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Brother and sister continue spending time together, pushing the limits of taboo even more.
The Things We Do at Home - part 3

An original true story by Starrynight

Stuck at home with little to occupy her time, since waking up in the morning, all Jessica wanted to do was read sex stories. Other than going downstairs to eat, she did little else. She ignored her friends' texts, and except for the occasional break, just read. She read disgusting perverse stories of mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, and brothers and sisters, all committing unspeakable acts. She found her mind wandering as she read those stories, unable to keep herself from thinking of her own brother having sex with their mother, of her and her brother, of her and her uncle, and even of her father having sex with her. Her thoughts made her sick, but she could not help it, and the more she read, the more aroused she became.

Jessica put down her phone and blinked up at the ceiling, the world looking blurry. She had been reading since after dinner, and her eyes were tired and hurting. She just finished reading a hot story about brother and sister trying anal sex for the very first time. Her pussy was soaking wet, leaking into her panties, and she stretched her body on the bed.

A knock on the door made Jessica jump, and she looked at her clock, surprised to see how late it was, before mumbling a weak "come in." She was wearing a tight black crop top, her flat stomach exposed, and a pair of cute purple panties.

"Hey, what's up?" Chris asked as he popped his head through the door and gave his sister a guilty look. She nodded at him and he stepped inside, closing the door behind. Chris was in just a pair of loose boxers and an old white t-shirt and looked down at his sister sprawled on the bed.

"Hey." Jess called back, sitting up on the bed and stretching her lithe frame. She didn't really care that she was scarcely dressed. Even before all the craziness with her brother began, she would at times leave her room in only bra and panties, usually on her way to the shower.

"Is everything okay?" Chris asked his sister caringly.

"Yeah, why wouldn't it be?" Jessica asked, looking at her brother puzzled.

"Because you've been cooped up in here all day." Chris stated.

"Oh that," Jess said with a chuckle, "it's nothing, I just started reading something new and really got into it." She said with a smile.

"What, like a book?" Chris asked.

"Something like that." Jess said mysteriously and smiled to herself. She thought about telling her brother what she was reading but decided it wouldn't be such a good idea.

"Oh, okay." Chris said and looked at her hesitant, not sure if to leave or not.

"Is that all you came to ask me?" Jess asked suggestively, a seductive smirk on her pretty face.

"Yeah, I guess." Chris answered blushing.

"Looks like there is something else you wanted." Jess said with the same naughty grin, giggling as her brother blushed.

"Jess, we really gotta stop doing that." Chris said sternly, even though she was right.

"Oh, come on, I know you want to." Jessica teased her brother, looking at the outline of his package through his boxers.

"Yeah, I do, but it's so bad Jess. We really shouldn't be doing it." Chris said guiltily, his mind torn between shame and arousal.

"We're not hurting anyone, just having a little fun. With all that's going, what's the harm in that?" she asked innocently though there was nothing innocent about it.

"Fuck it, fine, what's one more time?" Chris asked rhetorically and stepped closer. He grabbed his sister's laptop and handed it to her.

"You want to get naked?" Jess ventured cautiously.

"Last time we got naked in here things didn't turn out so good." Chris said, only half joking.

"Shut up, I said I was sorry about that. We got carried away and that's not going to happen again." Jessica said, looking at her brother who returned a doubtful look. "Anyway, I'm gonna take my clothes off, do whatever you want." Jessica said and gave her brother a daring glare. She didn't know if it was from all the stories she was reading or what, but the thought of getting naked with her brother, exposing her body to him again, exhilarated her. She gave Chris another look, then stood on her knees, and as casually as undressing before taking a shower, she removed her clothes, quickly pulling her top off, removing her bra, and slipping off her damp panties. She enjoyed teasing her brother with her naked body, noting how he was looking at her firm breasts and smooth vulva. She tossed her clothes aside, sat back down and opened her laptop.

"You're a bad influence, you know that?" Chris told his sister as he looked at her naked body, his penis hardening in his pants. He tried to tell himself he was just coming here to check on here, that he didn't want this, but he knew it wasn't completely true.

"Stop whining." Jess said amused, "I know you like watching porn with me, and I know seeing me naked turns you on. It's okay, I don’t mind, seeing you naked and hard turns me on too." She boldly told her brother, all the incest stories she has been reading were affecting her.

"Eewh, no it doesn't." Chris objected, trying to look disgusted. There was no way he would admit seeing her naked turned him on. She was his sister; it was disgusting and unthinkable.

"Well, I think your friend would beg to differ." Jess said with a giggle and gestured towards the erection sprouting in his boxers. She watched her brother squirm, his face going bright red as he searched for some excuse. "Relax, I didn't say you wanted to fuck me or anything like that…"

"Oh god." Chris cringed in disgust, closing his eyes.

"But it's not like we can control it. Seeing someone of the opposite sex naked is just a turn on, no matter who it is." Jessica added.

"Please stop talking, you're making it weirder." Chris said nervously and opened his eyes.

"Whatever…so are you coming or not?" Jessica said haughtily.

"Yeah, I'm coming." Chris said and started removing his clothes. His sister gave him an obnoxious smile as he pulled his shirt off and his boxers down and crawled on the bed to join her. She didn't say anything, just kept smiling and watched his erect penis as it moved with him.

"Here." Jessica said as she grabbed her towel and handed it to her brother.

"Thanks." He mumbled, embarrassed, and spread it under him.

"You want to choose?" Jessica asked once they were both comfortable, laying on her bed naked with only the laptop between them.

"Fine." Chris said and turned the laptop towards him. He scrolled down the page nervously, not knowing what to choose, until he finally found a video he thought they would both agree on. "How about this one?" he asked, turning the screen to his sister so she can see.

"Fine by me." Jessica said shrugging and watched as Chris set it up, the nervous excitement spreading through her.

It was a classic porn plot, as cliché as it gets in adult movies. It started in a classroom, a hot blonde teacher in her late thirties sat behind her desk as the school bell rang. The students collected their things, and as they started leaving, she asked one of the students, a handsome young one with short black hair, to stay for a few minutes.

The teacher started talking about his grades, how poorly he was doing in class, and how he would have to go to summer school if he didn't pass the next test. The poor student looked at her helpless, telling her how hard he'd been trying. He stared at the teacher with big eyes and asked innocently if there is anything he could do to help his grade.

"Have you ever fantasized about one of your teachers?" Jessica asked her brother as the talking continued, on the screen.

"Maybe." Chris said blushing.

"Come on, tell me." Jess said in a teasing voice, turning to him.

"You know Mrs. Williams?" Chris asked shyly.

"The English teacher?" Jess asked surprised and disgusted. She was old, in her sixties maybe and on the heavy side.

"Gross, no!" Chris immediately said, frowning in disgust. "That's Mrs. William, I'm talking about Mrs. Williams, the French teacher." He said, picturing her.

"Oh, Phew, I was worried there for a second." Jessica said with a giggle. "Oh yeah, Mrs. Williams, I think I know who you’re talking about. Redhead?" she asked.

"Yeah, her," Chris said as he thought about her tight body, sexy accent, and all the times he fantasized what he would do to her as he daydreamed in French class. "I've always wondered if her bush was red like her hair." He admitted shyly.

Jessica giggled as her brother's cock twitched next to her. On the screen the teacher got up and circled her desk, standing next to the student. She was wearing a short black pencil skirt, a white blouse, and glasses. She pulled the glasses off, telling her young student there might be something he could do, then ran her fingers down his shirt seductively and gave him a naughty smile.

"You ever think of one of your teachers like that?" Chris asked casually as the boy on the screen started mumbling, looking frightened and shocked.

"I have this one professor," Jess started saying, turning red and lowering her voice, "I swear he could be a male model. He's funny and sexy as hell, half the girls in the class want to do him, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some even gave it a shot." She told her brother, as she thought of all the times she saw other girls flirting with him after class. She looked sideways at her brother, then went back to the video.

The blond teacher pushed the student to his knees and unzipped her skirt at the side. She pulled her tucked blouse out, and sensually unbuttoned it, exposing a sexy red bra tightly cupping her large impressive boobs. She tossed the blouse aside, the student looking up at her flat pale stomach, then stepped out of her heels, showing off her long smooth legs. She then shimmied out of her tight skirt, stretching it over her big sexy ass and down her legs. The teacher was wearing garters, sexy red ones that matched her bra and tightly hugged her pale thighs. She jumped onto the large desk, pushing things aside, then spread her legs. She was not wearing any panties and she gestured the young student to come forward with her index finger. She licked that same finger, a slow seductive action as she stared straight at the camera, then moved it between her legs. She had a wide brown landing strip adorning her otherwise smooth pubic mound and caressed her pink slit as she let out a whispering moan. She watched her student inching over, still on his knees, and when he was close enough, she grabbed his hair and pulled him to her, pressing his face into her sexy vulva as her face contorted with pleasure.

"So, you like videos with older women too?" Jessica asked her brother as they watched the sexy blond teacher getting her pussy eaten.

"Sure, if they're hot." Chris answered and watched the blonde moan with pleasure as the guy ate her out. He gave his erect member a squeeze but did not start stroking it, not yet. "And she's not that old." He added.

"She's over twice your age." Jess stated, listening to her moan in exaggerated pleasure as she ran her fingers through the guys short hair, pressing his mouth harder into her vulva as he ate her out.

"So, that's not saying much." Chris lashed out annoyed, "She's younger than mom and…" He blurted out, then turned red and went silent.

"And what?" Jessica asked, a pervy little smile on her face.

"Nothing." Chris mumbled, blushing.

"No, what were you going to say?" Jessica asked as she rolled over to her side and stared at her brother. She propped her head on her hand and stared at her brother unnervingly.

"Nothing, just forget about it." He said nervously as he looked at that obnoxious smile of hers.

"Tell me." Jess said, sounding like a curious little girl who caught her friends gossiping. She sat up, on her knees, looking at her brother and smiled. "Tell me! Tell me!" she repeated like a bratty little girl and started shoving him playfully, her hands on his bare shoulders. "Tell me!" she continued while pushing him, her lovely breasts bouncing around so naughtily.

"Would you get off!" Chris said angrily. He tried pushing her back with an elbow as he turned to get away and ended up brushing it against the side of her bare tit. It was a quick brush, nothing intimate and they both shrugged it off, Jess still shoving him. "Fine I'll tell you." He said, finally giving up. "Just stop." He said and waited for Jess to stop before turning back. "What's the matter with you?" he asked her.

"I think I'm starting to go crazy from being stuck in the house for so long." Jessica said lightly and giggled. "Now tell me!" she demanded and sat back down.

"All I was going to say is that mom still looks good at her age." Chris said, blushing.

"Oh." Jess said disappointed, staring at her brother. She was expecting and hoping for something juicer. It wasn't only the quarantine that was messing with her head, it was all the stories she's been reading too. They looked at each other, Chris shaking his head, then turned back to the video.

"Look what we missed because of you." Chris said annoyed as they returned to the video. Teacher and student were both completely naked now, teacher, except for the garters. The student was standing, his muscular body displayed, and the teacher was crouching, her large round Ds exposed. She was grasping his average-for-porn-sized penis and sucking on it hungrily, disgustingly hot slurping sounds leaving her mouth as she tried to take his six inches down her throat.

"Missed?" Jess asked chucking. "It's only porn, not a James Bond movie." She added amused.

"Still, I like the moment when the girl gets completely naked." He admitted, slightly blushing.

"You know you can rewind if you want." Jess said, not caring much either way.

"Never mind." Chris said and glanced sideways at his sister, catching her finger dangerously closed to her exposed vulva.

The student moaned, cursed, and praised ridiculously for another minute as his teacher blew him, then rose to her feet. They were about the same height and she gave him a brief yet passionate kiss while tugging on his erection. She then stepped back, letting go of his cock, and jumped on the desk. She spread her legs, showing off her goods again, and caressed herself as the guy neared. He told her how sexy she is and how he fantasized about her as he grabbed his manhood and moved it between her legs. The teacher urged him, telling him how wet she was and how much she wanted him inside her. She watched as her hunky student slapped her pussy with his cock, the engorged head hitting her pink clit, and made her whimper. He slapped it a few more times, rubbed his shaft onto her glistening labia, then positioned himself and penetrated her, pushing himself deep into her as they moaned with overstated pleasure.

"Damn, that must feel so good." Jess said with aroused frustration as she started touching herself to the sight.

"Sex? Duh!" Chris said condescendingly.

"Smartass!" Jess spat at her brother, sticking her tongue out. "I was referring to his…em…penis." She said.

"Really, you think it looks good?" Chris asked surprised. There didn't seem to be anything special about it.

"Uh hu." Jessica nodded shyly.

"I don't get it." Chris said, looking at the cock going in and out of that mature pink pussy then down at his own.

"I like it cut like that." She said simply, blushing.

"But it's not big or thick or anything?" Chris pushed, his curiosity trumping his embarrassment.

"So?" Jessica retorted looking at him.

"I thought girls like big thick…cocks." He said softly.

"You watch too much porn." Jess said, shaking her head. "It might look good on camera but having sex with a guy with a huge…cock is not that great. It's often awkward and uncomfortable and can really hurt." She confided in her brother.

"How big was the biggest one you had?" Chris asked before thinking.

"And…you just made it weird." Jess said, giving her blushing brother a quick glance then staring at the laptop. She clearly remembered the painful awkward sex she had with a very well-endowed guy from her school, but there was no way she was telling her brother about it.

"Sorry." Chris mumbled looking down at his cock. He was also circumcised, just like the guy fucking on the screen, and his member, though a little shorter, was thicker than the guy's. Like many men, he was obsessed with the size of his manhood, and although he had sex with a few girls and received no complaints, he didn't know what they actually thought about his penis. "Can I ask you something a little strange?" Chris said shyly after an awkward silence between them, the moans and groans coming from the computer the only sounds in the room.

"Okay I guess." Jess said and turned to look at him intrigued. His voice was weak, and he had a humbled look in his eyes, almost afraid to ask her.

"What do you think about my…my…penis?" he mumbled awkwardly, moving his hand away so his sister would have a clear view of his rigid shaft.

"I think that falls into the category of making it weird." Jess said, blushing herself.

"Come on, I think we entered that category a while ago. I just want to know what you think." He said, pleading, sounding almost ashamed.

"I don't know, it looks okay. What do you want me to say?" she asked, looking at him unsure.

"Tell me if you think it's big, small, short, long, nice or ugly. I just want your opinion." Chris said, sounding helpless. It was a question he didn’t feel comfortable asking anyone until now. He didn't feel comfortable asking any of his girlfriends, and never in a million years did he think he would be comfortable asking his big sister, but the world was going crazy and so were they.

"That's weird!" Jess squirmed nervously, studying her brother's dick, the damn thing standing at full mast since he climbed into bed.

"So was going down on you." Chris whispered, catching his sister off guard. They promised never to talk about it, but he just did.

"Jesus, fine, if you want to know that bad." Jessica said, nervous frustration creeping into her voice. "Let me see." She said, staring down at his penis, studying it through what she told herself were objective eyes. "Well, I told you I like it cut, I think most girls do, so you got that going for you." She started. "You're not too big, but you’re not small either, even a little thick. Overall, I'd say you have a pretty nice cock. Maybe do some manscaping, your little blonde would probably love that, but other than that you don't have much to complain about." Jessica said finishing, and exhaled. She didn't tell her brother this, but his penis was nicer than most of the guys she fucked, even if some were bigger. She experienced terrible sex with guys with big cocks and incredible sex with guys with small ones. The endowed ones were usually so proud of their tools, they just shoved them in and started pounding away until they came, which was often not very long, while the guys with small ones took their time. They touched and licked her tenderly, so concerned with making sure she was enjoying it. There were one specific guys, he was quite small, but he would treat her so well when they had sex, she would beg for his pecker by the time she received it. He would eat her out, making sure she had an orgasm, and would get her so worked up, that when he finally pushed his little guy in, it was everything she wanted and more, and she would cum on it like crazy.

"Thanks, I guess." Chris said blushing and wrapped his palm around his member, looking down at the screen.

The video skipped ahead while they weren't paying attention, and the teacher was now bent over her desk, her feet spread and her bodacious ass jiggling as the guy pound her from behind. He shoved his dick into her pink cunt, making her moan and groan, while he moaned himself, his hands gripping her gorgeous ass. The teacher squealed as he suddenly spanked her, the slap echoing as it left a red mark on her curvy behind, but it only made him do it again, smiling to himself.

Chris and Jessica kept watching, touching themselves, as the handsome student defiled his sexy teacher. Chris was mindlessly stroking his penis while Jess carefully fingered her tight wet hole. The guy kept pounding his teacher's twat, looking satisfied with himself as he slapped her luscious ass. He started going faster, hammering her, then pulled out urgently. He pulled his teacher off the desk and pushed her to the floor as he started stroking his cock. A big smile spread on the blonde's face as she took her place, squatting under his erect cock. She told him how much she wanted his cum, begging him for it, and the guy started jerking faster. He groaned, the teacher opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out, and with a series of deep grunts he came, each grunt accompanied by a thick load of cum, squirting from the tip of the twitching shaft onto her tongue and face, covering it. She swallowed, showing the camera, wiped her face with her hand, a perverse smile on it, and with that the video ended.

Jessica and Chris stared at the blank screen for a few seconds, still masturbating, then turned their heads and looked at each other. "You didn't get off." Jessica said surprised.

"No, you didn't either." Chris said, looking back at her blankly.

"How come?" Jess asked intrigued. Her brother always busted his load in their previous viewings, and she was disappointed he didn't this time.

"I guess I didn’t really get into it. Maybe it was all your talking." Chris said mockingly. "But you didn't either." He commented.

"It's different for me, girls don't get off as easily as guys." She explained to her younger brother.

"But you got off every time until today." Chris said defiantly, proving her wrong. It's true that one of those times she had his help, but that was just being petty.

Jessica shrugged, realizing he was right. It didn’t occur to her that she came each time she was with her brother. "What do you wanna do then?" she asked even though she already had something in mind.

"Want to watch another video?" Chris asked, still horny as ever.

"Nah, you wanna maybe watch each other, like when we played truth or dare?" she asked her brother. She said it carelessly, meaning him to think that she just blurted it out, but she was nervous, hoping he would agree.

"I don't know." Chris said, trying to sound and look hesitant. He didn't want to show his sister how much her idea excited him, and he was disgusted with himself for it.

"I don’t care, just thought we could get off quick." Jessica said carelessly. "We're already naked and jerking off, what does it matter if we're doing while looking at porn or starring at each other." She said.

"Yeah, I guess you’re right." Chris admitted, just looking for an excuse to tell himself it was alright. He found it strange that he was suddenly feeling very nervous, butterflies in his stomach level of nervous. They were naked, touching themselves, watching porn and talking about their sexual fantasies, just looking at each other didn't seem like that far of a stretch, but his body thought otherwise. He nodded at Jessica and watched her as she closed the laptop, placing it on the floor, then crawled to the opposite side of the bed. He watched her bare butt as she moved, not small and tight, but not big either, thinking how good it looked and how little he glimpsed of it.

Jessica took a seat on the opposite side of her large bed and looked at her brother as he wrapped his palm around his hard shaft. She spread her legs towards him, shamelessly displaying every inch of herself. She locked eyes with her brother, exchanging an erotic, yet disturbing stare, then pushed a finger into her mouth. She could taste a hint of her own juices on it as she got it nice and wet, then pulled it out and slid it between her legs. She stifled a little moan as she pressed it to her clit, and watched her brother sensually stroking his manhood as she touched herself so lewdly.

The bedroom grew warm and stuffy, their naked bodies red and glistening with sweat as each pleasured himself for the other's eyes. It was not the first time it happened, and the sight of their naked bodies had become a familiar one, but it still made them tingle all over, the depravity of it only making it hotter.

Jessica cooed as she slipped a wet finger inside her burning cunt, the fact that her brother watching making it burn all the hotter. It was not him, not his cock she wanted, she kept telling herself, disgusted she could even think otherwise, and continued believing it was just a handsome young cock masturbating, that if she lingered on the fact that it was her brother, her arousal would vanish.

Chris was looking low, his vision focused on his sister's assets, trying to ignore her face. He ogled her naked body, looking at her wonderful round tits, her nipples erect, and her spread womanly legs, fingering her pink hairless vagina. He told himself he could not know it was his sister if he was looking at her like that, she could just be some random babe, but he knew she wasn't, and was ashamed by how well he had gotten to know her exposed flesh. He watched her spreading her legs wider, pushing her finger deeper, and on instinct looked up at her face as she whispered the softest of moans.

Jessica could tell that her brother was getting close. His body tensed, his face had a focused expression, and he slowed down his strokes. She locked eyes with him again, for an awkward moment, then he looked down and started stroking faster as he stared at the middle her spread legs. The smallest of groans was the only clue that something changed in her brother and she fingered herself faster. She rubbed her clit, the warm pleasure amazing, and watched as her brother began ejaculating. It was a hypnotizing sight, like each time before it, and Jess gazed with the same perverse fascination as his cock twitched in his hand. His first load came hard, sending a shudder though him and landing at the edge of the towel, so was the second, splattering on his thigh, but after that it was weak spurts, small loads that sprayed and leaked all over the towel, running from the tip of his cock.

A sharp jolt of pleasure shot through Jessica as she watched her brother releasing his shaft. It was still hard, twitching, and Jess lost herself in it as her body began burning with pleasure. "Oh god!" she whimpered softly, knowing her brother was watching, and closed her eyes, riding the pleasure of her orgasm. It trickled through her in warm waves of heat, making her heart race and legs tremble. She blinked, breathing through her nose, and looked at her brother's softening manhood as her body began to relax, the trembling stopping, until she was left sweaty and breathless on her bed.

Jessica and Chris looked at each other and blushed. Jess closed her spread legs, and got to her feet, the embarrassment hitting her now. She turned around, giving her brother a good view of her bare bottom, then leaned down and gave him a better one. She slipped on her panties, pulled on her shirt, then turned around to face her naked brother.

"I'm gonna go take a shower." Jess said as she looked at her brother, his cock slowly going limp and his face red. She glanced at her towel, covered in cum underneath his naked legs, then grabbed a clean one from her closet. She gave her brother another look, then opened the door and headed for the shower.

Jess washed herself under the warm water. She washed away the sweat and dirt, washed away the wetness that leaked out of her and the smell of it, the only thing she could not wash away were her dirty thoughts. She exited the shower, wrapping the fresh smelling towel around her, brushed her teeth, and headed back to her room. Her brother was gone, his clothes and dirty towel too. Jessica put on a clean pair of panties and a large blue t-shirt with no bra underneath. Her eyes were tired from reading all day, so was she, and she just slid under the thin covers, turned the lights off, and fell asleep.

The following morning, Jess woke up horny and lazy. She couldn't even bring herself to get out of bed and reached for her phone. She opened one of the erotic stories sites she discovered and after browsing it for a while, she decided on a story and clicked it.

Jess pulled her panties off under the covers, down to her knees, and moved her hand down. She ran her fingers over her smooth mound, feeling a hint of stubble beginning to grow on it, then slipped her fingers between her legs. She teased her moist slit as she started reading. It was a story about a family on vacation, father, mother, son and daughter. The four were camping, brother and sister young and full of hormones, and with little privacy. There was drinking involved, a few accidental peeks when clothes were being changed, a few embarrassing erections, and some awkward questions. Jess read, touching herself, how it all came together, the tension between all four rising until the unthinkable occurred. Jessica was soaking wet as she eagerly read about the family orgy. She fingered herself wildly as she read, in gruesome details, how the brother penetrated his sister in the woods, his virginity stripped away by her as their parents watched. She read how the parents, after making love to each other with their children watching, each took a child in hand, and how son penetrated mother and father penetrated daughter, moaning and groaning, while the others watched.

Jessica put the phone down and breathed deeply when she finished reading the story. Her body was still tingling from her self-induced orgasm, and she stayed motionless as she caught her breath. It was a nasty story, perverse and disgusting, yet it turned her on so much. She ran her finger over her wet pussy a final time, then pulled her panties up and got out of bed.

Chris was already around the table eating a late breakfast as his sister climbed down the stairs and joined him. She was wearing cutoff jeans shorts, a pink cami, the straps of her bra visible, and flipflops. Chris smiled at her between bites, and she returned the smile. They were alone around the table, just him and her, and as she started eating, they exchanged a knowing glance, then started talking about general things.

Chris kept replaying the events of the previous night in his mind all through the day. He tried not to think about it, but the image of his naked sister masturbating, kept popping into his head and turned him on. He thought back, embarrassed, about what she said about his cock after he asked, regretting it despite the face that it made him feel good. He thought about it on his way to take a shower, and as he stood in front of the mirror naked, his penis semi-erect.

Chris ran his fingers through his dark pubic hair, then released it. He started opening drawers, searching for something to use, until he found a pair of small scissors. Chris smiled to himself, thinking about what his sister said, then grabbed them and sat on the toilet. He started cutting, trimming every stray hair that covered the base of his cock and his testicles. His cock was getting hard, the trim turning him on, and he grabbed the shaft, moving it this way and that while he trimmed until he was satisfied with his work. He put the scissors careful back in place and smiled as he looked at his crotch through the mirror. He stroked himself, enjoying the feel and look, surprised how it made his member look bigger, then jumped in the shower.

As the day moved on, Chris was tempted to show his sister his new look. He considered walking into her room to show her, but decided against it, and around the dinner table, as he looked at her eating, wondered what would happen if he got up and pulled his pants down right there, letting his sister see, while his mother and uncle got a look too. Obviously, he did not do that, and told himself he just needed to wait a little longer, until it was late, and his mother and uncle would be asleep.

Later that night, as darkness shrouded the empty streets, the chirping of crickets and the odd dog barking the only sounds to break the silence, Chris could wait no longer. His penis was hard, and he was itching to show it to his sister. He had already planned it in his mind. It would be nothing new, he would creep into her room like they have been doing for the past several days, offer to watch another adult video, and await his sister's reaction as he pulled his pants down. He was itching to show it to her, only show, that's it, or at least that's what he convinced himself.

"Yeah." Jess croaked in a raw voice as she heard the knock on her door. She was so absorbed by the story she was reading she didn’t notice how late it was getting. She sat up on her bed, her pussy itching from the erotic story, and looked up as her brother entered the room, closing the door after him with a nervous smile.

Chris was wearing a green t-shirt, white shorts, and was barefoot, as he entered his sister's room, his heart pounding. He managed to cool his excitement, getting his erection to subside somewhat, but the outline of his shaft was still visible in his shorts. "Hey, sis." He said nervously, watching her sexy body on the bed and studied her flustered face. She was wearing the same cami from earlier, showing off ample cleavage and her bare shoulders, but removed her shorts. The cutoffs were hanging on the chair next to her desk, and her bottom part was covered in just a pair of pink cotton panties. Chris looked at his sister's smooth legs, up at her exposed thighs, and gulped as he noticed a wet spot on her panties.

"Hey," Jess answered back, a small smile on her face, "what's up?" she asked, knowing exactly what her brother had in mind.

"I thought you might be bored." Chris said shyly, putting on a nervous smile.

"That's sweet of you, were you bored too?" she asked coyly.

"I was. So, are you up for…em…something…not boring?" He muttered.

"If it's what I'm thinking, then yes." Jess said cheerfully, the story she was in the middle of still fresh in her mind.

"Cool." Chris said, then started pulling his shirt off.

"Whoa!" Jess called out as her brother removed his shirt.

"What?" Chris asked confused at first, then realized he messed up. He was so eager to get naked and show her, he didn't even ask her.

"You're taking your clothes off, just like that?" Jess asked, surprised.

"I thought we were past that." Chris said blushing and shrugged.

Jessica stared at her brother considering his words and fought a smile. She was surprised, but happy that her brother was over his silly apprehensions. "I'm not sure about that, but, whatever?" Jess said casually and began stripping too.

Chris exhaled in relief and tossed his shirt aside. He watched his sister get to her knees and remove the cami top, pulling the shoulder straps down and pushing it down to her waist, quite the opposite of how Chris assumed she would remove it. He unzipped his shorts, watching his sister as she unclasped her bra, and pulled them down as Jess let her bra fall, exposing her sexy round boobs. Chris watched her as she looked down at her young rack, pinching her hardening nipples, then looked up at him and the tent in his tight red boxers. She leaned back, sitting, and removed the rest of her clothes.

Chris nervously pulled his boxers down, revealing his hard prick, and looked up, disappointed that his sister wasn't watching. He stepped out of his boxers and watched Jess pulling her top down her legs, kicking it off, then moving to her panties, sensually slipping them down her legs to reveal her smooth vulva. He stayed motionless, eagerly waiting for her to look up, and felt his heart beat faster and his face go red when she finally did.

A hint of a smile appeared on Jessica's eyes when she noticed her brother had trimmed his pubic hair. She said nothing, as did he, and bit her lower lip as she studied his displayed manhood. "Can you get my laptop?" Jess asked after an awkward pause.

"Em…sure." Chris mumbled and stepped over to her desk, dick swinging. He handed it to her and looked down at the chair. "Towel?" Chris asked his sister, gesturing toward the green one. Jess nodded and he grabbed it and climbed onto the bed, disappointed his sister didn't say anything.

"I see you decided to listen to me." Jessica said after her brother laid the towel out next to her and sat on top of it.

"Um, yeah." Chris managed so say, blushing, and looked down at his neat pubic hair.

"It looks good." Jess admitted shyly, giving it a quick glance, and Chris's heart skipped a beat as his hard cock twitched.

"Thanks." Chris managed to say, flustered. He watched his sister as she put the laptop in place between them and looked at him.

"So, what are we watching tonight?" she asked her brother as he nimbly pressed the keyboard and the site came up.

"I don't care." Chris said and turned the computer to his sister.

"What we watched last night really didn't do it for me." Jessica told her brother as she started scrolling down. "Are you okay with us watching something a little kinky?" she asked her brother, studying his face for a response. Maybe it was all the stories she was reading, but she really wanted to see another incest themed video.

"Yeah, I guess." Chris said while shifting uncomfortably on the bed. He didn’t see a reason to bring up the last time they watched a kinky video, they had talked about it already and agreed nothing like that would happen, but it still made him nervous. He watched his sister scrolling through the videos, taking her time.

"What about this one?" Jess asked, showing her brother.

"You call that a little kinky?" Chris asked, nervous and aroused with the choice.

"I don't know, want me to choose a different one?" she asked, shrugging.

"No, whatever, let's watch it." Chris said and grabbed the laptop, clicking on the video titled "Sister and Brother hanging out."

Chris and Jessica leaned back, getting comfortable, and looked at the laptop as Chris pressed play and the video started. It was relatively poor quality, looking homemade, and started out with a girl and a guy on a large bed, laughing. It looked like a hotel room, the guy was under the covers, and the girl was wearing an elegant black dress, laying on the bed next to him giggling.

They were brother and sister, on vacation with their parents, and were hanging out, laughing, talking and planning what they were going to do. They seemed comfortable with each other, relaxed, teasing, laughing at each other. They were talking about what to do just then, maybe go down to the pool, when the sister said she wanted to take a shower first.

It didn't seem erotic in any way as the sister climbed off the bed and opened the dresser. She was facing away from her brother and the camera, and casually started removing her dress.

"You want some privacy?" The brother in the video asked, giggling nervously, but the sister brushed it off, saying it was fine as she pulled her dress down, exposing her smooth back and juicy panties-clad ass to her brother. "Are you sure you don’t want me to leave? I haven't really seen you naked since we were little." The brother said nervously, laughing to himself in embarrassment.

"Stop, it's fine, I'm just getting in the shower." The sister insisted, casually, and looked at herself in the mirror, her back still turned. She turned to her brother, covering her tits, then moved her hands away like it was no big deal. "Do you think my boobs are even?" She asked nonchalantly, exposing her large round breasts.

"What?" The brother asked shocked, laughing guiltily.

"What do you think about my boobs, is one bigger than the other?" she asked him, looking down at them, then at her brother. He looked at her, shocked, embarrassed, not knowing what to say.

"No, they look…good." He mumbled. He sister looked at him, a shy smile on her face, then turned back around and pulled her sexy panties down, revealing a juicy butt. She turned around to face her brother, showing him her body like it was the most normal thing in the world, then turned and started looking for something. She was definitely cute, her naked body looking good. She had a pretty face, wavy light brown hair, teasing eyes, and a cute shy smile. Her boobs were full, large Cs, very similar to Jessica's in size, with a slight sag. Her areolas were small, sexy, her nipples too, both a dark red. She had curvy hips and thighs, not fat, womanly, making her look sexy. Her stomach was almost flat, complimenting her curves nicely, and her vulva was covered with a notable, though somewhat tamed, bush.

Her brother looked at her shocked, nervous, aroused, her juicy ass looking good, and as she turned around to grab something, he took his phone out and took a picture of her naked backside. The sister turned around again, saying she was going to the shower, and disappeared. The brother kicked the covers off and stared at the picture of his naked sister on the phone. He was horny, wearing only shorts, and while still laying in bed, he pulled them down, exposing a hard six-inch penis. He barely managed to stroke it when he heard footsteps, and quickly tossed the covers back on.

"I forgot my shampoo." The sister announced as she returned to the room looking at her brother. He had a full-frontal view of her nude body, and she gave him knowing grin. "I know what you were doing. You were jerking off." The sister said giggling and climbed onto the bed. He tried to deny it, chuckling nervously while his sister studied him, until he caved in and admitted he was. His sister blushed, looking at him nervously, considering her next words. "Weird question, but can I see it?" she asked her brother. "I've never seen it hard before and I'm curious." She admitted shyly as her brother expressed his shock. She pressed him, asking, and when he said he wasn't even that hard anymore, she told him he could look at the picture on his phone again, not know what it contained. She kept pushing her brother, teasing innocently, until he gave up.

The brother on the screen moved the covers away, breathing heavily, and slowly pulled his shorts down until his mostly hard shaft appeared. His sister's eyes went wide as she studied it, amazed that he claimed it wasn't completely hard, it sure looked hard to her. She leaned in, taking a closer look, then told her brother she liked it and pulled away nervously, pressing her face into a pillow. She stayed like that for a few seconds, a strange gleam in her eyes, thinking something over, then she lurched forward and grabbed her brother's phone, looking at the screen as she jumped back.

The sister's eyes went wide as she saw her own picture on the screen, her bare backside visible. The brother apologized nervously, not knowing what to say as the sister studied herself in his phone, still not believing he was jerking off to her. The brother stared at her as she looked at the photo, her naked body on display, and was surprised to hear her say that it didn't much bother her, she even admitted to peeking at him a few times.

"Do you think there is any chance it's real?" Jessica asked her brother, hypnotized by the video. It wasn't as hot as it was captivating, and she lost herself in it.

"Probably not, why?" Chris asked, not looking away from the video. He was as fascinated by it as his sister was.

"It just seems so believable. Their shame, their embarrassment, the way they look and talk to each other, they even look similar." Jessica said, the entire situation on the screen looking so familiar to her.

"It does look homemade, I think the brother is filming it, but I don't think if they were brother and sister, they would post it like that for everyone to see." Chris said. He had to admit his sister was right. The tension, the relationship between them, was disgustingly like their own.

In the video, meanwhile, brother and sister started asking each other very personal and inappropriate sexual questions. Each wanted to know if the other was a virgin, which neither one was. They wanted to know about their sexual experiences, how many people they have each been with, the embarrassment growing with each question. The sister was still naked, clutching a pillow to hide herself from her brother who was in his shorts. They kept talking, the sexual tension rising, until there was no more to ask.

The sister looked at her brother, blushing, thinking, pondering, unsure of herself. "I want to play with you." The sister admitted shyly, then pressed her blushing face into the pillow and turned away, regretting her words. Her brother in the meantime chuckled nervously. He wasn't sure what exactly she meant but had a general notion by how ashamed she looked.

"What did you have in mind?" the brother asked when his sister was able to look at him. They stared at each other speechless, blushing, until the sister admitted she wanted to play with his cock, just stroke it a little. There was a short nervous discussion between them, saying how wrong it was and how they shouldn't, but in the end, the sister moved between her brother's legs, pulled his shorts down and grabbed his hard dick in her hands, excited.

The sister stroked her brother, timidly running her hands along his hard shaft, getting a feel of it. She was enjoying it, they both were, and when she offered to take him in her mouth, he could barely resist. He groaned as she gave him a shy, teasing, smile, then licked the head of his penis. Her smile widened as her brother moaned, and she started taking him deeper into her mouth.

"Can I ask you something a little…weird?" Jessica asked Chris nervously as they watched sister giving brother a blowjob on the screen.

"Weird?" Chris asked, giving her a brief quizzical look.

"Something that might sound bad, but you need to promise me it stays between us." Jess said, her voice weak.

"I promise." Chris said, his curiosity getting the better of him.

"Do you think incest is really that wrong?" Jess said, cringing as she asked it. She knew it was bad even asking something like that, but since she found out how many people read and wrote stories about it, and how many videos there were depicting it, it got her thinking.

"Of course it is." Chris said immediately, not believing his ears. "Why would you even ask me that?"

"It's just that, there are so many incest porn videos and so many people seem to be watching them, it just got me thinking." She said and faced her brother as he gave her an appalled look. "I'm not talking about having kids, or someone in the family forcing himself onto someone else, I get that, but if it's consensual and they are careful, is that really that wrong?" she asked nervously, thinking maybe she shouldn't have.

"Are…are you talking about…us?" Chris asked, his voice trembling, his heart pounding.

"Eew, god, of course not!" Jess said sharply, disgusted, not understanding how her brother could even think that, but deep inside, she was less sure.

"Oh, sorry, I…" Chris trailed off, his face red. He was relieved, yet some tiny deep dark part of him felt a twinge of disappointment. "I still think it's wrong." Chris said decisively. "What about you?" Chris found himself asking.

"Yeah, I agree." Jess lied, both to herself and too her brother. "I was just wondering…" she said, shrugging it off as a passing thought and focused back on the video, gently stroking her clit.

They watched as the sister sucked her brother's cock, doing a very good job of it. She told him she'd been practicing as she deep throated intermittently, stroking and licking his hard shaft eagerly. "Do you want me to get on top of it?" The sister asked shyly, stroking her brother with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. She climbed on top of him, sat down on his legs, and continued stroking his shaft, her hairy pussy only an inch away.

"What are you doing? No, we can't!" The brother said alarmed, telling her how wrong it would be, how already wrong what they were doing was. "What if I cum inside you?" The brother asked as his sister kept pushing him. She assured him she was on the pill, but he was still fighting it.

"If you really don't want to, I won't," She said looking deep into his eyes, "but unless you stop me, I'm getting on top of you." She said, her face a mask of arousal and defiance. She looked at her brother, waiting for a response as she lifted herself up, but he said nothing. She moved over his cock, guiding him to her opening, and brother watched in disbelief, moaning, as his sister impaled her snatch onto his manhood.

They cursed and moaned as brother felt his dick slide into his sister. Her beautiful boobs were in his face, and as he slipped his hands around her, grabbing her butt, she started riding him. They moaned as they engaged in their first act of taboo love making, sister riding brother's cock. She wasn't sliding along it; she was rocking her hips on his cock with it deep inside her. It was a hot sight, and the sister was enjoying herself. She threw her head back, moaning, and continued rocking on top of her brother, rubbing their bodies together, pressing her clit into his pelvis, until her moans grew, and she came on him, face contorting in forbidden pleasure.

Brother and sister continued to fuck after sister came so erotically. After a short pause, sister started bouncing on her brother's cock, sliding along it, then the brother took charge. He grabbed his sister, his hard cock still inside her, and pushed her onto her back. He climbed onto her, his body burning with arousal and took over their incestuous fucking. He grabbed her curvy waist, and started fucking her, ramming his cock into her gorgeous hairy cunt as they moaned in perverse pleasure. He hammered his prick into her, enjoying it so much, then started groaning as he came deep inside her twat.

The brother held his cock as it erupted inside his sister. He didn't dare move, letting the disgusting pleasure burn through his body, his cock bursting inside his sister's pussy, but as soon as his orgasm was over, he pulled out shamefully, looking at his sperm trickling out of her hole. He was disgusted with himself, not believing he came inside and stepped away, keeping his distance. His sister on the other hand tried to calm him down, telling him she wanted it and how much she loved it. They looked at each other's naked bodies for a few more moments, taking in what they had just done, then the brother turned around and left.

Chris and Jessica stared at the screen speechless. Their bodies burned with arousal, Chris's penis rock-hard and Jessica's vagina soaking wet, the video affecting them more than they ever thought possible. It was like receiving a slap in the face, looking at another pair of siblings dabbling in the taboo.

A soft hand on Chris's throbbing shaft, just above his own, stirred his wandering mind. He instinctively moved his hand away and looked down to see the hand wrapping around his cock, his sister's hand.

A small uncontrollable gasp escaped Chris's lips as his sister's soft warm hand gently slid down his throbbing manhood. It was clammy, beaded with her juices, and felt so good, he was powerless to stop. He watched the hand moving up and down, twisting around his shaft from crown to base, and when it suddenly stopped, he was hit with a pang of disappointment. He turned his head around, almost surprised to see his sister there, and gave her a sheepish look.

Jessica looked into her brother's eyes, confusion mixed with lust in them, and moved to her knees. Her brother's boner felt good in her hand, thick, manly, reassuring, and she continued stroking him. His shaft was the only thing going through her mind, and as she found herself coming closer, her head leaned down, her tongue slipped out, and it met the tip of his rigid member.

Chris just stared in disbelief, powerless, and watched his sister as she started licking his cock. She started with the head, running her sly tongue around it, then, after a pause, cautiously took it in her mouth. Jessica had her brother's dick in her mouth, some part of her knew it, but the part that was in charge refused to accept it, enjoying the power she as she handled the hard cock. She pulled her mouth off with a loud sucking sound, her pussy burning from the sensation, then took it back in, wrapping her lips around his dick and leaning down, taking it in deeper while sliding her hand down under it.

"Jess!" Chris moaned, eyes closed, his sister's name tasting strangely erotic on his lips. He opened his eyes and met hers, his cock still in her mouth, and as the realization hit her, she pulled quickly away.

"I'm sorry." Jessica whispered nervously as she pulled her body away from her brother's. She was shocked by her own actions, not knowing what came over her. She moved away, taking her place next to him on the bed, and closed her eyes, hoping it was her imagination, or a dream, and when she would open her eyes, she would be alone in bed.

Chris had never been this turned on in his life. His entire body burned with desire and his cock felt like it was on the verge of exploding. His own sister just sucked his cock, and the depravity and pleasure of the act flooded his brain. He turned to face her as she lay there next to him, her naked body exposed to him so alluringly, just there for the taking. There was no more room for logical thought in his young mind, hormones, lust and pleasure, even dream and reality, all mixing into a dangerous cocktail. His sister opened her eyes, turned to him, and as they looked at each other, it was like they were frozen in time.

Jessica's shame was quickly turning into something else as she watched her brother move on the bed, his eyes not leaving hers for a moment. It was excitement and anticipation that she felt, and yet it was tension and terror. She watched him, motionless, as he moved the laptop aside, then moved towards her. She watched her brother move, his naked body suddenly seeming so big and strong compared to hers. She held her breath as she watched him move, their eyes staying locked in a stare. A shiver ran along her body as his leg brushed against hers, and she found herself moving it, spreading her legs open, giving him room to move. Her brother was on her now, hovering over her naked body, his hard cock moving closer and closer between her spread legs. Jessica could feel the heat from his naked body as he held it over hers, still looking her in the eyes.

Jessica's eyes went wide as her brother lowered his knees, placing them on the bed between her legs, and she felt his manhood touch her smooth mound. She looked down, horrified, exhilarated, and tried to say something, but the words caught in her throat. She looked down at Chris's shaft as he slid down her body, their most intimate places touching, his penis leaving a moist trail of her own saliva on her skin. She watched, her entire body tense, as her brother grabbed his cock. He looked up at her, deep into her eyes and she returned his gaze, unblinking. It was Chris and Jessica's last chance, final opportunity for brother and sister, but as they stared at each other, none of that mattered. Their bodies burned so hot and their minds went numb, they barely knew who they were, let alone recognized each other. Chris guided himself between his sister's legs and nestled the head of his shaft between her warm thighs. He looked deep into her eyes, took a deep breath, and pushed.

A moan escaped Jessica's lips as her brother entered her. It was a moan of disbelief and of fear, of pain and of pleasure. It was a moan like that of a virgin, getting her first taste of a man, that single moment of fear and reluctance, when someone enters you, defiles you, gets to know you in the most intimate of ways, for the first time in your life. That was the moan Jessica made as her younger brother penetrated her. She closed her eyes as he breached her, feeling him push his penis inside her, violating her in the most disgusting way a brother can. Jessica let out another moan, softer, whimpering, as her brother sank himself into her sacred hole. Her labia parted, her entire body tingling, as Chris pressed in. Her snatch stretched, hopelessly trying to keep the intruder out, and hugged it powerfully as it entered, the more he pushed the tighter it felt, until he could push no more, his entire shaft buried to the hilt inside his older sister.

Chris lowered himself onto his sister until he was laying on top of her. They were looking straight at one another, their eyes leveled, as Chris began to move. His chest was pressed into his sister's tits, their naked bodies aligned, and with his shaft inside her Chris began to thrust. Jess put her arms around him and folded her spread legs. His body was burning with heat, his bare skin touching her everyone, and she let out another moan as his body rubbed along hers, his cock slowly sliding out and back in. Jessica could feel his heart pounding through his bare chest as he got a rhythm going. His breathing was rasped, his eyes wild, and as his thick shaft started slithering in and out of her, he started groaning. It was a feral sound that left Chris's mouth as he indulged himself in his sister's tight pussy, and as they entered a steady pace, their moans and groans began forming a rhythm.

Jessica moaned, a soft high-pitched sound escaping her parted lips, while her brother groaned like an animal, a deep throaty sound. He entered her repeatedly, their naked bodies rubbing together as he thrust his dick in, again and again, tasting her forbidden fruit. Chris finished each thrust with a powerful plunge, shoving his last inch powerfully inside her. Jessica let out her moan as their bodies collided, and a moment later, almost in acknowledgment, Chris would groan.

While both brother and sister would have loved to say that it was an amazing sexual experience, they cannot. They would've have liked to say the sex was mind-blowing, that it was a long passionate session of incestuous love making, brother fucking sister to countless trembling orgasms until finally finishing himself in a powerful crescendo, a sexual act so divine, it was worth committing incest for, but nothing could be further from the truth. It was in fact awkward and embarrassing, like many first times.

Jessica wrapped her smooth legs around her brother's waist as he fucked her, but even that felt awkward. His naked body, which felt so hot and lustful as it pressed into her body at first, now felt warm and sticky, making them both sweat. His weight was becoming uncomfortable, and Jessica tried to shift into a more comfortable position, making Chris lift himself up on his hands. They looked into each other's eyes, still moaning and groaning, but it was weird for them both now, brother and sister too aware of each other, aware they were having sex, and let their gazes stray down. Chris found himself staring down at his sister's jiggling breasts and leaned down, kissing her left tit before latching his mouth onto her erect nipple, but what was supposed to look seductive and hot, to Jessica looked like a baby sucking on his mother's breast, and when Chris saw she was taking no pleasure in it, he pulled away.

The warmth that engulfed Jessica throughout the night was now rapidly evaporating, and the lustful rush of hormones that overwhelmed her disappeared, making her all to aware that it was her younger brother she was having sex with. His cock felt good as he kept plunging it inside her, there was no denying it, but there was no longer any spark, and as her brother continued to grunt into her, her moans grew thin, the quivering release she imagined at the beginning, replaced by the urge for it to end.

"Oh fuck!" Chris called out after a loud grunt, finally sensing he was close to finishing.

"Are you cumming?" Jess asked quick, alarmed, studying her brother's face.

"Almost." Chris groaned, trying to block his sister out and focus on the pleasure of her tight pussy.

"Pull out." Jess said in a sharp voice, frightened, but her brother ignored her, and moaned, pounding himself into her harder. "Pull out!" Jessica said again, horrified, yelling, and pushed her brother off her.

Chris tumbled back on the bed, caught by surprise. His dick slipped out of his sister's wet cunt and he looked up at her. He was moments away from his impending climax and only then noticed the terror on her face. He quickly raised himself up on his knees, closed his hand around his cock, and started stroking, looking down at his sister's naked body as the pleasure started creeping through his body.

"Oh god!" Chris groaned as his pleasure took over him, hitting him hard, and he began ejaculating. His shaft throbbed in his hand, twitching, and he moaned as his first load shot out and landed on his sister's upper stomach. He let out another shivering moan as his second load shot out, big and thick, and splattered onto Jess's smooth mound. Chris continued moaning, jerking his cock, his body burning with pleasure as he kept cumming. A load squirted out and landed on his sister's thigh, another one on her crotch, just short of her pussy, and the rest sprayed the mattress under him. He stroked his cock madly, still in denial, and his sister watched

him horrified as he emptied his balls. He came a lot, almost as much as he did after three days, and when he was finally done, he stayed in place motionless, releasing his cock which refused to soften, twitching intently.

Chris and Jessica stared at each other as they came down from their sexual high. They were both sweaty and flustered, their hair matted and their bodies reeking of guilt and sex. Jessica was speckled in her brother's sperm, and they kept staring with disbelief.

"Jess, please tell me we didn’t just do that." Chris let out in a weak voice, reality dawning on him. He looked at his sister's eyes, waiting for her to say something, but she just started tearing up, and he had to look away. "No, we didn't…we can't…" Chris struggled for words as he fell back into a sitting position and pressed his face into his hands, his eyes moistening. Jessica grabbed the towel from next to her, roughly using it to wipe her brother's disgusting cum off her, then folded her legs into her. She pressed her legs into her, hugging them, covering her shame, then as she watched her brother, she started sobbing.

"How could we do that?" Jessica said in a weak crying voice, her mind in turmoil. Her brother was moments away from cumming inside her, unprotected, and the terror mixed with relief, only made her cry harder.

"I'm sorry." Chris whimpered, looking up at his sister with teary eyes, she looked like a little vulnerable girl as she sat there curled up, tears running down her cheeks, making him hate himself. "I'm sorry I didn't pull out when you said." He croaked, realizing how stupid of an apology that was. "I'm sorry for all of it." He managed to say, his voice breaking, barely able to look at her anymore.

"I think you should go." Jessica whispered to her brother, sobbing, waves of disgust and shame flowing through her with each tear. She watched her brother as he nodded, sniffling, then got to his feet. She watched him as he grabbed his clothes, his cock not hard any longer, and whispered a final apology before running out, the shame of their act unbearable.

Jessica cried herself to sleep that night, replaying what she and her brother did over and over in her mind. She was just as guilty as he was, probably even more, and she hated herself for it. She knew there was no taking back, that they would both have to live with it for the rest of their lives.

Chris's body trembled as he laid in bed, feeling sick. He was past crying, he wasn't the type, and felt the knot in his stomach tighten with each passing minute. His mind raced, every poisonous option of what could happen between his sister and him going through it. He didn't know how he would get out of bed in the morning, how he could ever look at his sister, not to mention being around her with his mother or uncle present. He cringed at the possibility of one of them finding out, and terror took hold of him once more. His mind kept racing, sleep refusing to come, until he finally passed out exhausted with the crack of dawn.

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Hope I was able to convey what happened properly.

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2020-05-08 17:27:01
The gteatest story here! Thanks


2020-05-07 05:40:48
I had a similar thing happen with my sister in high school. It was more about sex then worrying about incest but maybe the times were different.


2020-05-05 00:36:01
Very good story. It brings back memories from long ago. Please keep the stories coming and please add to this story.


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I really enjoyed the stories. I guess the way its a bit of exploring and taking it to the next level, is what turns me on. You also write very well, easy reading.


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