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Sometimes it takes fate to smack you in the face and open your eyes.

I met Dale the summer before my sophomore year in high school. Well I didn't actually meet her then, I just saw her. My family had moved to Hamilton Co. from Wilson at the end of my freshman year. I didn't know anybody here yet, so I was pretty bored with myself on the whole. I learned that the school's janitor/grounds keeper was looking for some part time help over the summer to help with mowing the grass and such. I decided that since I didn't know anyone and that I could make a few bucks over summer break, I'd try to get the job.

It turns out that I was the only person to apply for the job, so I was hired. Mr. Reynolds…or "Bob", as he liked to be called, was pretty cool as far as bosses go. About all I had to do was mow the grass around the school and the football/track field, trim the hedges, and do a little painting here and there. Also, because Bob was doing maintenance in the school itself, I was left pretty much to my own supervision.

The high school building was fairly new when I moved to Hamilton. It had a new gymnasium with locker rooms and showers for both girls and boys. It had a "trainers" room that was located between the Coach’s office and the boys’ locker room, complete with tables, benches and a whirlpool. The school also had an indoor, Olympic sized swimming pool. And when I was through for the day, Bob would let me go swimming till he was ready to lock up.

The first time I saw Dale, it was a particularly hot afternoon, and I was trimming the hedges by the infield bleacher on the football field. Dale was running around the track, and pretty much ignoring me, which was fine by me, because I had a lot to do and it was a bitch trimming that damned hedge with hand tools. Besides, I thought Dale was a guy, from a distance you really couldn't tell.

I had drank a lot of water that day and I had to go! Being a teenage boy and not wanting to trudge all the way over to the school just to take a piss, I just unzipped and let go into the hedge. I mean nobody would see me, except maybe that guy running around the track, right? "He" did see me. In fact "he" just happened to be coming around the turn closest to me when I let go. I didn't think anything of it, and when I finished, I just started back in on the hedge.

Bob came out to the field to check up on my progress about twenty minutes later, and saw Dale running. I noticed him watching and sadly shaking his head.

"Been at it for about an hour now…who is it?" I asked putting down the shears and picking up my water jug.

"Name's Dale." He said, again shaking his head. "Didn't make the track team again this spring. Guess Dale's still hoping that maybe next year will be different."

I was watching Dale now. I thought the running style was a little awkward, maybe a little uncoordinated would be more de***********ive.

"Too bad really," Bob said, "She tries so damned hard, but she just isn't cut out for track and field."

"SHE?" I said snapping my head around to Bob and then back to Dale running around the far turn…My mind flashing back to a few minutes ago. I could feel the blood rushing to my face as I remembered taking a leak in the hedge as Dale ran by.

"Yeah…she…why? Couldn’t you tell…well I guess not." Bob said smiling sadly for Dale. "She's a nice kid though, she did the job you are doing last summer...never complained about the work."

Since Bob's revelation I'd been studying Dale as she yet again passed us on the near turn. She did look like a boy from a distance. She had a short hair cut in a wedge or maybe a "pageboy" I don't know what women call the style. She was very slender, but had strong legs. She didn't have any chest whatsoever. Her face was plain looking with dark eyebrows that were a little on the heavy side. She had a largish nose, but it was straight. All in all, aside from my wetting the bushes in front of her, I really didn't find her of interest, and went back to trimming the hedge. I saw Dale off and on all summer. I'd wave to her and her to me, but we never talked. I'd usually be busy with one job or another, and she be going to or from the track.

Fall finally came to Hamilton Co. and so the school year began. As it turned out, Dale rode the same bus as I did, probably because, as I would later discover, she lived just a few miles from me. We would wave or nod in greeting, but we didn't seem to have any interest in each other. Dale, I did notice, kept pretty much to herself on the bus, I did too but that was because I didn't know anyone. I saw her occasionally in the halls between classes or at lunch.

I went out for the football team that year, and actually made it! I wasn't very big to be playing football, but I did like to play and I guess the coach saw that too. In the locker room after the first week of practice, I overheard some of the seniors talking about "that girl" who wanted to be a trainer. I'd never heard of a girl being trainer so I asked them what they were talking about. Ron told me that the school board had ok'd girls to be trainers in athletic events, providing that there was a separate area for them away from the locker room and showers. So we now had a girl trainer to help the coaches and the team doctor with errands and wrapping ankles and such. I shrugged and didn't think much more about it.

About halfway through the next week, I sprained my right ankle. It was after I hobbled back to the training room from the ball field, that I actually first met Dale. I didn't know that she was the girl that Ron and the others had been talking about. She saw me hobble in and noticed it was me. She smiled for the first time that I had seen in any case. It was a pretty smile, even if she was a little plain. She had pretty full lips now that I could see up close. They actually made her nose look a little smaller and pretty. Her skin was clear, which is more than I can say for my own at the time.

"What seems to be the problem?" She asked, looking down at the foot I was holding just off the floor.

"I think I sprained my ankle…coach said to come in and have it looked at." I said grimacing.

"Ok…hop over to the table and we'll get that shoe off and have a look." she said motioning to the table.

I hopped over and plopped down and started to bend over to untie my shoe. Bam! Our heads ran into each other as she was bending over to do the same.

"Sorry." I said blushing and rubbing my noggin, trying not to make eye contact.

"I think I can manage untying your shoe…I am a trainer after all." she said with a chirping little laugh as she too rubbed her head, and smiled at me. "Didn't I see you this summer working for Mr. Reynolds?" she asked as she untied my shoe and eased it off.

"Yeah…" I said gritting my teeth as pain shot up my leg from the swollen ankle. "You ran a lot this summer didn't you? Why?" I asked trying not to yelp from the pain as she pulled my sock off.

"I've been trying to get on the girls track team since I was a freshman," she said distractedly, "but I just haven't been fast enough the past two years. Hopefully next spring I will be." She said as she gently probed my ankle here and there, turning it a little to the side.

"Two years? Then you are a junior this year." I said still gritting my teeth with tears threatening to form in my eyes.

"Yeah." She said looking up at me to smile," it's all right to let me know if it hurts or not. Otherwise I'm going to keep poking and turning till you do." She said trying not to smile but not doing a very good job of it.

"Yes!" I gasped out at last. "It hurts! It hurts! All right?" I was holding the edge of the table so tight that my knuckles were turning white and so was my face.

"Yep! Looks like it's sprained to me." She said standing up to get an ice pack from the cabinet. It was one of those chemical things that you had to pop and shake up a second to activate. She set it on the table next to me and slapped the palm of her hand down on it, then picked it up and tossed it to me and said "Shake that up and put it on your ankle when it gets cold…I'll be back in a minute."

I shook the ice pack until I could feel it getting cold then I eased my ankle up onto the table and gingerly put the pack on it. A few minutes later Dale came back jangling some car keys saying "Ok.

Let's go."

"Go where?" I said a little lost.

"To the hospital dummy…got to get that ankle looked at by Doc Willis…you know…the team doctor?" she said raising an eyebrow.

"You think you can hop out the door to Coach's car?" She asked.

"Uh... I guess so." I responded as intelligently as I could muster.

At the hospital the doctor looked my ankle over and ordered some X-rays done and told me I was probably not going to be playing for the first part of the season anyway. That just made my day. He said that nothing appeared to be broken and that if I stayed off of it for a while and let it heal I might be able to make a few games before the end of the season. He wrapped the ankle up in ace bandages and sent me and Dale on our way.

"Bummer about the season huh?" She asked as we pulled out of the parking lot. "Maybe you can be a trainer too until the ankle gets better?" she added brightly, looking at me sitting there with a long


"I suppose." I answered, not feeling very enthusiastic about it. As it turned out I didn't become a trainer. I didn't see much of Dale for a few weeks either because of having been driven to and from school by my mom while I was letting the ankle heel. It was a real bitch trying to get from class to class carrying books and hopping along on crutches. Finally after six weeks the doctor said that I could go back to playing as long as I took it easy on the ankle and I might wrap it if it got to feeling weak again. There were three games left in the season and I got to see them all…from the bench.

Spring came before too long and with it came track and field. I went out for hurdles and the 100 meter dash. I made the team as an alternate. Dale too made the team this year, she ran the 440 relay,

and the mile. We saw a lot of each other that spring at practice and at the meets. We got to be pretty good friends too…she just kind of grew on me I guess. I did come to like her quite a bit, but I was infatuated with another girl at the time and I really didn't notice Dale as a girl. I didn't notice that she seemed to spend a lot of time with me, and that she wasn't going with anyone. But she never said anything that would make me notice I guess.

That summer Dale's dad gave her his old car when he got a new one. She used to pick me up in the morning and take me to the school to work and she would run till lunch time and then we would go out and get something to eat. I always paid for the food because she wouldn't let me give her gas money for driving me to work. I guess we got to be pretty close friends that summer, and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't notice that she was starting to fill out a little in all the right places. But I still thought of her as a friend, and didn't look too much. I learned to love her chirping little laugh, and her pretty smile. She really wasn't all that bad to look at I decided one morning as she drove us to the school. She still wore her hair short in that wedge cut I guess you'd call it. Her hair was a light color, not really blond but too light to be brown…it had sort of a red highlight when the sun shone on it. Her eyebrows were dark and outlined her big brown eyes just so. The nose was still a little big I thought, but she had recently started wearing a little lipstick that highlighted her full lips so that they complimented her nose and face as a whole. She didn't wear much eye makeup but then she didn't need to. She always smelled nice too…not perfumed or anything like the other girls at school did. Just clean…maybe bath powder or something, I liked it whatever it was. Her hair always smelled like strawberries I thought. I liked that too. She did paint her nails though. She didn't have those long claw looking nails, in fact they didn't even go past the ends of her fingers, but they were always neat and even, and she'd paint them in subdued colors like peach or pale red.

In the fall school started again, and so football. Dale was again "that girl trainer" and I was now on the Varsity team. I was a starting lineman on both offense and defense. I was kinda small for a lineman, but that was more often than not a plus for me. Being quicker and lower than most of the brutes I played across the line from I could do a pretty good job. And I had fun too. As a trainer, Dale doubled as the 'water boy' …or is that water girl? Anyway, anytime there was a time out or the play was stopped for anything she would race out onto the field and squirt water through our face masked helmets into our mouths if we wanted water. Sometimes she'd spray me in the face whether or not I wanted water…and then run off the field giggling as I sputtered and wiped my face…much to the amusement of my team mates. I on the other hand didn't think it was too funny. I even got angry at her a couple of times.

"Hey man! Cool it would ya?” One of my teammates said on one of these occasions, “The girl is just trying to get your attention man!"

"Huh?" I said, about as intelligent as it sounded.

"Man...The chick likes you…didn't you know that?" He added looking a little confused.

I was a little taken aback by this revelation. I had never even thought of Dale as anything other than a friend. I was kinda stunned to think that she would even be interested in ME! I mean c'mon! She was a senior even, and I was just a junior. I dismissed the idea and forgot about the comment.

By the third game of the season, my ankle was getting weaker and weaker. The team doctor said that if I wanted to keep playing and not risk another sprain like last year, that I'd have to start wrapping it before every practice and game. Up until then, I had never wrapped my ankle, and really didn't know what to expect.

Before the next practice, I went to the trainer's room to get it done. Dale saw me come in and had the tape already waiting for me. She looked down at my leg and arched one eyebrow then looked at me and asked. “You didn't shave your leg?"

"Of course I didn't shave it…what do I look like, a girl?" I said somewhat indignantly. I had no idea why I should or even would want to shave my leg. I found out though!

"Okay..." Dale said with a mischievous grin and a twinkle in her eyes. "But I bet you will want to next time." She added shaking her head and reaching for the tape. She did a good job taping it up, it felt great during practice. I could make sharp turns on the ankle and generally treat it like it had never been sprained before. However, I found out at the end of practice just why it is a good idea to shave the leg, at least where the tape will be applied.

Back in the trainer's room after practice, Dale gave me a wicked little smile as she came at me with the tape scissors. She cut down from the top of the tape line all the way down to the ankle then across the side of my foot to the other end. She laid down the scissors and rubbed her hands together looking up at me to say.

"Uh…why don't you put your other foot under you knee and then hang onto the edge of the table."

Shrugging my shoulders and not knowing why this would be of any use, I did what she said. I sat on my good ankle and grabbed the edge of the table.

"This is going to hurt a little." She said with that little mischievous grin again, "So don't kick me or anything." She peeled back the top edge of the tape along where she had just cut it. I could feel the hairs on my leg being pulled out, and started to say that. Then without warning, Dale just yanked straight down and back for all she was worth. Needless to say, the pain caused by several hundred hairs being pulled out at once pretty much distracted me from saying anything coherent for about thirty seconds. I did cuss a blue streak during this time however.

Dale was across the room by now trying to cover her mouth with one hand to both keep me from seeing the smile that was on her face and to keep from laughing out loud at my antics. She did have an apologetic if not amused look in her eyes. I was, on the other hand, neither amused nor apologetic. I was hopping around on my good foot and holding the other in both hands.

"Thanks!" I said not very thankful at all.

Dale finally gave up trying not to laugh and between those chirping little giggles and the guffaws, she asked me if I thought I was going to shave my leg before I had it wrapped next time.

"WHAT HAIRS?" I shouted, still doing my one legged dance and rubbing my abused other leg. “YOU PULLED THEM ALL OUT!" and reached for a half empty water bottle and squirted her with it. Dale, with tears in her eyes from laughing so hard by now, ducked and darted out the door giggling all the way, and yelping in addition. I chased her as best I could, and ran right into the coach coming the other way in the hallway.

"Uh…Tim?" He said seriously, but with amusement in his eyes, "The showers are in the other direction…you want to go use them? Now!"

"Right coach...just on my way to do that...bye!" I stammered very red in the face. A little from embarrassment and a little from the anger.

Still grinning, Dale said peeking out from the door of the coach's office.

“I’ll bet he shaves next time!" And yelped again as I threatened to squirt her again with the water bottle. Coach took it away from me and pointed to the shower room. As I turned to go, he squirted me with the bottle. That got a giggle out of Dale, until he turned it on her. He pitched it to her and said to go finish her duties smiling the whole time.

Dale gave me a ride home that night, like she did most nights, unless I went somewhere with the other guys. On the way home, I was still rubbing my leg. In the shower I had discovered that there were in fact still hairs on my abused leg, much to my amazement.

"I'm sorry that it hurt Tim." Dale said with still a remnant of a twinkle in her eyes. "But, I did warn you didn't I?" I could see her swallow the beginnings of another giggle.

"Yeah…you did." I admitted a little reluctantly. "But how was I to know? I mean I didn't think…I didn't know…well? Besides…Only girls shave their legs!" I added trying to smooth over my dignity.

"Not really…" She said "the pro's do it all the time…at least up to where the tape will end anyway."

"They do?" I replied looking out of the side of my eyes, not sure to believe her or not.

"Yeah. They do." Turning to me saying. "I can show you how next time if you want."

"Anything to not have to go through that again!" I intoned very acidly. She just chirped in reply and didn't say anymore about it the rest of the way home.

The following Monday after school, I again went to get wrapped before practice began. I got there a little early so that I could get my leg shaved this time however. Dale had me take off my sock and put my leg and ankle in the sink to wet it with water. Then she had me sit down on the trainer's table and hang my leg over the side. She put on shaving gel and worked up a lather then with a razor, she started at the point where the tape would stop and shaved down. It was a strange sensation for me. Not just the shaving but the having someone else do the shaving. Her hands were very gentle, and she didn't cut me. When Dale was satisfied that she'd gotten all the hair off she had me rinse my leg off in the sink again then hop back up on the table. She took a towel and dried my leg off then ran her hands over the smooth skin on my leg.. My skin seemed to tingle under her feathery touch. She looked up at me and smiled a little self conscious smile blushing a little, then turned away to get something. She came back with some talc and the tape. She put a little talc in her hand then rubbed them together then again rubbed my leg. Her hands felt, if anything, more feathery, and by now, my leg wasn't the only thing tingling. Something not popularly known or at least mentioned about sweatpants is that they don't hide a great deal of the 'male' anatomy…at least not in the situation that I was now in. Dale pretended not to notice as she started applying the tape, but I caught her glancing at me other than my ankle or face. I was turning a bright red I'm sure…and I know that Dale was practically turning pink. When she finished with the tape she stood up and grinning while biting her lower lip, gave me a wink and said “you’d better go warm up and loosen up all those tight muscles before practice." And turned away quickly to fill the water bottles and let me retreat without too much more embarrassment. I was able to regain my composure before I saw or was seen by anyone else "Thank God!" I thought.

Although I didn't have to shave my leg every day, Dale did apply the talc along with the tape, and I did give her my full attention when she did. She never mentioned my situation again, even teasingly, but I know she noticed and she did blush and blubber sillily as did I.

During the Homecoming game that year, it happened again. I nearly broke my ankle turning on it at a dead run trying to make a tackle. Cursing and hopping off the field on one foot, Dale met me half way across the field to help me the rest of the way. God but it hurt! Our team ended up losing by 3 points, not that it mattered much to me at the time. I was very depressed, I sat in the trainers' room after the game and more or less just sulked while I was soaking the ankle in the whirlpool. I was really pissed. I had even planned to go to the dance after the game. Fortunately, my date understood, and ended up going with someone else. Dale was pretty subdued about it, I think she blamed herself maybe, like it was her fault that the tape didn't help.

"I'm sorry Tim... I knew you wanted to go to the dance and all..." She said a little more quietly than usual for her. “Does it hurt much now?"

"No…It does feel better…still throbbing a little though." I replied vacantly, staring into the swirling water.

"You need a ride home?" she asked hesitantly. My mom and dad hadn't come to the game tonight, I had planned on getting a ride home with one of the guys after the dance and all, but now I didn't have a ride. So I said. "Yeah…" Then I realized that if Dale took me home she'd miss the dance herself and added "But aren't you going to the dance?" She turned her head away from me and said.

"No…I didn't want to go to the stupid dance anyway!" That's when it dawned on me! How could I have been so dense? And, being the unlearned youth that I was, I said.

"What'sa matter…nobody ask you or something?" Then I nearly tried to bite my tongue off! "You idiot!" I thought to myself.

She turned to me with a cold baleful look and said again. "Well? Do you need a ride home or not?"

"Dale…I'm sorry… I... I didn't know… I…"

"Just drop it! Okay?" She said venomously, and then pitched me a towel. Well actually she nearly threw it at me. Then she turned and started out the door. “I’ll be in the car. If you want a ride home you'd better move it! I aint waitin all night!” She said before she disappeared around the doorway. I really felt like a heel! And then my mind flashed back to the game when one of the guys told me that she liked me. Could it? Did she? "Girls!" I thought to myself as I got my ankle out of the whirlpool and hobbled to the dressing room to dress.

On the drive home I tried to smooth things over as best I could. I talked about the game and how badly it had gone. I thanked her for helping me off the field and for helping me to the training room and all. She stayed pretty quiet all the way to my house though, I was running out of things to say when she turned into my driveway. We just sat there in the car for a minute. I really didn't know what to say…then it hit me!

"Dale?" I said hesitantly. “I know I'm only a junior, and you probably aren't even interested in me or anything…" I stumbled on nervously. It felt as though my stomach was trying to tie itself in knots! "I… er… I mean…Dale…would you go to the Prom with me?" I was so nervous, I wasn't even sure that she'd heard me.

She turned to me, and I could see that she had tears in her eyes I thought that, well, I didn't know what to think. So I just swallowed and started to say something else, but she raised her right hand and touched my face then trailed her fingers down to my lips. Then she took my left hand in both of hers and brought it to her face. I could feel her tears on the back of my hand then she kissed my hand and said in a choked voice.

"Of course I will!" she half laughed and half sobbed. Then she smiled the most wonderful smile that I think I will ever see on any face again. I didn't know what else to say but,

"You will? I mean…Great! Uh…but I have to warn you…I don't dance too well." I added grinning sheepishly. I'm glad that it was pretty dark, she didn't see me blushing like crazy! At that she giggled and squeezed my hand in delight. Then she added.

"Well if you keep on the way you're going, you probably won’t even be able to walk!" She said teasingly, and letting go of my hand. I could see my mom looking out the window of the kitchen so I decided that it was time to go.

"Uh…Dale?" I started awkwardly.

"Yeah…I know." She said with a mock grimace, "You need a ride to school Monday right?"

Again grinning sheepishly I said. “Yeah…It's kinda hard riding the bus with a busted ankle…If it's not any problem that is?" I added hoping that she would say otherwise, and, she did. As I started to open the door to get out, she grabbed my hand again, and as I started to turn back to see what she wanted, She kissed me! Not a peck on the cheek like most girls do. A real kiss! On the lips! I was too surprised to do anything. I just sat there stupidly, suspended in time.

Then the door swung open, and the interior light came on and I could see that Dale’s eyes were closed. Then she opened them and smiled at me as she pushed my shoulder out the door. I just stood there in the driveway for what seemed like hours as she drove off. I was shocked, stunned, I don't know what I was, but I liked it. Then the porch light came on and I snapped back to reality…reluctantly.

The next few weeks seemed to fly by. What with school and the weight training and the soaks in the whirlpool trying to get the ankle back in shape to play. "And to dance." I thought to myself. Dale was different somehow now, I really couldn't put my finger on it. She still teased me in the training room, and we had the usual water fights, but there was something else there too. I think the rest of the guys on the team sensed it too, they didn't talk down about "that girl trainer” any more, at least not around me. The Coach too seemed to treat her a little different. Or maybe it was all in my head? I don't know even now. We never kissed or anything in front of anyone, though there were several times that we pulled over coming home from practice or going to school. I did learn how to kiss pretty quickly, I guess some things just come naturally, at least with Dale they did. Dale and I became closer in those few weeks than the entire time that I had known her. We were both still pretty much innocent in so far as our "playing around" went. We petted a little, and kissed a lot. But we never went past the touchy feely stuff. Mostly because I was afraid to, though I wonder about Dale sometimes. She never said anything about it but sometimes when we had been "playing" and stopped for a breather, she'd have this little gleam in her eyes. Ah…If only I knew then what I know now. But that's life I guess?

In three weeks, I was ready once again to take to the field in uniform. It was the last home game of the season that year, which is usually when "Homecoming" takes place, but not this year for some reason that I can't remember. It was early in the third quarter, and things were going fantastic for our team. I was feeling great too, I had made several really good tackles and the fact that the whole family, the whole school, the coaches, and Dale had witnessed them made me feel like I was going to burst! I was having a ball and the other guys on the team were feeling the same way. It was all in all the best game we had had all year. Not that it was my doing or anything, but I had helped. Then it happened.

My team was on defense, and the other team ran an end around play. I was playing the linebacker position on the side that they swept to. I never knew what hit me. I remember seeing the ball moving in my direction. I remember the color of the other teams' jerseys. I even remember the numbers on the sides of their helmets. Then.


I came to with a black and white blur hovering over me. As my vision cleared, I could see that it was a referee. He was saying something that didn't make any sense. Then Dale's face was in front of mine. I could see that she was very worried about something, but I had no idea what then her face vanished and the coach's and the team doctor's appeared in her place. My hearing was coming back now, they were asking me if I thought I could walk off the field. "That's silly!" I thought. "Of course I can." Someone helped me up onto my feet, and my world started to spin for a second then settled down. "That's strange" I remember thinking. I took a step with my left foot and then I moved my right one.


I came to again as they were closing the doors to the ambulance. I saw Dale trying to get to me, her eyes were streaming with tears. The ambulance attendant asked me if I wanted anything for the pain. "What pain?" I thought. "What happened? What’s going on here? What am I doing in an ambulance?" My mind was coming back on line now and I was wondering what the hell was going on. My mind didn't have any clues. As the ambulance started to move to pull off the field, my body began to report in to my still foggy brain. That's when I consciously felt the pain for the first time.


I woke up yet again as they were wheeling me into the emergency room at the local hospital. I remember it being so damned cold! I was still dressed in my wet uniform, shoulder pads and all. Apparently someone had removed my helmet though, I could feel the cold air on my wet head. The doctor in the Emergency room looked me over and told a nurse to get a blanket, and then he looked at my right leg. I couldn't hear what he said, I was still swimming in molasses it seemed. I later found out that they had injected me with a mild anesthetic. I lay there in the emergency room trying to replay what had happened for what seemed like hours. I was still too numb to feel much, and I sure wasn't thinking too clearly.

Somehow Dale managed to sneak past the attendants in the room, or they let her in. I don't really know which, even now. But she was there. I could feel her holding my hand. I saw the tears in her eyes, and the worry on her face. She looked at my right knee and made a hurt face that hurt me more to look at than any I was feeling at the moment. She turned back to me and asked if the doctors had told me anything yet.

"No." I replied in a haze. "Dale? What happened? I don't remember. I mean I must have gotten hurt… is it bad?" I was not so much in pain as confused, and maybe in shock. The cold air didn't help either. I had the chills by then, and I was shivering. Dale stopped trying to hold back the tears then. She gasped and said.

"Oh Tim! They ganged up on you! I heard you leg snap all the way across the field! And then you screamed! I tried to help, but they wouldn't let me! They pushed me away! Then they put you in the ambulance and took you away… I..." It all came out in a rush, tears streaming down her face. She covered her mouth with one hand and still held mine in her other hand. That's when the nurse came in and took her out of the room. "Leg snapped?" I thought in horror. “Is my leg broken?" I wondered I tried to sit up, and that's when I noticed that they had me strapped to the gurney. I couldn't move! I was starting to panic when two more nurses came in and started to roll me down the hall. They took me to the x-ray room to get "pictures" of my leg. I was unstrapped and they moved me onto the x-ray table. I felt my knee when they did this! It did hurt! It felt like they were trying to pull my leg off at the knee! I looked at it while they were positioning the machine. It looked awful! It didn't even look like a knee. I didn't see any bones sticking out or anything and was kind of in a daze sitting there looking at the mess that used to be my right knee, it was so swollen that it looked like someone had moved my thigh down to just above my calf. And it was turning colors…blue and purple, and black. One of the nurses grabbed my leg to turn it just a little for the X-ray!!!!! If she had been within arm’s reach I would have strangled her with my bare hands…then I passed out again.


When I woke up again I was warm. I didn't feel any pain. I was just beginning to think it might have been a bad dream when I opened my eyes and saw the white ceiling. Looking down, I saw that I was in a hospital bed and there was a huge ugly lump under the blanket where my right knee would have been. I pulled back the covers and saw a mound of ace bandages and pillows. My leg was still there, but it didn't look like a leg. I touched it gingerly at first then prodded some more when I didn't feel any pain.

"They doped you up silly… of course it doesn't hurt!" Dale said from the left side of the bed, startling me. I didn't know she was there. She had stopped crying but her eyes were puffy and her cheeks were stained. She filled me in on what I had missed while I was out. She told me that the X-rays had shown that nothing was broken, but that I had separated almost every tendon and ligament in my knee joint. The doctors were still puzzled as to why my leg hadn't just broken. I would be on crutches probably for the rest of the school year just the same though. And that I would have to go through some pretty intensive physical therapy, but I should be ok in the end. I just sat there trying to absorb it all for a while.

" much for the rest of the season." I mumbled. Then I had a sudden painful thought. Turning to Dale I said. “Dale… About the dance… I..." Her hand flew to my mouth to stop my words as her eyes brimmed over with tears again she smiled weakly and shook her head. Then she leaned over me and kissed me. I could taste the salt of her tears on her lips, and I reached out and held her as tight as I could in the position I was in. If she found it uncomfortable, she didn't say anything. Dale just stood there trembling. I don't know how long we sat there like that, but I must have drifted off to sleep again.

I woke up the next morning, well actually the next afternoon. My mom and dad were there, and the Coach, and of course Dale. I could feel my knee throbbing now but it didn't hurt too bad as long as I didn't move very fast. It did send me a jolt when they put me in the wheel chair to take me out of the hospital though. They had me a pair of crutches waiting when I got to the door. I would later learn to hate those damned things with a passion unequaled to this day. Who'd ever have thought that your underarms could hurt so much?

After two weeks of sitting at home in front of the TV and being bored out of my head, except when Dale came by to drop off my school work, and to cheer me up, I was ready to try to limp to school on my crutches. I also started on the physical therapy regime they had planned for me. I had to do movement exercises, and had to be hooked up to a pulse generator. That was the weirdest feeling I'd ever had! It had two electrical lines with pads on the ends. The nurse would put them on either end of a particular muscle and hit a button. When the current ran through the pads, it made the muscle contract. It was a very weird feeling to feel my muscle move when I wasn't doing it! I also had to sit in the whirlpool for an hour or two at a time. But I could use the one at the school when I wanted too, and I did, often.

Dale would stay with me on the days that I stayed after school to use the pool. She would always help me getting in and out and of course she gave me rides everywhere! It got to the point that we were doing our homework while I soaked in the whirlpool. The football season came to a depressing end for me that year, and basket ball season soon was under way. The school was using the local college gym that year because they were replacing all the flooring in our gym, and doing work on the bleachers. So Dale and I were left pretty much to our own in the training room on the days that we stayed over. Mr. Reynolds even eventually stopped waiting for us to leave. As a matter of fact, he gave Dale and me a key to the back door so we could lock up after I got done with the whirlpool.

One evening, as we were sitting there doing our homework, and I was turning into a raisin, Dale kept looking at me and grinning whenever I looked up at her. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore.

"What?" I said a little irritated and a lot curious. She closed her book and grinned the most mischievous grin I'd yet seen her wear.

“I’ll be right back" she said looking at her watch, and getting up to leave the room. Still puzzled I shrugged and went back to my books.

A few minutes later Dale came back. Dale was wearing a little, very little, one piece bathing suit, and that grin again. She blushed a little self consciously as she saw my uncomprehending and probably silly expression on my face. She did a little pirouette, and held her hands and arms up as if to say "well?" Then she turned and closed the door and locked it. I dropped my book into the water I was so surprised, but the splash brought me back long enough to scrabble for the book and save it. Well it was a little wet. Dale came over to me and took the book out of my hands and tossed it onto the table, and then she hopped up on the edge of the tub, and swung those long slender legs over the edge and into the water.

"Mmmm… Feels good." She said in a dreamy voice… or was it me dreaming? She looked at me and raised one of those big dark eyebrows and purred, "Well? Are you going to scoot over so I can sit down too? "

I don't think I said anything, I did move over though. I don't remember doing it, but the next thing I knew Dale was sliding into the water beside me. Then her arms were around my neck, and we were kissing. I wrapped my arms around her nearly naked back and held her like she was breakable. Before long we were panting and laughing and kissing again. It was wonderful! My hands started exploring more than I had ever done before then. I traced the line of her neck down her back to the little dimples on her back just above her backside, then around the curve of her narrow hips and up her sides to her underarms. I traced the curve of her arms up to her elbow and then back up her arms to her shoulders. When my hands found themselves back at her hips again they took a different route. I followed the contours of her legs to her knees, and then I started back up to her hips. I was very aware of myself becoming excited, but was afraid to mention it. As it turned out I didn't have to. Dale pulled back for a moment so we could catch our breath. Her eyes literally glowed at that moment. I was entranced. I blushed, when she looked down at the water smirking a little and she said.

"Problem Tim?" with a little voice from somewhere deep in her throat. When she looked back up at me I know I was about to burst into flames from the heat in my face. Dale smiled and reached down to my hands and took them in hers. She guided my hands back out along the outsides of her legs then at the knees, she pulled them to the soft underside between her legs… She slid them slowly back up along her soft inner thighs to the point where they meet. Dale closed her eyes and gave a little gasp as she touched my hands to her most private of treasures. Her legs clenched shut tightly around my hands and hers. She shivered a second or two then opened her mouth to say something that never came out… It just turned into a little sigh. Dale opened her eyes and smiled at me and released the pressure on my hands. She didn't move to pull them away, nor did I… I was enthralled. It was so soft and at the same time hard… well firm actually. And hot! I could feel heat from here even through the already hot water of the whirlpool. Dale leaned over and kissed me a long breathless kiss. And just when I thought I was going to pass out from the lack of oxygen, she surprised me yet again. Dale put her tongue in my mouth and started teasing my tongue! I nearly choked when I inhaled with a gasp pulling her tongue into my mouth that much further. Sputtering and giggling she rolled her head back over her shoulders leaning back and away from me. She started to slip when she did, but caught herself on the edge of the tub with her arms, but in doing so, she bumped my knee and I yelped in surprise and pain. Dale covered her mouth and started to apologize when I told her that I was all right… just a little pain… “I might be getting a cramp too." I said not really feeling the throbbing in my knee.

Dale eased her arms back into the water and sat down again opposite me in the whirlpool and gently started massaging my injured appendage. She massaged it from my still tender ankle up to my puffy knee, being very tender and careful around the joint. It did feel better, and she smiled at me when she saw the relief in my face. Then she started working her hands slowly up my thigh one hand on both sides of my right leg. When she finally got to my shorts, I was about to faint, or so I thought. She saw, or rather felt that they were rather tight because of what she was doing and gave me a wry smile and quipped.

“We’re just full of stiff muscles and joints aren't we?" And she started to delicately trace my outline on my shorts, with her strong fingers. Dale ran her left hand slowly up and down the inside of my right leg, while she kept tracing me with her right. I looked into her eyes and saw that they were nearly closed, and her breath was coming in short gasps again, mine was too. She lowered her face to mine and kissed me again and our tongues played and danced around one another as we gasped for breath. I found my hands on her chest, and could feel what felt like knots under the thin material of her bathing suit.

Dale was panting too much to kiss now, and so was I but we stayed cheek to cheek panting in each other's ear as we felt each other’s bodies. Dale finally raised her right hand to the waist band and put her hand down my shorts to grasp me. I thought I was going to explode on contact, but somehow didn't. She stopped rubbing my inner thigh to touch herself… Then she reached the hand and grabbed my right hand from her heaving chest. I didn't have to be guided this time, but she didn't let go of my hand anyway… It was hot between her legs as she placed the flat of my hand to the outside of her bathing suit. My fingers bunched together as she clamped her legs shut once more. She started rocking and wiggling on my hand, and I was moving my hand between her legs as best I could but all I could do was wiggle my fingers a little. Dale put her now free hand down my shorts with her other hand. She rubbed the sensitive end with the palm of one hand, and pumped with the other…I didn't last long when she started that.

It started as a quivering in the back of my legs and raced up my muscles to my groin. My back arched by its own accord and I could feel myself squirting into the hot water of the whirlpool and onto Dale's hand. She kept pumping and rubbing till I nearly collapsed, and grabbed her arms. She gave me a funny smile, almost like she was in pain then her back arched as I felt her legs spasming and trembling like before… but this time I felt her more tender part spasming and contracting too. And the material of her bathing suit got slippery.

Dale let out a little growl or a groan or something unintelligible, and then she started shaking. I thought maybe she was starting to cry, I was getting really worried when the shaking turned into laughter. Her grip on my hand relaxed and she gently sat down on the tops of my thighs and wrapped her arms around my neck. I started to raise my own arms to encircle her waist but she reached back down and grabbed my right hand and took me back to her hotspot. This time however, she pulled aside the material of her suit and put my hand on her flesh. It felt like an electrical tingle run up my hand and arm. Dale must have felt it too, because she let out that little sound from deep in her throat and gasped again. I rubbed her hairless pubic mound. "Huh?" I thought. Dale looked into my eyes and grinned and winked. Then she smothered my mouth with hers.

Dale wiggled a little while we continued kissing and I let my fingers explore her smoothness. I traced her outer lips and the line where they part to reveal her inner lips. My palm brushed across her sensitive "button" and she shivered again and rewarded me with increased panting and kissing. When I delved a finger into her entrance she gasped again. Dale was nearly pulling the hair out of the back of my head, as I continued probing and touching and teasing. Finally I couldn't stand anymore. I was still standing at full attention and I could feel a dull ache in my own groin. Dale pulled back enough to look me in the face. Her normally pale face was flushed and red from the blood that was coursing through her body. I'm sure my face was too, but I wasn't thinking about that at the time. Dale grinned wickedly and wiggled her narrow hips a little then stood up. She bent over and grabbed the waistband of my shorts in both hands and looked up as if to say "are you going to help or what?"

I raised my hips far enough for her to pull down my shorts. She pulled them down to my knees and put her hand on my abdomen and pushed me back down. After I was seated again, Dale edged up to my lap and slowly lowered herself to where she was barely touching me with herself. She hovered there a moment or so…just barely touching and rubbing my tip with her softness. I could feel her heat when our skin made brief contact. Dale put her left hand up on my shoulder as I held her thin sides. She took me again in her right hand and guided me into her soft, warm folds… then with a short movement I was in her.

Slowly she lowered herself the rest of the way down till she was at last sitting full in my lap, her feet on the bench on either side of my rear end, her knees up next to my armpits. She took her right hand and put it on my left shoulder and then painfully slowly she began to rise and fall on me. I was in heaven, and from the look on her face, Dale was too. Her milky skin was blotchy from the blood rushing, her face was wet with sweat, and there were goose bumps on her bare arms. Her silky short hair was hanging limply from the perspiration, her eyes had a hungry hunted look. Her biggish nose was flaring with each breath she took, her beautiful lips were flushed and soft… her jaw clenching and unclenching to the rhythm of her movements.

Before too long her tempo had sped up to where her backside was making a smacking sound as it hit the water, and we were splashing water over the sides of the whirlpool. My breath was so short now that I thought I was going to pass out. I could feel my time running out as the backs of my legs started quivering again. My stomach muscles went tight and I squeezed Dales sides so hard that I thought I'd hurt her. I could feel my toes curl under just before my back arched and I began to spasm in finale. Dale was keening that little sound in the back of her throat again and her eyes went wide and wild. She gritted her teeth in an almost scary smile and seemed to pick up the pace even more! I could feel her tensing under my grip and her fingers were digging into my shoulders so hard she broke the skin. The chords of her neck nearly snapped as she snapped her head back on her neck. She lost rhythm as she started to spasm and shake. Her legs slammed together so hard that it hurt my ribs. I could feel her waves of contractions and spasms from the inside of her as well.

After a few moments she nearly collapsed on me, her legs fell apart away from my sides. Dale slumped forward on me laying her head on my shoulder and wrapping her arms around my neck and caressing the back of my head with the fingers of one hand. I just hugged her as tight as I could and we sat like that, still joined, till we caught our breath. I idly traced the curve of her spine with one hand and held tight to the cheek of her bottom with the other. I could feel myself starting to deflate and started to move.

"Don't... please…" Dale purred in my ear. “I like the way it feels now too. Don't hurry… please."

What could I do? I certainly didn't mind the feeling, and if she liked it too, I was certainly not going to move again…

"How come we've waited this long Tim?" She breathed in my ear. I was about ready to panic now… I had to talk, but what was I supposed to say?

"I don't know babe." I said into her hair.

Hey it was honest, and I didn't know what else to say. I nibbled on her ear a little and was rewarded by a little playful thwap on the back of my head and then a squeeze on my shoulder, and she giggled. I could feel myself slipping out of her now. It felt really funny, and it got a little gasping giggle out of Dale as it finally withdrew on its own. Dale wiggled a little and sighed in my ear.

"I wish it wasn't over… I don't want to stop… Are you hungry?" She giggled and wiggled playfully biting my neck.

"I am... I'm starving!" Not knowing what else to say, and not really looking forward to losing our embrace, I said. "Yeah I am kinda hungry… you want to go get something to eat?"

"Yeah…I have to go to the bathroom now anyway." she said pulling her face around to mine and kissing me tenderly on the lips again, but more relaxed this time… We were not in a blood rage now… but it still felt wonderful all the same. I kissed her back and she pushed on my shoulders and stood up on the bench I was sitting on. As she did her bared pubice came to my eye level and I saw her bare skin there for the first time. I could smell it too. An intoxicating smell like none I'd ever known before. I could see her smooth bare skin, the whiteness of her thighs, the reddened and pink of her inner folds. The water was running down off of her as she stood there and it dripped from her folds and ran down the insides of her thighs. There was a red welt on one of her legs where she had pulled aside her bathing suit… She blushed a little when she saw me looking so intently. Dale ran a finger around the seam of the leg opening and pulled it back over to cover herself. Then she swung those beautiful legs over the side and lowered herself to the floor on shaky legs and arms.

"Uh… You'd better pull up your shorts before you try to get out." she said with a giggle as she toweled off. Then She was out the door, and gone.

She came back in a few minutes, dressed, but still flushed and smiling that smile. I had by this time gotten out and dried off, though I still felt like a giant white raisin… A very happy and tired white raisin though. Dale gathered up our books and turned off the whirlpool and discreetly drained and rinsed it before I got back from the dressing room. I thought I was going to fall over, I was so tired. She took my book bag and slung it over one shoulder and put hers on her other shoulder. I followed her out of the building as fast as I could on my crutches. "How can she be so energetic?" I thought amazed by the spring in her step. "Girls! Go figure!" I said to myself.

"Huh?" Dale said turning and smiling at me. "You say something?"

"Uh… I said what a figure!" Lying though my teeth, but it was probably the best thing I could have said. Dale gave a little bubbly laugh and tossed her hips and opened the car door for me.

The End


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You could maybe possibly use an editor to clean up some of the language errors, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with your story-telling or your character.

This was without a doubt one of the better and sweater stories I've come across here.

I think I'm going to have a lot of fun checking out your other work here on this site.

That said, maybe consider posting on Literotica, I think that is a community better suited to your speed and maybe also more able to help you progress.


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Thanks for taking my suggestions of 4/22. I would reverse my negative ratim=ng if I could .


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Thanks for taking my suggestions of 4/22. I would reverse my negative ratim=ng if I could .


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Athletic guy with a huge thick 8 inch c*ck.. Looking for GIRLS ONLY to have fun and get naughty with.. I am also very dominant and open to being a master to any girls... Intellectual guy can hold a great conversation.. Hmu on KiK.. Atz.717


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