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A flashback to last years Halloween party. Jenna had just turned 14 and she convinced her parents she could have her first party with boys. Her Dad was a chemist and elected to spice up the punch with something extra, that caused much naughty mischief.
Remembering back to last year’s Halloween party: The preparations for the Halloween party were carried out very carefully in the Johnson household. Marissa and Mike were surprised that their cute 14-year-old daughter Jenna wanted to have her very first party during the Halloween weekend . . . and were even more surprised that she wanted to invite some boys as well. The blonde haired blue eyed little tease was going to wear a Geisha outfit for the party. They had allowed their daughter to have a couple of slumber parties in the past, but this was a new adventure for the young couple. Jenna was their only child and they looked forward to this gathering of her young friends. They also were planning a little extra treat filled evening, that Jenna wasn't quite aware would be happening.

Mike was a chemist and his wife was in sales for a nearby pharmaceutical company. They also had a strong sexual perversion towards young teens, especially Jenna's age. Their love making often involved having Marissa dress up as a young school girl . . . complete with a pleaded skirt, white socks and patent leather shoes, white blouse and pigtails and Mike deliberately seducing her like he was her daddy or older brother. The thought of having their basement filled with 14 and 15-year-old teens, was almost too much to hope for.

Jenna had never seen her mother dressed this way, but tonight Marissa was going to put on a similar outfit, sporting a cheerleader top. . . complete with rosy cheeks, red lipstick and eye shadow, to show her holiday spirit since she talked Jenna into insisting that everyone else wear a costume. She also was deliberately not going to wear any underwear, which excited her husband immensely. Her firm 34B titties would fill out her cheerleader outfit nicely, and since her nipples had a tendency to remain erect for long periods of time, she was certain she wouldn't just catch the attention of her husband but hopefully a few horny young guys as well. Not to be outdone, Mike was going to dress up like a baby, and wear just a diaper around his privates and carry a rattle. He looked forward to showing off his long 8" cock to all the teen girls, especially if the right opportunity came up.

Mike and Marissa had Jenna a few years after they graduated from high school, so they were only in their middle 30's. Jenna had started to develop her titties, something Mike masturbated over almost daily. The couple loved slipping a sleep additive into their daughter's pop and once the young lady went to bed or in some cases fell asleep in the living room, they would strip the girl naked, take out their cell phones and take shots of her naked body and their perversions with it. Marissa loved watching her husband run his naked cock all over her daughter's young titties and then explode in climax, drenching her pubescent body with his hot cum. At the same time, Marissa treasured the times she would open up Jenna's hairless pussy and lick the girl's pea-like clit for 10 or 15 minutes until the shivering 14-year-old quivered in her deep sleep with a full body orgasm. Marissa always licked her husband's cum off the girl's naked body before putting her pajamas back on and tucking her in.

The Johnson's had advised the other parents Mr. Johnson would take the kids out trick-or-treating prior to having them cumming over for the evening. Marissa waited for the dozen teens to arrive so that they could begin their naughty time together. She carefully prepared the spiked punch her husband had concocted at work. Being a chemist, he had been experimenting with various Viagra-like products and decided to use this party to see how the kids reacted to the stimulating brew. Suddenly the front door busted open and the house was alive with loud noises and bags of candy. Marissa was secretly aroused at a couple of the boy's outfits. Brad was an old-fashioned pirate with his chest bare showing off the weight-lifting he had been doing for the past year. Martin wore tights to complete his Three Musketeer costume, and she couldn't help noticing a large cock and balls pushed up against the thin material . . . wondering how she might accidentally sample some of his goods a bit later.

"Mommy I don't believe you dressed up!" said Jenna examining her mother's costume. She couldn't help notice that her mom's cheerleader top lacked any support underneath . . . but decided it was Halloween . . . so it must be ok.

"Hey if everyone else is dressed up, I decided to join the fun too . . . but don't worry, I won't get in the way honey," said Marissa.

"You look hot Mrs. Johnson! I never seen an adult in a ponytail like that. You look better than some of the cheerleaders at school," said Brian who was old enough to notice Marissa's titties and nipples that were poking out the front of the cheerleading top. Maybe he could get her to bend over later he thought, so that he could check out her tits.

"Thank you Brian, I'll take that as a compliment. Why don't you try some of our special Halloween punch," she offered, looking at his Peter Pan outfit complete with the short pair of green pants once again packed with bulging goodies inside.

"Don't mind if I do," he said dipping a cup into the punch bowl and standing next to Marissa. He sampled the brew and then remarked, "This stuff tastes great! Hope you spiked it all up for us!" he laughed.

"Oh that would be illegal . . . but I promise you'll like it the more you drink it," she said watching the boy slam down another quick cup, secretly excited what it would soon do to the young stallion.

"Can we go downstairs Mrs. Johnson?" asked Dana a tall 14-year-old that had been double promoted because of her marks. Marissa admired the girl's young chest that was obviously being supported by a hidden bra. Like herself, she was obviously a late bloomer. Her titties looked about the size of a couple ripe lemons and she remembered when hers were about the same size. She was dressed as Little Bo Peep with a beautiful dress with puffy sleeves, white socks and black shoes.

"In just a minute Dana . . .Mr. Johnson wanted to get quickly dressed in the basement before everyone went downstairs. As you will see, his outfit is pretty wild!" said Marissa.

"What's he gonna be?" she asked.

"It's a surprise, but I'll bet you’ll be checking it out most of the evening. I have to admit, it’s a little outrageous really."

"Is he going to be like a flasher, with just a trench coat on or something?" laughed Dana.

"Not exactly . . . but between you and me . . . he isn't going to leave much to the imagination, if you know what I mean," said Marissa noticing Dana beginning to blush. "Have some punch . . . I know you will like it. Brian is already on his third cup."

"Sounds good," she said walking over to Jeff who she had a crush on, according to Jenna. Soon the punch became the talk of everyone. Cup after cup was drank and things were getting louder. She was impressed how her husband had added a few ingredients that made it make a person drinking it, actually thirstier . . . hence the soon to be quicker buzz.

It was at this point that Mike made his entrance into the kitchen. Marissa was suddenly very horny as she noticed her husband's long cock pushing out the thin diaper fabric he was using to cover his cock and balls. He was a muscular man with ample body hair which made the diaper appear even more controversial. Suddenly the girls looked at each other, but began to stare at Mike's erect cock. Jenna covered her mouth, as she finally noticed what everyone was looking at.

"I don't believe you're wearing a diaper daddy!" she said almost seeing the pink skin of his enlarged cock underneath.

"I was still so warm from walking you guys around, I thought this might be just what I needed. How do you like my rattle?" he said extending it towards his daughter. He loved what he was looking at, as her Geisha girl outfit was suddenly illuminated by the bright light over the sink and her young titties were almost visible. He was excited that she decided to shed her bra for the evening. This would be a nonstop orgy in just a few more minutes he was hoping. Anna, her best friend came alongside her, almost mesmerized by the man's outfit.

"Hi Anna . . . I love the ballerina outfit. Nothing more exciting than a young girl in tights and a leotard I always say."

"Daddy! Don't embarrass her," she said surprised at her father's response.

"Jenna . . . if your daddy can wear that thin diaper . . . what I'm wearing ain't nothing to be shy about!" she said, suddenly feeling the effect of the punch as horny thoughts drifted through her mind as the man's hard cock displayed itself against the fabric. Anna was very curious about boys lately and this man's equipment was the first she had ever seen up close.

"Why don't you go have some more punch Jenna," said Mr. Johnson.

"Everyone seems to be enjoying the special batch I made up." Suddenly Phillip grabbed Jenna's shoulder and pulled her over to the punch bowl.

"This stuff is the bomb Jenna . . . you gotta have some more. I don't believe how wild and horny I'm feeling". It was Jenna's turn to be aroused . . . since she loved being around Phillip.

"Honey . . . Anna and I are going to get the games ready downstairs. I'll let you know when I need everyone to come down, ok?" he said.

"Not a problem . . . don't do anything I wouldn't!" she said as she winked at him and watched her husband place his arm around Anna's shoulders. As they went through the doorway leading to the basement, Mike carefully closed the door behind them. Unbeknownst to him, young Anna's pussy . . . began to drip with excitement as her feet navigated the steps.

"So what do you think of the punch Anna?" he said as they entered the room that was all decorated with black and orange crepe paper and matching balloons.

"Ah . . . to be honest . . . its making me like all hot inside . . . if you want to know the truth. Did you like spike it with some booze?" she asked looking up towards the man.

"I don't think your parents would like that. It just has some special spices to perk it up . . . a recipe I found online."

"Doesn't look like you need any more perking up in that costume Mr. Johnson," she said trying to catch herself as she quickly looked down again at his stiff equipment whose shape was visible in the thin diaper. "Whoops . . . I didn't mean to say that sir!" she said covering her mouth.

"Don't be embarrassed Anna . . . I think you look very hot in that outfit too. Do me a favor and stand up on the coffee table for me would you?" he asked pointing to the marble structure that was partially covered with dishes of candy.

"Huh?" she asked looking back up at his face.

"I need a little closer look at your ballerina outfit. I'm very impressed by the material. Here let me help you up," he said facing her and quickly placing his hands under the tutu and up against her tight little ass. Without waiting for her response, he squeezed her buttocks and lifted her up approximately a foot so that he was looking directly into her blue eyes. At this angle he also could examine her young breasts that were under her leotard but covered underneath by some type of undershirt. He could barely control his hands from not touching these appetizing treasures right in front of him.

"That's much better . . . we can look straight at each other this way can't we?" The sudden lift almost caused Anna to faint as the punch continued to race through her body. For a moment she began to hallucinate but then came back to reality.

"I saw you looking at my diaper upstairs Anna. Did you like what you saw?" The girl blushed . . . but suddenly gained her composure as her interest in seeing the man's long cock . . . became more of a compulsion.

"Uh huh . . . it's not like the material hides much."

"I see . . . so maybe you'd like to see what's underneath as well . . . isn't that right?" Without thinking the girl blurted out . . . "Yes . . . I would . . . but . . ."

"That's perfectly normal Anna. We both know you probably haven't seen a man's COCK before . . . have you?" Again she blushed at his blatant de***********ion and her pussy began to pulse with desire.

"No . . . I haven't." Slowly, so as not to freak the young girl out, Mike moved his right hand over the front of the material and lewdly circled his fingers around his shaft and began to move it up and down . . . ever so slowly.

"Well . . . I thought that might be the case . . . and at the angle you are standing . . .if I pull open my diaper . . . you'd probably get to see my COCK . . . am I right?"

"Yes!" she said getting more and more aroused as she watched the man manipulate his thick rod, right in front of her.

"Well . . . I think we can strike up a bargain . . . and at the same time, let you look at your first big COCK. Here . . . take a quick peak," he said slipping his left thumb into the front of the garment, pulling it outwards and quickly flashing his long cock at her. She instantly stared down and was amazed at the dark purple acorn-like head that was pressing up against the white material and the long thick shaft that was below it. It was surrounded by a sea of dark black pubic hair that matched the hair on his chest. Just as fast, he covered up and the peep show was over.

"Oh WOW!" she said shaking her head in disbelief. "It's huge!" Mike smiled across at the girl standing on the table, and continued to work his shaft with his hand.

"It is a big one isn't it . . . yes indeed . . . and I'll bet you would like to see it get much longer wouldn't you?" He watched the look on her face as her new desire was mounting.

"Sure . . . if that would be ok," she said still watching Mike manipulate his growing shaft.

"Well . . . a couple of things . . . need to take place before I take off this diaper and let you look and maybe even touch my COCK. First . . . we need to get that undershirt or whatever it is . . . off . . . under your leotard. Boys like to see girl's titties and by wearing that thing . . . I can't see these little treasures very well," he said suddenly reaching across and placing his fingertips on her breasts.

He was aroused as she suddenly sighed with approval as she looked down and watched his fingers begin to rub circles around her titties under the leotard. His arousal increased ten-fold as her 14-year-old nipples began to harden and lewdly poke out the front of her top. She thought about pushing his fingers away . . . but his touch was actually increasing her growing desire. Soon he was gently flicking his thumbs across the erect buds that were becoming more prominent. This was a bold move, but both of them watched as her nipples became even more stiff and now fully aroused.

"Someone likes to have their titties touched . . . don't they?" She tried to say what she knew her mom would want her to . . . but answered honestly instead.

" Yessssssss . . . it feels REALLY nice . . . when you do that," she moaned.

"Well . . .you can imagine how nice it will feel if you get rid of that undershirt . . . so that you can feel my fingertips on your bare skin. Can I help get rid of this extra layer?" he asked. Without thinking she said, "Ok".

"Great . . . now for the time being, let's pull down your tutu, so that we can unsnap this leotard and get that shirt off". Mike carefully pulled down the three-layer tutu skirt . . . complete with ribbon streamers. The girl was thrilled as the man pulled the elastic held tutu down to her knees. She watched as he moved his hands in between her legs to find the snaps that kept the garment in place. Would he touch her bare pussy since he was so close she wondered? She carefully watched . . . as he moved his face closer to her crotch. She had heard about men licking pussies and with her mind all kinked up with sexual thoughts, she was soon wishing he would.

Suddenly she felt the snaps open . . . one . . . two . . .three . . . four and quickly the material slid up towards her waist. She knew her pussy was still covered by her tights, but also knew he could probably see her pussy lips and the embarrassing moisture that was seeping through . . . indicating her total arousal.

"What a nice little box you have Anna," he said as his thumb wiggled back and forth over the lips that were barely covered by the thin almost transparent material. She thrust her hips forward slightly . . . almost driving his eager thumb inside her damp tunnel. He smiled and said, "Someone is kinda extra sensitive down here aren't they?" Anna whimpered "yes" as he continued to rub her virgin lips. She thought she was going to faint with emotion but almost sensing her condition she watched him pull the leotard up past her ribs and finally over her shoulders and off onto the floor.

Anna felt rather silly all of a sudden, as her tutu was still on her knees, her tights were still hugging her hips and her white undershirt was now puffing outwards as her stiff nipples were plainly more visible. "Your titties are about the same size as Jenna's Anna . . . did you know that?" As he asked the question, he slowly pulled the white garment up to show her naked tummy, which was very stimulating to him. He remembered doing almost the same thing to his daughter the night before. Mike knew she was watching his actions . . . and also the fact he was now aware of how damp her tights were . . . giving away her true feelings.

"Let's get a closer look at these little titties," he said as the undershirt was being pulled up by his thumbs. Slowly the base of her lemon-like breasts appeared . . . white from being covered at the beach by her bikini. Her pink areolas soon were visible and then two slightly darker bare nipples popped into view as rigid as little jellybeans. He rubbed the outside of her breasts and then made little circles around her rigid nipples. She began to moan slightly as he continued to feel her up. No boy had ever done this to her before, and she was loving it! He reached over and began pinching her pink buds and rolling them around with his fingertips.

"Damn I love your tits," he said as he whisked the undershirt quickly over her head and immediately opened his mouth and captured her breast inside. He placed his hands on her back, moved forward and began to suck and gently bite her tittie. Her moans were like fuel to his ego as he first sucked on her stiff buds and then licked them back and forth. As he concentrated on one tittie, he cupped the other with his hand and continued to pinch and pull the other nipple. The girl had never imagined her body could be so aroused as he continued to move back and forth between her developing breasts.

Without thinking, Anna let her hand slip down her sides into the elastic waist of her tights and down further to her throbbing moist pussy. She slipped her middle finger inside her warm wet love tunnel and rubbed her palm up against her tingling clit. Mike continued to suck, kiss and gently bite her titties, further stimulated by the young girl's hand that was up against his chest as she fondled her own pussy. He knew she would explode very soon and elected to take advantage of the situation.

"Ok Anna . . . I know you want to cum . . . but we are going to switch places for a minute . . . but you can keep rubbing that hot pussy of yours, ok?" Almost not hearing the man she stopped momentarily and stepped down from the coffee table, lewdly topless to his gaze and watched him stand up straight with his diaper directly in front of her face. He looked down at her chest and saw that her nipples glistened with his saliva. She wanted to keep rubbing herself off, but this new view of his cock caused her to pause. As she looked straight ahead, she could see the damp material surrounding his erect cock. His precum had begun to flow and he knew he was about to erupt, especially if his daughter's best friend performed her oral magic on his organ.

"Now it's my turn Anna . . . but your turn too. You have wanted badly to see what is inside my costume . . . haven't you?" Once again mesmerized she stared at the man's bulging cock inches away from her mouth.

"Uh huh . . .but it's way too big!" she said somewhat shying away.

"Oh, maybe for some things . . . but what you are going to do to me right now . . . it’s just about the right size . . . But first . . . I want to hear you say what you want to do. Go ahead . . . tell me."

"I . . . ah . . . this is embarrassing . . . want to see your penis . . . Mr. Johnson" she said with some hesitation.

"Well, if you want to see it, you must call it by the right name. What did I call it a few minutes ago?" he teased.

"A . . . cock . . . but that sounds so dirty," she said, still staring at the thick boner inside his outfit.

"You have to get over that . . . now once again . . . what do you want to do Anna?"

"See your COCK Mr. Johnson. I want to see this big long cock all naked!" Mike's hips moved forward as he heard her words and instead of stopping her, he watched as the girl began to untie the sides of the diaper . . . first one side and then the other. Suddenly a rush of cool air covered his huge 8" cock as it presented itself to the young girl. The thick organ dangled in front of her face. Just watching her eyes take in its immense size was enough to have him empty his load all over her face . . .but he closed his eyes and tightened his muscles around his balls.

"Okay Anna . . . I want you to continue to rub your pussy down below . . . but I want you to pretend that my big cock is one of your little titties and do everything I just did to you. Can you remember what I just did?" Almost mesmerized by his instructions, he first watched her slip her fingers inside her tights and begin rubbing her moist slit. At the same time her hand came up and she circled her fingers around the base of his cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh YES my little slut . . . we are going to have a great time together. Lean forward and push my cock all over your lips and kiss it for me . . . just like I kissed your bare nipples. Don't be shy . . . this is what all the boys upstairs want you to do to them and you might as well get some practice . . . now go ahead . . .kiss and lick my cock Anna. Make the head all wet just like your titties. " Somewhat hesitant she leaned forward, closely examining the dark purple head . . . the first one she had ever seen. He watched her tongue leave her mouth as she began to nervously coat the tip with her spit and then purse her lips together and kiss it.

"Ohhhhhh very nice Anna . . . and now let's put my cock in your mouth and make it feel just like I did your titties and nipples a few minutes ago. Make your mouth into an "O" . . . cover your teeth and then SUCK MY COCK!" With that statement he pushed his lips forward slightly and watched his thick shaft enter her warm mouth two or three inches. It was barely big enough to allow the cock to enter, but he felt her tongue desperately flicking back and forth over his bulging head . . . and finally lapping frantically underneath driving him closer and closer to orgasm. He began to feed his cock to her . . . just a few inches at a time as he watched her head began to bob back and forth.

"Oh Anna . . . that feels so fucking perfect. You are sucking my cock! My daughter's best friend is sucking her daddy's big dick! But wait a minute . . . before I fill up your mouth with my hot cum. Keep fingering yourself off but let me slip this thing outside for a minute and watch real close as I spray that pretty face of yours." Anna watched the man begin to wank his rod incredibly fast in front of her and then . . . all of a sudden a huge white rope of thick cum belched out from the tiny slit at the tip of his cock and jettisoned directly across, splattering across her face.

His cock continued to spray her cheeks, forehead chin and even her eyes. She heard the man whimper with joy, probably not wanting to alert everyone else upstairs and as a fountain of cum covered her face. Her body began to shake with an excitement she had never felt before as she stuck her finger deeper and deeper inside her hot cunt rubbing her clit at the same time and feeling a climax unsurpassed in her young life.

"Stick my COCK back your mouth Anna . . . and taste what you are going to drink from now on!" he said gritting his teeth. As her orgasm continued to take over her quivering body, she leaned across and opened her mouth . . . just in time to receive a full spray of hot cum that instantly filled her mouth with a salty and somewhat lumpy slime that she would soon love to beg for . . . as the night went on. Mike's wife, hiding in the shadows, dropped her skirt, sucked on her moist tangy finger and snuck back upstairs. Watching Anna learn how to satisfy her husband's true fantasy was a present she would relive again and again in her mind. (Next episode to follow in about a week).


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Where's part 2. I only see part 3

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