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The parts with sex scenes are included before the story.
PART 1 - POV: ROSIE (sex scene)

PART 2 - POV: DR RICHARDS (no sex scene)

PART 3 - POV: ADAM (sex scene)

POV: ROSIE - 6th December 2009

We sit in the dining hall, scheming. Classes have finished for the day and we take the opportunity to plan our next step.

“There's a tunnel in one of the cellars under this room,” Ivy tells us, her eyes practically sparkling with excitement. “I've been through it before.”

Ivy is charismatic and charming, but severely ill and dependent on a cocktail of any drugs and alcohol she can get her hands on just to get through her day. Her vampyre has a reputation for being particularly sadistic.

Her hair changes colour every week as she tries to reinvent herself at an attempt to make herself feel better. This week it is neon green. She has terrible tattoos up and down her arms that she has done herself. But her face is pretty – especially when she doesn't realise she's being watched and the hard, mean features soften into something sweet.

The plan was to walk into the nearest village and get drunk. It was a humble wish, but it was tricky nonetheless. We all had something to lose if we were caught.

We entered the tunnel at night and found that Ivy was right – it was in the cellar under the dining hall. The weather is bad once we get outside in secret. It has been snowing for over a week and the ground is thick and slippy with snow that has compressed into ice.

It takes us an hour to reach the edge of the castle grounds and climb over the wall to begin our journey through the forest. We had made the journey before, but never in such bad weather.

Catherine and Meg walk ahead of Ivy and I, passing a bottle of vodka between them and declaring it keeps them warm.

“Is he still hitting you?” I ask Ivy quietly.

She barks a harsh laugh and takes a long swig from one of he bottles of wine we had stolen. “Don't even try and tell me that Adam hasn't hit you. What's the difference? What's the point in keeping track?”

I shrug. “He hits me when I do something wrong. But he says it pains him just as much as it pains me. Nathaniel hits you just for fun.”

She takes another swig. “You need to face the fact that they're all the same, Rosie. You think Adam isn't sadistic? Watch his dick get hard next time he gives you a good belting and then try telling me he doesn't enjoy it. The only difference between your vampyre and my vampyre is that Nathaniel is at least true to himself. He doesn't pretend to be something he's not. There's no mind fuck.”

I try to ignore the sense she's making whilst I take a deep drink from my own wine bottle.

“The truth of the matter is this: they abduct children and brainwash them so that they can live longer. That's all Adam wants you for. He can put any kinky bullshit twist on it, but at the end of the day that's what it boils down to. He has plucked your life away from you and fucked you up completely just so he can live longer. And the worst part about that freak is that he makes you think you're enjoying it – think that you want it.”

I don't like the turn the conversation has made. Snow begins to fall again and I instinctively shiver.

Ivy can sense that she has upset me. She taps her bottle against mine and raises it high. “At least the sex is mind-blowing,” she toasts and takes a drink.

I laugh and do the same.

“God, I miss good sex,” she giggles, “Sex with Nathaniel at this point is just boring. It's been the same routine since I was eight years old... exaggerated humiliation and degradation with a sadistic flair if I'm lucky. Same old same old. It's easier to hate him that way, I guess.”

I have nothing to say to her to make her feel better so I just take her hand in mine and walk slowly so that she knows we have all the time in the world to talk. All the time in the world before we have to go back home.

“How do you cope with it?” I ask her gently.

“I fuck anyone I can and try not to be sober for too long,” she says it as though it's a joke but it just makes me incredibly sad for her.

“I've only ever been with Adam,” I confess.

She laughs, genuinely amused. “I guessed as much. I knew he'd have that fucked up side to him. Let me guess – he punished you when you were growing up for almost any interaction you had with the opposite sex and then finally fucked you when you reached your breaking point, so now you think he's the best lay of your life and it turns you on that he doesn't want you to fuck anyone else.”

My mouth falls open and she laughs again. “If you hadn't scrambled your brain with the amount of psychedelics you take, you'd be an absolute genius,” I giggle.

Ivy stops, pulling me by my hand to stand next to a large oak tree. “You know...” her voice has dropped low and she sounds playful. “...If you want someone else to fuck you then I can show you a nice time. I guess you're not technically breaking his rules since I don't have a dick.”

I take a big gulp of wine and pull her into a kiss just to see how it feels. Her lips are plump and soft and it's nice to have someone my own size be so delicate with me.

I finish off the last of my wine and giggle drunkenly, dropping the bottle to the floor and pulling her in again. She kisses me with a surprised but amused look on her face.

“Well this is a lot easier than I thought it would be,” she says, deadpan.

I shush her and giggle against her lips, feeling deliciously naughty to be doing something so unlike myself in the middle of the woods. “Let's hurry before those two notice we're not behind them and come looking for us.”

She needs to further encouragement. It's a difficult ordeal, trying to pleasure one another outside when it's snowing heavier and heavier by the minute.

We giggle the entire time, fondling each other in the dark without removing any clothes at all.

Her hand slips inside my jeans and her fingers slip inside me quickly and she knows exactly how to move them. I gasp into her mouth and she smiles.

We kiss long and deep and I think about what she would look like naked. Soft, pale body, a nice handful of breasts, thick thighs and hips that shake a little when she walks. It's something I had spent a lot of time thinking about at the start of our friendship.

I slide a hand up her coat and under the jumper she's wearing to cup her breast. I lift the flesh our of her bra to gain access to her nipple, which I stroke gently.

“That's nice,” she whispers. When she looks at me there are tears in her eyes. “Sometimes it's just nice to be gentle, you know?”

I take her face in my other hand and kiss her delicately.

I hear a creak and a sharp crack from above, but by the time I look up it's too late. Something smashes into my face and the world vanishes instantly.

The first sense I notice coming back to me is my hearing. I hear a woman crying and a man shouting. I hear a fire crackling close by. I hear my own involuntary moan of pain as I experience a hot white sting all over my face. I can't breathe through my nose and my breath comes to me in short gasps through my mouth.

I try to open my eyes but my face feels too swollen. I have a tiny slit of vision and I see Adam's face in front of mine.

“You're awake!” He turns to someone behind him. “She's awake! Oh, thank God. Stay still, baby, don't move. Your face is badly bruised. We think you've got a broken nose. A branch fell on your face.”

I can feel myself crying and the contortion of my face hurts even more. Why does my flesh feel like it's about to burst from my skin? Where am I? Lying down somewhere.

I feel Adam's cool hand stroking my hair as softly as he can while he tries not to hurt me. I'm wrapped in blankets but I still feel cold.

I doubted I could speak even if I wanted to. My lips are swollen shut and my jaw feels like it's not attached my my skull any more.

I hear Jack's voice next to me. He's playing his role as older brother and trying to lighten the mood while Adam comforts me.

“You just had to choose the day with the snow blizzard to go wandering didn't you? Eh? Took us five hours to find you. That's a long time to be passed out in the snow.”

I open my eyes as wide as they can go. We're sat in one of the empty bars that comes off from the foyer of the castle. It's the closest one to the main entrance and it's a relatively small room with a large fire place. My guess had to be that they wanted to warm me up before they moved me too much.

A noise grabs my focus, and my gaze wanders slowly towards the bar. My narrow field of vision is enough for me to see that Ivy is being held by her throat against the bar by a man towering above her. It's her vampyre, Nathaniel.

He uses his free hand to punch his fist into her gut and she tries to double over but he continues holding her upright. Her tiny body contorts in pain.

“You really think you can run away from me?” he hisses. Another punch to the stomach. “After everything I've given you, you really think you can run away?”

He cracks her across the face. There are fresh bruises and cuts all over her face and I wonder whether it's from the branch that fell on us both or from Nathaniel's beatings. All I can do is reach my hand out towards her and groan, but she's too far away.

Jack takes my hand and places it on my lap. “It's none of our business. Leave it alone.”

He punches her in the face, bursting her already swollen lip open. She's screaming and crying but it doesn't affect him at all and he continues his onslaught.

He spins her around and bends her over the bar, pulling her jeans and underwear down to her ankles and unbuckling his own belt. It happens so quickly I barely have time to truly understand what's about to happen until it's already right in front of me.

He pulls his erection from his trousers and thrusts it roughly inside of her limp body as she cries.

“Jesus Christ,” I hear Adam's disgusted whisper as he averts his eyes, unsure of what to do.

“I've told you before – if you even think about leaving again I'd fucking kill you. You fucking bitch!” He thrusts in and out of her hard and fast as his hands snake around her throat and begin to squeeze.

She chokes and gasps for air, her face turning red instantly with the force he's applying to her throat. I reach out to her and try to stand, tears stinging my swollen cheeks as they roll freely down my face.

The sounds of flesh slapping against flesh and Ivy's desperate gulps for air were sickening to hear at the same time. I didn't truly believe he would kill her until I saw her eyes bulge out of her face and her lips turn purple.

The life leaves her long before he finally cums inside her body and removes his hands from her throat. Her body slumps forward, the veins in her face popping out against her skin in a purple hue, the whites of her open eyes tinged red. Her lifeless face continues staring as Nathaniel collects himself and puts his now flaccid dick away.

Her words from the forest were ringing inside my head: “You need to face the fact that they're all the same, Rosie. You think Adam isn't sadistic?” “The only difference between your vampyre and my vampyre is that Nathaniel is at least true to himself.” “ And the worst part about that freak is that he makes you think you're enjoying it.”

I projectile vomit onto the floor before the world vanishes again.

POV: DR RICHARDS – 1st February 2018

Rosie had been in the facility for a few weeks now. It was obvious to me that being institutionalised was familiar to her and it made her account of things seem more believable. If she was to be believed, then she had escaped from something that went far beyond a normal kidnapping. Her account detailed hundreds of young girls and boys that had been plucked straight from their families from all over Europe.

“Did you ever find out what happened to your friend's body?” I ask her.

She shrugs, tears rolling down her face. “They just got rid of her. I don't even think Ivy was her real name... I don't think her family will ever know.”

“What was Adam's response to the situation?”

“He didn't really have one. He pretended it never happened. I spent a few days in bed healing and then he gave me my punishment.”

“Your punishment?” I question, my pen at the ready.

She wipes her nose on the back of her sleeve like a child. “Yeah.”

“What did that involve? Did he not think witnessing the traumatic death of your friend was enough of a punishment?”

She shakes her head. “He said he was doing it for my own good. I knew the consequences for leaving the castle. He gave me the belt until my backside was worse than the state my face had been in. I couldn't sit down for two weeks.”

“Has it ever crossed your mind, Rosie, that Adam may not have had your best interests at heart?” I ask gently.

Rosie regresses into a childlike state as a way of coping with the difficult emotions she's feeling – I had seen it happen several times at this point.

“Don't say that!” she yells at me, her voice whiny and petulant. She pulls at the hem of her jumper, unravelling a thread. “Adam loves me,” she says quietly without much conviction. “It is for my own good. It is!”

“I think you might have to consider the possibility that everything Adam did to you came from a place of selfishness and greed,” I offer to her.

“No!” she implores.

“I want you to try and remember the feelings of panic and terror you were feeling when you managed to escape him, Rosie. I know it's painful but can you let your mind wander there for a moment? Just a moment?”

The people that found her had been walking their dogs on the beach. She ran towards them, dressed in a pair of pyjama shorts and a torn, bloody jumper. Her feet were bare and wounded. Though she didn't tell them, they had reason to believe she had been on the move for days.

“Please!” she had begged, holding her hands out to them and falling to her knees, as though she was trying to convince them not to hurt her. “Please help me! You have to help me! He tried to follow me and I don't know whether he's close to me or I'm hallucinating. You can't let him take me back there, he'll kill me. Please! He'll kill me!”

“I know he has my best interests at heart,” she tells me calmly after almost five minutes of silence.

I consult my notes. “You mentioned to police officers that interviewed you that a few years ago Adam started trading you with his friends. Do you feel ready to talk about that?”

POV: ADAM - 12th July 2012

She is drunk more days than she is sober and no amount of punishment or encouragement will stop her from drinking to excess four days a week. She had been damaging her body this way in secret for the best part of a year and now her blood isn't healthy enough to sustain me.

“Look at me!” I raise my voice, holding her hair back from her face as she vomits into the toilet.

She bursts into tears. “Don't shout at me!” she whines like a child. “Please, I can't take it.”

I'm beyond caring. “Do you know what I can't take?” I ask her, grabbing her cheeks with one hand and forcing her to look at me. “Your shitty blood. You're polluting it. It tastes like shit – it's poisoning me.”

Her face crumples and she starts sobbing again. “I'm so sorry!” she implores, resting her head on my feet and grabbing my ankles. “I just want to be good for you.”

I go to bed, leaving her on the bathroom floor by herself. She is useless to me for tonight. But in the next twenty four hours I will take her to a place where she can finally be of some use to me.

She wakes in the afternoon the next day and I tell her to shower and make herself look nice – I'm taking her somewhere. Despite her hangover, her eyes light up a little.

It's hard to deny the fact that she looks amazing. Now that she's twenty-one she's developed whatever sense of identity you can when you have been dealt her cards in life, and she mostly shows it through her clothes. She walks out of her bedroom in a pair of tight fitting flares and a blue knitted cropped top. Large wooden hoop earring dangle near her jawline. Her make up is impeccable.

I kiss her long and slow and she seems to come to life in my arms. Back to her regular self for just a moment before her eyes glaze over again.

I give her a few shots of vodka to help the hangover and loosen her up. I take her by the hand and we walk to the party.

The orgy is taking place in one of the halls on the ground floor. It has been kitted out with sofas and beds and the drinks are flowing. It's referred to as an orgy, but it's more of an auction.

I hold my arm protectively around her waist and guide her through the throng of people. It hasn't properly started yet but the atmosphere in the room tells her something is afoot.

She laughs as she looks around while I order us a drink. “Where the fuck have you brought me?”

“I'd prefer it if you didn't swear, Rosie.”

“Answer my question,” she demands, stomping her foot on the floor playfully.

“I'm going to come to some kind of arrangement with one of these vampyres and they're going to let me drink from their human,” I tell her.

She frowns. “Well what am I going to do? And why are you drinking from other people? You know that upsets me.”

I cup her face in my hand and lean forward to whisper into her ear. “You're going to do whatever the other vampyre wants you to do. And you're going to enjoy it whether you want to or not.”

I wrap an arm around her and hug her close to me. It looks like we're dancing close but I'm holding onto her tightly to stop her from bolting.

Her eyes are wide and pleading. “Adam, you can't do that.”

I laugh. “I don't recall having to ask your permission to do anything. In fact, I think it's the other way around, don't you remember? Start looking after your body and I won't have to trade you off.”

She downs her drink as quickly as possible in defiance and demands another one. I oblige, but only because I know that's what it's going to take for her to willingly comply.

I'm soon approached by a man I knew very well in the 1980s. Peter. He smacks me on the back as a welcoming gesture and we talk about old times before the bartering commences.

His human is tall and athletic-looking. She's dressed a little too much like a slut for me to find her genuinely attractive but I can smell her blood from here and it's making my mouth water. Her name is Carmen.

“You can have twenty minutes,” he tells me, “no sexual penetration of any kind. Hand jobs are fine. Biting is fine. Be gentle with her. What are your conditions?” He holds his hand out for me to shake once I've offered him my end of the deal.

I shrug. “Fuck her however you want, just don't touch her pussy. Do whatever you like with her so long as she doesn't pass out or throw up.”

He stares at me like he can't believe his luck. I hold out my hand and he can't shake it soon enough.

I take a seat on one of the many sofas opposite the bed that Peter has chosen for himself and my Rosie. I get to know Carmen a little better before we make any kind of physical contact.

She's an American, just eighteen years old. I ask her how old she thinks I am and she laughs seductively.

“Oh, you don't look old at all, but you've just got this aura about you, y'know? Like this really wise, calming presence. I bet you've seen quite a few centuries, right?”

I don't know why or how is works but her fascination with age is stroking my ego.

“This is a pretty dress,” I lie to her and she practically purrs.

“Oh, thank you, Sir!” That's it. I'm erect.

“You're quite a polite young lady, aren't you?” I point over to Rosie on the bed. Peter has her on all fours on the bed and he's pulling her flares down over her bottom. He burrows his face into her ass and inhales her scent.

“That's my girl,” I tell Carmen. “She's not very polite any more. Quite a pain in the neck, actually.”

She strokes my thigh, smiling charmingly. “Oh, I don't know about that – she seems nice. Besides, I bet you're more of a pain in her neck!”

I laugh harder than necessary at her little joke but she believes it to be genuine and her hand moves further up my leg.

She nibbles my ear lobe and my cock hardens even more whilst I watch my girl finally being penetrated by Peter. He isn't an attractive man; his gut protrudes outwards and his face is worn and tired looking. His cock is short but fat. He enters Rosie's asshole and begins pumping her from behind.

Her face is contorted and I can hear the moans she is making for him. They're completely fake, but I admire her gumption anyway. I know from experience that's not what she sounds like when someone is giving her an anal fucking.

Rosie turns her head and locks eyes with me just as Carmen unzips my jeans and slides her hand inside. Rosie bites her bottom lip and for a split second I see genuine pleasure on her face. She's barely six feet away from me and I can hear Peter's sagging balls slap against her while he fucks her from behind. I wave at her and she smiles sweetly at me.

Carmen removes my cock from my jeans and gasps. “Goodness, that's... intimidating.”

I roll my eyes. She tries too hard.

She presses herself against me as she rubs my shaft up and down, paying special attention to the tip of my cock when she reaches it.

“I wish I could know what it feels like to be fucked by it,” she whispers into my ear.

I smile and pull her onto my lap so she's straddling me. “You know the rules,” I tell her. “Stop trying to tempt me.”

She winks at me and ties her hair into a ponytail in preparation.

“Excuse me?” We've been approached by a man, tall and thin. He's completely naked and his erection is at eye-level for me.

“What?” I say impolitely.

“Is that your human?” he points towards Rosie, who is now splayed on the bed completely naked. Her chest is flat on the bed giving me an amazing view of her side-boob underneath her. I imagine sinking my teeth into it. Her ass is in the air and her legs are spread wide open. Her red hair falls around her face in wavy curls and makes her look far younger than she is.

Peter is drilling her hard from behind. He spanks her and I can see his lips moving. He's telling her how good her ass feels. I can see in his face by the way he looks at her that he lacks any kind of respect for her. His filthy chubby little hands caress her ass cheeks, tugging at them and pulling them apart and then squishing them together.

“Yes,” I tell him.

“Listen... I don't have a human to offer you, but I have my wallet with me and I can give you any amount of money. Within reason.”

Carmen's hands are still on my cock, working her magic.

“I want £250,” I tell him. “Blow job only. No biting.” Rosie is putting on a good show and she has gone up in my estimation in the last five minutes. There are five men standing around the bed beating themselves off to her performance.

“Done,” he says eagerly. He shakes my hand and quickly retrieves the money in cash.

Rosie hasn't taken her eyes off me and she has seen the transaction. I give her a thumbs up and a wink.

I get back to business with Carmen as the mystery guy walks towards Rosie. I waste no time and it comes as a shock to her when I sink my teeth straight into her neck and start sucking. Her blood is fresh and new and I have an instant head-rush.

I can't help but moan against her when I look over her shoulder and see that Rosie has started some sucking of her own. She's on her hands and knees now, her back arched perfectly. She sucks the unfamiliar cock vigorously to begin with and I can see that Peter has taken the opportunity to stop thrusting and prolong his performance. Rosie finds her own rhythm in response to both of the men inside her, her head bobbing back and forth down one man's shaft and her hips shaking back and forth on Peter's. Her ass jiggles as she impales herself on his fat member over and over.

She has attracted even more of a gathering. I can count nine men standing around the bed, all staring, all hoping that they get their turn with the petite redhead next.

I suck more of Carmen's blood into me, squeezing her bony ass as she rubs my cock in a way she knows will keep me right on the edge of a climax. Fucking tease.

The man fucking Rosie's face holds her head in place and starts his own thrusting. I can hear her gagging on his cock as he pushes it deeper and deeper into her throat.

“Ohhhhh, that's amazing!” He tells her. His voice is creepy and shrill and he's staring at her intensely, his face contorted in an ugly way. “You're amazing! You're amazing! Look at me! Let me see those eyes. I want you looking right at me!”

He knows he's only able to fuck her because he's paid for it, and that a woman like that wouldn't touch him willingly.

Peter is thrusting again, sliding in and out of her now gaping asshole with ease. He has spat on her hole a few times for lubricant.

Rosie is held still now, clamped between the two men that are thrusting in and out of her enthusiastically.

I've stopped drinking from Carmen but she continues rubbing my cock. It's a nice sensation but I'm ultimately bored of her.

The guy fucking my baby's mouth finally cums. He throws his head back and lets out a high pitched whine and blows a massive load into her mouth. She lets most of it drip down her chin, refusing to swallow, which pleases me for some reason.

It pushes Peter over the edge and he finished inside her ass soon after. When he removes his flaccid penis, a string of spit and cum trails out of her asshole and down her leg.

I push Carmen off me and walk over to the bed. Rosie greets me eagerly, crawling towards the foot of her bed on her hands and knees, smiling excitedly.

“Hello, baby!” I say enthusiastically, as though I'm greeting a puppy.

Her mascara is running down her face from the tears that have overflown from gagging so much. She still has cum dripping down her chin.

“You've done such a good job! Open wide for me,” I tell her.

Without a word she opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out. I rub my cock up and down, letting the head tap against her tongue whilst she waits to receive my cum.

“You're going to swallow this time,” I tell her and the corners of her mouth lift as she smiles a little, nodding her head up and down.

I feel the pulsating sensation of my orgasm all the way down my shaft and my cum spurts into her little mouth, covering her tongue in four pulsating bursts. I grunt and my knees almost buckle underneath me.

She keeps it in her mouth for a few seconds and makes a face as though she loves the taste of it. She swallows it in one big gulp and moans. I laugh breathlessly at her performance – she's being playful again. An ironic porn star act that makes fun of herself. Our inside joke.

“You deserve a drink,” I tell her. She falls back onto the white sheets of the bed and giggles as I put my cock away and head to the bar.

I'm followed by four men, each one asking me what they can offer me to let them have a go, each one with a different request.

“I have a virgin asleep upstairs. Never even seen a cock before. She's yours if you let me fuck that girl you've got. I've never seen her here before... she's rare...” I decline his offer and continue ordering my drink.

They continue badgering me so I raise my hands in surrender, placating them.

“Any person willing to give me £50.00 can blow their load on her. £75.00 to cum on her face. That's my offer.”

The bartender hands me my two drinks – red wines. Some of the men walk away uninterested, some of the men whip their wallets out.

A fat old man places his hand on my shoulder. “So I pay you fifty pounds and I don't even get to touch her?”

“Yes,” I tell him simply.

“How much for me to fuck her?” he asks.

I look him up and down, taking in his grotesque stature. “There is nothing you can offer me. She's done for the day – nobody else is touching her. It's up to you whether you want to cum on her face or not.”

I walk back to Rosie. I tell the men to leave her alone whilst she drinks her wine. She lazes on the bed, taking small sips of her drink and playing with her own nipples.

“I'm sorry, my darling,” she tells me genuinely and calmly. “I'm going to be better for you now.” She runs her hand through my hair and the moment would be very touching if there weren't so many naked men lining up for her.

“I'm going to give you more freedom,” I tell her. “I've been stifling you.”

She relaxes even more when I tell her this and she seems genuinely happy as she sips her wine. I tell her about the men lining up for her and what they want to do to her.

She bites her bottom lip. “Are you going to watch them do it?” she asks me excitedly.

I tell her yes, because I want to make sure none of them touch her.

“God... That's kind of sexy,” she confesses, a hand moving down to rub herself.

Word had spread around the hall that there was a new girl on the scene. A cute redhead that had just taken it in the ass and the mouth at the same time, but now any touching was forbidden. They had missed their time slot. All they could do was cum on her.

I made an additional £400 that night. She took another two loads on her face, smiling beautifully the entire time and making excited noises as soon as their cocks started pulsating. One guy came on her ass cheeks and the other four came on her tits. None of them touched her.
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