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Daniel Hunter couldn't believe what he was seeing. His daughter, Lacey, and his son, Anthony, were fucking. Lacey was riding her big brother's dick and it didn't seem like Anthony minded all that much. As a matter of fact, Daniel would have guessed that Anthony was enjoying the experience.

If he were honest with himself though, Daniel wasn't entirely surprised. The three of them had been stuck in the house together for nearly a week, thanks to the quarantine. And Lacey had been walking around in almost nothing, save for some skimpy lingerie. She'd claimed it was to save on dirty laundry, but now Daniel suspected it was for Anthony's benefit.

Not that Daniel hadn't had some strange thoughts himself over the past several days. He hadn't been with anyone since he and his wife split up, nearly a year ago. Normally he managed his needs fine, distracting himself with work and porn. Now that he was stuck at home, however, there was little to distract him.

He couldn't work from home, as so many others were doing, and he wasn't jerking off, for fear of being caught by his children. So he was a bit backed up, as it were. And then, seeing Lacey nearly nude, had sent him to dark places in his mind. Places where he imagined doing all manner of depraved things to his daughter, her fluffy (as he liked to call it) body pleasuring him.

Now, though, he was confronted by his own lusts as he clearly saw Lacey's large titties, her nipples stiff with excitement. And, as she crawled off of her brother and tried to cover up, he got a pretty good view of her soaking wet pussy.

And then there was Anthony, whose dick was slick with his sister's pussy juice. His shaft had to be at least seven inches long, only two inches shorter than Daniel's, and just as thick as Daniel's. Daniel hadn't thought about another man that way since college, when he'd experimented with a few of his friends, but now those feelings came rushing back.

"What the fuck are you two doing", Daniel demanded again, his children stammering for an answer. "Never mind, I don't want an answer. Come with me" Daniel said, his voice strong and commanding, typical when he was speaking to his children. "And don't bother getting dressed."

They seemed surprised by this, both both Anthony and Lacey followed their father. He led them to the living room, where he took a seat on the sofa. He pointed to the floor in front of him and they both knelt there. He'd trained his children to do this long ago, effective at adding a humiliation factor when he was punishing them.

"Now", he began speaking, both of them focused on their father, "what made the two of you think this was a good idea?" "Because, daddy, we're horny", Lacey said, using her "sweet daughter" voice to try and soothe her father's temper. "That may be, but you can't just go fucking anyone you want to because you're horny."

Daniel looked directly at his son, his eyes holding a stern gaze. "What if you'd gotten her pregnant", he demanded and Anthony's face quickly grew pale. It was obvious the boy hadn't thought of that, lost in his haze of lust. "That wouldn't happen, daddy", Lacey said and Daniel turned to her. "How can you be so sure", Daniel asked. "Because", she said, her face flushed with embarrassment, "I'm on the pill. I'm not stupid, daddy."

"I never said you were, baby", Daniel said. "Be that as it may, you have to be careful. That being said, however, I can understand why you two were going at it. Being stuck in this house could make a person go crazy", Daniel said. His children gave him a quizzical look, not understanding where he was going with this.

Truth be told, Daniel wasn't sure himself. But he was tired of being horny and it was clear that at least Lacey had used some foresight and common sense. "Okay, here's what I propose", Daniel said. "For the duration of this quarantine, you two may continue being intimate."

Two young sets of faces grew hopeful when he said this, but Daniel wasn't finished. "However, the moment we are free, this relationship ends and you both find more appropriate partners. Agreed?" "Agreed", they both said in unison and stood, probably ready to get back to it.

"One more thing", Daniel said, stopping his children in their tracks. "If I'm going to allow this, I expect something in return. Your unconditional obedience. When I say to do something, you do it. No hesitation, no questions. Agreed?" Anthony and Lacey looked at each other before they both nodded. "Agreed", they once again said.

"Good", Daniel said, rubbing his hands together. "Now, continue as you were, but here, on the living room floor. In front of me." Anthony opened his mouth to protest, but Daniel held up a hand. "No hesitation, no questions. Now, obey your father." "Yes sir", Anthony said and he laid on his back on the living room carpet.

Lacey knelt beside him, watching her father out of the corner of her eye. By this time, Anthony had gone soft. She wasn't sure how she felt about her father watching, but she knew she wanted to keep fucking Anthony, especially with how good he was at eating pussy.

She licked up and down his semi-flaccid shaft, tasting her juices. This made her pussy wet, as Lacey loves the taste of her own nectar. Under her oral ministrations, Anthony's dick quickly grew rigid, despite the presence of their father. Lacey smiled as she straddled him again, holding his erect cock at her entrance.

She impaled herself on his thick meat once more, her pussy convulsing in ecstasy and a moan escaping her lips. As she bounced on his dick, both brother and sister became oblivious to anything but the pleasure of their connected flesh.

Lacey closed her eyes as she rode her brother, focusing on the feeling of his dick as her pussy slid up and down his pole. So she was surprised when she felt a tap on her shoulder, causing her to open her eyes.

Her father was standing before her, his dick hanging freely before her face. Her eyes grew wide as she realized it was even bigger than Anthony's and she looked up at her father with a question in her eyes. "Why should Anthony get all the fun", Daniel said. "Open your mouth, baby girl." "Yes daddy", Lacey said and quickly opened her mouth, surprised by how eager she was for what was about to happen.

Daniel grabbed his daughter's head and slid his dick between her lips. He immediately felt her tongue moving over the head, then the shaft. His dick hardened in her mouth, much to Lacey's delight. Soon it pressed against her throat, but Daniel didn't stop.

He held her fast as he pulled back and then thrust forward, his cock invading her throat. He was so different from Anthony. Anthony had been hesitant and timid, ready to please her. But, as her father fucked her face, Lacey realized he was using her mouth to pleasure himself. He was pounding her face with his large meat as if she were a common whore. And that knowledge sent Lacey over the edge.

Her pussy spasmed and convulsed on Anthony's dick, her orgasm exploding from within her. As his sister's cunt contracted, squeezing his shaft, Anthony couldn't hold back. He thrust upward, pushing his dick as deep as he could and exploded, flooding her womb with his seed.

Daniel watched his children's faces, knowing they were both experiencing orgasms simultaneously. He smiled and proceeded to withdraw his dick from his daughter's mouth, bringing a pout to her face. "Get off of your brother and on your knees, slut", he said, shocking his daughter. "I'm going to destroy that pussy of yours. Boy, you stay under your sister and suck on her big titties."

Lacey couldn't believe the words coming from her father's mouth. He had never talked to her that way before. But what shocked her the most was how wet it made her pussy. Being degraded and humiliated like that almost made Lacey cum again, but she needed to obey her daddy.

She assumed the doggy style position and Daniel got on his knees behind her. She cried out as he shoved his dick into her cunt without warning. She felt fuller than she ever had before, her cunt being stretched by the biggest dick she'd ever taken.

Then she yelped when she felt her father's strong hand smack her ass. It left a stinging sensation in her left cheek as he started pounding her cunt, not bothering with being gentle. Lacey loved it, her father being so rough with her. Her pleasure was only heightened as she felt her brother's mouth on her right breast, his hand massaging her left breast.

The sensations were too much and Lacey practically screamed in pleasure as a powerful orgasm tore through her. Her back arched as he father pounded her spasming pussy, never even slowing down. His large dick punched against her cervix with each thrust, mixing pain in with her intense pleasure.

Daniel fucked his daughter like this for nearly ten minutes, during which time she came twice more, making a mess everywhere. He couldn't believe how tight her pussy was. He'd forgotten how good it felt to have a barely legal, velvety cunt squeezing your dick, trying to milk the cum from it.

But the memories all came rushing back and it pushed Daniel over the edge. "Take your daddy's cum, you little slut", he cries out as he thrust deep and exploded. He held his daughter's wide hips as his dick pulsed, flooding her womb with spurt after spurt of his seed.

When he finally finished, Daniel pulled his still hard dick from his daughter's pussy. He sat down on the couch and pointed to the floor in front of him. Within moments, both of his children were kneeling before him. "Clean daddy's dick with your tongues", he said firmly. Lacey eagerly began licking her dad's shaft, but Anthony gave him a questioning look.

"Yes, you too, boy. You're both going to please your daddy. Now get started", Daniel said and grabbed the back of his son's head, pulling him close to his father's cock. Lacey smiled at Anthony before returning to licking her father's balls. Anthony hesitantly stuck his tongue out and touched it to his father's shaft. He could taste his sister's pussy on his dad's dick as he began to lick up and down. "That's it, kids. Show me how obedient you're going to be", Daniel said as he sat back and let his children pleasure him. "Maybe this quarantine wont be so bad after all."

To be continued...
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