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A new man in my life
Skeletons in my closet part 2

Part 2 A New Man in my Life

The bar and grille sat smack in the middle of three fair-sized towns and one large city about 30 miles away. I placed ads for the bar in all those town newspapers and even had ads on the local radio station. The bar seemed to take off right after Sam left. Sam kept his word as well. At first, Sam returned about every three months. However, after the first year, he told me I had more than doubled his profits. From then on Sam hardly returned here instead he would call me and I would call him if I needed anything.

With his profits up that also meant my profit grew. I used the extra money and reinvested it back into the bar. The bar even grew a bit as I was able to purchase an empty lot of land next to it. I added onto the bar making it bigger. Sam even paid for some upgrades to the bar as well. We now had a dance floor, a place for a band to play, and a couple of pool tables.

I mean it wasn’t fancy or anything just a place to let loose and have fun. During this time there was a lot of road construction, regular construction, and even a few oil-drilling crews in our area as those three towns started to grow around us. That pretty well meant a roughneck sort of crowd came into the bar.

It seemed as if the crowds started to come from all over especially on Saturday nights which was band night. Country bands seemed to work the best as they brought in all age groups. It also seemed my best tippers preferred country music.

I dressed my waitresses in sexy skimpy outfits that showed their girly charms. Their outfits changed each month. During the holidays I dressed them for the holiday. An example would be like at Christmas we all dress as sexy Mrs. Claus.

I ran an ad for cocktail waitresses in all the town's newspapers around us. I was a little shocked when I had girls ranging from 20 to 45-year-old housewives showing up to be interviewed. I was even more shocked to find there were women out there who like me didn’t mind being a slut or using their assets to get a little extra pay. Some of my girls just liked to tease while others were true sluts. I had enough to choose from and if they were uncertain I would tell them just try it for one night if you didn’t enjoy yourself fine.

When I would hire them I would tell them to show a little skin to pump up their tips sort of like tits for tips. A girl could do nicely here on the weekend and make up to $500.00 dollars a night in tips. Especially the older gentlemen as their pockets were always full of money. Sure you might have to put up with a hand on your ass from time to time but it was worth it if you knew how to play the game right.

That game is pretending to be a slut unless you were a true slut like I was becoming. As just flirting with or teasing the customer could earn you great tips. My girls were not going to get rich on what I was paying them.

I sort of screened my girls as it takes a slut to know a slut. My best girls worked Friday and Saturday night plus got a little extra for doing so. I had also told my girls what they did and charged in private with their customer was their business, not mine. Just take it off the lot please I would tell them, as I was not running a whore house.

As for myself, I dressed like the slut. I loved the attention men paid to me and truly loved showing my body off especially the girls. All I had to do was to walk over to a customer and hang the girls before them. Their hands would be digging into their pockets for money to stuff down my top.

I always wore tops that showed off my girls. I was even known to slip my panties off and give my regular big tippers a view of my hairy pussy or bend over at their table giving them a very good butt shot especially if I had a thong on as men seemed to enjoy that.

As to money Megan and I were ok, not rich but we lived in a very nice place not far from the bar. It was just a small two-bedroom home but my house payment was fair and someday it would be our home and not the banks. I drove a nice car and we had enough money to go shopping which we both enjoyed.

However, there were bad sides to this little deal I had made. Like working every day except Sunday. That day belonged to my daughter and I plus the bar was closed on Sundays anyway.

Another was some of my customers where sometimes a little rowdy and our local sheriff’s department seemed to become regulars at the bar. I ended up hiring some security for on the weekend which helped a lot. It also helped if one of my girls told the customer NO that it meant NO. Even a slut has the right to say who touches her and who doesn't touch her.

As the years went by I got to know my regular customers very well I guess you could say. A few I even dated nothing really serious just a fuck here and there. But no real kinky hot sex like I was really wanting. I even had a few ask me to marry them. But I was having fun being single and besides none of them really caught my eye.

However, there was one man who always made my pussy drip when he was at the bar. He was not really a regular due to his profession during this time. He was a soldier in the army so he would only visit us only when home on leave and almost always during Christmas. But when at home on leave he was in here every night.

He always seemed to come in with a group of people males and females. None in his group were regulars or came here unless he was with them which I found strange. Sometimes he would be in here with 12 to 15 people. Plus the girls in his group looked as if they should be working here as they were always dressed very sexy and all of them were very lovely as well.

It also seemed that these girls in his group might be tapping that as you guys would say. They would all kiss him, dance with him, and sort of hang all over him alone and as a group. If not for his uniform I would have said he was their pimp.

There were two blondes, both hot and very sexy. They seemed to always be with him when in here. They always tended to him getting him drinks. They rarely kissed him upon his lips as they always seemed to kiss him on his cheek instead.

He was was always a gentleman and very polite as well as a big tipper. I knew his name was Keith, he was 6’2” with blonde short hair. He had a very good build with these piercing blue eyes with a tint of hazel in them.

My waitresses all loved and adored him. They called him the blonde hair blue eyed devil because of how his eyes seemed to change colors when you stared into his eye. Keith always called me Ms. K which sort of stuck and everyone called me that at the bar from that time forward.

It was a good night when Keith and his little group showed up. They all were polite, well behaved, and also big tippers to everyone. I always went over to them at least say hi to him and his little group. One Halloween Keith and I had Fred my bartender take a picture of him and I standing together at the bar. Keith in his uniform and me in a pirates outfit. I treasured that picture sort of my what-if picture.

I can not lie I had the hots for this man. For some reason, my pussy dripped when he was around. I can’t tell you how many times I fingered or toyed my pussy thinking about that man. I even had that picture of him and I standing by the bar together on the desk in my office. Needless to say, my office chair was always wet with my juices.

I would give Keith a good view of my girls anytime I got the chance especially if he was in the bar alone. But it always seemed his eyes were looking into my own blue eyes and not at the girls. I even bent over once with my bare ass hanging right in his face but he just seemed not interested in me. I chalked that up to him having all those other lovely sexy women around him.

By the summer of 1991, my daughter was 14 and I was 31. I pretty much had missed most of her growing up due to my time almost 11 years running the bar. I had many girlfriends but no steady boyfriend or man in my life. During this time I was just trying to make my daughter and my life a happy one. However, there was no motherly love really between us as her grandmother had pretty much raised her.

In retrospect perhaps It was myself who had planted the wedge between us starting back then by working so much. Megan was a dear sweet innocent child back then however that would soon change.

As to the bar business, it had slowed and I was forced to make some cuts like we were a bar only no grille any longer. However, we were still making a small profit. Well to be truthful that profit barely paid my bills any longer and I started to fall behind in my own bills at home. Sometimes I was robbing Peter to pay Paul as the saying goes.

Saturday night was still my best night as everyone from the surrounding towns still seemed to come here to have fun. There were many newer and nicer bars in the now bigger towns around us which didn't help business either.

During one of those hot 1991 Saturday late summer nights the band was playing and the bar was semi-full. I sat at one end of the bar and checked out the crowd. I saw that army guy Keith standing out of uniform at the other end of the bar drinking alone. I had not seen him or his group of friends here for a year or longer.

I asked Fred, my bartender, if he knew anything about that man standing at the other end of the bar. Fred told me he did as they had gone to school together he told me Keith was a highly decorated ex-army ranger with 12 years of service to his country. Fred told me Keith had served in most of our conflicts during the ’80s and had been in the gulf war as well.

Fred looked down at Keith then back to me as he said, “His war was over now as he had gotten wounded during his last tour of duty during the gulf war.”

I asked Fred what did he do now that he wasn’t in the service. Fred smiled at me as he asked if I knew of that big construction company a couple of towns over. If you do there stands the owner he added as he pointed to Keith. I looked down at Keith and sort of squirmed in my sit as my pussy was twitching now.

“Is he single?” I asked.

Fred took my hand as he replied, “Kate he might be a little out of your league.”

I was just about to ask him just what the hell did he mean by that. However, I heard a loud crash and saw that three men had taken up fighting at the other end of the bar near where Keith was standing. Now, normally I had security however money had gotten tight and the security had to go.

I did what I normally would have done. I ran over getting between the three men as they fought and I told them to take it the fuck outside. I think I thought I still had security at my back. That was a big mistake on my part.

The next thing I knew my shirt had been ripped open and then my fucking bra ripped from my body. Which pretty much had the girls hanging out for everyone to see. Suddenly I took a fist or an elbow to my eye and went down on the floor.

As I lay there dazed and confused I saw someone go after the three men. Within minutes two of those men were laying on the ground next to me and the third was trying to run away when I saw that Keith person grab him and slam him into the ground beside me.

“Are you Ok Ms. K?” I heard Keith ask as he helped me to my feet.

“My eye,” I replied bringing my hand to my eye.

My 40’c tits were now fully exposed and swinging for everyone to see. Keith had gotten a face full of them as he helped me to stand as well. Keith stood there for a few seconds taking the girls in then he removed his shirt. Keith wrapped it around me covering up my exposed girls leaving him in just an old looking army tank top which showed off his still muscular built.

“Ms. K you sure you alright?” Keith asked.

I stared into his dark blue hazel like eyes as I replied, “I think so,” still dazed not only from being hit but also because he had actually finally stared at my girls.

Keith led me over to the bar and asked Fred to tend to me. Fred told me my eye was swelling and that I was going to have a black eye in the morning. Fred handed me some ice in a washcloth. Which I held under my eye.

I watched as Keith walked back over to the three men on the ground. I was not sure just what he was going to do next. I almost was going to tell Fred to call the sheriffs. But if I had they probably would have shut the bar down as I was on their shit list for fights in my bar already.

I was surprised to see him helping them each up and taking them down to the end of the bar. They all did a shot together, he seemed to be giving all three a talking too which I thought strange after he had just kicked all three of their asses. The men shook Keith's hand and all three walked out the door leaving Keith standing at the bar shaking his head from side to side as he did another shot.

Fred took me into my office telling me to change as I needed to go home and tend to my eye. I changed and came out to find him talking to Keith at the bar. I walked over and handed Keith his shirt.

“Thanks for your help,” I said smiling at him.

I realized I could barely make him out as my one eye had swollen closed. I asked Fred to call me a cab as I didn’t think I could drive myself home.

Keith said, “I can drive you home Ms. K.”

I looked to Fred and he smiled at me as he said, “You will be in good hands Kate now get out of here.”

Keith walked me out to his truck and a very nice truck it was with his company logo on the doors. He opened the passenger door and helped me up into his jacked up truck. As he helped me in I thought he sort of grabbed my ass but maybe that had been just wishful thinking on my part.

Once in his truck, Keith asked me where I lived. I told him and he told me he knew where that was at. As we drove Keith apologized for what had happened tonight. I told him it was not his fault. Keith explained in a way it was as those three men worked for him. That explained the talk and handshake he had given to those men.

Keith looked my way as he said, “My men work hard and need to blow steam off sometimes, and while fighting wasn’t a very good way to do it.”

As I listened I thought that strange coming from someone who had been fighting wars for the last 12 years. Keith added that he only got involved because of one of them hitting me. He wasn’t for sure who had hit me so he had taught all three a lesson.

Keith smiled as he added, “It won’t happen again as he had told his men if any of them ever hit a woman again not only didn’t they have a job but they would have to deal with him again.”

I moved over closer to him and gave him a kiss on his cheek as I said, “Thanks for being my knight in shiny armor.”

I sort of wrapped my arm thru his as I sat there next to him as he drove me home. He smiled down at me when I did that. I leaned my head against his strong upper arm as my pussy started to get wet.

Now on Saturday nights, my daughter stayed with her grandmother and I would pick her up on Sunday just in case I brought someone home for a little fun. Which hadn’t been happening a lot lately? However, those I did bring home never seemed to satisfy me in any way. Maybe tonight would be different I thought to myself as we arrived at my house.

As he parked his truck I moved my hand to his thigh giving it a playful squeeze as I asked, “Would you like to come in for a cup of coffee?”

He smiled as he told me he would like that. Keith got out and came to help me from his truck. He reached up just as I was going to jump down. In doing this I sort of ended up still sitting there with both his hands on the girls.

“At least wait till we are inside Keith, ” I said smiling sexily at him.

”Oh No Ms. K it’s not like that,” Keith replied removing his hands quickly from my girls.

Keith looked a little frustrated or like he didn’t know what to do next lol He sort of just scooped me from his truck and stood me on my feet. He wrapped his arm around me as he walked me to the front door. He helped me to open the front door and I sat him down on the sofa as I went into the kitchen and made the coffee. I return to him and sat down next to him on the sofa.

Keith turned my face toward him as he asked me if my eye still hurt. I looked into those devil eyes as I placed my lips upon his and kissed him deeply pressing my tongue into his mouth. He sort of wrapped me in his arms as he kissed and tongued me back.

I broke our kiss and smiled at him as I replied, “Not so much now.”

I went into the kitchen and got our coffee. I returned giving him his cup and placed mine on the stand beside the sofa. I told him I would be right back as I wanted to get more comfortable.

As I walked away Keith said, “Bring some toothpaste back with you.”

I looked at him blankly as I asked, “Why did I have bad breath?”

Keith laughed as he replied, “No the toothpaste is for your eye.”

I had no idea what he was talking about it being for my eye. I left him in the living room as I went to my bedroom and slipped out of my clothes. I put on a short sexy red silk robe with my sexy red push up bra on but I removed my panties as I seemed to have this nice warm wet feeling between my legs. As I removed my panties I realized they were soaking wet with my pussy juices.

I tried to think of why this man seemed to have this effect on me. I looked in the mirror and gave my hairy pussy a quick rub to find it was coated in my juices. I went to the bathroom and grabbed some toothpaste before returning to him in the living room. As I walked into the living room Keith's eyes got big as he stared at me.

“Wow now that is comfy looking,” Keith said smiling at me.

I smiled back as I handed him the toothpaste. I made sure I bent over enough so my robe opened giving him an eyeful of the girls spilling over my bra. I stood there as he stared down my robe reaching his hand out for the toothpaste. I gave the girls a little shake. He still had not taken the toothpaste from my hand yet.

“Would you rather I drop it and show you my butt,” I asked smiling at him.

“Sorry Ms. K those are some wonderful assets,” Keith replied taking the toothpaste as he stared into my eyes.

“Please Keith just Kate as not on the job any longer,” I said to him.

I then sat back down beside him. Keith took the toothpaste and placed some on his finger. He then turned my face toward his and gently smeared it under my eye telling me it would help it from becoming an ugly black eye and take some of the pain away.

At first, the toothpaste burned a little probably because it was the mint flavor. Whether it was the toothpaste or his gentle touch the burn went away and it seemed like my eye stopped throbbing. However, my pussy was twitching wildly.

“There that should help,” Keith said as he stopped rubbing under my eye.

I stared once again into those devil eyes of his they sparkled brightly as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I told him this would help better as I once again placed my lips upon his and kissed him deeply. Our tongues intertwined as we kissed.

My hand drifted to the front of his pants. My hand rubbed at what felt like a huge fucking cock. My pussy started to twitch faster as I started to grab and squeeze at his big hard cock.

Keith broke our kiss and removed my hand from his cock as he said, “Ms. K maybe we shouldn’t.”

I was shocked and just stared at him almost ready to cry. No man ever in my life had refused my charms so to speak. I was not used to a man refusing me. Especially when it was I who made the first move.

“Don’t you find me attractive?” I asked moving away from him.

Keith laughed as he replied, “Kate you are about the most beautiful and sexy women I have ever met and I have dreamed of this for many years.” “However you should rest that eye of yours and not be bouncing around.” “Besides I really should be going.”

I cuddled up next to him again as I replied,” Well maybe you should stay and keep an eye on me,” “I might have a percussion or something.

Keith laughed as he said, “That’s a concussion Kate and yes, I will stay with you.”

Keith pulled me back toward him as he wrapped one of those big strong arms of his around me. He then pointed to a picture of my daughter Megan on the stand beside the sofa. Keith looked at me then the picture and asked me if that was my daughter. My daughter and I do not really look alike as she looked more like her father. Plus I am a brunette while she is blonde.

I told him she was and explained to him about her father. Keith told me she was a lovely child just like her mother as he kissed me very lightly on my lips. I sat there with him holding me talking. I did most of the talking but did find out he had inherited that construction company from his father after both his parents had been killed in a car accident 8 years ago.

I asked Keith about the group of people he was always within the bar. I asked if they too worked for him. He told me no they didn’t work for him and they were just friends. I asked him if any of those girls in that group was his girlfriend. He told me no they were just friends.

I was about to tell him that he seemed to have some pretty friendly friends. As these girl's hands were all over him when they danced and they all would be kissing him. None of them seemed to care what the others did with him as well.

Keith turned my face toward his and pressed his finger to my lips as he said, “No more questions Kate close your eyes and get some rest.”

Keith pulled my head against his shoulder and chest and I closed my eyes. His hand stroking at my head brushing my hair. It felt so relaxing to be in his arms.

I was beginning to feel the stress of running this bar. Lately, it seemed I was barely keeping my head above water. Most of my profits were going back into the bar as my own debts were growing.

But cuddling up to this man and him petting my head. It seemed to take all my troubles away. I felt calmer than I had in years. I soon drifted off to sleep in his arms.

I awoke the next morning to find myself still being held and cuddled by him. He was awake and smiled at me as I looked up to him. I excused myself telling him I had to pee. I went into the bathroom and peed. I looked in the mirror checking on my eye it was a little black and blue but not the worst one I ever had. Plus it didn’t hurt and I could see out of it again.

I returned to Keith after getting us coffee again and sat back down next to him. I cuddled up to him as he wrapped one of his arms around me. Keith asked me how I felt while he checked my eye. I told him I felt ok and my eye wasn’t the worst black eye I ever had.

I placed my hand onto his face and turned it toward mine. I stared into those devil’s eyes. I stared deeply into them watching them as they seemed to change from blue to green then back to blue. To stare into his eyes was almost hypnotic if not soothing.

Just who or what was this man? Perhaps this man was the devil himself I thought as I looked deeper into his eyes. I was trying to see or find that darkness we all hide within our soul.

However, I saw no darkness I only felt a warm calming feeling come over me. It gave me that safe secure and loving feeling. Everyone knows what I am talking about.

That feeling you used to get as a child when you ran to your mom or dad with that scrapped up knee after falling. That feeling you got as they would comfort you and tell you everything would be alright. That feeling of being loved for the first time.

I also got that feeling between my legs again. I wanted this man like no other before him. I stood up and removed my robe, then my push up bra. I stood naked in front of him as I lifted one my tits to my mouth running my tongue over its hard nipple.

“Keith will you fuck me please,” I asked with pleading eyes.

Keith stood and picked me off my feet and laid me down on my back onto the sofa. His eyes sparkled as he smiled and replied, “I can not fuck you, Kate,” “I can only make love to you.”

Keith started at my right foot where he slowly kissed, licked and sucked on each of my toes. I never knew one could get so turned on by having this done to them. However, I was proof that one could. I moved my hand to my hairy pussy and start to rub it as he slowly licked and kissed his way up my right leg.

I moaned softly as his tongue seemed to know just where those erogenous zones were as he slowly worked his way up my leg. For those who don’t know what erogenous zones are here is a Definition of an erogenous zone. : a sensitive area on the body that causes sexual arousal when it is touched and I was soon to find out I had many of those zones.

I was truly turned on by what he was doing to me. I ran a finger between my meat curtains, pussy lips to you unfamiliar with that term. I could feel my wetness seeping out from between my meaty pussy lips as I moved my finger between them.

Keith was now licking and kissing his way up my thigh. Both my thighs started to shake as a small mini orgasm rushed through my body. I had never had an orgasm like this but then again no one had ever done what he was doing to me.

Keith kissed his way to my hairy pussy. I removed my finger from my pussy and he grabbed it with his hand. Keith brought my finger to his mouth where he licked then sucked my fresh love juices from it.

He then turned his attention to my open hairy pussy. Keith ran his tongue up and down between my pussy lips a couple of times then kissed at my swelling clit. I was hoping he would just bury his face and eat my pussy.

However, he gave my clit a lick then a suck before running his tongue to my left thigh. Keith did the same to my left side only working downward to my left foot. As he did I rubbed and played with my big tits. By the time he was sucking my left toes my pussy juices were flowing out onto the sofa.

Keith smiled as he parted my legs by placing a hand to each of my thighs. He buried his face into my pussy and started to lick between my pussy lips. Keith buried his tongue in my pussy and used it like a small cock. In fact, I have had cocks smaller than his tongue lol

I moaned loudly as he moved his fingers to my clit while tonguing out my pussy. His fingers toyed and pulled at my clit making it grow larger. When my clit had reached its full size he removed his tongue from my pussy then used it on my swelled and very sensitive clit.

He flicked his tongue at my engrossed clit. Slowly at first, they faster until he was licking wildly as a dog would lap up water from his dish. My hands went to his head and I pulled him tightly against my pussy as I started to buck my pussy up into his face as I moaned out his name.

I could feel my body start to tense up and then this new feeling came over me as Keith sort of rolled his tongue around my clit and started to suck on it. That new feeling was one of having no control of my mind or body. My body seemed to go limp like I was paralyzed. My mind was blank. All I could feel was the intense pleasure Keith was giving me sucking at my clit.

I knew this was not going to be an ordinary orgasm. It seemed to start deep within my pussy almost like I had to pee badly. My toes curled up as my thighs started to shake. Keith just sucked harder at my clit.

I screamed out, “Keith I am.”

Was all I got out as the most intense multi orgasm came over me. I was flopping on the sofa and with each flop, my pussy was shooting pussy liquid from my opened hairy box. My juices even splashed onto my hands which were still wrapped around Keith's head. Just when one orgasm would end another one rush through my body. My head rocked from side to side as my orgasm overtook me.

I never had an orgasm like that in my life. I had to tighten my asshole at one point out of fear I might lose control and shit on the sofa. I finally pushed Keith's head from between my legs.

I was panting and sweat was beading on my forehead as I looked to see my love juices dripping from his face. Now I have turned a man’s face to where it looked like a glazed donut but never had I squirted and creamed anyone’s face as I did his.

I pulled his face to mine as we kissed deeply. This was no ordinary kiss but one with passion, caring and so much love placed into it. I broke our kiss as I licked at his face tasting my own juices which I believed had a little bit of golden rain mixed with it. I told him I had to catch my breath.

We both sat up at the same time and reached for our now cold coffee. Keith drank it in one drink. I had to sip mine as my hands were shaking so badly. No man or woman had eaten my pussy with such skill nor had anyone gave me such pleasure as he just had.

I looked to him once again as I sat my cup down on the stand. I stared into his lovely eyes once more. I suddenly started to cry.

Keith sat his cup down as he asked, “Kate what is wrong?”

I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing at the side of his face before I sobbed into his ear, “Nothing is wrong Keith that was just so wonderful.” “No one had ever made love to me before.”

Keith wrapped me in his arms. He pulled me tightly against himself as one of his hand rubbed and patted at my back. Keith kissed and licked at my neck.

Then he kissed and nippled on my ear lobe as he whispered into my ear, “ I have you now Kate and everything is going to be alright.”

As he said that a calm, secure and loving feeling once again filled my body. As he held me I thought to all those other girls I had seen him with at the bar. I knew now why they hung on to him. This man had a charm like no other I had ever met.

I also thought about how lucky those girls were. I wonder if perhaps I could be one of those or maybe his only girl. Yes, I had fallen madly in love with this blonde haired blue eyed devil and I didn’t really even know him.

I broke our hug and as I wiped tears from my eyes I asked, “You want to shower together?

Keith stood up took my hand into his and smiled as he replied, “Only if you drop the soap.”

I led him to the bathroom where I bent over giving him a damn nice view of my hairy asshole as I turned the shower on. I stood back up and he took me into his arms kissing me deeply. I sort of undressed him as we kissed standing next to the bathtub shower except for his tank top.

I felt his big cock with my hand as he kissed me. His cock was the biggest I had ever held in my hand. I gave a quick glance down to his cock. It had to be at least eight or nine inches and fat around.

I took that big cock and rubbed it against my hairy pussy. My clit throbbed each time the head of his cock ran across it. I tried to slip it up into my pussy but due to our size difference as I am only 5’ 3” tall. I could only rub his big cock on my clit or between my meaty pussy lips.

Just as my pussy juices started to flow again I heard, “MOM.” “MOM you here?”

It took a minute or two for that voice to become familiar but when it did I let go of his cock as I yelled, “Shit it’s my daughter!”

Keith and I both looked to the bathroom door which I had left open. In the doorway stood my daughter Megan. Her mouth hanging open as she stared at us. Keith’s hands went down in front of himself which I knew was already too late as my daughter had got a full shot of his hard big cock. He then turned not facing her giving her a look at his cute butt. My daughter had seen me nude many times so it didn’t trouble me as it did him.

I started to laugh as it was comical and sort of cute watching him trying to hide his private parts from her and that looked on his face was priceless. That little boy look who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar look.

I walked over to Megan and turned her around as I said, “Nothing to see here young lady,” as I closed the door behind us leaving Keith in the bathroom.

“Who is that man?” “What happened to your eye?” “Were you having sex in the bathroom?” Megan asked me as I led her back to the living room.

I sat her down on the sofa. I picked my robe up and slipped into it covering the girls and my other parts. I was thinking of what to say but my mind was drawing a blank.

“Yeah I would like to hear this story too,” I heard my mother say giving a little laugh as she walked in from the kitchen.

“Give me a minute, let me see to my guest first,” I said standing there looking to my mom for some help here.

“You go tend to your guest while Michelle and I make us all breakfast,” my mother said.

“Mom, did you spill something on the sofa it’s all wet here?” Megan asked as she rubbed her hand over my love juices that had spilled onto the sofa.

My mom came over and told her probably coffee I suppose as she gave me a quick smile before taking Megan and leading her from the sofa. As they walked toward the kitchen I heard Megan tell my mom, “Granny that man is huge.”

“Hush child before I wash your mouth out with soap,” my mother replied.

“No granny I meant he is really tall,” I also heard before returning to the bathroom.

I opened the door to find Keith dressed and pacing lol I started to laugh and Keith started to laugh. I went to him and he kissed me upon my lips. At least he had washed his face clean.

I broke our kiss as I asked, “Are you ready to met the family?”

Part 3 coming soon


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