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This story happens in an alternate universe where the turtles take on a half human half turtle shape, they are also 19 years old.

Aimee, feeling cold from the rain, takes a hot shower and relieves some tension from her meeting with the turtles. She has a surprise waiting for her at the end.
By Hana M Brimeck

I close the window, close my eyes, turn, fall back, and slid down to the floor. I take a moment to catch my breath until my thoughts are interrupted by a cold shiver.

‘I need a hot shower.’ I say to myself as I finally pick myself off the floor with a groan.

I peel off my wet sweater and bra, not like they were doing much to cover me anyways. Taking a moment to touch my breasts cupping them in my hands in a futile attempt to warm them up. My skirt drops to the floor in a wet clump followed by my light pink, not see through, cotton panties. I stare in the mirror at my naked body, pinching and lifting at spots.

I step into the shower, the warm water feels good against my cold skin. I hadn't realized how cold my body was from the rain. My kiss with Donatello made my body feel hot and aroused. I play the scenario of his kiss back over in my head, I still feel the sensation of my blood pumping. Even in the shower I can feel a warm tingle between my legs. I close my eyes, imagining being held in Donnie's arms again. His solid muscles, how easily he carried me, how swiftly he moved. Graceful yet incredibly powerful--.

My knees start to feel weak. Before I realize it my hand slips between my legs. My other hand is over my breast taking in the softness of my skin and the slight firmness of my breast, my fingertips lightly pinching, rolling my already erect nipples between them.

I let out a gasp as my fingers pass over my clit. Always so sensitive but god it feels so good. My fingers make their way down. I'm so wet and not just because of the shower. I can feel the warm slippery juices flowing from my pussy. My fingers penetrate inside, in and out while still pinching my nipple with my other hand.

I go back to playing with my clit now that my fingers are lubricated. I fall against the shower wall moaning. I can feel the pulsing increasing as my breathing gets faster. I imagine what it would be like to take Donnie to bed, how big his cock is, what it looks like, what it would feel like as it penetrates me, what his fingers would feel like. I start to feel a warm tingling sensation throughout my pussy and down my legs. I glide my other hand down my stomach from my breast to my pussy, touching my cool soft skin slick from the water. One hand on my clit the other fingers sliding in and out. Oh, faster, harder, oh god... fuck me, god fuck me I moan. I try to hold off cuming so I can enjoy the wonderful tingling in my pussy and clit but the thoughts just get me too excited. I let a moan escape as I climax.

I slide down the shower wall too weak to stand. As I sit with water pouring off my body as my pussy pulsates. With each pulse my juices from my orgasm escapes dripping from between my legs. I finish washing myself as I catch my breath. I let out an involuntary moan as my finger gently crosses my clit as I rinse myself of my orgasm.

Wrapped in a towel I walk out of the bathroom finally warmed up. “Gezus!” I gasp. Startled and without realizing what I was doing I drop my towel. Casually sitting on my bed is Raphael, not who I was expecting or hoping to see. My eyes narrow, a smirk crosses his lips as he takes in the full nude view of me fresh out of the shower.

“Nice.” He mutters under his breath.

My wet hair clinging to my skin I feel water trickle down my breast to my nipple. I pick up a towel and continue to dry off.

“Aren't you going to cover yourself?” Raph asks in a cold flat tone as he crosses his arms.

“You've already seen me, and I'm sure heard me, so what's left to hide?” I respond in kind

“What do you think you’re doing?” He asks, I didn't think his tone could get colder but I was wrong.

“Getting out of the shower. What are you doing in my bedroom? How did you get into my house?” I matched his tone once more, “I know I locked my windows.”

Raphael ignoring the questions gets up and strides towards me. “Let me tell you one thing sister” putting his finger to my chest, “Donnie may be an annoying know it all nerd but he's still my brother and if you mess with him, lead him on or hurt him you'll need to answer to me.” He holds his stare to show he's serious.

I hold his stare back and slap his hand away from my chest. His eyes narrow. I raise an eyebrow. “Does Donatello know he has a guard dog?”

He lowers his face to mine, “Just don't fuck with him ok.” he growls.

“What makes you think I would ever do anything to Donatello?” I ask.

“You're human. We haven't had great luck with humans.” He says.

“Well no need to get all guard dog off his leash with me. I have no intention of hurting your brother. I'm grateful, you guys saved me.”

“I’ll be watching you.” Raphael apparently satisfied slips from the room. He pokes his head back in, gives me a look top to bottom, “I gotta say, nice by the way” He says with a half-smile.

“I heard you the first time, you aren’t too bad yourself.” My eyes drop down to his belt line, I returned with a raised eyebrow and half smile, “Aren't you going to cover up?”

Raph realizes at that moment he’s erect standing in front of me. He shrugs, “You've already seen me, what's left to hide.” His expression changed from anger, and for a brief second embarrassed, to a half smile. He gives me a wink and slipped into the shadows.

I was surprised at how thick and human he appeared. Thinking of its size made my pussy start to pulsate again begging to be played with more. I flop on my bed as I let out an exasperated sigh. What a day, what an evening, what an impressive cock. I wonder if it runs in the family.

I crawl under my blankets and make an attempt to drift off to sleep. I’m exhausted but wound up from the events of the evening, my body can’t get Donnie’s kiss and the image of Raph’s notable erection out of my head. My body burns for more the more I think about it. “Ok, gotta think of something else Aimee.”

I have a feeling things are never going to be the same in my life.
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