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Continuing from The Game Changer
Saturday came. I barely slept between thinking about what i'm going to do about my slutty daughter, and blowing my load a couple times over the messages and pictures of her and her.....Men.

I pulled Kerry's phone out from under my pillow. It looks like she's had a few messages.

'Kev: Want your little pussy filled for lunch? how does 12:30 sound?'

'Kerry: Oh, I'll be there. No Mrs Kev?'

'Kev: Nah, shes going to see her sister. We got about an hour'

'Kerry: Oh yey!'

Next messages where from Paul:

'Paul: You getting that ass to mine tonight? We can have a beer and I'll fuck you senseless'

'Kerry: Only if you choke me like last time daddy ;)'

I got to stop this. I throw on some clothes and head down stairs. A note on the counter read 'Gone to lunch with the girls'....I missed her. I've got to at least try and keep her in tonight.

Kerry arrived home, and went straight up for a shower. I went upstairs and could see the bathroom door slightly open, do i peek? Looking through I could see her back, she was washing her hair so if i'm gonna look now would be the best time. Her skin looked perfect, she had music on and was wiggling her ass. She accidentally dropped something, and bent over to pick it up. Her amazing ass opened upto me and i could make out the outline of her pussy through her little thigh gap, the water and soap dripped down between her legs and I could only pretend that it was my cum as I began stroking my cock through my pants. She turned round and I knew it was my time to leave.

She came back downstairs when she got dried and changed, she was in her comfy clothes so it looks like she wasn't planning on going out too soon.

"Hey honey, how was lunch?"

"Oh!....It was amazing, I got sooo full"

"That's nice, what"

"Erm, A hot dog. Was super big"

My cock started to swell, knowing what she was actually doing. I continued my subtle interrogation "Got any plans for tonight?"

"Oh I was planning on going to Katie's, got some studying I need to do then we're gonna watch a movie"

"I was hoping me and you could do a movie night, I bought in popcorn and all your favourite snacks"

"That sounds awesome daddy!" She ran over and kissed me on the cheek "But i get to pick the movie. I'll go cancel with Katie" She practically skipped off to her room.

A short while later the phone buzzed:

'Kerry: Sorry daddy, I have to cancel tonight. I'm staying in with real daddy xxx'

'Paul: Fuck, I'm rock hard already. What Am i gonna do with this'

Paul sent a pick of his thick throbbing cock to her.

'Kerry: I'm sorry, you'll have to punish me next time xxx'

'Paul: Fucking right I am you little whore. Your taking my dick in your throat all the way next time'

'Kerry: only if you promise to make me ;) xxx'

I was still in disbelief that my daughter spoke like this with anyone. Until yesterday she was my innocent little girl, now I'm picturing her taking it like a woman. Theres no way my little girl can take the size of Pauls cock in her mouth, no thought of her holes getting stretched by that thick cock excited me, i needed my release.

Going up to my room, I pushed the door closed and led on the bed pants off and began tugging away. Eyes closed i began to imagine Kerry riding my cock. My dick began getting harder and wetting, making moist sounds as I began to stroke faster.

Suddenly there was a gasp....It was Kerry who had pushed the door a little open. Looks like I didn't close it fully.

"....Sorry Daddy!" Red faced she turned around and walked out.

I sat up, pulled my pants on. Shit, what do i say to her to cover up this mess. At least I wasn't caught red handed wanking to the pictures on her phone.

Seconds later the phone began buzzing:

'Kerry: OMG! You're not gonna believe what i just saw! xxxx'

'Katie: OOOOohhhh go on?'

It was a conversation between her and her best friend Katie, who is Kev's daughter.

'Kerry: My dad was....MASTURBATING! xxxx'

'Katie: Haha! No way! was he big?'

'Kerry: Oh god yes! He was huge! I've never seen it hard before xxx'

When did she see it soft?!

'Katie: Yuuummmm! Was he bigger than my Daddys?'

Wait...Katie knows about Kev and Kerry?

'Kerry: Hard to say! Might have to do some investigating ;)'

'Katie: Please please please let me know, your dad's totally hot!'

'Kerry: maybe when I've had my fun ;) xxx'

'Katie: you're such a slut! you can't hog my dad and yours! ;P xx'

'Kerry: Oh i don't hog your dad! :P'

'Katie: I practically had to shove you off his cock before!'

'Kerry: What can i say, I'm a greedy bitch ;) xxx'

'Katie: Better let me know!'

The fuck is going on? Kev and his daughter....and my daughter?! Looks like tonight is some sort of fucked up recon mission for Katie, I got to stick to my guns, I can't fuck my daughter. Can I?

Movie night came, Kerry came down the stairs wearing her really short bed shorts, high fluffy slipper socks and a bed shirt showing her tummy. She looked fantastic. I had the pop corn ready and she had chosen the movie. She picked Jennifer body, a film with Megan Fox, who she knew I kinda had the hots for, terrible film but still hot.

"I haven't seen this one daddy, but you like Megan Fox don't you" she was so cheeky.

"S-Sure thing honey" I started the movie and she cuddled up close.

Half an hour had passed and it all seemed normal, all seemed fine. We talked and laughed. The movie got to a lesbian scene appeared on scene and her head slid down from my shoulder to my lap.

"She's so pretty isn't she daddy?"

"Yeah i guess"

"You guess?! I'm straight and i'd let her do things to me!"

"Sweety, you shouldn't be saying things like that to me"

"Oh lighten up dad, just look at her face, that hair. those lips"

"Yeah I guess I would"

"Would what? tell me" She flipped on her back staring right up at me.

"Oh no, I'm not going there" I tried to laugh it off.

"Pretty please daddy, I want to know what men are into. I gotta learn don't I?" She was sliding one leg up against the other, putting her finger in her mouth.

If i don't give her what she wants, I'm going to get really hard and life her head up with my cock.

"I guess, I would with her."

"Nooooo, tell me how. Like what would you do to her?"

"I dunno, I'd put myself inside her and..."

"Noooo, you're not even trying, like she sat there waiting for you to take her aannndd..."

"I....I well"

"Come on daddy!" I was starting to lose my patience, and I thought, hey what the fuck.

"I'd put her on her knees, stick it in and out of her mouth, fuck her pussy before finishing with myself in her ass. That what you wanted?"

"Hehe, wow daddy you're so naughty. You think I'm pretty?"

I could feel my crotch area rising. Shit, I got to cool this down.

"Sorry baby, I shouldn't have said that. Listen, its getting late...we shoul-"

She started wiggling on my lap "But daddy, I want you to tell me more! Teach me more"

"What do you want me to teach you?" My voice was shaking.

" me your...thing?"

I paused in shock. My cock hit the back of her head and she got in front of me on her knees. I gulped and knew there was no going back from this. I unzipped my pants and revealed my massive hard on.

"Wow! I've never seen one so big!" her eyes lit up "Can...I touch it?"

She was acting so innocent, guess she didn't know i knew she was a total slut. "S-Sure honey" I felt like i was about to explode.

She took a gentle grip just above the base "Wow, it's so thick. I can barely fit my hands around it" She leaned in closer, her lips 3-4 inches away from my head, remaining eye contact, mouth slightly open, "Can I lick it?"

I just nodded. She stuck out her pink tongue and with a huge smile licked from base to tip, kissing the end. She giggled. "Can you teach me how to suck it? I've always wanted to know how"

I placed my hand at the back of her head, moving her soft slips to my tip. I pushed her head gently down, her lips sucking the tip. Bringing her head back up she made a popping noise and gave a sexy laugh. I released my hand from the back of her head and she set off sucking deep and hard.

She was giving me the best blowjob I've ever had, my body was tingling "Fuck, Honey. You're incredible" She didn't pause to acknowledge, she was enjoying giving her daddy the wettest blowjob possible.

Her little mouth looked like it stretched round my fat cock, but she still managed to take it pretty deep. I couldn't hold much longer, I decided to quicken the pace. I placed my hands on both sides of her head and she instinctively placed her behind her back. I quickened the pace and began to make more slurping and gagging noises. Her eyes stared up at mine intensely and slightly bloodshot, telling me she was ready to receive my load.

My balls tightened and I stood above her pulling my cock out of her, she breathed deep with biggest smile on her face. I gripped the top of her hair and began stroking my cock, she closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue, her smile still fixed on her face.

My load landed on my daughters face, streaking across her face, forehead and hair. More pooling in her mouth. She swallowed it all. I sat back on the sofa.

"Oh my god daddy, yes! That was so yummy!" She sucked what was remaining in my shaft and showed me the white cum on her tongue. She gargled and bubbled it in her mouth, swallowing that final load. She giggled and sprang up, sitting back on my lap.

"That was the best daddy" wrapping her arms round my neck, cum slowly dripping down her face.

"You've definitely done this before.." I said, cupping her perfect ass.

She laughed "I'm going to bed, night daddy" she winked and skipped upstairs.

I led back in the chair, attempting to recover. I went to check her phone. Looks like she took a pic on her webcam. It was just her face looking like a pleased cum-slut, sent to Katie:

'Kerry: Guess what I did ;) ~~c==3 xxxx'

'Katie: Omg, how thick is that?! I want to lick you clean! x'

'Kerry: It's all mine, i'm eating it all! Most of it went in my mouth too! xxx'

'Katie: Do you think next time i'm over he'll cum in my mouth? xxx'

'Kerry: if you do you'll be sharing it with me ;) xxx'

'Katie: Fuck I need cock now, I'm gonna wake daddy up and see if he'll use me ;) xxx'

'Kerry: Oh have fun, tell him i'm craving his cock ;P xxx'

My cock began to rise again, still wet from her saliva. I wanted. I needed that pussy. I took off my clothes and went for the stairs, stepping up aiming for her bedroom. I pushed the door slightly. She was on her bed, her ass was up in the air, leaning over her laptop still messaging Katie. She occasionally brushed her finger across her cheek, scooping up any remains of cum and sucking it from herself.

I stood behind her, my shadow cast over her, she knew I was there and peeked over her shoulder. I slowly pulled down her little shorts just passed her pussy, and put my cock at the opening. She was so wet, she didn't stop me and pushed it in her pussy. She moaned "Oh...daddy!"

I gripped her ass cheeks and began speeding up, plunging deep, her wetness coating my cock.

"Harder daddy! Fucckk meee" My hands went onto her shoulders and i went in all the way. Every inche drove into her hole. Her body shaked as i could feel her cumming, I did not slow the pace. My left hand went to her waist and my right hand went to her throat.

"Ch-Choke me daddy..." I couldn't last any longer, i pulled her by her hair onto the floor on her knees once more. I fucked her mouth. Hard. My second load of the night fired right into her throat, it poured out my cock filling her mouth. Pulling out, she swallowed it and stuck her tongue out showing me its all gone, that same smile on her face.

"Thank you daddy!" She giggled. She scooped up the cum drips on her her chin and sucked in off her fingers.

"Oh Kerry, where did you learn to take it like that?!" I said brushing her sticky hair out of her face.

"Oh, you must bring it out of me daddy" She bit her lip "That was the best!"

"Go shower and I'll see you in the morning and get you that phone"

"YEY! Thank you daddy!"

I made for bed, feeling pretty pleased. No regrets...yet. I suppose It couldn't get any more complicated right?

Her phone buzzed, the conversation with Katie continued:

'Kerry: OMG, daddy just fucked me! xxx'

A few minutes passed and Katie replied:

'Katie: Oh yes Kerry! You lucky girl! Two loads in one night? xxx'

'Kerry: Yes, he came in my mouth after bending me over! xxx'

'Katie: That's amazing. Mine too! Just got a sneaky bathroom blowjob from daddy! x'

'Kerry: We're defo the luckiest! Tonight was worth skipping Paul'

'Katie: You still seeing him? girl you're crazy, how many dicks can you handle!'

'Kerry: I want them all! Yh, last night I blew him in his truck ;) xx'

'Katie: Babe, you're such a slut ;* xxx'

'Kerry: I'm gonna have to go shower, going to surprise daddy in the morning. He's buying me a new phone! xxx'

'Katie: Night bitch, love ya! xxx'

I can see a few weeks of fun ahead, that's for sure.


2020-03-18 23:26:02
Definitely hot. I can't wait for more.

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