsey this is so fucking hot,” I said. “I’m going to fill your sweet pussy with cum. MMMMM!”

As my cum started erupting from my cock she cried, “Oh yes baby, give me all of your cum. I want you to get me pregnant so I can give you the children you never had. MMMM!” After cumming for what felt like forever she turned around and gave me a long passionate kiss and then we made our way back to the lounge chair.

She snuggled into my arms and said, “You blew my mind tonight Tom. Everything with Aiesha was great but having you to myself out here was so amazing. My God I was so turned on by that.”

“I agree babe. You are the most gorgeous, sensual woman I’ve ever met. Even sexier than Brittany Spears.”

She laughed and said, “Now don’t tease me like that, I’ve loved her since I was a little girl. I even dressed up like her for Halloween once.”

“Oh really, like in her first video with the school girl outfit. OK you are definitely going to have to do that for me someday.”

She blushed and said, “I can do the outfit but I’m not a very good singer.”

“Nonsense,” I said, “remember what I keep telling you about being more confident. Plus having me lay in front of you naked and jacking off while you sing that song in your little Brittany outfit is all the encouragement you will need.”

“Thank you Tom for reminding me. Of course I will always do whatever you want.”

With that we relaxed into the lounge chair and nodded off to sleep in the warm Vegas air.

To be continued…
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