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New York city is tormented by mysterious monsters attacks and no attempts to track the suspected aliens are successful. The government's solution is to form an all new super hero team named G.S.P. to protect the city. The veteran heroes assembled know the hardship of being heroes and how sex might be an useful relief, but are they really prepared for what happens when an innocent (?) bystander hurt during one of their missions is something they have never encountered before?
This is a story about explicit sex and other adult only things. If you are underage or offended by such material you should stop reading now. The story, setting and characters have been made by the author the Thundercloud and all rights are reserved.


Chapter 13

Final Battle for the G.S.P

* * *

"Thank you agent for arranging this meeting," agent Hawk said. He was presented on a video link from Washington and most members of the team were assembled. Those absent were Avalanche at school and Mindeye on a trip to Washington.

"A meeting is essential given the nature of the problem. Has Mindeye arrived to provide you with assistance?" agent Anderson asked.

"Mindeye is here in Washington and will arrive here in a short while. Presently he is using this new power to try to gather much needed information. If I understand correctly Mindeye now has the power to steal secrets out of people’s mind without actually breaking through their defenses. This also mean that he bypass the technological means here to protect against psionic manipulation. This information does of course stay in this room, Mindeye would be forbidden coming close to any government facility if his new power was known. While we wait we can sum up the current situation," Hawk replied and nodded to an agent at his side.

"This morning a proposal for a bill was posted to the senate about shutting down the funding of the G.S.P. The main argument is one of economics. The G.S.P is explained as a failed initiative in that the hopes of the team finding the mothership of the aliens has failed and that a federally funded superhero team means the federal government risk having to pay for damages on private property," the agent explained.

"I thought the G.S.P charter included a construction where the insurance companies stepped in to take the property damage costs since a superhero team leaves less destruction than the army. What happened to that?" Thundercloud asked.

"There used to be such a deal, but there was also a cap on what the insurance companies would have to pay. The destruction in Queens by the Obliterator exhausted that source of money and further damage will be taken on the federal budget. The insurance companies don't want to renew the deal since they argue the so called alien attacks should be labeled as force majeure so that they should not need to pay at all. Until that is decided by the courts. it is impossible to say if the federal government, New York City, the insurance companies or the poor victims will suffer to pay the cost of damage caused by the demons. We were hoping the administration would make a request for the federal budget to cover this in the meantime, but they have so far been undecided about the matter," the agent answered.

"What about all the money put into building this base we operate from, shall that be just thrown away. Shutting the team down now when we have such much success with containing the attacks doesn't make sense," Eagle complained.

"Apparently there has all the time been a plan to convert the rooms of the base into premium apartments in a secure complex at the event of the G.S.P betting shut down so the federal government expects to recover the costs for the base and more," Hawk replied.

"I wonder how they will deal with all the blood stains after the battles with the Brotherhood," Jennifer mused. "Anyway we all seem to be in agreement that we deliver protection in a cost effective way, but nobody wants to pay the bills," Jennifer commented.

"Indeed, the left wing want the G.S.P paid from the military budget since you provide safety for citizens like the military should while the right wing argue for increased funding to the military so they can deal with the enemy themselves without super heroes. Like always they think funds should be taken from med-care program that they think is over sized. In practice the federal budget is larger than the available incomes from taxes and everything happens with borrowed money," Hawk answered.

"With other words it is a typical lock down in Washington and the citizens suffer in the meantime," Firefly complained.

"Why at this particular time?" Thundercloud asked.

"At a casual look the papers latest speculations about the costs to repair Queens might explain it, but I did dispatch Mindeye to Washington to find out if there is anything deeper behind it," agent Anderson answered.

Mindeye arrived at this moment and the agents in Washington rearranged themselves so he could be seated at the table. The G.S.P heroes cringed when they saw him, it was obvious he did not have any good news.

"My power don't allows me to eavesdrop on people's minds anymore, but I can easily ask questions and let my power search for answers from people inside my net of influence. I have done so and asking why G.S.P should be shut down. The common theme to why the senators and congressmen has chosen this particular time to look into the funding of our superhero team is that they have received encouragement from a company named Crystal Security that claims to be concerned about the financial state of the economy," Mindeye told.

"Crystal Security? Aren't they one of the military contractors who were started to handle the situation in Iraq?" Hockfield wondered.

"Indeed, they started in Iraq. Specializes in advanced surveillance equipment, but have since branched out and do most of their business in the private sector," Mindeye responded.

"Why would they care about our superhero team? Have they even a presence in New York city?" agent Anderson asked.

"If I recall correctly, they are located in New Jersey, somewhat close but not really within the New York area. Personally I think the question is indeed relevant, it is not like the superhero team and surveillance tech has much connection. What does this military contractor care about the G.S.P?" Hawk replied.

"I think I might have the answer to that," Jennifer said. Everyone looked at her in surprise.

"I have not planned to present anything today, but I and Fang have been doing an investigation," Jennifer said. "Computer, please show the pictures located in the map labeled the tower company. These are pictures taken from before demon attacks. The trucks present are all covered by the logo of Crystal Security."

"What kind of wares are these trucks delivering?" Anderson asked.

"I and Fang think they deliver the actual demons. We already know they are never summoned on the actual place of the attack, so there must be some other location for this and a transport that does not raise suspicions. Our current best guess is that the mothership so to say is actually the Crystal Security headquarters in New Jersey. We have tried to locate evidence of the trucks on the picture starting their travel there and traveled close to where demons are released, but when we requested satellite images that would show this these were suddenly classified," Jennifer told.

"We were denied? I thought we had a very high security rating," Eagle asked.

"At first we could fetch documents connected to the company, but there must have been some kind of monitoring because suddenly we lost access and now we get redacted versions of just about everything, no matter if it concerns Crystal Security or not," Jennifer answered.

"It is plausible that a technological company watches electronically after people getting too interested in them and pressures their contacts in Washington to shut us down when they think we get to close. Still leaves the question why a computer company would involve themselves in summoning demons, anyone with ideas?" Thundercloud asked.

"Nothing specific, but the owner of the company has an interesting past. Damien Primrose is the lone son to the very wealthy Lauren and Michel Primrose," Jennifer said.

"The Primrose family, weren't they involved in some kind of scandal a number of years back?" agent Hawk asked.

"I was actually involved with the case," Mindeye replied. "Michel's wife Lauren was kidnapped and Michel became so desperate that he spared no money as he bought screen time on the national news to urge the kidnappers on her safe return. The kidnappers never delivered any ransom note, but one day Lauren was found on the side of the road without any memory of what had happened. It was suspected that a psionic was involved and I was recruited to fix her memories. Unfortunately I found out that there were no suppressed memories, the week she had been gone was a total blank. Michel Primrose would not accept this and blamed me for being in league with the kidnappers."

"The real scandal that we believe is the smoking gun so to say, happened a few years later when Lauren Primrose was found mad and talking incoherently about her son Damien having tried to murder her. According to the news articles she believed her son had been replaced by a changeling. Michel Primrose was not amused about the press covering this and made the controversial move to lock her in a mental institution with no contact with the rest of the family," Jennifer told.

"I wanted to aid the Primrose family by aiding her recovery, but Michel refused me to get near since he did not trust me. Since Damien Primrose is now running the company, I suppose that Michel Primrose is not alive anymore, am I correct?" Mindeye asked.

"Indeed, it happened two years ago in an exploding car accident. The police did initially investigate it as possible murder, but they found no suspect. Damien was in Europe when it happened and eventually they concluded that Michel Primrose must just had been very unlucky," Jennifer said.

"The son could have hired a killer and then went abroad to get an alibi. Quite peculiar that this individual a few years later turns up as owner to a company possibly connected to the demon attacks," Thundercloud commented.

"I don't think it is a coincidence, remember that artifact level demonic bracelet that Mindeye and my sister encountered. The cultist claimed he got it from a demon disguised as a human. At the time I thought it was just a regular demonic possession, but what if the mother actually was right about something about the child being wrong?” Jennifer asked.

“What besides a possession could it be?” Fang asked.

“Actual demons who have access to that kind of power level for actual artifacts are shapeshifters and could assume a very convincing human shape. By the rules demons should not be allowed to come here without a human summoning them and summoning are meant to be temporary, but I am starting to wonder if they could cheat the rule if they tricked Laura Primrose to fetch a baby from the demon world so that the demon came here by the action of a mortal. If she acted out of free will and they wiped her memory afterwards they could both have succeeded with getting a demon of might over here permanently and getting rid of the evidence,” Jennifer said.

“You know some other case of a demon coming here and cheating the rules in such fashion?” Fang asked.

“Not that I remember,” the demon answered, looking directly at Fang.

“Us being here, it is also cheating the rules?” Jennifer wondered.

“I don’t understand how it happened, but I woke up in your body without any magic there that had summoned me so it should not be possible,” the demon responded.

"Blade you are our only real demon expert so it is not like the rest of us can contribute about shape shifting demons, but we do have some expertise on psionics. Is it possible with psionics to erase memories so there is no trace left?" Anderson asked.

“Damn it, I asked Linda to change Eagle and she did it by erasing memories. What if this line of questioning makes Mindeye's power reveal to him that I asked for Eagle to be fixed and that he have similar holes in his memory,” Jennifer thought.

“If Mindeye actually can steal secrets from out of a mind there are worse secrets that need to be kept hidden. Keeping our demonic status hidden is important. In any case his power only works when he present so a worry for another day,” the demon commented.

"It is possible to remove memories if you are a really strong psionic, but by conventional wisdom it should leave scars that can be detected. I could find no such scars during my short examination, but maybe magic follows a different set of rules about leaving mental scars. I don't know if my new power will let me detect such, many details about how my power works is still unknown," Mindeye answered.

"If you got close to this Damien Primrose. Would your new power be able to tell if he is, so to say, possessed?" Eagle wondered.

"My new power is actually acting very much against conventional understanding of psionics and bypass the technical measures in the G.S.P uniforms and the formidable defenses of a trained psionic like Avalanche. On the other hand, even my new power does not allow me capture information from bestial minds like Fang's or Blade's," Mindeye responded.

“He revealed our mind to be bestial, but that he can not steal or secrets out of our mind is a relief,” Jennifer thought.

“Ah, I get it. Finally a true benefit of being dead,” the demon thought.

“What?” Jennifer wondered.

"I will explain later," the demon responded.

"Should I understand your answer as positive?" agent Hawk asked.

“Well, I was recruited to the team to look into controlling the believed aliens so that we could learn their origin. That effort has been a failure so far. It is possible to inject control commands in the demonic critter, but I can't understand how they think so it is impossible to actually control them beyond body control. Their minds are too bestial for me to read their thoughts. On the other hand Avalanche did during the battle with the Obliterator protect the team from psionic manipulation attempts so there are demons who are psionic gifted. I can identify a demonic presence but there is no way to know if a demon will be able to detect my rather subtle eavesdropping of their thoughts," Mindeye responded.

"So, a meeting with the suspect will be dangerous unless you have the protection of the team," Anderson concluded.

"We have no means to know what kind of demonic ability the enemy might possess. There are demonic powers that could wipe out the whole team if we are not prepared," Jennifer commented.

"To sum up we have only suspicions and no solid evidence. Not that I think actual evidence would have much chance to change the outcome in Washington. The attacks from the enemy are perceived as small scale and directed only towards New York that is not a swing state. In some aspects, the success of the G.S.P to keep the attacks contained has meant the demon attacks are not top news anymore. Beyond the question of the origin of the so called aliens the papers have moved on to other things," agent Hawk concluded.

"Would it help if we spread the news of the enemy being demons?" Thundercloud wondered.

"Maybe, hard to tell how religious aspects would change how the senate and the congress decide about the matter. We also have the complication with the Christian people demonstrating outside our base. It is not given that it would be beneficial to our cause if the public learned the attackers are of demonic origin given the tune raised by the protesters," agent Hawk replied.

"Are we to remain passive when the team is shut down?" Firefly wondered.

"Not passive at all, I would like to keep Mindeye here to use his powers to see if we can find angles that leave the G.S.P project more intact. The only thing given is that the funding will change. Possibly there might be an opportunity to get private funding to keep the team going if Washington is not prepared to fully fund it. When that is settled we will look closer at this suspicious company. As for the matter of collecting evidence in the meantime I leave that in your hands since it is clearly an operative decision," agent Hawk responded.

"I agree with the reasoning. Mindeye is currently more useful in Washington. Possibly he can make progress in finding out who cut our access to information and possibly restore it. Let this distance meeting be ended," agent Anderson agreed.

They ended the transmission and G.S.P team sat assembled in a foul mood.

"Any bright ideas of how to proceed?" agent Anderson wondered.

"Our research indicate the security of the Crystal Security complex is top notch. They claim they built it to demonstrate their superior surveillance technology so gaining access to the building will be really hard," Jennifer said.

"If they see us coming and this is really the source of the demons then we would probably run into a very dangerous trap. Who knows how many demons they have in store for upcoming attacks?" Thundercloud commented.

"We could keep surveillance of the building and the next time a truck with demons are sent out to be able to provide rock solid evidence of the source of the demons," Eagle suggested.

"If they have any brains they will avoid doing an attack until Washington has shut us down," Firefly commented.

"I have been prophesied to battle the hidden demon at the tower to stop a disaster. We can't remain passive," Fang objected.

"I don't believe much in following such prophecies," agent Anderson responded.

"Why not? Demons and magic exist, why not prophecies?" Fang wondered.

"I hear you, and have in fact talked to Blade about it earlier in private. Still as far as I can see your prophecy don't tell anything about the outcome of the encounter. Furthermore it is not given that the goals of your werewolf kin and the humans align. Basically it all boils down to that you at an unspecified moment in time, maybe a year from now, should meet a demon involved in the matter. Maybe the outcome of your meeting may depend on if you should meet just this hidden demon after the army has slaughtered the rest of the demons or if you alone are to battle lots of demons. The prophecy gives no guidance that is useful," Anderson said.

"Isn't the mission statement of the G.S.P project to put an end to these attacks. Should we not try to defeat the enemy before we are shutdown?" Firefly objected.

"It is your lives that will be at stake there," Anderson said. "Blade, what do you think are your chances to provide a battle plan that will work if we attack the enemy base?"

"Let me answer," the demon thought.

"I am afraid the possibilities are close to endless. The hunter demons that was disguised as human victims are normally personal assassins of demon lords. If the enemy can access that kind of demon they can literally choose from any type of demon that exist so the list of other options are close to endless. Ultimately it may be a question about dumb luck if they happen to have demonic powers we have trained for instead of abilities that is totally mystifying for the unprepared," the demon answered with Jennifer's voice.

"Blade has carried us through a number of battles, I think her words carry a lot of weight," Eagle said.

"Another thing to consider is also what resources we abandon if we wait until we are not a government funded team. Obviously we can not make use of the transport that is government owned, but it is grounded anyway due to our flight allowance being pulled. Beyond that and the base our chances to succeed will not be much worse as independent heroes," Thundercloud commented.

"By contract you get to keep your costumes and protective gear so the only true loss would be the com unit that can not operate without the AI of the G.S.P base providing cryptography," agent Anderson said.

"You make good arguments. It also seems very likely that if we succeed the government would like to silence news of what happened. On the other hand if our team is shut down and we shortly afterwards return with news of having found the source of the attacks and shut them down we will get very good press," Firefly said.

"I am sorry Fang," Jennifer said. "I know how much you want to face the demons directly, but the arguments for waiting out the enemy is much better."

Fang growled and stormed out of the room. The others exchanged tense looks, but nobody said anything. They left the room and each went in their own directions to think. Jennifer suspected that Anderson wanted to talk with her, but she needed to communicate with the demon and departed from the others.

“What do you mean by dead?” she asked the demon when they were alone.

“You have not realized? The reason we need sexual energy to keep going is because our body is technically not alive. We can heal any injury since we ultimately do not depend on any body organ to keep functioning.”

“You mean we are like some kind of zombie?” Jennifer wondered filled with unease.

“No, not like a zombie. We are very much not mindless, but use our mental projection of our self as template for the magic that heal us. For a casual observer our body behaves like it is alive. We get more sex if we are perceived as alive and healthy. If you recall I made us look younger when we looked for Carol. The only thing I needed to do to change our appearance was to imagine us as younger. If we imagine that we have purple hair the magic will make it so but it would only apply to the new hair growing out so it would take a long time before the change was complete.”

“When did this happen? I don't recall dying,” Jennifer wondered.

“At the car crash. Your bodies spark of life had left the body after the massive injury. When we joined I found that my demon life force could not replace your mortal life force. Probably something connected to the human body trading life force against getting older where the demon is immortal and can not age. Our body will never age, get sleepy or really suffer from hunger for food, but we need sexual energy to keep going from day to day,” the demon answered.

“Sounds like we might not be a zombie, but still some kind of monster,” Jennifer thought.

“Why not use the word demon? The magic sword we channel is my demonic power and we use demonic powered regeneration of our body. Anyway, I don't see the great harm really, there are much worse demons out there. Mortals need food to not die and we need sexual energy to do the same. We live on the magical energy that their passion generates. Energy that otherwise would be lost,” the demon replied.

“Could you return to being a proper demon if you were not joined with me?” Jennifer wondered while dreading the answer.

“Two things,” the demon replied. “Firstly I really like this life. You can't imagine the dullness of being a soldier in the endless wars in the demon realms. Secondly, I think I have lost some of my demonic life force too. I can't understand how it could happen. A demon of my power that is injured just let the grip of reality fade and regenerate at full power at the plane of existence where the demon originated. If it is survivable then it will heal. Maybe that plane was conquered so that I am a demon without true home now, but that does not explain how I happened to end joined with you here.”

* * *

"Computer, please direct me to Fang's location," Jennifer ordered when she found Fang's room empty.

"Superhero Fang left the base two hours and 46 minutes ago," the G.S.P base AI answered.

"What about her com-unit?" Jennifer asked.

"Fang's com-unit is located in her locker, we have no means to track her whereabouts," the computer responded.

"She didn't want to be tracked," Jennifer thought.

"Put me in contact with Eagle," Jennifer instructed the computer.

"Eagle here, what's new?" Eagle reported back.

"Fang has left the base in secret, has she turned up at the headquarters of Crystal Security?" Jennifer asked.

"No sign of her, besides from some changes of personal nothing has happened here. No trucks coming or going," Eagle reported.

"Okay, keep the good work," Jennifer responded.

"Shall we assemble the team?" the demon wondered.

"Not much use until she turns up at the enemy headquarters. She could after all be headed somewhere else, maybe to that mysterious werewolf lover she hinted about earlier. Let us just put out a notice to the others and return to the task of trying to solve the riddle of Damien Primrose," Jennifer responded.

* * *

"I have trouble sleeping," Firefly said as she entered the room. "Been thinking about all our team has experienced."

"You are welcome to keep me company," Jennifer said. "It has really been an interesting journey."

"I always thought we would finally stumble into some kind of enemy that was more than we could chew. The team just getting shut down seems like an unsatisfying ending. By the way who is keeping guard now?" Firefly wondered.

"Thundercloud, Eagle is back at the base sleeping. Myself I am trying to figure out some way to gather evidence about the agenda of Damien Primrose. No success so far," Jennifer said.

"It is kind of funny that he would be named Damien," Firefly commented.

"How so?" Jennifer wondered.

"Well you know, Damien as Damien Thorn from the Omen movies," Firefly responded.

"Is the movie named Omen? My amnesia makes it so that I have no specific memories of movies I watched previous in life," Jennifer said and started a Google search after Omen. She leaned back in the chair as she read the results.

"The first Omen movie came out in 1978, the year before Damien Primrose was born. I guess the parents were not into horror movies if they picked that name," Jennifer observed.

"You said 1979..." Firefly mumbled as she read the movie synopsis. "...was Lauren Primrose pregnant when she was kidnapped?"

"She was pregnant. Wait that is it! Check the age of Damien, the kidnapping happened around new year and it seems likely that she gave birth while she was missing. With the kidnapping and birth happening at different years I missed it!" Jennifer exclaimed.

"Are you saying Damien Primrose is the Antichrist like in the Omen movies?" Firefly wondered.

"To be honest I have very little information about heaven and related things. The truce between heaven and hell has been in place longer than my memory. All the wars I recall happened between demon worlds. I have no knowledge of any Antichrist. On the other hand the demon attacks we suffer seem pretty small scale compared to the plot of the Omen movies. Seems more likely there is a regular demon inside Damien than some leader of all demons," the demon thought.

"Is there a devil, a leader of the demons?" Jennifer wondered.

"Many demon lords claim to be the true devil, but there is very little that backs their claim," the demon responded.

"What are you thinking?" Firefly wondered.

"Sorry, I was lost in thought. I have no knowledge about the existence of an Antichrist, also as far as I can see the pattern of the enemy attacks seems very distinct from the movie plots. I think the Omen movies are best ignored, they seem like a typical movie mashup of myths to make the plot fit the directors antics. Maybe they serve as secret message to other cultists, but it is not like that help will us," Jennifer said.

"Can you narrow down what kind of demon it is?" Firefly wondered.

"Not really," Jennifer said, she opened her mouth to continue when suddenly the base AI intruded on their discussion.

"Encoded vocal message found in incoming virus targeted at this computer," the metallic voice of the AI reported.

"A virus!" Jennifer wondered, "Is there a problem?"

"Negative, intrusion rejected. Shall I output the message?" the AI responded.

"Yes, please," Jennifer ordered.

"This is Avalanche. Fang tried to enter the enemy base and defeated a worm demon, but was then tricked into room C12 that was promptly locked. Damien Primrose ordered his demons to avoid contact until the gate is stabilized. I have arranged so that at four thirty..." Avalanche voice said, when another voice suddenly intruded. "Acolyte, suck my dick!" a mean voice ordered and then they heard gagging sounds. It seemed implausible that any human could hold her breath for so long, suddenly the audio clip ended.

"Is Avalanche at the enemy headquarters?" Firefly asked.

"Sure seems so. I suspect she used her psionics to infiltrate the work crew that Eagle saw entering the tower. Why did I not think about gaining information about the enemy from these workers?" Jennifer complained.

"Evidence gathered with psionics does not matter at the court," Firefly commented.

"We are not at the court, but at war," Jennifer responded. "Computer wake up the team, and prepare the G.S.P transport for departure!" Jennifer ordered.

"Order acknowledged, but observe the transport lack permission to fly," the base AI responded.

"I order that restriction be ignored. Avalanche has something planned for four thirty and we must be there. That talk about a gate needing to stabilize sounds ominous. Eagle can not carry more than one person, so we must use the transport to get there in time," Jennifer responded.

"Acknowledged, but observe there will be severe fines for flight without permission," the AI responded.

"Who cares, the team is being shut down anyway," Jennifer said.

* * *

"Okay, we have a guess how Avalanche entered, but what about Fang?" Thundercloud asked as rain poured down on them on a backyard some distance from Crystal Security's tower. "Did she use a magic spell to fool the cameras and motion detectors?"

"She has complained of lacking spells that deal with modern machinery," Firefly responded. "I don't think she has any means to overcome such even in such bad weather as this."

"I think she went below ground. The message talked about a worm demon, it makes sense that such would be a guardian of a subterranean entrance to the tower," Eagle said.

"A good guess," Jennifer agreed. "Finding an underground route is the backup plan if we don't manage to figure out what Avalanche planned. I hope what she was trying to say before she was interrupted was that she had prepared a way for us to enter."

"Could be anywhere though, for instance below the ground," Thundercloud commented.

"Just now the top left of the tower went black, if the power shortage include motion sensors and radars in this direction I should be able to approach the tower undetected if I fly at the right altitude," Eagle said.

"Bring me there, then Thunder and last Firefly," Jennifer ordered.

Eagle complied and they were airborne, Jennifer tensed as they moved closer to the tower. If they were mistaken they might soon be forced to dodge rockets. He dropped her on a platform high on the tower and returned for the others. Jennifer fiddled with her mask so she could make out the contour of Eagle. He was invisible to the naked eye, but the G.S.P gear was tuned in helping to spot team members.

Eagle picked Thundercloud up and had started to gain altitude when suddenly the lights around Jennifer turned on.

Jennifer pressed herself towards the wall, looking around for any cameras aimed in her direction. She calmed down when nothing bad happened. Eagle and Thundercloud had returned to the ground.

"I ordered the team to not use the com-units in the event the enemy monitors for encrypted radio messages. Should I take the risk to communicate with them to deliver instructions?" Jennifer wondered.

"I say no," the demon responded. "They will try to find the underground route that Fang used. Our best option is to try to get entrance to the tower and aid them from the inside. Fang and Avalanche might also need our help."

"Okay, how do we gain entrance? Can they detect the uses of our magic sword?" Jennifer wondered as she studied the shutter blocking her exit from the platform.

"The hunter demons are preferred assassins exactly because their power leaves no residues that can be detected. On the other hand I suppose the humans technology might notice if we cut holes in the tower," the demon answered.

"You have a good point there. There might very well be safeguards that detect if the shutter is cut in pieces. Question is what to do instead, maybe we can get water into the electronics to make it malfunction," Jennifer reasoned.

"Won't they investigate if it malfunctions?" the demon wondered.

"Probably, but hopefully they will wait with sounding the alarm until they have checked if it is a mundane malfunction. Less reason for suspicion if a circuit short circuit than if some vibration sensor detect a hole being cut in the wall," Jennifer answered.

"And they say magic is complicated...," the demon responded as they carefully used their power to drill a hole in the control panel of the shutter.

* * *

Linda trembled as she tried to swallow yet another load of salty tasting lovely cum coming from the tentacle invading her mouth. Something inside her wondered why she was not suffocating, but she dismissed the thought. She could not worry about such things, she needed to make sure that she captured as much as possible of this wonderful cum.

She was not sure if the actual demon cock was in her cunt or ass for the moment. In the other she had yet another tentacle that wiggled so wonderfully. Perhaps she had tentacles in both openings, it felt like that. She must have lost track of the change in the sexual bliss.

The other tentacles kept her body locked in a position so she could not look. When the tentacles holding her had also started to spit cum she had thought she would get slippery and get free. The truth was different, the demonic cum that felt so good on her body somehow made it even more easy for the tentacles to hold her. She was a sexual ragdoll glued to the tentacles that held her and pleasured her so perfectly.

In the beginning she had thought about using her psionics or telekinesis to try to break free. The problem was that such a move would ruin her cover as an acolyte of the cult. If she failed the demon would know that she was a superheroine and slay her. She was glad she had not made the attempt, what a shame it would have been if she had not felt this sexual bliss delivered to her by her demon master. If the demon got tired of her she could perhaps secure that she got more demonic cum by promising herself to the demon.

Suddenly the wonderful tentacles were gone, literally turning into smoke between one stroke and the next. She cried out in dismay as she tumbled down onto the floor. She struggled to open her eyes, but had difficulty, there was simply too much demonic cum covering her face.

"Beloved, I have been so worried!" Eagle exclaimed and caught her in a tight hug. Linda moaned in pleasure as she rubbed her sex desiring body towards him. She looked at her beloved as she kissed him intensively. She loved the image as her attention forced him to swallows bits of the demonic cum. They alternated between deep kissing and him licking the dried cum from her face. She loved the sensation as their tongues danced in their mouths with the ever presence of the so erotic taste of demonic cum.

With her lovers super power there was no reason to be troubled by trivial things like gravity. He had his cock out and was slipping it into her so very wet snatch. His presence inside her made the demonic cum feeling even more potent. As they began to fuck she could here voices in the background.

"Crap, Eagle seems to have been inflicted by something, what do we do now?" Firefly complained.

"How should I know," Thundercloud complained. "Fang and Blade are our resident experts on magic and we have so far not been able to find them."

Linda did her best to ignore them, she had a cock to worship. It felt even better than the demonic tentacles, her lover really knew how to give her the best fuck possible.

"Shall we depart and try to find some of the others?" Thundercloud wondered.

"Avalanche know where room C12 is where Fang are. It could take us ages to figure it out on our own. Besides the tentacle demon we killed will be return to its plane of origin so there is just so much time before the demons will know something is up and send demons here," Firefly answered.

"I think the effect is in the cum. Maybe my invulnerability power will protect me from the effect," Thundercloud suggested.

"Maybe, but it would be better if we did not need to touch the stuff directly," Firefly replied.

"Nothing suiting present here. How about if I try it and if it doesn't work you can use your power to burn the cum away that end on my body," Thundercloud said.

"Okay, sounds smart. I can not burn the cum on them without causing injury, but you are a different case," Firefly responded.

"I try to separate them in case that will free Eagle," Thundercloud said.

Linda had not really been paying attention, but she cried out in disappointment as her lovers cock was pulled out of her. Gravity was returning and she would have fallen to the floor unless Thundercloud has caught her. His hand rested at her hip as he struggled to balance her. In his other hand he was holding the neck of her lover that struggled to reach her.

She needed the sex, she could not stand being without the sexual stimulation. Since her lover was to far away she settled for diving into the embrace of this large male that had interrupted their sex. How she had longed for this, being restricted to her dream lover Eagle had been her choice, but all the time she had kept thinking on how her sister rotated around the men even though she was the girlfriend of him. This manly superhero that she know crawled over. Rubbing her slick cum covered body over his body. Catching his mouth in hers and exchanging deep kisses.

She found him so very eager, could feel his throbbing member through his suit. She heard the suit tearing and suddenly she was feeling his maleness rubbing towards her.

"So much for invulnerability to the effect," Firefly complained. "Wait! No Eagle, stay away!"

Linda did not care what her lover was doing. She was getting Thundercloud's large cock inside her, and that was all that mattered. Not the perfect fit of her lover, but a cock stretching her inside in such a wonderful way.

"Ahhhmmm, feels...nice," Firefly mumbled. Linda looked towards them and saw Eagle having caught the heroine in his embrace. Her options to resist was limited as she could get no real leverage as he levitated her. Linda smiled as she saw her lover push his lovely cock into the wet pussy of her fellow team member. Firefly's eyes were rolling as the demonic cum worked its magic into her.

Thundercloud had turned her around and was bashing into her eager cunt doggy style. Linda was too short to reach the floor, but the male superhero worshiping her sex had no problem holding her with his super strength. The position worked, but was not very comfortable.

Eagle saw her plight and moved closer. Firefly was bouncing weightless up and down his cock. Linda understood his attention and caught Firefly in a hot embrace. The levitation power was not enough to keep them all weightless, but she found that she and Firefly could lean on each other and get enough support for the position to be comfortable.

She met Firefly in a wet kiss and took the opportunity to let her free hand explore Firefly's breast, torso and so very wet clit. Moaning Firefly returned the favor and they clung to each other as they masturbated each other as the males did their best to give them the perfect fuck.

Thundercloud came inside her and Linda groaned in bliss as she kept kissing Firefly. Tired from her long fuck from before she had not yet come herself, but there was no question that both Firefly and Eagle had climaxed a number of times. The demonic cum kept them both hot and eager as they continued their endless fuck.

"This will continue until we faint. The effect of the demonic cum does not lessen," Linda thought, but then hesitated, she was wrong, something was different. "I am actually thinking coherent thoughts for the first time in hours. The effect of the cum may not fade, but the magic is stretched between our four bodies. Can I somehow break out of this completely?"

When she phrased the question like that it was easy to answer. Her telekinesis was there at her command, weak compared to ordinary times, but still up to the task of removing the magic cum from her body. She could not do much about the cum she had swallowed, but she could use her power to extract the demonic cum from their ass, cunt and body.

Suddenly the compulsion to fuck was gone and they all paused there. Eagle's and Thundercloud's cooks buried deep inside the females sexes and Linda and Firefly in middle of a compassionate kiss. Awkwardly they distanced each other from the others and looked around.

Linda was stark naked, her acolyte clothes long ago destroyed by the demon. Thundercloud and Firefly had their costumes ripped open at their crotch. Eagle had somehow stepped out his costume when he begun the fuck.

"I think I can use my power to heat the fabrics of costumes enough so that Thundercloud can press them together and close the holes. Will not be pretty, but will work," Firefly said. "What about Avalanche?"

"I have her costume here," Eagle responded, handing over a very dirty Avalanche costume.

"You did not think about bringing my superhero costume in some kind of box?" Linda wondered.

"We did, but it was lost in combat with some demons that guarded the subterranean entrance. Lucky for us that the worm demon that Fang fought was not present. The damage left by that fight suggest it was epic. I don't get how she managed to get inside," Eagle responded.

"I saw a video clip of it, it was sure an impressive fight, but it left the cult with plenty of time to prepare the trap for her," Linda said.

"We are unable to locate the room C12, do you know where it is?" Firefly asked.

"I think they hid the entrance, but I know the full floor plan. Problem is how to get there without stumbling into lots of cultists and demons. I don't have the disguise I used before," Linda said.

"I don't think that will be a problem. We have seen no demons, but lots of slain cultists. I don't get why there has not been any alarms," Thundercloud said.

"The lack of alarm is because I tampered with the computer so that all alarms are just logged into a file on the disk without any alerts sent out. When you speak about slain cultists, do you mean slain in the fashion of my sister?" Linda wondered.

"No, they have not been cut by a blade, but more torn apart by claws," Eagle responded.

"Maybe Fangs sense of smell can tell us more, let's get her," Linda suggested.

* * *

"Nice of you to turn up, I was starting to think I was forgotten here," Fang said as they let her out of her prison.

"The enemy intended to keep you here until some kind of gate stabilize; we don't know much details. We want to locate Blade if she is still alive before we investigate. Are you up to the task?" Thundercloud explained.

"Sure, smells like there is lots of blood out there," Fang replied.

"Dead cultists, we don't know what hit them. We believe the leader of the enemy is still around, but unaware of the slaughter happening," Avalanche commented.

"Let's track then," Fang said.

They followed a number of corridors until Fang smelled something. After climbing two stairs she motioned the others to carefully follow her. Far in the distance they could hear the growling of some kind of demon, it sounded awfully large.

At an intersection a giant crablike demon was banging its body towards a wall. Each leg of the demon was as wide Thundercloud's torso. The blood and gore that covered the demon's claws left little doubt that this was the monster that had gone rampage.

"Is it the leader?" Firefly whispered as they spied on the monster from hopefully a safe distance.

"Don't know, but I smell Blade," Fang whispered back.

"Oh, the demon is banging her. She is pressed to the wall and is getting fucked by that monster," Eagle mumbled. Thundercloud tensed as he studied the situation.

"Can we take it out?" Eagle wondered.

"Without hurting Blade you mean?" Firefly responded.

"Her healing should be fully charged after that fucking, she can heal," Fang mumbled.

"What if the demon killed the cultists and the demons because they tried to separate it from its price so to say," Eagle commented.

As they were whispering the demon was done and pulled back from the wall. Below the large body they saw Blade hanging upside down. A humongous demon cock was stuck in her pussy and keeping them connected. The demon started to crawl down the corridor in a slow fashion.

"Why is that demon not trying to kill her like all the others?" Firefly wondered.

"Perhaps they forgot to tell their watchdog she was the enemy since they never expected us getting here," Avalanche replied.

"Let's follow, I have a bad feeling about this," Thundercloud ordered. None of the others objected and they hurried to catch up with the demon that either was oblivious about their presence or did not care.

* * *

Jennifer cursed as the demon was entering some kind of lab. Again she tried to access her power, but it was still silenced by the demon's aura. She could hear the superheroes crowded behind the demon to see what was inside.

She looked around from her upside down position. In the middle of the room there was a large device with a black field in the middle. A stair was leading up to the field, and the demon was obviously crawling in that direction.

"I think that is where the demons enter this world. This damn love stuck demon obviously intend to bring its price back home," the demon commented.

"I doubt the other demons will be as distracted by our sex. We are doomed if we enter the demon world," Jennifer thought.

"Fang, identify that thing now!" Thundercloud barked. The demon paused and turned in their direction.

"As far as I can tell the gate is not magic, but my sense of smell tells me it smells like a summoning circle. The same kind of foul air," Fang responded.

"Don't let it enter with Blade," Thundercloud directed as he stepped closer.

"It might understand what we say," Firefly said as moved to the flank to get a clear shot.

"Let's worry more about it tearing our asses to pieces," Eagle responded.

The demon raised it claws in a threatening manner as it studied the superheroes.

"Avalanche can you get Blade free?" Thundercloud asked.

"No talking," Fang warned.

Jennifer suspected that Avalanche was connecting their minds. Jennifer felt Avalanche questing in her direction and she did the trick with a fake persona to let Avalanche connect without triggering their demonic defenses. This way of communication was limited, but Jennifer understood that Avalanche intended to use a psionic body control command to make the demon go limb.

It was not a bad plan and suddenly the cock inside Jennifer went limp and Jennifer was falling down. In the distance she heard the sound of Firefly and Fang hitting the upper body of the demon with their attacks.

Suddenly Eagle was there and catching her. For a moment Jennifer feared the demon would catch them, but then she understood that Avalanche had blocked the demon's move with her telekinesis.

They were outside the reach of the demon and she saw Thundercloud hit the confused demon with his full strength. The demon stumbled backwards and was suddenly swallowed by the gate. Thundercloud would have followed if not Avalanche caught him and lifted him back with her telekinesis.

Eagle landed and the team reassembled in front of her. She was relieved they were okay, but from the state of their superhero costumes she could tell they had some trouble on the way inside.

"Great save team," Jennifer said. "I discovered too late that the demon had a field that silenced demonic powers..."

Blade froze in the middle of the sentence, just like that she managed to reveal her big secret. The team stared back at her frozen as they heard her words. She could see them exchanging thoughts, but this time Avalanche did not make any attempt to transmit information to the fake persona that the demon had put up.

"Snap out of it, will you!" Fang barked. "Blade is part demon, but on our side. If I can trust her as a werewolf tasked with battling demons so can you."

"What about your prophecy?" Firefly wondered.

"There is a possibility she unknowing is the enemy, but my bet is on Damien Primrose that uses that gate to bring demons here to attack the city," Fang responded.

"I wanted to tell you, but did not know how," Jennifer responded.

"So are you the have-a-demonic-power kind or the is-a-demon-kind?" Firefly wondered. Her posture was still very tense.

"Part of me used to be a demon, but I have other powers than I used to have as a demon," Jennifer responded.

"Why were you sent here?" Thundercloud asked, him keeping his voice very even to not reveal any emotions.

"I don't remember, but I think I was expected to fight the demons attacking New York," Jennifer said.

"I am torn apart," Thundercloud said. "I want to hug you close, I have been so worried about your safety. Still I don't know, this secret changes so very much. Is it the real you I have fallen in love with? I think I need some distance for a while."

"Damn, I really cared for him," the demon complained.

"Hope it is not over yet. Give him time to come around," Jennifer responded, trying to keep their spirits high. She decided to speak.

"I understand this is a bad way of hearing about this, but we must deal with the gate crisis before we can sit down and talk about who I am," Jennifer said. "Who can give some information about the gate?"

"Leave it to me, I hack the computers to find out more," Avalanche said. The others seemed to relax even though they still seemed tense when they looked in Jennifer's direction.

"When did you become a computer hacker?" Jennifer wondered.

"It happened when I acquired all skills from the computer specialists at Columbia University. If we survive this I intend to visit MIT, Berkeley and other top universities to further master my understanding of science," Avalanche responded.

"Okay, I want the rest of us both to keep the gate and the entrance into view. Eagle, high up guarding the gate, Thundercloud also keep guard of the gate, Firefly keep the entrance with me. We must expect that demons can come from both directions," Jennifer ordered.

"Lame, they have the same security pattern as on their normal computer center," Avalanche said. "Oh, this isn't good."

"Talk to us please, this is a bit nervous already even without details," Thundercloud complained.

"Sorry, no immediate problem, but I managed to bring up a history record of the gate," Avalanche said. "It seems this is an artificial wormhole meant to open a path to demon worlds. Somehow they have with technology managed to duplicate what is normally done with magic. At first the gate was very small and could only sustain very small demons, but it has since grown."

"What do you mean with the wormhole growing?" Firefly wondered.

"The gate is constantly growing, but when a demon moves past it is weakens. Prolonged use would mean the gate collapse. The bad news is that I see exceptional growth from each time we have defeated demons," Avalanche replied.

"Fang, could it be so that demons normally find their way back to their plane of existence using traces of the summoning magic that brought them there?" Jennifer wondered.

"No, more like their spiritual energy backtracks to the origin where they entered no matter if it happened by magic or technology," Fang responded. "Just in the case of the wormhole the energy of the demon will be absorbed by the gate since there are no magical safeguards."

"Why don't they just send one demon through at the time and kill it to quickly grow the gate?" Firefly wondered.

"The gate needs a certain time to stabilize after each time it absorb a demon. I also suspect the demon brings more power back to the gate if it has slain innocents while being out there," Avalanche explained.

"All this is good, but we earlier heard that Damien Primrose wanted to keep Fang locked away for some time before he faced her. Is that connected to the gate?" Jennifer asked.

"Maybe, I don't know. On the other hand, I can see that somebody has done simulations here of when the wormhole will become stable to allow unlimited travel. We are literally hours away from the demons having an open path to send their armies here," Avalanche responded.

"We are exposed here, can you shut it down before that?" Firefly asked.

"I am working on it, my advanced science knowledge is still lacking. Especially when it is technology beyond what humans are able to do so far," Avalanche replied. "It seems there are blueprints here also for how to make the gate. This is interesting, the designer is actually Lauren Primrose. I am betting we finally have the answer for where she disappeared. She was never kidnapped but went through a prototype of the gate.”

“It fits my theories. If Lauren went to the demon plane by science instead of magic she could have been tricked to carry a demon back with her disguised as the baby Damien Primrose without breaking any of rules about demon visits having to be temporary. Can you destroy the gate?” Jennifer asked.

“I could assemble a virus that search for such blueprints and corrupt them. Still, would not prevent Damien Primrose to recreate the blueprints if he knows them. This gate can be constructed at any location if you got the funds, access to top military technology and the blueprints."

"Let us worry about that after we have shut this gate down," Jennifer said.

"I got it!" Avalanche exclaimed. "Since a demon recently used the gate to return to the demon plane. The gate is thus in the unstable phase and the wormhole is only kept together by the active work of the gate device. If we manage to corrupt the memory circuits of the device it will fail to do the right thing and the wormhole will fade into nothing."

"Great, can you do it?" Thundercloud asked.

"That is the hard bit, it would be trivial at a reboot, but patching the process while it runs forces me to understand the layout of the program," Avalanche complained.

"Can't you just write random data until everything crashes?" Thundercloud wondered.

"I could in theory, but in practice I have no guarantee I will hit the right part of the memory before I take out some service needed for my own program to overwrite data. It is not like the gate is running Windows, the memory layout of the program is unknown," Avalanche answered.

"What does it run instead?" Eagle wondered.

"Some kind of system aimed at providing exact real time guarantees about accessing data. Much of it seems to be stolen from the likes of Linux and BSD, but there are also a ton of code that they have taken from some other operating system. Would take me hours to figure it out," Avalanche replied.

"What if I use my sword to cut the gate device into pieces?" Jennifer asked.

"If you are unlucky everyone here is swallowed to the other side of the gate with no means of returning," Avalanche answered.

"I see, maybe if I send the rest of you away," Jennifer commented.

"No, I can promise no guarantees about safety distance. If we are unlucky we could bring the closest towns with us into hell for all that I know. We better find a way for the gate to fail silently," Avalanche objected.

"We are superheroes, there must be something we can do. What if we throw objects into the gate until the gate machinery can not keep the stable anymore?" Eagle asked.

"Must be living matter for the gate to function," Avalanche answered absent minded.

"Shall we leave and try to deal with Damien Primrose first, while we think about how to shut the gate down?" Firefly wondered.

"When the gate stabilizes there might come very strong demons to take us out. There are bound to be demons on the other side of the gate that has interrogated the demon that passed though. They should know by now that something is not right here, possibly they even know it is us," Jennifer answered.

"Firefly, does your power nimbus disrupt electronics when you get close?" Thundercloud asked.

"Well, yes it does. Something about the photons I generate inducing electrical fields. I have a special brand of the com-unit that has been hardened to withstand my frequency," Firefly responded.

"If Avalanche looks at the blue prints and locates where the memory board is, your power can corrupt the memory contents by getting your aura to touch the memory circuits. The gate machinery will not be hardened to the frequencies you emit," Thundercloud explained.

"Might be some risk of us getting swallowed by the wormhole, but much less risk than if we cut the machinery up. Basically it is like the idea to overwrite with random numbers, but it can be continued until the end. Just let me first assemble the virus that corrupt the blue prints. Firefly is pretty much bound to also make this computer console malfunction in the process," Avalanche said.

In a short while they were ready, Thundercloud could, with instructions from Avalanche, dismantle the shell of the gate device to access the memory boards. Everyone kept their breath as Firefly powered up her power. For a while nothing happened, but then suddenly the blackness of the gate disappeared.

"Okay, no gate to hell opening anytime soon, but we must take out the demon inside Damien Primrose if we should not have to end our days chasing new gates," Eagle said.

"Indeed, what if Damien Primrose can summon demons in the old fashioned way and can create an army of minions?" Firefly commented.

"Actually I don't think he can summon demons himself without breaking the rules. Only mortal souls are allowed to summon demons, but he could surely set up another gate to restart this effort. We must do something about him if we should be safe," Jennifer agreed.

"What is the battle plan?" Firefly wondered.

"Find him and hit him with everything we got and hope that is enough to take him out before he knows it," Jennifer responded.

* * *

"Options please," Jennifer said as they covered outside of the briefing room where Damien Primrose had a meeting with some humans associates.

"My rocket launcher need metal to home in, but I can use the sonic blast if I get close enough," Eagle responded.

"I can rip loose a metal hatch and throw it from a great distance. If I am lucky I will cut him in two," Thundercloud responded.

"I can blast him with an Eldrich bolt, but I can not charge it up without revealing myself so it will be rather weak," Fang responded.

"My laser beam can hit with full power," Firefly responded.

"I could use telekinesis, but perhaps it is better if I save my power for defending against possible psionic attacks," Avalanche responded.

"I was hoping to get close enough to use my blade, but it seems hard to close the distance quickly enough. Do you think we can afford to wait until his meeting is over?" Jennifer wondered.

"After the meeting he will most likely access his computers. When the gate is off line and all archives corrupt we will lose the chance to surprise," Avalanche replied.

"What about the humans inside that room?" Eagle wondered. "Kind of bad press to blast their CO in front of them. Even worse if some of them are slain in the battle."

"Good point, Avalanche, can you identify them?" Jennifer said.

"There is a risk my psionics will be detected, but yes I can scan them," Avalanche answered.

"Do it!" Jennifer ordered.

"You won't believe this, they are cultists all right," Avalanche said, "but in the middle of them is Morgan Pallarn from the police. He is a chief there, but has been working full time to make sure our work is harder. From the surface thoughts they are having a meeting about how to further discredit us or if they should assassinate us when Washington has shut us down."

"Okay, that settles it," Jennifer said. "Avalanche try to gather as much information as possible from the cultists. They are bound to reveal plans about how to target us if we appear. The attackers against Damien will be Thundercloud, Firefly and Fang. Eagle you are primary to keep the cultists in line in case they have guns, magic or such. I and Thunder will lead the charge if our first attack does not take the demon out."

"This could work, but I doubt it," the demon commented. Jennifer decided to not answer, they needed to act.

Thundercloud burst the doors open and the heroes attacked. Damien Primrose looked at them in surprise the moment before he was hit with hatch, magic and laser. He toppled over backward, with his ribcage turned into a smoking ruin from getting pierced by the laser.

The cultists were scattering in all directions, pulling up automatic weapons and grenades. Obviously they were armed for war. Jennifer was on the way to scream an order for the team to focus on the cultists, when she noticed the cultists were not looking in their direction, but instead aiming at each other. She glanced over at Avalanche who had a grim grin on her face. Moments later the cultists started to fire at each other, with the firepower assembled it was over in moments.

"That was not so hard," Firefly said as they surveyed the mess.

"Watch it!" Fang exclaimed.

The body of Damien Primrose that apparently lay slain at the other side of the room had started to emit smoke.

Suddenly the body exploded and gave place to a hulking giant demon covered in red armor shaped as a skeleton. Twice the height of Thundercloud and covered in sparkling arcane energy. In his hand he carried a scepter of metal with a live dragon head attached to the top.

"The demon lord Asthachak!" the demon squealed.

"Talk to me, what can it do?" Jennifer urged.

"Everything, it is fucking demon lord. Like the Obliterator, but we don’t have any plan ready. We are so very doomed!" the demon responded.

"You destroyed my gate!" the demon lord shouted. "Suffer my wrath!"

Only the fact that Thundercloud was running forward and took the blunt of the attack saved them. The demon lord had swung his scepter and released a wave of energy that turned everything directly in front of him to dust. When the energy reached Thundercloud it was absorbed as electric sparks covered his body.

The next moment Thundercloud was within range and hit the demon lord with a mighty swing that made the demon lord lean backwards. Around the team the room had grown enormously. Everything that had not been shielded behind Thundercloud, including the very walls of the room had disintegrated.

"Firefly, heat him up now! The rest, that scepter is way to dangerous, take it out now!" Jennifer ordered. She was answered with the sound of Eagle's rocket launcher.

In front of them Thundercloud had caught hold of the armor with his right hand as he left hand again and again slammed the demon lord in the face. Somehow the mystical matter of the armor withstood the assault, but each hit was followed by a shatter of energy dissipating from the skull mask of the armor and more cracks appearing.

The rocket hit the scepter and the demon staggered backwards from the explosion. The demon responded with a roar and breathed a blue gas over Thundercloud.

They could hear the agonizing scream from Thundercloud as he felt the coldness start to weaken him. Firefly was not slow to answer and hit his back with her most potent laser beam. Within moments Thundercloud was glowing in heat as he continued pounding at the demon lord.

The explosion from the rocket had hit the scepter head on, but not done more than scorch it and leave some cracks in the fitting of the demon head.

"No psionics attacks to speak up, shall I attack?" Avalanche shouted.

Fang was a glowing nimbus as she was charging and charging her magic eldrich bolt. "The dragon head is ready, don't allow it to hit us!" she screamed to the others.

The eyes of the scepter had started to shine.

"Shall we charge the scepter?" Jennifer wondered.

"Fallback now!" the demon shouted with Jennifer's voice.

The others obeyed and retreated back while Thundercloud was still battling with demon lord. They had moved past two corridors turn when the building trembled. Behind them on the left a wave moved past them and blasted a path through a number of rooms and opening a hole outside.

"My telekinesis deflected his aim. Won't work a second time, he is too strong physically for me to overpower him!" Avalanche shouted.

"Shall I attack with another rocket?" Eagle shouted.

"No, carry me there instead and launch me towards the scepter. Firefly, you know what to do," Jennifer ordered.

Firefly stepped out of cover and heated Thundercloud with another blast of her power to make him temporarily impervious to the demon lords attacks. Fang followed up with an Eldrich bolt that hit the demon lord with such a force that it pushed it backwards a number of steps. The armor covering left arm, torso and neck shattered from the strain of the magic.

Thundercloud was not slow to act on the opportunity, brutally slamming his knee into the demon lords throat. The demon lord trembled, but still continued to try to get a grip on Thundercloud to throw him away.

Eagle was carrying Jennifer forward at breathtaking speed. The demon lord was distracted and the scepter leaned partly downwards.

"Warning master!" the scepter shouted. The demon lord tried to react, but it was too late. Jennifer was thrown through the air and her sword swung in a mighty arc. She aimed for the fitting of the scepter and felt a massive flow of energy as her sword swallowed the power of the scepter and turned it into energy aimed at destroying the scepter. It shattered in an explosion of metal shards.

Jennifer landed on the ground as the dragon head fell down. She looked up and saw the demon aiming a kick in her direction. Thundercloud oblivious to her danger used the demon lords distraction to launch a sequence of hits towards the demon lord's unprotected torso. Each hit was answered with the sound of bones snapping.

There was no way Jennifer could dodge the kick, so she just tried to cut with her sword. For a brief moment her sword fed on the demon lords energy, but there was not enough time. The demon lords monstrous strength allowed it to slam Jennifer away long before her sword had built enough power to seriously hurt the demon.

An undetermined while later Jennifer came around in a pile of debris. She struggled up as the demon healed her injuries from the impact. At a far distance she saw Eagle sending rocket after rocket towards the demon. Thundercloud had somehow been thrown away.

The explosions from the rockets were ripping the demon lord a part, one of the explosions even severed the demons arm from the body. Unfortunately the demon lord did also regenerate the damage. By now the demon's skull mask had shattered, curiously enough the demon's face was also a skull. It looked like it was grinning as it again and again defied the damage inflicted by Eagle.

"That is our kind of healing power boosted to the levels of a demon lord. He can't do the regeneration indefinitely, but he has resources we could never dream about," the demon commented.

Sometime around the fight there had been a terrible fire that extended from the demon lord and melted some of the walls. Jennifer could literally see the line where Fang's protective magic had stopped the magic attack.

"That damage is caused by hellfire, too powerful for our sword to absorb fully. Fang is the only one of us who can stop such an attack," the demon noted.

Eagle fired his last rocked and could only retreat. The demon lord lunged after him, but was distracted as another Eldrich bolt slammed him backward. This time he collapsed down as his right leg was badly damaged. It healed, but the demon had a visible limp as he started to move forward again.

"He is slowing down," Jennifer thought and decided to charge forward. The demon lord was only fifty steps away, but halfway there Jennifer felt the air hardening in front of her. She tried to cut the air with her sword, but it was no use. Suddenly she was tumbling backwards as the air bashed her hardly.

"He saw what our sword could do and put magic protection in place. We are not close enough for our magic to feed on his aura. Should have ignored the scepter and aimed our attack directly at the demon lord when we had the chance," the demon complained.

Jennifer struggled to roll backward to escape the hold of the air, but the demon had her caught and applying horrible pressure. The relief came as Firefly blasted the demon with her full power. Breathing out in relief Jennifer scrambled backwards to protective cover. For a moment it looked like the energy beam would pierce the demon lord, but then demon lords healing quickened and closed the injury. At least the power of the attack made the demon halt his approach.

They all dived for cover as the demon hit back with some kind of spell. None of them was hit.

"I am growing exhausted. What now?" Firefly wondered. It could be seen that she was trembling.

"Fang, how many more large ones?" Jennifer shouted.

"One more Hellfire and then I am done," Fang responded, panting hard.

"Where is Thunder?" Jennifer asked.

"He was slammed into the laboratory where the gate was, some kind of ice spell," Eagle responded.

"If we abandon Thundercloud the rest of us might have a hope to escape the tower through the opening behind us, but that means our lover will be caught and finished," the demon noted.

"Never!" Jennifer responded.

"We regroup there!" Jennifer ordered and ran towards the laboratory. They arrived to find Thundercloud covered in a large block of ice.

"Can you free him?" Jennifer asked.

"Maybe with help from the rest of you, I am damn tired," Firefly responded.

"Do it!" Jennifer ordered. Without Thundercloud's strength they had little chance of managing a retreat.

"I don't think they will succeed in time!" Eagle shouted.

"I can block the entrance with telekinesis, but it won't stop that damn fire," Avalanche responded.

They could hear the demon lord approach. More than half of the ice block around Thundercloud still remained.

"Can our sword aid freeing him?" Jennifer wondered.

"It feeds on the aura of the demon. Using it to break magic like this could drain us of all resources," the demon responded.

"The demon lord is here, and Thundercloud is not up yet. We are out of defenses," Jennifer thought.

"I told you, we were doomed. The demon lord is very injured and drained of power, but we are worse. It knows this and is toying with us," the demon responded.

"We must buy the others time. If we go out there and face the demon we might give them time to free Thundercloud," Jennifer thought.

"We will die, but I would rather die on the front line to defend our comrades than do nothing here," the demon responded.

Jennifer was surprised, it was the first time ever the demon agreed to place themselves in real risk. Of course there were not many alternatives anymore.

"I won't accept this!" Jennifer shouted and ran towards the exit. She suddenly felt a sense of vertigo. Her legs could not support her anymore, she felt herself faint.

* * *

"What is happening, what about the fight?" Jennifer wondered as they raced upwards, following winding stairs in a gloomy black Gothic castle. They were moving with an unnatural speed, far beyond anything Jennifer ever had experienced.

"This is my suppressed memories," the demon responded, her tone was filled with a mixture of fear and anticipation.

"No, we don't have the time. The demon lord will kill us and the rest," Jennifer objected.

"Do we dare to deny this memory? What if it contains a path forward that will allow us to avoid the upcoming defeat?" the demon asked.

Jennifer could see the wisdom in that and waited as they left the stairs and moved into a grand throne hall. The room was packed with demons, many of the strongest servants of her former master. The demon lord she now knew, was named Mes'sarh'marc, but they all parted as she approached the throne.

The demon lord has risen from his throne and stood leaning on his massive two handed sword. The rattle of his barbed tail revealed his impatience. Besides that his aura was dense, filled with grim determination. It took effort for them to step closer without getting pushed away.

"Hunter Jadarc, what news of the fourth host and the enemy?" the demon lord asked.

Jennifer heard herself responding. Not with her own voice, but that of the hunter demon Jadarc.

"The fourth host of the army has been annihilated. After many of the demons had already been slain general Tzilach engaged the enemy with his hellfire attack killing the remaining survivors. There will be many months until either the general or any of his troops will be able to reform. Many hit by the hellfire will not revive at all," Jennifer's demon answered.

"What about the enemy?" the demon lord inquired.

"No exact information. As far as I can tell none of your demons who have faced the enemy has survived. I am only here because I was away on a mission to find out what happened with other parts of the army when the general engaged the enemy," the hunter demon responded.

"Attacking demons that was slain would return to their own plane, but injured demons should have left traces that you as a hunter could track. Give me details?" the demon lord ordered.

"I have smelled no traces of slain enemies, but the battlegrounds all reek of magic of a kind I have never smelled before," Jennifer's demon responded.

Their further discussion was interrupted as the walls of the far end of the hall suddenly exploded in a shower of exploding rocks. A number of demons standing close were injured by the impact, but the others assembled to rush the enemy force.

Then suddenly, a flicker of uncertainty. There was no crowd attacking, but just a single human stepping inside with slow and deliberate steps.

The newcomer was female, with no weapons or armor. Clothed in linen clothes from a simple design. With a frown she studied the assembled demons that stood formed in a half circle ready to rush her. Jennifer's demon could not really tell, but there seemed to be some kind nimbus of light surrounding the female.

The demons gazed back towards the demon lord, waiting for instructions. Mes'sarh'marc did apparently motion his demon's to show restraint, but Jennifer could feel the subtle impulse from the demon lord that they should assemble their full powers.

It was all a ploy to buy time so the enemy would be hit with everything they had. Obviously her demon lord was deeply worried, all his retainers using their full power in such a limited space meant many here would be so damaged they would be truly be annihilated. Never able to reform again.

"Millenniums have passed since last somebody of the heavens had the boldness to step into the demon worlds. You are a fool to approach my throne without your army. What did you expect? That we would negotiate with you because you had slain some of my demonic critters? When you have come here on your own the pact with heaven will not be broken even if I order my demon horde to pleasure themselves with your nubile body. Shall I keep you captured for a thousand years of eternal rape?" Mes'sarh'marc asked.

"Mes'sarh'marc, you should know why I am here," the angel responded. "Release the mortal soul that you have captured. There will be no negotiation, just let her go!"

"I don't know what soul you are talking about!" the demon lord spat.

"The soul that you keep clutched in your left hand so that it might not escape this foul realm," the angel responded.

"Oh, you mean this rebellious mortal soul that tried to escape me despite having sold her soul to me in exchange for fortune and glory," Mes'sarh'marc responded. "My realm is large and I very much would like to avoid the trouble of trying to find her again when done here. I must subject her to her just reward for my previous services."

"You don't comprehend, that soul has faith. She is not meant to be here," the angel responded.

"You are the one that does not comprehend. I have prior claim on her since she sold her soul to me and wrote her name in the blood of innocents. This black witch does indeed belong here in this layer of hell and there is not one thing your heavenly army can do about it. That she did retire from active service in the last of her years is of no consequence," Mes'sarh'marc said.

"Your claim is void since she has gained faith. Release her or suffer the consequences," the angel responded.

One of the demons could not contain itself anymore and launched itself forward. Its demonic power forming into a destructive sphere of pestilence, potent enough to bring even a demon lord to his or her knees.

The angel just flickered her hand and a lighting arc extended towards the demon. For a moment the sphere of pestilence hung frozen in the air and then it shattered and the lighting caught the demon and burned it to ash.

For a moment the demons almost begun charging the enemy, but then recollection dawned. The first demon to approach the angel would most likely suffer the same fate. An attack so powerful that the demon's body had not vanished afterwards, but turned into ash on the spot. Jennifer's demon hesitated with the others, nobody liked to truly die, at least unless they got an explicit order from Mes'sarh'marc.

"You bring powerful magic to this battle, but you are a fool if you think we would let you kill us one by one. You should have stayed with you army. We surround you now and will take you down long before you get in position to save the soul of the witch," Mes'sarh'marc said.

"I have brought no army. The lord granted me judgment and sent me here alone," the angel responded.

"Have you single handled vanquished half of my armies?" Mes'sarh'marc asked astonished. "Still it does not matter, the demon's here are much more powerful. I will never release this soul, how would it look like if a black soul like hers was given an escape from its negotiated payment of its debts?"

"Any loss on your part is of no concern to heaven. The offer of salvation from the lord comes with no limitations. This is my final warning, release the soul or suffer the consequences!" the angel threatened.

Mes'sarh'marc looked like he was on the way to order the attack, when Jennifer's demon spoke up.

"I challenge that!" she shouted. The whole room froze and everyone stared at her in surprise. The angel was staring at Jennifer's demon that stood in the middle of the horde of demons with a challenging look on her face. By the throne she could see the smug face of the Mes'sarh'marc as he used the diversion to power up the destructive power of his magic sword.

"What do you mean demon?" the angel asked.

"You claim salvation with no limitations. That is not true since this witch has really done horrible deeds but salvation is not open to a demon like me. I want to believe in such, but it can't be true," Jennifer's demon answered.

"Kill her!" Mes'sarh'marc shouted and the whole horde of demon charged forward. They came from almost every direction and releasing every kind of possible dark energy they could imagine, but Jennifer saw only the angel smile before she opened her mouth.

"Behold judgment!" the angel shouted.

The closest attacks were only a few feet away from her, but they were all wisped away as a fury of energy extended outwards. Light and energy blasting in all directions and demons dying in hundreds.

In moments it was over, the whole upper level of the building had been blasted into nothing. Jennifer's demon stood trembling alone, all the other demons including the demon lord had perished in the storm of holy energy. Actually, no that was not true. Her own body had also perished in that storm, only her demonic spirit lingered.

In front of here the angel stood with a smile on her lips. Hovering on the side of her was the soul of the witch she had come to fetch. It was pitch black, still somehow able to stand in the presence of the angel that now projected her full power outwards. The aura burnt Jennifer's demon even from this distance.

"Did you spare me in some way?" Jennifer's demon said as she looked down on her slain body.

"Indeed I caught hold of you since you claimed you wanted to believe," the angel responded.

"I don't get this. I was told the pact between heaven and hell happened because we were evenly matched. Both sides understood that a war would continue until the last angel or demon had killed the rest. The demons preferred the pact since nothing guaranteed who would be left standing and heaven did not wish for war. Yet at this moment you have single handed vanquished so many demons, including a demon lord, at no visible effort. You seem far too strong for this tale about the pact coming into existence because we were evenly matched," Jennifer's demon said.

"Indeed, the forces of heaven and hell were evenly matched, but that is not the case anymore. Christ understood he could ultimately prevail if he took responsibility for all evil deeds. By creating a true message of salvation he could redefine the truth of existence and making evil utterly unable to resist his judgment because he took responsibility for all the evil they did," the angel responded.

"You are saying even a demon can be redeemed?" Jennifer's demon asked.

"Salvation is offered to everyone so in theory yes you can, but there is of course a catch. An admission of faith at a death threat is not as good as a normal free choice done. The lord can not show his full powers and still leave the choice truly free, this extends into the holy judgment I employed here. As a consequence to follow me to heaven you must give up the true evil parts of what you are," the angel responded.

"You mean only part of me can survive?" Jennifer's demon wondered.

"Indeed, your full being is too tarnished to be admitted. There is a difference between doing a choice like the witch did before her death and your wish to make the choice," the angel explained.

"You mean the distinction between having faith and wishing to have faith?" Jennifer's demon asked. "Still, it would not be the full me that was allowed into heaven, would it?"

"The wish to believe in Christ on itself is what is needed for gaining entry if you don't merit entry in other ways, but yes you will not enter heaven as the full present you," the angel responded.

"This feels unfair, I never knew I could make a choice like she did, but she is allowed into heaven fully despite having a pitch black soul," Jennifer's demon complained.

"Salvation despite lack of merit is not fair outside the circle of unconditional salvation. Some would argue that fairness would mean merit give you a better treatment. The witch here might be pitch black, but she wants to improve and will be redeemed in full. Her soul will eventually be clean," the angel responded.

"Yet, there is a condition that I give up part of what I am, isn't there? If your lords claim shall be true you must give even a demon like me the same chance you gave this witch," the demon complained.

"You are the first demon to ask for redemption, but you do have a point," the angel admitted.

"Can you look the other way so to say and admit me into heaven?" the demon wondered.

"The choice must be done freely, before death. The lord restrain from vanquishing evil openly to keep the choice free, the choice must be made without full knowledge. There can be no exceptions, but on the other hand we can arrange so you get to do the choice once more. This is a gamble I propose, I rid you of every memory of this moment and give you an option to live on. This will void your current conditional entrance invitation to heaven, but it will also make you free to make the choice and gain the same boon as the witch. To enter heaven with all of you included," the angel said.

"How can I be expected to do the right choice without any memories to guide me?" Jennifer's demon asked.

"I think there is a good chance you will do the right thing. You will have plenty of reasons to rethink your situation when you realize you are literally dying unless you patch yourself up. Of course there are no guarantees, taking the gamble might mean you never see heaven at all," the angel said.

"I wish to believe, so do it!" the demon said and everything faded away.

* * *

"Blade, snap out of it!" Firefly shouted and slapped Blade's face.

"What?" Blade mumbled, her mind still spinning with the memory of the encounter with the angel.

"We are out of options!" Firefly complained. "The demon lord blasted us with his hellfire and Fang caught it, but then went unconscious from the effort. Avalanche is preventing the demon lord to enter with her telekinesis and trying to hit back, but the upcoming hellfire will ignore that. We tried to heat up Thunder, but I was too exhausted. You shouted you won't accept this outcome, but then collapsed on the ground. Please tell me you have some kind of idea!"

"An idea? What can I possibly do? The angel took my memory away, but why did I get it back now? I was nowhere near to pray for salvation, the thing the angel said I must do without any memory of her holy judgment. What do you think?" Blade thought.

There was no answer in her mind. The expected response with her own voice was missing. The dual presence from her other part was not gone...but changed in some way.

"Wait, was I expecting an answer from Jennifer or the demon?" Blade wondered. It took a few more moments to realize that she did not know.

"Step away from the opening, you will get killed!" Eagle screamed.

"My telekinesis lessens with distance, if I step back he might be able to enter. I prefer to buy you guys some more time!" Avalanche responded back.

Blade felt remorse at her sisters words, this brave mortal soul wanted to sacrifice itself for the rest of them.

"I understand now. My personality split into two halves trying to rationale the source of all the human skills that the magic has provided me with so I could cope with living in the human world. The Jennifer inside me had no memories of her own because she was not part of the human, but the better half of the demon me, the courageous part. Something my mind invented to cope with stress of ending in a mortal and dying body. The real Jennifer, sister to Linda, died in the car crash and I was given her body to get a second chance," Blade realized.

"Blade, talk to me!" Firefly complained.

"I am trying to sort something out," Blade responded, looking around the room. She looked for some exit, but already knew there was none. This room was a dead end and so sturdy that it had withstood the earlier destruction of the tower. The reason the tower was still standing was probably that this structure in the middle of the tower provided support.

Eagle was with his bare hands struggling to break free ice from Thundercloud's body. Even though he was making steady progress despite bleeding fingers it was clear he would never finish before they died from the hellfire. On the side of the room lay Eagle's high tech weapons, all resources long depleted.

"I had the opportunity to find faith on my own, my second chance, but I blew it while being too occupied with having sex. The angel must have lifted the lock on my memory so I would know the truth before I perish," Blade thought.

She swallowed in discomfort at the bitterness of the situation, why must her friends die here on this foolish mission that she had dragged them into? Why had she gone after Thundercloud when they had the chance to escape? They could have returned later and saved him if they had escaped to be able to regroup.

"I think he is done charging up the attack!" Avalanche shouted.

"No I refuse to accept it! I shall not die in the back row while my friends hope that I can do some kind of miraculous save of them if they keep me safe long enough." Blade thought "Wait that is it, the thing that triggered my recovered memory was that my both halves decided I would rather die in front line than let my friends suffer," Blade realized.

She could still not make sense of the why of it, but following her thought to sacrifice herself in the front line seemed like much better than to die here behind her sister and friends.

"Make way!" Blade screamed and charged towards the door. The others were too shocked to object or try to stop her.

Reaching the doorway Blade reached into herself to summon the power of her magic sword. She felt a flicker of uncertainty, the control of this power had belonged solely to her human self, would the power still answer her?

The power was there eager to come forward. Not that she could imagine it strong enough to counter the demon lords hellfire attack. Her gesture was ultimately futile.

The blade was in her hands, like ever draining dangerously much of her life force. Still, something was different, present in the red energy of the magic blade were small traces of...light.

"Die from my hellfire!" the demon lord shouted as he thrust his power forward in an arc of angry fire.

"No!" Blade screamed back. Cutting a broad wall of fire like the hellfire with her blade would only take away a fraction of the power of the attack, but what did she really have to lose?

Blade staggered from the attack, the sword gone from her hands, but she could feel the power of the hellfire in front of her. It was pushing towards her, pushing towards her energy shield!

She looked up in surprise. The inferno of the hellfire held back by a sphere of light extending from her body. She had actually seen the shield once before when she moved to give Entrope cover from an attacking robot. Her will to protect her comrades had transformed her power from the usual offensive form of a sword to a defensive shield.

With this new insight she felt the shield gain even further strength. The hellfire raged, but she was up to the task to keep it away without being pushed back. At least until she ran out of energy, the shield could not steal energy from the unholy attack like her sword could, but instead drained Blade's life force at an alarming rate.

"Its holy," Blade heard Fang mumble behind her in a faint voice.

Suddenly the firestorm lessened as the demon lord pulled back his hell fire.

"I don't understand! How can you tap into that holy power?" the demon lord complained.

"Entrance to heaven can either be gained by faith or by merit. I did not wish to believe in Christ, but I did surely act in a matter aligning better with holy powers than demonic. Holy and unholy are just different flavors of magic energy," Blade thought.

"Is it so unexpected that a demon seeking salvation will gain holy powers?" Blade asked.

"This can't be! You are one of us," the demon lord objected.

"If I am one of you, that means you and all your demons can also take the offer of salvation and be made whole," Blade responded.

"He does not realize I am almost dead from the effort. Even in his injured state he can repeat magic attacks long after I am burnt out. I need to trick him into disengaging," Blade thought.

"It is a long way forward, but all that it takes to begin the transformation is the desire to believe in god," Blade began. "Think about it, what if your demons learning this truth? Does the demon's you send here know why you want me killed? How many injuries from holy power will it take before you demons catch on and realize I am living proof a demon can become an angel if they desire?"

She knew that she was bluffing. She understood her power would return to its demonic flavor if she tried to use the power offensively. There was no way she could deliver visible injury with her powers in holy mode. Her only hope was that the demon lacked understanding of this.

"Don't think you have won, we will find a way," the demon lord threatened and then dissolved into nothing when he returned to his own plane of existence.

Blade stood there totally surprised and then slowly released the power of her shield, she was so very very weak from the effort. She turned towards the team that looked at her in a mixture of confusion and relief.

"I think I have some explanations to do, but first let us get out of here," Blade said.

"We might want to make sure that the feds cannot collect evidence here before we leave," Eagle suggested.

"I agree, we need to destroy the critical parts for the machinery. We would not want some fed program dabbling with recreating the technology here," Blade responded.

"My darling, you are incredible. I love you no matter who you are," Thundercloud exclaimed as he broke free of the ice. The cold spell that had kept him suspended had faded.

"Hold that thought, beloved," Blade said, beaming at his lovestruck gaze. He nodded and she started to point at equipment to destroy.

The government would never know what was destroyed during the previous fighting so it was just to get busy. Thundercloud and the others followed her directions with a smile, it felt so incredibly good to have prevailed.

Quite possible the team was already not government funded so it did not feel like they broke any rules as they began to smash things. What they would do afterward was a problem for another day.

The End

The story about the superhero team named G.S.P is at an end. I hope you enjoyed the read and following the triumphs and trials of the heroes.

It has sure been a pleasure working at this epic since...actually the work started back at 1999 as my first story. What you have been reading is not original, but a revision that fix a lot of issues and add a few things. I wanted to write a story about the perils of psioncis in a superhero/sci fi setting combined with lots of sex and I think I succeeded with achieving my intended goals.

Would you like to read more about future adventures of the heroes? Actually the choice is pretty much up to you...I would never have finished this story without the support from the readers. People telling me that they want to read stuff I have written is wonderful fuel for imagination. If you think I would enjoy writing something that you want to read, please tell me. /TC

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