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Sister Sandy arrives and all participants are in place
I'd offered no objections. Actually I'd encouraged it. Seemed to me Cindy deserved to try a big one. And who safer than her 17 year old brother Johnny? The kid had at least 8 inches, though not nearly as thick as me (come on I need something here), his cock was more than two inches longer. Cindy had somehow managed to get the whole thing in her mouth and now it would be quite the show when she tried riding that thing.

"I'll let you know if anything you're doing bothers me. So go ahead. I'll be right over here", as I sat on Cindy's make up chair.

"Tim, thanks, you're amazing."


Cindy had led her brother by his hard cock into the bedroom. One of our few extravagances was a nice king size bed. Cindy pushed Johnny back and said, "Let's do this right. If I'm going to handle all that I need to really get worked up. So go all out, foreplay and all." Johnny glanced at me and encouraged by my small smile pulled Cindy onto the bed. The two proceeded to make out tongues wrestling while hands roamed over each other. Johnny broke the kiss to lean down and devour Cindy's firm C cups. Squeezing, sucking, biting like only a horny teen can, Johnny teased and fondled his sister's tits while she moaned louder and louder. I could tell she was ready but her inexperienced brother continued enjoying his sister. Finally Cindy took one of his hands and place it between her legs. It didn't take much for Johnny to realize he was being invited to his sister's most intimate spot. Johnny quickly pulled Cindy up so that she was sitting on his face, his tongue extended to taste his older sister's juicy sweet pussy. While he was doing this I could see his rock hard cock sticking straight up to an impossible height. How the fuck was Cindy fitting that? But I knew she'd give it her best effort.

Then the doorbell rang. Immersed in each other I don't think they heard. I got up and looked around the door. It was Sandy. Now this could be interesting.

"It's Naked Day Sandy."

"Are you freaks at it again? Let me in, I've seen it all already."

"Um, let me warn you, you haven't seen this. Oh and the new rule is in place, guests get naked too."

"Oh, you just want to see me naked."

"Well fair is fair. And Johnny's here already."

"He's naked?"

"Yep. And hard he's even more impressive."

"Johnny's up there with a hardon?"

"Yeah, he's just about to fuck Cindy with it."

"WHAT?" And with that Sandy came running up the stairs. She took a quick look at my hard cock and asked where they are.

"Take your clothes off then join us in the bedroom"

I walked back into the bedroom. I guess the conversation at the door finally broke their spell. They were holding each other but no sex taking place. Johnny's cock had relaxed just a little but twitched as Cindy rubbed her body against him. Johnny had gone back to fondling her tits.

"Sandy's here. She's just getting, uh, changed."

"Fuck, I'm going to see Sandy naked too?", Johnny said as the best day of his life continued.

"I'm not sure yet what her reaction to all this will be, but she is getting naked."

With that the bedroom door opened and the third sibling joined us. My first thought was, damn, Sandy looks better than I thought. Wider hips and more ass than her sister, she was still pretty tight in the middle and her B cup boobs sat nicely on her chest with just enough upturn and eraser size nipples to interest a breast man.

"So this is where all the freaks are hanging out? Incest central. Holy shit Johnny, that thing is even better than I remembered. Tim, aren't you afraid Cindy won't want to go back after sampling her brother?"

"No worries Sandy. I think I do enough to keep her interested. This is a special event. Now come sit by me and enjoy the show."

"Where am I supposed to sit, on your lap?"

"Anywhere you like." So she did. Sitting across my lap with my hardon pressed between us, her trimmed bush in full view.

Finally Cindy spoke, "All this chit chat, I've lost my place. Now shut up while I get revved up to do this."

With that Cindy got in a 69 position, letting Johnny get back to work on her pussy, while letting her tongue excite his slightly flagging cock."

Sandy whispered, "She won't get all that in her throat, much less her cunt."

"Don't be so sure. Your sister has an amazing abilty to perform sexually. Once she gets going anything is possible." Cindy then dribbled spit on Johnny's cock and lowered her head taking more and more into her mouth, then throat.

Sandy, "Oh my god"

"Just wait."

Cindy reached her normal max, paused to gather herself then plunged down taking the remaining two inches into her throat. She held it there then slowly raised up and up a seeming impossible amount until the full cock was exposed. Panting, she indicated to Johnny that she was ready. Cindy got closer to us as she slid down Johnny's body. She was definitely doing this on top to control the penetration. For our benefit she also went reverse cowgirl. We had a full view of Cindy's petite body sitting on her brother's stomach while his fully erect cock pointed to the ceiling right in front of her. It was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen. Apparently Sandy agreed. I noticed one of her hands had moved between her legs which had now parted a bit. I'd have had a great view of her wet pussy if I wasn't mesmerized by the sight on my bed. Cindy rose up on her knees and scooted forward. Johnny had her by the hips and lifted her up so she could rub the head of his cock along her slit. When his glans was properly lubricated Cindy pressed her brother's cock into the opening of her vagina. Quickly the head disappeared as she slowly lowered herself. The first few inches were easy and wouldn't have stretched her as much as I do. On the other hand Cindy thought in amazement that she was now actually being fucked by her younger brother. With her husband and sister watching. Johnny was lost in the dream that his cock was really in his incredibly sexy sister, her vagina squeezing his cock as she raised then lowered herself, going further each time. Sandy and I never let out eyes leave the scene in front of us. Cindy was controlling the action, lifting up then settling down more each time, letting her brother penetrate further and further. Almost with out realizing it the stimulation of what we were seeing caused our hands to wander. I kneaded her breasts and pinched her nipples, Sandy found my cock and shifted a little so that she could run her fingers along it. We we getting to the moment of truth. Cindy had gotten a good bit of her brother inside, both were moaning and Johnny grunted as he attempted to lift his hips and impale his sister. Cindy raised up, eyes closed, chest thrust out, hands back for balance, then taking a deep breath she lower her body and buried Johnny's cock in her pussy. She'd done what seemed impossible, but she was sitting on his pubes. Leaning forward she lifted off of her brother and got on her knees.

"You take over Johnny. Fuck me. Fuck me good."

He didn't need any more encouragement. Getting up behind Cindy he positioned his cock and pushed it deep into his sister. From our point of view we could see Cindy's tits swinging with each plunge of Johnny's cock. Her hair disheveled Cindy looked right at us as Johnny plowed into her over and over. Cindy was giving us the full range of moans, screams and curses. I'm not sure how many orgasms she had. She was insatiable. Finally Johnny asked, "Where should I cum. I'm close."

"In me, FUCK ME, fill me. I want it in my cunt!"

Johnny pumped a few more times, grabbed his sister tightly by the hips and pulled her back as he grunted and buried his cock into her. "Oh fuck, so good" as he deposited multiple spurts of semen into his sister. Realizing he may never get another chance Johnny continued to slowly fuck his sister's pussy as his spent cock softened.

Finally Cindy said, "That's enough, I'm exhausted."

Johnny lay back on the bed catching his breath. Cindy lay next to him and wrapped her leg over his and rested.

"Now don't those two look like the picture of sweetness and innocense?", Sandy said as she now moved to stroking my cock.

"You know, Sandy, it's also no boner day. And since Cindy seems to be indisposed at the moment, I don't thing she'd mind if her sister picked up the slack."

"After watching that, I think I do need a little something myself."

With that Sandy changed positions and stradled me, quickly helping my cock to find the entrance to her waiting pussy. She lowered herself and we casually enjoyed each other. First while I sucked and licked at her nipples, then as she rested her head on my shoulder and rode my fully hard cock.

"It is rather filling", she whispered in my ear. "Nice. I can see why my sister would keep coming back for more."

I place both my hands on her generous bottom and lifted her a little and dropped her to help reach just a little deeper.

"Oh fuck, keep going, fuck me, I'm close, so close"

She leaned back to get it all, rocking on my cock. I tugged and squeezed her nipple which sent her over the edge.

"Oh, ooooooh, fuck, YES, ungh uh UUH AAHH, oh. So nice, mmm"

"I'm close Sandy, are you, can I?" Lost in all this I hadn't thought whether my young sister in law was on the pill. Panicking a bit I leaned my head back and looked at her wide eyed, trying to control the inevitable.

Sandy looked me in the eye, "Fill me. I want it all."

And with that I exploded. Filling her with all that had built up watching her siblings fuck like champions. When I'd finished Sandy got off me and got on her knees, she licked and sucked every bit of our fluids off of me.

"Two can play that game." Get on the bed, there's plenty of room. She did and I got between her legs and licked every drop from her pussy. Then I attacked her clit and in her heightened state it didn't take long for her to come again. I then moved up alongside her, the four of us now spread across the bed. She said again, "Now I know why my sister would never leave you. Not even for a longer cock."

I smiled, kissed my teen sister in law and told her to rest. I looked over at the clock. It was just 1 pm.


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2020-05-03 23:52:57
We need some ass fuckin.


2020-04-30 06:40:01
good story!


2020-04-29 19:45:35
I agree with you, Dudley. NCfan is getting better. How about a revision of #1 & #2?


2020-04-29 18:49:30
Thanks for the detailed comment. That first one was also the first sex story I'd written, so yeah maybe not as good. Also I have plans for many many chapters. So I feel the need to have background story and details. Some may digress a bit, but I think those that aren't interested in all that can skm to the "good" parts and those that are enjoying the characters can read it all. Agian thanks for leaving a comment. It helps/

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