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This story happens in an alternate universe where the turtles take on a half human half turtle shape, they are also 19 years old.
By Hana M Brimeck

Master Splinter and I sit alone in the dojo. His demeanor is more serious than usual, he doesn’t have the air of Sensei today, something else is going on. My heart is pounding, my mouth is dry, I have no idea what he’s going to tell me, get the fuck out of here Aimee? You’re no longer welcome. I know you’re banging my sons you whore. It takes every bit of inner strength to stay quiet and continue to look him in the eyes.

It is like being back in school and being called into the principal’s office because I am in major trouble or being called into the boss’s office to be fired. My palms are sweating, my stomach in knots, my mind running in a million directions wondering, what is he going to say?

Master Splinter shatters the silence “It has come to my attention that my sons have fallen for you. Donatello and Raphael, these are unfortunate circumstances and I don't want this to become an issue, jealously made me lose everything once I don't want to see it happen again.”

I jump in my skin, try to swallow before speaking but I can’t, “I understand Master Splinter, I’m sorry Master Splinter. I didn't mean for this to happen. The truth is I deeply care for and love them both.” I bow my head.

“I see. At this point I must ask that you choose only one. I have discussed this in depth with my son's and they understand that whatever you choose is must be honored.”

Choose, between them? My heart sinks, it hurts “Master Splinter I don't know if I can. It would break one of their hearts.” Not to mention my own.

“You must, you're lucky I’m not asking you to leave all together but I know that wouldn't solve this. You are in their hearts as much as they're in yours and I can't simply ask them to forget you. I know that would be impossible.”

That cut me deep, leave all together? No longer have the guys in my life? It felt as though a blade pierced my heart when he said that. I fall forward, tears running down my face, a hand over my heart trying to dull the pain.” Choose one...?” I whisper through my tears.

Splinter kneels down next to me, gently placing his hand on my shoulder, “I know this is a difficult task Aimee. I also know this is a challenge you are able to overcome. It would be best if you took some time to yourself and meditated on this. I ask you search within yourself. Each of my sons have their strengths and weaknesses, some are one in the same. Take each of these into consideration and think about who you would be able to make the commitment to. Until then they have been instructed to keep their distance, for their and your sake.”

Wow, this is a lot to handle. It feels as though the weight of the world is bearing down on my heart. It aches with each beat. Tears are flooding from my eyes. I can't see, I can't breathe-- Oh my chest hurts. I collapse into Splinter’s arms crying. I love them both. I don't want to give either of them up. I know it’s not fair to them but I just can't bear the thought of not having them around either. It feels as though razors are pumping through my veins, with every beat of my heart pumps the blood slicing into me, each beat it hurts more than the last, my body feels so cold.

“This isn't the end Aimee, my son's will still be around. They will still be there for you, but only one with be with you.”

Master Splinter dismisses me to go reflect on what we talked about. I feel so dizzy. I finally gather myself to make my way back to the surface, back to my apartment, alone. I don't really remember how I managed to get home. I could barely see, barely breath. I'm not sure if anyone saw me and if they did they certainly didn't care. I can't really blame them. In this city nothing is your business. The thought of the loneliness this city came bearing down on me, bringing the tears back. I collapse on my floor crying, hyperventilating. This is too much, I can’t handle this. I don't want to be inside my own body right now.

It isn’t necessarily having to choose one that's getting me, it's telling the other one they're not as important to me. How am I supposed to tell someone who has saved me, loved me, made love to me, trained me to defend myself, and watched me practically every night that they're not as important to me as I am to them, that I don’t love them as much as they love me. That I’m not just as grateful to them. The weight of this decision is just too much. It's choking me.

After... after... well honestly I have no idea how long I laid on the floor. I couldn’t care less about the time right now. I did finally drag myself into my bedroom and am now lying in bed, staring at the ceiling and am trying to focus on how in the world I am going to make this decision. I can't concentrate to even begin to evaluate the guys. Their strength's, their weaknesses, what I want with my life. Who would be the best partner?

I took a deep breath trying to calm myself and focus. “What do I want, who would be able to offer me the best life?” I say out loud to myself.

I sit and focus on the mental and physical strengths of each man. I think of them as lovers, their dependability, how they care for me. Mental strength Donnie definitely wins, physical strength Raph has it all day long. Raph is a passionate stirring lover. Donnie is a sensuous arousing lover. Donnie has shown me he can take charge and be strong as a leader. Raph, it’s more a demand then take charge and lead for him. “Uhh… this is impossible!”

I roll over to enjoy a restless night’s sleep with my mind constantly thinking, sorting, going back and forth, Raph—Donnie, Donnie—Raph.


“I’ve made up my mind.” Standing here facing both of them. Tears are streaming down my face, my heart is being ripped to shreds. I drop my head “God, this is so hard.” I whisper. I don’t know if I have the strength to do this. I try to ease the ache in my heart once more

Sensing my waning resolve I feel a hand on my shoulder, “It’s alright Aimee, you can do this just tell them what you told me. It’ll be alright, I promise.” Master Splinter offers reassurance and to be honest I could use all I can get.

I lock my arms at my side, my fists clenched, I muster up every ounce of courage I have, this is going to hurt but it’s what I have to do. I can’t let this continue the way it is. Just looking at them side by side, it’s so difficult. Looking around the lair I just want to go back in time to when I didn’t have to think about making a choice. I take a deep breath of courage, my insides are all twisted, “I’m leaving.” I break the silence. “I’m going home, to stay with my parents on their farm across the state.”

“What?” Raph and Donnie say together, the shock of the news visible on both of their faces, their posture changes, no longer steadfast. Donnie’s shoulders have a slight slump. Raph stiffens, crossing his arms, turning away.

“Leaving? But why?” Donnie asks.

“Who cares why.” Raph says flatly. “She’s leaving, that’s all there is to it.”

Donatello gets in Raphael’s face “Don’t be so cold Raph, can’t you see this is difficult enough for her, don’t be a jerk.”

“Here comes Donnie, the knight in shining armor. Maybe Aimee will stay now!” Raph retorts.

“Goddammit Raph!” Donnie attacks Raph and they start fighting each other, yelling at each other the argument degrading to them blaming each other for me leaving.

Master Splinter slams down the tip of his staff against the floor, the sound reverberates throughout the lair, but before he can say a word I scream, “Stop! Stop fighting! You’re brothers!” I collapse to my knees, I soften my tone “It’s neither of your faults, it’s my fault. I fell for both of you, I let you both fall for me. So don’t hate each other because of me, if anything hate me for causing this.”

“Aimee has made her decision and it must be honored.”

Donatello comes and kneels next to me, “I could never hate you, I’m sorry things got so heated. We’re both sorry, aren’t we Raph?”

I look up at Raph hoping his soft side I know is there will come through. I need it to come through. Please. “Whatever, I’m out of here.” I drop my head back in defeat. I close my eyes in an attempt to hold back the tears as my heart breaks watching him walk away from me. I was right.

“Donnie please take me home.” I barely manage to whisper through my tears. Without a word he nods, helps me up, and escorts me home. Once home Donnie goes to leave but I just can’t let him. As he ducks out the window I catch his hand to stop him. “Wait, don’t leave yet, please?”

“Aimee, I don’t know. Master Splinter told me to just bring you home and return right away”

“I need you to stay.” I whispered, “I can’t handle being alone, I need you.” I pull him in close to me.

“I don’t understand.”

Oh my dear sweet Donatello. “Don’t you get it Donnie? You’re the one here with me. The one I asked to bring me home.” He looks at me blankly. I shake my head and sigh. Sometimes guys are so clueless. I smile and pull him in and whisper in his ear “It was you.”

“It was me?” He whispers, not getting it at first, “It was me!” He yells in astonishment. “Wait, it was me? Not Raph, me? Me!”

I giggle, “Yes Donnie you. I chose you. You’re the one.” I pause, take a deep breath, “I just couldn’t say anything in front of Raph. His anger…” I say in a soft voice.

“It would destroy him, his heart.” He says quietly.

“The only way I could think of sparing him is to leave because if I stayed, stayed with you and he found out-- he’d kill you.”

Tears appear in Donnie’s eyes, “I know I can’t ask you to stay, I just really don’t want to see you go. God Aimee.” He backs away, “I’m so sorry, I…” pausing he walks towards the window, drops his head, and wipes away tears, “I need to get back.” He turns to go through the window.

“Please don’t go.” I reach my hand out to him. My heart just can’t take the sight of him leaving like this, “Please I can’t let you go, I need you, to be with you, to have you one last time. Please Donnie, I love you.”

Donatello stops dead in his tracks comes back in and looks at me, “Aimee, that’s the first time you’ve ever told me you loved me. Do you honestly mean it or are you saying it to make me stay?”

I grip my fists at my side, tears flowing down my cheeks, “I love you Donatello. I honestly mean it, I love you, I’m in love with you, God I don’t want to leave but I don’t feel like I have another viable option. Please don’t go.”

It only takes a few confident powerful strides before he’s across the room taking me in his arms. “Aimee I love you too.” He leans in and kisses me. The energy radiating between us reminds me of the first night our first kiss only his passions for me have deepened and mine for him. I throw my arms around his neck pressing my body into his. Our lips, our bodies hunger for each other. “Bed or roof?” He whispers in my ear.

“What?” not sure if I heard him correctly.

“Bed or roof? Where would you prefer?”

“Oh my god, roof!” I almost scream I’m so excited.

“Then grab a blanket.” He spins me around and gives me a nudge in the direction of the bedroom to go get a blanket. I squeal and scurry off as hasty as I can. ‘Oh, better grab a pillow too’ I remind myself.

I get to the roof and Donnie already has candles lit. I smile and shake my head ‘he will always be a hopeless romantic.’ I think to myself. I love that about him so much.

“You changed.” He says surprised as he takes the blanket from me to spread out. I’m wearing my robe and slippers. He turns around and gets the blanket situated.

“I did, I wanted to show you this.” I untie the robe allowing it to drop to the ground revealing a black see-through off the shoulders baby teddy trimmed in black feathers at the bottom. Beneath I was wearing black lace panties and a matching bra. I also slipped on cat ears while his back was turned.

“I uh… I uh… you-- look—amazing.”

I hold the back of my hand up to my mouth like it’s a paw and giggle. “I’m so glad you like it. I got it just for you. I wanted something special just for you.”

Sitting down he calls me over. My body is shaking with nerves from the excitement. I lean in kissing him. He puts an arm around my back pulling me in closer. I caress his chest with one hand moving down his body.

I take my time, memorizing every muscle in his arms, every scar on his body, I didn’t want to rush this, I didn’t want to miss a thing or risk forgetting anything. “I love you Donatello.” I whisper into his lips. “My heart is yours, no matter where I go.” Tears drop from my eyes.

He lifts my chin with his finger and kisses my tears. “I love you too Aimee. My heart has always been yours.”

“Oh Donnie.” I sit up, lay my hand on his chest push him down on his back. “My turn to be in charge.” I straddle him, I take him in my hand, stroking up and down his shaft teasing the head between my fingers. I bend down to lick his length, I take the tip in my mouth.

“No, we’re not doing it this way this time.” He directs me to turn around. I give him a playful ‘oh really?’ look. He smiles. I squeal in excitement and turn around. I wiggle my hips at him, he nibbles my thigh. I nibble his. His hands caress my ass. He licks the back of my thigh. I bite my lip.

I take him in my mouth, stroking him with one hand, with my other hand I gently rub his balls. He lets out a deep moan into my pussy. He massages my clit with one finger, teasing my slit with his tongue and his other finger. I let out a low moan right below his head onto his cock to make it vibrate.

“Goddamn Aimee.” Donnie calls out to me, “You take my breath away.”

I lick the length of his shaft, teasing with my fingers at the tip. Taking him in my mouth and stroking him. He licks and sucks my clit, sliding a finger inside me. His thumb alternates with his tongue on my clit, he sucks and licks it. I move my hips into him, his finger moves over m g-spot. I have to catch my breath as my pussy squirts on his face.

“I can’t take it anymore.” He says. He turns me around. I slip him into me without touching him. Rocking my hips forward and back I feel him, feel how hard he is. I moan for him. I move his hands from hips to my breasts. I reach a hand back feeling his balls. I want all of him. I never want this to end. I arch my back, sit deeper, and slide forward and back harder. My moans turn to screams as his cock hits my g-spot, my pussy releasing juices on his abs. I tighten my thighs around him and ride him harder. He thrusts into me as I slide back, his hands squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples. We moan together.

“Oh god Donnie, I can’t stop, don’t let me stop, fuck me harder. I don’t want to stop. I’m going to cum hard”

“Fuck, I’m going to cum, you’re so wet.”

He grows harder in me, my pussy tingles, my clit gets sensitive, hot, I feel the sensation shoot down my legs, through my body, “Oh fuck, I’m cuming, harder, fuck me harder!” I can no longer move, the orgasm is coming, I’m right on the edge, Donnie is pounding my pussy and I don’t want it to stop, I can barely breath, my pussy pulses against his cock, in a rush my pussy surrenders my hot orgasm.

“Don’t stop” I beg him. “You feel so good.”

“For as long as I can.” He complies. We thrust into each other, waves of ecstasy flow through my body with each thrust. As I feel him grow inside me before he cums it only gets more intense. “I can’t hold it anymore, I’m going to cum.”

“Cum for me Donatello.” I moan, it only takes a few thrusts, he releases inside me. I collapse on top of him just feeling his body against mine, feeling his energy, listening to his heart beat as I catch my breath. He holds me. We lay in silence just enjoying each other for a moment.

Donnie runs his fingers through my hair lifting my face to his. He kisses me and rolls me onto my back. “You truly are a Goddess.” He already hard again, ready for me, I open my legs to beckon him in. He glides his finger, lifting his finger against my g-spot as his thumb massages my clit.

I throw my head back and moan. I arch my back. It feels so good but it’s so overwhelming I can’t take it for long. I try to escape. ”No you don’t, you’re not going anywhere.” He holds me in place. Yes! I love this side of him. Take charge, tell me how to behave.

“Harder.” I bite my lip and beg.

He smiles and to thrusts his two fingers into me with his hand, “Oh, god yes, just like that. I’m going to cum.” I start thrusting my hips into his hand. “More, I’m close. I… I…” I cum into his fingers.

He immediately slides himself into me and thrusts deep. I push my hips into him as hard as I can. My body hungers for him, I want him to know only he can fill my need, my want. It’s only him. I roll on my side. With one leg straight between his legs I lift my other up to his shoulder so he is directly thrusting against my g-spot. Instantly the storm is swelling, building quickly, my breath catches. “Oh my god harder, please more, your cock feels so good. Please.” I grab onto his wrists. Pussy quivers against his hard shaft with every lunge, I can’t stop it. I grab his wrists, I scream in elation. My toes curl, I bite my lip to try to hold it, I don’t want to let it go yet. “Oh God, I can’t hold it anymore, I’m cuming!” I scream. In a sudden surge I climax dousing his cock.

“God, I can’t hold it anymore. I’m going to cum too.” He thrusts a couple more times. I can tell he’s very close. I act quick, I push him off of me and go down on him before he can think or act. I suck and stroke him until he cums taking him all in my mouth.

He cums hard, he groans, his body shakes, he throws his head back, his mouth hangs open. He reaches for me just for something to hold on to. “What the fuck was that?” he looks at me wide eyed and in disbelief after it was over.

“That? Oh, that’s my secret weapon. I figured it was my turn to return the favor.” I said wiping my mouth giggling.

“Consider it repaid-- in full. Good god woman.”

I just smile and shake my head. “We should probably get off the roof. I’m pretty sure the entire city heard us.”

“Just lie next to me, just watch the sky, enjoy this last night with me?”

“Of course Donnie, I wouldn’t want to spend it anywhere else.”

We curl up in the blanket watching the lights in the city and the aircrafts overhead. We lay in silence just enjoying each other. ‘God I don’t want to go. Please ask me to stay Donnie. Please?’



“Please don’t go. I know I’m being selfish but I don’t want you to leave. We can move you to another part of town and I can ask Leo to put me exclusively on patrol there.” Tears fall from his eyes. “I just can’t say goodbye to you. I’ll talk to Splinter and we’ll tell Raph, just not right away.”

I sit and think for a few moments. “Yes, Don. I’ll stay.”

In the morning the sunrise caught fire.
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